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Kiki Profile

Name: Kiki
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 46kg
Height: 168cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Writer

Mind candy

Kiki has joined the line-up of our fabulous LiveCam girls. She blends sexy charm with wit and intelligence. Always elegant, always fashionably stylish and super smart - that’s Kiki.

This beauty is fluent in English so she can share your thoughts and desires as well as add some of her own. Kiki sparkles with fresh ideas and she is bubbling with creative talent. She is creating a buzz on the Ukrainian music scene. The lyrics she writes reach out and grab her audience. Her published poems are bringing a whole new dimension to the phrase “Romantic poetry”. We saw at a glance that Kiki is sophisticated and sharp. Her raw passion is just below the surface.

She is ready, here and now, to share all this intimately with you.

Click here to meet her in person!

Kiki dark portraits August 15th, 2013
ouses sex!
Still a hypnotically beautiful girl who can do no wrong
It could be due to my skin-fetish
but I do prefer Kiki clean shaven. The shrub down there looks pretty scratchy! Other than that I totally agree: Kiki is a goddess. As soon as I am rich I will build a temple for her. A big one.
Oh and it could be due to my legs fetish, but I feel an irresistible desire to fuck her creamy white thighs...
Kiki's an absolute Goddess. This set proves it yet again. Almost as usual, it's not nearly long enough. But then again, I could watch 1000 photos of her and still be wanting more...
Great set of shots and a stunningly beautiful Kiki. Love her new pubic hair style too.
Can't go wrong with KIKI .... fabulous body
yet another "short, but sweet". kiki is lovely!
Kiki exhibition July 11th, 2013
Wunderschönes Mädchen, schön kleine Brüste, offene Scheide, mir gefallen auch ihre strammen Schenkel...
Kiki is delicious......you can see her wet white cum......
The perfect vulva!
The pussy of KIKI
Splendid,marvellous,wonderfull pussy.YYYYYYEEEEEAAAAAA
I'm always grateful for more close-ups of Kiki's beautiful pussy. Gets me up and ready for a new day.
Kiki is always a favorite of mine; the close ups in this set were so inviting.
I wouldn't mind to have a statue like this on my leaving room .... perfect vulva kiki :))
KIKI ascends the pedestal, where she will assume the pose and be transformed into a bronze statue.
Hallo Kiki, herrlich deine sich immer weiter öffnende Möse mit einen tiefen Einblick in das Feuchtgebiet. Weiter sooo!!
Kiki monumental June 26th, 2013
RE: The Rough
I think the peach fuzz is sexy
The Rough
Being attracted by a woman's body always means wanting to enjoy the scent and taste of her nether regions to me. I am VERY attracted by Kiki. Yet I would be very afraid to hurt my upper lip and my nose! Thank god there is an attractive backside to be tasted, too.
Newly emerged from what had been a freshly cast statue of bronze, KIKI awakes as if from a long sleep fully nude and free.
I suddenly wanna be a stool! lol
Kiki Valerie pussy friction June 23rd, 2013
Fight of pleasure
The agreement between the two friends is perfect facial expressions are natural. The backstage video of these shots would be great.
Kiki and Valerie
As beautiful as desire.
wow spitze geill
These lovely ladies truly enjoy each other and all that for the pleasure of their fans. Fantastic!
Valery & Kiki
You are great together. There is beautiful passion between you two. Many thanks for the pure joy in all touches and caresses.
RE: Pussy Friction
yes, please!
Pussy Friction
I hope there will soon be a film of this encounter between Valerie and Kiki.
Kiki bang body part 2 May 31st, 2013
Great Series! I especially like no. 52, the way she looks at us while spreading her legs.
looks tasty indeed
wow.... LIKE too Much.. great work KIKI
Kiki's Feet
The most perfct soles on those beautiful feet. I would clean those wrinkles forever if she would let me! Anthose legs going up to that perfectass.... oh jeeeeez, makes me want to make her cum, over and over
What can I say? A truly amazing vision of beauty!