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Photo of Caprice


Photo of Caprice
Name: Caprice
Country: Czech Republic
Weight: 50kg
Height: 168cm
Age: 21
Occupation: Model

The legend continues

Caprice made a sensational start to her nude modelling career when she dived straight into the hard core scene. The movies she made were the talk of the adult entertainment industry. Insiders and customers raved over them.

Now she sees her career taking a different direction. “Those were crazy times” she tells us. “A lot of those films I did then weren’t right for me. Now I have moved on”. She sees a new role for herself pushing the boundaries of erotic nude modelling. Her natural charm and her winning personality make her ideal for that.

It was amazing looks and a luscious body that made her famous, even notorious. Now Hegre-Art are revealing that there’s even more. There is the hidden Caprice.

Caprice Galleries

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Caprice Galleries COMMENTS

Candice Caprice and Valerie sex part2 | October 1st, 2012
Candice Caprice and Valerie sex part2
wheeler United States

ooohhh...this MUST be a video!!!

Manuel France

Higher & Higher So hot SEXCESSFULL trio!!!! Video on project Peter? THX

KOMET United States

VALERIE, CAPRICE & CANDICE: TRES MUJERES EN CELO Bliss was it in that dawn to behold/3 Women fully nude/Taking and giving pleasure/From/to themselves

Dex United States

VIDEO PLEASE!!!!! You got to make a video of this!!!! Valerie is a Goddess.

Laurie United Kingdom

Oral Delights The presence of Caprice was incidental as she clearly showed little appetite for a sniff, or taste...

Fishman United States


sandy United Kingdom

deflation! Promised a lot from picture 1 but ended up an anticlimax by the end with loss of any detail.

Rick United States

I miss Caprice She has a beautiful body

Caprice white panties | August 14th, 2012
Caprice white panties

we should all look so wonderful just waking up!!!

Rick United States

Just a beautiful woman.....hottest girl on this site

machado70 Belgium

she's God yes is God she's the magnificence of the erotical

Max Australia

Stunning As usual another amazing set from Caprice, definately my favourite girl ... more please

Farnorth Australia

Great shots fabulous body Great shots of a great girl with a fabulous body, shown off to her best advantage in the best place for her - a bed, just wish I could join her. Great skin tones and poses and not too much use of the hands thank goodness.

Voyeur United States

I always love caprice. You are beautiful and wonderful.

seovat United States

RE: Photo number 50 What a lovely pink pussy!

Justplaying United States

There are a lot of very attractive sexy girls that should not do shoots in HD, especially closeups. Even viewing the XXXXLarge, Caprice is still flawless.

Caprice miss internet | July 27th, 2012
Caprice miss internet
VTB United States

A Goddess Returns And that Mona Lisa smile in 45 absolutely lights up the world. Beautiful set!

Voyeur United States

A most beautiful lady. Thank you Caprice for sharing yourself with your many fans

peterpan Germany

i sooo love to look at her soles and her pussy at the same time!

Xguss5924 Germany

Lll Ohhh she is soo woderful Thx

John United Kingdom

RE: Peterpan....I agree, although I would dearly love to have seen her soles and ass at the same time!

Rick United States

By far the most sexiest model in Peter's stable of beautiful women.....

seovat United States

Caprice What a beautiful pussy. Thanks for sharing!

piag Italy

divine !

Billy United States

Caprice She might be my favorite model. Everything about her turns me on! Please send more photo shoots of her!

justplaying United States

There are a lot of girls in porn that should not shoot in HD, especially XXXXX Zoom HD. Caprice can shoot in any zoom in HD. When viewed in the xxxxxxlarge you could actually count the hairs on her mostly shaved pussy, if you were so inclined.

Candice Caprice and Valerie threesome | July 17th, 2012
Candice Caprice and Valerie threesome

pleeeeease tell me there's gonna be a part 2!!! (or was that it?)

yuneekwan United Kingdom

this needs to be a video

KOMET United States


Rger United States

My Favorite Pose Photos 9-14 are fantastic! I admit my favorite pose has always been a girl on her knees her butt arched up and a straight-on look at her buns, buttcrack and hole with her labia coming out from underneath. What a treat to see Three butts so well displayed! Thank you, from right to left, Candice Valerie and Caprice! Strong work Hegre!

Penetrator Germany

No. 9 to 14... ...are the best!

Roger United States

RE: HAIL! HAIL THE RETURN OF THE SEXY TRINITY! I agree Komet: Muriel should be back. One of my favorite videos is the Muriel Cross Trainer video. Would be great to hear your comments as a fellow Muriel admirer on this fantastic video, if you are so inclined.

Patios Colombia


abby United States

A laugh I like 17 where they're laughing over something. Makes me want to get in on the joke!


RE: Photo number 9 sweetest buttholes...


RE: No. 9 to 14... Agreed.

Caprice booty galore | July 1st, 2012
Caprice booty galore
Mark United States

Caprice Gorgeous! Booty galore is right! I love Caprice's ass!

barbara France

Nice Girl, but little boring with the same models.

Rick United States

Caprice by far is the sexiest model......

VTB United States

Another episode of a goddess happy and having fun sharing her beauty with us. That grin in #33 and the teasing look in #27 say it all. Thank you.

Gatorman United States

Caprice Booty Galore Hands down, one of the top nude models in the world. What an incredible body !

chuck14u Australia

RE: Photo number 1 boy i would loved to be the photographer

Penetrator Germany

RE: Photo number 31 I really like no. 31, where Caprice spreads her legs for us and presents her pussy, looking straight into the camera...


booty and so much more!

Justplaying United States

Really? Booty Galore? This petite girl's ass is so firm and tiny you could hold both cheeks in 1 hand.

Caprice sweetness | June 18th, 2012
Caprice sweetness
wheeler United States

very sweet indeed!while it lasted!

Roger United States

Gorgeous Caprice An appropriately totally nude set from Caprice...what a stunner! Photos 25 and 31 are exceptional.

rami Israel

caprice You have a beautiful pussy lips

randyleo33 United Kingdom

Real beauty - gorgeous face & eyes

Rick United States

Beautiful woman.....would love to taste her lips.....

Voyeur United States

A truly beautiful woman with the most delicious looking lips

Candice Caprice and Valerie sex part1 | June 13th, 2012
Candice Caprice and Valerie sex part1
wheeler United States

DYING for part 2, and a video PLEEEEEEEASE!!!!

KOMET United States

TRIPLE DELIGHT - Part 1 Taken together, VALERIE, CAPRICE & CANDICE (all fully nude) are: Tantalizing, Beguiling, Seductive & Sweetly Erotic.

egrise United States

Your threesomes.... ...are simply amazing and this is the best so far. It seems so natural and spontaneous and they clearly enjoy one another. More, more!

big United States

Best Day Ever!!!! wow.

MojoMa_cs7b Switzerland

Candice, Caprice and Valerie Beautiful. Please do a video, soon, of this threesome in action

DU2 Denmark

Patr 2 can not come sone enough

abby United States

omg! Holy crap, this is smoking hot!

Majormarvel Cambodia

CC&V Sex Pt 1 It's very sexy to see girls enjoying looking at, and licking pussy, just like us guys enjoy doing. It's also sexy to see the different skin colors together. I hope the models enjoyed doing this shoot as much as I enjoyed viewing.

derek United States

Smoking Hot! I have been dying to see Valerie in action. She is by far my favorite. Please make a video of this soon!!

Dext United States

Valerie is a Goddess! Please make a video of this!! Valerie is the hottest black woman I have ever seen. Would love to see her in more action. Also more anal play please if not too much to ask.


RE: Photo number 59 interesting photo but would be better if we could see each one sucking the next girl's cunt so that it is a complete circuit.

Candice Caprice Valerie triple pleasure | June 6th, 2012
Candice Caprice Valerie triple pleasure
KOMET United States

VALERIE, CAPRICE & CANDICE: 3 MUSES INCARNATE Taken together, VALERIE, CAPRICE & CANDICE fully nude are a potent brew. ARRROOO!!!

Ed United States

Three beautiful women. Valerie is always fantastic and Caprice has been a favorite since she started and Candice is also one of my top picks. This set has a bit of a slow, repetitious start, but pick up nicely at the end. Would be great if there is a part two which carries on where this left off. Could even be a video in it!

wheeler United States be the meat in that sandwich!!!

stever United Kingdom

Erm.. Superb!

finderweb Italy

Wow Spectacular ..... Love on my mind for be with their! Nice & hot set

Stretch United States

That's a nice painting above the couch ;)

Zeppelin Germany

Unbelieveable... ... how fast Caprice`s beard has grown back...

peterpan Germany

have you guys ever been tempted more...? just wow!!!!

peterpan Germany

really one the most incredible sets.. how way not to be arraused and hard within seconds.. gorgeous poses and all!

ValerieLover Singapore

RE: Photo number 50 Love to see Valerie's body being ravished, fondled and sucked by these beauties. Nice to see Valerie's body being feasted by so many.

Caprice flirt | June 1st, 2012
Caprice flirt
wheeler United States

super sexy flirt! ooooo...those eyes!!! I'M DYYYYIN'!!!

blackflash63 Australia

Caprice oh my Caprice your eyes are so beautiful and full of wonder. as your puffy nipples wow in fact your entire body is a delight

Fract Netherlands

Oh my... I agree with wheeler: those lashes are weapons of mass destruction. Any more beautiful than this, and they'd be illegal. I absolutely *adore* these full-facial photographs. And Caprice, but that goes without saying. Encore! Encore!

az man United States

RE: Photo number 10 wow perfect 10!

Caprice public beach | May 23rd, 2012
Caprice public beach
Fract Netherlands

Breathless... Every shot a winner, especially #19. Her eyes just partly closed as if with one foot in another world of languor... Her private parts so exquisitely designed for pleasure. I know a few magic ladies, but I wish I could get to know Caprice, too! Too bad about the horde of pink hogs which decided to step into frame at the last two shots.. :)

Roger United States

The Asshole in Sunlight Caprice is such a beauty. So many aspects of this series to admire, Caprice, her puffy nipples, the total nudity throughout, and the posing nude on the beach. All the photos are winners, and I agree with Fract about #19. In addition to everything else about her, Caprice has such a sexy bottom. It is great and fitting to see its beauty captured fully bathed in sunlight. Photo #43 is extraordinary, such a treat to see Caprice's exquisite asshole so well shown. Thank you Petter and Caprice!

Canchahel France

Contrast Caprice is as delicious as ever and, in particular, photos 20 to 23 are perfectly « focused ». Now, were these three monsters of the deep necessary on photos 51, 52 and even on the board?

Walter Belgium

Why not Well, I think mr Hegre put those guys by intention into the photo to create a contrast between beauty and ugly. And somehow it excites me to see those dirty grandpas staring at our hot Caprice.

Timo United States

I think the fat old dudes make a funny counterpoint to the perfect form of Ms Caprice. From an alien's point of view they wouldn't appear even to be of the same species as she. Caprice is an otherworldly beauty!

Tom Germany

sunbathing I love these sunbathing pics. More of them, please!

wheeler United States

if only everyone on the beach looked like caprice!!!

Thuh United States

RE: sunbathing Yes and more sunbathing videos - a lot more -please!

Candice Caprice Valerie Highnesses | May 14th, 2012
Candice Caprice Valerie Highnesses
wheeler United States

ok... this simply MUST be a video!!!

KOMET United States

THE TERRIFIC TRIO VALERIE. CAPRICE. CANDICE. Apart each woman is a flame blazing in the cool darkness. But taken together, they are as the phoenix arising from the pyre. One question reigns in the mind: WHEN WILL WE BE TREATED TO THE VIDEO VERSION???! (Ohhh, MURIEL, you are much missed. You would be perfect here.)

stever United Kingdom

Best opp missed Three butts up in the air - missed.

MM United States

LOVE their arms stretched high overhead

Fract Netherlands

Wow! Some excellent chemistry going on here! Wishing I was a cherub on the bed.

Caprice double vision | May 6th, 2012
Caprice double vision
wheeler United States

and here I thought caprice was one of a kind!

SageArcherII United States

Caprice...So Hot! It's a wonder she doesn't MELT...the glass! Or, those 'chokolat' high-heels? Either way...she's Doubly-Delicious!

Mark United States

Caprice Oh, absolutely fabulous! Caprice butt naked in those kick ass chocolate platform pumps! So cool! She looks like a work of art that should be exhibited in a museum when she wears those pumps nude! Love it!

paul United States

Caprice Though I have seen Caprice`s ass in numerous other galleries, I didn`t realize till know how amazingly round and plumb it is. How much more perfect can one woman be?

Laurie United Kingdom

Sexy Shoes The shoes Caprice wore in "captivating" were very sexy, these shoes are too clunky, tarty too. Maybe that's the idea. On the subject of shoes, pumps is a weird expression, school gym shoes were called pumps. They were flat, black and very unflattering...

Caprice phenomena | April 27th, 2012
Caprice phenomena
wheeler United States

caprice is phenominal indeed!

paul United States

Caprice Unbelievable set. Caprice is almost too freeking perfect. Totally rocks my world . Those doggy style ass shots...whew...felt like my head was going to explode. Damn, when I saw that guy come in there, I thought he was going to take his dick out and ruin the whole thing. LOL

Voorimees Estonia

caprice Woman of my dreams! If I could lie next to her, I would never get up!

John Test United States

Perfect Set I love the simplicity of the setting. The entire set has so much raw sexual energy it's almost hard to believe. I was torn between wanting to stare back into those piercing eyes, and admiring the gritty, lusty vulnerability of her inviting ass crack... Seeing the guy in the photo just makes you realize how almost supernaturally sexy Caprice really is. If he wasn't there, the photos would be almost unnaturally hot... My compliments to both Caprice and the photographer. Erotic photography so good, it's mind-blowing...

Laurie United Kingdom

Fuck Bunny Oh gosh, I'm cross eyed with lust for Caprice's ravishing arse, so piquant, so exquisite, so utterly fuckable...

Fract Netherlands

RE: Perfect Set You said it, bro!

starguy United States

Love the "Utterly Fuckable" term and oh so perfect for not only this set with Caprice but with just about all the sensual Hegre a matter of fact I can see a whole series of "Utterly Fuckable" t shirts being custom made for your favorite models...

United States

Absolutely beautiful.....

Candice Caprice Valerie 3 girls gone wild | April 15th, 2012
Candice Caprice Valerie 3 girls gone wild
wheeler United States

would love to be the meat in that sandwich!

KOMET United States


Pogo-1 Thailand


Jozef United Kingdom

More hair and flesh Beautiful girls no doubt. I however would love to see less skinny girls and proper hairy fanny's.

Laurie United Kingdom

In the Pink The black rose reveals her sweet fragrant delights...

starguy United States

New kind of cookie treat Think two tantalizing vanilla sugar cookies on the outside and a delicious chocolate filling on the inside and you have the CVC Paradise Cookie - OMG Good! What is extra special about this tasty dessert is the ingredients blend so splendidly together. I am placing an order for 12 dozen!

DanielDick Germany

Oh sure, they really gone wild^^

Letti Germany

Candice Caprice Valerie This album is something very special. Three of the beautifulliest Hegre girls very intim and obviously with great pleasure. A really treasure.

Billy-1-1 Australia


Photonl Netherlands

Dream cum true Wow, this shoot is a dream come , cum, thru. Valerie surrounded by two other hot womem. Caprice is enjoying it, Candice needs some warming up, a video would be nice with a hot threesome deep massage and some squirting orgasms.....keep it up, looking forward to joining you one day in Sitges for a shoot

Akerfeldt Mexico

Unfairrrr!! Caprice easily stands out!! She could only be paired with Anna S, Muriel and Ryonen. Nothing like those four! =)

Kevin from Hertfotdshire in England United Kingdom

Caprice. I absolutely adore your ''poufy' nipples. Please tell Petter that we want videos of you either on your own or with another female. We don't mind.

Fract Netherlands

So similar in their differences.. I must have died and gone to heaven. A veritable origami of fingers, breasts, smiles and assorted erogenous zones! These ladies are obviously different in appearance and personality, yet I am strangely struck by their similarities. Girl^3 comes to mind! Awesome set. Again.

intoit United States

This is HOT Great shoot with three beautiful models. Would like to see even more intense play next time. Lot of fun.

Zeppelin Germany

Who wouldn't want to taste the difference?

UNCLEDAD United Kingdom

Beautiful Lovely chocolate spread sandwich........

Nick United States

Outstanding All 3 ladies are beautiful. However, there is something about Valerie that raises her above all of your other models. Maybe it's her perfect body or her smile or the look in her eyes when the other ladies touch her. Either way I can never get enough of her.

Robert Uganda

Three girls gone "wild" ??? I see the "girls" part; that's easy. But "gone wild"?

Roger United States

Great to see three cunts in a row! Fantastic!

Daniel United States

RE: Unfairrrr!! I see you left out Valerie. Is this on purpose? Or you just don't like chocolate, Mexico? Go figure!!!

Sandy United Kingdom

explosive Wow what a set, would like to see a video of this with a few more 'partings' of lips by the other models. Certainly got me aroused, oh for a part 2 with some exposed erect clitorii!!

Sam C United States

Wow! Front side spreads! Many commenters like rear views. I like front side spreads. Three beautiful girls all showing their their pretty little pussies all at the same time! This may be may favorite Hergre-art gallery yet!

Caprice lounge part1 | April 6th, 2012
Caprice lounge part1
Nav United States

That's a couch I wouldn't stop lounging on.

wheeler United States

stunning as always!

Gentleman Norway

So very sweet, could you please turn up at the live-chat as you did in the promo!

Voyeur United States

Always a delight, lovely lady, perfect body.

Ed United Kingdom

Caprice is perfect. Love her picture a lot.

Caprice self stimulation | March 25th, 2012
Caprice self stimulation
Lion01 Netherlands

My dear Caprice, you are incredibly delectable. Your beauty is flawless except for one little thing: that tiny hint of a landing strip does not make a lot of sense. Please my beautiful lady, be brave: either grow a decent bush, or shave completely!

farnorth Australia

caprice self stim Lovely girl but why cover the good bits with her hand?? Poor depth of field in key shots. Why leave out pussy in the shots where Caprice is on her back with legs raised? Another missed opportunity. Wake up Petre, don't slip into complacency!!

blackflash63 Australia

#62 wow this set is amazing as always. for me pic number 62 is my fav pic its 2 beautiful holes are calling for kissing and worshiping, thank you Caprice x

penguin United States

Very hot! Caprice is a gem! (My only mild complaint is that we don't get to see inside her vagina. ;-) )

Fract Netherlands

Awesome! This pretty lady's body and is fine-tuned to pleasure. Just a glance, and all of me except one part melts away in awe. Pictures 46-50: Awesome POV, and in #44 apparently Petter is not without reaction, too? :) Great set!

Zeppelin Germany

Extraordinary considering these angelesque shots it is hard to believe what she's occupied with in her daytime job...

e_hunk Egypt

Silvie has always been my favorite, but Caprice is just too perfect to be number two. Just imagine going back home and finding all this perfection lying in your bed like pic 57

Alex Wilhelm United States

Images As far as photography is concerned, #61 here should live forever; maybe #62 as well.

Mark United States

Caprice Beautiful nude study of Caprice. Love studying every aspect of her body.

Voyeur United States

She is perfection in so many ways, cant help but love this girl.

Caprice and Valerie prototypes | March 14th, 2012
Caprice and Valerie prototypes
KOMET United States

VALERIE & CAPRICE - BACK TOGETHER AGAIN Here are 2 women, fully nude, who make a perfect pairing.

wheeler United States

nice to see two of your finest together! (looked like they got a bit distracted there, a couple times!lol)

Doc United States

Valerie and Caprice Great shoot, but Valerie has her hands on Caprice's pussy, and the favor isn't returned. What's up with this?

Laurie United Kingdom

Nipple Ecstasy Images 38 - 46 are utterly exquisite

Sockpuppet Canada

One word If there's one word that comes to mind upon seeing Valerie's nipples, it's got to be "suckable". Caprice shows us just how true that is.

Fan United Kingdom

Simply outstanding!

Mark United States

Valerie and Caprice Absolutely gorgeous! Love these ladies buck naked in their heels. So beautiful! Love those kick ass pumps Caprice is wearing!

Grllvr001 United States

Why so shy, Caprice? Hey Caprice, no need to be shy, you can fondle Valerie's crotch, too...

Fract Netherlands

Totally agree with KOMET. Like Yin and Yang, these beauties complement each other just perfectly. And Those legs... how is it possible that Valerie while is the same height as Caprice, and they are both wearing equally high heels, her legs appear to be a good 10 cm taller? Two amazing ladies that I can admire for an eternity.

iron man Germany

Luba and Valerie It must be fantastic to see Luba and Valerie together in this way.Two perfect bodies and wonderful faces...

Charles United States

Valerie And Caprice I love all of the Valerie and Caprice sets. They look so beautiful together. I want to know there will be a lesbian movie of them together. That would be a beautiful end to there beautiful sets.

Caprice seduction | March 7th, 2012
Caprice seduction
wheeler United States

caprice does it again! absouely gorgeous!

Egrise United States

Caprice seduction Quite stunning!

kiehl United States

My god - her ass is simply devine...and seems that it might enjoy a bit of adventure. Beautiful woman, simply beautiful.

Fract Netherlands

Caprice des dieux What an awesome woman... Can't get enough of her, really. That last pic in the set.. wow.

TuttiLove United States

Caprice you are my fantasy Dear Caprice, wow. You are stunningly beautiful and this last round of photos really brings out your spirit, your curves, your pure prettiness. You are so sexy as you pose and look straight into Peters camera. Your look penetrates me. You are so hot and eatable!

Caprice fantasy formula | February 19th, 2012
Caprice fantasy formula
wheeler United States

another pedistal for another goddess!!!

Fract Netherlands

Scupture.. I still have get used to this look, but this set once again proves that Caprice is the top model here. For her beauty obviously, but for her versatility most of all.

Sunburst Netherlands

Another beautiful shoot. But I don't like the make-up. Make up is for older woman if you ask me, not for this young one. Natural, she's is the most beautiful.

Dave Finland

Make Up This to me is one her hottest galleries, she looks really stunning with the make up on, pic number 4 is perfect.

Caprice captivating | February 13th, 2012
Caprice captivating
wheeler United States

well put! captivating, indeed!!!

Voyeur United States

Nice to see she still gets wet sharing her intimate self with her fans

finderweb Italy

Sexy Caprice Very sexy ... I like her.

lovejill22 United States

beauty what beautiful & sexy eyes & pussy.

Fract Netherlands

So Caprice One word: desire...

United States

OMG,Thats the Hottest set ever!!!

Caprice cam girl part2 | February 4th, 2012
Caprice cam girl part2
VTB United States

A Goddess At Play The grin in #52 is especially enchanting. Her sheer enjoyment comes across in every frame of this shoot. Thank you, Petter and Caprice.

70s Guy Nigeria

I't like... getting a glimpse of my high school cheerleaders' pussy and ass. No such luck back then, though.

jimmyjamslam United States

Webcam hotness top work Caprice.. totally into the web cam. didnt even notice all the other cameras around... excellent work Girl..... hated to miss that show.. ;)

Fract Netherlands

More sides of the gem.. Love this naughty behaviour, too. And absolutely adore how Caprice's breasts and cooch respond so honestly to genuine arousal. I just wish I visited that site on that fateful afternoon :)

Voyeur United States

This woman is truly hot.

Roger United States

Oh my how she spreads her legs!

lovejill22 United States

willing to show herself lovely clit, and not shy about showing it makes caprice that much more sexy and desireable, she truly makes me lose every thing, love it.

bigwill2366 United States

Caprice cam girl pt 2 i'm a pussy lover and by far caprice has the best pussy of all the models i seen on hegre art hands down love her legs and long hair been a fan since her met art days and now she's part of the line up in hegre art peter hegre knows how to maximize the most out of these fine models and caprice is one hot bitch looking forward to more of this sexy ass model i wouldn't mind to fuck 10 out of 10 who ever is not a member now ure missing out on hot pussy like caprice and many more sign up you will be glad u did

Caprice sex icon | January 25th, 2012
Caprice sex icon
Laurie United Kingdom

Classic Erotic Art I am bewitched by her breathtaking beauty and sublime sensuousness. Wicked...

Jewel United Kingdom

In a word Quite simply stunning!

finderweb Italy

BEAUTIFUL She's WONDERFUL. I like everytime look her sensual photos; I wait with impatience 17 february for a shooting with her!

Fract Netherlands

There is no such thing as too much Caprice. Those bodacious brown eyes and luscious lashes get me every time. The lady has *everything* going for her. Go Caprice!

Laurie United Kingdom

Fuck-Bunny Caprice I am well impressed. As an aesthete I enjoy the higher arts, but I also love erotica which you recently performed brilliantly in a gorgeously naughty gallery. These exquisite images reveal your talent for variety and your charismatic photographic appeal. Astonishingly classy Hegre! Bravo

simon Switzerland

I was desperately waiting for more of Caprice. Awesome every time.

Fishman United States

Totally awesome, Caprice is a freaking sex machine

Guildenstern United States

Caprice Caprice--beautiful, bewitching, exciting--as always.

wheeler United States

I wish I had Laurie's talent for words!well said!

Voyeur United States

This woman has it all. I'm glad she switched to soft porn.

lovejill22 United States

RE: Photo number 1love to toun edible love to tongue her pussy, & see caprice get off.

lovejill22 United States

RE: Photo number 14 what a beautiful pussy.unreal.

Laurie United Kingdom

Lightness of Being Even when you are gone you flutter in my heart / Haunt the silhouette of my mind / Whisper lightly on my soul / A shadow faint, distantly fragile / You who are silent... Laurie

Breathtaking United States

RE: Photo number 16 The series of closeups starting at 16 are breathtakingly beautiful...thanks Caprice and Peter!

Rick United States

What happened to Caprice? Miss her beautiful body.....

Caprice so hot | January 15th, 2012
Caprice so hot
Kevin United States

Wow!! I'd be on my knees licking that pussy all night long, beautiful . . .

Laurie United Kingdom

Cunt Struck The exquisite beauty of sweet honeyed lips in full bloom. Wicked

Fract Netherlands

A personal one-on-one with the viewer... Image 13! Oh that knowing and mischievous smile! Who would not love to love this lady? The shape of Caprice's bedroom-eyes, ever-so-slightly closed, make me fall head over heels. Yet, this shoot feels like a prelude to something more and if the sensual mood that just jumps off the screen is anything to go by, I can't wait to see what that was!

wheeler United States

caprice is absolutely gorgeous! and, seeing her out in natural light like this enhances her beauty tenfold! more please!

Jeff Germany

To engage Caprice for Hegre-Art was the best decision ever !!!

alfie United States

Perfection To say that Caprice is perfect is to understate what that term means. Sweet looking yet über sexy, lithe, slinky, naughty, wicked and tantalizing, but still someone you would be proud to take home to meet your mother! As long as she didn't know about these pictures, of course!

Laurie United Kingdom

What a Fucking Turn-on One of the most stunning sets of erotica I have ever seen. I have been nursing a lazy-lob since I first saw these exceptional images this early morning. I have lost track of the number of times I have returned to devour her gorgeous cunt with my eyes and top up my wickedly sensitive erection. I want to hold out to this evening and a glass or two of Chateauneuf-du-Pape, then slowly tease my sleekness until I reach an unbearable peak of ecstasy...

VTB United States

Fract's comment was and is right on. That smile is so reminiscent of Da Vinci's La Gioconda as to beggar belief. This is a woman who both enchant us and challenge us to meet her standards. Perfection!

Laurie United Kingdom

Torrid I am surprised at the low turnout for this wicked creature and some of the most intense and visually gorgeous images. Decadent and divine describes Caprice perfectly and I imagine she is a voracious little nymph. The gallery sizzles with a deliciously dark hedonism...

Max Australia

Sultry perfection How more perfect could a woman be? This set shows us a hint of the true beauty within while detailing how perfect every inch of her fantastic body is.

KOMET United States

CAPRICE QUENTE Whether with VALERIE or on her own, CAPRICE soars like a live, hot wire.

Voyeur United States

The real deal in every way. What a truly sexual woman.

SageArcher United States

Caprice...So Hot! This gallery's 'title' is right on target - Superb poses...42 degrees Celcius! Exquisite pussy gymnastics...120 degrees Fahrenheit!

Caprice Kiki Silvie nymphets | January 8th, 2012
Caprice Kiki Silvie nymphets
Alex Wilhelm United States

Nymphets That last image will become iconic.

Smarty United States

Love Triangle? photo#27...luv Kiki so much...

wheeler United States


United States

My new favorite !

jee Norway

What's better than a firm, smooth bun. Three firm, smooth buns :)

Mark United States

Nymphets Terrific set! Shots 33-36 have me absolutely salivating over the ladies' asses and soles. Lord have mercy!

Fishman United States

Totally awesome!!!

Sandy United Kingdom

I'M A GROUPIE!!! Exsquisite set of pictures with three very sexy models who aren't afraid of showing their stuff. May I suggest a similar set of poses from Ryonen, Tasha & Tereza, now that would be a popular and revealing gallery!!!

Caprice study of beauty | December 27th, 2011
Caprice study of beauty
Smarty United States

Strange... Caprice looks so much like someone i know...just couldn't have her in my fantasy world...

Roger United States

Study of beauty indeed! Pure no clothes on totally nude beauty! Just as it should be! Love the butt views 1-11 and 55-65.

Fract Netherlands

Stuff of dreams.... What a beautiful, aptly named set this is. This woman has so much depth to her. You do her justice, Petter. Just like you're doing now...

EGON-1 Mexico

caprice is the most beautiful girl in this wold!

Voyeur United States

One word says it all for Caprice, WOW.

finderweb Italy

Nice - Caprice Very nice model ... beautiful poses.

JimP United States

Fantasies If I ever found the Genie in the Bottle, the first wish would include Caprice and Dominika. Oh, and me!

Xguss Switzerland

BETR: Foto Nummer28 Sooooo wonderful

sid United States

RE: Photo number 17 Exquisite model, pose, light.

Hans Dampf Germany

What a naturelle Beauty!

Caprice Kiki Silvie tantalising trio | December 20th, 2011
Caprice Kiki Silvie tantalising trio
Smarty United States

Mona Lisa Smile Picture #4...i can't believe my eyes (or Kiki's eyes)...

Pete United Kingdom

Three I cant help comparing models in joint sets. Silvie looks great with her trimmed bush but for me Kiki wins the day. More like this

70sGuy Nigeria

Silvie... gets my vote - hands down! Those mile long legs, beautiful breasts, wonderful ass and well..everything else.

wheeler United States

stunning times three! personally, I could look at them in that see through stuff indefinately!

Roger United States

Re photo 43: Just Woke Up and Turned on Hegre...What a way to three start the day....three bare bottoms...! (Oh yes, Caprice wins my vote for Best Bottom)

hhp United States

Three is a nice number Caprice is as pretty as the day is long. So composed, lovely eyes and perfectly shaped smile. Her hair is perfect. The legs on Silvie go ALL THE WAY to the ground. Her breasts, ass and legs are world class. Caprice has proportions to die for. So tiny in the waist and cute as can be. The three of them together is a delightful opportunity to compare and contrast the variety and beauty of the female form.

lovejill22 United States

beautiful how much more beautiful can women be. the hight of sexey

Jewel United Kingdom

Brilliant I hope this is just the beginning of a long set?!

Fishman United States

All 3 just awesome!!

Bruce Westoby United States ..that was yummmmy...need more..

KOMET United States

A HOT & SEXY TRIFECTA SILVIE, KIKI, and CAPRICE are de-lightful!!! Hope to see this theme revisited soon in which the 3 women appear together, from the outset, FULLY NUDE and oiled-down from shoulders to feet. (No shoes, Hegre)

George Mexico

I was there I am proud to say that I was there (in the workshop) when this shoot´s were taken and it is wonderful see this three beautiful girls together. thanks Peter

Dave Switzerland

Bone shattering. Would have been nice to have had a shot of all three on their knees, legs apart, bums in the air, showing off their feminine attractions.

Caprice melting ice | December 17th, 2011
Caprice melting ice
wheeler United States

I was cold before I saw that!once again, you have me begging for a video!!!

KOMET United States

CAPRICE BLAZES BRIGHT CAPRICE is a supernova in disguise, for she can generate enough heat to melt the hardest glacier. Don't be surprised to see her blazing a path across the sky, her body aflame from heat to toe. CAPRICE as Lady Torch.

VTB United States

Global Warming Personified When a goddess orders ice to melt, it melts. And that smile in panel number 7 could light up Pluto from here. Thank you.

Voyeur United States

A beautiful and fun new model indeed, tho I found rather than melt I seemed to stay rigid?? What name did caprice do movies under does anyone know?

Caprice red lips | December 5th, 2011
Caprice red lips
VTB United States

Lipstick not needed Perfection cannot, by definition, be improved.

wheeler United States

makes her all the more kissable!

70sGuy Nigeria

The red... Lips are fine, but I would like to see more of the other set...

Dreamwalker Netherlands

Nice pics, but I like Caprice just when she's natural. She doesn't need the lipstick and other make up. Let her be a young woman, the make up doesn't suite now, if you ask me.

simon Switzerland

I could live without the lipstick as well. Somehow, this does not look right.

G. Switzerland

I love the red lipstick. Gently provocative. Bravo Peter, very nice Set with a lot of class.


RE: I think the lipstick is superb

wheeler United States

RE: Lipstick not needed well, I like her both ways, for different the lipstick an "improvement"? not necessarily. just a nice change of pace. like the difference between the partially clothed and fully nude, or the shadowy or brightly lighted sets.

intoit United States

Perfect tits Is there a better set on the planet?

Fract Netherlands

I prefer 'au-natural' over make-up any day. But in this case and with this model, I'll gladly make an exception. The dichotomy enhances the artistic merits of this set tremendously. And the way the red and blue seem to explode from the shots... wow!

Swede Australia

Lovely Girl I love those tits Very nice I love those tits

Kyle United Kingdom

Beaches Today I was thinking,''well!'' it's winter,...Why not have more beach senes as it it grim to say the least.

Caprice captures | November 27th, 2011
Caprice captures
jee Norway

Can't get enough of this girl. What a well-sculpted body. Love her rounded ass and pert boobs.

Akerfeldt Mexico

Best girl on Hegre and probably on the net. Caprice, Muriel and Anna S are the reason I subscribed for an entire year. Hope we see lot more of them.

wheeler United States

the thubmnail yesterday had me a bit worried! thought this was gonna be another pussy gallery! not that I dont wanna see it.but...anyway...nicely done!

another fan United States

RE: agreed. best on the net.

mazungu United Kingdom

stunning just stunning no other descriptopn justifies this young lady i adore

BluecatIII United States

Vive la Liberation! Beautiful...Exquisite...Magnifique! Perhaps a more appropriate title for this photographic gallery could have been "Caprice- Liberated!" No matter, CAPRICE in that chair invoked all of the EROTIC energy of a "CAT, on a HOT TIN ROOF"...and more! (Members would do well to re-visit her "CAPRICE, in a CORSET" gallery?) Merci Beaucoup, Petter! No doubt, CAPRICE thanks you,...her HEART thanks you...and surely her PUSSY thanks you for this superb portraiture!

BluecatIII United States

Vive la Liberation! Beautiful...Exquisite...Magnifique! Perhaps a more appropriate title for this photographic gallery could have been "Caprice- Liberated!" No matter, CAPRICE in that chair invoked all of the EROTIC energy of a "CAT, on a HOT TIN ROOF"...and more! (Members would do well to re-visit her "CAPRICE, in a CORSET" gallery?) Merci Beaucoup, Petter! No doubt, CAPRICE thanks you,...her HEART thanks you...and surely her PUSSY thanks you for this superb portraiture!

Fract Netherlands

Sexy, everlasting Caprice... How joyous the world with you in it.

deanmthwtz United States

Sexy defined I agree. Best model, anywhere!

Caprice hot hotel massage | November 23rd, 2011
Caprice hot hotel massage
stanvf1967 Germany

Lovely pictures - would love to see more of the masseuse....

Barty United Kingdom

caprice Caprice has a lovely sensuous and curvy pair of breasts. Can't wait to see all the pics. 20 out of 10 ... mmmm tasty xxxx

dean United States

Caprice Just in total awe of Her. Never seen a woman so elegent and lovely and yet erotic. She is my dream.

Caprice and Valerie sexual attraction | November 18th, 2011
Caprice and Valerie sexual attraction
KOMET United States

VALERIE et CAPRICE - It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Right Right now, I couldn't think of a better birthday present than this HOT, sensual, erotic photo set. (Except perhaps ME au naturel as a part of this photo set, sandwiched between VALERIE & CAPRICE. Sigh!)

wheeler United States

very nice continuation...still waiting anxiously for a climax! :P

Dreamwalker Netherlands

Wow.. beautiful how the different colors match. This is probably the most beautiful gallery of a dark and a light skin colored woman. They match perfectly. The pic's are wonderful. Very, very good. Keep up doing this good work!

Charlie United States

Valerie and Caprice They look beautiful together. I would love to see them do a couple of movies together like Marlene and Olena did with some oral sex in it. How sweet would that be.

finderweb Italy

Nice Couple Very nice set (and models), sweet and sexy

simon Switzerland

This series can continue.

Roger United States

Excellent series! Love the full nudity, the two complementary colors of the models and the unashamed celebration of their nude beauty. Strong work Petter!

Nav United States

I would give my left nut to fill these two asses; Damn!

Fract Netherlands

Petter, you're destroying me with this... Dang! Too hot! :p

d3s1r3u2 United States

Perhaps less is more... I dated a girl like this in college. She had all this major equipment and not a clue what to do with it. Moreover she was so self-conscious of it all you practically needed to defrost her before you could get her to accept the fact that she was enjoying the experience. It's really not the size of the dog in the fight...

Caprice cam girl part1 | November 13th, 2011
Caprice cam girl part1
VTB United States

A Goddess At Play Really the subject says it all. She's clearly enjoying herself showing off her beauty. If this was a real session, I envy the lucky guy or guys.

Roger United States

Very playful and fun!

Fract Netherlands

Yes, what VTB said.. And in addition to that, she can remind me of my first GF sometimes; youthful and playful. Shame we didn't have webcamz back then...

Caprice and Valerie 69 | November 8th, 2011
Caprice and Valerie 69
KOMET United States

VALERIE et CAPRICE - Back Together Again A perfect pairing. WHEN WILL THE VIDEO BE AVAILABLE?!

jee Norway

Why, Petter oh why do you do this? Releasing such hot photosets? Makes it pretty hard to remain celibate and a virgin. I'm 36 years old and have never felt the soft skin of a young woman or the warm embrace of her vagina. Too late now anyways. Oh well, might as well enjoy these sets :) Thanks Petter. Hot hot HOT!

Robert Uganda

For Jee Jee: it's not too late. If you really want a woman that much, and are having trouble finding one, why not find a sex worker? Just a thought. Either way, it's not too late.

jee Norway

It IS too late. The sexual debut is meant for teens and people in their 20ies. I feel it deep inside me that I should just give up, and I won't lower my self-esteem any further by finding a sex worker. And besides, I only find 18-27ish year old woman attractive, not women my age. I guess there's a reason why Petter and most other photographers only hire models of that age too. They're attractive. Older ones aren't. I agree with that.

erlknut Germany

f**king nice!

Dreamwalker Netherlands


Fract Netherlands

Awesome series, Caprice and Valerie together. At the time of writing this, I've counted four. Petter, you know you don't have to stop with these, don't you? Like, ever? ^_^

JB United States

tribbing Please feature these or other beautiful models in more tribbing scenes, videos.

peterpan Germany

imagine you could taste both like they play to.. really compare both juicy girls....

Norcal Nudity Lover United States

No man on earth, it seems... man enough for Valerie. It took a woman as hot as Caprice to bring Valerie's boiling hot volcano of love to the brink of eruption! What a show!

Caprice and Valerie missionary position | October 30th, 2011
Caprice and Valerie missionary position
wheeler United States

another one that's WAY too short!!!hope there's a part 2 (and, of course, a video :P )

JP United States

Tribbing We need to see a film of this gallery where both girls trib (rub clits together) until orgasm!

Pete United Kingdom

61 and onwards The natural progression from 61 would have been for Valerie to have worked Caprice's inner thigh with her tongue culminating in a piercing pussy kiss!!

zackmayo Italy

stupend! One of the most beautiful gallery! When will be the turn of Caprice!

TJK United States

Fantastic WOW!!!! This set is HOT!!!!! Great job, and these two girls together are just incredible. Definitely, here's hoping for a video.

KOMET United States

VALERIE et CAPRICE: Extase In a word, this photo series is SMOLDERING. GRR!!! I concur with JP. An extended erotic video (with real tribbing, nothing simulated) with both of these women would be ideal. Also: I would love to see an erotic video with MURIEL et VALERIE.

jee Norway

This is strangely erotic. Very arousing!

James Michaels United States

These two favorites represent "nipple heaven."

WPB United States

Lovely and Creative Usually I am not a big fan of studio shoots. However, this set was very creative. I love the contrast of their skin tones. Also, you can tell they both enjoyed and engaged in the shooting. Caprice has been a perfect addition to Hegre-Art. She has had some great projects already.

GDADDY United States


simon Switzerland

This is a very creative set and extremely hot

B United States

What a set!!!!! Great!!!

Manneke Jizz Belgium

appetite for vanilla and chocolate

Sandy United Kingdom

OK Erotic but camera angle disappointing, would have been good so see arousal.

ssalbo United States

caprice and valerie playfulness with a hint of passion...I like it.

mobetaman United States

Caprice and Valerie missionary position Did you guys (photographer) forget that they've got other sides? Top, BOTTOM, ASS, & HEAD shots. While BOTH models are extremely beautiful, and these shots are done well. Variety IS the spice of LIFE. These shots become monotonous and boring. One could essentially put the camera on auto and go take a lunch.

losdos Puerto Rico

que bellezas Estas fotos son increíbles. Te infunden sentimientos reales de placer y morbo. Bravo!

Abra United Kingdom

Wow, that's some sensual stuff right there. Beautiful.

Norcal Nudity Lover United States

Delicious! With the look of hunger and desire in Valerie's eyes, and her smokin' hot body, she sets this photo shoot on fire. For most of the shoot, poor Caprice can only lie back and enjoy the ride! This is a truly delightful fantasy.

Caprice making waves | October 26th, 2011
Caprice making waves
wheeler United States

nice to see lovely caprice just splashing around and having a good time!

Mark United States

Caprice Fabulous nudes of Caprice on the beach. The sun further illuminates what a great tight little bod she has. Beautiful!

jp United States

nipples just love Caprice's big plump nipples

B United States

nude beach, nude beautiful girl, ocean, waves, does not get any better than that

Roger United States

Hope there is a video....would love to see those tits bounce! Something so liberating about a beautiful young girl frolicking nude on the beach...tits, butt and cunt on display for all to see! Thank you Caprice and Petter! P.S. Agree with jp: love her big plump nipples!

peter United States

background It is interesting that in the background it is mostly men. Where are the girls? There are some nice shots, but it is not that sexy, it is hard to be sexy in this kind of environment.

vtb United States

Wonderful! A naked girl, laughing, smiling, enjoying being alive and sharing that enjoyment and her beauty with us! It just doesn't get better than that.

Pete United Kingdom

RE: Wonderful! Couldnt agree more, great fun set of a really beautiful girl

Sherlock United Kingdom

Love the model, love this set Must disagree about the background, I love seeing beautiful models like Caprice and especially Caprice contrasted with the old geezers in the background- probably because I am an old geezer... I love that contrast... very new to this site and love it so much. The photography is what makes it, I can think of plenty of sites where beautiful girls are made to look ordinary and even cheap, here they look like goddesses and angels, they are so sexy and I am so grateful. Thank you.

Caprice corset | October 20th, 2011
Caprice corset
wheeler United States

oh, PLEASE tell me there's a part two!!!

Fagan Germany

Corset critics Petter, Caprice and her images are beautiful -- as always :) However, this is no erotic corset photography. It lacks in the following points: - Needs a more curvy model and you actually already photographed the ideal one: Ryonen. - Needs a good corset, laced on the back and laced tight so it creates a wasp waist (should reduce the waist by 4 inches). Overbust corsets are difficult as they need to fit well to look good. - Fully visible hips to emphasize rather than hide the hourglass figure. I may not particularly like this particular set. But I am a great fan of corset images and I hope you bring more of it :)

Alex Wilhelm United States

Caprice Between Petter's stunning photography and Caprice's stunning self, this is a stunning set.

B United States

She is stunning. Loved it!!

rossco Australia

Caprice Delicious! Hopefully with more to come...

simon Switzerland

This is a real teaser. Where are pics 57 to 105 :-)?

mazungu United Kingdom

caprice caprice you really know how to tease . like to see more of you please

VTB United States

Stunning, but where's the smile Over half of any woman's beauty does not show until she smiles, and then the plain become pretty, the pretty gorgeous, and the beautiful goddesses. Let her smile and light up the world.

Roger United States

As a Butt fan, loved shots 42-49. Exquisite!

Zeppelin Germany

@Fagan This IS a corset and she IS beautiful but this IS NOT a fetish-site.

TuttideBoston United States

Caprice show us more of your pretty pussy Peter and Caprice, Arousing images. Caprice you are so hot & sexy, the way you stand and tease us. In a part 2 please show us more of your ultra pretty pussy. Very eatable by the way. And want to see more of your sweet lips close up. Please spread them for us to see how steaming hot your pussy really is.

Caprice view of the med | October 15th, 2011
Caprice view of the med
jee Norway

That ass! What a gorgeous woman, and she's also quite a sight from behind. Look at those cheeks. :)

wheeler United States

lovely view, indeed! (and, I'm not talking about the beach)

Canchahel France

Scenery Classic but charming. Even so, you shall have to tell the Terramar management to do some paintwork here and there.

Mark United States

Caprice I love Caprice's body and the way it is exhibited in this set. She is one of my new favorite models. She is beautiful and has such a lovely and natural body.

Pete United Kingdom

Lovely tits Is there anything else that needs to be said?

Caprice super model | October 9th, 2011
Caprice super model
wheeler United States

super model...super woman!!!

KOMET United States

CAPRICE IN REPOSE Like a playful lioness, CAPRICE surveys with searing eyes the frontier and the universe, before springing forth to run naked among the stars.

tim United States

wonderful gallery wow. this is caprice in a much more natural way and she is truly beautiful. i have enjoyed every gallery and film of her but this one is uniquely exceptional. i love it!

docdave Switzerland

congratulation ! the most beautiful girl ever !!!

jim United States

caprice Nice...........tasty.

B United States

Thanks to god for creating such a beautiful creature. She is a Super Super Model. Thanks Caprice for being you.

Thytte Denmark

And she even smiles on a few pics. More smiles please.

jp United States

super hot amazed at the constantly hot models on this website. I' m moving to Europe!!

hjk Poland

RE: super hot don't. there'll be less for us

Caprice and Valerie yin and yang | October 5th, 2011
Caprice and Valerie yin and yang
wheeler United States

ebony and ivory...together in...well... you know the rest! lol... what a place to stop!

EmmSea Australia

Caprice & Valerie As I rolled through this set, the first thought I had was ... well, there wasn't a first thought. I think my brain melted!!! This is my new favourite set of all time. A simple background, well lit, nothing to distract from the beauties on display. To all at Hegre Art, I thank you. Mark

KOMET United States

VALERIE et CAPRICE Very Delightful ... but next time, leave the shoes out!

Lion01 Netherlands

I would have called this set "liquorice & peppermint" because the girls are just as delicious and addictive! The set is as Hegre as can be; a simple study of the female form, yet in a very sensual way. Very well done!

B United States

Stunningly great.

girlfreak1988 United States

The last few were simply awesome!

simon Switzerland

Some of the pics have Wikipedia character :-) I was surprised about the different torso:leg ratio between Valerie and Caprice. So apart form being very nice to look at, the pictures also have educational character.

Zeppelin Germany

Shouldn't yin and yang end in a 69-position?

Mark United States

Valerie and Caprice Fabulous job by Vale.rie and Caprice! They both look beautiful with their defined and sculpted bodies. Love them both nude in their heels, especially Caprice nude in her black pumps. They compliment her beautifully. A great set showing the beauty of the female nude. Have both ladies together again for a great nude study. Please also have Caprice pose nude in those pumps again.

Pete United Kingdom

RE: Shouldn't yin and yang Wow, an absolutley stunning set, two great looking confident models, I love joint sets but it always forces me to choose and I think Valerie's slender althletic body just edges it. I also agree with Zeppelin 69 is the magic number

ssalbo United States

Oh my god...if you could ever get these models to really kiss I thin I'd lose my mind.

James Michaels United States

Valerie & Caprice Hopefully this is just the delicious precursor to many subsequent pairings of these two beautiful girls who both exhibit the talent for being more than a little bit naughty

joaca7 United States

Valerie I said 6 months ago do the black and white. finally nicely done.

undefu_728s Satellite Provider

Great stuff Ying and Yang ig great do a film

GDADDY United States


Dave11 France

Caprice and Valerie vs earlier galleries Beautiful!! This reminds me of a much earlier gallery (Marketa and Luba - 2004?). Very different morphologies, but the beauty lies in the difference - there are many ways to perfection! In fact I came across a photo from this collection on the Internet and immediately recognised Petter's style. This decided me to sign up again after many months absence.

AM United States

Beauty at its finest hour This is an absolutely stunning collection.

Vic New Zealand

yin and yang very very beautiful ,and yes it would nice to see them kiss with passion,as they sure are a liitle bit naughty

Caprice nude beach | September 24th, 2011
Caprice nude beach
jorge Germany

Caprice is my new star, nice breasts and her smile ... lovely ...

panzer969 United States

confidence After reading her bio I can see how she appears so confident out in public. I was amazed at first that she was so comfortable in the surroundings there. I will have to see if I can find her in one of her earlier films. A delightful beauty indeed! Thanks again for bringing us the very best, Petter.

KOMET United States

CAPRICE A LA PLAGE BIENVENUE CAPRICE (from me, KOMET)! These beach photos make for a delightful series. I hope that we will see much more of CAPRICE in future series and films (preferably fully nude without the encumbrance of clothing and shoes).

wheeler United States

super sexy and messy debut...cant wait to see more!!!

John United States

How come it's always fat old naked dudes in the background?

adorer Switzerland

perfect beauty very beautiful

simon Switzerland

What a beauty. The more the better.

ammooro United States

RE: Photo number 33 really pure beauty...

another fan United States

beautiful addition Your first rate web site just gets better and better. Caprice is totally beautiful.

JP United States

Czech girls Damn, are all Czech girls this hot. Always have perfect breasts, I'm moving!

Pete United Kingdom

New models Another great addition to add to Nikola, the excellent Kiki, Ryonen and Alona, reckon we need a few joint sets of the new gang now Petter

Wybt Netherlands

F***ing Perfection Thanks for Caprice, please put her on the massage table.

B United States

Beach makes for a great setting. This beach and girl are gorgeous.

Brad United States

Wondeful!! Really, incredible. What sexy set of photos on the beach with lots of people around. Very hot!! Thanks.

Paul United Kingdom

Mummy, mummy, I really NEED to go and play with Caprice on the beach...

Caprice climax massage | September 30th, 2011
Caprice climax massage
bomomo France

jolie modèle, j'adore.

DrSeymour Australia

Exquisite Yep. Perfect. I thank you.

KOMET United States

CAPRICE IN BLISS A very evocative photo series. BUT... how much longer must we wait til we have either a photo series or video in which the masseuse is also FULLY NUDE??? Reveal to us the "Mysterious Masseuse." :)

B United States

Caprice is wonderful/love eastern european girls. Wish there were more in USA

wheeler United States

cant wait for the video!!! :P

soulpatch United States

Make video please! Very nice set. Hegre, you have got to make this a video!

zaubade United States

ohh this set :) wow! my cock is doubly hard, seeing the lovely Caprice and then on top of that the masseuse displaying some rather incredible cleavage. ok i know i sound as if i am a 12 year old.... but some of the shots like 30 or 38 Caprices cunt, slim tummy and breast and then the wonderful tits of the masseuse. :)

Larry T France

I agree with Komet about the masseuse... she looks promising as a model.

joaca7 United States

Caprice All in with Komet.. verdade must have video and masseuse in it in the nude

Danden Canada

Concept You set the level one step higher again Hegre!!! and with the others I must agree... please uncover the masseuse breast!!!

Fishman United States

Caprice is fucking beautiful but I have to admit I want that masseuse nude to make this set fucking amazing!

bigkaz Canada

Caprice Speechless...totally amazingly disprespect but if a guy's cock doesn't get hard ...there is something wrong with him... Awesome work here...keep it up..I know I will.....

Holy Shit United States

God Damn!

Caprice Films COMMENTS

Candice Caprice Valerie Threesome | August 26th, 2014
Candice Caprice Valerie Threesome
Stian Norway

love the contrast between the skin colours!!! magic movie!!

Bernard Netherlands

Beautiful threesome I love a threesome with three very beautiful girls. And wowww it’s really perfect one black girl and two white girls. But it’s a pitty the film in bed is muchhhhhh too short. I want to see more! Hopefully the next time a very long threesome? And maybe with one beautiful Asian girl (Yoko)?

Mojo55-7 Switzerland

Threesome Beautiful young women playing together are always a marvellous sight to behold, especially when they explicitly act out their romantic fantasies. This can easily provoke hard reactions from those lucky enough to watch them. The excellent photography adds to the viewers' enjoyment of the erotically ludic scenes.

ailefroide Belgium

Candice etc Tenderness is beautiful

JR United States

THREESOME Extremely intimate and erotic. Caprice and Candace are very beautiful, but the only thing that could make it more erotic is Valeria with Alya doing the same thing.

wheeler United States

O...M...G!!! nuff sed!

Caprice Nude Beach | January 24th, 2012
Caprice Nude Beach
Thytte Denmark

Caprice has got such a pretty smile. Ummmm.

Vinny United States

In the open I’ll tell you what I would like to see in a movie like this one. How about the girl gets up to something out in the open or just hidden a bit where she might get seen any time? Is it just me that gets turned on by that?

Julie Canada

Feels good I really felt it with her when the water splashed around her pussy (at about 3:20). You guys will never know how good that feels to us. I get shivery just watching it.

Padraic United States

More erotic It’s so good to see Caprice so natural. Erotic models are so much more erotic when they are out of a studio and in some ordinary setting which they make arousing.

Simon United Kingdom

Re: In the open You are not alone Vinny. That would be great to see with the camera as a voyeur and maybe some real passer-by. Sitges looks like a laid back place.

Matt Ireland

Re: In the open Whatever floats your boat, you guys. For me I think the whole point was to show Caprice having a “day off” and being herself. OK so she was still being filmed but you know what I mean. Give the girl a break.

Laurie United Kingdom

The Girl in the Fuckbunny How utterly delightful to see Caprice in a splash of frisky fun as she thrills to the tingle of the spray. All the essence of an innocent young girl as she casts aside her pornstar image for the light fantastic...

Sunburst Netherlands

Surely the most gorgeous woman on Hegre Art :) sweet, playful, young, with a perfect body and a unique beauty

Thirsty United States

Caprice One of my all time favorite shoots (I've seen more than a few) Wow Petter got right in the waves with his expensive camera. He liked the shoot too. This one made my week. Thanks.

damisfit Australia

what a stunner

damisfit Australia

RE: Feels good You sexy wicked woman

Fred Norway

Wonderful girl She could come and live in my beach house any day. :-D

Pardon Me United States

This is very beautiful. But very dizzy at the same time. The movement of the camera is a tad too choppy. But a very jovial vibe in the video, it's beautiful.

TJ United States

CAPRICE at the beach ! Oh, to be a whitecap on a wave !

Joe Germany


ElDangerDave Canada

Beautiful at how natural she is in the nude, and I haven't set foot on a beach in ages but this is as close as I can get for now, the way the video is done, you almost feel there. Truly makes you want to go and lay in the sun with her !

maggie and Pete United States

Shutter Speed We love nude beaches, and she is a true honey... but Tech Note for Shooting Video: If you increase your shutter speed to handle the light level of the beach (the way you would shooting stills) you get the unpleasant stuttering movement when you are shooting action, called 'strobing.' You need to use neutral density filters if you want to avoid that effect -- and please do. It is not pleasant. Thanks!

Onyx Australia

My god- feminine beauty is so supreme. This was absolutely beautiful. To think i live in a coastal town- and do not adopt the beach as part of my lifestyle. Nature is grand!

Paul United Kingdom

Beautiful Caprice is completely mind-blowing!

alexander Germany

FKK hi.very nice film.on which beach is caprice filmed.ßthanks.

Mitchell Australia

Simply beautiful Caprice is just the perfect woman. From her pretty face, perfect breasts & nipples, hot ass & legs.

guidolovy Italy

naturist beach in Croatia ? hello, I notice that this movie location is the same as other nudist beach movies: I see a town, I guess it is located on the Croatian or Slovenian coast of Adriatic, can you tell me in which place (town and beach) we are ?? thanks

justplaying United States

She is a petite beauty.

Justplaying United States

You must have had crowd control in place. She sure will attract a lot of attention. This one could have been hours long and I would still be watching it. She is a petite little sex kitten.

Caprice Cam Girl | October 4th, 2011
Caprice Cam Girl
Marvin United States

Great pace Congratulations on one fantastic movie. I thought the pace of it was great the way it kept going. Bang bang bang all the way through. It makes a good change from some I have seen that are just too slow.

Buddy10 United States

You are different Caprice I love you more every time I see you. Thanks for the behind the scenes glimpse of you at work. You look as though you enjoy what you do. That’s good. Sometimes I wonder if the girls I talk to on chat lines are knitting or something when they are on the line but you are different.

Ricky United Kingdom

A classic Classic film. One for me to keep. I think the bit I liked best was Caprice sort of talking to herself while she was on camera and commenting to herself. It was interesting to see it from so many viewpoints as well.

Pietro Italy

Too many cocks I thought this was OK as an idea but for me anyway I do not want to see a whole lot of cocks. Lots of pussies is great but too much cock here.

Vinny251. Canada

At the start Caprice seemed like she thought it was all a bit of a laugh. Then as it went on it was starting to get her excited as well. What I mean is that about 9 minutes in she looks to me as if she is getting genuinely excited by what is happening.

Torquatus United States

This is great I really liked this. Caprice masturbates so well, and she plays nicely with her cute dress, stripping and then covering up again. I think that this is the hottest masturbation on this site. I'd like to see more of her doing it, and a little less of the words on the screen. Unlike some, I really do like seeing the cocks pumping their cum in homage to Caprice.

G Brazil

Not a keeper She is beautiful. But Y U keep showing dicks???!! >:(

tim United States

love this film at first glance i thought i might not care for this, but watching caprice react and watching her body won me over! it's a different twist but a really nice one. once again like the massage film it shows caprice in a way that was never seen on other sites. keep up the good work and i hope to see more of caprice.

DocDave Switzerland

Really nice film and nice idea ! But it would be much more erotic to see caprice with real dicks !!

AA United States


JayB59 Netherlands

Cam Girl very hot This new series of girls performing as CAN girl is realy hot. I hope to see a lot of them.

Flesharrower Australia

OK, how many of you guys are cruising chat-rooms now waiting for another one of the girls from Hegre-Art to come online? lol

lovejill222 United States

how to contact her for same experince. could not get a response from silvia, so i am trying caprice who is beautiful

Sherlock United Kingdom

Perfection Love this video... I love the whole concept and obviously Caprice is incredible... worth the price of a subscription just for this. Thank you.

ElDangerDave Canada

Perfectly done, I think it shows how girls can enjoy camming as much as guys, and while I don't care much to see guys, I think it's a nice addition to the video !

max South Africa

Caprice for a cam chat? how would one go about being able to cam cht with her?

Caprice Massage COMMENTS

Hot Hotel Massage | September 27th, 2011
Hot Hotel Massage
Manuel France

DELIGHT OF PLEASURE Caprice is a Godess into PARADISE... Thanks Peter for this!!!

Roscoe. United States

Smile I just love the way Caprice gives that knowing little smile here and there and again right at the end. It makes it seem like it’s me and her. Like saying “Whaddya think of that?”

Milton United Kingdom

Distracting Caprice is great but what is all that noise going on in the background? It sounds like seagulls or something. It’s really distracting.

BobbyV Virgin Islands US

Something amazing No, you are missing the point Milton. It’s like everything normal is going on outside the room because it is the sound of people outside but no-one realises that just behind the door there is something really amazing happening. I think that is a great twist.

Elsa Netherlands

Big fan I am getting to be a big fan of these massage movies. Sometimes it is just something small that gets to me. This one with Caprice it was that close up shot of the fingertips of the masseuse at about 31:40. It sends a quiver right through me as though she is doing it to me.

Patrick Zambia

Other girls Caprice you are fabulous in every way. Can you ask to do some movies with other girls? That would be heaven for me.

peterswift United States

anal though this was another massage session beautiful in most ways it lacked what I have noticed repeated requests for. While she was lying on her stomach this masseuse had every opportunity to insert a well oiled finger in the anal bud. As Caprice started to cum it could be ever so slowly withdrawn. This would add to the excitement of both the model and the viewer, or am I wrong?

Thytte Denmark

Fantastic ending. Caprise is almost crying of joy. Look at her eys and mouth in the very last seconds. She is so satisfied, pampered and totally epmty. Sane you are so good. Do not hide yourself in these videos, you deserve the acknowledgement.

yves Canada

The best .... simply the best....True would be nice to see some anal.

jasha Belgium

Hottest ever ! This may well be the hottest massage ever. Where one could doubt about some orgasms could be faked, this girl has real ones that is sure. Agree with another commenter here about some anal play. But the girl needs to like it. The way she controls herself for not touching her breasts or going down on herself impressed me including her and other girls being able to have such intimite moments captured by a camera without being intimidated by the cameraman. In other words the best I've ever seen.

Wybt Netherlands

Thank you Absolutly stunning, thanks!

James Michaels United States

Caprice Massage Well my fellow viewers have pretty much said it all. This film jumps immediately to #1 and Caprice jumps immediately to my top 5. I am completely blown away by the shear beauty of this film. It has raised the bar dramatically. This is going to be very hard to follow without disappointing.

JB United States

HOt Hotel Massage Fantastic, very erotic, Caprices response to the expert massaging is a delight. No Digits up the Ass were required. There is an abundance of tattoed anal scenes already on the net. As fatr as I am concernen I delight in the absence of it on your sit. Women are worshipped and made love to; not degraded with un natural acts. I await your every scene , massage, picture set. My compliments from a big fan. A suggestion would be to turn the music volume down slightly, so that we may delight in her every response.


RE: Big fan Bonjour Elsa, Je viens de découvrir ce site, c'est superbe, je prend du plaisir a chaque fois que je regarde une vidéo.

Alex Wilhelm United States

Caprice Here I am in lust again. I joined years ago in order to catch images of Marketa B; and found my self enthralled with Luba, Olga, Vika, Elisabeth, Yanna, Jennipher, Mirta, Naomi, Tanita, Helena Karel, and Evi. Then, along comes Gabriella, Anna S, Marlene, Olena O, the amazing Dominika C, Tasha, the Gloria/Nicole duo, and Valerie, Valerie, Valerie. Along the way, the video has become more fantastic and of course, there are now this massage section. Seeing these glorious creatures experience these massages is out of this world, as I'm sure I'm not the only one to note. Now, here is Caprice, totally in the moment, legs shaking, back arched, catching her breath, muscles twitching, chest heaving, head tossed back, hands clutching at the bed, the pillow, the air. I am in lust once more. What a beautiful and exceptional creature Caprice is. And now I long to see that entire list of others in the same setting, from Marketa B, Luba, Olga, Vika... every one of them. OMG, all of them!

Canchahel France

Don't forget the masseuse : she is great! This masseuse has lily-like fingers. In Hebrew, lily is said "Suzana"...

JB United States

RE: anal Yes, you are wrong. Wrong hole.

tim United States

caprice i am so glad i discovered this site just in time for caprice! she is truly beautiful. i had of course seen her on other sites, but in this film she is captured in a very different light. her beauty is much more natural and the scenario is very sexy. i enjoyed watching her get her body touched and watching her reaction. can't wait for more of this stunning beauty!

vtb United States

A Goddess Checks In Caprice is the reason I came back to this site. She flirts with the audience, smiles, and appears to be genuinely enjoying the work and having fun. Most of the Hegre models over the past year or so have seemed so grim and unsmiling. Caprice is a ray of sunshine, and makes me glad to be back.

erko95 France

good massage Massage is a very different from other massages, all are well in it, i really love is that the lady that works so well how to work gets a taste, and the lady who massaged takes is ten times fun as when she makes love with someone, i confirm that this is a sensual massage, not pornographic ... i would like to be your disciple ^^ . There is no word to define what sensual massage to see if beautiful and extraordinary sensory ... i like that

Torquatus United States

Caprice is great but... Although the massage and Caprice are great, the jumpy video is not. It's just really weird the way the camera bounces.

lovejill 222 United States

pretty girl would love to see more of caprice face as she was loseing her edible stuff, love to lick her

Rimmy Germany

Hot Hotel Massage Caprice Hey, Caprice is a very hot girl! She is the only one (except Dominica C) who shows without any shame her real feelings, her sexual excitement. All the other girls getting a massage are lying there without any visible reaction. That must be frustrating for every masseuse and most of them do a pretty good job. Please give us more of those videos with girls who let their emotions flow. I like to recognize the moments when the orgasm comes step by step. Hey girls don't be so ashamed! Let it flow!

JM United Kingdom

Caprice Caprice is very beautiful with a perfect figure. Seeing and hearing her orgasming was very sweet, simple and so innocent... Simply charming...

super8 United States

I'd love to be on the other end of that orgasm!!

bigdog United States

who is the masseuse who is the masseuse?

ElDangerDave Canada

Absolutely love it ! She's cute, sexy, and so hot, especially as she gets pleased, the kind of young woman everyone would love to please !

Buster United States

Watching her abdominal muscles flex and her hips move up and down as her orgasm builds and reaches a climax is truly exciting, as are the afterschocks as she come down from her climax

Michael United States

Caprice is small but proportionate to the point of perfection. In terms of her body, face, smile and open expressiveness she's the best of them all on this site. She has a smile that could stop or start wars.

ybf168 United States

Caprice is the best when it comes to responsiveness. She is totally relaxed and into the moment. Her orgasms are not only natural and genuine but sexy and exotic in every way.

Rick United States

I Miss Caprice Caprice is so fucking hottttt.......miss her juicy hot pussy

Ben N. United States

Hot Pussy Massage Very nice. A lot of good pussy play with clitoral stimulation and really working the pussy lips. Also some good finger insertion. I liked the way her body was writhing with the stimulation.

Rick United States

I miss Caprice Will she ever be back?

justplaying United States

Caprice is a beauty. I'm use to her being in a classier environment. This should have been shot in the suite of a 5 star resort. It looks more like a motel 6 with pealing paint and crappy bedding. This shoot is old. Bring Caprice in for a new classy shoot.

Orgasmic Chills Massage | December 6th, 2011
Orgasmic Chills Massage
JJ Korea, Republic of

worth waiting!!

Mitsch1328 Germany

That is so hot, i really love to watch Caprices hot body to be caressed!

Kelsey United States

Both sexy I tell you what I think is great about this movie. It’s the contrast backwards and forwards between Caprice all nude and the masseuse. I kept thinking about how sexy the masseuse looked with those full breasts she has. Then I was back to Caprice. Just could not make up my mind which one was best.

Ryan Netherlands

Two of them You are dead right there Kelsey. The two of them are perfect together.

Cathy United Kingdom

Watching you Caprice I want you to know that I want to be just like you. I have watched you again and again and I would love to be massaged the way you are in this movie. Where I live I do not think there is anyone like me but at least I have you to watch.

Fritzel Germany

Sense of humour You have a great sense of humour Caprice. I know that because of the way you look straight at the camera @12:12. It is like you are saying What do you think of that?

Luis United States

More close ups I want to see more close shots. The more close up the better I like it. For example at about 6:30 there is a great one of Caprice’s ass. That’s what I want. More like that please.

Steven United States

Outstanding Duo As sensual & erotic as any massage film yet. This particular masseuse always gets the most out of her models ; ) her caressing ways are, by far, the most effective & enjoyable to behold. A true technician of sexual prowess who lets her fingers do all the talking. Caprice joins a select few others that can actually relax in front of the camera & enjoy their pleasure for all to see & hear. Bravo!

James Michaels United States

Caprice No doubt that Caprice is very special. She is flawless in every way and has that wonderful ability to just relax and let herself go with it--very self-assured and very, very comfortable with who she is. This film raised the bar yet again. And to Cathy--I too do erotic massage and have been told over and over that I am extraordinarily good at it. My clientele is small and very select--it is too bad we are so far apart electronically. But then again, you may prefer a female therapist.

lovejill22 United States

sexey girl cannot belive how sexual caprice is in the orgasam

Scoggers United Kingdom

Formats Yep yep, I love all the massage videos. Best thing I've seen in ages. However (isn't there always a however) could we please have the downloads available in all formats just like the other videos.

rami Israel

fun Caprice is a girl is perfect Any image or its film perfect Beautiful and fun to see a girl an orgasm

United Kingdom

RE: Formats Totally agree! ERic

lovejill22 United States

lick caprice love to stick my toungue in caprices butisomo

axltan Singapore

best series of orgasm ... ever!

Bobbie United States

fine tuning Super, super video and responsive model. I would offer one observation in that at 9:45 of the video had the masseuse INCREASED her finger action instead of stopping it, Caprice would be screaming and squirming like an Olympician and we would all get a metal ( Caprice's would be GOLD)!

visual_42 Netherlands

super damn nice video....only my wish is that the masseuse is complety naked to when she does this type of massages. Please Hegre????? is that possible?? _O_

Bekki United Kingdom

Fabulous! Wow, that's absolutely gorgeous. Love the way she is so responsive to ever touch. Love to hear her cum and cum, it makes such a difference when the models are vocal! I would love someone to do this to me!

Earthian South Africa

What human delight For we are but mortal, and thus we shall, only in one lifetime, enjoy our physical being... how beautiful!!!

Matthew United Kingdom

CAPRICE - MASSAGE Lovely, intimate massage. As I have siad before, the models do seem to genuinely enjoy been massaged and the climaxes were fabulous. I wonder what women who watch this site think? Would they recommend this form of massage to their partners? Come on girls: gie us men a clue or two! Also, for the production tema: is there any chance of more lesbian massages please. I really do find these the most erotic. Thanks

b100dr00t United States

The Most Erotic Video I've Ever Seen I bought a membership yesterday, but this afternoon was my first opportunity to watch a video in complete, uninterrupted privacy. This one video alone was worth the monthly membership fee. I have never seen anything more beautiful and erotic. Obviously the model is the star of the show, but I have to compliment the masseuse. She is an incredible virtuoso and she "plays" the model like a Stradivarius. I especially love her ability to scale back the stimulation between orgasms while still caressing and staying in contact with the model. I think the low-cut tank top is a perfect showcase for her breasts. And I actually prefer the contrast between clothed/unclothed and think this arrangement more erotic than having both women nude. The music and the photography are superb, unlike anything I've ever seen. I could probably go on and on, but for now, enough. I truly look forward to seeing more of these wonderful, amazing videos in the days ahead.

Vashti Australia

Complete? Excellent film, as usual, and the reactions to the orgasms were sweet and complete. What seemed missing in the massage was a little gentle anal stimluation; masseuses seem often to ignore this, though it can lead to the most intense orgasms - I don't mean penetration, necessarily, but just some attention to this sensitive area.

YBF168 United States

Along with a nice body, Caprice is one of a few on this site who have the most erotic and genuine orgasms....

45oldie United States

Caprice's masseuse Perhaps we could see more of her! A truly outstanding woman!

JUNO France

masseuse face It will be more interesting and exiting to show the masseuses 's faces !!

Pulseight Australia

Orgasmic Chills Excellent video, top production and visuals. Best of all is Caprice's acting. I don't believe she reached orgasm in either of her films. Why is it we cannot women view her ejaculate, reaching that explosion of vaginal juices, yet men can be seen spitting sperm everywhere????