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Caprice Profile

Name: Caprice
Country: Czech Republic
Weight: 50kg
Height: 168cm
Age: 21
Occupation: Model

The legend continues

Caprice made a sensational start to her nude modelling career when she dived straight into the hard core scene. The movies she made were the talk of the adult entertainment industry. Insiders and customers raved over them.

Now she sees her career taking a different direction. “Those were crazy times” she tells us. “A lot of those films I did then weren’t right for me. Now I have moved on”. She sees a new role for herself pushing the boundaries of erotic nude modelling. Her natural charm and her winning personality make her ideal for that.

It was amazing looks and a luscious body that made her famous, even notorious. Now Hegre-Art are revealing that there’s even more. There is the hidden Caprice.

Candice Caprice Valerie Threesome August 26th, 2014
O...M...G!!! nuff sed!
Extremely intimate and erotic. Caprice and Candace are very beautiful, but the only thing that could make it more erotic is Valeria with Alya doing the same thing.
Candice etc
Tenderness is beautiful
Beautiful young women playing together are always a marvellous sight to behold, especially when they explicitly act out their romantic fantasies. This can easily provoke hard reactions from those lucky enough to watch them. The excellent photography adds to the viewers' enjoyment of the erotically ludic scenes.
Beautiful threesome
I love a threesome with three very beautiful girls. And wowww it’s really perfect one black girl and two white girls. But it’s a pitty the film in bed is muchhhhhh too short. I want to see more! Hopefully the next time a very long threesome? And maybe with one beautiful Asian girl (Yoko)?
love the contrast between the skin colours!!! magic movie!!
Candice Caprice and Valerie sex part2 October 1st, 2012
I miss Caprice
She has a beautiful body
Promised a lot from picture 1 but ended up an anticlimax by the end with loss of any detail.
Oral Delights
The presence of Caprice was incidental as she clearly showed little appetite for a sniff, or taste...
You got to make a video of this!!!! Valerie is a Goddess.
Bliss was it in that dawn to behold/3 Women fully nude/Taking and giving pleasure/From/to themselves
Higher & Higher
So hot SEXCESSFULL trio!!!! Video on project Peter? THX
ooohhh...this MUST be a video!!!
Caprice white panties August 14th, 2012
There are a lot of very attractive sexy girls that should not do shoots in HD, especially closeups. Even viewing the XXXXLarge, Caprice is still flawless.
RE: Photo number 50
What a lovely pink pussy!
I always love caprice. You are beautiful and wonderful.
Great shots fabulous body
Great shots of a great girl with a fabulous body, shown off to her best advantage in the best place for her - a bed, just wish I could join her. Great skin tones and poses and not too much use of the hands thank goodness.
As usual another amazing set from Caprice, definately my favourite girl ... more please
she's God
yes is God she's the magnificence of the erotical
Just a beautiful woman.....hottest girl on this site
we should all look so wonderful just waking up!!!
Caprice miss internet July 27th, 2012
There are a lot of girls in porn that should not shoot in HD, especially XXXXX Zoom HD. Caprice can shoot in any zoom in HD. When viewed in the xxxxxxlarge you could actually count the hairs on her mostly shaved pussy, if you were so inclined.
She might be my favorite model. Everything about her turns me on! Please send more photo shoots of her!
divine !
What a beautiful pussy. Thanks for sharing!
By far the most sexiest model in Peter's stable of beautiful women.....
Peterpan....I agree, although I would dearly love to have seen her soles and ass at the same time!
Ohhh she is soo woderful Thx
i sooo love to look at her soles and her pussy at the same time!
A most beautiful lady. Thank you Caprice for sharing yourself with your many fans
A Goddess Returns
And that Mona Lisa smile in 45 absolutely lights up the world. Beautiful set!
Candice Caprice and Valerie threesome July 17th, 2012
RE: No. 9 to 14...
RE: Photo number 9
sweetest buttholes...
A laugh
I like 17 where they're laughing over something. Makes me want to get in on the joke!
I agree Komet: Muriel should be back. One of my favorite videos is the Muriel Cross Trainer video. Would be great to hear your comments as a fellow Muriel admirer on this fantastic video, if you are so inclined.
No. 9 to 14...
...are the best!
My Favorite Pose
Photos 9-14 are fantastic! I admit my favorite pose has always been a girl on her knees her butt arched up and a straight-on look at her buns, buttcrack and hole with her labia coming out from underneath. What a treat to see Three butts so well displayed! Thank you, from right to left, Candice Valerie and Caprice! Strong work Hegre!
this needs to be a video
pleeeeease tell me there's gonna be a part 2!!! (or was that it?)