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Foto von Maya


Foto von Maya
Name: Maya
Land: Tschechien
Gewicht: 60Kg
Größe: 182cm
Alter: 22
Beruf: Model

High Style

Maya macht großen, ja sehr großen Eindruck. Teils, weil sie mit 1,82 m auch wirklich sehr groß ist und teils, weil sie fantastisches breitgefächertes Talent besitzt.

Ihre Starpräsenz machten sie zu einem Lieblingsmodel der Modehäuser in Europa. Paris, Mailand und London rissen sich um sie. Jetzt bringt sie ihre Erfahrung mit zum Aktmodellstehen. Natürlich bringt sie einen süßen Hintern und lange Beine auch gleich mit.

Sie ist fasziniert von den vielen verschiedenen Aspekten dieser Welt. "Alles daran stimuliert mich." sagt sie. "Es ist nicht nur Make-up und Hairstyling. Es ist viel mehr. Es hat mich zur Fotografie und zur Malerei gebracht und jetzt bin sogar der Bildhauerei verfallen." Diese Dinge sind für sie so wichtig wie der Papagei, den sie zuhause hat.

Wir haben es Dir gesagt: Dieses Mädchen ist etwas ganz anderes.

Maya Galerien KOMMENTARE

Maya Rücksitz | July 25th, 2012
Maya Rücksitz
machado70 Belgien

one of the number one in hedgree I love this girl she has a wonderfull skin marvellous pussy and has it's great combination of sensation to see in the pictures nice choice!!!!

Snowpig Vereinigte Staaten

Hairy women are so much more sexy than ones that look like little girls.

Jacky Deutschland

Nice car... What is it? A Q7?


RE: Nice car... you're lookin at the CAR???!!!

Jacky Deutschland

RE: RE: Nice car... I'm more into Brunettes, you know....Haha just kiddin'

Rick Vereinigte Staaten

I think her frustrated look at the end says: I need a car with a bigger back seat!

Maya zum Frühstück Teil 2 | June 17th, 2012
Maya zum Frühstück Teil 2
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

nice day for a picnic!:P

Fract Niederlande

Maya... Mmmm... Best breakfast in long time. Even though there is but one dish, it contains many ingredients and is served in a multitude of styles. I, for one, would love to dig in! Go Maya!

Mark Vereinigte Staaten

Maya Great set! I would love to eat that pussy for breakfast!

Dave Finnland

Which Hole Breakfast part two is even better, which hole would you start on.

joey-1 Kanada

I would love to see more of Maya. It has been a long time ....

Maya mmmh | May 3rd, 2012
Maya mmmh
Fract Niederlande

Yes! Smoking hot. You're totally original, girl. Choose your own ground. I love your style!

Maya Elfenbein | April 24th, 2012
Maya Elfenbein
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

yet another "short but sweet". refreshing, though, after a disappointing "massage"!

Fract Niederlande

I love the contrast of Maya's luscious, kissable lips, black stockings and pearlescent skin. On top of that, every pose is different and conveys a different emotion. What a wonderful model she is!

Mark Vereinigte Staaten

Maya Maya is beautiful. What a wonderful porcelain-skinned body. She has a terrific ass as well. A lovely and elegant beauty.

Farnorth Australien

Maya for bush How much more sexy she would be (to so many of us) if she had a shiny blonde bush, bring back pubic hair!

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Maya for bush and,tomany,not so much!although, I personally agree.

Maya Floater | March 5th, 2012
Maya Floater
Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Underwhelmed These images have no aesthetic or erotic appeal and show a remarkable lack of imagination...

kikki Australien

maya you are beautiful. thanks for this wunderful shoot, hope to see you in one of the massages soon..

knoglergerd Österreich

The water looks cold. She has goosebumps

Fract Niederlande

Aesthetic appeal or not, every now and I just want to look at a beautiful naked girl. But granted: this set is a bit repetitive, whereas with Maya's other sets no photo is like another. Ah well, I suppose not every session can produce a winner, right?

Sherlock Vereinigtes Königreich

Also underwhelmed Sorry, I'm with Laurie, this set didn't bode well from it's ungainly title... often this website is the white heat heart of eroticism but sometimes it's dull sets like this that leave me absolutely cold...

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

well, it worked for me!naked wet maya is nice to come home to, after a pretty hellish night!but, maybe it would work betterin motion?:P

intoit Vereinigte Staaten

Mailed this one in I agree with Laurie. Pretty boring.

Maya Feinstrumpfhose | February 3rd, 2012
Maya Feinstrumpfhose
Fract Niederlande

Mmmore Mmmaya This girl just oozes hotness from her every pore. Her opalescent skin and sensual mouth beckon the viewer to come closer while her glance seems to suggest she *knows* what she wants out of life and love. And that cheeky smile! I have yet to see moving pictures of her, but judging by the rapid succession of different poses Petter shoots her in, I bet she just moves like the wind during shoots. Awesome set, and can hardly wait for part two.

b-lover Belgien

hi ! amazing beauty, more of her please Peter, and thanks for your incredible work !!

Phil Vereinigte Staaten

What is it about Maya that makes you think every shot should be white washed? A little color please!

gr8b1r Vereinigte Staaten

Watching May in these photos make my mouth water...

SageArcher Vereinigte Staaten

Act II...Por favor? Bravo! Maya's exquisite effort to divest herself of those evil deserving of parole! Soon, one would hope? Free Maya!!!

machado70 Belgien

beautifull but..... beautiful set but remove this evil panty please!

machado70 Belgien

More pictures !!!! Peter more photos pictures and video of Maya please !!!!

Dave Finnland

Bent Over The last shots of her on the couch bent over showing off that sweet anus of her's are perfect, more please.

Maya zum Frühstück Teil 1 | January 16th, 2012
Maya zum Frühstück Teil 1
Taoman Türkei

Movie If possible I like to see Maya movies.

Fract Niederlande

Very nice! I like the way the checker-pattern reflects on Maya's opalescent skin. The pose make her appear a bit emaciated though. But it won't stop me from trying to steal a kiss from her ;)

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

Maya for breakfast...YUMMY!!! @ taoman...I'm sure they'll get to it...eventually

Nav Tschechische Republik

Actually For me, Maya would be 'All you can eat' breakfast, lunch, dinner, and midnight snack.

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

MAYA AT HER BEST FULLY NUDE AND UNFETTERED BY CLOTHES & SHOES. This is how MAYA should be showcased. An ideal future photo series would featured MAYA fully nude AND oiled-down.

Voyeur Vereinigte Staaten

Her wetness in the last few pictures makes one desire a breakfast snack directly from Maya

Sandy Vereinigtes Königreich

RE: Actually Absolutely, to gently part those exsquisite petals and savour the nectar within is good for any time!!

Agent9 Schweden

RE: Photo number 47 So wet, ohhh

Maya Körperverletzung | January 3rd, 2012
Maya Körperverletzung
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

my only gripe about this is that it's WAY too short!!!maya is lovely!

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

MAYA IMPRISONED OFF WITH THE STOCKINGS AND SHOES! MAYA is shown to better effect when allowed to be FULLY NUDE.

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Hot Legs The stockings enhance her sensuousness and add a delicious frisson. The light creative touch lift the images from ordinary to extraordinary. Stylish Maya in swanky mood...

Thunderman Vereinigte Staaten

Amazing body and I love the color of her nipples! Great photo set Maya!

Fract Deutschland

Every shot winner! While having *large* photo-shoots gives us, the viewer, the possibility to pick our own gems, this series shows that less *can* be more. Great set!

Maya Guten Morgen | December 21st, 2011
Maya Guten Morgen
70sGuy Nigerien

I never... tire of looking at her pale ass. Please do not expose it to direct sunlight!

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

a little sun never hurt anyone!lol super sexy!

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Maya in Modest Mood The last 20 images catch my eye. Maya, in delightfully intimate detail, fills the canvas with her marblesque beauty.

herveda Frankreich

ONe of the most beautiful model, so much feminity and beauty. One of my favorites

Maya Modemodell | December 3rd, 2011
Maya Modemodell
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

I think you're onto something, Petter! there should be more "fashion" like this! :P

jee Norwegen

Very tasteful photoshoot! This is a stunning set! The combination of Maya's pale delicate porcelain skin, the muted background and the vivid dress make for an extremely captivating series. I lover her ass and pussy lips. They're so delicate and smooth. Well done, Petter. You did this model justice :)

hhp Vereinigte Staaten

Maya Lovely model. The colors are fantastic. All nude all the time is boring.

70sGuy Nigerien

Her... Ass is as white as pastry, and twice as sweet (I'll bet)!

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Maya agreed!

Fract Niederlande

MmmmmmMaya Love this set! Very beautiful composition with the posing and the coloured fabric. Great emotional charge in her facial expressions, too. Bummer that high-key often seems out-of-focus to me... but that being said, I'd put a triptych out of this set on my wall!

Maya Topmodel | November 19th, 2011
Maya Topmodel
Jeff Bell Vereinigte Staaten

Is Maya Evi's little sister?

Fract Niederlande

Goodness! Her opalescent skin and oh-so-yummie nips and lips serve nothing less than a stage for her eyes that seem to know all my secrets. Love the mood in this set: hot, luscious and still mysterious.

Dave Finnland

Panties Pic number 12, Great shot of one of the hottest girls on this site.

Maya High Key Aufnahmen | October 27th, 2011
Maya High Key Aufnahmen
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

almost couldnt see her in front of the white background!lol nice set, though

tooterooter Vereinigte Staaten

Love the... Shoes...and that pastry white ass.

Simon Schweiz

White text on white backround is not my preferred reading style. At least we have a 'seen that, done that'. Us putting Maya in te car a bad idea?

Kevin-1-2 Vereinigte Staaten

She's incredible! Though I'd like to see her in a more natural light, just seems too overexposed . . .

Bruce Vereinigte Staaten

Maya high key White on white? I'm snow blind....!

palonazo Spanien

Why do you guys comment on the light? There's a reason why the shoot is called "High Key".

Maya sinnlicher Sonnenuntergang | October 8th, 2011
Maya sinnlicher Sonnenuntergang
Frank Deutschland

feet Fantastic close-ups of her bare soles ! I would love to see such shots of Silvie, who has the most beautiful feet !

panzer969 Vereinigte Staaten

Spectacular!!! A truly amazing debut! Welcome, Maya! More! More! The beauty shots are just gorgeous. The details.... :)

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

nice new addition! cant wait to see more!

Coreysurfer Vereinigte Staaten

beautiful body Love this photo shoot poses and her fair skin, we don't get to see enough fair beauty as maya and the poses the photographer did were great, i am a fan of a girls back nothing quite as sexy to me as the small of a girls back and butt of course and how her body looks through these poses is wonderful and her milky skin is sensual so good title for this set. Thank you and maya much

kamaloka Japan

RE: Photo number 82 delicious red ass..yummy..!

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

MAYA IS AMAZONIAN MAYA (height 6'0") makes for a welcome addition. She and VALERIE (and either BRIGI or TEREZA) would be ideal for a photo series in which both women (fully nude) could be free to unabashedly masturbate themselves (side by side) and each other.

B Vereinigte Staaten

An erotic iris. Great shots of a natural beauty.

Goldie Norwegen

Maya alabaster beauty Wonderful contrast with pale skin and pink bits especially her nipples. Poses are adventurous and on the whole work well, difficult to find original poses. Nice to see all of the woman from every angle.

Sandy Vereinigtes Königreich

outstanding She is a very sexual and aroused woman who blows me away slightly in the same way that Yanna used to do. She obviously gets turned on by her posing as Yanna used to do and she should give Tereza and others lessons on how to pose naked. Brilliant and sexy set of poses

hole in one Singapur

maya beautiful pale skin. maybe should couple with valerie's dark skin

Max Thailand

Beautiful shoys Really enjoyed you oudoor shots by the pool, so erotic. I especially enjoyed the rear shos of your luscious pusssy.

MarkoDarko Irland

A few squats in her exercise regime and Maya would be perfect ;)

nman Kanada

Stunning and delicious pussy shots


Maya Autoerotismus | April 17th, 2012
Maya Autoerotismus
Maddy Vereinigte Staaten

Like me Maya is the girl that I would like to be. That’s why I watch all the movies of hers. She moves just like me too.

Chester Vereinigte Staaten

Watching I love watching girls masturbate themselves like her. What about a film of two of them doing at the same time? Hell. why not three? Anyone with me on this?

Stevie Vereinigtes Königreich

Re: Watching I will definitely vote for that.

Raoul Frankreich

Covered up Maya is so beautiful in her white sheets but I think that we do not see enough of her body. She is covered up too much.

Brad Panama

Panties It is the way she feels herself inside her panties that gets to me. What a great start to the movie.

Fract Niederlande

MmmmmmMaya in Motion! I've had to wait a long time to see this lady in moving pictures, but it was so totally worth it. Exactly like I thought she would be, she's the kind of girl who just can't sit still. Tossing and turning in her bed, she gives a hot insight into the exquisite realm of auto-eroticism indeed. I can practically see the fire smouldering behind her closed eyelids. Those sensual lips. Her body-language as desire takes her over. Maya, you're fantastic! Pictures or movies, I want to see more of you. All of you! Applause!

gooz Vereinigte Staaten

Better close that window. There's a fly in the ointment.

dougieshaq Vereinigte Staaten

gorgeous. but wow, please do not use that music again.

Brent Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Panties This is awesome, and I want to see more of Maya.

Nakolo Vereinigte Staaten

Not my favorite Hmm. Pretty girl, but this wasn't my favorite video. The fly buzzing around is distracting, the music takes a weird turn, and she seems more in love with the blanket, than herself. C+.

coladude Kanada

I liked it. Reminds me of how my ex used to make herself cum just using a pillow or blanket. I don't mind the music but I'd prefer non at all...

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

didnt notice a fly...guess I was distracted(cant imagine why)

sedphx Vereinigte Staaten

Wow! Her ability to completely ignore the cameras and show us something obviously very intimate and personal, is a gift. This is a special behind the scenes video.