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Foto von Mercedes


Foto von Mercedes
Name: Mercedes
Land: Ukraine
Gewicht: 41Kg
Größe: 157cm
Alter: 21
Beruf: Medizinstudentin

Kleines Energiebündel

Mercedes bleibt ein Riesenhit bei ihrem Live-Cam Publikum. Jetzt erfüllt sie sich auch den Wunsch ein Erotikmodell zu werden.

Ukrainische Mädchen genießen den Ruf äußerst schön zu sein. Wenn Sie Mercedes einen Spritzer armenischer Herkunft hinzufügen ist das Resultat eine exotische Mischung. Diese langhaarige Brünette mit dem zierlichen Körper ist mit saftigen, vollen Brüsten gesegnet. Ihre Augen versprühen einen mysteriösen Charme. Sie besitzt eine lebhafte Persönlichkeit und hat ihre Freude an allem, was exotisch ist.

Vielleicht liegt das an ihrem Interesse für den menschlichen Körper. Mercedes ist im letzten Jahr ihres Medizinstudiums. Sie freut sich schon darauf ihr Anatomiewissen in die Tat umzusetzen.

Jetzt ist ihre Chance die Ärztin einer eingehenden Körperuntersuchung zu unterziehen gekommen. Dies ist die Gelegenheit Mercedes beim Praktizieren zur Hand zu gehen.

Für eine Privatbehandlung klicken Sie bitte hier!

Mercedes Galerien KOMMENTARE

Mercedes Duschstimulation | August 24th, 2012
Mercedes Duschstimulation

yet another set begging for a video!

Chimera Vereinigte Staaten

Beauty It's said "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" and I see the beauty of Mercedes in her eyes. Like Leandro's Genevra de' Benci, Mercedes's virtues follow her beauty (VIRTUTEM FORMA DECORAT). It is a privilege to see her!!! Thx Luv

Mercedes ein feuchter Traum | August 7th, 2012
Mercedes ein feuchter Traum
finderweb Italien

Very nice Nice & sexy ... I love her!

Variable-43 Vereinigte Staaten

Sweet Mercedes has the loveliest bottom. How I would live to run my tongue around that tight little hole and taste her funky beauty!

geohami Vereinigte Staaten

RE: I would have to agree with you. Maybe we could both lick her.

Mercedes träumt von einem Liebhaber | July 22nd, 2012
Mercedes träumt von einem Liebhaber

dreaming of mercedes!


Acting Mercedes is a petite good looking kinky girl and I like her a lot, if/when she stops acting her show off with desert dry pussy.

Lion01 Niederlande

Voluptuous Dream Oh my god... Mercedes, the raw sexuality you exude is unabashed and wonderfully exciting. You turn me on immeasurably!

owen Australien

desert dry pussy Great photos of a hot chick , but as samurai also reckons it's about time these girls got to show some wet pussy. If its this dry is she really enjoying herself ? As this is what it's all about , us appreciating her enjoyment .


well, it used to be about us enjoying pretty girls, I thought!

Farnorth2 Australien

hands off! Such an exquisite girl ruined by hands covering crucial areas, at least give us some hands free shots, the others do nothing for me except regret a photo opportunity lost.

Mercedes seifige Dusche | July 11th, 2012
Mercedes seifige Dusche
Lion01 Niederlande

Delectable Mercedes Wow, this girl surely lights up my fire! I must say the finger in her ass caught me unawares, but that made the surprise all the more pleasant. I love how Mercedes' delectable body is covered all over in soft furry hair; so i would suggest she grow a nice thick bush of pubic hair. Oh my god that would make her ferociously attractive...


very much loving the wet themes of late!still dying for some motion, though!

indianajozef Vereinigtes Königreich

Beautiful girl. It's a shame that she shaves her pubic hair. Not only is it badly done - she should be better off with a professional waxing before a shoot - it is also disturbing the viewing pleasure especially when one opens the XXXXXlarge photo and discovers that she possesses this very attractive natural blond fur all over her body. Stay hairy please !

Mercedes Miss Bust Ukraine 2012 | June 21st, 2012
Mercedes Miss Bust Ukraine 2012
Claptrap Indien

Massage Mercedes is gorgeous and sensual. Any chance of seeing her in a massage?

blackflash63 Australien

RE: Photo number 88 wow what a beautiful lady, her smil, her body her long legs, long hair, big boobs just everything bout Mercedes is amazing.

Rainer Deutschland

Was für ein schöner Nackedei, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

mercedes is aptly named!perfection personified!!!

Voyeur Vereinigte Staaten

Another wonderfully beautiful woman. Perfectly proportioned and a most delightful ass.

Guest Vereinigte Staaten

Sexy Doctor!! she is going to graduate from medical school in September...i think i need my physical checked by her soon :)

indianajozef Vereinigtes Königreich

She's got an amazing furry body. What a pitty she shaves all this beautiful stuff away from her genitals and ass. She would be extraordinary with it unshaven/unwaxed.

Darkhorse Kanada

Mercedes Perfection. This single photo shoot has made my subscription worth while. Absolutely beautiful.

simon Schweiz

Nice surprise with creative views

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

How old is Mercedes? She is lovely. Really, a doctor of medicine? Its takes 7 years to qualify in Britain. 5 - 6 years in med. school, then 2 years pre registration.

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

RE: indianajozef what did I miss? how do you know how much "fur" she has?

Guildenstern Vereinigte Staaten

RE: How old is Mercedes? Yes, in Ukraine it is possible to be an MD at 21. Granted, the training and education are not the same nor are the qualifications the same as in the West, but it works there. Of course, some years ago a number of "doctors" from the former USSR emigrated to the U.S., and were quite disappointed to discover that their degrees were not accepted here. A few were able to gain admittance to U.S. medical schools, but the majority ended up in other jobs, most having nothing to do with medicine.

Sean Australien

Mercedes Is it just me or has she got the labia to rival Dominika? I love those little 'outy' pouts. More exploration of that please.

MarcusA Niederlande

labiant I agree Sean. Another labiant model. Great!

rowdy Vereinigte Staaten

Miss Bedroom Brunette Miss Bust Ukraine and Miss Bedroom Brunette..... Call Me pretty girl Mercedes !! ;)

Tomten Schweden

Wow. Very nice!! Love your body. Will it come more photos of you soon??

Mercedes Duschvoyeur | May 13th, 2012
Mercedes Duschvoyeur
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

wouldn't exactly call it "voyeur" (as she stares at the camera several times). but it was HOT!!!

Jeff Deutschland

Caution! Slippery when wet!


RUNNER UP I have been checking with Mercedes for a while and found she got the runner up position follow to DominicaC. Petite well balanced body, baby face look,yet has kinky eyes, Good looking pussy lips and the greatest part is her pussy get wet !!! Keep going Mercedes and Peter.

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Hot Arse Yesterday, I remembering thinking how I was looking forward to this gorgeous little minx. The erotic frolics, hinted at 13 - 16, were disappointingly dampened by a cascade of water. I still don't get the appeal of these pictorial water features. Yes, if one is present, close-up and can appreciate the intimacy of the live performance. Absolutely great for the involved but not the detached members...

JB Schweden

RE: Photo number 25 Very nice!! Just love your smile and body!! Hope to meet you in chat soon!?

Orion789 Vereinigte Staaten

Okay girl! Nice breasts, but not the nicest pussy I've seen! Mercedes also needs to work a lot more on her attitude!! Then it would then put her up there in the league of Anna S, Orsi, Patricia and other Goddesses on this website.

Mercedes Sex-Akrobatin | April 18th, 2012
Mercedes Sex-Akrobatin
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

interesting, if a bit monotonous...mercedes is stunning, as always

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Hot Arse Mercedes sizzles with an erotic intensity in this anal treat, her finger teasing her exquisite sphincter is wickedly arousing ...

pierhart11 Italien

Hymn at the carnale erotisme Proud person and exceptional gallery. The whole erotic fisicity of the body of Mercedes has broadly shown. Pussy and bottom are framed in a way that more I think both difficult to find. These images provoke a thrilling erotic excitement. The meat of the body of Mercedes is a hymn to the most evolved eroticism. Splendid they are the photos where mercedes widens with the hands its asshole and makes the image of an erotic maturity in progress. This is the road to follow for the next galleries.This gallery is another masterpiece of petter.

Jozef Vereinigtes Königreich

Hot arse although she could do with a better waxing/shave. Especially annoying when photos are enlarged.

pierhart11 Italien

Consideration To be able fuck mercedes in these positions, would be a pleasure and a priceless satisfaction

paul Vereinigte Staaten

Mercedes Loved the celebration of the ass. So hot, so pink. Loved the shots of her feet at the end. Great set.

Voyeur Vereinigte Staaten

Jeez, can she eat herself?

blackflash63 Australien

RE: Mercedes yes Mercedes's arse is so sweet and pink id love to just sit and stare at both of her pink bits...

kidstone Kanada

Mercedes has an earthy beauty that I can respond to. She could satisfy all my anal fantasies.

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Bring back Mirta So she can give Mercedes an anal fisting...

Rainer Deutschland

Herrlich, wie Mercedes ganz nackig in schamlosen Stellungen ihre intimen Öffnungen zeigt, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...

Noxy Vereinigte Staaten

Feets Love the foot shots at the end. And at 10000px, the detail is incredible. Thanks for giving us foot lovers a bit of consideration!

lovejill22-1 Vereinigte Staaten

love to eat you

barrabooka Australien

Mercedes acrobat What a delightful young nymph, show us all her talents openly and naturally. Love that sexy ass hole.

barrabooka Australien

mercedes At long lasy a woman so happy an proud to show off her wonderful body in free abandon...what a pity so many woman around the world view this natural beauty something immoral and unnatural...thay are missing so much.

barrabooka Australien

mercedes YES she has one of the prettiest clean little ass holes it has been my pleasure to gaze upon

Moeguzzi Vereinigte Staaten

Great shots!

Mercedes tiefe Freude | March 28th, 2012
Mercedes tiefe Freude
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

very nice, while it lasted...WAY too short!!!

gnellis Australien

mercedes wow, how i would like to take mercedes for a spin around the bed room.

blackflash63 Australien

Mercedes what a delightful lady so sexy

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Hot Arse Bold, wickedly sexy and intensely arousing. Her exquisite anus, a light fingering of decadent pleasure, a tingle of ecstasy on the tongue...

Walter Belgien

suggestion As hot as she is with her nice boob, now I just wanna see her bottomless.

Voyeur Vereinigte Staaten

Ive not enjoyed someone this much since the early days of Anna S, way too few pics in this set.

Mondofudd Vereinigte Staaten

What a beautiful anus. I almost missed the fingers in her pussy. Such an exquisite girl. Great add to the list of models. Wish she'd do massage videos soon.

Flydivebike1 Vereinigte Staaten

Stunning If there has ever been a more perfect example of the female form, I have not seen it. Mercedes is simply stunning, completely breathtaking, incredibly sexual, flirty, delicately teasing and ultimately feminine. And from her perfectly carved and lean abs, it is obvious that this woman works hard for her flawless figure. And she's a med student? Wow. I need to visit Ukraine! (Or she can come visit me here in Florida!)

Mercedes bettgehbereit | March 17th, 2012
Mercedes bettgehbereit
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

definately a luxury model!

mazungu-1 Vereinigtes Königreich

Mercedes. You have no problems taking any man of your choice to bed with . I wil be one of them you are just beautiful. When is the second part can't wait


PETITE DEVIL Another star has appeared with petite well balanced body and baby face. She will be joining with AAA class group soon. Many girls open legs showing pussy in front of guys(shooting group), they must turned on and that`s what I love. Mercedes showed us with pretty good size pair of lips but yet on dry side. C`mon Mercedes show us your juice !!

Chimera269 Vereinigte Staaten

Simply the best

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Face of an Angel Mercedes big soft eyes melt my heart, but a searingly hot orgasm between her beautiful breasts is my ultimate fantasy...

Rez Vereinigte Staaten

More Mercedes please I truly miss seeing Mercedes. Bring her back with more of her beauty and playfulness.

Mercedes auf dem heißen Stuhl | March 8th, 2012
Mercedes auf dem heißen Stuhl
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

mercedes...such an appropriate name for this woman!

Mark Vereinigte Staaten

Mercedes Gorgeous set of beautiful Mercedes. Wonderful body with lovely breasts and fabulous pink pussy. Oh so nice ass and delicious soles displayed as well. She is a new favorite!

robbie-5 Vereinigtes Königreich

Absolutely beautiful. This young lady has it all - sex personifide

jefferson Vereinigte Staaten

Mercedes "Hot seat" This beautiful young woman is the hot ticket. Mercedes will always be in my "hot" seat!!

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Suck the Cunt No denying little "Hot Arse" has sex appeal, she has swiftly achieved an infamous niche with her deliciously provocative posturing. Fucking purrfect...

Alex Wilhelm Vereinigte Staaten

Image #38 I would lick from the tips of her toes to the nape of her neck and back again, with a stop or three along the way.

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

RE: Image #38 A wicked image to savour as Hegre rarely covers this angle, her clitoris in 27 - 30 arouses the emotions too. Mercedes should feature more often, and given free reign to be more sexually explicite...

lovejill22 Vereinigte Staaten

pretty girl i would hate to tell this beautiful model what i would like to do with her pretty i reserve my comments to talking live with her, when i find her on live cam.which is hard to do.

Chimera Vereinigte Staaten


blackflash63 Australien

Mercedes is the hot seat Mmmm what a sweet sexy lady Mercedes is. from the first shot to the last, i was spell bound. such firm high perky boobs that long long hair and her butt well im in a breathless state. not to forget her lovely lips, the soft gentle way she splays them is dreamy. her smile sweet as and im in lust... thank you Mercedes for sharing your beauty and charm with us.

Rez Vereinigte Staaten

missing Mercedes I miss seeing Mercedes. I want more galleries and more film of her soon. She is so sensual and beautiful and has the kind of body and spirit that I would love to see more of. Please more Mercedes!

lovejill22 Vereinigte Staaten

want her bad would love to lick that clit. beautiful girl & sexey as hell

stapfi Deutschland

Wow Hi! Wonderfull Girl! Is it possible to see her with a boy in a session? She is so great... want to see her with a boy in action...

Mercedes Teppichgymnastik | February 26th, 2012
Mercedes Teppichgymnastik
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

well, that was rather yummy!!! :P would love to see a continuation on video!

Pete Vereinigtes Königreich

59 and 67 Excellent derriere shots and would really like a handful of that succulent pussy

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Hot Arse I would love to indulge my passion for the piquant delights of her exquisite anus after teasing my taste buds with her tasty fingers. She is so fucking delicious...

Variable-43 Vereinigte Staaten

Mercedes has such a lovely little trunk -- and I am so happy to see that she can put some things in it! Fabulous set.

hhp Vereinigte Staaten

Mercedes Mercedes is a beautiful woman. Fabulous figure. Neat and clean finger nails.

Alex Wilhelm Vereinigte Staaten

So many other things besides toes and fingers to have in her mouth and ass and pussy. I have at least one of them with me here, right now.

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

RE: Photo number 69 So many mouthwateringly sexy images in this stunning gallery, this ravishing close-up tempts lustful desires to shag her delicious little arse...

Roger Vereinigte Staaten

Two Fingered Girl Just Lovely!

Farnorth 2 Australien

Mercedes exquisite Exquisite, but could do without the fingers. Please always respect Mercedes, she is simply fabulous. bring on some good dlean movies

peterpan Deutschland

i so would love to suck her toes...or what ever she puts into my face

Mercedes Wunderproportionen | February 20th, 2012
Mercedes Wunderproportionen
Raduga53 Schweiz

Mercedes A very nice gallery of this marvellous young Ukrainian lady!

stever Vereinigtes Königreich

The juxtaposition.. I like the contrast between Mercedes' pretty face and her shockingly attractive, strikingly sexy (should I be showing them?!) private parts.

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

MERCEDES RISING Like the morning sun, MERCEDES stretches out her feline body --- hindlegs pawing the air contentedly --- fully nude and unashamed,

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Sexy Eyes I am absolutely smitten by her large sensuous eyes, its her cupid bows mouth that touches my senses though. I stirred early this morning with an achingly hot erection, conscious that Mercedes was haunting the landscape of my mind. I yearned for her presence, sweet lips embracing my sticky glans, fingers deliciously deep in my anus as I surrendered to an intense swell of ecstasy...

PrimeNerdity Vereinigte Staaten

Such Beauty Mercedes is such an attractive young lady, her body perfect, her eyes mesmerizing and her very long hair. Breath taking.

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

Mercedes is aptly named!definately a luxury model!

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

RE: Photo number 69 This astonishing sensuous image perfectly captures the essence of this breathtakingly beautiful creature. The intensity of her sex appeal is simply extraordinary...

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

RE: Photo number 69 This astonishing sensuous image perfectly captures the essence of this breathtakingly beautiful creature. The intensity of her sex appeal is simply extraordinary...

Grllvr001 Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Photo number 62 Hmmm, Mercedes, I like how your anus puckers up on pic 62.

Voyeur Vereinigte Staaten

I love this woman's body and pussy, maybe the nicest of the new set of ladies.

Jfwilly Kanada

Mercedes Wow Mercedes has got it all! She has gorgeous breasts, succulent labia, and a delicious looking anus. Incredible female!

Mercedes extreme Posen | February 14th, 2012
Mercedes extreme Posen
Rainer Deutschland

Was für ein schöner, schamloser Nackedei, ganz nackig spreizt sie die Beine und zeigt alles, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

mercedes is lovely, as always. the set is a bit monotonous, IMHO

John Test Vereinigte Staaten

hole-in-one My only criticism is that the gallery is so brief. Not to be be too blunt about it, but over-the-top shots (pun intended) like this are why I'm on the site. Mercedes is lovely, and posed in just the way the baser side of me likes to see her. Not terribly sophisticated, but a gallery that I will come back to over and over again... Her rear end is simply sublime, thanks for showing it to it's best effect!

Roger Vereinigte Staaten

Exquisite Nudes! Love the simple purity of the total nudity throughout! Love Mercedes' unabashed explicitness with outstanding cunt and asshole looks! Very erotic! And of course, applaud the penetration! You are so gorgeous! Thank you Mercedes!

rami Israel

mercedes My dear Perfect pussy I want to gift you a kiss

Voyeur Vereinigte Staaten


James Michaels Vereinigte Staaten

Mercedes Maybe I could help here by steadying her luscious breasts while she fusses with herself. Just a thought.

Lion01 Niederlande

I hope this gallery marks the beginning of a new direction with Hegre. Its so incredibly arousing to see these already exquisite girls, giving an even more explicit glimpse of their sexuality. There's a fine line between sensual art and ordinary penetration shots, and I'm confident Petter will stay on the right side of the line! Already this gallery is proof of it!

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Hot Arse Indescribably decadent and erotic, images both teasingly tender and intensely explicite as she seductively slips her fingers into her exquisite quim and deliciously fragrant anus. Wickedly arousing...

lovenuru Australien

loved the anal play love this shoot, particularly when Mercedes cheekily slides her finger into her anus ... be great to see more of that :)

Sam C Vereinigte Staaten

Excellent gallery Extreme poses are the reason I subscribe to, and Mercedes, photographed by Petter, has given me just what I want to download for my private off line gallery.

Mercedes aufreizend im Badezimmer | February 6th, 2012
Mercedes aufreizend im Badezimmer
panzer969 Vereinigte Staaten

Begging your pardon Umm, more apttly titled "Bathtub Pleasing" rather than teasing...

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

hope she turns on the water next! :P

Alex Wilhelm Vereinigte Staaten

Taste that, me want.

Greatjj Honkong

Too many pussy shot !!!!!

finderweb Italien

Nice & Nice Very nice and exciting, love for her shootings!

Rainer Deutschland

Was für ein schöner, schamloser Nackedei, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...

Gentleman-2 Norwegen

You are hot Mercedes!

Voyeur Vereinigte Staaten

Is it possible to have actually have found a replacement foe Anna S???

Han62 Deutschland

Mercedes Bathroom Breathtaking poses of a very cute girl. Would like to stay their and have a nice time together :-)

Mercedes magische Muse | January 22nd, 2012
Mercedes magische Muse
finderweb Italien

Wonderful breasts Very nice babe with beautiful breasts. I like also her labia ... she's a Mercedes! I hope for other shooting.

Ondese Vereinigte Staaten

Mercedes WOW...wondeful eyes, of course perfect body and the her perfect ass made me post for the 1st time..Can't wait for her to share more with my hungry eyes and very swollen penis. Amazing

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

yet another gem! can't wait to see more of this diamond in the rough!

Ahmet Türkei

Nice green eyes, full breasts with exquisite waist Armenian heritage, nice green eyes, full breasts, exquisite waist, nice hips; beautiful woman for kissing inch by inch.

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Mysterious Doe Eyed Beauty Oh dark haired doe eyed beauty with your fragrant lips of crushed raspberries. I want to possess your beguiling sensuousness, slowly dissolve in your warm moist embrace and feel your rising tide of ecstasy as my finger deepens in the throbbing rhythm of your exquisite anus...

davkl17 Kanada

Powerful I find Mercedes powerful, lithe and deeply erotic. How easy to find myself unusually rapt with each of her details...especially when they are so pleasantly discovered in these simple, wonderful shots. I'm happy the world can invest someone with so much beauty...I will look at these often.

IGOR Vereinigte Staaten

FINALLY Finally a stand-up model showing us all of her beautiful body, not just her genitals.

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

MERCEDES SEM ROUPA MERCEDES bestrides the world like a sexy Colossus au naturel, newly liberated from being a statue of bronze and iron atop a city fountain.

CJ Vereinigte Staaten

OMG OMG! Just one night with her and I'd die a very happy man.

simon Schweiz

'Eva' I'm pretty sure this is how Eva looked like before leaving the paradise :-)

Jack Australien

RE: Mysterious Doe Eyed Beauty Phew

billy Kanada

Labia Mercedes awesome. Giving Dominica a run for nicest labia

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Dark Rainbows The timing is impeccable. The effect on my libido ineffable in the extreme. How could you possibly know Hegre, that my membership would just precede the debuts of such precocious beauties as Mercedes and Engelie. Nikola was the attraction and now I am spoilt for choice with these dark eyed sultry creatures lining up to enchant with their unique exquisiteness. I am truly truly smitten with these little stunners. Bravo...

Thirsty Vereinigte Staaten

Mercedes What a beauty. Believe it or not, what I really want to do is kiss her on her lovely lips. Wish I could have been there during her shoot - firey personality I assume

Voyeur Vereinigte Staaten

My god, what a perfect body. . . The most perfect ass on the whole site, perfectly proportioned. I could go on and on, what a delight.

Mark Vereinigte Staaten

Mercedes This is a perfect nude study of Mercedes. She is a wonderful beauty with a sexy exotic look. She has a fabulous body and the most perfect breasts. Mercedes has become a real favorite of mine.

Mercedes kleiner Leopard | January 13th, 2012
Mercedes kleiner Leopard
MatBangkok Deutschland

Great new model!

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

gorgeous!cant wait to see more!

Rick Vereinigte Staaten

Cute Very cute girl and she has a great ass!

19Victoria Vietnam

Hmmmmmmmmmm! A gorgeous new girl to add to the files. Reminds me of Dominika C a little bit. Lots more please.

panzer969 Vereinigte Staaten

Yowza Quite the debut! Quite the debut...

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Anal Delights I'll suck that dirty little finger...

noonin23 Vereinigte Staaten

You are simply perfect in every way. Absolutely sublime.

Hot4U Vereinigte Staaten

Mercedes A Star Is Born!

Alex Wilhlm Vereinigte Staaten

Mercedes Like the name says, classy, fast & beautiful. Wow.

Snowpig Vereinigte Staaten

Wow! Beautiful. I have a new favorite. And here I thought that many of the recent layouts were kind of boring.

jim Vereinigte Staaten

mercedez bends!! A new favorite. Spunky and gorgeous. Looking forward to the next one.

rising moon Belgien

my type YES ! she is definetly the type of new Hegre-girl I was waiting for :) Not too young or too skinny , pretty feminine face with lovely smile, nice full body and look at her eyes ! I mean not just her boobs, but her real eyes, the way she looks at the camera... fantastic !!

Danieldick Deutschland

Awsome! Big tits, a nice face, a perfect shaped body! I can't wait to see the first massage-video with her. She has the most perfect tits of all girls here!

Alex Wilhelm Vereinigte Staaten

OBTW Please massage this woman in every way possible.

hhp Vereinigte Staaten

Mercedes Mercedes is a beautiful woman. She has curves and is yet petite. She has a great smile but looks like she has a secret....where could she be hiding anything.

Roger Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Anal Delights Brava Mercedes! Anal penetration in the first series! Love it!

andrea-1 Australien

Wonderfully beautiful. Love the tight little thong panties. A follow-up, with some close-ups of her gorgeous bottom from behind, panties-on, then fingered and also what looks like a wonderful, full-lipped and complex cunt. Not to mention how beautiful Mercedes is!

Pacquet Kanada

She didn't have to take off that little leopard. :-)

Henryjames Vereinigtes Königreich

Poetry Grrrrr you little tiger

Roger Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Mercedes' Complex Cunt Complexity of cunt! What a (delightful!) concept! I had never thought of cunts that way before...opens up a whole new field of pondering onto the wonders of cunt! Thank you Andrea!

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Hot Arse There in the tight embrace of her anus a fiery orgasm. A wild delight of wicked ecstasy, so perfect I entered her again with my tongue to savour her fragrance...

HenryJames Vereinigtes Königreich

Poetry 'Please sir, more please' as Oliver said

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Sweet Pearl Consumed by a frenzy of desire To slowly tease her lustrous pearl And lasciviously obsess her sweet cunt Savour the rich flavours of her bouquet Immersed in her rising tide of arousal...

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Hegre Admin Sweet Pearl was meant to read as a poem, line by line. If thats not possible please insert a forward slash after desire, pearl, cunt and bouquet. Then it will make sense. Thankyou

rob Deutschland

nice young girl Very nice young girl. She seems to put a finger in her ass… A very explicit series for a debut!

xxx Vereinigte Staaten

Do you think her boobs are real?

Sandy Vereinigtes Königreich

Super Another cute erotic little vixen for our pleasure!! Keep up the good work, more erotic new blood please!!

Chimera269 Vereinigte Staaten

Have Mercedes on me!!!

Mercedes Medizinstudentin | January 29th, 2012
Mercedes Medizinstudentin
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

not sure what the title has to do with the set.but, mercedes can examine me any time!

finderweb Italien

New Dominika She have a wonderful body ... very nice teen, I love that. Great and exciting pose, sure for best shooting in the next weeks. My compliments Hegre!

70s Guy Nigerien

I think I could... be an amateur gynecologist starting with photo 25.

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Wild Flower The taste of your sweet ambrosia ~ a delicious tinge of pure ecstasy...

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Hot Arse I get gorgeously swollen just thinking about fucking the arse off this sexy little minx. She is utterly exquisite...

jreggie2000 Vereinigte Staaten

Great! Amazing body on this girl! Keep bringing her back!

DoubleDealer Vereinigte Staaten

Man, what I would give to be the filling between Mercedes and Muriel cookies. Oh, and add Marjana for a double decker cookie sandwich. It would be a challenge to be that filling but I'm up it!

Alex Wilhelm Vereinigte Staaten

Yummy Me want that cookie

Snowpig Vereinigte Staaten

Mercedes takes my breath away.

non-combatant Belgien

Absolutely wonderful.......more and more please. A movie would be incredible.

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

The perfect Quartet Nikola, Caprice, Engelie and Mercedes twice each in the space of 10 days, a harmony of sensual tones that resonate deeply in the mind. They are really extraordinary girls. Don't let them go Hegre!

Lizbeth Vereinigte Staaten

She is very beautiful, and has very beautiful feet just like my wife Lizbeth!

lovejill22 Vereinigte Staaten

sick i am sick and need mercedes to take my tempeture

gr8hitr Vereinigte Staaten

hope a film is to follow, very soon!

lovejill22 Vereinigte Staaten

massage vidio do you have any vidioes of mercedes being massaged.

d1alphaman Vereinigte Staaten

AWESOME BEAUTY There are just NO other words to explain such physical beauty!

Mercedes Filme KOMMENTARE

Mercedes private WebCam | December 31st, 2013
Mercedes private WebCam
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

well, I must say, that guy's last question made me a bit less nervous about my own fantasies! LOL (I especially like the way lovely Mercedes handled it!lol)

MojoMa_55 Schweiz

Mercedes Live Cam Looks as if Mercedes hasn't epilated her pubes for a few days. Why do so many men make idiots of themselves with their stupidly crude questions?. They should be complimenting her for being so generously open for them; but she dealt well with their crass comments and kept smiling throughout.

checkinitout Vereinigte Staaten

Mercedes Sigh. I really miss Mercedes on this site. She is one of the hottest women to EVER be on Hegre-Art. Please bring her back for more.

Zeppelin Deutschland

Cams Does everybody feel the urge to show their dicks to the camgirls while jerking off? Well I don't. I got a sticker on my cam-lens. And I don't rub my dick on air. Mercedes seems to be quite nice during the shows. In between the private sessions she always seemed bored to me, didn't look into the camera, didn't bother to have conversation with anybody except "only in private" - whenever I came across her. I don't think, she was too successful there even though she has a very special body and face. Wheeler: I am getting nervous about your fantasies now!

Sandy Vereinigtes Königreich

OMG Just watched this and to say the least I was a little shocked and disappointed, not by the model but by the atmosphere. I thought that I was a pervert but this left me cold,there are some proper weirdos out there!!! Just looked like a masturbation shop!! I can't imagine Mercedes was turned on by many if any of her customers, would like to hear her view on that! Watching the video made my fantasies and the webcam rather seedy and I cannot imagine the models get much enjoyment out of it, but I may be wrong. Mercedes is still beautiful but prefer to see her in her own films and galleries

focuspuller Vereinigte Staaten

Private Cam Session Mercedes is truly awesome. However, this video is one of the sleaziest, repulsive things I have ever seen. Maybe that was the intent? Just sayin'.

stever Vereinigtes Königreich

Some of these posts only serve to affirm my long held belief that lots of guys have very little lateral vision when it comes to sex, art and stimulation. With blinkered vision they see their own desires, turn ons and beliefs as somehow being the de facto ones, and anyone else's to be somehow weird, sad or just plain wrong. Guys, it is the very fact that examples of the human animal are so diverse, that we have been so successful as a genre. How can you be a member of an arty, sexy web site and be so close minded?! Come on guys, open your minds, live and let live!

Tomaji Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Private Cam Session One man's "sleazy" is another man's "pleasey"...there are TONS of women who LOVE sleazy, naughty sexual me, this is more natural than the "civilized" behaviors we are trapped within. Let go to your primal is healthy and fun. Mercedes is creating that by asking right away for the man to cum for making love fantasy, no whisper talking or seduction, etc....just shoot your wad. On the larger thing here: Web cams are probably one of the healthiest, safest and wholesome ways for people to be sexually expressive without all the burdens of being owned and controlled by a marriage, fact, web cams may be SAVING marriages, so sexual fulfillment and variety doesn't have to be a REAL person in the flesh outside the marital bed. Mercedes is a sex worker and these are her customers, so they get what they want. She actually could do a lot better at being that lover, rather than just a gorgeous naked body asking the man to cum in one minute. I would want to see HER have at least one orgasm after we make love in fantasy for awhile before I could have one for myself, but she'd get pretty tired doing THAT for all her many customers. It's clean fun and doesn't require a man to buy into a whole time-wasting relationship that's mostly for the woman just to have fun sex once in awhile. What a blessing this is and there are MILLIONS and MILLIONS of women doing this now (men too I suppose)....more sex means less war and a happier world.

Tomaji Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Mercedes Live Cam Wait now...she is pretty "crude" too, by simply asking them to cum as fast as possible, don't you think? But yes, some men are very the way...the same number of women are crude too.

MojoMa_55 Schweiz

Live Cams- Mercedes and Others My comments here are not intended to be dogmatic, but to express my preferences. I agree that Live Cam shows are the safest means of sexual contact for the models who help participants to express themselves, both literally and metaphorically. I just would prefer that the procedure were not so insensitive; but that is probably a factor of the physical separation involved. Whilst I accept that women can be just as crude as men, I feel that, in all sexual encounters -- even remote or virtual ones -- that some respect should be manifested because the model is no less human because appearing on screens rather than being physically in the room with the viewer. So appreciative compliments should be plentiful and wishes expressed as polite requests rather than blunt demands. If viewers and models are both content to display their sex -- which implies a request from the viewer as to acceptability -- that's fine, but it shouldn't be taken for granted. In other words, the sexual activity should be kept personal rather than impersonal or mechanical and the participants should both show their pleasure in the encounter.

Tomten Schweden

Very nice video! She is very hot. Will Mercedes come back to live cams?

Mercedes extreme Selbsbefriedigung | February 21st, 2012
Mercedes extreme Selbsbefriedigung
finderweb Italien

Mercedes F1 Simply: wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Delgado Brasilien

Raises the bar Mercedes raises the bar with this film. It’s fantastic seeing a great looking chick like her do this to herself.

Brian Vereinigtes Königreich

Other girls If Mercedes can pleasure herself like this just think what she could do if she gets together with one of the other girls. Bring it on.

Barney Vereinigte Staaten

Ass play Plenty of ass play is always good. Go Mercedes. How about a whole movie on that and nothing else starring Mercedes again?

Robert Vereinigte Staaten

Overhead The views from right overhead give it an extra boost. Maybe there is room to play around with that a bit more in other situations?

Miko Vereinigte Staaten

Feels her ass The way she grips and pulls at herself when she gets aroused, like at about 4:20 and other times when she feels her ass, is fantastic.

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Hot Alleycat A great "performance" by Mercedes and I do really love this girl, I am completely soft on her. It started so promisingly with three fingers and the exciting prospect of some deep fisting. Maybe next time! But I must confess that I was bewildered that there were no visible signs of wetness and her fingers never appeared sticky. Sticky fingers are aways a turn on because you know the girl is fully aroused. I am more than happy to be corrected!

H-3-1 Vereinigtes Königreich

GIRL Let's face it this girl, needs a good stuffing :-)

Sinus500 Deutschland

Sehr schön... Sehr schönes Mädchen und man müsste mehr solche Filme Bringen,wo sich frau Anal verwöhnt... Sehr schön

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

that girl gonna rip her tits off, if she aint careful!!!LOL

DocRod Vereinigte Staaten

Mercedes' Rude Awakening Nothing short of magnificent!!!! Very stimulating to watch and hear. Beautiful young women, highly sexual - extremely provocative and erotic. Definitely the very best yet...can't get enough of her...

intoit Vereinigte Staaten

HOT from the 1st frame to the last Just terrific. Mercedes is just spectacular - so frigging sexy! Camera work was great and she is just the best. More like it!

James Michaels Vereinigte Staaten

Mercedes self pleasure I don't disagree with any of my predecessors, but do we really need violins and pianos competing with heavy breathing and that delicious squooshing?

Amazed! Vereinigte Staaten

Perfect body Wow, erotic beyond imagination. She has a PERFECT blend of femine curves and toned muscles!

Voyeur Vereinigte Staaten

Mercedes thank you so much for is terrifically hot film. I will fantasize this one for a long long time.

lezly Vereinigte Staaten

Model is beautiful and sexy- one tip guys and gals- you NEVER put fingers that have been in an ass back into a vagina, it causes infections- remember health class folks.

basia Polen

RE: Mercedes self pleasure well I love the background music... it is a beautiful addition to this little beautiful woman full of muscles and grace. she is delicate and strong and the music emphaises this delicate part. It makes the full secene much more beautiful in my opinion. b.

basia Polen

RE: very good point!

Kmarie Vereinigte Staaten

Love abs I can not get over her abs when she contracts. And her breasts are so full and perfect.

Felipe Brasilien


rowdy Thailand

she knows how to play with that thang Wow Mercedes.... one heckuva show....... you know how to play with that thang!! i want to jump in that bed so BAD... oh Yea !!

Chuck Vereinigte Staaten

Mercedes Next to the actule act of making love, there's not many things that can top a lovely HOT body female masterbating and getting off......and Mercedes is Very Hot........she should be put up there with Silvie and Dominica....HOTHOTHOT!!!!!

Paul Vereinigte Staaten

Mercedes Mercedes did a nice job of finger fucking. I like her, she is very hot.

Tomten Schweden

Hello! Hello. Very nice film!! I just love Mercedes!! Is there comming more movies soon? From your best fan :)

woowee Vereinigte Staaten

Need much more from this natural woman

LovenTwister Vereinigte Staaten

Mercedes This girl is beautiful, would love to see her on a Sybian.

Hegre Art Wilde Webcam Compilation | February 7th, 2012
Hegre Art Wilde Webcam Compilation
Ben Südafrika

How to Thanks for this. It is a sort of “how to do web chat”. It has given me a better idea of how the whole thing is to take part in. Now I will definitely be going online this weekend to join in.

Arnie Vereinigte Staaten

Confusing I thought it was a bit too “busy”. I mean that there were too many screens and it was confusing. About half as many would have been good.

Ciaron Irland

Re: Confusing Arnie, would you complain that an orgy was “confusing”? The more the merrier I say.

Mary Vereinigte Staaten

Girls talk I’m loving the ways these girls talk. They are so sexy with their accents. I’m halfway there just with listening to them.

Janie Vereinigtes Königreich

I want This is what I want to do. My guy was online the other night when I walked in on him. I think he was a bit confused when he saw I was getting turned on but now he is all for it. I keep thinking about it. How do I start?

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

well, I must say, that was interesting!loved that we got to hear voices (though, I wish I knew which was which!), and glad I wasn't staring at schlong through the whole thing!

Rick Australien

Wow! 13:30 was the best thing I have seen on this site! Let's devote a whole video to it.

Flesharrower Australien

I'm about 100% certain I was jerking off online with Valerie there and probably twice with Stretch! Another time with Agnes...haven't managed to catch the Dominika C/Agnes combo or the Kiki/Engelie combo yet either...

lovenuru Australien

awesome awesome video ... love the webcams ... watching this compilation gets me as hard as when I cam live ... fantastic!