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Photo de Yara


Photo de Yara
Nom: Yara
Pays: Autriche
Poids: 56kg
Taille: 176cm
Age: 19
Profession: Mannequin

Ampleur alpine

Le temps est mûr pour laisser la place aux femmes authentiques et aux silhouettes authentiques. A toi de jouer, Yara.

Maturité est le mot exact pour décrire cette mannequin pulpeuse. Naturellement elle a une grande personnalité. Mais il est clair comme de l'eau de roche que ce qui saute aux yeux de prime abord c'est son derrière détonant. A ce niveau là elle a tout de suite pris la première place sur Hegre-Art. Et elle est authentique. Rien d'artificiel chez elle.

Yara est notre première mannequin australienne. Sans doute que l'air frais montagnard a quelque chose à voir avec sa vitalité effrenée. Rien ne l'arrête jamais, ne la restreint, pas même des vêtements moulants. C'est mieux comme ça. Ce serait bien trop distrayant pour ceux qui la côtoient.

C'est la toute première fois qu'elle montre sa silhouette voluptueuse sur un site web. Faites-vous une idée par vous-même !


Yara fitness | April 19th, 2014
Yara fitness
pierhart54 Italie

Yara and her pussy Splendid breasts and splendids hips, but where is its naked pussy in close up? It doesn't exist in her galleries till now, a gallery with her pussy in close up

simon Suisse


Zeppelin Allemagne

New fans Even though I do prefer the very lean type, I doubt that this will earn Yara any new fans.

capfolly1 Etats Uni

Yara is still so beautiful I hope we get more photos/videos.

harry Allemagne

even more beautiful than in her previous shootings. I agree that it would be nice to have a good look at her pussy ...

Kriskull Etats Uni

There are too many near duplicate pictures of her holding the weights, wearing the boxing gloves and taking off her shorts. I feel like one or two of each would suffice and leave room for other, more interesting and imaginative pictures.

Mazungu Royame Uni

Yara I would love to have Yara as my personal trainer anytime

monkey Etats Uni

MORE YARA! I was just bemoaning the other day that we haven't had a Yara series in a long long time. THANK YOU Hegre! Yara is just so beautiful with exceptional features. We need more pics & more angles of her grandeur.

Kees Pays Bas

Lovely girl with great boobies

wheeler Etats Uni

very motivating indeed!!!

wheeler Etats Uni

very motivating, indeed!!!

Yara bikini prêt | May 22nd, 2013
Yara bikini prêt
KOMET Etats Uni

VOLUPTUOUS YARA "FREE! FREE! FREE!" YARA exclaims joyfully, upon divesting herself from the tyranny of being dressed in a land perpetually fruitful and tropical. A land where to be nude is to be natural.

samurai Japon

Uhhhh! Love this country girl !!!

pier_hart18 Italie

Yara bikini ready ......but the pussy in close up, where is it?

robert Allemagne

o yes It doesn’t matter if Yara shows her pussy or not. For me she is the best model on Hegre-Art.

gator Etats Uni

Yara I just don't see what the big deal is with this model. She's got big boobs .....great. Now move on ! Not even the slightest tingle.

gregmeggs Australie

Yara - full-bodied model It is such a pleasure to see a full bodied, figured model such as Yara. Just makes the viewing of a beautiful female model that much more genuine to be able to see the realistic curves instead of exposed, scrawny, bony ribs. YARA, YOU ARE JUST BEAUTIFUL ALL OVER!!!!

JPG Canada

Congratulations ! Extarordinairement stupéfiant ces photos de déesse! Pour moi, vous êtes les plus belles femmes de rêve de ce site XX!

Doc Etats Uni

Let's see more of this woman soon, and get her into a massage video ASAP.

Peter Allemagne

Loss of weight Yana definitely lost some weight. AND I DON'T LIKE IT! Compare her boobs and body to the first sets. Very sad!!

sandy Royame Uni

RE: Yara Totally agree, not one for the matronly figure myself, and getting tired of waiting to see her pussy as I suspect others are. Give us more of Thea or Valerie type people who are proud to show their bodies off, warts and all!!

Wally42 Etats Uni

The perfect woman. You have many beautiful women on this site but lady is top of the list.

Kees Pays Bas

Bikini A girl like Yara doesn't need a bikini. You do not hide such perfect tits.

Yara dans les airs | April 14th, 2013
Yara dans les airs
Rob124 Allemagne

Welcome back! Welcome back my little Austrian model. Yara has the best tits of every Hegre-model I have seen. Nice to see her tits bouncing. This screams for a a video! But Yare has also a nice smile and – as we have seen a little peek in this set – very nice pussy lips. I hope she will spread her legs for some pictures later because I want to see every inch of this little European beauty! Yara is one reason I stay with Hegre Art!

JPG Canada

Congratulations ! Bravo, vous êtes vraiment très jolie Yara ! Une déesse incarnée !

wheeler Etats Uni

Yara is very buoyant! lol and very sexy! :)

KOMET Etats Uni

WELCOME BACK, YARA!! Livrada da roupa, YARA graces us with her gracious curves and smoldering sensuality. (It is good that YARA has returned, for she has been much missed.)

Sparky's Dad Canada

labia vs breasts All ladies should realize that implants are seldom sexy, especially such obvious ones. Now a fantastic vagina like Yara's , that IS sexy!

tahir Etats Uni

Video Waiting for the video shoot of this picture shoot. I am sure that it was taken. I wish that she would show her vagina in it full beauty.

Tom Allemagne

When we will see the set 'Yara spreading wide'?

These are Real Tits Barbade

19 year old tits Dear Labia vs Breasts These are 100% real tits, and the discussion has been had before. She is just young and perky. I agree they need a few years before they look more natural, but they are!

lll-2 Danemark

To see the film from this shoot...

ailefroide Belgique

Yara flyinng high You look so happy ... Great.

Yara mannequin de taille | January 18th, 2013
Yara mannequin de taille
wheeler Etats Uni

Venus reborn!!!

YARA lover Etats Uni

yara drivin me crazy i love everything about YARA!!!!!

Tom Allemagne

Yara Ok Yara, but now lean back and spread your legs.

pier_art11 Italie

Request When we will can see the pussy of YARA in close up as we have seen the pussy of Dominika C?

Victor Canada

Time to see the snapper!

J-PGarant Canada

Woman dreams, Aphrodite ! Bonjour Yara, Je suis nouveau sur ce site depuis seulement hier soir & c'est grâce à vous, je vous en remercie beaucoup XX ! Je vous ai découvert par hasard en navigant sur un autre site. Il y a quelques temps de cela, mais j'ai tardé malheureusement à devenir membre chez Wow ! Mes mâchoires sont tombées par terre lorsque je vous ai vus dans ce magnifique vidéo, du massage de vos superbes seins avec de l'argile. Vous êtes unique & exceptionnellement très jolie ma chère XX ! Vous représentez à mes yeux une femme rêve XX ! La déesse Aphrodite réincarnée en personne XX ! Dieu vous bénisses Yara XX ! Hello Yara I am new to this site only yesterday evening & it is thanks to you, I thank you very much XX! I have discovered by chance while browsing another website. There are some time ago, but unfortunately I delayed to become a member at Wow! My jaw fell on the floor when I saw you in this beautiful video, massage your breasts with beautiful clay. You are exceptionally unique & beautiful my dear XX! You represent to me a woman dreams XX! The goddess Aphrodite reincarnated person XX! God bless you Yara XX! Hallo Yara Ich bin neu auf dieser Seite erst gestern Abend und es ist dank dir, ich danke Ihnen sehr XX! Ich habe durch Zufall entdeckt beim Surfen eine andere Webseite. Es gibt vor einiger Zeit, aber leider habe ich verzögert, um ein Mitglied bei Wow geworden! Mein Kiefer fiel auf den Boden, wenn ich Sie sah in dieser schönen Video, massieren Sie Ihre Brüste mit schönen Ton. Sie sind außergewöhnlich einzigartige und wunderschöne mein lieber XX! Sie stellen mir eine Frau träumt XX! Die Göttin Aphrodite wiedergeboren Person XX! Gott segne Sie Yara XX!

Smee Etats Uni

Pink I agree. I love Yara, but I'd love to see her pussy spread. Attention Yara, the people have spoken!

Ian Canada

Why not just appreciate what we do see, which is a beautiful woman, instead of complaining about what we don't? If all you want is pussy, there's lots of other sites that will cater to you.

AM Etats Uni

RE: Ian's comments Well said, Ian.

tdacosta520 Etats Uni

She is soo Wow, I was just about to politely complain about not getting a full view of Yara's vagina. Then I read the comment by Ian from Canada. I do agree. Not getting the full view is making me more intrigued. I want to see more of her but in different circumstances. On a bed, at the pier. Please find someplace where the water matches her eyes. She is divine in the studio and i would like to see her with some natural lighting. Could we get a close up of her feet perhaps?

wheeler Etats Uni

thank you, Ian!I say again, these ladies are so much more than a vagina! if that's all you want to see, I suggest you read a gynecology book!

Jean-Claude Canada

Yara Je rêve de voir Yara de faire masser de ls tête au pied.

toexpress Etats Uni

yara I am a woman who loves women. It is not always about the pussy. Granite I like it too. But, it is the beauty that she expresses in herself that makes it enticing.

Petra Suisse

Perfect Tits! I wonder how Yara's spread pussy looks like. It must be perfect as well.

Mark Etats Uni

Yara: A Work of Art Yara is so beautiful. I love studying her amazing nudes. It is truly lovely to appreciate the beauty of a naked woman such as Yara. I love every curve of her body. She is a work of art!

dicky Australie

famished Those tits could feed hoards of hungry people - me first!

Genius Etats Uni

"P"size, but not for "plus" . . . rather, for "perfect" . . .

Yara meilleur derrière | December 14th, 2012
Yara meilleur derrière
wheeler Etats Uni

the best everything!!!

Tom Allemagne

Butterfly It seems, she has a wonderful butterfly labia. Why are we not allowed to see it?

Rick Etats Uni

Lips When do we see her delicious pussy?

pussy lips and ass crack pleas Etats Uni

more I want more coverage, specifically pussy and arse. please!!!

Treiscoup Etats Uni

Eyes Her cool blue steel eyes have an inviting depth that is hard to ignore. Her lips, pouty, open, and seems to be waiting to utter the most sexual, or intelligent thing. I cannot wait until my eyes get to see her lips...

Mark Etats Uni

Yara's Breasts Yara's breasts are divine, amazing and beautiful works of art! She is a masterpiece! One of my true favorites on Hegre!

Yara chaussettes American apparel | November 26th, 2012
Yara chaussettes American apparel
KOMET Etats Uni

YARA - STRUGGLING TO BE FREE YARA, CAST OFF THOSE SOCKS & EMBRACE YOUR FULL NAKEDNESS! On the whole, this is a decent photo series. Notwithstanding that, YARA has yet to be showcased in a photo series which shows her winning beauty (with its bountiful assets) to full effect. Maybe it is time to feature YARA in a photo series with one of the other models --- e.g. VALERIE, THEA, COXY, or ZAIKA. (What's more: a pairing YARA with Mike --- both fully nude --- would be interesting.)

Rick Etats Uni

Cant wait to see her on a massage table spread open......

wheeler Etats Uni

Is it soccer season, already? corny, but cute.

Yara nuru jelly | November 19th, 2012
Yara nuru jelly
wheeler Etats Uni

YUMMY!!! would love to see you make use of that gel in the massages!

Zeppelin Allemagne

Agreed: She's got extraordinary breasts all her picture-sets are "Super Size Edition" - no matter what resolution is used. But other than that she is just ordinary. Why don't you start her own website? I guess her fans would join that one immediately.

KOMET Etats Uni

YARA FOGOSA Like a purring lioness, YARA here is coy, demure, and teasing. Fully nude and free.

Paradygma Espagne

Ok, ok don't panic. I guess there's a second part where she doesn't cover her spread pussy, isn't there? Please, please, pleasy...

Mitch092 Australie

I love guru gel!!! Would we be able to get Yara being massaged with it by Kiki or one of the other girls? That would be amazing!!

Scabanga Afrique du Sud

So we're finally getting (a little) closer to seeing what seems like a really beautiful pussy - Yara, come on now, give your fans what they are asking for!

Mark Etats Uni

Yara Yara is absolutely beautiful. Another set of great nudes in which to appreciate her beauty. Yara's curves are incredible. Her breasts simply amazing! She is a work of art!

Yara bain de soleil | November 5th, 2012
Yara bain de soleil
wheeler Etats Uni

another great "hanging out" set! was a bit bummed when she turned to her side, and we didnt get a peak at her lovely rear end! but, still a lovely set!

KOMET Etats Uni

YARA SIGHS YARA, washed ashore from last night's storm, finds herself fully nude, with a silky-soft towel beneath her. What were once webbed hands and a stubby tail-fin on a sleek grey body are now human hands and long, slender legs and feet. Human. Pinkish-bare skin. Brunette. Woman.

paradygma Espagne

Unmatched beauty Imho Yara is another success of this site. A model whose proportions and beauty are unmatched. I celebrate (again) these super high resolution pics. It's incredible how much fun I have zooming... almost reaching skin pore level of detail. Komet, bro. I'm having fun also reading your feedback. Keep it up.

greenaj Etats Uni

Hopefully this set will satisfy some of the pussy hounds!? There is a couple very nice shots of it. Yara has such a beautiful pussy too might I add.

simon Suisse

finally Lovely as always, and finally, the long awaited pics are here (19, 36, 37). That's something to celebrate.

Dext Etats Uni

Not Attractive Seriously, I was just reading some of your comments on here and I can't believe it. Please take your beer goggles off guys. I want a cheaper membership if this site keep continues to pass off plain, ordinary looking girls such as Yara. Need more Valerie.

Zeppelin Allemagne

She IS attractive But I do agree with you Dext. I know there has to be a certain level of diversity in the selection of models here. But hegre-art has always struck me as a place of the EXTRA-ordinary. Yara has huge breasts but to me that is not enough. And, by the way, pink dildoes aren't extraordinary either.

Yara portraits entiers | October 31st, 2012
Yara portraits entiers
wheeler Etats Uni

perfection personified!!!

Carlo Italie

God bless you, Yara!

Mikestromike Etats Uni

"Still NO Pussy" As this is now the 20th gallery featuring Yara since early June 2012 we have not yet been privileged to view her succulent pussy lips that must compliment her beautiful set of sensual breasts and her alluring magnificent facial features that possess a set of the most beautiful eyes of any model today. If Yara is the reluctant one here to allow the camera and photographer a complete access to her all of her sensual assets, then I might suggest that she seriously re-consider her career as a nude erotic model, as her shyness or abstinence to participate in pictorials that are not complete and truly revealing of the complete sexual goddess that she is. If, on the other hand, photographers and editors are making the decisions to limit the content of the pictorials posted on the Heger site, then those editors need to get a grasp of the desires of the membership and provide content that is relevant to the membership and their preferences. The current galleries featuring Yara remind me of pictorials you would see in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Wake up ….It’s now the year 2012!!!

Sledge Allemagne

RE: "Still NO Pussy" Hi Mike, I agree it would be great to have a nice pussy shot (or even one of the close ups that are done so well here). But in "Yara blissful body" you can see her pussy quite well, no hiding, no shyness

Timo E Etats Uni

mixing it up Different strokes for different folks, eh? I like it that Petter mixes things up... vaginal closeups and/or penetration one day and glamour-oriented nudes the next. If you don't favor what's up today, tomorrow ain't far away.

wheeler Etats Uni

RE: RE: "Still NO Pussy" it's her body! it's her business!I'm just glad I get to look at lovely yara! frankly, you've seen one pussy, you've seen 'em all! not that I don't wanna see it. but, I'm content with what she's willing to show! she is so much more than a pussy! as Timo said, "Different strokes for different folks"! I can wait a bit for the stuff that I like. as I said earlier, keep a steady flow of the artsy stuff coming, and, I'll stick around.

Uwe Allemagne

Dakota Guys - Dakota is super awesome - I cannot understand why she has no shooting by now!

Yara courbes folles | October 25th, 2012
Yara courbes folles
wheeler Etats Uni

lovely curves (among other things)!

MojoMa_55 Suisse

Yara Crazy Curves Rubensian amplitude.

Mark Etats Uni

Yara: A Work of Art Yara's curves are incredible. I adore every lovely inch of her beautiful and curvaceous body. Her nudes are works of art and I enjoy studying all of them. This set is another wonderful exhibit of her beauty. She is a true favorite of mine.

Ignacio Mexique

Aburrido Más de lo mismo, sean creativos con ésta hermosa modelo Yara y aprovechen su hermosura en lugares o sets que resalten su belleza y no el mismo y aburrido set de fondo gris sin ningún interés.

Yara corps délicieux | October 12th, 2012
Yara corps délicieux
wheeler Etats Uni

looks like she's ready to play soccer or something!lol super sexy as always!

KOMET Etats Uni

YARA - QUE SEIOS FARTOS! Mulher gostosa = YARA.

Scofield Etats Uni

ouch She really needs to stop with the unnatural arch of the back. It makes her look incredibly stiff and uncomfortable. She almost gets it in #46 but even there, it's too stiff. Her breasts are plenty big; she doesn't need to be trying to push them out further.

Rick Etats Uni

No spread When are we going to see her spread her lips?

rob Etats Uni

Yara is well to her or some new talent pose with mike's black cock

pierhart16 Italie

Request When we can see the pussy of YARA in close up?

doc HMM 164 Etats Uni

Yara Yara you are beautiful, I would love to meet a woman like you. Yara i love your name.

Yara corps de rêve | October 4th, 2012
Yara corps de rêve
wheeler Etats Uni

lovely full body!

KOMET Etats Uni

YARA BY THE SEA Daylight on the beach reveals the presence of a sexy, curvaceous, fully nude woman, who, the night before, emerged from the sea as a large, sleek seal. Now having stayed too long ashore, by sunlight transformed, YARA arises unsteadily on 2 legs to bravely face a new world.

stever Royame Uni

Ain't never.. I think this is another one of those girls who ain't never gonna open her legs for Hegre..

Mark Slovénie

Pussy Does she have a pussy? I don't see it.

peterswift Etats Uni

nice goose bumps Nice goose bumps but a bit redundant. It would have been nice to close with a juicy closeup of her vaginal opening and anal bud. Breasts are nice, but that's not why we're here.

Dex Etats Uni

Ewww... Beautiful, large, curvy, sea lion emerges from the sea.

Guest Etats Uni

She is only 19! need to be very patient to see more :)

wheeler Etats Uni

RE: Ewww... so,why is that an "ewww"???

wheeler Etats Uni

RE: nice goose bumps spreadlegs arenot why I'm here! there are umpteen billion sites out there where I can see that!

Yara bikini peau de serpent | September 29th, 2012
Yara bikini peau de serpent
Canchahel France

Conservation of animals I just hope it's an imitation (the snake skin, not Yara, of course).

wheeler Etats Uni

yara brings out the animal in me!hehehe

Yara poitrine bienvenue | September 16th, 2012
Yara poitrine bienvenue

to paraphrase a favorite TV show: she is "The Most Radical Empire To All That Which Is Radical" (that's a good thing!lol)

Shaun Canada

Nice to see a bit more Nice to see more of this beautiful creature than just the waist up. Especially that beautiful ass, reminiscent of Dasha.

Short=Stop Norvège

Legs open.....please !!!

docwally Etats Uni

My fantisy Would still like to see her spreadeagled in the gyno chair.

Guest Etats Uni

wO..Ow I don't think I can handle her amazing breasts :) I'll just take care of her body lips...mmmmm

Smee Etats Uni

RE: Yes, can I get an AMEN!

Mark Etats Uni

Yara: Bust Bonanza Yes, Yes, Yes! Just what have been dreaming and waiting for! Yara naked in a pair of fabulous black pumps! She looks incredible! I can't get enough of Yara's fabulous body! More, more of Yara nude in her fabulous pumps!

Heywood Etats Uni

Butt Bonanza We all knew that Yara's tits are gorgeous, but in this set we receive a butt bonus as she also tempts us with her beautiful ass!

Yara beaucoup d'amour | September 22nd, 2012
Yara beaucoup d'amour
KOMET Etats Uni

ZARA - QUE SEIOS FARTOS! Sexy, curvaceous, and blessed with bountiful beauty, ZARA beguiles and enchants with feline grace men (vielleicht die Frauen auch) from all corners of the globe.

solidbod Etats Uni

yara Yara is gorgeous , fantastic boobs and body , a real woman ...... it is time though for some pussy shots don't you think ?

BBM Mexique

hot Definitely need to see some pussy with this girl. Also a good massage video that works her good

JoelD@widh Espagne

Es, en mi opinión, uno de los Mejores Trabajos de Peter; Una Obra Maestra : Ha obtenido de Yara, la modelo, el Mejor Resultado Foto-Artístico. Una Belleza de Mujer y Un Grande Artista Creador Dibujando, Cincelando con Su Cámara. Congratulaitions, Peter! You are a GENIUS.

Heywood Etats Uni

Lots of lust I'm feeling lots of love -- and lots of lust -- as I look at Yara.


I have lots of love for lovely yara!

Tor-1 Norvège

WE want pussy shots....

Armpitfetish Canada

Master poses I really appreciate the poses of this set. Thanks

JackSp Allemagne

Yara Hi! What`s about this Beauty? Is it possible to see new pictures from her? Ore where can we see more about her ? She is so an perfect women!

Yara lapin de plage | August 26th, 2012
Yara lapin de plage

teasingly short, once again! but, yara is stunning, as always!

wildnomade France

stunning austrian Absolutely stunning women and austrian, one of my favorite country

Mark Etats Uni

Yara Love it! Yara is the perfect beach bunny! These are wonderful beach shots in which to beautifully exhibit Yara's amazing and incredible curves! She is a treasure and one of my absolute favorites!

Mark Etats Uni

Yara Love it! Yara is the perfect beach bunny! This is a beautifully done set in which to capture Yara's amazing and incredible curves. She is a treasure and one of my absolute favorites!

Yara boules de canon | August 12th, 2012
Yara boules de canon

stunning as always! lovin the see through lingerie!

joe Allemagne

Best tits ever ! Yara has the best tit ever !!!

Joe Allemagne

Amazing! She's absolutely Amazing and beautiful. Perfect body!

tdonna5 Etats Uni

I enjoy her breasts just like every one else. When are we going to see the rest of her???????????????????????

jim jam Royame Uni

nose hair and other bits why do you have this fixation into looking up her nose?


RE: tdonna5 check out the recent movie

Dante_Hicks Australie

Curves Ya gotta love curves.

Sandy Royame Uni

OK. OK but didn't do much for me. I'm a pussy man and prefer pert breasts with prominent nipples. Thea, Nikola and Yanna and others are my icons of perfect women.

Mike Allemagne

Feedback Yes, she's got beautiful tits, but why is she reduced to that? Her backside must be just a beautiful. Both sides, please!

Kees Pays Bas

RE: Best tits ever ! I agree totally!

Yara déesse de la mer | August 5th, 2012
Yara déesse de la mer

venus returns!

Mark Etats Uni

Yara: Amazing Sea goddess is right! Yara is just incredible! This is another amazing photo set in tribute to her wonderful and unique beauty. She is so special with her fabulous curves that make her one of a kind. I can't get enough of appreciating and studying her beautiful nudes!

Guildenstern Etats Uni

Yara, again It might take high powered hydraulics to pry those legs apart, but it would be worth it.

H Pays Bas

why don't you spread your legs and show your pussy.


RE: I guess the same reason why you guys insist on repeatingg that time and time again on a site with the word "ART" in the title!!! lol

Dante_Hicks Australie

God bless curves.

Yara sensuelle | July 29th, 2012
Yara sensuelle

perfection personified!!!

KOMET Etats Uni

YARA RE-EMERGES Why not pair YARA with MURIEL or one of the other models like SILVIE or VALERIE, both of them FULLY NUDE and OILED-DOWN? While this photo series has its good points, in general, it is a boring theme. I'd love to see a photo series (and/or video) in which YARA is painted (FULLY NUDE) from head to toe in gold or silver paint and posed like a statue perched on a balcony in early afternoon?

Mark Etats Uni

Yara Yara is mesmerizing. I just love every set she has done. Her body is a work of art that I adore and truly appreciate studying in the nude. More, more of wonderful Yara!

Yara nichon délicieux | July 21st, 2012
Yara nichon délicieux

stunning as always!nice little almost peek at the end!


What`s act two ,,,,, We have all enjoyed Yara`s Chomolungma already and looking forward to enjoy her valley looks like,,,,if you agree my friends.


RE: What`s act two ,,,,, "looking forward to enjoy her valley looks like"...that's what I meant: "nice little almost peek at the end!" cant wait for more than just a peek!

machado Belgique

the icone of hegre!!! she 's magnificence of the sexuality represented by hedgre I love is sensual body is so PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!

Penetrator Allemagne

Beautiful Boobs, but... ...I'd really like to see her spread her legs now.

Heywood Etats Uni

Thank you! Thank you for bringing us nine gorgeous photosets of this beautiful bosomy teen in just seven weeks! I hope this pace continues, but that you and Yara explore more facets of her sexiness.

Yara bondage poitrine généreuse | July 15th, 2012
Yara bondage poitrine généreuse

mmmmm...getting such naughty ideas here!! :P

owen scott Australie

full figure again at last a woman with a full figure voluptuous body and smiling ! more please

Lion01 Pays Bas

Even though I don't feel attracted to the girl, I do think this series comes closer to her style and personality. It's certainly better than her previous mermaid-style series in which she was made to look like something she isn't.

gooz Etats Uni

Been trying to think of who Yara looks like, facially. So far my best guesses are: the action star Steven Seagal, or going back a bit in time, Curly Howard of the Three Stooges (with hair and tits of course). Yeah, both are buzzkills.

abby Etats Uni

Yara I like Yara--as gooz notes, she's not possessed of delicate facial features, but when she smiles, she's a knockout! The big boobs are fabulous, but don't count for much on their own. She has a nice tush, too, and she's warming up to the camera. I like that she looks like a real woman!

Big N juicy Etats Uni

RE: MURIEL I Wanna see more of Muriel.

Agator Etats Uni

Yara is truly a beauty. She reminds me a little of the actress Lynn Collins. Looking forward to more of Yara!

Booboo Etats Uni

I must be missing something Sorry, I don't get the title of the shoot or the shoot itself???

Mark Etats Uni

Yara Stunning, absolutely stunning! Yara is a godess! I look forward to each set of hers. I can't get enogh of that curvy and voluptuous body! You are getting closer, she is now wearing heels. Now have her pose buck naked in a killer pair of pointy-toed stiletto black pumps! That would be a work of art!

Scott Australie

massage got to do a massage film with yara. she will look so beautiful getting massaged.

Ignacio Mexique


Smeegle Etats Uni

VIDEO This girl NEED NEED NEEDS a video! She is hot as hell. Perfect body!

Heywood Etats Uni

Bosomy bondage I think that I'm the one in bosomy bondage -- and that probably applies to all the rest of us here who eagerly await each new photo gallery of Yara. We're enslaved by this bosomy young beauty! She's one of your greatest discoveries, Petter, and that's saying a lot. I hope you continue to photograph her, and help loosen up and explore her eroticism.

Heywood Etats Uni

RE: Agator Good comparison. I can see the Lynn Collins resemblance.

MojoMa_55 Suisse

Yara Bondage? Wearing leather wrist-cuffs is NOT bondage.

Yara sirène | July 10th, 2012
Yara sirène

venus rises, once again!cant wait to see this goddess in motion!!!

KOMET Etats Uni

YARA - SEREIA SEM RABO YARA arises from the sea at dawn's early light following a deep dive into the ocean depths to find that she can no longer balance herself atop the waves on the strength of a sleek & powerful tail fin, for it has been displaced by a pair of shapely legs.

Wally Etats Uni

Beautiful Yara is spectacular young beautiful from the rear as she is from the front..Thank you for sharing and she has a great smile too...

Mark Etats Uni

Yara: A Vision Just an incredible set of this spectacular young woman. She is beautiful all the way around. I love the set of shots of her beautiful butt. She is a work of art and I could study her nudes all day long. She is the mermaid of my dreams! I would love to see her pose nude wearing only a pair of killer black pumps! More, more of this amazing beauty!

Yara beauté de plage | July 5th, 2012
Yara beauté de plage
KOMET Etats Uni

YARA COMO GOLFINHO A dolphin washed ashore from the night before, finds herself at dawn a woman, fully nude and curvaceous, with a crown of brown hair. Her name: YARA.

gooz Etats Uni

A whale beaches itself....its gills heaving mightily! Male or female it's hard to tell, aside from the gills.

Mikestromike Etats Uni

Please Stop Teasing and Start Pleasing! Here again Peter, you have tastefully portrayed this absolutely gorgeous model Tara in a picturesque setting. As with all the previous galleries featuring Tara you have devoted your focus on Tara's lovely and appealing eyes and facial features while spotlighting her unique, large, yet proportionate breasts. While yes those breasts are truly something to "Talk About" you have failed to provide your membership even a glimpse of her sensual attributes that reside below her waist. I would be surprised if those sexual assets that Tara has been blessed with would be anything less than stunning.Let us all view the complete Tara with all her beauty and sensuality! Please Stop Teasing and Start Pleasing!

Heywood Etats Uni

Another dose of Yara! Petter, I like this new routine -- a new photoset of Yara every five days or so. Please maintain this schedule for the next 10 years or so! Just convince her to open her legs and show us more of her beautiful young womanhood.

Mark Etats Uni

Yara Yara is an absolute treasure. Her body is an absolute work of art! I love studying her beautiful nudes. She has the perfect houglass figure. I also love those gorgeous eyes. She has become my favorite new model on Hegre. More, more of this amazing beauty!


RE: gooz whale??? you lost me! that's the sexiest "whale" I ever saw!!!(btw...whales dont have gills!lol)

Diego Mexique

estoy enamorado de Yara; que pedazo de mujer

Yara anatomie autrichienne détonante | June 30th, 2012
Yara anatomie autrichienne détonante

missing some anatomy in this set...but, what's there is amazing!

Heywood Etats Uni

Anatomically incomplete Yes, she's astonishing. I love that face and those breasts! But please, show us that sweet pussycat.

Rick Etats Uni

Yes, I've seen her lovely's time to see her wet pussy lips and a slippery massage....

Wally_42 Etats Uni

Beautiful This young lady has a beautiful face and a spectaculay chest...but the rest of her anatomy looks just as promising so lets us see more of her from behind if she ia obliging...

bbm Mexique

Any chance you can do a video of this girl giving a guy a massage and use her beautiful breasts on the cock? Hope she is will to do this kind of video because you have a great material to work with

Mark Etats Uni

Yara Another amazing set showcasing Yara's beauty. For her next set please have her pose totally nude wearing only those black high heel pumps. Yara is a special young woman and has truly wonderful attributes that make her one of a kind. I would love to see her naked wearing only a fabulous pair of pumps as I think it would perfectly exhibit her as the true work of art that she is.

phizz Brésil

Love her, but will we ever see more?

J-PGarant Canada

Wow ! Very beautiful women XX ! Une déesse pour moi XX !

Yara belle proitrine imposante | June 25th, 2012
Yara belle proitrine imposante
wheeler Etats Uni

big beautiful boobs... and so much more!!! lovely setting! hope you do more with it (and her in it)!

KOMET Etats Uni

YARA - SEREIA SENSUAL QUE SEIOS FARTOS!!! YARA is a landlocked mermaid, washed ashore the night before from a stormy midnight tide.

gooz Etats Uni


finderweb Italie

Nice but ... Nice model, wonderful breast, but I don't like her closed legs (more photos). Great expression

Zeppelin Allemagne

Size matters But even more so: shape. Any chance we will have lovely Miss S. back soon?

Victor Double Canada

She is very pretty except for the implants. I don't understand why women feel the need to get fake boobs, especially ridiculously large ones.

cameron Etats Uni

Boob Job? I have examined her very closely and dont see any sign of a boob job. What makes you think the are not real.

Mark74 Slovénie

RE: She has 100% natural breast, no doubt.

Yara masque de boue | June 20th, 2012
Yara masque de boue
wheeler Etats Uni

well, that was...different!do we get to see her wash it off in a video?

KOMET Etats Uni

YARA IN REPOSE I love this photo series, which shows YARA to best effect. Yet, in the same breath, I'd like to suggest that, for a future photo series, YARA could disport herself FULLY NUDE in a lake of mud, transformed head to foot into a Sexy Mudwoman.

KOMET Etats Uni

YARA IN REPOSE I love this photo series, which shows YARA to best effect. Yet, in the same breath, I'd like to suggest that, for a future photo series, YARA could disport herself FULLY NUDE in a lake of mud, transformed head to foot into a Sexy Mudwoman.

Gooz Etats Uni

Totally agree. Cover her in mud, from nose to nipples to toes!

Guildenstern Etats Uni

Yara's mud bath OK for starters, but we noticed that in shots 8, 9, 10, when Yara's legs were slightly apart, her hand was strategically placed. I hope that was only for this set, and we will be treated to more revealing shots of this lovely women in future sets.

Bertie Dugger Royame Uni

Yara is one of the most stunning models ever to grace this site. How about getting down to business and giving the members some proper sets of her?

Rosencrantz Brésil

Agree with Guildenstern. We hope for explicit shots not only of Yara, but also of Tereza and Ryonen.

da1alphamand Etats Uni

Yara's Beauty Please DO NOT tell me that Yara's TRUE beauty revealed will only be her AWESOME breast!!! Between her thigh's lies a treasure trove of untold value!!! Please tell me she's more than a breast only, suggest glamor boldly pussy front and rear!!! Please...!

Heywood Etats Uni

Yara IMHO, Yara is your greatest discovery since Muriel or Marjana. Please bring us more, more, more of this awesome beauty!

Mark Etats Uni

Yara: Magnificent! Yara is magnificent! She has immediately become one of my absolute favorites. What a sexy, different and interesting photo set. Anything that highlights and accentuates her beauty works for me. Her breasts are an absolute work of art, along with everything else about her. What fabulous curves! I just adore Yara!

Sandy Royame Uni

Yara Great for the magnificent breasts but hopefully not another like Ryonen who suffer from 'welded together leg' syndrome. I live in hope like da1alphamand

Penetrator Allemagne

The chair... the same one in which Clover received her gynaecological examination. So perhaps we should put in the stirrups, and have Yara spread her legs wide for us...

Yara douce aube | June 14th, 2012
Yara douce aube
wheeler Etats Uni

Venus rises again!!!

KOMET Etats Uni

YARA - Além da madrugada YARA DOS MARES. GRROWL!!!

Mark Etats Uni

Amazing Yara Yara is an absolute vision. She is so beautiful. What amazing curves and the most perfect full breasts. She always needs to be photographed completely nude as that is the best way to appreciate her incredible beauty and sensational curves. She is a wonderful addition to Hegre.

Rick Etats Uni

This beauty would be best served on a table getting a massage.......I am so hard looking at Yara....

WoW Allemagne

Verdammt bist du mal der Hammer!!!!

Bertie Dugger Royame Uni

Sorry - found this set a bit dull. Yara, however, is absolutely stunning - my all-time favorite on this site. Love the full figure and fresh-faced look.

Fishman Etats Uni

She doesn't need a life preserver in the water!!!

Guest Etats Uni

Knocked out I'm dreaming being knocked out by Yara's face is so red now :)

wheeler Etats Uni

LOL TMI Rick!but,I agree!would love to see yara get a massage!

samurai Japon

Let`s see,,, Yara still looks hick, but as most women for their beginning stage, However, let`s see how she would be polished by exposing herself in front of camera.She certainly has future potential.

soulpatch Etats Uni

Yara Massage I agree with Rick, Yara really needs a massage...

Gator Etats Uni

Yara Sweet Sunrise Don't confuse big boobs with being sexy. I have seen women with less than a hand full or mouth full(whichever you prefer) that would blow this young lady out of the water in terms of sexiness. Bigger isn't always better.

Adam Etats Uni

jaw dropping i cant believe those tits, i want to see them in every position, on her back hand and knees, upside down, bouncing up and down, holy woman.

Laurie Royame Uni

Pretty Girl But like the Tereza gallery, and didn't she look thoroughly miserable, these images suffer from a paucity of variety. Too structured, static and, ok her tits are big but...

Lion01 Pays Bas

I must say I agree with Gator. You may like her big breasts, but although she may be unsurpassed in the bosom department, in terms of sexiness and erotic appeal most petite models on Hegre are way ahead of her.

Yara présentation | June 3rd, 2012
Yara présentation
wheeler Etats Uni

another stunner! cant wait to see more!

Obladi Oblada France

Hum.Nice girls, but false boobs ? No false boobs should be allowed on a valuable site like yours, Mr Hegre.

Mr T. Nouvelle Zélande

Totaly exquisite,and I can see from that sensual soft look there is more to come, beutifull.


RE: boobs please read Petters comments about her breasts here:!/petterhegre

Petter Espagne

100% real - her tits are 100% real !

fitzcarraldo Italie

finally a new entry. Thank God

blackflash63 Australie

Yara all real From all the pictures and videos in seen on this site, i would say in my view, all the lovely ladies are REAL no plastic. It is one reason why i enjoy this site, all real.

KOMET Etats Uni

WILKOMMEN YARA!!! YARA brings happily to mind the ample curves of MURIEL. QUE MULHER GOSTOSA! I keenly anticipate seeing in the offing YARA fully nude (sans shoes) and covered with scented oils in a bucolic setting on a clear sunny afternoon.

wheeler Etats Uni

RE: 100% real they just look too good to be true!lol

Mark Etats Uni

Yara Yara is phenomenal! What a beauty! She is perfectly introduced in this completely nude study so we can get a full appreciation of every quality of her wonderful body. She has absolutely exquisite breasts, lovely curves and an angelically beautiful face with that wonderful little cleft chin. She is a terrific addition and has become an immediate favorite of mine.

Rick Etats Uni

Mmmmmmmmmmmm I would luv to see her on a massage table all oiled up and being rubbed.

Rico-1 Portugal

Amazing boobs , cant take my eyes from them ^^ .... tks Petter

Carlo Pavan Italie

A real woman This is the body o a real woman , voluptuous, feminine in a word perfect !! Portrait of female perfection!!! Give us more t

Bri Royame Uni

Wow... what a beauty! More please! :-)

wheeler Etats Uni

RE: Mmmmmmmmmmmm I concur!

addman Etats Uni

YARA IS EXTRA BODACIOUS!!! hurry up and film her working out nude, masturbating, getting a massage, sunbathing, and publish them all. MORE, MORE, MORE!!!

big Etats Uni

fabu tres fabu~

Lagirlfreak1988 Etats Uni

Beautiful Lady! Incredible. More please!

finderweb Italie

Welcome Nice babe, woderful breasts .... but not only that! I hope for more & hot shooting

AM Etats Uni

RE: I could not agree anymore. I am so happy Austria is represented.

Mazzini Royame Uni

Yara Yard where have you been all this time just what we needed someone fresh like you

Guest Etats Uni

Am i crazy? does each of Yara's breasts look bigger than her face?! oh, heaven!!

SandraD Canada

Beautiful Thank you for having some women with the most bangin' curves around : ) This girl is knocking it out of the park as far as appeal and womanliness goes! She also knows how to work the light and pose.

Fishman Etats Uni

Suh weet!!!!!!

Dante_Hicks Royame Uni

Thank God For Curves.

Laurie Royame Uni

Erogenous Pleasures Yara has a stunningly beautiful face and Hegre captured the mood to perfection in the opening 24 images. However, the thought of placing my vigorous arousal between the heavy swell of her breasts and the all consuming embrace of a sensuous massage is a teasing thought...

johnbeck7 Etats Uni

Potentially A Classic Please turn this beauty around and let her temp us with her firm supple buttocks.

Heywood Etats Uni

Her Treasured Chest Please bring us more of this bosomy young beauty! She's breathtaking,.


Yara Plage à l'aube | August 7th, 2012
Yara Plage à l'aube
Darren Etats Uni

Lot more It is time for Yara to show us a lot more than this. She has got a lot to offer. Let’s see it.

Wes Royame Uni

Real woman Cool to see a woman with a real woman’s physique. So much more erotic than the starved looking models that the fashion trade produces.

Nokkiie Suisse

pure erotic, great!

stever Royame Uni

Nice That is one nice, relaxed video. I love to see a beautiful girl full length, with long lingering shots of her female form from head to toe. Plus those close in shots of her raising her arms, lifting those gorgeous plump breasts skywards. That's not to say that I won't be looking forward to her follow video where she slowly doggie walks along the beach, looking back over shoulder as if to say, "I know what you're looking at..."

coreysurfer Etats Uni

So True I like the skinny models but wow she is beautiful and really is nice to see a diffrent type..would love to see more of her and others, there are so many special girls out there that we shouldn't focus on 1 type...beautiful Yara

Ralph Afrique du Sud

Do more I would love to see Yara doing more than she does in this movie. I know she has got it in her. Let it come out.

Terry Nouvelle Zélande

Magnificent breasts You have such magnificent breasts Yara. The rest of you is important too. Can we see more please?

Farron Etats Uni

Breasts man This is great for a breasts man like myself. Come back soon Yara!

dinghyboy Etats Uni

Yara's Bottom Thank goodness. We finally get to see her fabulous bottom. it is every bit as nice as her amazing breasts. Thank you dear.

Rez Etats Uni

Yara Every part of Yara is as it should be. Her wonderful eyes, hair and classic body. I would like to see her spread her wings and show us more of her personality. Watching this film makes me want to go to Austria and meet some more of their beautiful women.

Victor Double Canada

Not a fan of implants, but she has a charming shy demeanor in this film that doesn't come through in the stills. Looking forward to her becoming more comfortable in front of the camera...


so nice to finally see venus in motion!!!

Basia Pologne

she is much much better in motion than on pictures. here she is stunning, simply stunning!

Mark Etats Uni

Yara Absolutely beautiful and serene. Just a lovely way to get mesmerized by Yara's beauty. She is a vision as she strolls along the beach in the water. I am entranced by those perfect curves, that shy smile and gorgeous flowing hair. I am waiting and hoping that she removes those bottoms to become fully nude so she can truly be at her most beautiful. It finally happens and you can just happily appreciate and admire this lovely treasure.

Wally Etats Uni

Beauty If there were a master list of the most beautiful women on the planet, Yara would definitely be at the top of the list. Utterly beautiful young lady...

Nikolaus52 Allemagne

Faszinierend! So erotisch hab ich die Österreicherinnen noch nicht erlebt.

windmill Pays Bas

lips touching exquisite photography of a most beautiful girl. the moving of her muscles so delicately under her nude wet skin is art indeed. The ever so careful touching of the great wide open sea with her delicate lips is brought with such lovely eye for detail and intended attraction. lovely art.

line446 Etats Uni

Yawn Please feature "natural" women instead.

Jay Etats Uni

Yara's Next Video *Ideas* Petter Hegre. Here's an idea for your next Yara video. Title: "Grecian Goddess" Setting: Ancient roman/Grecian temple ruins. Costume: Sexy white sensuous 2 piece toga with golden hellenic golden arm bracelets. With knee high open toed sandals and white hanging arm pieces. Music: Ancient near east temple music to give the video a sacred undertone. Video: Have various creative shots of her walking around the temple and walking through ancient stone pillars. As the video progresses there is less clothing until she is only wearing the knee high sandals and the golden bracelets. End the video with her submerging herself into an ancient Grecian pool with pillars all around. Have a couple shots of her washing her breasts and hair. Voilla! Your next big hit. Yara is a goddess. This model alone has made my subscription to the site worth every cent. If I don't see more Yara videos in the upcoming months I think I will loose my reason to live. :P

delavignette Belgique

Yara The music is very good. Not only the music !

nate Canada

now that is a women not the skinny models that usually happen

control840 Etats Uni

Yara We need more fuller-figured women here! Yara's just lovely!

rex Etats Uni

I wish she smiled more in all her photoshoots. It'll melt anything. Sweet video. Gorgeous girl. The focus tends to be on her ample bust, but shes got a cute behind too! I'd like to see a more evenly focused session.

theoldmil Allemagne

Yara, Du bist die absolut heißeste Frau von allen Shootings. Einfach ein Traumhafter und perfekter Körper und die Augen lassen mich dahin schmelzen :-) Würde mich freuen wenn Du schreibst. :-))


Massage masque de boue poitrine | August 14th, 2012
Massage masque de boue poitrine
Chester Etats Uni

Getting going Now it looks like Yara is getting going. I want to be the one to cover her totally with mud.

Filip. Jamaïque

Amazing things Yara you are stupendous. I hope we are going to see lots more of the amazing things that you can do with your beautiful breasts.

Rory Irelande

What happened? First part great but what happened in the second part? Where did all the mud go? I hoped that she would stay like that and get even more.

Piet Afrique du Sud

Did it It looks like the mud did it for her at about 11:30 on the same way it did for me.

Dacey Etats Uni

Re: What happened? I don’t see what you are complaining about. Yara got a whole lot of breast fondling. What’s not to like?

MojoMa Suisse

Breast Mud Mask I'm sure that Yara and Fabi really enjoyed themselves, and there may well be aesthetic and therapeutic benefits from such treatment but -- unless you are into into large breasts, which I am not -- this wasn't a very erotic experience. (I suppose the abdominal contractions were intended to crack the mud, but they looked rather odd in the context). The transitions between phases of the process (in the 12th and 14th minutes) were rather abrupt, probably because the process -- rather like this film, which was rather too long at more than 37 minutes -- is slow and boring to watch. As a result I was disappointed. Yara's nudity, and the vague gestures towards a massage of her whole body, hardly compensated for the general lack of interesting variety for my taste. Perhaps I have been spoiled by all the fantastic sexual massages that have recently been shewn and to which I hope we will soon return. Still, if the girls in the film enjoyed the experience, I suppose it was worthwhile for them and for those viewers who are satisfied by the sight of large breasts being massaged. I myself prefer to see a 'whole body' experience with more of a sexual flavour.

USA Dude Etats Uni

Really? I found this first part just ok, but the second half was highly erotic with the slow caressing, and the comfort, care and closeness that the masseuse showed to the model. I would love to get a massage like this!

Canchahel France

The nipple project Wonderful film, indeed: a great work based on big close-ups upon big boobs. Simple but very effective. The mud is an excellent idea, too: it increases the tactile feature of the whole scene. Bravo, Petter! Fabi is very good, as ever: calm, serious, diligent, and she obviously enjoys doing it. I’m sure Yara agrees. Now, since the mud+oil+gel concept is good, perhaps it could be extended to pay tribute to other very beautiful breasts: Luba, Gabriella, Muriel, Engelie, Ryonen, Anna S, Lynne, Monika, Sylvie, Tereza, etc. And – the icing (or the raspberry) on the cake – it would be very interesting to estimate, closer and closer, bit by bit, the erectile abilities of their nipples, when they are subjected to Fabi’s skillful fingers.

cameron Etats Uni

more? Yara has incredible breasts and I love a whole video focus on her breasts. It does make me want to see the rest of her soon. Please Peter I hope there is more.

bbm Etats Uni

amazing that was really hot....congrats. that combination of girl girl was gold. hav to get yara to open up and give more access

stever Royame Uni

Whatever next.. Great video. I can't wait to see what treatment she gets in part two..


Well, I am now convinced, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that those breasts are the genuine article! (implants dont squish like that!lol) and, they are spectacular!but, I must agree that you put too much emphasis on them! Yara is spectacular from head to toe, front and back!lots of talk of a part two in the comments! I hope we get one! with the mud put everywhere else, too!(and, being washed off)thank you very much, lovely yara for sharing your incredible beauty with us!

Fract Pays Bas

Call me crazy (or just call me, Yara), but the time-lapse where her nipples went from 'innies' to 'outies' and back again will be forever etched in my memory as a highly memorable moment in erotic cinematography. And no breasts more 'up' for the job then hers. We demand a 'revisited' scene! In the mean time: Go Yara!

Rick Etats Uni

So hotttttt I can only imagine how wet both their pussys were.....

klermont Italie

Yara's Breast mud mask Yara is the right hands, sitting on the right seat, with appropriate dress code. She is now on right way, isn't she ? Tanks Yara ! Keep going !

Mojo Ma, Suisse

RE: Re: What happened? It's a matter of personal taste, that's all I was saying. If you like to see big breasts being massaged, that's fine for you. I just prefer something more holistic, i.e, that treats the whole body. 'Chacun à son goût' --everyone to his/her preference -- as they say over here.

KOMET Etats Uni

YARA CON LAMA EN LOS PECHOS GRANDES Nice massage video. BUT ... next time, treat YARA to a MUD BATH (from head to toe, FULLY NUDE).

BigDaddy85 Canada


BigDaddy85 Canada


Heywood Etats Uni

RE: So hotttttt It's obvious that the masseuse is aching to kiss and suck Yara's breasts and lick her pussy. Let it happen, and film it, please!

Spa Fan Royame Uni

This is great - I'd really like to see you expand the concept of bodywork into more spa-treatment style films, concentrating on the treatments that are most physically intense and sensual - like body brushing (massaging the naked body with a coarse brush) and contrast hydrotherapy (from hot to ice-cold water) particularly using a strong jet of water. I think this could make for a really erotic film. Perhaps a model could "earn" an orgasm after a treatment?!

Exotike Etats Uni

Yara Yara los es todo! Sublime!

Eddie5D France

Great, amazing breasts ! I thought they were implants in the beginning, but they obviously are not. I could spend HOURS playing with those ! Lovely girl. More, please, more of her!

johnnyboy64 Royame Uni

I have just joined and this was amazing. I am fully erect and my glans is engorged. I'm not sure how much of this I can take without ejaculating.

John Daie Australie

More large bustys This is my favourite video on the site. More women with huge natural breasts are required. Excellent and very erotic.

miznia Etats Uni

RE: glans @johnnyboy64, can we get an update on your status?