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Foto de Zaika


Foto de Zaika
Nombre: Zaika
País: Ucrania
Peso: 57kg
Altura: 181cm
Edad: 19
Ocupación: Estudiante

La belleza de la simplicidad

Es una ocasión especial cuando una mujer aparece con esa belleza que brilla sin tener que hacerle nada. Zaika es una de aquellas bendecidas de esa manera.

Todo sobre ella es fuera de lo usual. Brilla sin la ayuda de maquillaje y rara vez lo utiliza. Lo mismo va para su peinado. Simplemente no hay necesidad de trucos elaborados. Ella esta igualmente relajada con cualquier cosa que se ponga. De hecho, no ponerse nada de nada le va muy bien. Es más excitante para ella y hay muchos y muy claros beneficios para el resto de nosotros.

Zaika tiene una actitud relajada sobre la vida que se combina con todo esto. Su naturaleza es genuinamente deliciosa. Es un raro ejemplo de que lo que ves es lo que hay. Su carisma no se queda a ras de piel. Todo esto viene, además, con una aguda inteligencia. Está haciendo la carrera de japonés en sus estudios universitarios.

Zaika lo tiene todo. Estilo, elegancia e inteligencia están envueltos en ella.

Zaika Galerías

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Zaika Galerías COMENTARIOS

Flora and Zaika tropical romance | December 22nd, 2013
Flora and Zaika tropical romance
ailefroide Bélgica

Romance Are you loving you ?

Herr Lich Alemania

I do Both of them

Sandy Reino Unido

Disappointing 2 of my favourite models not really getting up to anything at all. They are both sex on legs but this gallery failed to get my juices flowing

Flora and Zaika sex in the sea | November 14th, 2013
Flora and Zaika sex in the sea
KOMET Estados Unidos de América

FLORA & ZAIKA - THE TERRIFIC 2SOME During one moonless night on a roiling, wine-dark sea upon a group of slippery, cobalt-blue rocks could be heard a group of sea lions, whose throaty growls made for a symphony. Of their number, 2 dived into the sea to play and frolic. With the arrival of morning, they returned to rest upon the rocks. By this time, their group had gone and at first light, transformed into 2 lovely, slim and tall women, fully nude, asleep in each others' arms.

Jimmy D Estados Unidos de América

WTF Komet ????

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

nice little tease. would love to see this set go further!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Bobbing Bare-Naked Buns! What joy to see those bare-naked buns bobbing in the water! Photo 6 the best! And as a devoted Zaika fan so great to see Zaika nude again!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

RE: Be nice to Komet Jimmy! He's got his own way of expressing himself and that's the way it is. There is room at this table for many different ways of expression. We should all be joining together in a joyous celebration of Nude Beauty!

Flora y Zaika selección arenosa | September 12th, 2013
Flora y Zaika selección arenosa
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

two dirty girls! what could be better? know

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

FLORA y ZAIKA: DOS SIRENES Two Sirens, blown ashore overnight by a wayward tide, awake sleepily at dawn, both bodies caked in fine, powdery sand, their scaly tails transformed into firm and shapely legs. FLORA & ZAIKA arise unsteadily together, embracing and kissing each other with rapturous delight.

roland Reino Unido

sandy seduction Beautiful light and subtle eroticism however i wish Zaika would assume a more dominant role. It is Flora who plays the more dominant figure and it is Zaika in my opinion who is simply the more mysterious and beautiful.

alarik400AD Canada

great sequences of two luscious women in primal setting and embraces!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Zaika Again Great to see Zaika again! Taking nothing away from Flora, but I am a dedicated Zaika fan. Favorite photo #5: love the straight-on look at her gorgeous bare buns with her lusciously full cunt lips peeking in from underneath. Thank you Zaika!

Lion_01 Holanda

I'm in doubt about the added value of the sand. In my opinion it obscures what are otherwise to extremely fit and desirable bodies. And #61, my god, if only that were oil instead of sand...

ailefroide Bélgica

Flora and Zaika sandy seduction 18/20. Never seen greater harmony betwen two women.

Zaika bienestar húmero por Alya | October 3rd, 2013
Zaika bienestar húmero por Alya
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

zaika naked and wet...YUMMY!!! lol yet another set than needs a video! nice work ladies!

Basia Polonia

picture 4... she could be on the cover of Vogue with such a face!!!

windmill Holanda

Zaika Zaika shows so much intended excitement. Ayla has found great images to capture this natural beauty. Any change we can see the continuation in a steaming massage by Alex?

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Zaika What a beauty Zaika! A distinctive beauty all her own. She is truly deeply missed!

Zaika Baño Thai por Alya | August 10th, 2013
Zaika Baño Thai por Alya
mike Alemania

Zaika Thai Bath Beautiful. A young, sensitive girl, an esthetical delight.

delavignette Bélgica

Zaika model J'aime beaucoup les photos qui suggèrent sans trop montrer. I like very much the photos which suggest without showing too much.

Mark Suiza

Live Cam day? Hopefully we all get the chance to chat with her. She is just so beautiful!

Zaika zen por Alya | July 20th, 2013
Zaika zen por Alya
KOMET Estados Unidos de América

ZAIKA COMO PRINCESA DA NATUREZA ZAIKA, livrada da roupa, stands tall and proud, exuding a beguiling and intoxicating sensuality. Elle est belle.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

I suddenly wanna be a fishnet!

pier_hart19 Italia

Zaika Zen Beauty the blue net that the sides of zaika surround, but so making the pussy of Zaika also hides him that, to well to look, can be realized abundant, pulpy, soft, carnal, long and great. It is this that needed to show

Letti Alemania

Zaika Zen by Alya Congratulation! always again Zaika with Alya, a wonderful combination. Alya has the special sense for the beauty of Zaika, I love these pictures very much, thank you both!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Zaika Yet another stunningly beautiful series from the stunningly beautiful Zaika. It is all here in this set of very elegant nudes: great face shots, butt shots, cunt looks, etc. Favorite photo: 34. I swear Zaika gets more beautiful with every series.

mark Suiza

Zaika can not get enough watching the beauty of Zaika....just keep on bringing more pictures of her.

Zaika velo por Alya | July 9th, 2013
Zaika velo por Alya
MojoMa_55 Suiza

Zaika Veil The marks on her bum suggest that she has either been sitting for a long time whilst waiting for the shoot, or else she's recently been spanked!.

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

ZAIKA BEYOND THE VEIL A very delightful photo set. Love the photos which show ZAIKA's derriere to fine effect. GRROWL!

Laurie Reino Unido

Signs of Arousal A reddening of bum cheeks is often a sign of sexual arousal. Anyhow just to say that images 33-36 capture the natural beauty of Zaika perfectly. 12 and 14 are delightful too but other images can be a little contrived or stilted. You set yourself a challenge here Alya, an aesthetic shoot is not an easy option compared to more explicit stuff. Good on you girl...

Roger Estados Unidos de América

RE: Zaika Veil Indeed a delicious thought to think that our lovely Zaika had just been spanked!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Lovely Zaika Another incredibly stunning series from Zaika! Consider the first shot. First, what a gorgeous girl! Look at her face! Then, what a figure! Slender tall long legged girl (what legs!) and what curves with her narrow waist gracefully curving out to her hips. And then, incredibly, she is fully nude! Love her soft cunt lips peeking in from below in shot 1. A great starter! The butt shots are, as always with Zaika, great, butt these are out of this world! Love how she curves her butt out in 13 and, of course, the straight butt shot 15, with delightful hint of butthole and full pouty cunt lips from below! Curiously, the veiled look reminds me of the late seventies craze of blurred shots...but I like it, as long as it is not done too much. Great series! Thank you Zaika and Alya!

Zaika playa gozo | June 19th, 2013
Zaika playa gozo
Roger Estados Unidos de América

Lovely Zaika Such a thrill to see lovely Zaika. Great finale of open cunt looks in shots 25-31. Thank you Zaika!

Zaika yin yang parte 2 | June 14th, 2013
Zaika yin yang parte 2
MM Estados Unidos de América

Love her all stretched out, high on her toes, arms reaching for the sky, ribs jutting out, tummy flat. Gorgeous

windmill Holanda

Zaika & Alex Thank you for a great set of beautiful images of a couple so wonderful to see. Please alow the story tocontinue it is so hot.


wonderful set for change! thanks!!

don Estados Unidos de América

the guys there for????

Coxy Flora Thea Zaika fitness en la playa | June 6th, 2013
Coxy Flora Thea Zaika fitness en la playa
heliumflash Canada

Let's keep it in focus Quality subject matter, but maybe stop down the aperture a bit; there's no reason why one person should be out of focus when they're three feet from the other person. It CAN be artistic, but in this case it's just annoying.

Erekhart Alemania

Spice it up I like the idea and the setting very much. However, I would have appreciated if you had added also some much more voyeuristic pictures to the series. E.g., when the girls are on all fours and lift their legs sideways, shoot from behind, from a low perspective.

Eddie Estados Unidos de América

Awesome setting, awesome setup, how can I get this guy's job. Looks better than mine.

ailefroide Bélgica

beach fitness Discrimination ? Why is our friend not nude ? Nevertheless, Thea, Flora, Coxy, and Zaika, that's paradise on earth.

Zaika rosa juventud por Alya | May 11th, 2013
Zaika rosa juventud por Alya
Roger Estados Unidos de América

What a Beauty The first thought that comes to mind with Zaika is What a Beauty! Like the framing of her within the doorway, and later through a partly opened door, as if we are peeking in. Shots 3 and 5 lovely openers: simple standing nudes showing Zaika's beautiful face along with gentle looks at her soft cunt lips.

MM Estados Unidos de América

I really wish she had been naked in image 8, all stretched out like that. Can we get a do-over?

Letti Alemania

Zaika by Alya Again Zaika by Alya, a very god combination! This pictures are simply only very beautiful, a great joy! Thanks

Roger Estados Unidos de América

What a Beauty continued This series has many excellent frontal standing nudes but it also does not deny us several great looks at Zaika's derriere. 18, 19, 39 and 40 show the lovely curves of her buns and butt-crack while 36 and 37 are simply outstanding straight-on butt shots. The best series are those with a progression from less to more revealing. Very strong progression starting at 62 with Zaika sitting and spreading her legs to reveal more of her gorgeous cunt with 65 and 69 particularly good. However it would have been great to have Zaika turn over onto all fours before the end of the series for more intimate butt looks such as in Zaika massage session photo 42. Other than this one deficiency, an outstanding shoot! Thank you Zaika and Hegre!

Fantasio1968 Suiza

Why doesn't she ever smile??? What a pity...

Lars Suiza

Brüste Schön zu sehen wie Zaika's Brüste auf Bild 70 ihre natürliche Form zeigen.

Zaika belleza de playa | May 26th, 2013
Zaika belleza de playa
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

lovely! nice to see some real art!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Zaika Outstanding nudes! Bravo Zaika and Hegre! Very well done!

Letti Alemania

Zaika, beach beauty Again Zaika with Alya, a very sensitive combination. Zaika and her photos are very beautiful, I like them very much

Zaika sesión masaje al desnudo | April 27th, 2013
Zaika sesión masaje al desnudo
Roger Estados Unidos de América

One of the finest series ever! Pure beauty and eroticism. Thank you Zaika!

Cosworth Alemania

Zaika What a wonderful beauty girl. I like this pictures very much.

beleevit Estados Unidos de América

massage I don't see any actual massaging here. Is there a ghost masseur/masseuse?

loverboy10 Estados Unidos de América

This is my favorite series of Zaika! I love the ass in the air! I love the tits hanging down in all fours position. Thank you!!'

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Photo 32 Lovely! What a beautiful butt Zaika has! Look at those soft round buns and lovely curved butt crack! Extraordinary!

windmill Holanda

nude massage Zaika is a wonderful girl with a great body to massage. I do feel hands and eyes of many viewers have been massaging her body all over. In hopeful expectation I am looking forward to the actual session with her nude masseur.

gator Estados Unidos de América

Zaika Nude Massage Session Excellent ! One of the best pictorials I have ever seen of one premiere models of this or any other website. Zaika is a goddess. This type of pictorial is why I joined Hegre.

JJ Reino Unido

EXCELLENT Candid and perfect for that. Divine body

Zaika yin yang parte1 | April 23rd, 2013
Zaika yin yang parte1
Tom Alemania

Him More of him, please!

marcelo Alemania

Zaika is very sexy! - a sweet face, sexy figure and nice legs...

Sparkys Dad Canada

Sand I never have understood why many photographers think that obscuring the model with sand, mud, straw and detritus in general is appealing. I think it must itch like hell for the model.

Nav Estados Unidos de América

I enjoyed the composition, but for me, your shadow (Alya) took away from the focus in the shots in which it appeared (more than just the top of your head).

windmill Holanda

Zaika A new story is starting. Zaika is hot knowing the positive male attention. I am looking forward to further pictures and films of this attractive couple.

chris Francia

agree with windmill and tom thanks alya , i love the concept of this shoot!! And very attractive couple... i hope to see more like this...

Alya filmando documental Zaika | April 20th, 2013
Alya filmando documental Zaika
MojoMa_55 Suiza

Alya and Zaika When do we see Alya's pictures of Zaika?

Philippe Bélgica

Alya Alya is my n° 1: beauty, caracter and creativity I wish you lots of luck

letti Alemania

Alya and Zaika Once again Zaika and Alya, I'm filled with enthusiasm, very beautiful, thanks!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

An Oscar? Perhaps this will win the Oscar for Best Documentary of 2013?

Petra Suiza

Not naked? Why's the photographer not naked. Poor model has to be the only one?

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

RE: Not naked? maybe because she's the photographer?lol

Zaika sábanas calientes por Alya | April 11th, 2013
Zaika sábanas calientes por Alya
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

yet another case of "we should all look so wonderful"! So, Ms Alya... you gonna get your own site soon?

letti Alemania

Zaika-hot sheets Zaika more beautiful then ever, very sensitive

samurai Japón

Excellent Excellent, Good looking, beautiful face !! Yet, she would be more attractive with clothes. Her naked body and parts are not matured yet and grew up. No rush, we can wait till the time comes.

letti Alemania

Zaika-hot sheets This pictures from Zaika are very pleasing, showing Zaika in another light!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

RE: Excellent how one can look more grown up than that, I would love to know!

so so Reino Unido

so so the pictures are ok BUT Alya has the same problems as you...... and thats poor focusing, but then if taught by you this is to be expected. i say this time and time again, you have a very high resolution camera which shows up everthing ..... this means you have to up your game because you wont get away with what you could when using 35mm full frame cameras.... plus your depth of field is much smaller with the camer you use than when you used your canon equipment and why when using you canon equipment had more pictures in focus.... there is protential but like you needs to improve the standard of work and up her game when using very high resolution cameras

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Thank you Zaika and Alya! The white sets off Zaika's beauty very well. My what a beauty!

Erekhart Alemania

Eye contact The way Zaika keeps eye contact with us is really, really hot!

Otter49 Estados Unidos de América

Missing smile Zaika is beautiful, however it would have been a better shoot if she would have smiled a little.

Basia Polonia

RE: Photo number 42 No wonder she is a fashion model. WIth such angelic look and perfect face she can have any kind of make-up products commercials. Just wonderful!

Voyeur Estados Unidos de América

Zaika is such a beautiful model; but a smile would go so much further. Haven't seen a reluctance to smile like this since the beautiful Anna S.

Zaika sensación | April 1st, 2013
Zaika sensación
JANZEN Estados Unidos de América

RE: Photo number 1 OOOO

byron1820 Australia

Discretion Good to see a very pretty, neat little cunt discreetly displayed - don't care for these wide open shots; these are far more erotic and far more beautiful.

mark-4-2-2 Suiza

She is soooooo beautiful!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

RE: Discretion and Beauty of Zaika's Cunt I agree Byron, with one small caveat. In addition to being one of the prettiest girls on Hegre, and my favorite of the current girls, Zaika has an absolutely beautiful cunt. I agree with you entirely that her cunt's beauty is very well expressed in this series. I am particularly fond of shots 37-39. I love how full and pouty her lips look. However, I also very much enjoy Zaika's "wide open shots." In fact, I welcome the many ways to express the varied beauty and moods of cunt. Your thoughts?

Zaika luz del sol | March 27th, 2013
Zaika luz del sol
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

I can't believe no one's commented on this! (although, I could swear I did!) anywho... I love it! another awesome use of light and shadow! we should all look so wonderful just waking up!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

RE: We should All comment! I can't believe it either Wheeler. What a Goddess Zaika is! Have you noticed there has been a most favorable, and commendable, progression in Zaika's series? She started out as a shy girl but now has most appropriately "opened up!"

Sandy Reino Unido

RE: RE: We should All comment! I totally agree a flower has blossomed, now that it has can we keep it in bloom!! These are really sensuous and erotic poses and a joy to see Zaika's lips in full, now let us savour her clitoris. Keep it up Zaika you are beautiful woman all over.

Coxy Flora Thea Zaika 4 divas | March 23rd, 2013
Coxy Flora Thea Zaika 4 divas
Mr T. Nueva Zelanda

Thea Flora Coxy &Zaika Individually these ladies are beutifull in their own right,together though, the photographer in my opinion has failed to bring them together as a group,no apparent sensual feelings for each other,no bonding,just another beach scene with the girls!!!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

some lovely ladies, not doing much!

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

A FABULOUS 4SOME THEA. LA FLORA BELLA. COXY. ZAIKA. Four Sirens frolicking at water's edge, fully nude and free.

Zaika vino blanco | March 17th, 2013
Zaika vino blanco
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

wine not necessary! Ms Zaika ia intoxicating enough!

abby Estados Unidos de América

Zaika I like Zaika a lot, but I think she looks a million times better outdoors than in. She just doesn't have the same sparkle inside, imho.

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Red vs White Red wine may be better for drinking but white wine is definitely better for seeing cunt lips! A lovely series of the always lovely Zaika. I've always been a big fan of straight-on butt shots, so the first two photos are truly fantastic with Zaika showing her butt, butt-crack, tight asshole and full cunt lips peeking in beneath. Also, great cunt looks from 34-51. Thank you Zaika!

Scofield Estados Unidos de América

RE: Zaika Abby, the problem isn't Zaika. The problem is the lighting. It's not up to Petter's usual standard. Far too hard, with harsh shadows. She needs a big octa with a 1/4 cut CTO.

butt shots are awesome Estados Unidos de América

keep them coming I love starting a photo gallery with something as EXPOSING as some butt shots. wow.

Roger Estados Unidos de América

RE: keep them coming I fully agree. See my comment below.

seovat Estados Unidos de América

Zaika Ah, those sweet cheeks opened up once again... spread 'em wider!

Zaika sexo en la playa | March 1st, 2013
Zaika sexo en la playa
John Reino Unido

Looovely... I really, really like this girl. She has an air of naivety, a slight awkwardness, and an untanned bikini line that I find really appealing.

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

ZAIKA & THE LOST THEME What "SEX ON THE BEACH"?! This photo series would have lived up to this title had ZAIKA been paired with a male model in much the same way a la FLORA y Mike.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

RE: ZAIKA & THE LOST THEME perhaps "SEXY on the beach" would have been more accurate. she definitely fits that description!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

The Series We Have Been Wating For This is the Zaika series we have been wating for. Fantastic series of spread leg open cunt shots, one after another. I also applaud how Zaika turns over and shows her lovely butt. One minor criticism: a few straight on raised butt shots would have been the cherry on the cake, but all in all an excellent series. Thank you Zaika and Petter.

Guest Estados Unidos de América

Re: ZAIKA & THE LOST THEME Fully nude and free...Komet :)

gator Estados Unidos de América

Zaika Sex On The Beach One of the best galleries I have ever seen on Hegre. There is just an incredible sexiness that envelops Zaika. Well done !

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Lovely Zaika and her lovely Cunt Zaika is one of the loveliest girls ever to appear in Hegre and she has one of the loveliest gentlest cunts as well. With the much needed open leg shots, this series is a real tour-de-force for devotees of Zaika's cunt. Thank you Zaika and Hegre!

Zaika océano Índico por Alya | February 23rd, 2013
Zaika océano Índico por Alya
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

I must find your beach!!!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Zaika Loved this series. Like the variety of poses and lighting. Zaika is gorgeous from head to toe, and I adore the beauty of her cunt, which this set shows with a delightful mixture of lighting and poses. From the demure lips of photo 48 to the soft lips in glorious sunlight of photo 34 and to the tremendous open-lipped poses of photos 29,30,10 and 9, Zaika's lovely cunt is lusciously celebrated. Thank you Alya and Zaika. Members, as fellow admirers of nude female beauty, let us start an intelligent dialogues on the models. Would welcome thoughts. P.S. Is it my imagination, or is Zaika a sleepy naked girl in these shots?

rob Alemania

fine good shot - I love Zaika and the beach!

Alya Tailandia

first shots with Phase One camera in hands Breathtaking camera quality! In this first qshots I was just playing with the shape of light in Koh Samui morning. 6 o"clock here:) First time working with Zaika)

Franco Italia

RE: first shots with Phase One camera in hands Dear Alya permit me to congratulate for your wonderful performance as photographer. I’ve always been mad about you stunning photos and videos. You has always shown to be a divine model and now as a talented photographer you show to the world your great artistic taste, Thank you!

Coxy Flora Thea Zaika cuerpos húmedos | February 14th, 2013
Coxy Flora Thea Zaika cuerpos húmedos
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

the family of sexy sirens, ready to pounce on the poor unsuspecting sailor!(nice way to go!)

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

FOUR WOMEN FULLY NUDE & FREE Day aborning upon a sandy beach with gentle surf finds 4 Women fully nude and free, caressed by the sea abutting the shore. They have the freedom to explore and take delight in the land's bounty, til dusk, when once more, they revert to 4 sleek, majestic sea lions welcomed back into the ocean depths to frolic and feast upon fish, seaweed, and shrimp.

gooz Estados Unidos de América

Actually Komet... ...they would be sea lionesses...and they aint' goin' back to the ocean depths at dusk. They're headed straight to their ocean-side cabanas for a bit 'o wine, a pillow fight, and some pedicures!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

RE: FOUR WOMEN FULLY NUDE & FREE Well put again Komet! I agree. There is simple joy in the naturalness of totally naked and free girls out in nature's light.

Roger Estados Unidos de América

RE: I'll be sure my boat has a leak!

Timo E Estados Unidos de América

fully nude and free Apparently the only way I'm going to avoid "fully nude and free" will be to stop reading the comments. Or to find a different photo site. No offense to the women in this, or in any other Hegre set; you're all gorgeous.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

RE: fully nude and free what'd I miss? you don't like nudity? then,'re on the wrong site!lol

John Reino Unido

@Timo E I'm so glad there's someone else who's tired of the 'fully nude and free' schtick.

Cambridge UK Reino Unido

@Timo E & John I've been torn between the hilarity of it, the extent to which is annoys, but then also the creeping desire to analyse. How can one seriously write that about every photoshoot? And what is it with this "free" thing? Don't you find it misogynistic? That women are described as "free" because they are liberated of their clothes and showing themselves to men? Don't get me wrong: I enjoy these photosets as much as the next guy. Maybe it's me and I should relax a bit. Maybe it's just a bit of fun. But really. I ask you. "Fully nude and free"? EVERY TIME?

Coxy y Zaika turbantes por Alya | January 29th, 2013
Coxy y Zaika turbantes por Alya
Rodolfo Suiza

Who's looking through the lens ... Supernice girls as always! However, I think, you can see, if a man or a woman is looking through the lens, directing the model(s) and taking the shot. I personally prefer the "man's style" as it's simply sexier.

Saldo Estados Unidos de América

Anything Coxy = rock hard

Popeye Estados Unidos de América

Zaika looks like she has the disposition of a rattlesnake

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Photo 11 Pure Artistry! Glorious butt shot of Zaika! Such tight bare buns and tight little ass-crack. Love the straight-on butt look with the cunt lips peeking out from beneath! Also love the turn of her head and the hint of tit from behind! Thank you Zaika and Alya!

Alya Tailandia

Reply from Alya Personally, I dont like this set. The mood of that morning was not so good. Its very simple photo set. Sorry for it...

Roger Estados Unidos de América

RE: Reply from Alya It is said that an artist sometimes doesn't recognize the beauty of his or her work. I must respectfully disagree Alya, this is a fantastic set, and you should give yourself credit for an outstanding artistic work. Also simplicity is often a good thing. Do not try to do too much in art. The audience is simpler than the artist and simplicity helps the audience to follow and understand what the artist is doing. P.S. Sorry the mood was not good. May I ask, were the models unhappy?

Paolo Australia

Zaika She is so sexy. Would like to have seen a complete set on Zaika on her own at this location

Coxy Flora Thea Zaika gran salpicón | January 24th, 2013
Coxy Flora Thea Zaika gran salpicón
Roger Estados Unidos de América

Beauty of Zaika's Soft Cunt Lips I could stare at Zaika's soft cunt lips all day. Some excellent standing nude shots in this series with fine cunt looks such as photo 11. Interesting also how Zaika's sandy cunt lips in photo 19 are not nearly as pleasing as the newly washed and clean lips of photo 26. Thank you models and Hegre!

bobbob Estados Unidos de América

I hope I hope this means that Thea is back. Her "Double O " ( really triple O ) massage video was the greatest. Thea's rosebud is truly hotwired and when it is oiled up and massaged her whole body was on fire; here screams were music to our ears. Please oil up her rosebud again and let the music begin, long and loud!

Alya Coxy Flora Thea Zaika estudio tropical | January 15th, 2013
Alya Coxy Flora Thea Zaika estudio tropical
Benno Bélgica

Sorry Thea, Coxy, Flora and Zaika... ... but I would like to ask Alya to make new solo sets again. She is as beautiful as in her early days and I'm so glad to see her in the background. Although I really would like to see her in the foreground again ;) Please Hegre, please Alya :)

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

thank you for giving us a glimpse at your lovely self, Ms Alya!

Zaika sirenita | January 9th, 2013
Zaika sirenita
Roger Estados Unidos de América

Fantastic! Fantastic series of open cunt shots of lovely Zaika! Truly exquisite! Thank you!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

lovely little mermaid

Hans Dampf Alemania

PP (perfect Pussy)

Billybob Estados Unidos de América

I really dig this set. She has a nice smile and a really sexy body.

erector Singapur

you mean the sleek mermaid

seovat Estados Unidos de América

My my, what a lovely pussy... thanks for sharing!

ailefroide Bélgica

Zaika little mermaid Mermaid : half-human sea creature. Thank you for being 100% human.

Coxy Flora Thea Zaika batalla en bikini | January 4th, 2013
Coxy Flora Thea Zaika batalla en bikini
Erector Singapur

The bikini set Finally there is the bikini set of these four

doogie Canada

I HOPE there will be a video of this to follow!!! ;)


attitude du groupe J'adore voir ces filles séparément ,mais lorsqu'elles sont toutes les quatres vous devez les gronder ou culpabiliser car elles oublient que lorsqu'on est manequins de surplus de charmes ,elles se doivent de sourire et non pas de faire la gueule. Bisous

simon Suiza

Wow What a sexual tension in this set. Step by step. Artistically the best set sine a long while. And i did not expect that when looking st the cover, which was great.

ailefroide Bélgica

Bikini "battle" What a peacefull battle ! Vive les batailles aussi pacifiques ! 19/20 !

Coxy Flora Thea Zaika reflecciones por Alya | December 23rd, 2012
Coxy Flora Thea Zaika reflecciones por Alya
kram12 Estados Unidos de América

x give us dominika. pamela...some of the older gals.. how are proud to show it.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

you just get better and better, my dear!

Zaika Gozo laguna azul | December 10th, 2012
Zaika Gozo laguna azul
Dave Finlandia

Perfect So good to see more of Zaika. Can't help but fall in love with that arse especially with the tan line on it,.....she's just perfect!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

nice day for a swim with a lovely lady!

Alya Coxy Flora Thea Zaika estudio exterior | December 7th, 2012
Alya Coxy Flora Thea Zaika estudio exterior
Shaun Canada

This set was a real disappointment. There seemed to be no vision or theme. And what was the point of the completely out of place native headdress? It was like someone declared it "silly hat day", and someone else decided to take pictures.

MojoMa_55 Suiza

Aesthetic Anomaly Once again, the model wearing shorts is aesthetically anomalous. There seems no logical nor artistic reason why she should not be as naked as all the other models in the shoot.

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

5SOME et Homme Alya, GET FULLY NUDE!!!

gooz Estados Unidos de América

Dum-de-dum-dum dumb!!!!! Good to see things get back to pleasant reality with Pamela tomorrow.

western Estados Unidos de América

I don't get it.

grayhair Estados Unidos de América

Outdoor studio Very weird. Not sure I like it. Can we forget this motif?

herveda Francia

Bizarre...Beautiful people though

Zeppelin Alemania

Two Phase Ones? Since the pictures featuring the Phase One are 80 megapixels in resolution I suspect you've actually got two of them. Are these two IQ180s? I'm really impressed!

jake Holanda

ALYA please show us your naked body

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

RE: 5SOME et Homme she has many times! check the archives! click her pic at left

petley Reino Unido

RE: Photo number 1 I agree that there seems to be no particular point of the format -or indded the headdress As a new member I have been very impressed by the stadard up to now but this wa dissapointing. Am I mising something?

don Estados Unidos de América

can we take few steps back i can't see the trees

Flora Thea Zaika doble visión por Alya | November 22nd, 2012
Flora Thea Zaika doble visión por Alya
wheeler Estados Unidos de América are very close to being upstaged here! very nice, alya! (and, thanks for a short, but lovely, view of yourself!)

Letti Alemania

Flora Thea Zaika double vision by Alya Once more a great praise for Alyas good regie ideas, very nice!

Jacky Alemania

Smile....'re on camera...!!!!

Sandy Reino Unido

brings back memories! Nice to see one of my all time favorite models Thea re-appearing. Any chance of some new! solo galleries of her? Another re appearance I would love to see would be Yanna who used to blow my mind away. You must have some naughty unseen galleries of my 2 favorites models in your vast vaults of material you could post, that would make a lot of our diehard members happy!!!!!

Erekhart Alemania

Great idea with more potential I really like the idea of having the half-naked Alya photograph herself via the mirror while taking the pictures. I'd really like to see more of this type of shot, maybe with some modifications: 1. Having only one model before the camer instead of three. For me, three plus one is just too much, I just get confused. 2. Having Alya take the shots while being completely naked herself, without the pants she had here. 3. Maybe add an additonal mirror for an additional perspective on the photographer (here it gets tricky...)

Zaika pequeño vestido negro | November 20th, 2012
Zaika pequeño vestido negro
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

nice start...seems kinda unfinished

Rossco Australia


Rossco Australia


trttrt Noruega

yummy!! I am in luv <3

Sledge Luxemburgo

Zaika She is my new goddess ...

seovat Estados Unidos de América

Zaika At last, Zaika reveals her beautiful bare bottom... agree it seems unfinished but at least it'a a start!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

RE: Zaika Exactly seovat: at long last Zaika reveals her beautiful bare bottom... and shows her tight little butthole for all to see! A long wait...but worth it!

Coxy Flora Thea Zaika arenosas | November 16th, 2012
Coxy Flora Thea Zaika arenosas
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

dirty girls! mmmmm...SEXY!!! :P

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

COXY, FLORA, THEA & ZAIKA - SAND & SEA What an enchanting motif! Four muses, fully nude and free, delighting in the interplay of sand and wind on their bodies.

thytte Dinamarca

How tall is Zaika??

Zaika atrapada en la red por Alya | November 13th, 2012
Zaika atrapada en la red por Alya
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

just lovely!!! the girl and the pics!please keep these coming!

Laurie Reino Unido

Bravo Alya You have captured this most natural model in a stunning set of light and variety, both subtle and aesthetically nuanced. I am really impressed with your light touch and style, the selfless approach in capturing the real essence of Zaila. A rare gift, as some photographers are only too obsessed with imposing their own ego! Well done Alya...

Scofield Estados Unidos de América

Delicious Zaika is absolutely delicious AND I just love her face. I also like the creativity with the net and the blown out background. One thing I'm noticing with Alya's work when she is using the bright background is that she needs either a small fill flash or a reflector to bring some life back into the models' faces. The light is otherwise too flat. It also needs just a tad of a contrast boost in post (I assume she is shooting RAW). A little contrast and a slight lowering of the black point would do wonders for making the model pop in the image.

Rez Estados Unidos de América

Zaika's beauty Zaika you have a beautiful face and a wonderfully proportioned body. Outstanding, sensual shoot.

Letti Alemania

Zaika, caught in the net...... It's time to give Alya a great compliment for her very beautiful photos and her sense for very special settings. I love her sight of the location. Thanks very much

Paradygma España

Zaika looks amazing in this gallery. I love the way she looks to the camera... seems to me she's finally getting into this modelling thing. I want to see her terrific legs on high heels also...

Titus Alemania

Really great pleasure I do like the model and the really esthetic way how it was caught ;) Huge compliment to Zaika and Alya. They make dreams visible. It is a great pleasure to watch the photos. Thank you both. Definitively the reason why I pay for this website and why it is so unique. Thank you Petter for setting up

Basia Polonia

Alya! I love it! It is a great stuff! It is pure art in my opinion on Hegre ARt! That is great! Basia

super8 Estados Unidos de América

Zaika - I think you are perfect! Tall slender, sexy, gorgeous body and beautiful face and the most seductive eyes. I want to enjoy every inch of I'll keep dreaming and watching for you here.

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Gorgeous Zaika Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! That's all I can say. What a beauty Zaika is! Excellent series! What a face...and finally we are getting some fantastic butt shots of Zaika!

Titus Alemania

Perfectly Wonderful Really creative way to catch the natural raving beauty of Zaika. Definitively Hegre-Art level.

Coxy y Zaika rojo y azul por Alya | November 11th, 2012
Coxy y Zaika rojo y azul por Alya
Nick Estados Unidos de América

WOW!! I have been a member here for a while and have not commented on a set til now. This is perhaps the best set I've seen thus far artistically. This has the look of a classic shoot and I think this kind of creative quality should be maintained. Art and eroticism can coexist.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

by alya? so, that's where she's been! very nice!

Zeppelin Alemania

This is what I am here for ... pure godliness. With the turban on you get the chance to finally discover the full extent of Coxy's beauty. And Zaika matches her. If I may ask for the final little piece to perfection: Please bring Coxy back with her natural hair color and either with a triangle or no pubes at all. I just don't like the landing-strip-style. What do you guys think?

Basia Polonia

photos... What a beautiful set. !!!

Jean-Pierre Luxemburgo

wow very nice ! I want to see the making of video of this photo session. I especially liked the towel around their head, and here the two beauties ( who rather belong to shy models) seems to be more relax to show us their pussy. Maybe because the photographer is Alya, a lady herself.

Philippe Bélgica

Excellent. Finally we get to see some beautiful really 'artistic' photos again. After all, this is why we watch this site, don't we?

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Beautiful Series Absolutely Gorgeous Series! I am a big Zaika fan. What delightful photos throughout. Love the colors.

delavignette Bélgica

Coxy and Zaica red and blue As Nick wrote in 2012, art and erotism can coexist.

Alya Coxy Flora Thea Zaika esculturas | November 8th, 2012
Alya Coxy Flora Thea Zaika esculturas
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

lovely greek godddesses!

green Hong Kong

talkingabout sculptures Good. But talking about sculptures, you seem to miss Valerie in this set

sill Alemania

nonsense to me.

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

THE FIERY 5SOME FLORA, ALYA, COXY, THEA & ZAIKA --- 5 MUSES ALL --- DANCE AND STRUT FULLY NUDE AND PROUD. What were once 5 tall and sturdy trees swaying in the breeze on the forest's edge are now 5 sleek and sexy Women, who love to dance and play.

MojoMa_55 Suiza

Sculptures I've been trying to work out if the girls are supposed to be spelling out some verbal message through their poses; but I can't find anything readable.

Nando Colombia

Coxy Coxy is in a league of her own. Her body is smoking hot and she has a beautiful face to match. My girlfriend and I want to see more of her in massage vids, maybe with Mike in a mutual massage would be nice.

thytte Dinamarca

Fantastic series if you want to compare bodyparts. Sexy?? - nope. And terrible tattoos Thea spent money on. An expensive way to ruin a beautiful body.Floras too.

dmire Estados Unidos de América

Alya Alya, your new hair cut is supper sexy. Hope you do a photo shoot alone soon.

Egrise Estados Unidos de América

Alya Coxy Flora Thea Zaika Stunningly beautiful, but rather too static for my taste.

Timo E Estados Unidos de América

art? This must be the "art" part.

barrabooka Australia

sculptures Maybe I am being picky but personally I do not like women whose bum cheeks hang down a great deal lower than their pussies when shot from the front. Looks unnatural to me but then I am being pedantic.

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

MAIS ALGUMAS PALAVRAS Alya would have been much better shown in this photo series wearing a loincloth. Cast off the pants, Alya!!! Be fully nude and proud.

Smee Estados Unidos de América

Coxy and Flora I've always thought Coxy and Flora were delightful, but putting them next to other very pretty models makes me realize just how amazingly attractive they are. That's not to insult Thea, Alya, and Zaika (they are all still beautiful models), but put them next to Coxy in particular, and Flora, and meh..

The Chef Suecia

Erotic Bodyart I like this set. It's fun to see something different than the standard sets. Also it seems the girls are having a fun time too! It's the variety here at Hegre so many of us like. We had a fun moment in my restaurant watching this set. Alya, Coxy and Flora: you rules!

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Sculptures What an absolutely fabulous way to show four great female nudes. Beautiful!

jake Holanda

alya please more series of this fantastic girl

Alya Ucrania

Alya's reply Thank you everybody for fantastic comments.) I think its my destiny to be here again with Petter. He saw me growing from a child. I was always trying to put my nose in to his photo shootings with me as stylist. Couple of years ago I have decided that my passion is photography. But not only this I am artist inside and I always try to torn useful things into my way. You can look my autoportraits later and you will see what I mean) With Love from Alya!

Zaika amanecer en Malta | November 3rd, 2012
Zaika amanecer en Malta
jcart21 España

we need to see that lovely pussy open

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

STUNNING!!! love dim the natural light!

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

ZAIKA ON THE RISE Fully nude and free, ZAIKA stands contemplative of the rising sun as she gazes over the marbled balcony at the splendor and majesty that is Malta.

Paradygma España

Long time no see such a beautiful photoshoot...

lorenzo Estados Unidos de América

She looks good but she doesn't look happy! I suspect she's not a "morning person"

Laurie Reino Unido

Tawny and Sensuously Lithe Inspirational Hegre touches the soul in these stunning images of this exquisite creature. Zaika is a breath of fresh air, her sensuous femininity sublime in the soft radiance. This girl is achingly beautiful and I am totally, utterly smitten...

Rick Estados Unidos de América

Beautiful body....Zaika deserves a full orgasmic massage

seovat Estados Unidos de América

zaika What a beautiful woman. The high resolution images are incredible, you can really get a good look at her pussylips. More please!

w Holanda

great sunrise truly most beautiful sunrise. Waking up a new day with Zaika is a great experience to see in these images. Wonderful.

Greeneyes Reino Unido

Beautiful series. Perfect light and a lovely girl.

gator Estados Unidos de América

Malta Sunrise Zaika is rapidly becoming one of my favorite models on Hegre. Absolutely beautiful with an incredible body. Stunning ! Imagine if she smiled once and awhile ?

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Absolutely stunning! Gorgeous Zaika nude throughout bathed in glorious early morning light. Exquisite! Favorite photos:13 17 20 30 31 35 43 85

delavignette Bélgica

Zaika Malta sunrise What do you think about men ?

Alya Coxy Flora Thea Zaika sesión fotográfica | November 1st, 2012
Alya Coxy Flora Thea Zaika sesión fotográfica
jake Holanda

I wassurprised Alya is back please more of her

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

FLORA-ZAIKA-COXY-THEA & ALYA ON THE RISE Fully nude and free, the 5 Women reign supreme while the man-beast seeks to curry favor with them all.

Zeppelin Alemania

Nice with mistakes - where I come from, the chiefess NEVER wears pants - Coxy's fur destroys symmetry (I don't like it anyway, I admit) - that guy looks too ordinary. I'd rather have Mike

Jash Reino Unido

That was boring as hell! Bring back Flora and Mike!

The Chef Suecia

Humorous Erotica! I think this photosession have a humorous touch. I like it! The girls are sweet and I am convinced that they had fun during the shoot. Erotica can be many things: beautiful, exotic, sexy, sweet and also funny. Everybody have their taste. Its the variety here at Hegre-Art that I like. And all the sweet models. Thank you!

Timo E Estados Unidos de América

silly That's just silly. And as a person with some Native American ancestry I'm a bit put off by the "Indian headdress".

Jean-Pierre Luxemburgo

RE: Nice with mistakes me too, without being a racist , I prefer Mike who has a dark skin, which will create a srtonger contrast with the girls. And why is alya wearing pants ? Otherwise nice photoshoot and happy to see Alya and Thea back.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

would have been better with the natural background, IMHO. more realstic. Hey Jake! lovely alya is an aquaintance of mine. I'll tell her you miss her! :)

Benno Bélgica

Great to see Alya again Wonderful to see Alya again. She is my all-time favorite here. Hope she is back for more ;)

Rick Estados Unidos de América

One word, why?

Jacky Alemania

Could.... you please tell me the type of weed you guys all smoked when shooting this scene?

Zeppelin Alemania

RE: RE: Nice with mistakes I don't care for Mike's ethnical background. He's special, this guy isn't.

Max Australia

Alya yummm Alya still has the finest breasts, its good to see her back but hope to see more of her in front of the camera too. Did anyone notice how aroused these ladies are doing the shoot with a guy? IMHO seeing their erect nipples and red, swollen sex more than makes up for his presence.

simon Suiza

RE: Could.... I'm gland I'm not the only one that does not understand this setup.

Andreas Noruega

Cool I like it. It remindes me a little of Helmut Newtons work. Experimenting is important. Go outside the comfort zone.

Thor Estados Unidos de América

Moving off track Who is this guy? Please no more. Nobody on here likes this guy. Stick with Mike. Also, we need more with Mike and Valerie. Those sets are rated highest for a reason. Also, more lesbian scenes included with Valerie would be great and where is our video???

Fract Holanda

Just awesome! Thea's back. That alone makes my day, nay, whole rest of the year! Add to that that I adore concept-shoots that feel like a jam-session, and I am a happy Fract. Very happy

rixco Francia

the guy is hot ! ! Hot photos ! => best is the guy, he fits perfectly to the girls ! would like to see more and hotter sessions with him , e.g. with a brown hot ladie ! But why do they do the shot in front of a white wall ? there is so much of pardise behind ! i dream of seeing this hot perfect guy on beach with the girls ! !

Smoky Estados Unidos de América

Not a gay site Enough already with putting men in these photoshoots. I subscribe because I love beautiful women. That is what I expect to see in every single gallery on this site. It seems like this site is catering more and more to the few guys who beg to see penises but pretend that they're not gay, they just want "reality". Whatever, bud.

jadar Francia

great pictures I love the pictures ! The setting is exotic and creative. Also I disagree with Thor's and Zeppelin's comments : I find the guy serves well the 5 women. Mike would attract too much attention on him, whereas this guy fits perfectly well !

jadar756 Francia

great pictures I love those pictures : the setting is exotic and very creative ! Also I disagree with Thor's and Zeppelin's comments : the guy serves very well the 5 women. Mike would have attracted too much attention on him. We don't need that... Whereas this guy fits perfectly well !

gregou666 Francia

amazing photo shoot, the light and the setting is outstanding, great cast, beautifull girls, i love the new direction of putting a male model in the setting, this new guy match perfectely in the story. look foward to see more editorials with all of them.

Philippe Grecia

Nice Job Nice job, certainly different from other ones. The beautiful bodies of the girls are perfectly highlighted in this "more artistic" shooting. The concept needed a man to serve the girls and this guy was the perfect match.

Philippe Grecia

Nice Job Nice job, certainly different from other ones. The beautiful bodies of the girls are perfectly highlighted in this "more artistic" shooting. The concept needed a man to serve the girls and this guy was the perfect match. Great choice.

Alya Ucrania

Alya's reply Thank you everybody for your comments. I am very happy to get back.) I hope you like what I do. Of course it will be different because its totally another experience for me to be on other side of the camera. Is not easy) But I will be happy to hear your comments and get better and better every SHOTS. A lots of Love from Alya.)

ailefroide Bélgica

Alya come back. Don't leave !

Zaika en las rocas | October 30th, 2012
Zaika en las rocas
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

GORGEOUS (though a bit short)!!! keep a steady flow of sets like this coming, and, I'm yours for life! (so to speak! lol)

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

ZAIKA BEACHED Beached on a craggy and arboreal island, the Siren ZAIKA is disquieted to find herself in daylight shorn of her sleek, scaly body, webbed hands, and resplendent, spiky tail-fin. Now a fully nude woman, she struggles to her feet, wondering what to do next.

Laurie Reino Unido

Perfect Delightfully pretty girl with exquisite nipples and a body aesthetic of perfect proportions...

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Perfect Gorgeous Zaika I concur fully with my fellow admirers of Nude Female Beauty Wheeler and Laurie. What a gorgeous girl and exquisite series. More of Zaika, please.

Zaika Arca de Gozo | October 21st, 2012
Zaika Arca de Gozo
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

GORGEOUS!!! one of the more artistic, of late! where is this? looks familliar.

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

ZAIKA - DEBAIXO DO ARCO ZAIKA, beneath Maltese skies, embraces Nature.

MojoMa_55 Suiza

Zaika at Gozo Anodyne. Too distant when it mattered; too banal when close.

owen Australia

thanks what a great set of pictures . thanks Zaika , thanks petr

abby Estados Unidos de América

looks lovely in nature Zaika seems to look her best outside, in nature. I liked the end of the set best, especially 55-57 where she looks so gorgeous!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

More of Zaika's Butt...please! Fantastic beautiful series of lovely Zaika. Love this girl. Zaika has an incredible butt. We get a couple photos of it every series, which is, thankfully, more than none, butt could we please have more?? Thank you!!

Zaika Casino de Malta | October 13th, 2012
Zaika Casino de Malta
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

another lovely view!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Zaika Spreads Her Legs! Fantastic! A long awaited breakthrough series for Zaika. With Zaika appropriately totally nude throughout, we are treated to her beauty bathed in nature's light. And finally, after several beautiful yet restrained series, Zaika opens up and shows her lovely cunt in all its glory. Fantastic cunt series throughout. Although I definitely adore the open rose petal shots, may favorite photo is #39 showing her soft gentle outer lips. Thank you Zaika! P.S. Zaika has a gorgeous ass. It needs to be shown more! Hopefully next series.

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

ZAIKA EN FLOR Beneath Maltese skies in the shimmering summer heat, ZAIKA basks contentedly, fully nude and free.

slickwilly Estados Unidos de América

RE: Photo number 64 Ok. That does it. I can't take it any longer. I leave for Malta immediately.

sandy Reino Unido

perfection Abolute stunner which I enjoyed at last seeing her hidden bits, albeit I thought she may have been in a more aroused state.

duchemeu Francia

picture 60 picture 60 is blurred

Zaika lingerie | October 5th, 2012
Zaika lingerie
Sledge Alemania

more of her required!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Another great series from gorgeous zaika

Dave Finlandia

Just awesome.......lovely girl.

Zaika cuerpo desnudo | September 30th, 2012
Zaika cuerpo desnudo
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

lovely lady, indeed!

gator Estados Unidos de América

Zaika Absolutely gorgeous ! Beautiful girl.

Roger Estados Unidos de América

We Await Part II. A gallery to savor, expectantly, wanting waiting for Zaika to unclothe herself and become Nude. From the first photo, her pointed nipples enticing and encouraging us that more, maybe much more, awaits us. Then slowly, teasingly, yes! , off it comes, first one tit, then of course the other, but we want more, much more. We want Zaika Nude, totally Nude. Oh, a hint of lips in photo the end still not complete... we await Part II.

Dave Finlandia

Always love galleries with good looking girls in body suits, shame you didn't include any shots from behind, of her bottom in it.

Zaika primeros desnudos | September 23rd, 2012
Zaika primeros desnudos

nice day for a skinny dip! (if you have zaika's body)

PrimeNerdity Estados Unidos de América

Very attractive.

Roger Estados Unidos de América

First Nudes First nudes are always especially thrilling and especially so with a lovely girl like Zaika! Very appropriate to have shown her pulling down her bikini bottoms from behind--the best way! Photo 60 extraordinary standing nude. Photo 69 a classic looking over the shoulder standing butt shot. Another great series from Zaika! Let us hope there are many more!

Mike Estados Unidos de América

Zaika is so young and innocent, yet exudes such divine feminine beauty!!!

Wunder Alemania

I hope to see Zaika veryvery often. She is wonderful

slickwilly Estados Unidos de América

I esp. like the fourth before final image. What a beauty.

Roger Estados Unidos de América

First Time Nudes One Year Later What a joy it has been to savor Zaika and her nude beauty over the past year. Reviewing this set, photo 65 a classic standing angled butt shot with her lovely curved butt-crack and over the shoulder look is simply stunning. Here's hoping for more of Zaiks to come and thank you Zaika for sharing your nude beauty with us!

Uwe Alemania

Dakota Dakota is very beautiful - she should be modelling for Hegre Art! Why is she not here already?

Zaika diosa solar | September 15th, 2012
Zaika diosa solar
Roger Estados Unidos de América

Dialogue on Zaika and other Models Ah, Zaika bathed in nature's light. A most appropriate way to display her nude beauty. And such a beauty. This girl really is a find for Hegre. My favorite shots are 15-17 in which the heat of the sun (Thank you Sun!) has induced lovely Zaika to open her legs and show more of her exquisite cunt with her soft pouty cunt lips and butt-crack peeking in from below. She has such a lovely butt. I enjoyed the two photos 23-4, but would have liked more, especially straight on. It would be a missed opportunity to not have Zaika show off her butt more in such fantastic light. Great series and Great new model! Thank you Hegre and Zaika! Members, in particular Mark, let us get a dialogue going on Zaika and other favorite models each of us has. As a student of Nude Female Beauty, I enjoy not only looking at the girls but also sharing thoughtful impressions with fellow connoisseurs. A dialogue helps all of us better understand the wonder and mystery of the female nude! Just left thorough comments on Muriel films "Fitness Ball" and "Nude Beach." Would welcome interested members comments and would be happy to respond in kind to some of your favorites.

PrimeNerdity Estados Unidos de América

Zaika is gorgeous, but the set is uninspired and boring.

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

ZAIKA - DIOSA DEL SOL Fully nude and relaxed, ZAIKA slumbers under the midday sun, which empowers every fibre of her being.

slrmen_ge Francia

Merveilleuse Zaika ! J'ai hâte de voir les prochaines galleries !


another great "hangin gout" set

Zaika Belleza Clásica | September 7th, 2012
Zaika Belleza Clásica
Thytte Dinamarca

Pure nature. Lovely, natural. No tatoos no piercings just a beautifull naked girl, who is not shy of showing herself. Hope to see much more of that pretty face - and body.

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

BUD' LASKA ZAIKA!!! ZAIKA is as a breath of fresh air, which makes today (Friday) even better. She is majestic, sexy, erotik, and fully nude.


yet another stunning addition!cant wait to see more!

slickwilly Estados Unidos de América

Ravishing beauty. Thank you, Zaika.

TC Estados Unidos de América

Zaika Wow! Move her to the head of the line !

Alex Wilhelm Estados Unidos de América

Zaika Like seeing Grace Kelly naked...

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Zaika Welcome to beautiful Zaika! What a lovely addition to Hegre. She has a wonderful and natural body. I love that she is introduced completely nude. The way all new models should be introduced. I hope to see more of this beauty. I would love to see her pose buck naked wearing only a pair of killer high heel pumps.

Rob Alemania

Fantastic! More of her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

RE: Zaika Well said Thytte. Just a beautiful naked girl: simple, natural, nude. Thank you Zaika ans welcome to Hegre-Art.

Roger Estados Unidos de América

RE: Zaika Mark, I agree entirely. Zaika is a most lovely girl, introduced, as she should be, in a completely nude set. Simple natural nude beauty. I love the coyness in this series as Zaika reveals more and more as the series progresses. So pretty and such a gentle face. No intro series should be without shots of a girl's backside. Appropriately we are treated to four great butt shots in 31-34. Love the over the shoulder look as she reveals her wondrously tight butt in 34. Such delightful tight buns! Hope to see more. Photos 47-52 wonderful posing as is really 47 through the end of the series. Let's get the dialogue going again. As a student of Nude Female Beauty, I enjoy not only looking at the girls but also sharing thoughtful impressions with fellow aficionados. A dialogue helps all of us better understand the wonder and mystery of the female nude. Just left a long comment on Muriel Nude Beach film. Would welcome your and any other interested members comments and would be happy to respond in kind to some of your favorites.


WOOOOOW ! Woooooow !! No other words come out from my brain. Wooooooooow !!!

Maxximo Grecia

MORE PLEASE of Zaika I can just ask you to PLEASE show us more of this beauty soon. I check the updates every day, hoping to get more pic's or even a film of this incredible female body.

Zaika Películas COMENTARIOS

Flora y Zaika Romance Tropical | March 5th, 2013
Flora y Zaika Romance Tropical
Art Estados Unidos de América

Follow-up? It’s a neat story. How about a follow-up? What they do next?

Chen Taiwan, Provincia de China

Privilege I want you to know that it is like a privilege to see your life together. Thank you Flora and Zaika.

Walt Estados Unidos de América

Perfect vacation This is what would make my perfect vacation. These girls on a tropical island are a dream.

Finbar. Irlanda

RE: Perfect vacation That is OK up to a point Walt. Like you say it is a holiday-style setting. More of the erotic and, let’s face it, the sexy as well should be there too. It stops where it should start.

Farren Estados Unidos de América

RE: RE: Perfect vacation I like it just the way it is. It creates a mood. It is one I like because it is relaxing and soothing with lots of erotic suggestion.

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Double Butt Fun I love butts. There, I admitted it, and this video is a butt lover's dream. Butts in the water, walking butts, butts on the beach, butts in the shower, and finally butts on the bed! Loved it! Thank you Flora and Zaika!

Rodrigo Brasil

No action Zaika's been blue balling me for too long , her and coxy as matter of fact , i want to see them in more action than this , be it in a massage or a film , but please make it happen , i'll agree with the guy that said this film ended where it should've started.

windmill Holanda

RE: RE: RE: Perfect vacation Indeed I agree it is the sensual mood in this excellent film caught so well. Flora and Zaika are so natural in all of their movements and touching. A great pleasure to see.

norcalsoup Canada

Those are two stunning looking obviously completely heterosexual woman! As someone w/ a penis I applaud their choice in sexuality and commitment to the shoot!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

RE: Follow-up? YES!!! Ms Alya, PLEASE tell me there is more to come in this story???!!

Rick Estados Unidos de América

To be continued? Two stunning ladies with beautiful bodies.....

herveda Suiza

This is the BEST of the best for me. Totally awesome; it feels like Peter's best work. I am in awe: the sound, the rhythm, the profound expression of feminity, the beauty of the young shaktis, the location, the filming. Unbelievable. The models seem so delicate and genuine. I love the vibrator massages and I love even more this type of delicate, super pro, erotica. I want hard core stuff and I want this kind of exquisite work. Bravo. Thanks. I am grateful. I wish I had the opportunity to come to your photo workshops and chat. By the way, where is this hotel? I am going to go there with a group of advanced tantrikas. Perfect place for tantra work.

Franco Italia

Wordefully stunning Delicious films, I appreciate the beauty of model and their delicacy, Flora is wonderfully stunning, and finally thanks a lot to Alya, every her works is a masterpiece of beauty.

Fritz Estados Unidos de América

Tropical Romance Very tender. Amazing.

b Australia

Cold? The film showed signs of becomign interesting one minute before it ended! It was a long time to spend under running water - I hope it was warm, though the pert nipples suggested otherrwide!

Starscout Estados Unidos de América

The setting Flora and Zaika and the setting are magical...Hegre brings far away places and women and make them feel like we can touch them...makes his audience feel a part of the entire scene. Remarkable. Naturally, would love to next see the beautiful ladies romantically under the stars or at sunrise together...

Coxy Flora Thea Zaika entrenamiento al desnudo | January 8th, 2013
Coxy Flora Thea Zaika entrenamiento al desnudo
Daly Estados Unidos de América

Pleasure This whole movie is a real pleasure to watch. Every time at the gym I am thinking what the babes there would like doing their thing nude. This movie takes me there.

Mitch Australia

Relax Like the pace. It is slow and easy and I have played it in the background to relax to.

Donna Isla Norfolk

Speaks for itself It’s good to see a movie which lets the girls’ beauty speak for itself without trying over-hard with the setting or the action.

Anders Sudáfrica

More close ups OK but I think there must have been plenty of chances to get more of the close up shots that are there at the end, though imho there are not enough of them.

Tim Reino Unido

RE: More close ups Remember the saying “Variety is the spice of life”? Just watch it for what it is. Beautiful women.

MojoMa_55 Suiza

Film of the Week, 8th January 2013 Shouldn't the male model be 'dressed' like the females?. We see male genitals in other films and massages at Hegre, so why not this time?. It looks like sexual discrimination. I am not 'gay'. I just believe in sexual equality.

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Public Service Annoucement for Zaika Butt Fans Attention all Zaika Butt Fans: best viewing of Zaika's butt in this film is from 3:12 to 3:50, doing squatts, and from 620 to 818, standing, bending and then kneeling. Most revealing views from 6:53-7:05 and 7:42-7:48. Brought to you as a Public Service from the Zaika Butt Fan Association (ZBFA)

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

I think all of these ladies deserve a nice massage after that workout! (and, thanks to Mr Instructor for keeping your britches on!)

nice one Estados Unidos de América

funny to imagine thanks for the workout scene! these girls probably have the urge to work out daily. why not add a new tab: Workout Videos ( and give us another video every few days to enjoy. besides, the ladies look like they need more strength and flexibility training and if you watch videos of yourself it improves body awareness. it seems only flora has body awareness among the 4 females.

Zeke Estados Unidos de América

RE: Public Service Annoucement for Zaika Butt Fans Thanks Roger!


Masaje Thai al desnudo | December 18th, 2012
Masaje Thai al desnudo
JAke Estados Unidos de América

nice tattoo Nice movie guys. Serene and soothing with a pretty girl there too. That’s just what I wanted.

Samantha Reino Unido

Took me back I liked this movie. It took me back to when I lived in Thailand and often had massages like this. They are wonderful for getting rid of muscle aches and pains.

Brett Estados Unidos de América

RE: Took me back I agree about how good for you a genuine Thai massage is but this movie does not show a traditional style one. In Thailand the recipient stays fully clothed.

A Estados Unidos de América

RE: RE: Took me back So you want Zaika to have her clothes on?

Phil Canada

RE: RE: Took me back Why worry? Wouldn’t you rather look at a beautiful nude girl? Anyway I cannot see how it makes any difference to the massage itself whether someone is dressed or undressed.

drummer Estados Unidos de América

awesome 10:00 to 11:00 is awesome butt-cheek spreading goodness!

Rick Estados Unidos de América

Borringgggggggggggg Please enough with these Thai massages.....Z has a beautiful body and just wasted a massage that we could have seen her cum....

Eric Francia

Agree with Rick. Stop with Thai massages !! we 'd like to watch massage movie with female orgasms ! Thank you.

Greygooser Estados Unidos de América

Agree where is the O? YES the female orgasm is what I love to see - also if you could not switch/edit the camera view all around during climax would be nice. Maybe you guys could offer full single angle views as download options? Would love that. Thank you for having the most beautiful women in the world at high quality!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

RE: awesome Thanks for the tip! I agree: outstanding buns and butt-crack looks and butt cheek spreading heaven!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

well, it worked for me!

Hans Dampf Alemania

massage movies I'd like to watch massage movie with female orgasms and to watch the pussy-contructions! Thank you.

Jim Estados Unidos de América

more please I'd like to see more massage updates please. These are the reason that I subscribe.

seovat Estados Unidos de América

What a joy to watch Zaika rubbed down in all her naked glory. Well worth watching from start to finish if you can resist jumping to the best part... wide open cheeks completely reveal her sweet anus!

HBO Noruega

Pure and true Thank you for showing these pure massages too, where our focus can be on the beauty of the model and the surroundings. To see her modest arousal is perfect. Breathing, pulse beating, fingers stretching. Keep the variety up.

jaykaybay Reino Unido

BIG PUSSY Very impressed with the size of her pussy. Very full, bulbous and soft looking

Cámara espía en el hotel: masaje Thai de Zaika | October 23rd, 2012
Cámara espía en el hotel: masaje Thai de Zaika
Lily Reino Unido

Happy memories I have had Thai massage several times and I know that it is really effective and relaxing. This brought back many happy memories. Thanks.

Andreas Sudáfrica

Getting going I think the masseur is getting going a bit herself at the end. She gets even more friendly.

tore Noruega

massage It was a great video! Thanks.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

need subtitles!lol

thunder Corea, República de

wow This is magic!

BangkokDog Estados Unidos de América

Yep, massage in Thailand is like a box of chocolates. You never know how it will end.

Byron1820 Australia

The massage Very pleasant massage, and as an exercise in voyeurism moderately enjoyable - the glimpses of what seems to be a most beautiful pussy were delightful. However, I guess we all look for something rather more - what? - shall we say intimate in these massage shoots, Looking at a beautiful body is one thing, seeing someone pleasuring it more intimately is another . . .

jaykaybay Reino Unido

beautifully exposed the view from behind is just amazing. the gap of her anus i hope indicates she accepts males eaisly. Also the most beautiful pussy lips. mmmm one is hungry :)

joe Estados Unidos de América

This is a nice video except for the camera-man, who keeps bouncing around from one angle to another every 20 seconds. Why can't you just stay in one place and let the audience focus on the nice view for a while?? It just ruins the effect of the eroticism when you keep bouncing from rear view to side view to face view to some other whimsical view.