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Photo of Pamela


Photo of Pamela
Name: Pamela
Country: Macedonia
Weight: 50kg
Height: 168cm
Age: 23
Occupation: Student


Things are on the up for Pamela. Now she is making a breakthrough into nude modelling.

Pamela started her career with our LiveCam service. In no time at all she has established herself as one of your top-favourite girls. A key factor for her huge following is her great sense of humour. She is a fun girl to be with in every sense.

She has a great speciality that she is happy to share with fans. Toys of all kinds appeal to her very vivid imagination. She likes to dream up new ways to entertain herself with them. Her ideas have been creating intense interest. It seems like everyone wants to join in the fun and games.

This gorgeous Macedonian may look shy and fragile. But she plays like a true enthusiast – hard and long.

Pamela Galleries COMMENTS

Pamela pussy delight | March 13th, 2013
Pamela pussy delight
wheeler United States

delightful, from head to toe!front and back!

TuriyaRaver Australia

Clitoral Hood... I could chew on that hood for hours...mmmm mmmmm...

Nav United States

Every inch a morsel.

vicnsi United Kingdom

fleshy pam girl's in the 'hood! ;-)

Laurie United Kingdom

Perfect I really think that Pamela has achieved a rare distinction to be feted as the most beautifully endowed girl. Her sublime creation would inspire most artists...

Pamela first studio session | February 11th, 2013
Pamela first studio session
wheeler United States

pamela is lovely, as always!

KOMET United States

PAMELA - SPONTANEOUS EMERGENCE PAMELA strides forth, fully nude and free.

Rick United States

Mmmmmmmmmm Love your lips......delicious body!

RAMI Israel

pamela I told you in the chat!That beautiful girl And a perfect pussy I like what I see

Les Donaldson United States

Pamela She has to be the most Beautiful model you have ever had to date!!!!!

Peron United States

Lips Such gorgeous labia. Pamela is a perfectly lovely woman in every way.

John United Kingdom

@ Komet That's it, I can't take any more 'fully nude and free' comments... I'm going to gouge my eyes out now so I don't have to read them ever again.

Scofield United States

@Komet You aren't the only one, John. To say that this "fully nude and free" shtick has become tiresome would be a gross understatement. Give it a rest, Komet!

Pamela big challenge part2 | January 25th, 2013
Pamela big challenge part2
KOMET United States

WHERE'S MIKE? PAMELA would be much better paired off with Mike --- both of them fully nude and free together. (Get rid of the oversized dildo and bring in Mike for PAMELA.)

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Pamela's Big Challenge (2) Well done Pamela. A courageous attempt at what seems to be an impossibly large challenge. Perhaps some extra training in gymnastics and yoga stretching would enable you, (if you so wish), to achieve a deeper penetration.

Tom Germany

too big? That didn't work. She had probably made ​​a bit too much.

hardy Germany

What about big Challenge (3)? Pamela I think you have to stretch your hot pussy a bit more. Then try it again. Me and some other guys wait for it.

Roger United States

"To Dream the Impossible Dream!..."

Voyeur United States

Hurray Pamela, you're my hero :).

fanboi United States

Mike & Pamela I think the consensus is that Pamela is ready for a free-for-all with Mike's large erect black penis. Time to make this girl's fantasy a reality. And enough with the cock tease. I want to see her take that cock all the way in her mouth and pussy!

Rick United States

Love this girl She is ready for prime to see her massaged with the big one....

Zeppelin Germany

Double No! Nono!

aldobutter United States

Love the expressions on her face. Looks like she's having fun trying to take that monster. Definitely would like to see a part 3, or a good fuckin by one of the males. Good job Pamela!!!!!

geno United States

very nice job but... You should have taken it in a bit more but you still did great. Yime for the real thing, time to fuck big MIke! Would love to see his cock deep in your pink pussy!!!

geno United States

time to have big Mike You did great here but it's time for the real thing, take big Mikes inside you wonderful, pink pussy

Enrikhone Italy

For third session If Pamela want, I hope that for the third session, her can use a smaller toy and go deeper, always using the stool, because makes her more beautiful

Jeremies Spain


COmtnman17 United States

others Would love to see Dominika try this, I bet she could take it deep!!!!!! Or Silvie, I bet she could take it deep as well!! How bout it Peter? Or lets lube Pamela up alittle more:))

Pamela metal stool | January 1st, 2013
Pamela metal stool
KOMET United States

PAMELA - DAWNING OF A NEW YEAR PAMELA offers us a fulsome welcome to 2013 fully nude and free.

Rick United States

Very Hotttttty I would bet Pamela would be uncontrollably wild during a pussy massage.....I hope to see her on a massage table soon!

barrabooka Australia

pamela Pamela is the perfect woman..a neat a nd so sexy pussy framing her pretty clean ass hole....and all given so naturally.

Voyeur United States


Pamela big black buddy | December 20th, 2012
Pamela big black buddy
wheeler United States

I'm sure you have many wondering of she can really take that thing!lol

Zeppelin Germany

Yuck Thanks but no, thanks.

Max Australia

Fabulous There is nothing more erotic than seeing a woman impaling herself on an oversize dong, stretching herself to the limit, pushing past the resistance and succumbing to its girth. Cant wait to see the rest of this set.

Sledge Luxembourg

When will we see pamela impaled on the bick black dildo?

Voyeur United States

MORE please

Pamela pretty in pink | December 8th, 2012
Pamela pretty in pink
wheeler United States

uuummm...well, there sure is some pretty pink there! (among other things) I wouldn't exactly say she's IN it!lol

Zeppelin Germany

The "girl next door" is exactly what I'm NOT looking for on hegre art.

steve United Kingdom

once again; endless vagina shots. What is this Hegre obsession about?

bigguy69 United States

Pamela in pink Great photos. My complements to the photographer for showing us Pamela in her "pink". Pamela is erotic and has such a gift of her flowering pink labia. Love her sultry look

thytte Denmark

Love Pamela. She is so comfortable with her sexuality. She smiles the most naugty one,while showing herself. She enjoys, and that makes her at top model, despite she does not have a top model body. Does not matter, her smile and attitude makes the difference. She appeals so much to my basic instinct. Thanks Pam

CogentOne United States

One Word Perfect.

Barrabooka Australia

Purrfect Pamela Pamela is so perfect as to be unbelievable. She is open and so natural in her display of her charms. her pussy is just right and accompanied by her delightful ass hole...yum. Plus she likes to play with both for us.

Rick United States

Mmmmmmmmmm That is one delicious pussy......

Max Australia

Clitoris? What a beautiful pussy, such full and long labia, I love the way she folds them back. Perhaps next time she could expose her clitoris as well. It is so good to see how much confidence in herself to show everyone how much she enjoys it too.

wheeler-1 United States

RE: steve his members are the one's obsessing! every time he puts up a set that isn't half pussy, they bitch about it!

Geert Germany

Pamela in pinkHei, Hei, eine gigantische Vulva mit einem herrlichen Kitzler - Einfach herrlich!

Sandy United Kingdom

hungry 'pretty in pink' and wet in sexual arousal!! delicious, what more could a man ( or woman) want. More please!!!!

Laurie United Kingdom

Achingly Irresistible The sex appeal of Pamela can only be descibed as deliciously beautiful, her exquisite cunt a "Work of Art". The intensity of her wicked decadence and delightful sinfulness arouses immediate pleasure. Images 49-54 teased me to an exceptionally gorgeous eruption of ecstasy. She is so fucking precious...

ailefroide Belgium

Pamela pretty in pink Pretty ok. Why pink ?

Pamela rear view | November 30th, 2012
Pamela rear view
wheeler United States

lovely view from any angle!

Thytte Denmark

Love her. She is so full of love of life, that she can hardly stop smiling. And lovely it is - her smile. A beautiful body as well, and a very sweet pussy.

Little Tomy United States

This is one sexy young lady in touch with her sexually... I love your vagina Pamela

Rez United States

pleasure Love a woman who knows how to give them selves pleasure! Love Pamela's playful smile...

hardy111 Germany

very hot ass Pamela, you are one of 1000 girls, who got the same god looking from the back like your face. I would like to kiss all your lips - smile!

Rick United States

Very hot Pam is begging for a massage....please give her one!

wheeler United States

shock!!! someone actually mentioned her smile before her vagina!!!

erro08 United States

Pic #33 By far the best picture of this glorious tribute to Pamela. Thank you.

Peron United States

#33 is the one, what a perfect anus, a perfect picture, a gorgeous girl

Peron United States

RE: Photo number 33 what a perfect anus, what a gorgeous girl

pjs451/Peron United States

RE: Photo number 33 wonderful picture, lovely girl, perfect anus Wow!

Pamela pink nudes | November 21st, 2012
Pamela pink nudes
KOMET United States

PAMELA FULLY NUDE & FREE Of all the photos in this series, Photo 025 is one of my special favorites. PAMELA fully nude and free on all-fours like a furless beast. (Perhaps in a future photo series, PAMELA could be paired with someone like YANKA, emerging from a cage as a growling lioness. YANKA would have in her hand a small whip to "tame" PAMELA, who would scamper about on all-fours, fully nude. Why not try it, Hegre?)

Variable-43 United States

Pamela has such a tasty looking bottom! What I'd give to run my tongue across that puckered hole! Sweetness.

Pamela big challenge part1 | November 10th, 2012
Pamela big challenge part1
wheeler United States

well, it'll be interesting to see if that thing'll fit!

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Pamela's Big Challenge Will there soon be film of Pamela actually impaling herself on this monster?

KOMET United States

PAMELA & THE CHOCOLATE DILDO WHERE'S MIKE?! It would have been a wiser move to pair PAMELA with Mike, from whom she could pleasure herself. Both fully nude.

Zeppelin Germany

what a contrast... Yesterday: ordinary setting with an extremely special woman Today: extreme setting with ...

Nav United States

Beautiful sexy amusing girl.

erro08 United States

Is there more?? Well, we're waiting!!!

The Chef Sweden

Hide the salami... The meaning of hiding the salami goes extreme here... That pecker is more of a meatloaf to her. Please be carefull with the young models here Petter ;-)

docwally United States

Stretch I think it is a shame to stretch out that beautiful pussy with that thing.

abby United States

big challenge indeed! Wow! That's something else. I'm enjoying Pamela, she looks like a lot of fun. I like that she's laughing in some of the pictures. Thank god she got the lube out, though. Looking forward to part 2!

nobody Finland

Pamela has a very large and beautiful clitoral hood, it seems. It's entirely positive that pussies have this kind of interesting differences.

sandy United Kingdom

RE: what a contrast... That's why I, and I suspect a lot more, stay a member of this site!!! love the odd burst of hardcore that get a few whining!! Love the extremes, just wish there were more of them!!! Also wish some of the more ultra shy models would shock me by showing their pussies in close-up detail. Love it Petter keep it up

Norcal Nudity Lover United States

Wow! I don't know how it's physically possible, but I hope she can take the whole thing! Go Pamela!

Roger United States

RE: RE: what a contrast... I concur Sandy. If there is a video, may I suggest the soundtrack be "To Dream the Impossible Dream..."

Sledge Luxembourg

When? I hope part 2 is out soon. And the Vid right with it :-)

Pamela pussy | November 6th, 2012
Pamela pussy
wheeler United States

I just dont get it! but, at least we got a glimpse of the rest of pamela's loveliness.

jimy009 United Kingdom

Art of the Vigina We think it's about time we had more of these poses in all models. Like men females also have many different shapes and sizes of the vigina.So come ladies let's have more like this. In the name of Art only.

Thytte Denmark

Inviting and delicious - beautiful as well.

Justin United States

Mmmmm! you're fuck!ng sexxxy and you know it :)

Rick United States

Beautiful pussy.....

Bob Johnson Canada

gorgeous blossom Wow - I could look at this beautiful woman's pussy all day, every day!

Brent United States

Pamela Wow - what a beautiful flower! I will definitely look at these photos over and over. One of the most beautiful pussys I've seen!

Ty United States

Pamela's Very tasteful photography - no pun!

Voyeur United States

Although there is much more to Pamela's beauty than just her pussy, her pussy is certainly beautuful.

barrabooka Australia

Pamelas pussy What a delightful display of Pamelas soft and oh dso prtetty pussy lips, with a bonus of her exquisite ass hole showing its beauty

archcon212 United States

Pamela Please, much more of Pamela and her toys

j_JDaniels United States

RE: Photo number 9 Delicious!

harry Germany

more Pamela, please

Pamela pink pleasure | October 28th, 2012
Pamela pink pleasure
wheeler United States

a stepin the wrong direction, IMHO...these kinda sites are a dime a dozen! pamela is hot, though

fjord Norway

Pamela pink This girls rises straight to the top- 10 out of 10. She is utterly irresistible and with a pussy like that - wow. Ok, when is the movie or the massage? I hope next week? Good reason to keep up my subscription.

simon Switzerland

As wheeler says, not sure what to think of this. The OMG session was much better. Are these realy Petter pictures? Shadows at the top an bottom all over the place.

windmill Netherlands

pink pleasure Pamela truly makes a difference. It is the clear and open joy in this shoot that separates. Pamela with her own attitude and expression creates images with great attraction.


I love it. I love real and daring models. Keep pushing the edge Peter. Go for it!: High quality photography, superb models, outrageously erotic and daring. I want it all and will renew my membership!!

steeler Japan

Good! What a charming anus. And pussy is pink. She aloso has a beautiful face.

DL United States

Yes More of This, please.

Laurie United Kingdom

Hegre-porn Hmmm I'm not sure where this site is headed. But fuck me! I've got a deliciously hot throb...

Max Australia

About time Its not about whether its been done before, its about how Petter crafts the material, masterfully as usual. I feel this is a valuable addition to the site and a very erotic one. Its not like these girls dont do this on their own and its great to see a girl who is confident enough to share her hobby with us. Beautiful girl, stunning photos. Would have been nice for her to be more aroused though. Keep pushing that envelope Petter.

Scorpio United States

Good There's a difference in porn and art, these are still tasteful. Even when you have the pictures of insertion with people, i.e. the one with "fiance" that's still tasteful, it's not porn. Grow up. This is one of the best shoots in a while.

Rick United States

Mmmmmmmmmm Now this is what I like.....Pam has a beautiful large pussy.....

freerd4 United States

The Perfect Gallery! I think this is the sexiest gallery on this site or any other - ever! Pamela, with her beautiful, innocent, and natural face and the anatomy of a grown adult woman; posing completely naked in a studio setting devoid of any distraction or privacy; coyly making eye contact with the camera while submitting to a pink toy that seems to dominate the most intimate part of her body on it's own accord, leaving her totally vulnerable and exposed! As long as Peter stays consistent with his style of photography I think he can skate the fringe of erroticism without it devolving into something less than art. This is priceless... Thank You!

Roger United States

Look at the Size of that Thing I kept wondering why Pamela didn't have it all the way in, then I saw photo 75. Look at the size of that thing! Well Pamela Did have a big smile on her face so I guess it's OK. Excellent series, tasteful and erotic! I recall Mirta the first Hegre model to break the penetration barrier, now many have followed suit. I say, if the girls are OK with it and it's tasteful, it's great.

nzo428 New Zealand

Pamela Pink Pleasure Stunning..!! Simply fucking stunning!! More please..!? ; )

Akerfeldt Mexico

Just what this site needed! And I thought hegre-art couldn't get any hotter!

Stef Belgium

Very hot.....more please.....

Laurie United Kingdom

The Quintessential Slut Beautiful and exquisitely dirty, I love her...

Jean-Pierre Luxembourg

Porn has become ZEN Yep this is porn, so what ? All those superficial decoration you see on usual porn are eliminated. You just see 3 main colours : white background, her light hair and skin colour, and pink of the plastic dick and her pussy. The porn is reduced to its extreme simplicity, so we can call it Art as well, don't we ?

Guest United States

RE: Hegre-porn I think it's mostly for each model to decide whether to get into porn or not. If you have chatted with Pam, she is one open minded sexy crazy girl. She said this is how she perfect fuck buddy :)

Tercel1 Germany

Did you see the secret smile of this dildo?!

Voyeur United States

I love this uninhibited model. Beautiful and fun loving.

Claflin United States

This girl is hot! More!

Herminator Germany

wow, geil, sieht klasse aus, wie es ihre schön rasierte Muschi dehnt. Ich würde gerne meinen Schwanz zur Verfügung stellen. Er hat in die gleichen Ausmaße.

variable-43 United States

Ah yes, the lonely girl with a giant dildo. So sweet. I'd love to see that pink monster stuffed to the hilt into that wonderfully puckered bottom hole...

Sandy United Kingdom

shocking surprise!! This IS art at it's erotic best in my eyes. Fed up with the 'wrong direction' biased purists, as I have said before I love this site for it's variety. There are a few galleries that I don't rate highly but unfortunately you choose not to print my negative comments. This site will never be porn in my eyes as there are no false moans or put on enjoyment looks. only normally genuine excited pussies, Yanna was an example of that. Keep it up Petter

Peron United States


pjs451/Peron United States

RE: Photo number 25 Perfection

ralph6655 Australia

pamela Oh please, a film of this beatiful woman

Erekhart Germany

Great in every respect What a great choice of tool...the size, the color, the way Pamela's pussy gets dilated when she inserts it...great! I would really like to see a similar set with a speculum, preferably of collins type...

roboslop United States

sweet blond, pink dildo phat pussy, awesome combination

Pamela OMG | October 16th, 2012
Pamela OMG
jake Belgium


lovenuru Australia

Would love to have seen some shots of Pamela's pussy afterwards - what an amazing stretch! Wow!

wheeler United States

well, that was...uuummm...different!

Thytte Denmark

Jesus. I know children comes out there - but still. Geeeeee- Agree with lovenuru. Let´s have the shots Petter, you´v got them :)

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Pamela OMG Brave girl. Well done!

Guest United States

OMG i hope that thing is made of rubber not steel :) way to go Pamela!

Fract Netherlands

So this is how one trains to receive Mike. Good thing she was wearing those platform shoes: the poor lady would have had to stand on her toes if she didn't!

Litka United States

Pamela Superb photography !!! I agree that there should have been some shots of Pamela's sweet stretched pussy at the end ......she is as always seXXXy , hot and gorgeous !!

Geert Germany

Pamela Gewaltig diese Dimension. Ein herrliches Spielzeug !

PrimeNerdity United States

yup, different...and hot...yup...

Joe United States

Now *that's* an umbrella!

Ben Germany

What umbrella ? Didn´t see one :-)

Scorpio United States

Damn That was awesome! I love insertion pics.

Tercel Germany

Hoppe hoppe Reiter.... Fortsetzung folgt???

JP United States

Too dark hard to tell if Pamela was using front or rear sweet hole...please shed some light!!!

lovejill22 United States

like to see in color like to see in full color,and actually see it going in pamelas pussy

Voyeur United States


Roger United States

Good girl Pamela!

wheeler United States

RE: Too dark asume it was the front

Petra Switzerland

Finally!! Me and my partner loved looking at this session. At last we saw "more"! It made me "Niagara falls like" juicy and him rock hard. We'd love to see more (real) cocks in pussies. ;-)

fjord Norway

Penila, pamela This women is magnificent and rises straight to the top of the charts. A massage movie with Pamela will be a treat with those gorgeous labia. Please do not obstruct the view

xyartluv India

reality Hi Peter, Why cant we have real cocks in pussies shoots (still & vdo) with your artistic flavor? I realy wonder why you had been restraining from presenting the real intercourse where there is a huge scope for you to come up with wonderful artistic work giving this monotonus world creeative poses and postures to enjoy their sex work? Your work on real intercourse will not and can not be categorised into "porn". You must come out with such videos going beyond "massages". I believe, there must several of your followers who would concur with these views.

Andre Netherlands

Pleas moer of this pictures with the other beauty models thanks mate

Laurie United Kingdom

Extraordinary You just have to love a girl who loves to fuck...

Pamela double pink | October 6th, 2012
Pamela double pink
Gentleman Australia

Queen The greatest and sweetest woman on earth today :)

wheeler United States

omg! there's TWO of them!!! (I'll take the one on top)

RAMI Israel

pamela Dear pamela! Welcome to hegre-art! I must say you have a beautiful pussy I want to see more


PAMELA Pamela est un super mannequin qui fera du chemin car elle est magnifique ,fraiche,et surtout souriante et décomplexée.Elle me plait beaucoup et j'aimerai la revoir en Galeries,films,et massage.Bravo au Maitre Photographe.

Litka United States

What a wonderful treat entire set of Pamela's beautiful pussy ! We definately need more of Pamela and many more close-ups of her gorgeous body !

Nav United States

Beautiful in every way (place).

Laurie United Kingdom

I Love the Vulgar Bulgar Rose pink and lavender hue / I love you / Your sweet scent, sensuous / On warm summer air / As I languish in despair / Haunted and faint hearted...

Zeppelin Germany

Pamela erinnert mich an meinen Onkel Horst.

Jean-Pierre Luxembourg

Oasis Finally a newcomer who is not shy to open her leg !! I was so thirsty for pussy-juice and found an oasis in Pamela. I also like the colour coordination : black background, white lingerie , light skin and hair colour, and pink of her juicy fruit of course.

Laurie United Kingdom

You Exquisite little Fucker I would love to devour your fragrant cunt...

Stef Belgium

Pamela ......very sweet and very beautifull.....more please.....

Frank United States

Gorgeous shot of a beautiful cunt oozing girl cum. Makes my cock stand at attention in admiration!

scorbion52 Germany

when the next session with Valerie + Mike ????

windmill Netherlands

Pamela Pamela off course is a great model showing a marvelous attitude. The stockings in my view do not bring added value to her person or the purpose of the shoot. Only in her complete and absolute nudity we will see her magnificent person, the way she is.

Rick United States

Pamela Delicious pussy.....thick, wet and juicy....can't wait to see her massaged

Geert Germany

Pamela Ein schönes saftiges Pläumchen. weiter so !!!

Sandy United Kingdom

if only!!! If only we could get Ryonen to 'mirror' these poses I, and many others, would be speachless in awe.


RE: Photo number 32 beautiful pussy

Pjs451/Peron United States

# 19 UnbelIevably lovely

Erekhart Germany

Mirror games I'm a big fan of mirror games, and I like the total openness in this series. On the other hand, you might also want to try a series where the most intimate perspectives do not reveal themselves directly, but only in the mirror. For me, this adds a certain voyeuristic edge to the pictures, which I like a lot.

COmtnman17 United States

FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!! Great gallery, yumy yumy. One of the best on the site. Would love to see Luba do a set like this:))

not known Australia

Fan-fucking-tastic A gateway to heaven!! (Talking about that gorgeous juicy punani of course) Love the way how the juice has oozed out just enough to give a peek of what awaits deep inside. And nice looking bum-hole to top it off. Wonder if she is a real blonde..

Pamela Films COMMENTS

Pamela Extreme Cam Session | November 13th, 2012
Pamela Extreme Cam Session
Piet South Africa

Handle it That’s some great kit you have there Pamela. You handle it well.

Brett United States

Monster It is hard to believe that any woman would seriously try to use that blue monster.

Kev Ireland

More like this. Pamela it looked like you were having a good time. I know I was. More like this please.

Sam Taiwan, Province of China

Any more? Have you got any more sex toys Pamela? I want to see you using everything you have.

Vincent United States

Thank you. Thank you Pamela for this movie. It was just the last little push my G/F needed to persuade her to try with these toys.

Timo E United States

Trashy... but trashy in a good way!

Flesharrower Australia

I was on the other end of that webcam! I'm 100% sure I was on the receiving end of that session, all movements, positions and groans with the giant blue dildo match perfectly to the session I recorded during an online VIP session with Pamela! I feel kinda famous through association. ;)

wheeler United States

thank you ladies (and petter) for the occasional look into these chats. as someone living off of a disability check (hence the nickname), even the basic membership here is a splurge for me!

twobe1 United States

RE: Monster Agree!

Zepplin Germany

Thanks But no, thanks.

Lesd United States

Pamela I would LOVE to help her with all of her toys!!!!

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Pamela Extreme Web Cam I would like to see a film of some of the girls riding a Sybian to see how long they can stay on it and whether they enjoy the experience.

Pete United States

BBC She needs a BBC! :)

James United States

That's one lucky Go Pro Hero! Very intimate on a singular level.

dannio United States

Wow We need to see more of her. She is stunning.

Spot United States

Nice ending Usually huge dildos are a huge waste, as is the case with ole blue. But Pamela sure gobbles up almost all of pinkie, which I lived vicariously through.

Pamela Hitachi Magic Wand | October 30th, 2012
Pamela Hitachi Magic Wand
Akihiro Japan

Real feelings Pamela I so much wish I could be there with you when you do this. You are so much a real woman with real feelings.

Vince United States

Close up That is a cool close up shot 5 minutes in when we see her pussy lips right against it. I could watch that all day.

Julie United Kingdom

Happy times I have had one of these for years. It is the best thing I ever bought. Go for it Pamela. You have many happy times ahead.

Jean-Michel Canada

Too short Way too short. Can we have a longer version please with her stimulating herself in different ways?

Ade Germany

Annoying Great movie. I have just one thing against it. The buzzing noise may be realistic but it is still a bit annoying when it is so loud

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Hitachi Magic Wand Next step a Sybian?

fjord Norway

Hitachi Pamela Nice, but now we need the full massage treatment - front and back - and long slow caresses on that glorious pussy

wheeler United States

worked for me! loved that I could watch her get off, and NOT have to stare at a naked man!

Madronas United States

RE: Hitachi Magic Wand Yes to a Sybian! And put the control in the woman's hand to let her control the speed herself. I've watched many many Sybian videos, and in nearly every one, the videographer (who holds the controls) seems to believe in "the faster, the better." As we've seen from the massage and tantra videos, that is not necessarily the case.

Litka United States

Pamela I agree, this vid is way too short . Pamela is so pretty and sexy and those pussy lips of hers are EXQUISITE as they lay against the Hitachi. It arouses me to watch her gorgeous pussy respond to the vibrations ...........she made my pussy tingle too. I totally could feel her orgasm building and that made my day ! Pamela IS eXXXtasy !!

marc Brazil

Accessory what was the accessory that gave support to the Magic Wand? Anyone know where to find it?

hurro United States

RE: Pamela Wow your comment made me super hard!

Flyer320 Estonia

RE: Happy times Hi Julie where did you buy that want to surprise my wife with one she liked a lot ;)

Dawn United States

Beyond Perfect! This video is beyond perfect! From the background which is solid and not so destructing with pictures hanging or a shelf with busy clutter, she's not wearing distracting jewelry or has tattoos to interfere with the complete attention to the details of this perfect body and some of the most erotic performance of self pleasure anywhere on the internet! She's also setting up for a full view of even her awesome facial expressions unlike so many clips on almost any website anywhere with the model's head and shoulders buried in the back of a sofa, pillow or a lying down position. Damn this is so good! Even the sound is wonderful as the grind of a Hitachi Magic Wand elevates the senses the same as a familiar song or grinding music during a striptease which add even more to her real and authentic performance. In summary, this video should the template for all videos on the internet worldwide! Seriously.