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Photo de Ksenia


Photo de Ksenia
Nom: Ksenia
Pays: Russie
Poids: 49kg
Taille: 173cm
Age: 19
Profession: Mannequin

Nu russe

La nouvelle russie est connue pour le lâcher prise d'une tonne de femmes talentueuses et ravissantes. C'est de cette scène que vient Ksenia.

A Moscou elle apparaît régulièrement dans un magazine de design d’intérieur. C'est un pas naturel d'aller vers un autre milieu qui admire la beauté - le mannequinat.

A présent elle recherche une audience plus importante sur Hegre-Art. Ksenia a des atouts surprenants. Elle a la gueule, l'énergie et un cul ravissant qui devient le centre d'intérêt partout où elle va.

C'est une surprise certaine pour elle. Ksenia est une nana classique et joviale avec son smartphone toujours en marche. Elle est loin du mannequin stéréotype et orgueilleuse. Loin des appareils elle se balade en jeans et chaussures légères, toute simplette.

Face à l'appareil elle se transforme en une chérie du tonnerre.

Ksenia Galeries COMMENTAIRES

Ksenia velvet tank thong | March 30th, 2014
Ksenia velvet tank thong
HardHead Singapour


Pog Thailande

All I can say is wow i love this young lady

Voyeur Etats Uni

Very pretty model, but her sets are all the same.

Ksenia songeuse | March 3rd, 2014
Ksenia songeuse
wheeler Etats Uni

ksenia is a dream!!!

Roger Etats Uni

Outstanding Ksenia! Outstanding from the start! In the first photo we are treated to Ksenia's luscious bare butt and by the third we have enjoyed a straight on view of her tight little butthole and full cunt lips beneath! How satisfying, at long last, are the many looks at Ksenia's irresistable little butthole! Bravo Ksenia! As is only right and proper with a girl with her assets, the first 48 shots, almost the entire series, are of delightful bare butt! Also Photo 44 is a work of art. Thank you Ksenia for showing us your beauty!

sedtus Etats Uni

vividgray@gmail.com Nice set, kudos to all. One humble suggestion: would love to see some sets in B&W. This collections is an example, I think, that really lends itself well to that. I downloaded the medium size image collection and ran it through an auto RGB to Grayscale conversion in Photoshop. Somehow the images are much stronger and sensual. I can only speak for myself, but I would love to see a great B&W set every week or two. Brings out the 'art' in Hegre-Art :)

Laury Luxembourg

Ksenia dreaming Ouff, I would be happy to accompany here dreaming! What a body! That's a really great sequence with that exotic appearing girl who reminds me on Ryonen (my favorite). She's very economical with smiling, so a appreciate very much photo 33. Super stripe!

Pog Thailande


Roger Etats Uni

Simply Marvelous All I can say is I simply marvel at the beauty of Ksenia's butt!

wheeler Etats Uni

RE: vividgray@gmail.com not a bad idea! wouldn't mind seeing some of that, myself!

Roger Etats Uni

Marveling at those Domes Revisiting this series, I am again transfixed by Ksenia's buns! I marvel at those luscious domes!

Ksenia petite chatte | February 14th, 2014
Ksenia petite chatte
wheeler Etats Uni

ooooo...I LOOOOVE that see through stuff!!! Ksenia is super smokin hot!

Roger Etats Uni

Delightfully Playful Pussy Ksenia just keeps getting better and better! She is such a delightfully playful little Pussy throughout this extraordinary series! Love her kitty-cat poses especially "poor little kitty" pouts in 41-42, love the "here it is boys!" playfulness as she bares her out of this world butt for us in 30 and 32 then dutifully sticks it right out there for us to see in 35. Best of all are the "Oh No! They can see my Cunt!" looks in 65 and 67. I most thoroughly enjoy female nude beauty, but that enjoyment is so so much enhanced when I know the girl is also enjoying showing herself nude to me. Nothing quite so delightful as a laughing smiling posing naked girl. Thank you so much Ksenia! You are really something else!

abelard Brésil

Finally a new set of Ksenia! Thanks, great job! I love her.

Guy Etats Uni

Loved how this set started! So sexy with the see through dress... but could really have done without the silly facial expressions.

Hans_4 Allemagne

This girl is pretty. But...who needs this silly bunny poses?

wheeler Etats Uni

RE: Hans_4 ME!!! hehehe

PacoEco Mexique

Gorgeous This smiling girl make me in a good mood

ailefroide Belgique

Ksenia pussy slip Congratulations for your imagination.

Ksenia orteil doré | January 31st, 2014
Ksenia orteil doré
Roger Etats Uni

Buttiful Ksenia Ah Ksenia! Always a special delight to see her! I have commented before what delightfully full soft cunt lips she has and it is fitting to have these "camel toes" celebrated! Love them on full frontal display in 36-39 or from behind, as in 42, peeking in from below her lovely butt crack. What full lips! Also love her expressions: the "Oops, they can see my cunt!" look in 37 and her delightful smile that welcomes us to admire her totally nude in 38. Lastly, love the butt shots! No series of Ksenia should go by without celebrating her bare buns! Especially wowed by 45. What curves! "Buttiful!" Thank you as always Ksenia for posing nude! P.S. Love your Camel Toes!

Saldo Etats Uni

RE: Photo number 17 Great ass

Pog Thailande

Just lovely

abelard Brésil

Hey...can we hope for a VIDEO of this fantastic set? Please!

Ksenia jeunesse russe | January 10th, 2014
Ksenia jeunesse russe
ailefroide Belgique

Ksenia russian .. So pretty ...

Pog Thailande

Wow she is just the very best

GoodSamuarai Japon

Environment and,,,,, Does Ksania doing gymnastic stretch work at storage room ? Peter, you better spend more cost for the gallery photo session !!!!

Erekhart Allemagne

No. 5 The gallery is great! I especially like picture No. with Ksenia on her knees, her pussy lips clearly visible...

windmill Pays Bas

Ksenia Ksenia is the one girl with the stunning body and strong poses with an exceptional expression that keeps us attracted. Wonderfull pictures

Roger Etats Uni

RE: No. 5 Erkhart, I agree completely. Any gallery with Ksenia nude is extraordinary. I relish looks at Ksenia's cunt lips too, so well shown in photos 1-5, although for me her lips are best shown in photo 4. I love Ksenia. Wish there had been more straight on butt shots in this series though!

abelard Brésil

Please, more films of her!

Sandy Royame Uni

RE: RE: No. 5 I'm another one who is really looking forward to Ksenia showing more of her gorgeously plump pussy preferably spread to show the fruit within. Stunning girl with a superb body, please show us it all!!

Ksenia robe de soirée violette | December 14th, 2013
Ksenia robe de soirée violette
Dan Etats Uni

Ksenia purple party dress Boy, I want to go to that party!

MM Etats Uni

Arms high overhead always makes for a nice set

Linda Norvège

Dress What is the brand of Ksenias purple party dress ?

ailefroide Belgique

Ksenia purple ... Original. Pretty. Thanks.

Roger Etats Uni

So Great to have Ksenia back! So Great to have Ksenia back! Already from the first photo seeing our little minx with her cunt lips showing through the purple veil, then at photo 15, turning round, like we knew she would, to show her saintly ass! For Ksenia knows, knows so well, that no photo set of her is complete without showing her buns. Then starting with 24, pulling it up, yes, showing that butt-crack, show more girl, Yes! show it all! Take it off! Get naked! Thank you Ksenia and here's hoping for many more sets of you!

wheeler Etats Uni

would love to find ksenia at a party wearing that dress!

Laurie Royame Uni

A rare Treat Among the more recent arrivals, Ksenia and Melinda are a class apart. Ksenia floats in a mist of warm sensuousness, alluring, delightfully beguiling and deliciously sexy. The shoes and dress are complimentary, but image 69 was the perfect ending. Sequence 48-56 was repetative and bizarre, 63 and 64 captures her exquisite charm. Such a stunningly feminine creature...

Roger Etats Uni

RE: A rare Treat Ksenia is a fav. "Out little Minx" Of 63-64, I prefer 64 as it shows more of those delicious and famous bare buns. Reviewing this set now, I am impressed with what sweet cunt lips she has. What a rare treat to see them again, and of course, all of lovely Ksenia.

JMH Etats Uni

Good to see Ksenia again. She's so cute. I love her smile.

Sandy Royame Uni

waiting in anticipation Still waiting to see some poses to split that beautiful peach of this stunner. Please don't make me wait too long!!!

Ksenia tout en dentelle | November 2nd, 2013
Ksenia tout en dentelle
Laurie Royame Uni

The Good - The Bad and the Naff Lets cut adrift without delay the "Naff", the shoes, far too tarty for Ksenia. The awfully "Bad", some of those floor poses. Now lets cut to the really "Good", image 4 revealing a delightful curve of cheek. Image 12, the smile that melts the heart. A face clart free, glowing with health and vitality. Image 16, the fingers in deliciously sensuous mood, and finally sequence 67 - 70, a teasing peek of her exquisite vulva, enough to hasten the heart and seduce the senses. Ksenia, an emotional pleasure...

lember92 Etats Uni

Oh, you meant the actual cheek.. My bad.

murph Etats Uni

technique Simple and lovely

Roger Etats Uni

Where is Ksenia? I don't know how I missed this set. But where is Ksenia? Haven't seen much of her lately and we should be seeing more, much more! Of course, love the bare-naked butt shots starting with photo 78. What a treat to see her butt emerge as she pulls down her clothes! Thank you Ksenia! More Ksenia, please!

abelard Brésil

I'm addicted on Ksenia. Undoubtedly, best model in Hegre-Art. Please, more of her.

Ksenia jeux de lit | October 12th, 2013
Ksenia jeux de lit
wheeler Etats Uni

looks like someone had a restless night! (lucky for us)

Letti Allemagne

Ksenia bd games I like this fotos from Ksenia, I like the lightning and how natural this beautifil girl act, but sometimes she looks so shy!

Laurie Royame Uni

Pretty as a Picture She haunts my mind, warms my heart and how delightfully depicted...

windmill Pays Bas

Ksenia Ksenia is bringing a wonderful and beautiful body with great expressions. Pure joy

Roger Etats Uni

Ah Ksenia! I can drink of her, nude on a bed.

Ksenia summer time | October 2nd, 2013
Ksenia summer time
wheeler Etats Uni

would love yo roll around in the sand with her! :P

Roger Etats Uni

Ah Ksenia! How good it is to see Ksenia again after she has been away for so long. An appropriately totally nude set with an even more appropriately high number of butt shots. Favorites 15-18 and 56-60. Love the straight on butt looks of 15-18 with her tight little anus above and lusciously full cunt lips below. 56 is truly a work of art with the lovely curves of her ass. What a treasure! Thank you Ksenia!

Laurie Royame Uni

RE: Ah Ksenia! Steady on old chap, she is my girl. Surely the prettiest, the loveliest whose warm body I would love to snuggle up to on a misty Autumn morn...

wheeler Etats Uni

RE: RE: Ah Ksenia! get in line! lol

Ksenia sensualité | September 13th, 2013
Ksenia sensualité
wheeler Etats Uni

would love to roll around with her!

Laurie Royame Uni

A Vision The last word in alluring femininity, so achingly irresistible...

Roger Etats Uni

Ah Ksenia! So good to have Ksenia back, fully nude, and appropriately so. The exquisite Minx, as Laurie called her, is back. And speaking of backs, the last five photos are simply buttiful! Thank you Ksenia. Please let us have more, much more.

ailefroide Belgique

Ksenia sensuality Nice face, nice buttocks, nice ... etc.

ailefroide Belgique

Ksenia sensuality I repeat : so beautiful.

Ksenia galet de plage | August 25th, 2013
Ksenia galet de plage
wheeler Etats Uni

nice to see lovely ksenia just hanging out and beig gorgeous!

Laurie Royame Uni

A Visceral Touch As the breeze whipped the spray / I thrilled to the tingle / Romped with carefree display / To fuck in surf and shingle. Love Laurie

MM Etats Uni

A model stretched out is always nice. Ksenia is lovely

Roger Etats Uni

Lovely Ksenia Wheeler, she makes me forget how to spell too! Although I do now know how to spell K-s-e-n-i-a. What a gorgeous beauty she is!

Laurie Royame Uni

RE: Lovely Ksenia Ksenia is the loveliest Hegre girl by far, you could take her for tea at grannies and she would receive instant approval. Of course Ksenia would probably be outrageously naughty and whilst sipping tea, undercover of the tablecloth with her free hand caress your yearning erection. She is an absolute darling, hauntingly pretty with a very appealing impish nature...

Armpitfetish Canada

Ksenia beach set Not too much to say other than this was a set of pics that I really appreciate.

Ksenia good morning | August 18th, 2013
Ksenia good morning
wheeler Etats Uni

good morning it is now!

Laurie Royame Uni

My Pretty Muse Delightful curves that trace the eternal desires of mankind...

Laurie Royame Uni

The Ecstasy As I melt in her exquisite arse. Perfect...

Wildman Royame Uni

Wonderful Ksenia is simply perfection. Such a lovely body and her range of facial expressions is superb. I cant wait to see her massaged.

Laurie Royame Uni

Enigmatic and Utterly Unique Looking at Shako today really emphasizes the natural beauty of Ksenia and I hope she remains so. Her warm smile in 55 melts the heart and reveals a beautiful soul...

Laurie Royame Uni

On the Tongue I will never tire of feasting my eyes on this exquisite creature and indulging the sensual effect on my libido. I love to cradle my tumescent cock until it swaggers and a small droplet forms on my inflamed joy...

Ksenia la silhouette féminine | August 12th, 2013
Ksenia la silhouette féminine
Laurie Royame Uni

Sublimely Simple ~ Simply Sublime A classic gallery of delightful nudes presented in an unpretentious format, Ksenia's beauty the natural focus...

wheeler Etats Uni

lovely figure, indeed!

MM Etats Uni

Love her stretched out. Nice shoot.

Laurie Royame Uni

Tattoo Do I assume that the very faint marks on her lower back are the remains of a recently removed tattoo. If so I am delighted that Ksenia has shown sense and good taste, tattoos have no place on beautiful girls. They are generally regarded in the UK as the characteristic feature of slags and grunts...

wheeler Etats Uni

I see no marks on her lower back. but, notice she does have a small tattoo on her right side. very well hidden, though. took a couple sets for me to notice

Ksenia teinte bleue | August 4th, 2013
Ksenia teinte bleue
kw Etats Uni

lovely bottom pictures.

wheeler Etats Uni

another lovely view! personally, I like it shiny!

Laurie Royame Uni

Haunted and Enchanted More intensely than love / Honey and soft sea sighs in your hair / Warm peachy fragrance and roses of your pubis / More intensely than desire...

Laurie Royame Uni

Artificial Lighting? A room with a view, 6 May, obviously the same location as this shoot, was shot entirely in the brilliant bright light and the result was stunning. Whilst these are super images they do lack the warmer tones, subtle shades and aestheticism of the earlier gallery.

Roger Etats Uni

Ksenia's Butt M-m-m-m! Another delightful butt series from Ksenia. Photo 43 my fav.

Ksenia côte accidentée | July 15th, 2013
Ksenia côte accidentée
wheeler Etats Uni

oh yes! please keep the natural light coming! gorgeous!!!

Laurie Royame Uni

Shall we Dance I can dance on the beach / Under the pale moonlight / Champagne cooling in the gently breaking surf / The evening air warm, sensuously fragrant / Yes I can dance...

KOMET Etats Uni

KSENIA - WOMAN OF THE LITORAL Daringly, KSENIA divests herself of her restrictive raiment and ascends the semi-craggy eminences abutting the sea beneath summer skies.

Roger Etats Uni

Don't get scraped! Great to see Ksenia again, appropriately fully nude and in nature's light. Favorite shots: 1-23. What a butt!

Laurie Royame Uni

Exquisite Ksenia is simply Inspirational Nature dances to the rhythm of surf tinkling on shingle and sighs to the soft sway of trees caressed by a warm breeze. The scent of honeysuckle and wild rose, the sensuousness of sunkissed young bodies sets the heart racing. Ephemeral, subtle tones colouring the landscape of my mind...

Rico Portugal

Sexy and natural :) love the afternoon light combined with that brown/blond hair of Ksenia !!

Spacehog26 Royame Uni

Lovely gallery. The contrast between the smooth perfect skin and the rugged rocks is spectacular. Need to lose the sunglasses though - they create a barrier between photographer and model

soldiermedic Etats Uni

Mr. Hegre, I anticipate finding galleries such as this in an interactive, 3D panoramic view, much like the virtual tours in google maps. Is this a possibility for you to construct? I strongly feel that 3D photography would be complimentary your work.

Ksenia Fauteuil Hotel | July 1st, 2013
Ksenia Fauteuil Hotel
wheeler Etats Uni

lucky chair!

Laurie Royame Uni

Purely Sexual The sensual appeal of Ksenia floods my consciousness and arouses wicked desires. Such an exquisite creature...

Laurie Royame Uni

Relish her Delicious Cunt I would love to get really fucking dirty with this exquisite little minx...

Roger Etats Uni

Missed Opportunity First let me say how pleased I am with Ksenia, her incredible beauty, and that she poses nude. However, we are now 13 sets since her debut and there has not been a progression towards more explicit poses. It would be fantastic if she would. With a butt like hers, this series on the chair was just tailor made for several bent-over, back arched up, butt in the air shots. Straight on butt looks showing her anus and cunt lips underneath and with perhaps her looking over her shoulder back towards the camera. A missed opportunity! Nevertheless, Thank you Ksenia for posing! Just hoping we see more! Member thoughts?

jonvaljonesqr Etats Uni

Ksenia A deep drink from the well springs of feminine sexuality. I love her already.

Guest Etats Uni

RE: Missed Opportunity i'm sure there will be part-2 or more exciting sets coming...there are just so many beautiful girls out there every day/month/year...life is great!

Laurie Royame Uni

Arse Perfect Roger, one must not rush the mouthwatering sex appeal of the achingly delightful Ksenia. This breathtakingly sensuous girl must be slowly savoured like a fine wine. One gallery that I frequently revisit is "A room with a view" simply outstanding, her sexuality teasingly captured in a set of quite brilliant images...

wheeler Etats Uni

RE: Missed Opportunity I just don't understand what the big deal about getting these girls to do explicit poses! you've seen one pussy, you've seen em all! if there is ANY part of a woman's anatomy that once you've seen it, you've seen it, THAT'S IT!!! these ladies are SO MUCH MORE than just a fucking PUSSY!!! and, if that's ALL you want to see, I suggest you avoid sites that have the word "art" in the title!!!

Roger Etats Uni

RE: RE: Missed Opportunity Take it easy Wheeler! Look, we are fellow admirers of nude female beauty: we should be supportive towards each other. I have almost always agreed with you in the past, and have been at times a defender of your points of view. Let me explain what I mean: Perhaps explicit isn't the word I want, rather I want variety and progression. I don't want the unnatural restrictiveness of Playboy, nor the scary monotony of hard core. That is why I like Hegre-Art: there is great variety of poses from subdued to more revealing, yet even when revealing, an artistic quality is maintained. I never said that the "pussy" (I much prefer "cunt") is all I want to see, nor do I agree that "once you've seen it, that's it." There are so many different moods and multifaceted beauty of Cunt that, yes, many different shots and poses express this. I refer to Zaika series "Sunshine" and "Sensation" one revealing, one subdued, as examples of different, yet both valid ways to express the beauty of Cunt. There is also the beauty of the Anus which, although we have been treated to glimpses, I hope we will see more of from Ksenia over time. Lastly, let me be clear: although I might wish for occasional more revealing poses, ultimately it is the model's choice on how much she reveals, which I respect and, what's more, give much much thanks to Ksenia and all the models for sharing their nude beauty with us.

Roger Etats Uni

RE: Arse Perfect True, true, Laurie. Thank you for the calming thoughts...I may go have a glass of wine! I took your cue and revisited "A room with a view" What a treat! Ksenia is such a gorgeous young girl, and what an Ass! Simply Butt-i-ful!

v1rtualhawk Royame Uni

I agree, Roger. And I totally disagree with wheeler on the question of variety! In my experience there is huge diversity in the look, shape, size, configuration of the vulva, and we should rejoice in that. I mean, just for example, look at the genitalia of Dominika C and compare them with, say, the latest model, Emily. Honestly, they couldn't be more different, and how wonderful is that? Of course, there is vastly more to feminine beauty than the cunt, but the cunt is an integral part of it all and should be celebrated, cherished - and here should be shown in all its glory, including when the woman is aroused, her legs wide and the labia parted!

Roger Etats Uni

RE: Thank you for the comments virtualhawk. I agree. We are all connoisseurs of nude female beauty. All of the model, including the cunt should be, as you so well said, celebrated, cherished - and shown in all its glory! I simply adore Ksenia! How fortunate we are.

Sandy Royame Uni

re- various comments I totally agree with the missed opportunity comments apart from Wheeler and the lovely diversity of 'cunts' on this site which some are exposed and others not. I love Ksenia and looking forward to seeing her pussy parted (hopefully!!) I have always had an issue with some of the models on the site who refuse to do full-on open leg shots. I have commented before regarding this and most haven't been posted which was disappointing.

Ksenia deux maillots de Malibu | June 12th, 2013
Ksenia deux maillots de Malibu
wheeler Etats Uni

she had me worried those first few pics! I thought I did something wrong! what's the frown for, sweetie??? :(

Ray Nouvelle Zélande

wow...this babe is marriage material

Ksenia nu arty | July 23rd, 2013
Ksenia nu arty
Laurie Royame Uni

Feminine Form The first 19 images perfectly capture the delicious slender shape of Ksenia's back, the curvaceous sexuality of her hips and beautiful derriere. The teasing suggestion of her exquisite sex completes the most delightful sequence of the 19 images...

Rico Portugal

the eyes Something very hypnotic about Ksenia eyes ... love the way she looks in to the camera. very sexy indeed !!!

wheeler Etats Uni

Ksenia is a work of art, indeed!

Roger Etats Uni

Ksenia's Anus Ah yes, at long last we are treated to photos of lovely Ksenia's anus! Such a beautiful girl with such an incredible ass, it would have been a shame to have not shown her butt in full glory! I agree with Laurie about the first 19 images. The butt shots here are as good if not better than "A Room with a View" Thank you Ksenia and Hegre! Hopefully more to come!

Roger Etats Uni

Ksenia's Butt A mold of Ksenia's butt should be made and put in a museum so that it can be admired by future generations.

Toyne Zé Allemagne

Ksenia is truly a mysterious girl! Sexy and Mysterious...You want always to see more, and more..she is a kind of shy girl, but at the same time, it shows a girl that dont mind to be looked up and to show the best of her....

Sandy Royame Uni

munchies! Would love to munch on the burger in pics 49 & 50. I'ts a pity we cannot see the toppings in it!! I live in hope of seeing inside that lovenest one day or even an erotic massage

Ksenia sun sea et sex | June 22nd, 2013
Ksenia sun sea et sex
Jacky Allemagne

Where... ...is the sex?

wheeler Etats Uni

nice to see lovely ksenia just hangin out, bein gorgeous!

Guest Etats Uni

Re: Where... backstage...after the shoot :)

Laurie Royame Uni

Sex on the Mind The taste of the sea on her exquisite quim teases my mind...

Ksenia nu au lit | June 3rd, 2013
Ksenia nu au lit
Roger Etats Uni

Open Up Ksenia Another Buttiful series of with 45 of 67 photos of Ksenia's glorious ass. 33-48 particularly strong work. Ksenia is allowed to open up more a bit in this series I hope that trend continues. Would love to see more raised butt shots like photo 47, with even more opening up. Ksenia has such an ass, and this asset should be celebrated! Thank you Ksenia and Hegre for another delightful nude set.

Sparkys Dad Canada

pubic mound Ksenia has a fantastic pubic mound! I like the few tiny hairs in her navel. I usually don't like tattoos, Ksenia's I like. Maybe it's the randomness of it and placement.

Erekhart Allemagne

RE: Photo number 19 Photo no. 19 is so hot...looking between her legs like this...

don Etats Uni

light up her pussy??????

Ksenia nu oeuvre d'art | May 28th, 2013
Ksenia nu oeuvre d'art
wheeler Etats Uni


Roger Etats Uni

Appropriately High Butt Count Another fantastic series of Ksenia, appropriately fully nude, and with an appropriately high number of butt shots. That is not to say that the front of Ksenia is not gorgeous, it is just that a butt like hers should be celebrated as much as possible! Truly a joy to behold! Also like the side views that show just how far out it goes! Wow! Truly gravity defying! Thank you Ksenia and Hegre!

windmill Pays Bas

lovely Lovely and great images of Ksenia. She is a wonderful attractive contribution to your site. I like her pictures in fine art best. Wheeler may not agree with me but for me these poses in a duo set of a male/female couple would be a great complement.

Ksenia sable | May 17th, 2013
Ksenia sable
wheeler Etats Uni

can I help you wash all that sand out of your crevices??? hehehe

Voyeur Etats Uni

Beautiful woman, boring model.

noman Etats Uni

sand is not sexy, could have been good set

Snowpig Etats Uni

I have to say that the photos are awesome. They dipict the model in a much more sexy light than I normally see her. Cudoes Peter!

Ksenia bas résille | May 10th, 2013
Ksenia bas résille
wheeler Etats Uni

lovely lady! another short but sweet

eric France

boring !

Ksenia la servante | May 9th, 2013
Ksenia la servante
wheeler Etats Uni

lovely! the glasses are my only gripe!

Roger Etats Uni

RE: The Glasses Wheeler, as long as Ksenia doesn't wear the glasses on her butt, I'm OK! Love her butt, and want it bare!

j841 Etats Uni

What a Fuck Ksenia is perfect in every way. I would lick her body all over. Her breasts are so fuckin beautiful, as well as her delicious shaved pussy. Her ass is absolutely amazing.

j841 Etats Uni

RE: Photo number 3 Her breasts are the best !

Ksenia culotte bleue | May 8th, 2013
Ksenia culotte bleue
Max Australie

Beautiful but .. This a wonderfully beautiful woman but the teasing is way too much. Too many photos that are the same. Its obvious how sexy and uninhibited this fantastic woman is so please share with us the more intimate photos.

Laurie Royame Uni

Beautiful creature Exquisite and so fucking sensuous, Ksenia beguiles and arouses my emotional intensity...

Armpitfetish Canada

Kisses to Ksenia Thanks Ksenia for all these magnificent Professional poses. You are a real exquisite dessert for our eyes.

ailefroide Belgique

Ksenia blue panties To give the power to the imagination ... Great. Thanks you so much.

Ksenia super sexy | May 7th, 2013
Ksenia super sexy
Roger Etats Uni

Saved by the Bell Whew! Glad we finally got that girl nude!

Max Australie

Great Ass She has such a beautiful ass, pitty we didnt see enough of her naked once she had teased us so much with the clothing, a little too much tease and not enough intimate shots for my liking, but I can be patient .. just dont drag it out too long, please

delavignette Belgique

Ksenia crazy sexy I love your smiling face. Votre visage rend ce spectacle exceptionnel.

Ksenia chambre avec vue | May 6th, 2013
Ksenia chambre avec vue
wheeler Etats Uni

lovely view indeed! front and back!

Roger Etats Uni

Butt Lover's Dream Series A Butt Lover's Dream Series! What a butt Ksenia has! Thank you Hegre! Great poses throughout!

Max Australie

Cery Nice Indeed Perfect breasts, magnificent ass, more please !

J841 Etats Uni

Great Ass Ksenia has the best Ass Ive seen in a long time, it is by far the best part of her body. Yum.

Josey 2 Canada

I agree, this might be the best ass ever.

Roger Etats Uni

RE: Great Ass Josey J841 Max et al: we are all in agreement. Fantastic ass! Indeed it may just be the best ever! We should all continue the dialogue on Ksenia's ass.

Laurie Royame Uni

Sex Appeal A fabulous set of highly arousing images, especially 10 - 13

Roger Etats Uni

RE: Sex Appeal Laurie you are back! How I have missed your intelligent probing comments! Ksenia has a butt, no? Let's discuss and discourse.

Laurie Royame Uni

RE: RE: Sex Appeal Thanks for the welcome Roger, although I've never been away. I denied myself access because I didn't wish to be tempted into comments that would be suppressed. But what the hell, this girl is truly special and my resolve melted, as did my heart.

Laurie Royame Uni

Extraordinary Breathtaking in the pure simplicity of composition and stage. Beautifully posed in perfect light, achingly exquisite. Simply perfect...

Roger Etats Uni

The Ass Can it be already a year since that Ass of all asses, meaning Ksenia's, first appeared on Hegre? Ah those bare-naked shapely buns, that tight butt-crack! Bravo Ksenia for showing us all!

Ksenia plage nudiste | May 5th, 2013
Ksenia plage nudiste
wheeler Etats Uni

gotta protect those eyes! lol smokin hot!

KOMET Etats Uni

KSENIA - SEA NYMPH One of Poseidon's daughters strides forth from the depths of the foaming sea, fully nude and free.

Erekhart Allemagne

The eyes... Don't hide her eyes behind those glasses! I liked the first series much better, in which we could look into Ksenia's eyes while enjoying the beauty of her body.

Roger Etats Uni

Photo 26 What a butt! A classic nude pose if ever there was one! Outstanding!

Rico Portugal

Sea , Sand and SEXY Absolutely beautiful Ksenia ... what a sexy girl . Love sexy woman on the beach , full of sand . Tks Petter .

Ksenia présentation | May 4th, 2013
Ksenia présentation
wheeler Etats Uni

krasivaya devochka! another fine addition! cant wait to see more!

flashblack Australie

Ksenia beautiful arse and well formed lips of pleasure

pukkie Royame Uni

Ksenia Nice real beauty. Very nice body. Breast are a lovely mouthful. Looking forward to seeing more of Ksenia.

PrimeNerdity Etats Uni

very beautiful, it even looks like she has eaten a meal in the last two months.

Voyeur Etats Uni

What a beauty. Great lips (both sets), cute and well proportioned body, lovely eyes. WOW

J841 Etats Uni

Perfect Fuck Ksenia is absolutely perfect. Such a great young body, her tits are the best part of her. It would be nice to be able to see more of her pussy and anus as well.

Roger Etats Uni

Welcome Ksenia! Welcome Ksenia to Hegre-Art! What a beauty you are! And thanks to Hegre for finding another beauty! An excellent introductory series: appropriately fully nude throughout, and the standing nude the best way to introduce a new model. What a face and what a figure! Thank you Ksenia and Hegre!

Roger Etats Uni

Ksenia's Butt Oh my what a butt Ksenia has! Just look at those curved round buns in shots 15-16 and 29-31! Love the straight-on butt shots 19-22, with 19 the best. Outstanding to have Ksenia's butt so well displayed in her introductory series.

Roger Etats Uni

RE: Perfect Fuck Hint of anus already in photo 17 of the next day's gallery. Here's hoping for more!

Adam Etats Uni

Tattoo Removal I am astonished about the quality of the tattoo removal on her lower back. Agreed, Ksenia is great. I am await the unfolding of the mystery.

Roger Etats Uni

RE: Perfect Fuck Some nice butthole peeks in Ksenia's film from 6:20-7:00.

Laurie Royame Uni

Impish and Deliciously Cute With her quintessential Russian features and petite body, Ksenia is a beguiling mix of innocence and naughtiness...


Ksenia Nudiste | May 21st, 2013
Ksenia Nudiste
Barney Etats Uni

Real slow The best bit for me was at the end when the camera tracks over her real slow.

Andy Royame Uni

More poses This makes a good trailer for her but I am sure that she is able to do a lot more than run up and down. Bring it on with her trying more exotic poses.

Chet Etats Uni

Detail I’m loving the detail of all those close up shots especially her pussy about 7 minutes in.

Pietro Irelande

Pretty ass Oh Ksenia you have such pretty ass. I want to watch you run and skip all day.

Devlin Irelande

RE: Pretty ass Pietro is right about that ass of Ksenia’s. There is only one word for it – superb.

Jorgen Danemark

Ksenia Nudist Bravo Petter. What a wonderful film. And Ksenia is wonderful, beautiful, fantastic. A sweet girl playing happily on the beach and in the warm water. Just a film for me. Technically better, sharper, longer than many other.

wheeler Etats Uni

RE: More poses lovely! it's called "nudist" for a reason, andy! it wasnt meant to be overtly sexual! I'm sure we'll see that stuff later!

SparkysDad Canada

Ksenia Nudist Do / did your models, including your wife and her sister ever say words to the effect "Please Petter, let me stuff sand and gravel into my tender pussy and other down below areas."? Do members request this kind of action? If the answer to the 2 questions is no (as I am guessing it is), why do you continue to include this kind of action iin your shoots and movies?

wheeler Etats Uni

RE: Ksenia Nudist I, for one, have always loved the wet and messy stuff! and, if the girls objected, they wouldn't do it!

Sam C Etats Uni

Nudist When ladies get sand all over their bodies and their genitals this is a turn on for some viewers and a turn off for others. It is a turn on for me; so this part of the video is good. I don't like tattoos, but Ksenia's is small and shown infrequently. Perhaps I can tolerate it. I enjoyed watching Ksenia cavort on the beach. The film is technically well done. However in the last two minutes or so I did get bored.

Roger Etats Uni

RE: Pretty ass A most pretty ass and a most delightful film. I could stare at Ksenia's ass all day. Love watching her frolic in the nude. Was thinking today about Ksenia's butt along with Muriel's. Two very different girls with two quite different butts, but both that I cannot get enough of!

Au lit avec Ksenia | May 7th, 2013
Au lit avec Ksenia
Terence Royame Uni

Extra clear I am impressed by the visuals in this movie. Thinking particularly of the way that we get the movement of her hair. The whole thing is extra clear and lush.

Dell Portugal

Appealing Great use of slo-mo to bring over how appealing she is. It suits the mood and her perfectly

Calman Norvège

A tease She is being a tease at the moment. That’s OK for a while but I hope that we will be getting a whole lot more than this.

Piet Afrique du Sud

Tiny detail I’m loving those opening shots where you can see all the tiny details of her skin. Now you can get that I’m keen to get the rest of her.

Michael Royame Uni

New talent She’s looking like a great new talent. I can’t wait to see loads more of her.

wheeler Etats Uni

lovely lady! very artistic video! my only gripe is that I couldnt hear those smacks on her lovely popka! hehehe :P

Letti Allemagne

Ksenia This girl is very talented, very beautiful, also the hole film is very sensitve and arousing Thanks a lot for this Film

Roger Etats Uni

Great opening Film. Let's hope there is more.

Roger Etats Uni

K-s-e-n-i-a Seeing the absolutely gorgeous Ksenia nude with her lovely face and incredible ass hasn't been the only benefit for me this week. I have also learned how to spell Ksenia, a name I had never heard of before, but now will always remember.

bigdog623 Etats Uni

I hope I hope you guys include this beautiful young lady in some of the massage videos..if you havent already

Jean-Pierre Belgique

Hot Girl but less hot music Ksenia is attractive , though the music doesn't fit to her..it's too romantic and too slow. She is more Rock 'n Roll to me , or at least the usual Hegre Music with jazzy taste sounds better.

Berniflot France

Ksenia Du grand art, dommage pour les plans trop courts de la partie postérieure de cette déesse callipyge...

warson France

Superbe Oui cette fille est superbe, il serait très intéressant effectivement de la voir dans une séance de massage.

Peter Allemagne

Ksenia & Mike?? Great new model! How about a new dream team -> Ksenia & Mike! :-) Think about it.

Herbert Allemagne

RE: Ksenia & Mike?? Hi Peter you are so right ! I like the girl boy massages very much here ! But there are too few of them ... Regards Herbert

Roger Etats Uni

First Quality Ass Reviewing this video a second time I was struck even more than before what an incredible ass Ksenia has. Panty pull-down shots should be from behind. Love the panty pull-down at 4:30 and that it is repeated at 5:00. My how those round buns (buns "out to there") jiggle!

Laurie Royame Uni

Simply Sublime Intimate nuanced moments in a sensitively choreographed performance by the delightful Ksenia, although I thought the leaping about at the end was completely out of context. The score was nicely complimentary as was the good cinematography...

Armpitfetish Canada

Ksenia clip I appreciate Ksenia beauty a lot, but I must confess that I really hate a video done with so numerous cuts, which. Please do more in bed videos with other models.

rolledlatex3 Etats Uni

Beautiful but the editing... Love Ksenia's body and pose in the video. But, like so many other comments of recent, too much artsy editing. Too much editing techniques used, fewer fade in and out shots, less cuts. I have been away from Hegre Art for a while, so I was a little disappointed in some of the newer films. I remember films with Anna S. that are just beautifully erotic with longer continuous shots and not so much artsy influence. The girls on Hegre Art are beautiful and that is what we want to see in these films, so let it be just that.

franki France

encor je veux plus de films avec Ksenia ! pitier!!!