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Photo of Vika


Photo of Vika
Name: Vika
Country: Russia
Weight: 50kg
Height: 178cm
Age: 21
Occupation: Model

Playgirl Supermodel

Vika came to prominence as a Playboy model in Moscow.

AS CONCERT pianists and soccer stars are born, not trained, Vika was blessed with features created to be admired, but not in the glossy, artificial style of the past. Vika is the essence of the New Nude, natural, joyous, provocative, totally feminine, totally sexual.

From Playboy to Hegre-Art to fashion shows across the world, Vika at 20 has been on a dizzying journey that for many girls would be too much to absorb and comprehend. But Vika remembers at all times who she is. She is centred, at peace with herself and never loses sight of the fact that it is the small pleasures like jogging, swimming and weekends in the country.

Vika has more work than she can handle right now, but plans when her modelling days diminish to train for a job in sports medicine.

Vika Galleries

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Vika Galleries COMMENTS

Vika pink | March 4th, 2006
Vika pink
Ivan "Doomer" Brazil

Nice job! Really this gallery is very impressive! Thanks!

H. David Hill United States

Outstanding model,lighting and photography!

David United States

Vika pink Vika is the most beautiful woman who ever lived. I have hundreds of your breathtaking pictures of her perfect face, and her exquisite breasts and pussy. The picture from "Vika pink" that captivated me the most was #32, an incredible rear view. The beauty of this photo is that it captures for all time what a genetic masterpiece Vika is. It shows her wonderfully tiny waist, but most importantly the breathtaking, awe-inspiring perfection of the muscle tone of her legs. I am in no way worthy to look at Vika, but seeing her naked is the greatest privilege I have had in my entire lifetime. I am deeply grateful to both Petter and Vika for this privilege. I love Vika!

David United States

Vika pink #62 I am not capable of describing in writing the beauty I see in this picture. I know I will be spending many hours looking at Vika's amazing eyes, with her looking right back at me. I have no idea what Vika was thinking at the moment this picture was taken, but it is nice to imagine what her look means. What a perfect, cute, beatiful nose Vika has! It is wonderful. I love it so much! Also, this picture captures the perfection of Vika's lips and mouth... so attractive and elegant and sensuous. Please tell Vika she should never do anything to change her hair. It is my most favorite color ever, and it looks so silky and natural. Finally, Vika has the most beautiful breasts ever! They are the perfect size for her slender, athletic body, and the shape and contours could not possibly be more beautiful or more perfect. And what cute and attractive nipples I see! Vika, you are the best-looking human being who ever lived. I love you!

daniel United States

nicely done I truly enjoy looking at a set such as this where it is hard to pick which photo is the most artistic. Vicka is a superb subject and Petter captured her in wonderfully. Nicely done Mr. Hegre!

ardunbye United Kingdom

Vika pink I am going to take up my snooker cue again in the hope that one day I'll pot the pink.

ailefroide Belgium

Vika pink Beauty is timeless

Vika nude crew | January 31st, 2006
Vika nude crew
Dan United States

Vika Nude Crew Vika is one of my favorites! She could launch a thousand dreams!

David United States

Vika nude crew Vika is the best-looking human being who ever lived. Seeing her pictures is the greatest privilege I have ever had. Vika is perfection and beauty. Thank you, Petter, for introducing her to the world. I hope we can have more pictures of Vika smoking.

Vika window view | January 18th, 2006
Vika window view
Dave Switzerland

Vika Vika's one of the most beautiful human beings on earth! Congratulation to this shooting. You just cannot shoot enough pics from Vika! I would like to see some pics from Vika in clothes! Go on, give us more from Vika !!!

Jan Delmar Sweden

Vika window Natural, no sex, just beautiful ! Nine (9) poin'ts ! Jan D

David United States

Vika window view This is one of your very best collections of Vika. #36 beautifully captures her perfect features. Vika is the best-looking person ever.

Vika hotel bed | May 10th, 2005
Vika hotel bed
florian Germany

VIKA definition one of the most 'close to perfection' bodies i have ever seen! a dream!

Vika rustic wall | May 9th, 2005
Vika rustic wall
Jim United States

Better late than never Vikka is a true delight. Real perfection.

Vika sunshine | May 7th, 2005
Vika sunshine
Lee Bartholomew United States

good draw She's primarily the reason I joined this site. So much so I asked about the 3000 size in zip form and the folks were so nice and posted the new site. Very impressed.

David United States

Vika sunshine The pictures 41 - 51 are incredibly sexy. They may not be the most intimate pictures of Vika, but they display the stunning perfection of her luxurious body, thanks in no small part to her amazing legs. Vika is the most satisfying woman ever.

Vika showering | May 6th, 2005
Vika showering
Jim United States

Vika revisited It may be a year and a half later, but man, this is sooo hot.

Vika hot sun | April 1st, 2005
Vika hot sun
Paul United States

Vika This girl is so amazingly beautiful and sexy. I cannot believe her perfect ass and hips. I love how u shot this goddess in bright sunlight. She is flawless.

Vika pool | February 12th, 2005
Vika pool
Namibcowboy Namibia

Vika you're the best Vika, I love your full tanned body. You're not afraid to show you pussy. I love to see you from the back when you are bending over, seeing your lips through you beautiful butt. Love you lots. I'm still single. Will you marry me? :-)

Vika shaving | December 30th, 2004
Vika shaving
btrhea United States

VIKA This is on impossibly HOT gallery!! Thank You!!

tom Ireland

Rare, radiant and ravishing. I floated as she fingered. Thanks for the pleasure

David United States

Vika has a really pretty FuFu. Let's see more of it.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Vika shaving I would sell up everything I own to become Vika's personal barber.

Vika in bed | December 11th, 2004
Vika in bed
btrhea United States

VIKA!! This gallery is so incredibly HOT! Vika is a goddess...'re a lucky man, Petter!

David United States

Vika in bed Pictures of Vika naked, on her back, in bed? Petter, seriously, I'm not paying enough for my membership. These pictures are breathtaking. I love Vika!

Raulito Germany

These could have been some nice pussy pictures, but you messed them up with whipped cream. What a fuss!!!

dave United States

Vika is incredible

Vika red bikini | October 13th, 2004
Vika red bikini
Estey United States

Vika Photos Framing Vika is probably the most beautifully proportional slim model. Wish you would not almost always cut off lower part of her legs and feet. It would be far nice to see Vika's entire incredibly beautiful figure.

Vika panties on fire | October 8th, 2003
Vika panties on fire
fpn United States

VIKA It is clear to me now where the great Russian novelists and poets find their muse. Simply put, Vika makes me feel kind and safe from simply viewing a photograph 2,000 miles away.Those poor Russian men, how they must suffer inside if Vika or Luba are near.


What a wonderful girl! Nice face, wonderful boobs, long legs, nice round ass, tight pussy, what else can I add ... 10 +++++++

ardunbye United Kingdom

Vika panties on fire I wonder what could have ignited them. I do know that this lovely girl has re-lit embers in me long since extinguished. SHE IS GORGEOUS.

Mark United States

Vika Vika is so beautiful! Love the shots of her nude with those high heels on! Gorgeous!

Paolo Australia

Vika I wonder if she really smokes or it's just for the camera. I hope not

Vika smoking on the toilet | May 21st, 2003
Vika smoking on the toilet
salvador rios Mexico

great magnific photos,thanks

Vika getting hot part 2 | June 26th, 2003
Vika getting hot part 2
ardunbye United Kingdom

Vika getting hot 1&2 I would bet good money that Vika is transferring her heat to the radiator and not vice versa.

Vika variations | July 27th, 2003
Vika variations
darryl United States

blast from the past I may be mistaken, but the the face, the body, the poses, and the way she looks at the camera. Sure look achingly familiar.

Paolo Australia

Perfection What an ass. I'd like to take a drive up that old dirt road

Vika red wine | June 16th, 2004
Vika red wine
Benno Schlechter Chile

Vika red wine Excellent series, very original idea. Congratulations.

Benno Schlechter Chile

Red wine Superb series, congratulations!

btrhea United States

VIKA Man, I'm thirsty...Vika RULES!

Ranger United States

Never thought I'd be attracted to a women that can't "hold" her booze.

Vika smoking on the toilet - Part 2 | December 6th, 2003
Vika smoking on the toilet - Part 2
Jim United States

Woo hoo The last five pictures are classic. A little bit of juice! Actually, the whole pictorial is incredibly erotic. Beautiful work.

Wonderful Vika | May 22nd, 2003
Wonderful Vika
DANIEL United States


tobasco777 Canada

BUTT Vika has a nice butt, and there are some nice butt shots here!!

Vika riding | April 14th, 2004
Vika riding
fasteddie United States

ill get her the yellow jersy then we can follow

Vika on the beach | January 25th, 2004
Vika on the beach
btrhea United States

VIKA Vika is so HOT! And her naughty ways continue to amaze me. I've never seen a girl this hot be this naughty. It's a wonderful thing!!

ben United States

vika oh yeah the best gallery maybe lets all go to the beach

mark Australia

i wonder if if Vika continued having her fun but the gallery was left short, if so please add the grand finale

Jim United States

What a fantasy Vika looks just as wonderful with her white pants on as she does in the final frames fingering herself. Such pure natural beauty.

luv_yanna United States

The shots with the finger pushing inside are hot, knowing how her finger got so wet in the last shot is even hotter.

alemof Mexico

Vika is so beautiful and your body is amazing

Roger United States

Great to see Vika's tight little anus

Paolo Australia

Her best set by far

Vika milk | November 14th, 2003
Vika milk
Mario United States

Hot Vika Vika is amazing. Definitely one of the classic Hegre models. It is not often we get to see a supermodel quality girl show all of her body like this beauty. Very much appreciated!

Vika in the shower | May 7th, 2003
Vika in the shower

Wonderful, very erotic.

Vika getting creamed - part 2 | December 21st, 2003
Vika getting creamed - part 2
btrhea United States


fgasteddie United States

what a cute lil p;ixie

Jim United States

Woo hoo part 2 Some of your best work, Petter, is with this girl. Beautiful work.

Paolo Australia

Cream I'd like to drop my own load on her - 3 bags full

Whipping Vika | May 20th, 2003
Whipping Vika
ben United States

vika hows that go a rose by any other name is still vika.. I enjoy all he galleries .. rate right up there with luba.. Okay vika take me out in the woods and whip me then afterwords lets get drunk together er something like that nice work ciao

Vika on tan bed | March 7th, 2004
Vika on tan bed
Dave Finland

Vika's Anus After so many naked photos of this girl we get to see a shot of her anus, and it looks just like the rest of her, Perfect!... so if she ever gets in front of the camera, to take off her clothes again, could we have some more please.

Vika getting creamed | May 19th, 2003
Vika getting creamed
Karl Ireland

The cream must love the lovely puss

Vika on deck | February 9th, 2006
Vika on deck
Dan United States

Vika on Deck I have very much enjoyed all the galleries on Vika on board the boat. She seems to have a very great attitude. She looks so good I could view her photos all day. I hope there are more to come.

David United States

Vika on deck Vika is the world's best-looking woman. One day's pictures of her are worth a year's membership. It's no secret that Vika has a stunningly beautiful, luxurious pussy. Her pussy is absolutely adorable, attractive and cute, too. But in the wonderful pictures, #38 - 48, her hand is in the way. What a shame, when her slender thighs are spread apart so nicely, and she looks so incredibly beautiful, with her amazing face, silky hair and picture perfect breasts. Thank you for your wonderful, breathtaking pictures.

puntadeleste United Kingdom

Vika´s Yacht great great great. more of this. thanks

btrhea United States

On Deck Vika and Petter have done it again! She is so beautiful.

Heinrick Ireland

Vika, your stretched legs and parted lips;a lovely sight that moves me too.

Kevin United Kingdom

Vika. I love picture no 41. In this picture Vika looks like 'the girl next door' in a holiday photo. I wish Vika was my next door neighbour !!!

Vika in presidential suite | March 9th, 2003
Vika in presidential suite
tobasco7 Canada

vika i can see why she is in high demand.


Vika Compilation | March 11th, 2008
Vika Compilation
Jim United States

Vika Hmmmm. Does this mean she's returning? One of my all time faves.

Tre United Kingdom

Vika Yes, this is good!!!!

pip United States

i'll never forget the first time I encountered hegre art, it was vika on that bike, all casual and petal-fresh. and my god, that gaze... who would have thought simplicity could be so SULTRY?

Ortis United Kingdom

Vika is smokin hot. Thank you for bringing her back.

David Switzerland

Divine Vika Definitely and without any doubt the most beautiful and most sexy Model from all Hegre Models ! She's just perfect. I think even one of the most beautiful woman living ! Why don't we see new fotos from her ?! This movie is just great, thanks Peter !!

spike Canada

I miss Vika.

fasteddie United States

vika my most favorite ! hadnt seen any new stuff just figured she moved on... classy compilation for a primo model anything new coming I hope

JP United States

The reason I joined Hegre Vika was the reason I joined Hegre. She reminded me so much of a girl I knew in college and I wasn't sure if it was her I had been seeing on the internet. It wasn't, but I'm so glad that it led me to this wonderful website!

RJ TAYLER Australia

A truly fine retrospective of one of the best models to have ever graced a website. Do come back Vika, we would welcome you, nay we'd love to have you back!

Ron United States

Vika is flawless This sexy woman takes my breath away.

Chris Canada

Vika Amazing! This is one gorgeous sexy beautiful woman! I love to watch Vika as she seems so comfortable with her sexuality and is able to enjoy what she is doing! I hope that you will bring her back some day! Thank you for this treat to see her again!

Vika - Light House | July 5th, 2005
Vika - Light House
sps Netherlands

hot vika great

Richard United States

Different but Good That is one of the most amazing locations for a shoot I have ever seen! Wish I could have been there.

tanuki96 United States

Not the best... I think Vika is hot, and the pictures from this were nice; but this video is a real disappointment. Her body is in shadow much of the time; and there's nothing resembling views such as the well-lighted side shots you have of her posing. And it's kind of boring: she just takes off her clothes, climbs partway up the ladder, goes back, and puts her clothes back on; the end. Not the best...

Hot Vika 2 | July 3rd, 2004
Hot Vika 2
Shipwreck United States

Vika is as always stunning!!!! Vika is a very sexy woman, who appears to really enjoy being in front of the camara wearing only a smile, or that very suductive look. Thank You Vika, and Thank You Peter.


FORGETTEN PAST Vika: Is a total hottie. I can see that she Is a real sun-worshiper because of her all over tan. The fact that she has no tan-lines makes her a gorgeous model.

Vika Pinky | May 15th, 2004
Vika Pinky
papafarang United States

A Sweetie, But ... ... her best parts (face, breasts and legs) - and they were fine, all right - seemed to take second fiddle to an ass that rated little higher than a 5 on a 10pt scale. However, overall her full body was sleek, well proportioned and sensuous but the clip ran out just as I was getting into her wonderful thin, yet highly curvaceous, form. She had a fab pair of legs yet they were always cut off in the clip, except during the clothed scenes. Recommendation - when the face is a 9, it deserves a min play of 18 uninterrupted seconds, when the breasts are 10, they deserve no less than 20 sec, etc., etc (2x the rating if 8 or above). And this means consecutive seconds of close ups. Make our mouths water, make us so envious of you, Petter, we want to drive off the ends of the earth.

pino Italy

Bella Vika Un viso bellissimo; un fascino ambiguo!

Oliver United States

Vika = Perfection Vika is the perfection of beauty. The hottest, sexiest woman I have ever seen in all my travels throughout the world. Absolutely stunning. I joined the archives just to see more of Vika. Someone please tell me she is single...

Mauritz Satellite Provider

Amazing Joined Archives just for Vika. Worth EVERY penny. Thanx Petter, THANX Vika.

barsboon United States

did he say "a 5" ?!?!? note to papafarang: You can't slice and dice a woman's body like it was a chicken, you idiot! Vika's ass is a perfect Vika-ass. No other would possibly look right on her. She is of one piece. Each blends and meshes with the other to produce an unworldly beautifull human being. Your comments were more than a little insulting.

David Switzerland

Vika's definitely the most beautiful model you have Peter. Perhaps even one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen. I think, I would eat from her ass. Vikas ass is an 11 point ass and I think I could become a cannibal and eat from it! Congratulation Vika !

Scott United States

Yes..He did say "a 5" ?? I will have to concur with barsboon. papafarang is an idiot! His comments are very insulting! If you can't say something nice...insult a lovely lady? Nice job papafarang! Scott

Hot Vika | February 23rd, 2004
Hot Vika
elfie United States

splendor babe a relaxing visually stunning girl; wish she would walk around more; the epitome of nude beauty, the gold standard

Jo United States

Stunning! Vika is one of my favorites

Wet Vika | December 3rd, 2003
Wet Vika
HJB Germany

wonderfull a pleasure to view

E! Norway

Vika rocks! Finally "nasty" Vika!

Neffets Spain

perfect woman this nice girl in a movie is the best i have seen ever

Cissa Norway

Just lovely This girl is just like a little red rose. Very lovely but on the other side a little noughty too. Whoever made this move ill give ten thumbs up, and say keep on the good work. The movies are getting better and more lovely than ever.

Craig United Kingdom

Star quality Vika is my personal favourite of all your models, her personality shines through the photos and it is so very apparent when you see her in video. A rare, star quality. I can only hope that she will be searching for a Mr Right one day on your site.

JM Philippines

Mother of all beauty Just my two-cents worth,Vika is the mother of all beauty. Simple but you will not be tired of looking at her face..and body as well.

Chris Canada

Vika is Beautiful and Sexy! Vika is so sexy and beautiful and when she smiles you just wanna melt as she is so irresistable! Vika is a natural beauty and there is nothing better than that!


BEAUTIFUL VIKA I think that vika Is part water creature, She looks like she Is a home In the pool. Her slime tight body Is amazing.

Vika on Board | October 2nd, 2003
Vika on Board
doctorpinch United States

Hot as hell Gorgeous girl, good camera work. The girl is gorgeous and strutting around on a diving board while being apparently afraid of the water is strangely sexy. She's hot as hell.

thom United States

who swims in shoes this photo shoot is ruined by the model wearing shoes.. Switzerland

this photo shooting is great BECAUSE Vika's wearing shoes. Her body is one of the most erotic bodys on earth!


AMAZING VIKA The way that vika was sitting on the end of that board with her chest pushed out was wonderful. I gave her video a 10 because of her amazingly tight body.

Vika Sailing | June 5th, 2003
Vika Sailing
Human Korea, Republic of

Vika Vika, you are the best!!!

pete Netherlands

6 stars This is one of those movies that proof women are beyond art! And the photographer is top.

Riding Miss Vika | May 1st, 2003
Riding Miss Vika
b.bird United States

vika is hot Vika marry me!

Ron United States

Vika is a delight Vika is really a Goddess. Beautiful!!! And sexy.

Vika Gets Oiled | March 23rd, 2003
Vika Gets Oiled
Francisco Guedes Portugal

Really great girl ... Very pretty girl with great body, 2* star for that, the theme is very interesting, there is nothing better then imagine to oil that girl all over, for that is more 1* star. But there is no movement, we see that the girl is sexy, but ... it's missing something, pereps more sexy movements, more touching, or more oil (just kidding). P.S.: Sorry about my english.

Richard Smoker United States

Hot body! I agree with Francisco that Vika should have moved more. However, that is my only complaint. I loved seeing her fondle herself. I especially liked when she caressed her butt at the end.

Ryn MacMorgan United States

More Vika Please!! This short film has it all: a beautiful girl, a great idea, and slow, sensuous movement. These factors combined with the perfect music makes this film a 10.

Andrew United States

Vika She is very beautiful, and its very erotic. I would like to see her getting herself off more. She is a 10. Perhaps give her a dildo next time.- cheers, great work.

Romeo United States

Beautiful Girl!!! I could watch this girl for hours, and she wouldn't have to move an inch.

Roland United Kingdom

Vika A beautiful woman. Well filmed and highly erotic, never letting the viewer see enough and at the same time giving the impression that Vika is a sensual, erotic and stunning cat!

Rey Cuervo Spain

Vika Gets Oiled Excelente me a encantado

Lawrence, NY,NY United States

Vika You Animal! Simply enchanting. Vika is one of Hegre's sexiest best--killer body, beautiful smile, sensuous touch. Makes me want to dip myself in warm oil and massage her all over.

sweedledick United States

Vika-of course Vika is one of those rare examples of physical beauty that we mere mortals seldom encounter. She is a Masterpiece of Nature- one who seems to be at ease with her physical gifts. What continues to impress is how changeable her visage becomes with each photo session or film. My delight is ineffable. Vika I worship you, thank you for being born.. Oh, and Petter thank you for being an example of Kant's Categorical Imperative.

Ben United States

liquid perfection watching vika slide down the cushions of that couch was to watch the beauty of a stream cascade down a mountain. vika is a goddess. i feel wonderful just knowing that there is a girl out there like her.

Chris United States

This film is a 10+!!! Keep up the good work. and moor oil PLEASE!!!

Sally United Kingdom

Vika When i do this in front of my husband it drives him wild, this site has improved our sex life no end.