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Foto de Emily


Foto de Emily
Nombre: Emily
País: Ucrania
Peso: 47kg
Altura: 168cm
Edad: 19
Ocupación: Estudiante

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Emily Galerías COMENTARIOS

Alya angel Emily emissive by Alya | October 17th, 2014
Alya angel Emily emissive by Alya
Saldo Estados Unidos de América

Awesome, two amazing babes, love it!

Steve Reino Unido

I love Alya and Emily - but I wish Alya would lose that camera now, it hides her face and dominates every photograph!

Kel Estados Unidos de América

Well, not so sure about this one. Alya and Emily are beautiful for sure, but they almost seem to be trying too hard to play up to the camera- with a camera in the shot no less! Because of that, it felt to me sort of not genuine. Not a bad set, but not outstanding either...just eh...

Andrew Estados Unidos de América

two awsome Two awesome girls with a huge potential, only if peter had the camera!

Doc Reino Unido

Alya/Emily Well, I suppose you saved money on a cameraman. Good to see some pubic hair in there somewhere, at last. Let it grow, man, let it grow....

ailefroide Bélgica

Alya and Emily J'ai toujours autant de plaisir à regarder Alya et Emily. Awesome, yes.

Emily green velvet | October 2nd, 2014
Emily green velvet
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

I bet that skin is as soft as velvet! such a lovely lady, and set!

Dallas Estados Unidos de América

Beautiful Beautiful woman, beautiful hair, delightfully soft skin

TopCat Estados Unidos de América

Velvet Vulva It's ironic at how such a soft sweetie can give guys such a hard time. Emily always gets a rise out of me!

Emily erotic Yoga | September 5th, 2014
Emily erotic Yoga
Beo Alemania

What a great Emily set. Loved it. Beo

swplf Estados Unidos de América

Always Good! Emily is such an exhibitionist, of course this is a nude site so all of the models fully expose themselves, yet Emily seems to take it to a new level every time we see her. If it can be done naked then Emily seems to be game for it. Whether playing with BFF Milena, or giving new meaning to Black & White with Mike, Enily is ready. She sings, the plays piano, who knows what she is actually capable of doing. No mater we all would watch and enjoy almost as much as she appears to enjoy doing it. I wouldn't put it past her to stand in the street and direct traffic in her favorite outfit, i.e. nude. And opposed to Clover our avowed nudist, has a single ray of sunlight ever risked tanning her whiteness. Ah --- Emily!

Wil_Iam Alemania

Emily Erotic Yoga Emily, you are hottt!!

Mcedes500 Estados Unidos de América

Wonderful shoot This was one of the best shoots I have seen, beautiful woman..erotic poses..made me cum handsfree looking at those rear view pictures and imagining ...more..more..more please

TopCat Estados Unidos de América

Ohm My God! I'm head over heals - or is that heals over head? - for Emily. Sex-quisite!

ailefroide Bélgica

Emily yoga Perfect as usual. Thank you so much.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

very motivating!

Alya and Emily bathroom fantasy by Alya | August 21st, 2014
Alya and Emily bathroom fantasy by Alya
Saldo Estados Unidos de América

Love this, two amazing babes!!

Maik Alemania

Alya & Emily Alya makes a cute "photographers-face". Love the vibe those two gorgeous ladies create together. This never gets boring. Please make a BTS-film next time.

Phizz Brasil

I´m glad Alya has shown us a little bit more of her labia.

McNasty77 Estados Unidos de América

My Favorite... My favorite dynamic-duo. Alya and Emily put Batman and Robin to shame every time.

Wil_Iam Alemania

oh wow - she is hot!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

stunning indeed!

Emily porcelain doll | August 7th, 2014
Emily porcelain doll
fenpedric Reino Unido

Emily Simply the Best!

Jaime Alemania

Emily Porcelain doll super sweet as always. Elegant as always. Just great!

Topcat Estados Unidos de América

Emily is a Doll! Emily = Perfection Personified!

Maik Alemania

Perfection A perfect studio-shoot of Emily. Lots of "printable" images here. 56 and 57 are hilarious. Love it, love it, love it...

don Estados Unidos de América

every shot from the same position????

Wil_Iam Alemania

Emily - porcelain doll Emily - hottt as always!!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

stunning!! and a lovely smile!

Emily creamed by Alya | July 20th, 2014
Emily creamed by Alya
Mojo55-7 Suiza

Emily Creamed I suppose Emily enjoyed the yoghurt, or whatever it was, and Alya probably also appreciated the cunnilingus; but this attempt at sexy fun would have made more sense if Emily were in this situation with Brendon rather than with Alya.

Maik Alemania

missing the camera Hey where is the camera? Just kidding. Nice set with some real cool images inside. Love 35 and like 21,62/63. Going that close to Emily's beautiful face is always special, even if a 55mm on MF is, for my taste, a bit wide for such shots. The perspective and composition plus the funny idea with the cream make this set creative I don't agree, it doesn't need a guy and there is no need to pretend the cream is "something" else. All in all, cool shoot, something new, which proofs the collaboration between Emily & Alya is a big win for everyone. Hey, this creaming technique needs to be put on film, for education purposes only of course. ;-)

Herr Lich Alemania

Had Emily really concentrated on Alyas sweet spot ... the addition of dairy product wouldn't have been necessary.

Slickwilly Estados Unidos de América

What I'd really enjoy seeing is shots of Alya's mons as seen by Emily during this shoot. I know Alya's spectacular and I wish to see her all.

Sandy Reino Unido

disappointing I never thought I would ever call a photo-shoot from Alya & Emily, disappointing, boring and phoney. 2 of my favourite models are capable of better than this. What's this cream fascination, also in a previous shoot, it spoils the gallery as far as I'm concerned. It's a pretty weak prop which I suppose is meant to be a representation of semen or pussy juice, which I thought was confined to the cheap simulated sex sites. Hegre usually always shown real interaction which is why I keep renewing my subscription, please don't cheapen your image.

JarJar Alemania

far focus Dear Alya, would you please next time, when you take a shot like 17 focus a little mor far...

Mojo55-7 Suiza

Emily's Cream I have to agree with Sandy that this was not a vintage Hegré-Art shoot, either in concept or in presentation. The idea was cheaply 'commercial' and therefore lacked aesthetically erotic appeal, whilst Alya's (POV) camera angle was misaligned by 180 degrees. (At least it didn't actually appear in shot this time). Hegré-Art can and must do much better than this.

Jaime Alemania

Emily creamed by Alya Hey guys, anyway what you say about this set is basically wrong - is always in consideration of the standpoint. I find all pictures perfect. And I would like to see more of them.

Saldo Estados Unidos de América

Erotic awesomeness, 100% rock hard fantastic!!!!

Saldo Estados Unidos de América

Emily's beautiful face in Alya's perfect pussy is sublime!

Maik Alemania

RE: disappointing I think there is a huge misunderstanding, and thats where the majority of disappointment is coming from. The cream isn't meant to represent body fluids. This set is about getting Alya creamed by Emily with a very different and intimate technique. Try to look at it that way. And while i think Emily and Alya have done better shoots together, artistically and technically, i can clearly see the girls had fun and tried something new, had a kinky little idea and did go for it. They're having that kind of freedom is unique to Hegre-Art, i think this adds a lot. Still, i like what they've done here.

Mojo55-7 Suiza

Emily's Cream Maik, I think you're being falsely naïve. The cream was clearly intended to represent male ejaculate; just look at the promotional (board) image and some of the other shots where Emily is apparently licking the substance out of Alya's vulva. It couldn't logically have been meant to represent massage cream because that's not something which one normally ingests. Female ejaculate doesn't look anything like massage cream, however, which is why I suggested that the scenario should have included Brendon rather than Alya, beautiful though she is. If it was genuinely intended to represent massage cream Emily would have used her hands, in some of the shots, to spread it over Alya's torso, but she only hints at doing so; she just uses her tongue. The fact is, as some of the other comments indicate, that this production was conceptually flawed. Hence the disappointment.

Alya Ucrania

reply This was one of my last photoshoots for hegre-art. No more experiments and female fantasys. Was lovely to be your Alya Living Angel for 10 years. Really I am very proud, it was a lot of fun and interesting learning.) I am gone to my Vezzarium:) Thank you everybody for a kind atention. Love you all !!!

Sandy Francia

devastated!!! Devastated hearing that the living angel has flown the nest from the reply below. Please can we have a last sexy spread in your honour showing you in all your glory. Love you to bits and will miss you loads

Alya and Emily girl power by Alya | July 9th, 2014
Alya and Emily girl power by Alya
Mojo55-7 Suiza

Alya and Emily We all know that Alya is a photographer, but her obsession with using the camera during shoots is becoming excessive. Here, it prevents her interacting fully with her partner, which makes the pictures unconvincing and, to that extent - despite the beauty of the two girls - unsatisfying at an aesthetico-erotic level. It should be possible, using a mirror, to set up a sequence in which the camera - operated by a long lead - is virtually invisible and Alya can interact properly with her companion. An alternative would be for Petter to do the photography when Alya is an active participant.

Maik Alemania

camera Unconvincing and unsatisfying? I saw another set of images then. Yes the camera is special, and as i said before, i wish Alya gets a remote trigger into her hands next time. But those images work for me and this series is something new, which is refreshing. I still like them a lot. And Alya deserves applause, because the work she does isn't easy, directing a model, photographing and posing by herself, all at the same time. She sacrifices a big part of her own pleasure to get some pictures for us. Now that is some dedication. And Emily tries everything to distract her, she is so unbelievable tempting and hot. All male photographers would have fallen already. :) So, for me, this a good set with a fantastic Emily and Alya and great chemistry between the two. I wish there would be a video of those sessions. All power to the girls!

Auricman Estados Unidos de América

Again with the Camera Does Alya ever read these comments?? No more camera in the picture sets please!

DarkMerovingio Colombia

I don't like seeing the photographer involved in the picture, it just gets sensuality out of it! I wanna see beautiful nudity, not a pose photo shoot with a camera the size of a head!

Laury Bulgaria

Super models and super set, if there would'nt be that allways present disturbing camera. I really would like to see a set of these both cuties WITHOUT that bleeding eternal camera of Alya...

styles Reino Unido

I know we're going on about the camera but just to emphasize: look at the very first shot. Alya might as well be wearing a gas mask... I know some people get off on that kind of thing, but this isn't supposed to be that kind of site.

Wil_Iam Alemania

Emily and Alya - girl power Girl power - yes! They do it well. Emily is hot!

Emily and Milena high key by Alya part 2 | June 22nd, 2014
Emily and Milena high key by Alya part 2
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

mmmmm...still a tease! this needs to be a video!

Maik Alemania

film There is a great film with our two angels, it's called "Sexual Surrender" and a must-see. Released last year in october it was probably shot during the same sessions as those photos. But i agree, a sequel and some new photo-sessions with Emily & Milena would be great. Great week for me, new images of Naomi and now Emily and Milena. Thank you. And a new Emily film coming on tuesday, fantastic. :)

kolobok75 Estados Unidos de América

Emily Milena Please no backlighting for the love of god.

Wil_Iam Alemania

Emily and Milena - high key Both girls are beautiful - Emily again hot!!

Emily stripping Alya By Alya | June 2nd, 2014
Emily stripping Alya By Alya
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

well, my only gripe about that is that it was WAY to short!

Joe Sudáfrica

Stop holding back Alya, You are SO stunning, but, you're still holding back a bit ... Please, once, do a proper, full spread eagle with CLOSEUPS. ;-) Let us see you in your full glory. SO looking forward to seeing that! All the best Joe

Maik Alemania

Alya & Emily Emily and Alya are simply delivering some of the best couple-shots here, lots of fun, experimenting with new ideas and the hottest photographer of this site. They deliver a unique approach and mood. I like it a lot. Was it Emily's idea to strip the photographer? I'm glad it was Alya and not Mr. Hegre himself. ;) Could you please make a film of those photo-sessions next time? It looks like a lot of un.

McNasty77 Estados Unidos de América

Tease Much Really? Where's the usual bounty of graphic photos we have come to expect from these two very lovely women.

Adam Booth Reino Unido

Alya & Emily Glorious girls Alya & Emily , one stripping the other makes the mind wonder what sort of fun they get up to when our backs are turned.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

RE: Stop holding back, joe has a gyno each his own! lol

Hardhead Estados Unidos de América

RE: RE: Stop holding back If you don't like it, don't look at his comment and troll

Wil_Iam Alemania

Emily stripping Alya by Alya Emily - wow you are hot!

Emily marble Madonna by Alya | May 11th, 2014
Emily marble Madonna by Alya
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

pic #1 lol nice to see this sexy lady is comfortable showing her goofy side too!

Maik Alemania

Emily Ok, this time my original comment didn't make it, first time ever. Did it get censored? Whatever, i'm not going to repeat everything, just the important part. Thank you for this nice Emily-Week, i hope it wasn't the last one. Emily is my No.1 and will be forever. I'm pretty sure we will see a lot more, not only erotic art, of our multi-talented superstar. Her journey has just begun. Emily being on Hegre-Art is a big win, the biggest for me. Petter, i have just two wishes, please include the film-update into future special weeks and think about doing a little bonus for such a celebration of a single girl, things like a interview or bts-footage, to show more of the personality, would be very welcome. Thank you very much.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

RE: Emily check out last week's film...there's your Emily in motion fix for this week

Emily black ball part 2 | May 10th, 2014
Emily black ball part 2
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

very motivating, indeed!

Maik Alemania

Ball games Forget the soccer worldcup, the only one i want to see playing with a ball is Emily. ;) Perfect set of our superstar here, great mood, creative poses, very hot and funny. It's difficult to name a favorite picture, there are many. But may i ask why it took so long to give us part 2?

Kees Holanda

Emily is so hot.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

RE: Ball games why so long? Petter seems to enjoy torturing his members with suspense! lol

ailefroide Bélgica

Emily blck ball 2 Do not change anything. It is just perfect. JP

Jeepee123 Brasil

Emily is such an incredible amazing lady !

Emily natural light | May 9th, 2014
Emily natural light
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

natural light for a natural beauty!

Maik Alemania

all natural Drop-dead gorgeous. I like the different tones the natural light renders on Emily's skin a lot. That must be a photographers dream, Emily having fun while posing, perfect light for free and a nice camera in hand... Very lovely images here, again.

Awesome Estados Unidos de América

Just a body to die for

suaviter Francia

Naturelle Une fois de plus je me retrouve au côté de WHEELER pour saluer une splendeur naturelle.Je n'oublie pas cependant le travail de la maquilleuse et le professionalisme de P H .

Man2040 Estados Unidos de América

RE: Photo number 23 Emily beauty is absolutely stunning and her round juicy ass is exquisite. I would love to have anal sex with Emily. I just love her ASS!!!!

Wil_Iam Alemania

Emily - natural light Emily - you are super hot!

Emily dripping wet | May 8th, 2014
Emily dripping wet
wheeler Estados Unidos de América 'bout that video?

Burgerman Estados Unidos de América

Emily Week Only one word describes Emily Week: awesome!

Maik Alemania

looks Thats what i was talking about yesterday. Those looks Emily gives into the camera, her captivating eyes, how she plays with us (i'm pretending, i know), how she enjoys posing and showing. I love it. As always, every image is a hit, some scream for big prints (with a signature maybe?). Indeed, a film of this setup would have been nice too.

Wil_Iam Alemania

Emily - dripping wet Omg - so hottt !

Emily and Brendon tug and rub | May 7th, 2014
Emily and Brendon tug and rub
Maik Alemania

Emily & Brendon It's a good continuation of that series but want to hear some honest words? Somehow i think Emily is looking different in those setups with a boy. I don't want to say it looks like she doesn't feel less comfortable, but her expressions are a bit different, maybe less relaxed? There are exceptions, we saw photos where she did smile and obviously had fun, but overall, to me it looks there is more joy for her in solo-setups. So, while i envy Brendon (of course ;) ) i have to say i prefer Emily alone, with Alya or hopefully soon with Dakota. And on top of that i would really love to see Dakota being shot by Emily.

PB Estados Unidos de América

More of the same I applaud this set with Emily & Brendon but--it looks much the same as their previous shoot. I was hoping and expecting to see something different here and have been anticipating that over the last few days. I think Emily should take a lesson or two from Flora....Perhaps that would be more interesting....PB

JerseyJoe5 Estados Unidos de América

Maik, you hit the nail on the head. As much as I enjoy seeing Emily, she doesn't come across as comfortable in these shots as she is in solo sessions. Although I did think she was a little more relaxed doing the acrobatic session with Mike.

Steve Estados Unidos de América

Limp If I were the gentleman, I'd be hard as a rock.

Doc Reino Unido

Brendon I can fully understand you using gay male models, as there is no way a heterosexual man could control himself in the presence of such erotic magnificence. There would be cum everywhere! You can clearly see the first few shots have a relatively erect glans penis on show, but after that it loses its turgidity, and I cannot imagine that happening with a straight guy, even if Emily has foul breath and dreadful body odour. So, a gay guy nibbling the neck of a goddess like Emily is not quite the visual treat I want to deal with, sorry!

Emily double exposed by Alya | May 5th, 2014
Emily double exposed by Alya
Maik Alemania

Emily Emily Week!!! Thats really great, a nice surprise. Thanks a lot. I'm a very happy member! :) Great set, i like Alya's style and her influence on this site, it's already more than a little addition. And Alya working with Emily always results in something really good. Nice setup here, i can imagine it was not the easiest to handle, but well done both of you. Alya, i envy you for your opportunities. ;) Oh and: EMILY WEEK!!! Yesssss... Thanks Mr. Hegre.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

indeed! looks like I picked the right week to finally figure out how to rejoin! nice work ladies!

Wil_Iam Alemania

Emily double exposed Emily - you are super sweet !

Emily Ecstatic | April 30th, 2014
Emily Ecstatic
Maik Alemania

Emily Two updates with Emily, a exceptional film and a beautiful photo-set, i love it. This is a great week for me, it could go on forever like this. ;) Thank you very much.

chaz4 Estados Unidos de América

I had rather see this as a video. Great model!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

must agree...this needs to be a film!

Wil_Iam Alemania

Emily - ecstatic Emily - hot, hotter, hottest !

Wil_Iam Alemania

Ecstatic Wow - Emily you are here the cutest !

Emily and Brendon Pampering the pussy | April 20th, 2014
Emily and Brendon Pampering the pussy
pierhart54 Italia

Hands of Brendon marvelous job of hands

Letti Alemania

Emily and Brendon Pampering the pussy These are the most beautiful and tender pictures I have seen to this theme and I wished to see more. Thank you!!

gustavo Chile

always great!! I love this woman her body is amazing!! I hope a video having sex soon!!!

swplf Estados Unidos de América

Satisfaction! As always Emily delivers! Solo, G/G, B/G, Toys, what doesn't Emily do to please us. Getting apparent total satisfaction out of what amounts to foreplay, wow. Petter must love to have her in front of his cameras. She is just so satisfying for us when she is reaching her satisfaction. Well done...

Rick Estados Unidos de América

Very nice Hope there is a video coming on this session....Emily looks so much better with makeup on...all the girls should have makeup many need it!

Keith Estados Unidos de América

Incredible! We need a video!

windmill Holanda

Emily & Brendon Emily shows the best of her beautiful body in pure extacy, touched by the hands of Brendon. Of course I like to see how this developes.

Maik Alemania

Emily & Brendon Great continuation of this series. I agree, everything that Emily does is pure satisfaction and always a pleasure to look at, she shines in each frame and has a very unique and special presence in front of every camera. Let's put it in simple words, Emily is a goddess and i'm always very excited to see more of here, whatever she does! I love the close-ups of her face in this set, just miss her wonderful eyes, and while i think she looks best without make-up, i agree, it suits her well and underlines her natural beauty. Can't wait for the next updates with Emily. Oh and lets face it, Brendon has made a deal with the devil, right? ;) It must feel like having won the lottery when a male model gets a invitation by Petter...

maggie and Pete Estados Unidos de América

Totally nice This is wonderful, we love Emily's responsiveness... and her total beauty. We love that this is a couple, too. And makeup is so not necessary. In fact it gets in the way of her natural loveliness. Forget comments that think artificial is better.

Emily pussy riot By Alya | April 10th, 2014
Emily pussy riot By Alya
Petr Canada

Pussy Riot Emily is lovely model, her acting skills and fun loving personality shine through here too. All brought out by the talent of Alya who is also stunning to look at. Fabulous set. Thank you

ailefroide Bélgica

RE: Photo number 60 So funny. Congratulations.

simon Suiza

#51 Alya is opening up :-)

windmill Holanda

pussy riot Emily and Alya are beautifull. a pure joy to see in every picture of this set. Hope we will see more of them.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

pussy riot are these ladies honorary members of the band? lol lovely happy naked girls...who could ask for anything more???

sentino Estados Unidos de América

What flawless ivory/marble skin Emily has. Such a beauty. . .

Sandy Reino Unido

excellent start! Superb gallery, got off to an electrifying start and looked promising for 2 of my favourite models. Left me wanting for more as it far too short for a pussy riot!! Please Alya stop teasing me and give me that Emily type shot of your beautiful labia

Wil_Iam Alemania

Emily - pussy riot Oh wow - Emily - great!!

Emily angel bath | March 27th, 2014
Emily angel bath
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

yet another set begging for a video!

twobe1 Estados Unidos de América

Angel Emily They don't make many like this.

Wil_Iam Alemania

Emily Angel bath hott !!

Emily and Tigra body body massage part 1 | March 21st, 2014
Emily and Tigra body body massage part 1
zorro Reino Unido

well, that was quite lovely. bring on part 2.

Sandy Reino Unido

superb Another imaginative and erotic gallery of 2 little minxes I would love to be sandwiched between!!

Emily flirt by Alya | March 13th, 2014
Emily flirt by Alya
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

oh yummy!! a video of these two in the near future? please!!!

McNasty77 Estados Unidos de América

Heaven Love Alya's peach skin and perfect chest, in comparison to the ice princess! Nice contrast.

Wil_Iam Alemania

Emily - Flirt super sweet - both Alya and Emily !

Emily and Brendon firm grip | March 6th, 2014
Emily and Brendon firm grip
Experienced Estados Unidos de América

Emily and Brendon Ah, Emily's facial expressions are sublime! I get the impression that she had fun during this series of photos.

Maik Alemania

Emily & Brendon While boy/girl isn't always my thing and honestly not the reason why i subscribed here, i have to admit this set is nice and tasteful. Love Pic29. And hey, starting the day with a bit of Emily is always a perfect way to get into a great mood. I never can't get enough of her. I also bet that Brendon is one of the most envied guys on this planet. ;)

Steve (Texas) Estados Unidos de América

Emily She makes every situation sexy and every guy a stud...

neolec Alemania

Immer wieder heiß, wie gerne würde ich mit Brendon tauschen Again and again hot as I would love to share with Brendon Завжди гаряча знову, як я хочу поділитися з Брендоном :-)

windmill Holanda

Emily & Brendon Emily is so wonderfully natural in all of her expressions. The intended responses and effects from the subtle touching and holds are clearly visible in her open and honest eyes. Yes ofcourse I would like to see the continuation in video and pictures please.

Hans_4 Alemania

Emily Emily has a very beautiful face and a stunning body. I love to see her, stroking a big cock. More of this !

Hardhead Singapur

RE: Emily I approve of this comment

yola Estados Unidos de América

almost perfect Emily is so totally gorgeous and especially playing with a new friend. My only complaint is that instead of being in the moment, she keeps at least one eye on the camera. It might be nice if she didn't--let us see them in the moment!

Doc Reino Unido

Emily What an attractive and alluring woman, she must be a photographer's dream! But please, let the lady-garden grow, to fulfil all her promise!

Emily not shy | February 27th, 2014
Emily not shy
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

not shy... lucky for us! :P

finderweb Italia

Wonderful beauty SHE'S THE BEST .... very, very nice! Compliments

Maik Alemania

everything but shy There are many words that come in mind when i think about Emily, like wonderful, gorgeous, extraordinary, super-sexy, lovely, surprising, smart, quick-witted and multi-talented, and many more. But i agree, shy is not under them. Our beloved Emily knows exactly what she wants and what she has, as this once-again great photo-set shows. Great work, "interesting" way to start a set. :) And speaking of multi-talented, please let her do her first shoot. Thank you very much. ;)

Jansan Dinamarca

Emily is certainly the most attractive and sexy model of them all. Not only does she have a beautiful slender body with perfect breasts and a round bottom, but she also has a charming and fascinating face with a glimpse in her eyes. I wouldn't mind taking her out for dinner at a fine restaurant and then back home afterwards.

neolec Alemania

Emily, so sweet and sexy :-)

Steve (Texas) Estados Unidos de América

Tasty... Classic, softness, etc...even the lighting was superb.

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Great Start! Yes indeed, a great start to this set! Outstanding looks at Emily's full cunt lips and adorable little asshole! Well done!

ailefroide Bélgica

Emily not shy Emily ... Emily ... Emily ...Emily ... Emily ... Emily ...

maggie and Pete Estados Unidos de América

Emily needs According to our tastes, Emily needs to get fucked on camera. What a beautiful and hot woman!!

Kees Holanda

Shy? Great set! Love to see more " shy" girls with magnificent asses.

Wil_Iam Alemania

Emily - Not shy Cute and super sweet !

naturalist India

galleries Please showcase the beautiful girls themselves rather than using them as props to the beautiful locales

Emily experiment by Alya | February 16th, 2014
Emily experiment by Alya
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

I'd like to experiment with these ladies! hehehe

neolec Alemania

Experiment Emily times four, big pictures

Letti Alemania

Emily experiment by Alya Always again Alyas ingenious ideas, like it very much

Letti Alemania

Emily experiment by Alya Always again Alyas ingenious ideas, like it very much

Maik Alemania

Alya & Emily Alya's approach is a bit different and the chemistry between model and photographer is changed. Alya staying naked is more than a nice little detail, i think it adds to the whole process. You can see that here. There is also some kind of BTS-mood in those pictures, which keeps it more real. Letting Alya doing photo-shoots already adds to the site. She's getting better and better. She has my respect for trying new things and doing three jobs at the same time here, directing a model, photographing and modeling by herself. Please make a BTS-video with a little interview next time. And Emily? Well, there is no better girl to have for trying out new things and do experiments. She's wonderful in every single shot. Oh, did you know Emily started doing photography? Maybe you could give her a chance? She has world's best teachers there in spain. So, pleeeeease. :)

mcnasty77 Estados Unidos de América

Wonderful Creative... fascinating!

zorro Reino Unido

nice set... impossible to go wrong with Emily.

Ayugued México

Best model! Hope you could keep Emily and Victoria R on your site forever...your two best models at this moment...

twobe1 Estados Unidos de América

Emily experiment Busby Berkeley meets Emily.

simon Suiza

Experiment is the right title. Even tough I love Alya's selfies, this time, the perfect kaleidoscope with Emily would have been enough. Alya brought is some asymmetry. Also the hand out in nowhere is not my style.

Emily and Mike acrobatics | February 5th, 2014
Emily and Mike acrobatics
windmill Holanda

Emily & Mike There is a certain attraction in this wonderful combination of strength and elegance. Emily moves in souplesse over the statue of Mike's strong body. I feel with more movements and exploration of flexibility in the poses there will be many more great pictures to see.

Petr Canada

Classy, nice work , all of you. Thank you Mike for not dropping her. LOL

Wil_Iam Alemania

Emily - Acrobatics Emily - the Best

Emily pussy panorama | January 29th, 2014
Emily pussy panorama
johnhnyp Estados Unidos de América

Every shot Gorgeous!! Emily should be proud of what she's got

neolec Alemania

Emily, you are the best

Brian Estados Unidos de América

You are Beautiful in every way!

Maik Alemania

Raw but still art Emily is gorgeous in every single shot on this site. Writing comments is difficult, because she makes me speechless every time. This set is a good example. It's something only a special model like Emily together with the best erotic photographer can archive. It is raw and comes without foreplay, there is no way to deny what is in focus here. But you both can deliver even such a photoset with a unmissable style and class. It is stays to be art and never looks like you are exploiting the model or make her feel unfomfortable. This transmits to the viewer and makes it a pleasure to enjoy your work. Emily having so much fun while doing all the wild stuff here makes her my number one. She's not a performer, she is just a wild girl, a extremely sexy one. She knows it and celebrates it, i'm feeling lucky about that. Just have look at her smile in this set. It's captivating me. Thank you very much Emily and Petter, for all the work you have done so far and everything you are going to do. ...and then you can meet that lovely soul in live-chats, mind-blowing.

Maik Alemania

Emily No1 Emily quickly became my number one last year. She is gorgeous in every single shoot and film, i just can't get enough. This set, while being raw and straight to the point, without any foreplay, is a good reflection of what only Petter can capture and a fun girl, with a crazy hobby, as she calls it, can deliver. Just look at that captivating smile in this set (hard to do, but try it). You both archive to do this with unmissable style, class and keeping it art, very very hot art. I applaud you both and say thank you for the wide variety of content you have delivered and are going to deliver. ...and then you can meet that lovely soul in live-chats, which is mind-blowing.

Wil_Iam Alemania

Emily - Pussy panorama Omg - cuuuute !

Emily muse by Alya | January 20th, 2014
Emily muse by Alya
Auricman Estados Unidos de América

Unique Unusual, creative, and provocative. Nice work.

Max Australia

Fantastic Alya is really in touch with eroticism not just nudity. However, seeing more of her would have made this set better. The idea of the setting is great but it doesnt develop as it could. Keep up the great work.

ailefroide Bélgica

Emily muse by Alya Unforgettetable. 19/20. Thank you.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

RE: Fantastic people keep complaining about the camera being in the pics! she can't take pics and be in them without the camera! anyway...I like this alot!

Wil_Iam Alemania

Emily - muse oh wow - so sweet you are Emily !

Emily and Milena private show by Alya | January 11th, 2014
Emily and Milena private show by Alya
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

only thing missing is emily's lovely face!

zorro Reino Unido

loved the lighting on this shoot. thought the two girls went together really well. beautifully atmospheric set.

Erekhart Alemania

Great idea... Great idea in principle, but the series is too monotonic.

redryder Estados Unidos de América

Very Disappointing Two beautiful girls. One very bland photo shoot. Hard to imagine any photo shoot could be this disappointing with these two girls. The only thing worse would be to put them in separate rooms. I guess you could call it art. But it isn't erotic.

Dave Francia

This is a really fantastic idea photographically. The focus shifts constantly from foreground to background. The models, one close up and one far away, alternately tease the camera and then gaze at each other. As usual difficult to put into words but full marks to the artist for introducing something totally new that I have not seen before.

TheViking Suecia

Magic pictures by Alya Alya, you've made a great serie of photos with two fantastic women. The pictures are magic. Thank you and let us see more of your work behind the camera.

ailefroide Bélgica

Emily and Milena private show Amazed. Congratulations. Something new is so exceptional.

MojoMa_55 Suiza

Emily and Milena A potentially good idea ruined by a lack of imagination. Some of Emily's poses looked awkward and forced, and I didn't see the point of Milena being sat in a chair in the background. If two people are in the same shoot, one would expect them to interact with each other. No erotic charge. The only chemistry in this shoot was in the photo development room.

windmill Holanda

RE: Emily&Milena The girls we know are great. Missing the complete view on the face of Emily is indeed a great miss.Half of each picture is out of focus, leaving to uch of all the great and lovely details in the blur. A pitty.

ailefroide Bélgica

Emily and Milena private show New and exceptional. Yes, I love Emily face, so I can see it in my imagination. Jean Paul.

Pacoeco México

Congratulations This is a piece of art, amazing the handle of the focus on the deep of field, really artistic, congratulation for all involved in this set, I see the lack of Emily face and interactions more erotic than see them as we have seen many others

Emily exceptional body | January 6th, 2014
Emily exceptional body
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

I am in total lust with Ms Emily!!!

zorro Reino Unido

up there with the best.

Vimmer Dinamarca

Lovely as always. By the way. How come we never see any Arab girls?

ailefroide Bélgica

Emily exceptional beauty YES

Zeppelin Alemania

Naaaah! She's not real. Or is she?

Maik Alemania

Emily Superstar Exceptional, absolutely! Emily is too good to be real. I'm addicted to her since her first appearance here.

gustavo Chile

I love this woman! the most amazing body, I hope watch a sexy video

mazungu Reino Unido

Beauty Emily , you are a dream for every man . Such perfect

neolec Alemania

Emily, how can one be so beautiful, Petter always manages to bring the perfection of this model to bear

Emily blue chair part1 | December 30th, 2013
Emily blue chair part1
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

always liked looking at women wearing a man's dress shirt...jockey shorts kinda scare me! not sure what I'll see underneath! lol Emily is stunning as always

ailefroide Bélgica

Emily blue chair What a beautifull surprise. Emily smiling all the time. Even laughing. Great. Thanks.

Pacoeco México

lovely smile Her sympathy with her smiles, duplicate her beauty

Wil_Iam Alemania

Blue Chair part 1 Awesome !

Emily Madonna in the bath | December 4th, 2013
Emily Madonna in the bath
SPOT Estados Unidos de América

WHERE IS THE SOAP? there is nothing more sexy than a beautiful naked woman covered in slippery suds in a shower, IMO

MM Estados Unidos de América

Excellent shoot! Love it when the model poses with her arms high overhead. The 45 degree angle shots are very nice too, they give a nice outline of her far breast. Emily is a cutie pie.

Uwe Alemania

Madonna She is just lovely!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

RE: WHERE IS THE SOAP? that, and seeing this set in motion would be wonderful!

ailefroide Bélgica

Emily M in the bath Emily you succeed in surprising me although I appreciate you a long time ago. First you eyes. And the colours very soft. Etc. Emily vous êtes merveilleuse. Votre regard est magnifique, les couleurs pastel sont parfaites. Merci.

Lion_01 Holanda

My forbidden fruit My god... Emily, with every new series, every single time again, you manage to touch my heart and arouse my lust, to the point where you make me drool like a lunatic. I cannot deny it, I must confess. I am totally utterly completely extremely addicted to you. Emily, you are the object of my secret desires, you are my forbidden fruit. Please, let me bite you!

Emily and Milena high key by Alya Part1 | November 18th, 2013
Emily and Milena high key by Alya Part1
Pogo Tailandia


Apropos Estados Unidos de América

The two most perfect ravishing angels together again, who could ask for more and yet it delivers even more than one could dream of.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

nice little tease! can't wait to see where it goes!

Lion_01 Holanda

Wow? Wow?? Wow??? W-O-W!!!

Estados Unidos de América

Love these two!

Dan4hegre Estados Unidos de América

Kisses These two always sizzle when they are together in front of the camera, and this shoot is no exception. I do hope this continues on to Part II, and then on to one of the sexiest girl/girl vids ever. The electricity and energy generated by their erotic kisses is absolutely unbelievable. Very well done, girls...

Comcast8 Estados Unidos de América

Emily & Milena Great set! Good job Alya! The lighting needs to be balanced a little better to emphasize the contrast of Emily's creamy skin with Milena's tan, but still a great set. These two are beautiful separate, amazing together, and they seem to have sexy, fun chemistry with each other.

PJSteve Grecia

Perfection ! Please someone tell me that there is a film of this too !

tuzhdop Estados Unidos de América

Emily & Milena Sorry ! This set doesn't ring any bells. Repetitious poses. Too bad because models are gorgeous.

Isurus Australia

Hair So much wonderful hair, I love it.

KlerHegr Bélgica

Unreal ... They are both so beautiful that it makes this set of pictures unreal. Probably because of the light from behind the models. It looks like those two girls are in love with each other. If they are not, it means they are very good actresses, on top of being stunning models.

ailefroide Bélgica

Emily and Milena ... It looks like true love ... Congratulations.

Emily table poses part1 | November 28th, 2013
Emily table poses part1
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

the table is very fitting...would love to have Ms Emily over for ...uuumm...lunch! YUM!!! YUM!!!

fenpedric Reino Unido

Emily table poses pt1 Simply the best!

Laurie Reino Unido

Ripe Fruit I am teased with lascivious desires, to feast on her luscious bouquet, to indulge her exquisite essence...

Laurie Reino Unido

Pure Lust As I drank in her scent my cock swaggeringly primed, glans, glowingly hot, a pearly droplet deliciously composed for her tongue...

Wil_Iam Alemania

Emily - table pose part 1 Super elegant !

Emily and Brendon oral sex | November 4th, 2013
Emily and Brendon oral sex
Erector Singapur

can we expect a video of those two?

Dave Estados Unidos de América

Emily !! Emily is absolutely delicious !! She is also very hot !! Brendon is one lucky guy. Would love to see the sequel or the movie (please !!). Really enjoyed this set. Very well done !! Very erotic !! Thank You.

Dexter Estados Unidos de América

WHERE IS VALERIE??? What the hell happened to Valerie??

MojoMa_55 Suiza

Emily and Brendon - Oral Sex A film of these two practising oral sex on each other would be a logical sequel. I would assume that this already exists and is only awaiting a suitable place in the schedule.

Der Hinkle Estados Unidos de América

I love Emily.

MrHCLover Islandia

Emily and Brendon - Oral Sex Amazing erotica... hope there will be a set when she returns the favor. Stunning. You should really consider opening up a sister site, dedicated with boy/girl material... All the best.

windmill Holanda

Emily & Brendon Emily and Brendon do make great viewing pleasure. Much of the actual attraction has been hidden. In my imagination poses with Emily standing up with Brendon on his knees in front of her would have brought more exiting details.

blasoman Estados Unidos de América

Emily&Brendon Oral sex Emily looks like a skeleton. Terrible show me something real.

Isurus Australia

hope I do so hope that Emily returns the favour here for us.

Dave Estados Unidos de América

Emily and Brendon Would like to see the movie !! Would like to see Emily take of Brendon too !! Great Gallery !!

Sandy Reino Unido

too much to the imagination Unfortunately my imagination is failing and found this set lacking in turn on power. Would have been nice to see a couple of shots as to the results of his activities!!

Emily and Milena body sculpting | October 30th, 2013
Emily and Milena body sculpting
MojoMa_55 Suiza

Emily and Milena Interesting contrast between the to models.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

nice start...kinda hoped it would go further!maybe in a video

flash Estados Unidos de América

emily & milena body sculpting Excellent lighting, posing another grand achievement, well done!

redryder Estados Unidos de América

Terrific Pair These two girls are gorgeous and great together. PLEASE keep more of them coming!!

delavignette Bélgica

RE: Emily and Milena I agree with you, interesting contrast ...

jack-3-1 Holanda

Lovely girl, to bad that there feet en toenails are not so beautiful

noddy3uk Reino Unido

RE: Photo number 64 what2 contrasting cunts wow

Isurus Australia

two roses The TWO most beautiful roses on the planet, in one set, well done. I'm so glad that I don't have to choose one over the other. And the contrast from vampirically pale Emily to sunshine beauty Melina, simply stunning.

ailefroide Bélgica

Emily and Milena body sculpting How long did you love you ?

Emily pink rose | October 17th, 2013
Emily pink rose
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

A rose is a rose, is a rose...and, Emily is the sweetest kind!

incognito1 Estados Unidos de América

Good Stuff Definitely one of the better photo shoots

jinei Perú

please make some additional pictures for 3d artists (modeling and texturing)

Tom2 Alemania

just incredible Emily you are so beautiful.

Lion_01 Holanda

Pretty little rose Just look at her... Isn't she a dream vision from heaven? As for her pretty little rose, I don't know if she's into that, but I know a thing or 2 to do with that...

Isurus Australia

Emily Rose A rose by any other name would still look so sweet :-)

ailefroide Bélgica

Emily pink rosz Perfect hair. Not only ...

Wil_Iam Alemania

Emily - pink rose Beautiful !!

Emily body double by Alya | October 11th, 2013
Emily body double by Alya
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

always said 4 is better than 2! (gotta love the finger nibble! #52)

Casanova9 Bulgaria

Emily body double by Alya Oh, I just want to stuff up this soft & wet pink pussy ...!

Nanuk Suiza

Emily BodyDouble by Alya This gallery is TOP and of course also both ladies !

Letti Alemania

Emily body double by Alya Phantastic photos with a very interesting composition. I love it and admire them

Tom Alemania

Pee This set is predestinated for peeing pics! Perhaps next time...

Tom2 Alemania

Pee I agree with Tom (previous Post)

mkf1962 Canada

Emily has a great look and fantastic body, but I think she might want to consider getting a little sun.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

RE: Pee lol well...they've done just about everything else! Will Hegre take the dive into golden showers next??? who am I to judge? so long as there is a steady flow (no pun intended) of actual ART, I will remain a member!

Petr Canada

Emily body double Emily has such lovely natural colour and mischievious eyes, Alya, try her with a dark blue or slate background she would Pop. Love the mirror shots , very creative.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

RE: mkf1962 some people can't do that. they burn before they tan. emily appears to have this skin type.

HannaP Nueva Zelanda

Emily No. The almost alabaster white is perfect. She does not need a 'little sun' as this would spoil her fantastic look.

Tom2 Alemania

Peeing @wheeler: I think it should remain an exception. But it offers in here really. Ejaculation and Blowjob we had already with Flora and Mike. I know it also gave complaints here. But in exceptional cases it may sometimes resort to extreme. ;-)

windmill Holanda

body doubles Thank you Ayla for the great views and images on your bodies. The reflections make your pictures in a new very appealing perspective. Please continue with the complete nudity.

Wil_Iam Alemania

Emily and Alya - body double Double sexy ! Both of them !

Emily and Mike form and figure | October 5th, 2013
Emily and Mike form and figure
Erector Singapur

Like one of the poster said, I like how Mike is a gentlemen without getting a erection with her head near his penis.

windmill Holanda

Emily & Mike In their complete nudity Emily and Mike are the 2 opposites that attract. Emily in youthful innocence and curiosity, and mike a solid statue do make wonderful images to explore further. The graceful souplesse against pure strength is a great challenge to bring more.

Blackmanbig Suecia

Great interracial Very good lookin setup, great. Shud have been more explicit, but Emily is doin better and better. Now we wait for Milena do set up with Mike or any other black man, that would have been mindblowing! Thanks!

caquito Brasil

Mike vs Emily Mike is special and Emily is a beautiful woman, but together there is no chemistry. Another thing is Mike and Flora, when they're together, they cause an explosion of eroticism.

ailefroide Bélgica

Emily and Mike Keep on the colour of your skin. The sun and the UV are sometimes dangerous. Ne pas vous exposer aux UV, c'est plus prudent.

Wil_Iam Alemania

Emily and Mike - form and figure Emily - adorable !

Emily and Milena girlfriends | September 8th, 2013
Emily and Milena girlfriends
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

I do hope that's not the end???

Rico Portugal

Very intimate , want to see more of this Hegre best friends

Dan4Hegre Estados Unidos de América

"Girlfriends" I agree with 'wheeler'... please continue on with Parts 2, 3, 4 and more of these two fun and extremely sexy gals together. I'm hoping this is only the beginning of such a heavenly pairing. They compliment each other so nicely with their smooth, but slightly contrasting skin tones, and their equally sexual/sensual natural bodies. The creative positions and poses were a huge turn-on, like fun time erotica. I do look forward to seeing more of them as they develop their special bonding into even more intimate galleries and films together... and also their individual shoots.

rs Estados Unidos de América

The "eyes" have it!

Gil123 Francia

A suivre... This confirms what I thought about Milena: This beautiful girl attracts light to it: that's what makes all the difference! Cela confirme ce que je pensais sur Miléna: Cette très jolie fille attire la lumière à elle: c'est ce qui fait toute la différence !!!

Rufus Reino Unido

I hope that is a fake tan on Milena, otherwise she (and many of your models) are going to land up with skin cancer. Slav and Nordic people are not meant to be that color.

Laurie Reino Unido

Exquisite Climax The last six images were worth the build-up, but in another sense the intensity was just the beginning.

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

EMILY & MILENA - Part 1? EMILY y MILENA: Two sparks in bed smoldering...

Marco A. Brasil

I'd like to see a book with photos of Emily and Milena. I think they have a lot of fans.

Michael Estados Unidos de América

Disappointed in the photographer This series is a big disappointment. The singular fixation of the photographer on the pussies leads to a failure to capture the delightful energy in the interactions between these two gorgeous models; it only come out in a few of the images. As a very good photographer, Petter could have.... and should have done better.

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Overwhelming! Stunning! Simply stunning! What gorgeous girls and what a pairing! I agree with Dan4Hegre that their contrasting skin tones are most complimentary. Agree with Laurie regarding the lovely intimate photos at the end and hope for more. I also applaud Emily and Milena for not holding back and showing all their beauty! And it is a good thing they do because what absolutely gorgeous cunts and adorably cute anuses these girls have! Such a joy to see! Bravo Emily and Milena!

Sam C Estados Unidos de América

Emily and Milena should have a video together. It could be one of Petter's best ever.

incognito1 Estados Unidos de América

Satisfied One of the best aspects of this photo shoot is that the photographer was able to capture 2 erect and fully aroused clitorises, showing both girls were very much into the shoot. Awesome!

ailefroide Bélgica

RE: Emily and Milena Perfect.

ailefroide Bélgica

Emily and Milena girlfreind Is it love ? I thing yes.

BClair Estados Unidos de América

Contrast I love the contrast of skin tones. It is beautiful!!! Hegre is a photo genius!

Emily party dress | September 28th, 2013
Emily party dress
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

lol as usual, you stop just when it starts to get REALLY GOOD!!! I'll never be tired of lovely Ms Emily! STUNNING!!!


Damn, shes hot! And for some reason this has to be one of her sexiest series yet

Zeppelin Alemania

No coincidence This did not happen just by chance. Emily's perfection is my personal proof of god's existence.

Michael Estados Unidos de América

Stunning set This is simply a stunning set of pictures that really captures Emily's beauty!! Wonderful photos, Petter. And Emily, you are a goddess!!

Ray Estados Unidos de América

RE: Photo number 86 Sublime. Now if you could shoot Emily and Luba together we could all die happy.

Lion_01 Holanda

Vision of perfection Oh my god... I've had a hard time trying to get past the first picture! Imagine that you come home, walk into the room, and are greeted by this vision in your armchair... If I were to be that lucky man, surely all my plans for that night would instantly go overboard!

Wil_Iam Alemania

Emily - party dress Cuuute - Emily you are perfect !

Emily Explicit | September 19th, 2013
Emily Explicit
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

emily is lovely, as always...the set is a bit monotonous!

Yum_Yum Australia

Fantastic Series. I wonder how I arrange a meeting between Emily and my lips and cock.

kidstone Canada

A nice change of pace, with no coyness, just honest sex. I like a set that delivers what it promises. Good dining at the Y, with a tossed salad. Now if we could get some cream pie, that would be a full eating experience.

PacoEco México

Dislike I think is not nice to waste all this pictures focused only in such a small part of a very beautifull girl, she is gorgeous but this set does not stand out her beauty

Michael Estados Unidos de América

Emily - gorgeous; Photographer - Dull Pity that the photographer did not have the same hat on for this set as he did when he did the Melinda set yesterday. I agree with Wheeler - Emily is gorgeous, but Petter did not do her justice. The set is monotonous and dull.

Rick Estados Unidos de América

Very Tight Small pussy....would love to feel her squeezing my cock....

Marco A. Brasil

I like this set very much. It's exciting to see her intimate parts. The quality of the photos is stunning.

Wil_Iam Alemania

Emily - Explicit Sexy!!

Estados Unidos de América

video soon I hope

Emily traje corporal spandex | December 20th, 2013
Emily traje corporal spandex
ailefroide Bélgica

Emily body suit Toujours autant de bonheur à vous revoir. Merci.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

birthday suit is all Ms Emily needs!

Lion_01 Holanda

Delightful Emily is absolutely delightful. She never fails to cause a smile on my face and a rush of blood to my nether regions...

Wil_Iam Alemania

Emily - Spandax Super sweet and super sexy !!

Emily no angel part2 | September 7th, 2013
Emily no angel part2
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

glad we didn't have to wait a year for part 2! although, it still doesn't seem finished?

Laurie Reino Unido

Hot Sticky Cunt ~ So Beautiful A pink masthead of delightfully generous proportions held sway, moving slowly and rhythmically to a tender touch. Thankyou Emily, that was breathtaking...

Rufus Reino Unido

I hope there will be a part 3 when Emily will use that thing where it was designed for.

Auricman Estados Unidos de América

Emily is stunning. Love the bondage; maybe next time handcuffs!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

RE: Hot Sticky Cunt ~ So Beautiful Yes indeed Laurie, a gorgeous pink masthead, shot after shot of it open, suspended in wantingness, yet methinks cunt should be filled, no?

Wil_Iam Alemania

Emily - no angel Emily - indeed - you are an angel !

Emily y Mike ropa urbana | September 6th, 2013
Emily y Mike ropa urbana
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

well, at least mike kept his shorts on! (I shouldn't speak so soon)

MojoMa_55 Suiza

Mike and Emily I suppose it was due to editorial instruction, but why was Mike told to keep his shorts on when Emily is stripped naked?. Perhaps there is a 2nd set to follow but this one, (in the interests of sexual equality and to refute suggestions of exploitation), should have ended with him as bare as her.

Tom Alemania

Emily & Mike Black and white are wonderful together. Hope, this is only part one. Want to see Emily hold Mike's hard cock.

Edouard Francia

Ryonen, Anna S, Emily, ... lovely ladies ... I'm going to miss you ... Kisses.

Marco T. Brasil

There are many porn sites for those who want to see explicit sexual contact. Pornography devalues women. I would like to see only photos of women on Hegre Art.

windmill Holanda

Emily & Mike For a website dedicated to nudity in so many artistic perspectives the part striptease is an off. I can recognize the intended emotion but it is a miss for me. There are so many other settings to explore in complete nudity. You know well how to create tension, attraction, sensuality in artistic even provocative images and series of naked male female couples. Please do continue on this line rather then approaching obvious sexuality only.

Ted Reino Unido

I thought it was very sensual. thought Mike looked a bit glum though. Wanted a bit more, is this part 1? Would make a good film.

jinei Perú

too much contrast between beauty and ugliness.

Wil_Iam Alemania

Emily - strretwear perfect - just perfect !

Emily acróbata en la cama | September 5th, 2013
Emily acróbata en la cama
MojoMa_55 Suiza

Emily Bed Acrobat As I've mentioned before, Emily is so pale-skinned that she needs to be presented against darker sheets or other backgrounds.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

well, it worked for me! sure, she's also look great on a darker background. which I'm sure we'll see in the future. but, I like this set. pretty, happy, bubbly, bouncy girl! I like it alot!

Emily pelota negra parte1 | September 4th, 2013
Emily pelota negra parte1
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

I suddenly wanna be an exercise ball! (I'm certainly round enough)

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Famous Anus Great to see these outstanding appropriately totally nude Emily series, and great that in photos 33-46 we are treated to excellent looks at her famous anus. Photos 45-46 my personal favs. Thank you Emily and Petter!

Fract Holanda

Oozes sex Darn, this lady is hot! Also: lol, wheeler! You be the ball, I'll have Emily ;)

Emily baño azul bebé | September 2nd, 2013
Emily baño azul bebé
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

lovely start! I do hope we get to see her turn on the water!

MojoMa_55 Suiza

Emily With her very pale skin Emily needs a darker background to achieve better contrast.

walpar Bélgica

Emily Emily again?

walpar Bélgica

Emily @r OK, I'll be patient.

delavignette Bélgica

Emily Don't change anything, les couleurs pastel sont magnifiques. Bravo pour le miroir, the miror shots are great.

PacoEco México

Congratulations Wordless with this collection, Emmilly is an angel face girl, amazing and very nice pice of art

Emily y Brendon el beso | September 1st, 2013
Emily y Brendon el beso
MojoMa_55 Suiza

Emily and Brendon Limp!.

KOMET Canada

EMILY et un homme EMILY et l'homme, livres et sem roupa, are in the throes of a rising passion, enwrapped in each other like 2 sleek Nagas. (One question: is there more to come for these two?)

Marco A. Brasil

It would be interesting if subscribers of Hegre Art had a chance to be photographed nude with their favorite model by Petter Hegre.

windmill Holanda

Emily & Brendon The physical attraction and intense sensuality is obvious between Emily and Brendon. The close touch of their naked bodies makes good viewing pleasure. a continuation is due in my view.

Laurie Reino Unido

Unbelievably Dull "Emily no Angel" part1 was probably one of the outstanding erotic galleries. So when do we get to see part2... and whilst on the subject, what about the rest of that breathtaking romp between Alya and Valerie!

walpar Bélgica

Emily Emily again? I have an overdose of Emily. Are all the other girls on holiday?

Han Noruega

Beautifully erotic Beautiful, erotic and respectful. Great.

Fract Holanda

Without a doubt... the best kiss I've ever witnessed.

Tony Estados Unidos de América

The hands His hands ruin the otherwise extremely intimate moment. Had he not been grabassing, it would be much less distracting. You don't hold a woman close by keeping your hands on her ass. I know that it's a very nice bottom, and many people would want to have a handful of it. If he were to hold her by the back, it would solidify the intimacy of the moment.

EmmSea Australia

No thanks. I won't even open the set. I personally do not subscribe to see men, there's a multitude of sites out in 'internet land' that show men. I subscribe to see beautiful women exquisitely photographed.

r Estados Unidos de América

@walpar Well, it *IS* "Emily Week" as noted on the pix.

Emily blanco leche | August 28th, 2013
Emily blanco leche
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

Well, I love Emily! How about that Emily week???

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Milk White nudes Lovely milk white nudes. Bravo Emily! You are a star!

Marco Brasil

Emily is a lovely girl. Petter, I suggest you to select her for the next nude workshop.

Apropos Estados Unidos de América

Enchantress everytime I see Emily she's even more and more beautiful and ravishing than before. I'm just one more in a long line of people to fall under Emily's spell.

Wil_Iam Alemania

Emily - milk white Emily is a cutie!!

Emily piscina negra | August 23rd, 2013
Emily piscina negra
Canchahel Francia

Water nymph I have rarely seen a series of photos like this. The light, the play of sun and clouds in the water, the contrast between Emily’s pale skin – a real pearl, indeed – and the black pool, her floating hair, everything is fluid, calm and harmonious, timeless and archetypal. Of course, the board has been well chosen: the best is probably the photo 54. The whole is a true and magnificent work of art. Bravo, Petter.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

lovely! nice to see that hegre-art still has some art left in it!

Zeppelin Alemania

Hey Snow White I'm exactly the size of seven dwarfs. You're invited to sleep in my bed, sugar!

mike29_cse Estados Unidos de América

This is my favorite nude model of all time.....Emily is so pretty. Her skin is perfect, her body is perfect. Absolutely unbelievable.

mike29_cse Estados Unidos de América

THIS is a girl I would finally marry!

Briano Reino Unido

Oh, such a beauty. She looks chilly in some shots. Would she like me to rub her down?

Wil_Iam Alemania

Emily - black pool Wow Emily !

Emily corto en la disco | August 14th, 2013
Emily corto en la disco
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

ah yes! looking gorgeous is what emily does best!

HJ Reino Unido

Disco Shorts Erm, yes, take them off.

gonzox17 Estados Unidos de América

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen! It's official we have our new Luba!!!!

Emily extrema | August 6th, 2013
Emily extrema
Laurie Reino Unido

Wickedly Delicious The essence of femininity, achingly sensuous...

baladirou Francia

trop beau a voir!! sublime emily

jimmy Australia

emily superb!...she is delicious!

jimmy Australia

emily gorgeous

Zeppelin Alemania

Extremely short! Lovely face, ass, tits though!

don Estados Unidos de América

nice set

Emily desnudos de estudio | July 31st, 2013
Emily desnudos de estudio
Apropos Estados Unidos de América

joyous laughter Looks like she's really enjoying this shoot with the way she's smiling there; I mean there's just something about the way that she smiles that just makes a man all gooey inside, not to mention her PERFECT figure which could only have been hewn by the gods themselves from the likeness of Aphrodite or Venus.

Klerhegr Bélgica

Emily ballerina ? 59 pictures are not enough ! I think I could look 1000 of them ! By th way, Emily seems to have at least the basics of classic dance, doesn't she ? Any other hidden talents ?

Marco Brasil

Emily is beautiful! Pics 56 and 57 are very good.

Emily retratos a la hora de dormir | July 24th, 2013
Emily retratos a la hora de dormir
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

the more I see Ms Emily, the more I want to see her!!! LOVELY!!!

JerseyJoe Estados Unidos de América

I'd come to bed early! Emily is one of my favorite new models. A young, innocent face behind which lies mystery and youthful exuberance, and a beautiful, curvaceous body. She could call me to bed early and I would come.

Laurie Reino Unido

She's a Prick Teaser And I love you, you gorgeous little...

JD Estados Unidos de América

RE: Photo number 35 I enjoy every set that Emily poses for and this set is among the best. She is perfect all over. Her breasts are tremendous but her best asset is her ass, especially in this pose. Its a very good view of her pussy and also her anus. I would love to give both of them a lot of attention !

Akerfeldt México

PERFECTION! With every new Emily set I'm more and more convinced she's the best girl in Hegre. I would love an Emily special week, what about a month? Awesome! Thanks!

Laurie Reino Unido

"...." Your judgment is appreciated. Thankyou

Uwe Alemania

Bed Time Portrait She is just awesome! Always best!

Emily ningún angel parte1 | July 17th, 2013
Emily ningún angel parte1
KOMET Estados Unidos de América

EMILY COMO ESCRAVA Humbled and cowed, EMILY awakes to find herself nude and bound to a chair under a single light in a cool and darkened, windowless room. Manacles affixed to her throat, wrists, and ankles. Soon she will be put through her paces to become a "escrava" and an unfailingly obedient "dog woman."

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

we all have a little devil inside! can't wait to see more of lovely emily's naughty side!

MojoMa_55 Suiza

Emily - No Angel I don't know why Komet thinks that Emily is bound to her chair. She clearly isn't; all her limbs are free. And I don't like the use of the derogatory phrase 'dog woman' that Komet uses. She is simply performing for our pleasure and should be respected for that. Like almost all Hegré models, Emily is very beautiful but, as I've said before, wearing a leather collar and cuffs does not constitute either bondage or restraint. As this set is titled Part 1, can it be assumed that any future set(s) in the series will actually shew restraining bondage?. (I note that the promised film 'advertising shot' appears to shew her restrained and vibrated, but we must wait to see if that really is the case).

Rico Portugal

dark The other side of Emily !!!! a darkside very provoking ...

Laurie Reino Unido

Red Hot Arse I would love to fuck her ravishing anal whorl and enjoy a mind-blowing eruption of wicked ecstasy...

Fract Holanda

Breathless The opening-shot took my breath away, and I didn't held out until the end Absolutely A1 photography. A masterclass-in-a-set. For once, I am insanely curious what she's gonna do with that toy. Other than this, words fail me miserably. More of this. More of this quality. Please.

j841 Estados Unidos de América

RE: Photo number 34 What a spectacular anus Emily has !!

it was Canada

RE: Photo number 1 It was worth every cent joining your site Thank you

KlerHegr Bélgica

From Teen to adult woman If I had to propose my own title, I would choose "Emily, from teen to adult woman". I don't see those pictures as the dark side of Emily, just as something different and very attractive. Pictures 33 to 35 are my favorite ones, but the whole set is stunning, as always with Emily. I am looking forward to see what will happen with that toy.

Marco Brasil

I love her ass. Pictures 33 and 34 are very exciting. There was a Dominika Day last year. It would be nice if we had an Emily Day.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

RE: Emily - No Angel "I don't know why Komet thinks that Emily is bound to her chair. She clearly isn't; all her limbs are free... wearing a leather collar and cuffs does not constitute either bondage or restraint." use your imagination! (although, I must say, it would be nice to see the real thing)

Laurie Reino Unido

A Classic Must rank as one of Hegre's best examples of erotica. Outstanding...

Daddy-O Estados Unidos de América

That's... A talented ass hole. She can extend the sphincter on demand..Lovely and a great turn-on!

peron Estados Unidos de América

Puckering up What a truly amazing anus pout. How does she do that? Very, very hot.

Laurie Reino Unido

Images 33-35 Are so extraordinary, breathtakingly exquisite and utterly arousing. Simply irresistible...

JerseyJoe Estados Unidos de América

Where's Part 2? C'mon, Petter, don't make us wait to see the rest of this shoot. Warming up the glass dildo? We can only dream. And anticipate. Loving Emily!

EmmSea Australia

Bring on Part 2!! Nice set thanks. The tease of the last few shots has me looking forward to the next part.

Rigober Canada

RE: Photo number 32 With a bit more light it would be perfect !

Rigober Canada

RE: Photo number 33 Same comment as for photo #32

Man2040 Estados Unidos de América

RE: Photo number 41 I love her tight ass hole.

Man2040 Estados Unidos de América

After seeing this I must renew my subscription. love this woman!!!!

Emily y Brendon la bella y la bestia | July 10th, 2013
Emily y Brendon la bella y la bestia
MojoMa_55 Suiza

Emily and Brendon A good shoot with an attractive couple.

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

EMILY & Brendon: Lots of Smoke, but no Fire Are FLORA, KONATA, and YANKA the only woman here who are unafraid to fondle a phallus? (Wonder if a video version is forthcoming...)

Rico Portugal

petit Emily Very intimate photo update , great combination between petit Emily with the "beast " ... photo 18 ;) !

Marco Brasil

I don't like galleries with photos of men. Please publish only photos of women!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

RE: Marco nice to know I'm not alone. emily is stunning, as always!

alececco Brasil

There is absolutley no chemistry between them. She looks scared...

Max Estados Unidos de América

Love these sets I love these sets. I think they're incredibly erotic. Although I do prefer to see even more genital touching between the two, as we've seen in some of the other examples. Bravo. Lovely, unique material.

Laurie Reino Unido

Cock around the Clock Not another male porn "actor" with a freakishly long cock for fucks sake. Just for the record the average length of most mens erection is between 5 and 6 inchs. Unbelievably, the longest I've seen in a changing room was on a bloke just over 5ft., weighing less than 10st. Bizarrely, he could probably lick his own erection. Whatever...

maggie and Pete Estados Unidos de América

Sexy but we have to say that we prefer boys with their foreskin, as nature intended.

Max Australia

Smokin Hot The male and female form are designed to compliment each other, to fit together, to ying and yang if you will. This is what this set is all about and it illustrates it supurbly. You can see his lust for her and quite rightly so, she is stunning and the anticipation of what they will do once the cameras are off is painted clearly on their faces and leaks generously from her arousal. I say more please !

Shari B Canada

Nice Surprise My husband signed us up for this site and I was rather uninterested at the beginning. Now I can't help but explore this site, often on my own, and feel overwhelmed with the beauty here. I can't stop daydreaming of the models and the possibilities. Very big turn on for me.

Marco Brasil

RE: Smokin Hot "The male and female form are designed to compliment each other, to fit together." I agree, but I think it's a good idea to avoid distracting elements like men or dildos if we want to fully appreciate the beauty of the women depicted in photographs.

Tom Alemania

The beast Nice pair. Wonderful shoots. I'd like to see the hard beast touching her.

windmill Holanda

RE: Smokin Hot You put it well. I agree completely. There is so much attraction between them in the details. Clearly this couple has much more to explore.

Sandy Reino Unido

RE: Smokin Hot I totally agree, Emily is dripping with anticipation in shot 57& 58, just wish it was in close-up! Lucky lucky lad!!

jinei Perú

N° 57 ...nice shot

Emily jardín secreto | July 4th, 2013
Emily jardín secreto
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

a little more that 33 pics there! (not that I'm complaining!lol) nice day to get a tan! :P emily is lovely!

jj Estados Unidos de América

She is absolutely incredible, love all the pictures of her sweet bare bottom

KlerHegr Bélgica

Heart attacks One more set like that and Emily will be responsible for thousands of heart attacks allover the world !

loverboy10 Estados Unidos de América


Emily sensación en la ducha parte1 | June 29th, 2013
Emily sensación en la ducha parte1
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

please do tell me that this is gonna be a video???

Emily exhibicionista | June 25th, 2013
Emily exhibicionista
ThoRn Estados Unidos de América

Amazing.............would luv to see Emily in Livecams.............would be awesome...........

jj Estados Unidos de América

Beautiful girl, gorgeous ripe breasts, very inviting rear end, mmmm looks so tasty

ailefroide Bélgica

Emily best of ... Voiceless. Sans voix.

Emily alucinante | June 17th, 2013
Emily alucinante
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

those first couple pics looked painful! we have a pretzel girl here!lol

winjazz Italia


Roger Estados Unidos de América

Amazing Amazing opening butthole shot and many more besides! Altogether a most delightful series! Thank you Emily!

Adam Estados Unidos de América

AAAAMAZING!!! She is perfect, like when a baby is born perfect. images 9,10, and 11 are saved and i have never seen anybody quite like Emily. xoxo

KlerHegr Bélgica

I can't believe it ! Emily, are you real ? If you are, thanks for sharing your beauty with us ! You are just perfect. I really like picture 17, 18, 19 on which you are smiling and laughing. But the whole set is stunning !

Variable-43 Estados Unidos de América

So sweet -- and that little pouting butthole in pictures 10 & 11 is a sight to behold!

jimmy Estados Unidos de América

Emily is the hottest girl in the industry right now, and well deserved, beautiful, young innocent look, uninhibited posing, incredibly inviting anus, full ripe delicious breasts, she is absolutely incredible

Lars Suiza

13 Emily's glattrasiertes Fötzchen öffnet sich so schön, wenn sie ihre Beine spreizt. Ihre Brüste sind für mich eher zu gross, haben aber trotzdem noch eine schöne Form. Ihr Gesicht ist süss! Very cute.

Karl Alemania

thank you very much. especially her butthole looks so perfect and special. it deserves more closeup shoots.

Uwe Alemania

amazing Emily, you are incredible!

Emily lingerie | June 9th, 2013
Emily lingerie
tuzhdop Estados Unidos de América

Emily Does she have legs and feet ?

jasemba Austria

Background She's a great model but you should choose some other, more strong, backgound colors for her. This white / grey deoes't really complement her...

Uwe Alemania

Emily Lingerie Wow - Emily is a natural beauty. A capturing model in any way.

Emily sexo acuático | May 30th, 2013
Emily sexo acuático
Emily Rocks my Socks Off Estados Unidos de América

Love May I be the first to say, I am stunned by your beauty, and confidence. May you have dozens of wonderful men in your life to fuck you softly.

Sandy Reino Unido

RE: Love Couldn't have said it better myself but I wish it could be me doing the fucking

Mike Suiza

Wundervoll Emily ist wundervoll, ihre grossen Brüste haben eine super Form. Ihre glatt rasierte Vulva öffnet sich wunderbar, so dass die Schamlippen richtig auseinander klaffen... Wundervoll...

ailefroide Bélgica

Emily water ... Quel plaisir de se jeter à l'eau. What a pleasure ...

Emily gimnasia en la cama | May 25th, 2013
Emily gimnasia en la cama
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

well, there's one for all the pussy freaks out there! LOL Emily is lovely!

Geert Alemania

emily Hallo Emely,Es macht dir viel Freude deine geöffnete feuchte Möse zu präsentieren! Weiter sooo!

Photo 18 Estados Unidos de América

I am loving this girl this girl reminds me of high-school! what an inviting and smooth looking pussy and ass. spectacular! Thanks Emily!

Sandy Reino Unido

Oh Emily What a delight in a beautiful girl who is more than happy to show us everything and looks as if she enjoys it. She more than compensates for some of your more frigid models. Absolutely stunning and her video was class 1

Lars Suiza

18 Emily's spreads are wonderful, her tight and open Pussy is very cute.

Emily miss América | May 15th, 2013
Emily miss América
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

was about to write "god bless america" until I noticed that Ms Emily is actually from ukraine!lol figures! they dont make american girls that gorgeous! I'm gonna move to eastern europe!lol anywho... cant wait to see more!

Rico-1 Portugal

I would say " god bless Ukraine " .... i got lost on those beautiful boobs . I wanna see more :) !!!

rowdy Tailandia

hot white skin... wow i would crawl 42 miles across broken glass....... go EMILY !! wow

ludwig Canada

Amazing girl! What a beauty, with an angel's face! Stunning! Can't wait to see more sets of her...

Eddie Estados Unidos de América

Excellent addition to Hegre Art. A most beautiful girl with one of the top photographers. Doesn't get any better. I hope she becomes a regular.

Peter Alemania

WOW Best model for a long time!! Hope there'll be a lot more to come!!

Laurent Francia

Indeed one of the best model added for a long time. More of her ASAP... or/and more of the kind of girl !

Uwe Alemania

Emily Miss America I love this photo shoot ! Emily is perfectly shown here!

Emily Películas COMENTARIOS

Emily Wolf Song | September 9th, 2014
Emily Wolf Song
Watchlover Reino Unido

Emily Wolf Song I see several aspects in Emily, she looks child-like at times while also being a beautiful adult. She enjoys life, can be extremely 'naughty' and must be great fun to have around you. Her singing talent is wonderful, and she is not embarrassed to let us hear her lovely singing as well as showing us her fantastic body. An all-round gem of a lady.

Mojo55-7 Suiza

Emily - Wolfsong Emily has a voice to match her figure. It would have been nice to have a subtitled translation of her song so that we could understand it.

Inseminatore Francia

Wonderful !! She has non only a nice body, but also a nice voice.

twobe1 Estados Unidos de América

Emily warbles No damn wonder Putin wants the Ukraine.

Wil_Iam Alemania

Wolf Song Is a very good song - perfance by Emily pretty good!

ailefroide Bélgica

Emily film of the week a film approaching some sort of perfection

denss Francia

Emily song Merveilleuse comme d'habitude,en plus avec une voie superbe.

Basia Polonia

She sings, that once your blood will call, you will follow the path it shows, and you will never ever look back nor return

NakedTravel Canada

Practise makes perfect! The first video with Emily singing was annoying and it seemed like it would have sealed the fate of such exercise. But oh boy I was so wrong! This is soooo good! I can only assume that she is singing in her native language. the authenticity of the vocals matches her naked beauty. Peter your editing is also very inspired. Adding the wolf gives a nice context to Emily's singing so now it doesn't feel "out-of place". Emily I will remember you forever as the fist nude singer!! Beautiful please make many more songs like this. I am sold! WOW

Jakesdad Estados Unidos de América

Missed opertunity My mother never taught me the language. Its too late now.

NudeFan Alemania

Emily Bloom covers ... uncovered Once again a great music video of that great lady. I like as well her cover of 'Someone like you', where she even sings acapella. Her voice has the potential for a pop star - her body for sure too. @Petter: Why do you don't start a movie series 'Emily Bloom covers ... uncovered' where Emily sings more songs in that fabulose dress?

Canchahel Francia

A charm offensive is also an offensive Twobe1 is getting hot but doesn’t enlighten. As a matter of fact, it may be surprising that Emily, a gorgeous Ukrainian woman, sings in the Russian language a song entitled Зов крови [« Zov Krovi »], The Call of Blood, when Ukraine has faced, since six months at least, several invasions by wolves from the steppe, and armed to the teeth («When the death gives a lupine smile… »). But I guess all of this must be taken with a grain of Hegre’s salt, as well as, almost ten years ago, “Luba [She-Wolf] & Tania – Russian Army”. Anyway, this film is a real success, technically accomplished - even if it seems a bit less stirring to me than “Someone like you” -, and Emily is beautiful, radiant like the full moon (09/09/14)… with a voice! In this respect, like I wrote thirteen months ago “Emily above Adele”, I say today: “Emily above Hellawes”.

goodsamurai Japón

Ummmmm, Next !

Jean-Pierre Bélgica

singing in her native language is good folkloric melody sang by a nude gorgeous girl in an exotic language most of us don't understand ( Russian I guess), that makes the film very mystic and yet relaxing at the same time. There are many hot nude models, and there are many beautiful vocals in this world. But the combination of both is rare. Well done !

Fundale Estados Unidos de América

Wow Emily and Herge started something new for this sight. This movie was very effective in being simple, sensual, and novel. I hope there are more.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

you been practicin' hun! that was lovely! voice and body! Ms Emily certainly brings the wolf whistles out of me!

Emily Anne Canada

I love this! I'd much rather hear Emily's beautiful voice than some cheesy music in the background. More like this, please!!

Emily Masturbation | June 24th, 2014
Emily Masturbation
jaehun Estados Unidos de América

hi good

Jeff Alemania

RE: hi You're such a chatterbox..;)))

Ted España are my shining star!!!!

Emil Suecia

beautiful!!! beautiful!!! beautiful!!! beautiful!!! beautiful!!! beautiful!!! beautiful!!! beautiful!!!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

RE: RE: hi I think that was sufficient! lol

Wolvie Estados Unidos de América

Emily Talk about objectification of women! As glorious as it is, there is much more to Emily than her beautiful pussy. It would have been nice to be able to enjoy seeing the entire woman instead of just the gyno-view.

Maik Alemania

masturbation What a great film. Only watching a girl live can be better. The title is quite a understatement, it should be called at least "magical masturbation" or something like that. But on the other hand you just made the ultimate masturbation film, so the title is straight to the point. I can't imagine how you will top that, but i guess you will find a way the next time Emily walks into Hegre studios. This is absolutely another artful masterpiece which shows who is the boss of the genre. This alone is worth a yearly subscription. Thank you Emily and Petter.

FastMatt Canada

RE: masturbation On the other hand, how many men or women ever get that close when a woman masturbates? Or watch through the whole thing to see all the subtleties that occur? I think that although it is a "gyno" that we have all seen enough of Emily to realize that there is a woman attached. This film follows her arousal from the beginning right to the glorious end.

ailefroide Bélgica

Emily ... I feel less alone ...

Michael Estados Unidos de América

RE: Emily Amen!

Umberto Italia

A really intense and intimate movie, maybe just too intimate since I'd loved more shots of Emily's body and gorgeous face. For my taste it was just too pussy-centric, expecially when the actress is such a beauty as Emily. Anyway a glorious work.

toyman Estados Unidos de América

pussy is good shit that was FUCKING HOT!!!! and believe me, i watch a LOT of masturbation videos. this one SMOKES them all... that was real... thank you so much for sharing. more like this PLEASE!!!!

freestyle550 Reino Unido

At least there is not a penis in site;)

freestyle550 Reino Unido

spelling *sight*

Donie Dinamarca

Emily - wow! Such a hot video, one of the very best in a very long time (and wow Emily has a perfectly formed pussy...) : )

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

RE: spelling my sentiments exactly! lol

Mojo55-7 Suiza

Sights on Site I write as a heterosexual male nudist. In my opinion, the female genitalia are the most exquisitely designed and aesthetically beautiful parts of the human body, but there is nothing wrong or unpleasant about the sight of an ithyphallic (erect) penis. Some of them are quite impressive and also have a certain aesthetic appeal. But, in case the fact has escaped anyone's attention, a penis has a naturally close relationship with a vulva/vagina. They are intended to be totally complementary. Indeed, it is probable that none of us would be alive without the correlation of a penis and a vagina. So, whilst I recognise that there can be individual preferences - I myself prefer to see vulvas/vaginas - I do not understand why some members object to the sight of penises on this site.

Crack Estados Unidos de América

Emily Emily is my favorite model here..... More of her plese!

windmill Holanda

emily Emily for sure is a beautiful model with a magical expression in the whole of her eppearance. In this video we are alowed to see her love herself in the closest possible details. Any man will be aroused by all he can see and enjoy. Emily is showing her most intimate desires. In my view there is far more viewing attraction when we can witness the close body contact and interaction of completely nude male and female models. Seeing the whole of the beauty of the human form attracts me more then just the genitals only.

Mojo55-7 Suiza

Reciprocal Nudity I agree with Windmill that the ideal is to see both participants nude, whether they be male or female. I believe in the principle that if one person in a sexual situation (such as genital massage) is naked, then so should be the other. It's what I call 'the principle of reciprocal nudity'. Of course, some masseurs/masseuses may be unwilling to strip and their choices must be respected. Nevertheless, my concept is as much a matter of gender equality as it is of aesthetic-erotic pleasure.

maggie and Pete Estados Unidos de América


nedster Estados Unidos de América

videos I love watching a woman masturbate but I'd much rather hear her wet pussy than a bunch of music!

Jaime Alemania

Emily Masturbation Well, Emily is hot as always. Certainly she has fun and she keeps the people fascinated. You are a shining star.

suaviter Francia

Sweet Emily... ...I like all of you : the blue eyes,the smile,the gloriuos breasts,the gentle pussy and more.Why this 10 minutes close up of your fingers ?.

tilc174 Alemania

Heaven! This is for sure the best close up movie ever made. Period! Watching this is like beeing in heaven!

Emily Lost in the Power of the Magic Wand | April 29th, 2014
Emily Lost in the Power of the Magic Wand
ø Noruega

wow! i've gotta get my wife one of those genius things to put on the top of the magic wand!!!

MarkMan España

Beauty in motion To see true beauty loose control like that is simply amazing. This is why I keep coming back to this website; stunning girls having real orgasms. Emily is simply perfection and her wetness and popping veins tell me this is as real as it gets.

MojoMa55 Suiza

Orgasm Competition Emily certainly enjoyed this device. I would like to see a film in which naked Emily and Flora - or some of your other adventurous models - compete to find which of them could achieve the most consecutive orgasms whilst riding astride a Sybian. (The Sybian is currently the most powerful orgasm-inducing machine available).

Maik Alemania

Lost in the Magic of Emily That smile at the beginning and those looks in the camera are killing me, i'm totally lost in Emily's magic. Getting a look into her eyes is always energizing, but getting this while she is loosing control and having so much pleasure? I just don't find the right words, it's one the most beautiful gifts a girl can give. Emily is pure perfection and this film is an instant classic, every second, every detail and her emotions are perfectly captured. It's a fulfillment of a fantasy and something only Hegre-Art can deliver, real and clean, but beautifully and artfully shot. I knew this will be wonderful, i remember that special look and glare in your eyes, dear Emily, while you where shortly teasing me about this. ;) I can't thank you enough.



Maik Alemania

RE: Orgasm Competition Orgasmic competition sounds like fun. Besides the symbian i think the magic wand in hand of two professional massage therapists would be great, or maybe let the "competitors" use it on each other? And last but not least, how about going back to the setup of Emily's unforgettable film "Extreme Restraints"? Two girls on such a chair, restrained, but with a button in hand to turn of the Magic Wand. Who can take it longer? There is also that "Forced Orgasm Massage" that comes in mind... Petter? Ok, enough of dirty little fantasies. ;)

Ellie Estados Unidos de América

Magic Wand attachment Where Oh where does one get that great blue attachment? I haven't seen that in US catalogues.

ø Noruega

RE: Magic Wand attachment you can buy it in the hegre shop i ordered one of them myself yesterday :)

PeteDaMeat Reino Unido

Lost in magic love? Is that an engagement ring i see on Emily's finger? Now im jealous of man and machine ;)

Ray Estados Unidos de América

Wand I just ordered one, I'll post a review here once it comes.

suaviter Francia

A rare sight Are they many sites on the net where you can admire so beautiful blue eyes slightly slanting , a skin so purely white letting see the blue of the veins on neck and cheeks ?. The remainder is just routine on the net .

minty Reino Unido

just a delight to see emily enjoy this so much. few pleasures as good as watching a beautiful woman enjoy cumming so much

mondo Estados Unidos de América

Emilhy Emily is, as always, adorable. And so very, very sexy.



Dawn Estados Unidos de América

Magic Wand I not only enjoy any video featuring the use of a loud Hitachi Magic Wand but even better when the user is sitting up on one elbow or humping and grinding on a bed for instance for a much better view of everything and with the sound of the pleasure machine made even louder when amplified by a bed or floor. This video is such a turnon and well done without a lot of background clutter so that the full attention is on the erotic activity going on.

Emily All American Star | December 17th, 2013
Emily All American Star
MojoMa_55 Suiza

Emily -All American girl Sensually attractive, but I much prefer the erotic charge generated by human-human (F/F or M/F) interaction.

GoodSamurai Japón

Strange mix,,,,, Emily`s exterior looks like low teen girls` one and which does`t turned me on, but her interior with love juice certainly turned me on.

Willard Estados Unidos de América

Unbelievably wonderful!!!

John2 Estados Unidos de América

BRAVO! This is your best and most erotic film yet!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

Major WOW moment here!!!

mandelspritzer Alemania

Emily ist so cute. what a perfect pussy - slightly wet. I would love to lick her

Jacquelin Canada

Adorable A few morning each week I synchronise myself to explose at the same Time... Extremely sensual

Franco Italia

Divine. Amazing eyes, lovely soft hair and pale skin, and an unforgettable pussy, this goddess drive me to the heaven every time I look at her. A fantastic sweet and hot film.

NakedTravel Canada

Superb Great Erotic Model job. Very inspiring work! I'm speechless.

Emily Canada

Glorious Extasy Moment I think that Emily All American Star is the best video of all. Emily is very sensual, she seems to taste every second of her sexual pleasure in this video. Her pretty pink and wet pussy invite me to touch my one pussy and to follow her in her masturbation time. I smelt her juice , I would like to taste the juice of her pussy....I am dreaming to touch her pussy and take some drip of her juice and mixe with my one juice to masturbate myself together with her. I masturbated myself all long the duration of the video. My fingers were very wet and my pussy was in a red colour of excitaion like her ...I orgasmed very hard at the exact time she orgasmed and with a sound which describes the joy I had. Emily you are so pretty, so sexy, so desirable make be come two times this morning!! Thank you a lot ....ah... thank you a lot Emily. Emily

Emily Intimate Intrusion | October 7th, 2014
Emily Intimate Intrusion
bigdog632 Estados Unidos de América

Perfection I can think of no other word to describe this beautiful young lady.

geoff Australia

emily emily is simply fantastic, she has the most beautiful vagina.Petter its time you grew a couple and showed a man and a woman making love.

Mojo55-7 Suiza

Emily - Intimate Intrusion Has this film been edited back-to-front?. Emily is very sensual, but I agree that it would have been more interesting if she had a naked partner to stimulate her because sexuality is mainly about sharing.

Emily Beauty In Motion | November 12th, 2013
Emily Beauty In Motion
MojoMa_55 Suiza

Emily - Beauty in Motion Emily is beautiful, but is that enough?. Disappointing film. Too similar to recent Milena show. Too arty?. Why is a nude woman wearing shoes, let alone high heels?. Inappropriate vocals in first half of film.

Apropos Estados Unidos de América

Anything and everything with this girl in it is amazing, I just love seeing that beautiful pearl white skin and that lovely long auburn hair of hers; just a real treat each and every time.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

well I, for one, can't get enough of lovely Ms Emily!

frankiki Francia

belle et jolie ! trop jolie les yeux ! merci :)

Letti Alemania

Emily, Beauty in Motion Thie film is not only very beautiful, it is a piece of art. Congratulation Peter. a great symbiosis from EMILY and PETER

flash Estados Unidos de América

This is the absolute sensual film to date, the wind in the hair, the expression lighting and even the goosebumps. Kudos Mr. Hegre

carlosub Italia

Too explicit or no enough. A beautiful woman totally naked with high heels and shoes with nothing to do with her? I prefer a simply show much more explicit and with a real good photography. This mean more close up, better lightning , i mean a changing lightning, and a better rythm. The model was absolutely very beautiful

NakedTravel Canada

The "new" new nude is a success - more please! Congratulation to Petter for this new series of "In Motion" videos. It is new, creative and exquisite. Really living up to the "new" nude once again. Impressive!

Uwe Alemania

Beauty in Motion Well, Emily you are sensual and you are very elegant and great!

Mix_Bit Italia

Breath of magic Make Emily more beautiful is difficult, but it is enough a little 'wind playing with her ​​hair, and chills for the caress on the skin. Thank you for this magical video. I hope there will be more videos with this type of recording, even better if done outdoors on the beach.

Toga Estados Unidos de América

Amazing Beauty! Emily has a cornucopia of pulchritude. She is a young hottie who will make sure that you will salivate when you see her. Her pussy is spectacular and her breasts soft and cuddly. Her body is fit and well-toned. Every guy watching this is getting a hard erection right now. She needs to make a video with a male partner who will French kiss her and make her have an orgasm that erupts like a volcano.

Emily And Milena Sexual Surrender | October 1st, 2013
Emily And Milena Sexual Surrender
MojoMa_55 Suiza

Emily and Milena Beautifully done; and both girls obviously enjoyed themselves.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

well, that was just lovely!!! (and, LMAO!!! I do love bloopers!!!)

Michell Portugal

It is very interesting .... what a delight for my eyes !!!

o Noruega

69 loved the way she slipped her finger into Emily without her knowing while laying in 69.....

burner69 Estados Unidos de América

Totally AWESOME!!! Like to see more videos like this. Thanks Petter!

Laurie Reino Unido

Sublime Absolutely sensational, overwhelmingly emotional and sexually charged. Bravo girls, that was utterly irresistible...

Nick Malasia

It's Playtime! Hot, Real, Satisfying Performance by two lovely girls.

anotherfan Estados Unidos de América

So beautiful. Yes, more like this.

Mike_Fan Estados Unidos de América

Good film....better if Mike joined them

Simonas Reino Unido

Emily & Milena Great film; these girls are so relaxed and love to have fun - and clearly know how to make each other happy; I really liked the bit at the end (which otherwise might have been an 'out-take')when they were laughing and teasing each other after the shoot was over.

Dan4Hegre Estados Unidos de América

Sexy Playmates No denying it, these girls had a great time that was full of sensual sensations. I enjoyed Milena in her subtle mood, taking the lead and not letting up on Emily, and the 69 was fantastic. More films like this will keep me cumming back for more...

bobbob Estados Unidos de América

Thriple treat Emily has it all; very pretty , a body that is out of this world and has orgasms that are truly unbelievable! She can come and come and come some more. Lucky her and lucky us. Wow, what a sight for our eyes. MORE PLEASE!

rosco_336 Estados Unidos de América

It's Hot...........but It's hot, but she is more vocal laughing, than cumming or building up to cumming. These films, to me, are better with the vocal part of panting, moaning, etc. and cumming, as well as the visual. If she would let go vocally, it would be 10x better. With this? It's just very average. See vocal parts from DomincaC and others in massages. Now THAT, is hot!

Erector Singapur

Nice job of putting the behind the scene footage after the show

Me&Emily Reino Unido

One of the best Hegre movies in a long time. These two girls really know each other well, so natural and so hot. Really intimate. More of these two please... more more more.

DolbySpencer Estados Unidos de América

No other film quite like it I can only think of good things to say about this film. From concept to photography -- calls for a series.

rigobert Canada

Emily & Milena SUPERBE

suaviter Francia

hot duo For yours truly,the most pleasant part of the film is the "behind the scene" where we see two beautiful young women spontaneous and showing their joy of living after the routine of another shot...True,the web abounds of embracing girls and pussies fingered -eventually in close up. And let us remember that those scenes are just for fun and nothing else .

Tecnocratic Estados Unidos de América

This is perhaps the most erotic and beautiful piece of film I've ever seen. It is simply beyond compare.

Gil123 Francia

Wouh!!! It's the BEST ONE of your movies! Oh la la lalalala.......... ONE MORE TIME PLEASE!!!

Donie Dinamarca

New film... Awesome. Surely one of the very best movies yet, anywhere...

redryder Estados Unidos de América

These two girls are absolutely the best. More. More. More.

RedRyder Estados Unidos de América

Absolutely the BEST!!! Wow, these girls are terrific together. More please!!

lovegirls35 Australia

The best Please more films of Emily...she is the most erotic girl I've ever seen! Thanks Petter!!

ailefroide Bélgica

Emily and Milena ... Love and perfect beauty Suggest eternity L'amour et la beauté Suggèrent l'éternité

djg32503 Estados Unidos de América

Very sensuous Very artfully done and two beautiful young women! I hope all is well for them in the Ukraine and that they stay safe. Emily you make my heart ache!!

Justplaying Estados Unidos de América

Perfect. I especially liked the contrast in Emily's pale skin vs Milena's darker complexion. Lady's you were fantastic. Thank You

Dexter Estados Unidos de América

Emily and Milena Please tell me there is a part 2 of this with Emily eating Milena's pussy.

The Making Of The Emily And Mike Photosession | September 10th, 2013
The Making Of The Emily And Mike Photosession
MojoMa_55 Suiza

Making of Mike and Emily Very nice. Presumably we will soon be able to see the film 'proper'; but who was the stunning blonde at the start of the shoot?. We should see much more of her!.

Rico Portugal

Allways cool and interesting to see Petter's directions during shootings. Beatifull body sculptures with a very smilly Emily eheeheh . Thank you P .

westore Canada

Very cool look behind the scenes. Emily seems to be having fun and the contrast of the 2 bodies is great. Have to give kudos to Mike. Not many guys could stay calm in the face of such beauty and be such a solid foundation!

windmill Holanda

RE: Emily & Mike Yes I agree the second part of the film in complete nudity the sculptures are great. Emily in girlish smiles and joy is wonderful and authentic. The strength and stability of Mike is a great contrast against the athletic and gymnastic souplesse of Emily. I hope we can see more of Emily and Mike in steamy physical workouts

Freddie/Jet Estados Unidos de América

Emily&Mike Great photo session with 2 great, physically contrasting bodies! I especially like the warm, human interaction between bubbly Emily, and the more reserved Mike, showing that you can have fun while also being very professional, thanks to Petter's direction and encouragement. Keep up the great work!

Kevin Estados Unidos de América

Now that Emily week is over all I can say is... I can't wait for some more Emily :)

Canchahel Francia

RE: Making of Mike and Emily I think she is the gorgeous masseuse of "Seductive Sensual Massage". One Emily's friend, maybe...

JJ Estados Unidos de América

Mike & Emily Love this film. Both the girls look great with Mike. Can't wait to see these girls perform with make in a massage film. That would be great to see!

Flyer12345 Estados Unidos de América

Love more of these Very interesting to see the "behind the scenes" perspective. Would like to see more of these. Would be sexier with a woman who didn't giggle like a school girl though. Probably just need more mature models - which would be my preference anyway.

kalonphile Francia

Emily and Mike Mike ,you have been a perfect gentleman _and a hero_ avoiding erection in the face of young Emily. As for her I am happy (unlike "Flier")to see that she has not lost her juvenile spontaneity.And I think that P.H.likes it so.

jinei Perú

reminds me of the movie "Beauty and the Beast"

msesgado Estados Unidos de América

Girl in blue shirt Does anyone know who's the girl in the blue shirt? Gorgeous

Brad Estados Unidos de América

Mike and Valerie All I can say is more , more, MORE. This was a great photo shoot and would love to see more of the same or at least similar !

Brad Estados Unidos de América

Emily and Mike I would love to see more of Emily and Mike that was a great video

HikeAnd Fly Estados Unidos de América

Adorable I thought this video was adorable and hot at the same time. Made me appreciate the shots all the more. Wonderful!

Adele Someone Like You Cover By Emily | August 13th, 2013
Adele Someone Like You Cover By Emily
HB Sudáfrica

Epic fail ... We all have talents and we need to play to our strengths! Models are a bit like children and the old saying "they should be seen not heard". Lets not spoil the illusion and fantasy and get them to do things they shouldn't. Not a great effort IMO.

meonhere Reino Unido

Not what she does best.. No entertainment value for me here - in any way. Her delivery is tortuous and there's no real entertainment value in the nudity either. A waste of a film, as a subscriber I want to see better than this. I can hear this kind of stuff on Youtube or at open mic night in my local pub. It may have been done for fun, but as I say, I want value from my subscription on the basis of what the site is about, not amateurs trying to sing. No offence to Emily, it's Hegre's mistake this one.

lvmss España

It's great to enjoy the voice of the models as well as their beauty. Emily has the courage to sing a cappella cover for Someone like you by Adele. I would say 100% YES!!!

Frank Alemania

I love the idea to let the models sing.Even if there are better singers in the world, its something different in a video and im glad you did it. and of course emily is beautiful and she didnt sing bad. anyway emily is my favorite model and i love every film or gallery you do with her.please never stop working with her : ) thank you

Jean-Pierre Luxemburgo

simple but good For those who criticizes it as a simple you tube like video clip, well it is, but well done. Sure it's not a masturbation video, but sometimes I need a video like this, where I can simply admire a girl's nudity without entering too much into the porn area. ( which is not easy to find on internet these days as one may think) Emily looks sweet, but her voice is stronger and deeper than her image , so it's funny to see this contrast. Hope to hear other models voice as well, singing or just a simple interview.

ajax Estados Unidos de América

emily She is a very pretty sweet young girl and has a beautiful voice. She would have sounded even better with music and she would have looked even better with a little choreography.

Letti Alemania

Adele someone This is a very beautiful idea, and she is doing so perfect and looks so admirable. It's a great joy to see and to listen her. I wished to understand her better, congratulation !!

cocopuffz Canada

Cute. Once in a while it's nice to see their hidden talents or hobbies. I don't mind.

Canchahel Francia

Emily above Adele The interest of this interlude, so much unexpected in this kind of website that it is almost surreal, doesn’t seem only entertaining to me, even if, of course, the viewing pleasure is associated with the listening one. I appreciate both the freshness and the minimalism of it (neither music – she sings a cappella, true – nor scenery; plain nudity and standing position) though the cameo of one nice pair of shoes with highest heels (00:28-00:30) is ambiguous and even, perhaps, out of place in that context, just like the – schizophrenic? – duplication of her image (01:26 to 01:30). Anyway, the selection of Emily was an excellent choice since this diaphanous Ukrainian woman, who has proven her versatility before, so has one more string to her lyre: she sings in tune and right, her voice trembles sometimes with an authentic emotion that she can convey to us. That’s why I think she is even better than her “model” (could you imagine Adele, or anybody else in the showbiz, singing naked and without music?!). For that and for her courage, the applauses we hear just at the end of the film are widely deserved. So, thank you to Emily and to Master Hegre for this savory little recital.

MoU Alemania

Great job Very well done. Excellent perfomance! Pls. continue...

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

oh, let Emily have her fantasy! she certainly is the fantasy of many guys!

cockhero Alemania

Sounds horrible! Please, no more Videos like that!

HJ Reino Unido

Sing Sing Well done Emily it takes guts to push out a raw nude song, yes naked without the music and once you relaxed brilliant. Slow it down catch your breath and enjoy. All the best HJ p/s I leave this site today but will be back after a few more up dates love Petter's work (what a life style) great site that must be well supported by a vast team and of course the models, the real heroes. pp/s Special mention for Flora.

Rednor Noruega

Singing? Nice, but no thanks. Thanks for trying, anyway.

Laurie Reino Unido

Singing in the Nude Most of us probably perform in the shower or bath, Adele too. But Adele doesn't need to perform in the nude, she is an acclaimed singer, feted internationally and although many pop singers fade after a brief career her star will live on. Emily, bless her, is realistically destined to marry and raise a family, or at worst, drift into the seedier depths of the porn industry!

Steve Australia

Awesome That,.... was awesome. Singing, beautiful lady, great photography. Amazing.

Ray Estados Unidos de América

Emily singing To Emily: I honor your courage in being vulnerable and stepping out of being one-dimensional. You're an inspiration. To those who criticize her effort: What are your talents, besides blisters on your hand? Finally, last time I looked this was Hegre Art, not Hegre gutter porn.

Dave Estados Unidos de América

Beautiful How wonderful to hear Emily's voice !! She did a great job. She has a beautiful voice. Just imagine if she had a good band behind her !! She could make a career of singing. She speaks English better than I do !! Please tell Emily 'Thank You' for me for that beautiful song !!

Tom in New Orleans Estados Unidos de América

WOW Emily =Beautiful. Heart Warming. Talented. Courageous. Sexy. Everything. Brought me to my knees. I am deeply in love with every aspect of Emily. Peter = Genius. Entertaining. Cool. Period.

djg32503 Estados Unidos de América

Bravo young lady! Emily could eat potato chips and I would watch ~ I wish her only the best and hope her dreams come true.

mcrimea Estados Unidos de América

Emily AdeleCover Maybe my favorite video. Love it.

Estados Unidos de América

RE: Epic fail ... Pfiffff!

nick Australia

fair is fair There is a reason for everything and this performance exemplifies it. I don't think Adele can be credited for such delicious boobs, not to mention for such perfect little pussy. The singing on the other hand is not worth mentioning with even the most lapidary of clothing wrapped around mentioned assets. That being said I'd happily worship this girl for the rest of my life, maybe with the assistance of a set of earplugs, which, lets admit, is never a bad idea in female company of any kind ;-)

Emily Extreme Restraints | July 30th, 2013
Emily Extreme Restraints
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

well, that was different! nice little commentary at the end, too! lovely voice emily has! :)

stargazer444 Estados Unidos de América

Stunningly Beautiful Emily This video is breathtaking! My heart was racing from the moment Emily took a seat. Her perfect breasts swelled amazingly each time she approached orgasm! She is surely one of the most beautiful women on Earth! Thank you also for the added bonus of her sensual voice at the end. She is wonderful!

MojoMa_55 Suiza

Emily - Extreme Restraints Although some of the restraints broke, Emily continued to play the game and certainly seemed to enjoy the experience. I admire the courage of Emily and other models who are happy to try some of the more extreme sexual activities. Would she -- or another of your more adventurous models -- agree to be restrained astride a Sybian on full power for 15 minutes?. That would be a real challenge of will-power and courage with multiple orgasms guaranteed.

axltan Singapur

fantastic ... very intense indeed ... seeing her nipple hardened shows she's having a great time

bigdog6333 Estados Unidos de América

Gorgeous This girl is so beautiful i cannot easily put it into words. I hope she does a massage video or ten i would love to see that beautiful body rubbed down

Lion_01 Holanda

Flawless Emily Great video! I'm starting to like Emily more and more. She performs in a very natural and erotic way. The flat, harsh lighting is not very flattering, but in this video it only helps to bring out the flawlessness of her incredible body! And those breasts... oh my god...

Rico Portugal

INTENSE wow .... dont know if i have words to describe this video !!! Emily what a silhouette , those nipples going harder along the movie its something very teasing indeed. All the experience from watching this moving was super INTENSE . Thanks for a great video ... :-) PS : i was hoping to see emily more " wet " , i'm the only one ?

Peter_5 Polonia

1 inch to perfetion... Emili has best brests ever seen. Perfect shape, great reaction... I wish I could hold them...kiss the nipples, feel them in my lips... perfect.

suaviter Francia

Sweet Emily ? This is a very attractive film.I enjoyed watching it.Emily radiant. After the event I fear that young and clean Emily is caught in the system and has been driven on the verge of BDSM. Hope I am wrong.

Kevin Estados Unidos de América

emily Why is BDSM a bad thing? Perhaps we can see a video of her getting a serious spanking!

Steve (LA) Estados Unidos de América

HOT Petter, You're the master of erotica...the Hugh Hefner of our age. Keep up the wonderful work. Emily, you're absolutely stunning. I can assure you, Hollywood is holding it breath for you to come to America and captivate us with your talent. Thank you to both...

sentino Estados Unidos de América

Amazin! Emily is my all time favorite-perfect. . . This was a nice piece. Thank you for making this!

Emily Placer Intenso | May 28th, 2013
Emily Placer Intenso
Terry Reino Unido

Adorable smile You are a real find Emily. Such an adorable smile brightens up my day.

Brett España

Smoothest pussy That is the smoothest pussy I have seen in a long time. How does she do i?

Marcel Noruega

Thorough feel Good to see a girl giving herself a thorough feel instead of just playing around on the surface.

Clare Reino Unido

Nervous I think she seems nervous to start with but then gets into as the movie goes on.

Cal Estados Unidos de América

Thrusts I like the way she thrusts herself up and down at the water. She looks like she is enjoying that.

twobe1 Estados Unidos de América

Forever Young Emily has a young face, an 18.01-year old body, and an eternal smile. Just lovely. She will likely retain her youthful appearance throughout her life. She is fortunate and, we too, are fortunate that she shares with us.

Rick Estados Unidos de América

Mmmmmmm That is the smoothest pussy I have ever seen....Emily's pussy is for licking only.....

Helmyhh Egipto

Emily Pussy Well done Emy ....nice a juicy pussy still fresh

KT Estados Unidos de América

Amazing breasts on such a petite body. Great video.

pussyfan Australia

EMILY an extraordinary beautiful model and comfortable with showing us her magnificent assets. One of the best from Hegre -- lets see her again soon.

KlerHegr Bélgica

Congratulations Emily Wow, what a beautiful young lady ! She has everything ! A perfect body, a perfect breast, an angel face. On top a being a stunning model, she is a gifted actress , who knows how to play with camera. Emily, You made me dream for 13 minutes. I am looking forward to seeing your smile again and again.

nobita Japón

Emily angel beautiful , pretty ,cute and lovely. What a wonderful girl she is! I decided to repeat and appreciate her high-definition film.

pixie Reino Unido

A lovely film - beautifully shot - and so nice to see Emily cum during the video. More of her please and soon!

Moose Estados Unidos de América

Porcelain skin Thank you Emily; I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as it appeared.

roger1940 Israel

perfect body thank you

hugecock Italia

wow Wow..oh my gosh!! What a pleasure for my huge cock!

suaviter Francia

fascinants minous/captivative pussies Emily est encore une fois adorable. P.H. est vraiment comblé: Avec Domenika il dipose d' un minou exceptionnel confirmé Dans le même temps Emily lui offre un minou tout frais Le tout pour notre plus grand émerveillement. For my english speaking co-members I add : "Emily you look as so though the butter wouldn't melt in your mouth"

frankiki Francia

oh!! encor plus de regard et plus de zoom ! merci :)

hmm... Estados Unidos de América

I used to really enjoy emily's sweet innocence. But I feel she is playing to much to camera now. Do we really need to see her roll her eyes back? I've been with 100s of women in my life and outside of porno movies, that's not a normal reaction. Can we get back to these videos being about a genuine moment of intimacy caught on camera? The over acting takes away from the otherwise gorgeous display that is Emily.

Emily Canada

Loving soft soaking Emily is a wonderfull girl! Her skin is like silk! I like to see her in some videos. I installed my computer in my bathroom with my camera on to film myself during I was watching the Emily Intense Pleaure video. It was very exciting to see her to begin to touch herself and masturbate slowly in front of me. I was completely covered with bubble soak. The I started to do the same thing than her under the water....touching slowly my clit and inserting my finger gradually in my little pink pussy. I was enchanted to have the pleasure to masturbate together with her at the same rythm than her. Then I caressed to much my clit near the end of the video because I was so exciting that I orgasmed before she did. It was so delicious to play in my bath and I think it was the same for her in her bath. Thank you so much Emily to let me masturbate myself with you. Emily xxx


Full Body Orgasm Massage | June 3rd, 2014
Full Body Orgasm Massage
Hardhead Estados Unidos de América

At times the top view makes the masseuse look naked.

Maik Alemania

Heavenly I'll make it short today, because no word is good enough to describe the pleasure of watching Emily. Outstanding film, straight to the point with heavenly moments that make me wish they had been captured in slow-motion to enjoy them a bit longer. Maybe next time? The starting position looks a bit uncomfortable, but from viewer standpoint i can absolutely not complain. ;) Updates like this make me ask where is the option for a lifetime subscription? Hegre-Art is the best. Thank you very much my beloved Emily.

Mojo55-7 Suiza

Full Body Orgasm Massage Excellent. The starting position was original and Emily visibly enjoyed the entire procedure. Sine Hegré-Art has become more progressive over the past year or so, I propose a contentious subject that I think several members would also like - if one of your experienced models and masseuses are up for it - which is to see a demonstration film on how to do a safe full fisting vaginal massage. It is said that, because it simultaneously stimulates both the clitoris and the entire vagina, full fisting induces the most powerful full body orgasms.This activity is now becoming increasingly popular - it is said to induce the most powerful full body orgasms - but there seem to be few instructional films on how to practice it safely. (You made an attempt at this in your Massage Video No.45, but this fell short of a full fisting where the entire hand, as far as the wrist, enters the vagina. The masseuse never went as deeply as the base of her thumb - which is the broadest part of the hand - thereby omitting the technically most difficult part of the procedure for both safe penetration and withdrawal. Perhaps it is time to produce a new educational video which goes that much further).

windmill Holanda

emily Beautyful emily has an infinite amount of orgasms to share with us at Hegre. A true delicacy achieved so tenderly with magical passion. Of course we like to see more of Emily like this. The question is would a naked masseur like Brendon standing for the chair be able to achieve the same magic as this masseuse?

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

RE: emily love the slo-mo idea!

Jaime Alemania

Full body orgasm massage Adorable as always - Emily knows how to deal with the feelings. She is an always elegant person.

Justplaying Estados Unidos de América

I guess when you start your massage on an OBGYN chair with your ass a foot in the air you should have an idea of what happens next. I like watching Emily have an orgasm. I also liked the sound of her being fingered in this one. Wet and juicy. Lady's you were both fantastic. Thank You

Girl Girl Body Body Massage | November 5th, 2013
Girl Girl Body Body Massage
MojoMa_55 Suiza

Girl-girl Body Massage - Emily and Tigra Beautiful video. Only lacked a strong climax and a little natural interaction between the participants. Tigra is herself worthy of featuring as the recipient of an erotic massage.

incognito1 Estados Unidos de América

easily one of the best massage videos. I loved how the massuse has super hard and perky nipples, and the other girl was nice and creamy! outstanding!!!

walpar Bélgica

girl girl No more massages with Emily PLEASE. Silent orgasms give no pleasure to the viewer.

Gluteluver57 Italia

Variety We need more variety...More Girl/Guy massage videos..PLEASE...Personally, I love "real/natural" female orgasms. Some of the models are "too quiet" for my taste...I like sounds and smells, so hearing it definitively is desired.

windmill Holanda

RE: Girl-girl Body Massage - Emily and Tigra Yes I agree Emily and Tigra are beautiful in this video. Tigra as the nude masseuse is a joy to watch with here delicate strokes. She uses here hands and much of her beautiful body giving Emily great sensations. This is the way I like massages to be seen.

Lion_01 Holanda

Tantalizing Congratulations on this 100th massage video, and a very good one I must say! I've grown to like Emily quite a lot, so much in fact that I've completely fallen in love with her after a recent chat session. Consequently I have no reason at all not to like this video. Seeing Emily's silky white skin receiving such a tantalizing treatment was highly erotic and entertaining. Tigra is a skillfull master and enjoys it very much; I'd very much love to see her on the receiving end of such a treatment!

Jeff Alemania

Tigra Very nice to see Tigra again. But who gave her this awful minipli haircut? That really looks like East Berlin back in '87

free2eye Suiza

RE: Variety I also love true orgasms ! But I prefere the truth of a silent orgasm to simulated sounds ...

Ed Italia

Great Video Did anyone notice how wet Emily's pussy was? I love my self a wet pussy and the people from Hegre really know how to bring it to our screens. Emily's pussy was wonderful not only was it nice and wet but it looks like the smoothest pussy i have ever seen. The only bad thing is that i was not there in person to enjoy the show.

Der Hinkle Estados Unidos de América

Emily's Feet Emily has the most beautiful feet. I would love to massage her sweet toes for hours...

stargazer444 Estados Unidos de América

Stunning Video Thank you for this wonderful video! Emily is absolutely mesmerizing in her beauty, and Tigra is extremely erotic with her incredibly perky nipples. I hope these ladies are featured prominently in your NEXT 100 massage videos!

Baldy Estados Unidos de América

Great Video This video was the best I have seen. It was a little more life like. The massuse should ALWASE be nude. I would have liked a little more dialog. Especially pillow talk. Tis film proves "bald is beautiful"

pete Estados Unidos de América

not so wet . . . @Ed: I didn't think she got wet at all. The only wetness I saw in this video was from the oil the masseuse applied. Hegre has certainly featured some models in the past who were really flowing, thanks to the tender ministrations of the masseuse, and those are my favourites. But this wasn't one of them.

freal Estados Unidos de América

RE: not so wet . . . From about 8:15 to 8:40 you can see she is creamy inside.

Doc Reino Unido

Emily massage That could be Thrush....

Naked Nuru Chair Massage | October 8th, 2013
Naked Nuru Chair Massage
O Estados Unidos de América

chair i NEEEEED a chair like that! most sexy thing i have ever seen!!!

lovejill22 Estados Unidos de América

erotica love to see emilly reaction when she losses her nuts

MojoMa_55 Suiza

Emily - Nuru Chair Very nice to watch and Emily also seemed to enjoy the experience. I like Hegre's move into more adventurously innovative films and videos. Variety, as they say, is the spice of life, especially in erotica and sexuality.

darth neo Estados Unidos de América

So yummy!! I wish I could be in that chair with 2 girls massaging me like that..

Uwe Alemania

Emily Sensual meditation I love this video - it is perfectly made.

Murphy Estados Unidos de América

Beautiful and Musical Beautiful video. Pure and simple and sensuous. For a few moments it appeared that the masseuse was playing a cello.

Lion_01 Holanda

Incredible It's a type of film that one must learn to appreciate, and I certainly appreciate it! It's wonderful to see Emily's striking beauty exposed and explored in such a delicate way. The flawlessness of her body is simply incredible. Apart from her obvious jawdropping standout features, I really love her superb figure and the whiteness of her skin, especially her delicate and sexy neck and her creamy white thighs. Furthermore I think the way she reacts to her treatment is highly arousing. She's able to hold her pose for about 19 minutes until finally she can no longer withstand and just has to touch herself! I'm not sure if there was a true orgasm, but then again Emily doesn't seem like the type of girl who screams it out aloud. So in the end, a highly sensual and enjoyable video, and it must be said that the masseuse is a hot girl as well!

GUY22 Estados Unidos de América

LOVE creamy pussies. She was dripping creamy juices. Could have used more close ups on this one. More of this porcelain lady!!!

Justplaying Estados Unidos de América

I don't think you could make this one any better. Both lady's were perfect. I enjoyed watching Emily respond with heavy breathing while giving herself the little extra stimulation she needed. Great job lady's. Thank You

Reino Unido

RE: Emily - Nuru Chair I soo agree with you

Evie Reino Unido

RE: Emily - Nuru Chair What I wouldnt give to be sat in that chair instead of Emily - any offeres grin

Evie Reino Unido

Fantastic wonderful I would love to be in that chair I found it very erotic and arousing. However, why do you use such young models? obviously they have beautiful smooth taut bodies, but they are not believable, I mean after the cold water (I am assuming it was cold) and that wonderful massage I would have squirted for England at least three times and I would have cum numerous times with multiple orgasms in fact I did, watching it..but your model only (appeared) to cum towards the end and I am not completely sure she came at all. I am sure your clients like myself would have wanted to see cum dripping from her tiny body all down the fingers of the masseusse and down her legs hitting the floor anda few squirts would have been mind blowing. The concept was perfect, but in actual fact it could have been improved.

Seductive Sensual Massage | August 27th, 2013
Seductive Sensual Massage
locjj Estados Unidos de América

the girl was pretty but the lady giving the massage was absolutely sexy!

MojoMa_55 Suiza

Sensual Massage Pity that the stunningly beautiful masseuse wasn't as nude as Emily. She must be one of the loveliest girls around and would look fantastic being herself massaged by one of her fellow masseuses/masseurs. But she's obviously quite skilful as well. because Emily seemed quietly to enjoy her attentive technique.

Cosworth Alemania

Seuductive Sensual Massage Yes, I like it. Emilly is beautyful. Who ist the other very beautyful lady? She has a sexy body and a pretty face.

Canchahel Francia

Happy Emily It's indeed a "good pussy massage". The masseuse is a stunner. Who is she?

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Exquisite! It is good to see Emily receive a "reward" for all her hard work as a model! Love the smile on her afterwards.

LoveTheMasseuse Estados Unidos de América

Best masseuse in years Great Video! I would like to see this masseuse in future videos. You can notice that she knows what she's doing by looking her hands and those powerful moves. She could become the top masseuse. The only downside of this video is the lack of close-ups like in other videos. I guess Petter used 2 cameras, one is over the model and the other a open shoot to have a good look on masseuse (she deserves it), but that leave us without a good close-up on her work on the pussy. The other masseuse that I love is the one that Petter used for Dominika's Full Pussy Massage back in 2010, but unfortunately never seen her again. Extraordinary strong hands, you can see that she's an experienced and professional masseuse by looking her hands. Keep bringing masseuses with fit/strong hands!

mortis117 Estados Unidos de América

It's the same girl who received a massage in Sensual Sports Massage.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

I love Emily! But, I must agree, masseuse lady is a stunner!!!

ed1313 Irlanda

masseuse Please can you make a film with the stunningly sensuous Masseuse in this film.....

lember92 Estados Unidos de América

RE: It is, indeed! I thought she looked familiar. You could power a small town with the mental energy I spent wishing those silly cloth bands would slide off of her in that video! It did work in the end!

mortis17 Estados Unidos de América

RE: Seuductive Sensual Massage The girl giving the massage was the same one who received one back in Sensual Sports Massage (#92)

Krullmaster Estados Unidos de América

Hot massage! Wow this was fantastic! The one thing that would have made this shoot even better is if Emily reached out to grab a handful of ass!

Canchahel Francia

RE: To mortis117 Yes, you are right. Thank you.

MojoMa_55 Suiza

RE: RE: Seuductive Sensual Massage You're right. It is the same model. Then she was partly covered for most of the video, so one would like her nude from the start. The masseuse in the Sports massage also had her face obscured, which seemed unnecessarily timid.

flower Canada

seductive sensual massage Supper massage i would of like the masseuse naked and Emilie touching her breast and vagina. Could be very special and sensual. Good job

sensual_life Estados Unidos de América

Beautiful Masseuse! It's time for the masseuse to have her sensual or erotic massage now. Please make more videos with her! As always, Emily is amazing. However, it's hard to tell when she's actuality having an orgasm.

MojoMa_55 Suiza

RE: seductive sensual massage Sensual massages naturally induce physical interaction between the giver and the receiver -- as we recently saw in the Mike and Flora video -- so it would be enjoyable to see more of that, which would be more likely to happen if both were naked.

Laurie Reino Unido

RE: RE: seductive sensual massage I agree, the very subject I raised in my comment on "16 hands erotic massage"...

Blatch_wg8 Australia

The massage Good to see such a satisfactory orgasm! My goodness though, what a slim body- hips like knives! - and why she doesn't fall over when she stands up, with those disproportional breasts on such a tiny lower body, I can't imagine. Perfectly true what everyone says: the fact that the masseuse has those unattractive black pans on is a downer - especially when she stands so that you can't see the action at all, just black pants with a touch of buttock showing beneath them. Totally UN-sexy. I guess you can't force masseuses to be naked if they don't want to be, but it's all a sad business

lotus flower Australia

restraint oh the sensuality! sublime form...intoxicating erotica...addictive! i dont know how you manage to stay proffessional petter. i know you have a stunning beauty yourself, the original hegre girl, but i would be squirting my load every time i film these amazonians in the throes of their own pleasure. where do you find them?? they are all exquisite! just one nite with any one of your bevvy of beauties would equate to a life time of happiness for me! and my girl, as stunning an eastern european lass as she is, agrees. do the girls just leave you high and dry after a shoot?? or do they feel sorry for you, and with your ladys permission you get to fill whichever one you choose with your sack full of love juice! it is after all..a very liberal and consensual world we live in nowadays...also..when oh when are one of your girls finally going to be entered!!! with mike on the go surely he is going to be able to give one of the girls the fuck of their lives! finally!

twobe1 Estados Unidos de América

The other artist Loved adding the masseuse as part of the video profile. She was gorgeous and her expressions added to the sensuality of the film. The other artist, so to speak, equally important.

Ren212 Panamá

Emily is beautiful, as is her masseuse. It was certainly an enjoyable video. However, it was a shame that whoever else was in the room could not keep quiet. It would have been nice to hear the sounds of Emily's body during the entire massage instead of having to lose that audio because of external interruptions.

walpar Bélgica

Emily After an Emily week we have an Emily film and an Emily massage. It's!

westore Canada

Excellent! Emily is beautiful and alluring as always and the addition of the masseur is the icing on the cake. She has a great body and I'm sure we will see more of her in future. She is just too hot for Petter to not shoot her! "Seductive" is certainly the right word to describe this massage. The viewer can feel the interest of the masseuse and see her expression and where she is looking as she "seduces" Emily. Very erotic and it makes one wonder what happened between them afterwards :)

MojoMa_55 Suiza

RE: Beautiful Masseuse! As I commented on Milena's massage, although it might be more exciting to see a strongly overt orgasmic response, I would not want the models to exaggerate their reactions merely for effect. That would cheapen the experience. If one is watching closely, one can almost always tell if the model actually orgasms. That is sufficiently satisfying for me; as it no doubt is for the model and masseuse/masseur concerned.

Uwe Alemania

Sensual massage Emily is natural. She has the ability to be real even thoough there is a camera in the near. She is perfect in any way.

conck México

wow I am amazed on how beautiful the Masseuse is. Hope I see her more often!

ailefroide Bélgica

Emily sensual massage Why not a candidature for the next NOBEL PRICE OF PEACE ? Pourquoi pas une candidature pour le prochain PRIX NOBEL DE LA PAIX ? Jean Paul from Belgium.

justplaying Estados Unidos de América

I'm a bit amazed at the differences of opinions on these massage videos. Some love her orgasm so couldn't even tell she had one. Both lady's are beautiful. I liked the masseuse wearing those shorts. I liked the contrast between the darker and lighter skin tones. Excellent video lady's. Thank You PS... Hope she is staying out of harms way with all that's going on in the Ukraine. Maybe you guys could give her a long shoot and a safe place to hang for a while.

Masaje Erótico a 16 manos | August 6th, 2013
Masaje Erótico a 16 manos
lvmss España

I´m happy to be the first person to comment on this video. I love Emily.

MojoMa_55 Suiza

16 Hands An interesting idea, but I would suppose that - due to sensory overload - the 16 hands phase of this massage would have been less enjoyable than the single pair phase. (Perhaps 4 hands is the ideal maximum). If so, it was fortunate that the 16 hands session was relatively brief. Despite that, Emily obviously enjoyed her massage.

MojoMa_55 Suiza

16 Hands I meant to add that this video shewed that Hegré art seems to have a number of masseuses who are at least as beautiful as the models who receive their skilful attentions.

Guest Estados Unidos de América

8 plus 1 it'd be nice if all girls are fully naked & free :)

Zeppelin Alemania

80 Fingers and not a single one found its way into Emily's godlike ass?! My massages are different...

basscat41 Estados Unidos de América

16 Hands Kind of ridiculous and pointless.

Laurie Reino Unido

Cliched and Predictable Its time to drop this tired theme and introduce some real sapphic sex involving girls who show genuinely hot passion for each other. This massage stuff is too detached and dispassionate, lets have some interactive sexual naughtiness in which both girls indulge. Its time for a change, to ginger things up!

twobe Estados Unidos de América

16 Hands On the cusp of perfection, I would have loved a muffled groan, a tiny cry, an audible whimper over just the heavy breathing climaxes. Nitpicky yes, but I kept waiting for a final deluge that never quite came. That being said, a fantastically gorgeous woman, beautifully recorded.

MojoMa_55 Suiza

RE: Cliched and Predictable A few of the scenes you prefer already exist in both the Massage and Film sections. Look them up.

Leelee Estados Unidos de América

Enjoy the massage I enjoy the massage section of this site more than the other sections. In my opinion the best videos are true massages, not completely focused on the pussy or orgasm. I am sure many other members enjoy these videos as well, and I get a little annoyed when those who prefer pussy videos choose to leave negative comments on massage videos instead of watching the hundreds of videos made to their preference. More JUST massage videos please. A naked model and a masseuse- so beautiful and relaxing!! Love it!

james Australia

emily Emily is a beautiful woman!... this massage is ok I guess but did not excite me. remember how unbelievable those massages with Caprice are! that's what needs to be replicated with Emily... none of these gimmicks

Jon Estados Unidos de América

Gorgeous. Perfect curves. Lovely smile.

Rico Portugal

Sunt What an amazing stunt Petter ... this is indeed something very special . I would love to see more of those fingers arround Emily pussy and ass ;) !!!!

RupertGiles Italia

This was simply superb. Congratulations Petter, on a great shoot.

Mr Blue Francia

RE: Enjoy the massage I totaly agree with you LeeLee, I prefer the sensuality of a real massage to a simple masturbation certainly not unpleasant but repetitive and less original. There are plenty of different massages : Swedish, Californian, Indian and many others (not just Thai). have the opportunity to admire the body of your beautiful models relaxing during a real massage is for me, the must of sensuality.

Ajax Estados Unidos de América

Emily Some girls are more beautiful than others, some have more beautiful orgasms than others and some are multi orgasmic, but it is extremely rare for a girl to fall in all three categories. She is amazing.

Gunner Estados Unidos de América

RE: 16 Hands you are gay

Bobbob Estados Unidos de América

Greatest Os ever Emily is amazing on all fronts (and back) too. She knows how to let herself go and go and go,unbelievable. Thanks to the masseuse who knew to keep the action going (sometime they stop to soon). Emily is AMAZING when she comes and comes and comes! WOW!

flyer Estados Unidos de América

Awesome Just simply spectacular. It doesn't get better than Hegre-art.

walpar Bélgica

Emily Fed up with Emily! She is great but we have seen too much of her lately.

Sam C Estados Unidos de América

Sixteen hands all massaging Emily at the same time is an exciting and creative idea, especially when 7 of the 8 girls all have beautiful bodies and are wearing very skimpy bikinis. I wished I could have seen them better, and I wish the head masseuse was also wearing a very skimpy bikini. Unfortunately the rest of the video didn't fully satisfy. In far too many scenes one could see that Emily's genitals were being massages without seeing Emily's genitals as they were massaged.

YA Estados Unidos de América

RE: Emily Exactly!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

RE: Emily Personally, I'm all for an Emily week!

Funboy4U Noruega

RE: Emily So don't look. easy choice.

Piratemon66 Estados Unidos de América

Sadly this video was a disappointment. It started beautiful and when all 16 hands massaged her it was also beautiful. When the girls left I thought we would see them all come back in the nude to intensify the erotic nature of the session. No such luck. They left for good. Next time all 16 hands should be massage from start to orgasm and all in the nude.

Mike S. Estados Unidos de América

16 Hands Massage This is a truly beautiful film. Lovely Emily is treated to a level of sensual pleasure that was awe inspiring. I simply lost count of the number of deep and prolonged orgasms that she experienced and her beautiful smile and cat-like stretches at the end told me that she genuinely had a good time. The masseuse is a true expert in sensual massage (especially at Yoni Massage) and has, herself, a beautiful figure. I just joined this site today and I am firmly convinced that the membership is worth every penny. Emily, you are a dream to look at. Congratulation to all of you.

Neolec Alemania

16 Hands Massage Emily, was für ein toller Film, so eine Massage würde ich bei dir gerne auch mal machen. Du hast den wunderschönsten Körper den je bei einer Frau gesehen habe.

freydeyric Francia

4 hands This is nice, eventually, I would like to see more 4 hands massages... got one myself recently.. 2 men massaging one girl, 2 girls on one girl or 2 girls on one man...

rhapman Estados Unidos de América

16 hands on front? I would love to see 16 hands massaging the front of Emily's body. Imagine them massaging both feet, stroking her hair and scalp, stroking her underarms, circling her nipples, stroking her inner thighs, fingering her pussy, and massaging her clit, all at once. Do you think she would enjoy that?

Justplaying Estados Unidos de América

The comments being left simply amaze me. How can anyone complain about seeing too much of Emily. Damn it, is someone forcing you to watch her? Idiot. Lady's you were all fantastic. Thank You

Masaje de Servicio a la Habitación Erótico | July 9th, 2013
Masaje de Servicio a la Habitación Erótico
MojoMa_55 Suiza

Sensual Massage - Emily After an unnecessarily slow start, this became a truly excellent sensual presentation. Well done!.

Roland Reino Unido

Room Service Massage I would agree about a slow start but worth the wait and Emily has the most beautiful porcelain complexion. She appears to genuinely succumb to this massage.

Paulo Bento Alemania

Amazing! Just Amazing! I could see this movie more then once! This is something i should do with my wife!

Spartacus Noruega

Incredibly erotic Wonderful filming, wonderful girl and erotic as hell! Wish I was there too...

Fract Holanda

Oh my... toys... please let this be the only time? It shifts the mood from the body/mind eroticism of the massage-series to the more plain massage-as-sexual-act that is so prevalent. Not that I always mind this, but Hegre-art always was followed in this respect, and usually poorly so. Stay on top of the erotic body/mind genre, please? Other than that: very hot. These girls are very petite, judging by how high they stand in the doorway. And yet so very comfortable with their sexuality, I can almost taste it.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América


Rico Portugal

What a service First of all love all the colors in this sensual massage movie , gives a great atmosphere . The Hotel Service is indeed Veryyyy special , who never had this fantasy on their minds ? excellent job .... exciting the mood and state of mind of this massage .

Ashaj Bélgica

One of the best if not the best massage there's ever been showed here. Perfect combination of picture and music. The bathroom and shower scene is done very tastefull the expression on the face of Emily tells she realy likes the situation. Don't know who noticed the dripping tab, small thing but it makes it so realistic. The room scene is filmed with the camera not moving, this gives the viewer a bit of a voyeuristic position, you're there but they can't see you. From the bluish on Emily's cheeks one can tell she's realy getting exited and aroused by the massage she's getting, it's for sure not fake. No objection on the use of the dildo it fits into it. Let's have more. ps: suggestion, why next time not having some interaction between the two ladies, and if the model does not get over the edge towards an orgasm why not let her doing it herself, it's not to be ashamed about.

Max Estados Unidos de América

Loved it I loved everything about this scene. The pretense of a hotel stay and calling for a masseuse. The sensual shower beforehand, with the lovely music playing. The massage itself, and the model's powerful reactions near the end. Loved it, all of it. Bravo.

NoCoPilot Estados Unidos de América

Better Dildo LOVED the gentle use of a dildo, but for heaven's sake use a Cyberskin next time instead of a cold hard glass dildo. MUCH more realistic and much more comfortable. The experience should be pleasurable, not medical.

clqrvy Estados Unidos de América

Love Emily Please bring her back for another massage!

windmill Holanda

sensual massage For a masseuse being so intimate and close to Emily I would her to be nude also. Clearly the masseuse has a beautiful body. Tt will bring much more attraction to the scenes. In my view this should be in all massages.

ScottZ Canada

Wow! Beautiful This has got to be one of the best massage videos on this site. It may even be the best. I love how it wasn't just the massage. It was everything, from start to finish. It was deliciously erotic and perfectly executed. Not sure why you were trying to hide Zana though; pretty sure we all knew it was her. Please, more videos like this!

ShariB Canada

Breathless Beautiful film. The scenario was very appealing for me. Intimate and classy. The thought of being massaged that was left me breathless....

sensual_life Estados Unidos de América

Now this is art. I like that the film does not start right off with the massage. Also, I feel massages given in bed are way more sensual and erotic than those given on a massage table. I love this masseuse too! She really knows how to give a good massage and pleasure a woman. It would be nice to see her on the receiving end :)

schwabpm0250 Estados Unidos de América

Blissful Ecstasy This film depicts tender sensuality at its very best. I also like that it moved slowly and did not jump immediately into the massage. The shower scene was incredible in its tenderness and is something that all men should watch with interest and learn from it. The masseuse (a Tantra instructor who I will not name out of respect for her privacy) used her considerable skills to bring Emily to the very height of ecstasy and it was truly beautiful. Emily's climax at the end was something that has to be seen to be believed. The use of the dildo, also, did nothing for me but the masseuse used it very gently and not for a protracted period of time. The film reinforces the fact that the female body is nature's greatest creation for giving pleasure. Emily and the masseuse left me breathless.

Justplaying Estados Unidos de América

She does have that innocent look. Must be her face because those breast and that ass say sex machine. Pale skin without a tan line. A true red head. Thanks lady's that was great. I hope Emily is safe in the Ukraine.