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Foto von Rufina


Foto von Rufina
Name: Rufina
Land: Ukraine
Gewicht: 52Kg
Größe: 175cm
Alter: 18
Beruf: Stripperin

Dancing Queen

Rufina lebt ihr Leben rund um die Uhr, sieben Tage die Woche. Dieses 18 Jahre junge Mädchen aus der Ukraine will soviel vom Leben haben wie sie kann. Sie hat ihr Studentenleben gegen die aufregende Welt des Entertainments getauscht.

Dort hat sie den Nervenkitzel gefunden den sie schon immer gesuchte hatte. Die Nächte Durchfeiern in angesagten Kiewer Clubs machte sie schließlich zur Hauptattraktion als Go-Go Tänzerin. Es beschwor die Rhythmen ihrer Seele. Seitdem ist Rufina ganz in ihrem Element und schwelgt darin rund um die Uhr.

Aber Rufina ist mehr als nur ein perfekter Körper und wilder Tanz. Sie wird jetzt Aktmodell für Hegre-Art und bringt die ganze Energie sowie diesen irrsinnigen Sinn für Spaß und Amüsement mit. Es ist schwer mit ihr mitzuhalten; aber wenn Sie ihr Tempo halten können, werden Sie reich belohnt werden.

Rufina Galerien KOMMENTARE

Ruffina Barbiepuppe | August 22nd, 2013
Ruffina Barbiepuppe
diabolisis Vereinigte Staaten

Even her sweaty armpits look sexy!

Ruffina radikal Teil 2 | August 9th, 2013
Ruffina radikal Teil 2
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

sexy pretzel lady! lol

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

RUFINA AT PLAY RUFINA has rapturous, doe-like eyes, which belie a feline grace that stands her in good stead.

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

A Turn-off I was looking forward to the gorgeous Rufina but the first 30 odd images are repetative and freakish. This stunning girl deserves a better showcase, by all means focused on her luscious pudendum but with a little finesse...

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Juicy and very Tasty Having earlier dismissed half these images, I do find 54 -56 achingly sensuous. Her gorgeous quim like a succulent oyster, moist and mouthwateringly fleshy...

delavignette Belgien

Rufina Thank you very much. Merci beaucoup.

Chimera Vereinigte Staaten

Que beleza meu amor!!! RSVP (:-----> XOXOXOXO

Jim Vereinigte Staaten

Beautiful Bare Feet! The set opens with some incredible shots of those Rufina's luscious, wrinkly, bare soles! Super work Petter. Please continue to provide great shots like these of all your models bare feet and i'll remain a happy subscriber!

Ruffina zeigefreudig am Fenster | July 21st, 2013
Ruffina zeigefreudig am Fenster
Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Sexy Straddle An exquisite beauty with the most irresistible vulva. I'd love to eat that delicious morsel. Truly gorgeous...

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

lucky neighbors!

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

RUFINA THE MUSE RUFINA the sexy woman with seductive, feline eyes, pleasing derriere, and body divine unencumbered by clothes. HURRAH!

Roger Vereinigte Staaten

Definitely an Outie Are girls with large clitorises hornier? (ref: Dominika)

Roger Vereinigte Staaten

Great View Fantastic Butt series (and fantastic Butt!). Fav shot: 24.

EmmSea Australien

Yummy yes, 'yummy' says it all!!!

5echo Kanada

Perfection Perfection!

Rufina hinreißend | July 2nd, 2013
Rufina hinreißend
John Vereinigtes Königreich

I just... love the labia on this girl. Lips all the way to her ass. Mmmmm.

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

rufina ravishing...yes she is!!!

Cosworth Deutschland

Rufina Rufina is the most beautyful girl I've seen here. Her body is perfect, her smile, her face, her eyes - fantastic. I love her.

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

RUFINA LA GATICA RUFINA ravishing and regal. A she-cat poised either to strike (with sharp, steely claws) or beguile.

Guest Vereinigte Staaten

Lips!! i go crazy with her pussy lips!!

Ruffina rote Lingerie | July 29th, 2013
Ruffina rote Lingerie
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

rufina is stunning, indeed! my only gripe here is that we didn't get more of her nether regions. (yes, I like to look at that too! but, I'm happy I got what I got!)

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Come to a Sticky Ending A beautiful denouement, an intimate moment of pure delicacy. And wickedly arousing...

Tom Deutschland

Rufina Rufina is very nice and she has a wonderful body. But why we see her only in the same hotel room?

MM Vereinigte Staaten

Rufina looks exquisite stretched out. Thanks for including those shots.

pier_hart19 Italien

Rufina and his pussy Splendid pussy.....Especially in the last three photos where the pussy appears well open and puchered in its carnality.Sin for the photos n°57-58-59-60-61-62 because in the positions in which Rufina is represented, the photos had to be made without slips, so that he could be seen well the whole pussy that would have been well visible in these positions and godibile

Rico Portugal

part2 Rufina is so sexy ... was waiting for a more revealing end for this gallery . I hope there is a PART2 from this and a possible movie .

sedtus Vereinigte Staaten

Wet Am I the only one who misses the set with models like Yanna who become visibly aroused and wet during their shoots? Hmm...

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Achingly Tasty One last lustful look at Rufina's luscious pudendum before bunking down for the night.

xtgee Vereinigte Staaten

Re:Wet Ditto!

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Hot and Sultry Unless my eyes deceive me the utterly delightful Rufina appears, in the last two images, to be gorgeously engorged and lusciously moist. A fruitful sensuousness to smell, taste and savour. The quintessential carnal pleasure...

Rufina radikal Teil 1 | June 21st, 2013
Rufina radikal Teil 1
John Vereinigtes Königreich

I love this girl's genital anatomy...

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

RUFINA EN CELO Like a she-beast in heat, Rufina awaits the arrival of her mate so that they can frolic, play, and f--k together.

TuriyaRaver Australien

Time for a video from this girl! Preferably involving some vigorous masturbation!

Casanova9 Bulgarien

Rufina radical part1 Magnifique !

Max Australien

It's in the eyes A beautiful body and perfectly shaped sex but the eyes are the real treat. Her expressions are very seductive. "I am just rolling around naked in bed playing with my pussy ... oh my! look whats happened to your dick ,,,

JJ Vereinigtes Königreich

Interesting Okay if you want to date then I will!

Erekhart Deutschland

No. 6... my clear favorite. So intimate, soft, and gentle.

Rufina stürmisch im Bett | June 13th, 2013
Rufina stürmisch im Bett
Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Stunning Beautiful eyes and mouthwateringly voluptuous quim. A quite delightful creature for sure...

Guest Vereinigte Staaten

Lips!!! very special pussy in a million :)

Varibale-43 Deutschland

There is nothing rough about that precious bottom! Beautiful.

HJW Vereinigtes Königreich

Perfect More of this beauty with her perfect body, whilst paying full respect to her mind of course.

baladirou Frankreich

chef d'œuvre de beauté et de douceur

Rufina Hinterteil | June 5th, 2013
Rufina Hinterteil
KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

RUFINA - LIKE A RAW FLAME The creature with thick blue-black fur cornered her prey, which had lost its footing in a narrow ditch in a deeply forested valley. The night was moonless and cool. The blue-black lupine beast lunged at the deer, brought it down, hard, and made a meal of it. Hours later, under a rosy-hued horizon, RUFINA, her rich black shoulder-length hair and heavenly body matted with dry blood, entered her cabin for a hot shower and slept contentedly til noon.

Snowpig Vereinigte Staaten

Would love to see those lusious lips parted.

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

lovely rear end...among other things!

Rob Vereinigte Staaten

Eyes she has two of the most otherworldly eyes i have ever seen, that combined with her raven black hair its just captivating to say the least...not to mention a perfect body that the gods themselves sculpted.

Rowdy Thailand

Booty in the AIR that booty is not afraid of heights.... it is way up in the air.... hopefully Air Traffic Control has it on the Radar.... wow !! hit it

joey-1 Kanada

I have surely died and gone to Heaven !!

Moeguzzi-1 Vereinigte Staaten

Love this Girl!

Barndini Vereinigtes Königreich

Pussy One of the finest looking pussies I ever did see xx

Drummer Vereinigte Staaten

wow Forgive me for asking, but is this a MILF? Does she shows signs of having given child birth? Beautiful ass and pussy. Lovely.

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Extraordinary This breathtakingly beautiful girl makes my cock ache for her luscious flesh, she is so utterly fuckable...

Rufina Stars and Stripes | May 23rd, 2013
Rufina Stars and Stripes
Cosworth Deutschland

Rufina What a beautiful girl. Perfect body. Very pretty face. Hot. I like her very much.

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

loving all the new talent of late! cant wait to see more of this lovely lady!

Rico-1 Portugal

AMAZING .... can't get enough of the last part of this update.... super sexy and super teaser .... thanks Petter for Rufina.

Snowpig Vereinigte Staaten

Me too! What a beautiful woman.

pier_hart18 Italien

Stars and stripes ......too stars and few pussy in close up and enlarged. A so beautyfll model would have should show more pussy in close up.

Rowdy Thailand

Heart Shaped Ass !! wow Rufina can stick that beautiful Booty up in the air with the best of em !! wow

baladirou Frankreich


jamesdd66 Kanada

Simply stunning,more please


Rufina Rot | August 5th, 2014
Rufina Rot
diondio Neuseeland

music What a beautiful film, beautiful lady and what is that magnificent music it goes so well with her.

Nibbler Vereinigte Staaten

One of the best videos!!! Wow. I repeat - Wow! I don't usually post comments, but I have to say this video is one of the best on the site. I've been a Hegre member for years and this video is the perfect fusion of model and photographer, erotica and art, displaying the eternal beauty of the female form as well as arousing my physical form. Beautiful - just beautiful! Keep it up, Petter! 'Nuff said.

twobe1 Vereinigte Staaten

RE: music Agree, the music elevates this work from mere voyeurism to something more timeless and classic.

Fire Polen

Love her moves. The choreography/editing is important for me, I get bored by erotica videos that lack any effort in this regard. This, on the other hand, is why I subbed.

NakedTravel Kanada

Excellent video great modeling work! It's mesmerizing how Rufina brushes the camera with her movements! One of my new favorite video!

Nym Portugal

Music Love the music choice. :)

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

well, that was just lovely! :)