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Photo of Olga


Photo of Olga
Name: Olga
Country: Russia
Weight: 45kg
Height: 171cm
Age: 18
Occupation: Student

Delicate Flower

Audrey Hepburn plays the role of Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's and, from the moment she stares wide-eyed and the camera, you are madly, passionately in love with her.

OLGA HAS the same appeal, the same unfathomable charisma. She is delicate, waif-like, unutterably adorable. You want to take her into your arms and, like Holly Golightly, you are not exactly sure whether you wish to do so as a protector or a lover.

Olga brings this same quality to the camera with her first photo shoot and gives off the distinct feeling that you are in the presence of a rising star, her young body still forming and finding its womanly curves.

Modeling is Olga's passport to the fashion circuit of Europe but, like Audrey Hepburn, who was born in Holland, Olga's ticket west goes all the way to Hollywood.

Olga Galleries COMMENTS

Lena, Olea, Olga girlfriends | October 10th, 2006
Lena, Olea, Olga girlfriends
Tomcat Switzerland

Olga i understand this is an older set. it raises the question -once more- if there really are no more OLGA solosets left or even some new ones in sight... olga is still tremendously popular and a look at the model-poll shows that i'm not the only one obsessed with her. so: any chance for some more OLGA-solos? cheers

btrhea United States

MORE OLGA PLEASE! I almost forgot how beautiful Olga was! It's been so long since we've seen her anywhere other than the archives. Please consider reconnecting with Olga so we can see more of her. thank you!

dgt99x United States

Lena's legs Lena's curvy legs, perky breasts and cute face make her my favorite among this little group of friends; I would love to see her return if she is still modeling.

Olga soft light | October 23rd, 2004
Olga soft light
Mrvyn Germany

Olga I enthused about Olga (Sep 2004: Olga protects the forest)recently. With the hairstyle in this set unfortunately, although still very attractive, she is not looking her very best. Greetings, Mrvyn

Olga protecting the forest | September 14th, 2004
Olga protecting the forest
Pete United Kingdom

Dark and mysterious Great pictures of Olga, especially where she is leaning forward against the tree, tht scores 20/10 Its great to see some natural and slender models on your site Petter and Olga has some special dark and mysterious qualities. If you like Olga check out Antonina

Mrvyn Germany

Olga protecting the forest I am seeing this set today for the first time, and it confirms my conviction that it was worth joining your site just to see Olga. Words like 'breathtaking' and 'stunning' are hopelessly inadequate to describe her. Greetings from Mrvyn

Olga on the edge | September 13th, 2003
Olga on the edge
Mrvyn Germany

Olga on the edge It is always a pleasure to see pictures of my favourite Hegre model

Steff United States

Olga outside She looks as fabulous outdoors as she does indoors.

Olga on high tech location | April 29th, 2004
Olga on high tech location
Karl Switzerland

wonderful fotorgraphs from the definitely most beautiful hegre-model. Olga has just the perfect body ! Thanks for this divine pictures !

Pete United Kingdom

Olga Stunning Stunning pics of a stunning model. She is devine and excellent proof that slim is very very sexy. More of Olga please.

alex United Kingdom

olga fantastic!!!

DANIEL United States


Olga in windowlight | September 14th, 2003
Olga in windowlight
FastEddie United States

she has such a nice profile and pelvic structure very very nice

DANIEL United States


Olga posing in bed | June 23rd, 2004
Olga posing in bed
btrhea United States

OLGA!! Olga's body is absolutely perfect. This gallery is very HOT! Great work, Petter!

Raglanlad Australia

Olga... Olga is beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Let's see plenty more of her!

James Canada

Beautiful Olga This girl breaks my heart with wanting her so badly. So instinctively sensual and innocent at the same time.

QZ United Kingdom

omg I think I just fell in love...

FastEddie United States

sexy slender body an a young petite face nice

Steff United States

Olga wow! Olga is so elegant and beautiful she takes my breath away.

Olga in old factory | September 15th, 2003
Olga in old factory
Mrvyn Germany

Olga in old factory Olga with this hairstyle is my favourite Hegre model.

DANIEL United States


Olga in bathtub | September 10th, 2003
Olga in bathtub
arnfinn Iceland

olga ... really nice pictures of an unbelievable beautiful girl ... my favorite in your archive ... together with Juliya and Alexia

Mrvyn Germany

Olga in bathtub Beautifully erotic - erotically beaautiful, and the exposure and focussing were ok: the best Olga pictures I have seen so far. It would be nice to see some more such wet (or oiled) ones, with more varied camera angles.

Lars Switzerland

177 wonderful girl, wonderful breasts...

Olga in chair | April 5th, 2003
Olga in chair
Perry United States

The Cosmos You're in some serious trouble doing this all the time. I'd go crazy! This is definitely sensural overload of the first magnitude. Good luck with keeping your brain focused on everyday functions. And the women of Eastern Europe are definitely some of the most beautiful on earth. Polygamy is starting to look like a workable thing, now.

Olga in the woods | September 11th, 2003
Olga in the woods
luv_yanna United States

31 Image #31 is delicious. Sweet, innocent, tiny Olga ripping her cheeks open to reveal all her secrets. I really like skinny girls with a big plump pussy.

Steff United States

Olga dream I am mesmorized by olga. She is so slim elegant exotic and beautiful. She is a dreamgirl. Thankyou Peter H. for having her on this site.

Norcal Nudity Lover United States

Dream Woman I echo everything Steff said below. Olga is a natural slender, with such sexy short dark hair & a face full of mystery...she fills me with erotic desire. These photo shoots of Olga from several years ago are a nice rediscovery--I'm glad they're still here, because I'm going to download as many as I can!

Olga at lake | April 2nd, 2004
Olga at lake
David Switzerland

Olga Congratulation ! Olga is just a dream ! Show as many fotos of this wonderful girl as possible !

Mrvyn Germany

Olga at Lake 007 If it weren't for the excessive light on the back (you can see it on the right side between the rignt arm and the trunk) this would have been one of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen. Why not wait until there is some cloud? Incidentally, I joined for a year because of Olga - I wish I knew where you find such perfect models!

btrhea United States

OLGA WOW! Looking through these archives tells me we need an update or two from Olga. Very beautiful, and this set does he lovely body justice...well done, Petter!

FastEddie United States

olga is fresh like morning dew tha kisses the blades og grass in the meadow ah hell she is killer sexy and i want one

Steff United States

high on Olga Olga leaves me breathless with her ultr-slim body, long slender legs and arms, hips and other bodily features that are stunning and a sweet cheekboned face is so erotic.

raynz New Zealand

I want to marry Olga

Norcal Nudity Lover United States

I think it's no exaggeration... say that Olga is one of the most desirable women ever to be photographed by that is saying quite a lot! I am completely smitten by these photo shoots of her...and filled with erotic bliss at the thought of her.

Olgas panties going off | December 1st, 2003
Olgas panties going off
russ United States

off with the panties Olga nice pictorial of getting the knickers off

GT Canada

Pantys comming off Wish you would do a few more of these types of shoots Petter, I find it very erotic watching panties come off... especially from behind. Would have loved a few sets with Yanna taking off hers when she was all 'excited'

Olga obsession | August 11th, 2003
Olga obsession
ben United States

lucky couch as if a couch could have luck but definately graced by olga's presence



Olga in bed | September 17th, 2003
Olga in bed
FastEddie United States

she arches her back sooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Olga and Lena in bed | November 1st, 2003
Olga and Lena in bed
btrhea United States

OLGA I wish we could see more of Olga. She's so HOT in this gallery...

Olga in loft window | September 1st, 2003
Olga in loft window Switzerland

Great again. Olga's just so beautiful I would like to eat her... One Comment: Generally, it would be great, if there would also be some pics from the girls in clothes. Naturally pictures from her private life. Also from Vika for instance or the other divine girls ! I like to see every detail from them (thanks for the details!), but some pics in clothes would be nice..

Charles United States

Olga I love petite women so she's a big hit with me. I hope you don't mind the way I put this but I love how fat and juicy her pussy looks. Very toung worthy and mouth watering. I couldn't think of any other way to put it.

Perry United States

Olga You definitely have the eye, Petter. There is a look that some women have that is almost otherworldly, angelic and it's in the eyes. It got you. It got me. Our biological programming is barely able to handle someone this beautiful. We're doomed.

ben United States

ditto on the petite

Steff United States

Olga She is the most beautiful.

Olga with purse | September 12th, 2003
Olga with purse
Dave Switzerland

Olga's just the most beautiful of all !

Steff United States

Olga pics I really love this girl. I can look at her photos for hours.

Mark Australia

Very beautiful lady, best of luck to your future Olga.


Angel Eyes | February 11th, 2003
Angel Eyes
Andre United States

Beauty in simplicity I have to agree with the concept that there can be great beauty in simplicity. And her face is exquisitely delicate :) But what's her name? I'm surprised that she and a few other girls seem to have no name...