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Photo de Antonina


Photo de Antonina
Nom: Antonina
Pays: Ukraine
Poids: 46kg
Taille: 174cm
Age: 23
Profession: Étudiante en biologie

Belle comme une fleur

On dit que les violonistes concertistes ne naissent pas avec un violon dans les mains et l’étudiante en biologie qu’est Antonina sera sûrement d’accord avec ça.

ELLE EST plongée dans le monde naturel et dans son icône. Dotée d’un corps élancé, mince et ferme, ses beaux yeux noirs toujours rivés sur l’horizon, elle est la professionnelle par excellence, la tête sur les épaules, une fille née pour faire du nu tout comme Picasso était né pour enduire ses toiles de peinture. Elle est un sujet idéal, réservée, consciente de l’idéal que représentent ses courbes.

Antonina essaie de terminer ses études et d’obtenir son diplôme. Parvenir à étudier et à poser en même temps est problématique ; Hegre-Art est donc privilégié puisqu’on la retrouve aux quatre coins de Kiev, dans des édifices historiques, sur le bord de la rivière et dans le jardin botanique.

Et bien, dans quel autre lieu pourrait-on emmener une biologiste ?

Antonina Galeries COMMENTAIRES

Antonina dans l’herbe | September 20th, 2003
Antonina dans l’herbe
malcolm Royame Uni

very enchanting ,beautiful lazy eyes , soulful and full of depth,,just wish i was 20 yrs younger!lucky ukranian men

Antonina extérieur | November 16th, 2003
Antonina extérieur
Pete Royame Uni

Antonina Stunning set of pics of this beaty. Petter please can we have some more of Antonina

ben Etats Uni

antonina subtle body, undefinable attraction as a combination of antonia's body and excellent photography... interesting

Pete Royame Uni

Where is she Antonina has a body to rival Yanna yet her appeareance on your site was all to brief, wil the lossof yanna we need to see more of her

Pete Royame Uni

A big fan Still find it incredible that Antonina did not become a big star om this site, she has a really tight, fit body, wonderfully erect nipples and a really pretty face. Does anybody else not see it???

heinrich Irelande

eye catching; lovely face, attractive breasts and marvellous protruding pussy, rare and beautiful

SR71 Etats Uni

Bring her back!!! Petter, Please, please, PLEASE bring her back. Find her! She should be the #1 model on this site. What's the matter with everybody? We should be demanding more of her.

Pete Royame Uni

Petter are you listening Petter there is definately demand to see Antonina again and you have recently brought other models back, please track her down for one last shot.

Antonina mur de briques | February 2nd, 2004
Antonina mur de briques
heinrich Irelande

gentle breasts and such a plentiful pussy; why no comment; memorable

Pete Royame Uni

The best Still one of the best sets on this site. Gorgeous slim figure, excellent breasts, tense stomach muscle leading down to such an inviting pussyand she us just so cute. Like Heinrich I am amazed that there are no comments. For me Antonina is much missed. With a bit more exposure she could have been as successful as Yanna

Antonina feuille verte | June 7th, 2004
Antonina feuille verte
Pete Royame Uni

Antonina Antonina you are a stunning beauty with a great pettite figure, gorgeous tits and such a cute face. All we need is a smile. Great natural pictures Petter and want to see alot more of these slim, pettite models

Lee Bartholomew Etats Uni

Antonia She's very beautiful yes, but would look better with a little more meat on her. She's uncomfortably thin. That's my opinion though.

fasteddie Etats Uni

Nice, perfect settingm very sexy , cute smile

Hegrefan07 Finlande

Please, shoot more her! :)

sirstefanofb Australie

Soooo 'skinny'... but oh sooooo desirable!

sirstefanofb Australie

How beautifully her slenderness emphasises he pubic 'pouchiness'... Antonina is just a sheer shaven delight!

Pete Royame Uni

What happeded to her Petter, she could have been a massive star on your site. Please let me know what happened to her and if she is likley to make a reapperarnce. I know its been 4 years now

Antonina dans le sable | August 26th, 2004
Antonina dans le sable
Pete Royame Uni

Top marks for Antonina Petter no pics of Antonina in months. I think she is right up there as one of your top models. Lets see some more of her please, a joint set with Yanna would be great

gozo Etats Uni

i love this lil nymph

sirstefanofb Australie

Oh YES.... More of Antonina, PLEASE Petter, please!

Pete Royame Uni

Still a big fan Gozo think we are in minority in appreciating this little nymph, keep in the campaign and perhaps Petter will get her back for one last set!!

Pete Royame Uni

Top model Petter I cant beleive you let her slip through your hands after only 5 sets, big mistake as she is till today one of your best models.


Nymphe de forêt | July 23rd, 2003
Nymphe de forêt
Pete Royame Uni

Rural and erotic A gorgeously slim model with a great sexy figure and the rural setting is very erotic. Would love to see more of her and hope that she will perform another sexy video

Rick Etats Uni

Cinderella ? Snow White? Mr Hegre, You trully have out done yourself with "Forest nymph". I am a very rational person, and did not think 100% perfection was possible, here on earth. You have proven different. How you were able to bring her to life, from out of a fairy tail, still baffles me. I will not question, what I have seen with my own eyes. She is THE most beautiful, sensual, erotic, pretty woman, that ever has, does, and will exsist. I now believe in love at first sight. Thank you,from the bottom of my heart, Thank you.

ben Etats Uni

Oh my ! If i remember correctly the first word I learned to spell? L U S T.. did I say that ? any way lets see hmm words escape me chop chop look dont get any hidden meaning except.. a tasty morsel ... ciao

SR71 Etats Uni

The Absolute Best You simply MUST bring her back.

johnnyp Etats Uni

Forest Nymph Disappointing, model stayed too far from the camera to tell if she had anything to admire.