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Photo of Valentina


Photo of Valentina
Name: Valentina
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 51kg
Height: 179cm
Age: 27
Occupation: Fashion Model

Forever Young

It is a paradox that each photograph of Valentina is both general and specific: public property and yet personal.

SHE IS still what you might call cute, skinny and unformed like a young girl still wondering what joys life will have in store. It would be hard to believe she is 20, but is already in fact 27 and has enjoyed a long prosperous career as a top fashion model.

The lifespan of a mannequin is short and before age finally catches up with her, Valentina has begun a secondary profession posing for artistic nudes and cherishes the freedom it gives her to simply express herself. In fashion, the model is a walking advertisement in high-heels. As a nude model, you are able to express your emotions; you are no longer a part of the picture: you are the picture.

Valentina does a lot of shooting sessions with her husband, a photographer in the cosmetics industry.

Valentina Galleries COMMENTS

Valentina on washer | October 25th, 2004
Valentina on washer

Nice pics of this cute girl.

Valentina on the floor | June 28th, 2004
Valentina on the floor
Adam United Kingdom

Lovely Stunning body - whenever I think about shot 51 I feel happy !?!?

Julian Parsons Cayman Islands

Valentina She is delicate beauty like a butterfly or flower... or maybe an angel?

Kevin from London United Kingdom

Is it me? What's special about shot 51? Enlighten me someone. Also, give her a Gillette Venus Vibrance someone please. Convince her by telling her that it vibrates (it does actually).

Valentina showering | April 15th, 2004
Valentina showering
JACK Canada

VALENTINA SHOWERING Valentina is very cute and a natural! Very photogenic. Camera angles are excellent.

Robin United States

Showering Valentina Delicious!!

terminus_h Slovenia

another great model of this site

Cheesecake_Fan United States

Favorite Model of This Site Looks clean!

Valentina victorian beauty | November 9th, 2003
Valentina victorian beauty
Karl Ireland

Valentina, you have gorgeous lips.

Valentina Films COMMENTS

Valentina Chair Waltz | August 21st, 2003
Valentina Chair Waltz
Urbight, Dave United States

Waltz her way into your heart My hats off t you, Petter. Valentina is a find. I've been a member for almost 6 months now, and I haven't seen a model so gorgeous yet. Her eyes are the stuff of myth? And I appreciate the way you work with her here, letting her look long and hard into the camera. I felt she was looking just at me! That's the work of wonder!

Bruce United States

Valentina I wish more girls let their bush go semi natural like hers. It is a sight to behold.

The Dog Man United States

Just Beautiful I just discovered this site...and this model...what work of beauty