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名前: ドミニカ
国: ポーランド
体重: 53kg
身長: 178cm
年齢: 22
職業: モデル






ドミニカギャラリー コメント

ドミニカ  | March 1st, 2005
nudist281 アメリカ

gorgeous model I like her nude figure and she looks very good sitting on that chair as she does. I just wish that I could have been there too with her nude.

nudist281 アメリカ

RE: Photo number 6 wish that I had been there to help her apply the oil to her body.

シルウィアとドミニカ ベッドで | November 4th, 2004
シルウィアとドミニカ ベッドで
sirstefanofb オーストラリア

A Lovely pair... Sylwia also has a 'lovely pair'...

henirich アイルランド

black and blonde; just lovely breasts and teasing tushes

ドミニカ&シルウィア スモーキング | April 22nd, 2004
ドミニカ&シルウィア スモーキング
heinrich アイルランド

longing faces, touching titties and moving bottoms; just great

ドミニカ ダーリン | September 5th, 2003
ドミニカ ダーリン
ardunbye 英国

Dominika (all) Dominika is a very pretty girl with a fine body and it is very pleasing to look at her.

シルウィア&マルタ&ドミニカ トリプルX | February 12th, 2004
シルウィア&マルタ&ドミニカ トリプルX
Mark アメリカ

Sylwia, Marta and Domenika Oh ladies what great nudes!!! Great smiles, eye contact and facial expressions that come across in the shots. I love that there is a blonde, brunette and redhead. Great combination and chemistry between the ladies. Ladies, you have been a part of the most beautiful shots that will be taken of you and that includes any you will have taken with your clothes on! These will be so much more beautiful, artistic and intimate. Great job ladies!!!

ドミニカ マッサージ コメント

ラビアラビングオーガズムマッサージ | January 1st, 2013
MojoMa_55 スイス

Labia Loving Orgasm Massage Superb!. Fabi's expertise and empathy are awesome. Could a male masseur be so patiently attentive to the receiver in this context?.

Chester アメリカ

Detailed I think this must be the most beautifully detailed erotic movie ever. Congratulations to everybody involved

David 英国

Classic strip This movie is a classic. It is definitely one for my permanent collection.

Monica アメリカ

Fabi Fabi is a real expert at her craft. Let’s see more of her doing her thing.

Wilhelm ドイツ

Perfect pussy Dominika you are as sensational as always. You have the most perfect pussy ever.

Val アメリカ

Fingers I love the way Fabi uses her fingers like she does at 8:40 and other places. I am going to work on doing more of that myself.

windmill オランダ

Dominica & Fabi This movie shows Tantra massage at it's best. Fabies Fingers and movements do know expertly how to bring Dominca to her peaks. The genuine happiness at the end confirms it all. Fabi your body is so beautiful and a pure attraction please do show us more.

Rick アメリカ

Disappointed There was something missing....I don't think there was chemistry between them....

Jean-Claude カナダ

Massage Sensuel Bonjour, excellent film, mais jMaurais aimé que Fabi donne le massage nue...

cb51 カナダ

Fabi's skills I can't be the only guy who wishes every time we watch Fabi ply her craft and the models' folds, that even if we weren't endowed with Domika's stunning anatomy, couldn't we at least be transformed for half an hour or so?

Eric フランス

Great movie ! It's what i love ! More more... please !!!


Hallo ihr Zwei , Eine Lehrvorführung der echten Spitzenklasse. Besonders das extreme Kitzlerspiel mit einem Orgasmus und Nachbeben. Der allerbeste Film!!!

Twobe1 アメリカ

Sigh! If all women had labs like that, there would be no wars.

Krullmaster アメリカ

Fabi!!! Whoa! Fabi alone is well worth the price of my subscription to Hegre-Art.com!!! Fabulous work here...truly exceptional in every respect. The world needs more amazing women like Fabi...

oldtimer ニカラグア

Fabi Fabi is something else,she looks to be a nice and friendly person;Her lovely expression is showing pleasure and relaxation at the same time;Besides that,she is two times beautiful,one as a woman,and the other for the poem she has between her legs.

Frankie 英国

Fabilous Nipples Fabi's nipples became aroused and rock hard at 1:02 showing that she was incredibly horny herself. I'd love to see the roles reversed and Fabi have a nude labia massage!

Frankie 英国

Dominika's ass My favourite moment was at 5:54 when Fabi spreads Dominika's cheeks to expose her asshole close up. Are there any films or massages where Dominika fingers her asshole or has it fingered?

LubaLuver2 アメリカ

Fantastic As Always Dominika Yes she gets anal fingering in Explosive Orgasmic Massage. I would love to lick her from clit to ass like a Tootsie Pop to see how many it takes to get to the creamy center. :-)

black cow 英国

dominika i wish fabi would pull on her big lips more and turn dominika over on all fours with her bum in the air so fabi could massage her lovely asshole.

Frank オーストラリア

Fabi It's the greatest, I've ever seen. Please more more more of them. Fabi is a wonderful girl and Dominika makes her massage extraordinary good. The technique of her massage at 31:00 is also great.

stoker アメリカ

Amazing Labia It's no wonder they chose her for this massage. One of the most beautiful pussies, and great lips ever!

Is アメリカ

Dominika wooo LOVE her pussy lips! Dominika is the reason I join this sit I LOVE LOVE!! her pussy lips they look SOOOOO YUPPY!! WOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!

ettorelombardi イタリア

amazing pussy please,please more videos dominika c....your orgasm are the best....thanks hegre-art

KM4Wolf カナダ

Labia love!! I am a bi curious female!! I would die to lick suck finger Dominika munch on her pussy for hours so incredibly gorgeous!! Absolutely out of this world YUMMY!!