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名前: エリザベス
国: ポーランド
体重: 46kg
身長: 168cm
年齢: 18
職業: 学生/ダンサー






エリザベスギャラリー コメント

エリザベス 森の妖精 | February 22nd, 2005
エリザベス 森の妖精
Nick フランス

Elisabeth forest nymph Please more galleries staring Elisabeth! She's so innocent girl and so natural!

エリザベス  | November 6th, 2004

Why are these pics so dark? The scene is interesting, Elizabeth is a nice looking girl, the end result is poor!

Ken Simpson オーストラリア

elisabeth_window_ballet Her willow, lissom, jet-like form, would dance like a living dream in a ballet composed in paradise.

エリザベス 青いバスルームの中で | October 18th, 2004
エリザベス 青いバスルームの中で
mountain man アメリカ

elisabeth Petter, can we get more galleries of this beautiful woman?

Ken Simpson オーストラリア

elisabeth_in_blue_bathroom I wish I were under there to contemplate and stroke the beauty of her lovely pubic bush, matching the richness of her hair on top.

RAMI イスラエル

את מקסימה את מדהימה

エリザベス ホテルのベッドで | September 9th, 2004
エリザベス ホテルのベッドで
ben アメリカ

ultimate erotica

エリザベス 白いシーツの上で | August 21st, 2004
エリザベス 白いシーツの上で
ben アメリカ

lisa yummy!!!!

Fifty50 英国

Elisabeth Are we going to see any new sets of Elisabeth? She is so wonderful, The stuff of Dreams!

the Professor アメリカ

wow, just stunning

Kevin Mc Manus 英国

Elizabeth on white sheet Why oh why has she got that hairy vagina. Does she not see the other models that are being given 10 out of ten are all shaved. Even if she doesn't like the idea, it's what is now expected. Elizabeth, get a Venus Vibrance and let us see your clit.

KOMET アメリカ

ELIZABETH - A TRUE NATURAL Never mind what Mr. McManus said! ELIZABETH, YOU ARE SO INCREDIBLY SEXY WITH THAT THICK PATCH OF GLOSSY FUR BETWIXT YOUR SLENDER LEGS. It is such a delight to see here natural women, rather than the waxed variety.

エリザベス バスタブ美人 | July 1st, 2004
エリザベス バスタブ美人
Chefe ドイツ

Elisabeth I think this is one of her best because she shows what she has. You know what I mean.

tuzhdop アメリカ

Surprise ! It's a wonder she didn't wear socks. Surprise !

エリザベス  | June 6th, 2004
JACK カナダ


randy アメリカ

Elizabeth in hot pants There are many beautiful women that Petter photographed before comments could be posted--Elizabeth is one of them. What a transformation when she let's her hair down and smiles. Long legs, incredible space between the thighs and a gorgeous lips. Can we see more of her?

Nick フランス

Elizabeth in hot pants Elizabeth is really gorgeous, please send more hot pictures of her natural expression!

エリザベス バレリーナ | May 21st, 2004
エリザベス バレリーナ
fasteddie アメリカ

This is a nice shoot of elizabeth. Caputres her well. and some different mood facets of her personality.... anyway one of my fav models

heinrich アイルランド

gentle face, framed darkness and just what a bottom

Tewo ノルウェー

Perfect legs! Look at those stunning legs; long, slim and perfectly shaped. A tight ass, flat stomach and nice tits makes her one of my fav modelse!

エリザベス 床の上で | July 16th, 2004
エリザベス 床の上で
drake スイス are my girldream!!!!

Ken Simpson オーストラリア

elisabeth_on_the_floor She could disable a man by removing his cock from its moorings with agile thrusts and grinding movements of he shapely, powerful hips and thighs. Sighs!

emil Nordb ノルウェー

Nicest p... I've ever seen....

エリザベスフィルム コメント

エリザベス パリのホテル | November 29th, 2005
エリザベス パリのホテル
Phillip アメリカ

Gotta get to Paris This film makes me miss Paris. Then again, I never spent time with a girl like Elisabeth when I was there!

Chester アメリカ

Smooooth This girl is smooth as silk and twice as sexy. Fun to watch as always.

Clint アメリカ

I'm in Love If I wasn't a million miles from Paris I'd be in love with Elisabeth. What a beauty!

bruce 台湾

RE: Smooooth Good girl~

エリザベス 森の妖精 | July 27th, 2004
エリザベス 森の妖精
Nerdyboy ノルウェー

Makes me want to go out into the forrest to see if I can find my own nymph :)

エリザベス バレリーナ | May 22nd, 2004
エリザベス バレリーナ
serge ベラルーシ

Elisabeth The Ballerina sexy petite ballerina!!!

papafarang アメリカ

Wunnerful Toe to Head Shot ... ... at about 7m15s (there was also a stunning earlier pan with her standing). Even the socks added to the sensuous drama. A nice slow pan lasting 18 seconds (a second pass even closer up and from above would have been mouthwatering) yet for a 10m clip, it could easily have had more full length pans. She may not have been a 10 (cloer to an 8) but those few sections where petter was at his best sure increased her score.

wayne アメリカ

she is so hott! Any way I can send my ole lady to Poland on a one for one exchange? She looks kind of like Mary Kate Olsen, only Mary Kate wishes she looked that good.

fasteddie アメリカ

excellent color, excelllent quality, elizabeth better than ever

eric オランダ

ballerina ooow ballerinas get me more of them!


SHADOW DANCING Elisabeth: Is a hottie!. She has a gorgeous body, her up-turned nipples and full-breasts are a real winner. The fact that she Is only 18 Is a plus also, that way she will be around for a longtime. She has an energy that will make her a wonderful model, hopefully for years to come. Her fuzzy beaver Is also a plus, because not many models are keeping the hair down there.