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Mila | Ukraine Galleries: 5
Photo of Mila


Photo of Mila
Name: Mila
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 46kg
Height: 168cm
Age: 20
Occupation: Student

Playful, Sexy, Confident

Most nude photographers are men and models tend to behave differently when it is a female behind the lens.

WHILE GIRLS are standing naked before a man, even though the work is totally professional, there is a sexual frisson which is natural and gives the shots their erotic edge. It is an odd dichotomy, but in spite of this, when girls get together there is an openness that brings a whole new dimension to the nude as art.

Mila is a bubbly blonde, sexy and confident, especially when she is posing for Luba, who captures images that are so natural they are inspired - inspired, no doubt, by Petter, who bought Luba a camera for her birthday and she has been using the techniques learned as model for Hegre-Art’s popular Girl-on-Girl series ever since.

Mila, of course, is a divine subject. When she isn't posing for the camera, she is working hard at university studying Art and Culture.

Mila Galleries COMMENTS

Mila red panties | March 7th, 2005
Mila red panties
Virginia Alzina

Mila Yo have the best bust on earth!

sirstefanofb Australia

Awesome breasts with sensational nipples

terminus_h Slovenia

Mila is Varvara's younger sister. They are both stunning.

Kevin United Kingdom

Mila Red Panties Petter, what on earth are you doing having a photo shoot that doesn't have pussy. Are you mad. Surely from my, and others, previous listings, its shaved pussy all day long for us please. Thank you. More of Yanna. Kevin.

isgood Australia

Mila lovely girl

isgood Australia

mila nice breasts

Mila magic | December 31st, 2004
Mila magic
BleuKat9 United States

Mila...Magic MILA...Nipples...Mmmmmmm!

Mila on green chair | October 20th, 2004
Mila on green chair
Jozua Hattingh Canada

Excellent Luba, Petter she deserve a better camera.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Mila on green chair I just love the face, shape and demeanour of this girl.

Mila Muse | September 4th, 2004
Mila Muse
ardunbye United Kingdom

Mila muse I will admit that I intended to 'click on' Mia for her new update and this was a very fortuitous error. Mila is lovely but all Hegre's girls are.

Mila blond baby | July 27th, 2004
Mila blond baby
ben United States

when shopping in high class stores one dosnot handle the mdse but in the case of Mila???? she has face and her tits are photogenic too very nice very very nice

Kevin United Kingdom

Mila Blond Baby Is it me or are those nipples absolutely super. They are just waiting to be sucked. Kevin.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Mila blond baby I really would love to clamber in bed with Mila and I swear, just for a cuddle. She gives me 'goose-bumps'.