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Foto de Fabi


Foto de Fabi
Nombre: Fabi
País: Francia
Peso: 53kg
Altura: 172cm
Edad: 21
Ocupación: Anfitriona en grandes almacenes y ferias de marketing

Dama, chic, sexy, rascacielos

Fabi tiene todo lo que una chica pueda desear: es dulce, guapa, encantadora, tiene una sonrisa irresistible y mucho carisma.

LO CUAL no deja de ser extraño teniendo en cuenta que Fabi carece de la seguridad en sí misma que suele acompañar a esas cualidades. A Fabi le gustaría tener unos pechos más grandes y mejor formados (en nuestra opinión los que tiene son más que correctos); quisiera tener una cara más memorable e interesante, lo cual, nuevamente, sería como echar agua al mar. Como dicen los árabes, sólo Alá es perfecto, y Fabi es lo más cercano que se puede llegar a la perfección.

Fabi es una auténtica dama parisina: chic, sexy, alta como un rascacielos y con unos largos y brillantes cabellos que aparta de sus hombros con una sacudida casual, y una sonrisa capaz de derretir el corazón más duro. Trabaja como edecán en grandes almacenes y ferias de marketing, repartiendo folletos y promocionando productos con su sola y poderosa presencia.

A sus 21 años, es la primera vez que modela desnuda, y su ambición secreta es la de ser cantante.


Fabi viento | February 7th, 2005
Fabi viento
LSJ7 Suiza

FABI Nice ! Simple but Clean. I really like the way she stand. Toutes ses pauses sont excellentes !!! Grand Bravo ! Thanks !

Maxxaveli Reino Unido

Oh So Sexy what ever happened to her??? this is my favorite model on this site. i would wife her this second if i could

chunky270 Reino Unido

Fabi what a beautifull lady like to see more of her.

steve Estados Unidos de América

RE: Photo number 30 love those huge swollen nipples

Fabi en la cama | January 16th, 2005
Fabi en la cama
Lawrence Estados Unidos de América

Fabi in Bed Reviewing this gallery after watching the new Fabi video, my initial impression that these photographs represent some of Petter's strongest work to date still stands. This series is just superlative in both its pure aesthetic eroticism--some of the images are just striking art-- and Petter's exquisite capture of Fabi's incredibly sensual spirit. They are, quite simply, some of the sexiest photographs I've ever seen, and worthy of a museum show. Bravo Petter, and encore!!!

duchemeu Francia

fabi posing in bed pictures 33-34-38 are wonderfull : this girls knows what posing means

Fabi silla burbuja | January 1st, 2005
Fabi silla burbuja
Adam Reino Unido

Fabi at her best Her best shoot for sure, shows off her mind-melting legs & bottom. I just wish it were a larger set!

Julian Parsons Islas Caimán

Fabi What is it about Fabi that I like so much? Hmmm... She is beautiful, no GORGEOUS, but that goes without saying. It's that inner radiance that shines forth so clearly. You could take a picture of her in the dark and turn off the flash!

Fabi navidad sexy | December 24th, 2004
Fabi navidad sexy
Walter Estados Unidos de América

If Mrs Claus looked like you, I would never leave the Pole.

Fabi corazón de plata | December 22nd, 2004
Fabi corazón de plata
Bbeertje Bélgica

Hmmm, just the perfect girl, caracter and charisma!!

Fabi lencería | November 10th, 2004
Fabi lencería
P Holanda

Fabi is the greatest model Hegre ever had.

David Britton Estados Unidos de América

Fabi lingerie Now this girl knows how to pose Great Job!!!!

grubuss Suiza

just perfect fabi is just perfect. A smile that let every man's heart melt

Fabi Películas COMENTARIOS

Fabi Silla Burbuja | January 3rd, 2006
Fabi Silla Burbuja
Nerudalover Estados Unidos de América

Fantabulous Fabi Bravo, Petter! The ever sexy breathing poem called Fabi comes through once again to tittilate and delight. The chemistry between you is as alive as ever and your video technique here is great with the mixed-in stills. I give this video a full 9 inches on the chubbometer (and would like to give Fabi the same ).

Fabi En la Cama | May 24th, 2005
Fabi En la Cama
Poetry Man Estados Unidos de América

Erotic Hypnotic Fabi Oh, how I want to spoon with you Fabi, touch you as delicately as you touch yourself! Thank you for giving yourself to the camera, to Petter, to us...surely you are the sexiest road to heaven this poor boy has ever seen!

faruk Turquía

Fabi Fan exellent

Fabi Fan Estados Unidos de América

Let me be the first to say yummm.... Fabi is one of the hottest Hegre's women, and this film shows her sexxy side. Definately a 5-star film.

Lawrence Estados Unidos de América

Sweet Slinky Fabi Fabi is hands down one of the sexiest creatures on the planet and this video captures her wild, cat-like sensuality beautifully. Well done, Petter: we can never have enough of this breathing poem called Fabi!

Fabulosa Fabi | March 15th, 2005
Fabulosa Fabi
Lawrence Estados Unidos de América

Poetry In Motion Very sexy girl that I had someone not yet discovered here as a member. Better than this movie, though, are the exquisite photographs Petter has blessed us with, particularly the collection "Fabi In Bed," which I think is some of his best work to date. Fabi, you are an incredibly sexy model and a gorgeous creature to behold--you literally seem to bloom before the camera, like some rare and beautiful orchid in the woods that glows upon discovery. I don't know where the chemistry comes from, but you have given Petter and us some of the most exquisite images imaginable and some of the best erotic art I've ever seen. Keep up the fabulous work, both of you, and, Fabi, don't you dare let a surgeon near those beautiful breasts of yours or I'll never write you another love letter!

Tomas República Checa

nice movie Fabi is nice, but little more naturalness would be good. She work on me very hard..But the movie is very nice..

Zilla Estados Unidos de América

Siempre Fabi ! Never enough Fabi. Petter, how in the world do take this video without attacking? Does Luba stand nearby in case of, um, erectile emergencies? Fabi, your are my favorite by far ... what an amazingly breathtaking hottie you are! Please continue with Petter, as I will give him money just to see you!

Bruce Canada

Fabulous Fabi Unfortunately there are only 5 stars. Nice work Petter, as always. I have been in love with you Fabi, ever since I first saw you. Your freckles are a turn-on. Amongst other things. Don't change anything. I want to see more, more, more of you. You should come to Vancouver and grace our city.

laurie goodison Reino Unido

Fabi Top draw Pure class. A delight on the eye. For me the perfect girl,enchanting face long legs and a desirable bum. And the most gorgeous breasts and nipples. Laurie

CaptainKidd Estados Unidos de América

My Lord! What a f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c figure!!!

Madame Santa Clos | December 21st, 2004
Madame Santa Clos
Shazam69 Estados Unidos de América

Pass the opium pipe! This is trippy!!! but in a sexy way Pretty erotic. This movie was like watching an opium trip. It also reminded me a lot of playing "Prince of Persia: Sands of Time" on Playstation 2.

Mr Smith Estados Unidos de América

ABSOLUTELY TASTEFUL This clip is so tastefully and elegantly choreographed and presented that even her parents would give a positive review. This is a beautiful movie.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

uuummm... Merry Christmas! It wouldnt be a very "Silent night" with her around!!!!

Fabi Lo que el viento se llevó | November 23rd, 2004
Fabi Lo que el viento se llevó
Maxim Italia

Fabi ... she is just gorgeous, I loved her smile...

kara reis Turquía

***** i love the film

TorontoJoe Canada

It Just Keeps on Getting Better Fabi is one of the best models of a great group! She has a wonderful sensuous nature and a great body. I loved the film. More Please. More.

RJ Reino Unido

Fabi, aerodynamic eroticism ! Oh to be the fan blown air caressing every centimeter of those sleek, streamlined curves, gliding across her soft golden skin, dancing across the goosebumps on taut, finely muscled buttocks, accelerating across her flat stomach to the inviting, undulating landscape of her firm, pert breasts, pausing to circle her stiffening nipples before dissipating across the graceful line of her shoulder ... desparately attempting to join the draft back to the wind machine for another wonderful journey across the magical form that is Fabi.

Rob Estados Unidos de América

Not just another photo shoot! I love Fabi, of course, she's amazing (what a body!). But what I'd really like to highlight is that she's posing and moving for the *video camera* in this film ... it is *not* just a taped version of a photo shoot like many others. More like this! Very, very sexy.

Jack Holanda

A true beauty A really good film, this is how I like them, and Fabi is simply beautifull, she has a great body (love her bottoms). More please?

Dave Estados Unidos de América

Peter, sometimes when you make a movie you make it as a series of shots. You are a superb still photographer. I for one would like to see better continuity in movies.