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Foto von Radka


Foto von Radka
Name: Radka
Land: Ungarn
Gewicht: 51Kg
Größe: 170cm
Alter: 22
Beruf: Katalogmodell

Mysteriöses Mannequin

Radka ist ein Mysterium, ein Mannequin, das die Persönlichkeit annimmt, die die Designer sich für ihre Kleider vorstellen, während sie ihr wahres Selbst privat hält.

HIER IST das, was wir wissen: Sie ist 22 und kommt aus Ungarn, wo sie in einer Wohnung mit Rundblick auf Budapest lebt. 1,70 m, 51kg, mit leicht maskuliner Figur, die ultraweiblich wird, wenn sie angezogen ist und atemberaubend, wenn sie unbekleidet für die Kamera ist.

Radka hat auch eine wilde Seite, mit ihrer verwuschelten Mähne, sandgoldenen Haaren und leuchtenden Augen, wie Poole von flüssigen Onyx, die so tief sind, dass die Bedeutung hinter ihrem Ausdruck verborgen bleibt. Eine geheime Welt, die Sie nur kurz erblicken können, so wie ein Reisender die Landschaft aus einem Zug betrachtet, die zwar schnell vorbeizieht, aber einen unaustilgbaren Eindruck hinterläßt.

Radka ist wie eine Puppe, eine Kindfrau, die in uns den Impuls des Beschützers, als auch den des wilden Zerstörers weckt, ein echtes Hegre Girl, das definitiv hier ins Archiv gehört.

Radka Galerien KOMMENTARE

Radka Superfrau | March 31st, 2005
Radka Superfrau
fasteddie Vereinigte Staaten

radka super woman super hot hot hot hot

mike Irland

lovely cheeks of your ass, and between the legs gosh

Michael Vereinigte Staaten

Perfect hot body.

Dave Frankreich

Radka Gosh this gallery was posted in 2005 (so 7+ years ago). I have been surfing around some of the photos I admired years ago. Radka is marvellous. I hope she has gone on to great things since - and has found someone truly worthy of her beauty!!

Radka im Sommerkleid | March 3rd, 2005
Radka im Sommerkleid
D Südafrika

RADKA Please publish more of Radka

Adam Vereinigtes Königreich

Knockout ! This lady really hits the spot for me. That little peach fuzz of hers really gives me a buzz for some reason ! I like all her shoots, but this is the best for me. Shots 24 and 29 are the best 'upskirt' shots I've seen anywhere.

Karl Irland

The dress so excitingly shows off the lovely tush and pussy. Thanks for the moment and for the catching view of a well shown off soft place

Radka Minirock | February 6th, 2005
Radka Minirock
russ Vereinigte Staaten

Miniskirt............... wow Radka, you can really wear a hot little miniskirt. Pics 20 and 21 are incredible... wow

Radka im Bett | December 21st, 2004
Radka im Bett
al Vereinigtes Königreich

radka radka is one of the most stunning models you have,more pics of her please.

Jake Kanada

Radka Hey Petter, This model is a perfect 10 in my books! You have photographed her beautifully but it's her amazing sensuality/sexuality that comes through to make her top notch. It must have been tough to keep a steady camera on her! Well done.

alex Vereinigtes Königreich

radka magnificent

mike Irland

From the rear just a treat. Most pleasureable

Radka violetter Spaß | December 12th, 2004
Radka violetter Spaß
legman Vereinigte Staaten

comments Just want to identify myself since have been leaving comments and rating favorite images, really like your work, glad to have found a site that displays beautiful legs in great poses with high resolution and sexy models.

ne-al Vereinigte Staaten

radka I am in total aw, from all of the beauiful models on this site. It is hard to even think of picking a favorite woman , but " There is just something about Radka" . How many fanatasies am I going to have with her in them ? Very sensual, tender, and naughty all in one. Thank you Radka ! and of course , thank you petter!

Radka Violett und Orange | November 17th, 2004
Radka Violett und Orange
alex Vereinigtes Königreich

radka radka is just fantastic


Radka Zeigt Alles | August 19th, 2008
Radka Zeigt Alles
alex Vereinigtes Königreich

radka one amazing woman.

garry Norwegen

more!!! can we have more radka please!!! she really is a amazing woman!!!

Terry Vereinigte Staaten

Radka is amazingly beautiful, 2nd only to Yanna (imho) This video did not do her justice.

norm Vereinigtes Königreich

Radka Teases delightfully I have just found this film and I will revisit it often I think. Radka is really lovely, and I do enjoy watching girls in miniskirts and minidresses. When one sees them about (Oh so rare in the UK - our summers are pretty useless!) one can be excited by imagining what is just out of sight, so when it is sensually revealed, as Radka does here so well, for me, it is a real thrill. We have the short summer dress, the sexy mini, and that charming little black job in which she is shown eventually on her back with legs widely spread, her treasure exposed and offered for us! Oh joy Radka, do it again! I like these teases Petter -sign of a true DOM (with apologoies to Eolake!)

Radka - Der orangene Stuhl | January 10th, 2006
Radka - Der orangene Stuhl
Gavin Vereinigte Staaten

Film The film was excellent, I only wish you would list the music that you use for your films because you guys have great taste.

max Vereinigte Staaten

Thank you.

alex Vereinigtes Königreich

radka radka is a sensual beauty

Radkas Geheimnis | March 8th, 2005
Radkas Geheimnis
Steve Vereinigte Staaten

Beautiful body and Hot video Petter, you have the best job in the world and you are great at it. This is a truly hot video of one of the most beautiful women in the world. Radka and you can be very proud of this one.

Ayyrk Vereinigte Staaten

nice - very natural and alive nice color and lighting - Radka looks like she's comfortable and having fun. How about some pantyose next time!

Ronnie Vereinigte Staaten

Radka is a expression GODDESS Radka, I found, a subtle combination of expression complexion and movement. Her unique smile is very heart rendering for me. I shall be happy to see more of this GODDESS

The Panty Fan Australien

Hot, Hot, Hot. This one is so hot that I burnt my hands on my monitor!!! I thought I had died and gone to heaven as this is how I imagine heaven would be.

laurie goodison Vereinigtes Königreich

Radka The denouement was worth the wait.

A Bra FAn Vereinigte Staaten

BRA Fantastic!!!!...I'm a new customer of the site..My suggesion to include closeups of your models..I'll be thankful for this...

Radka auf dem Stuhl | November 28th, 2004
Radka auf dem Stuhl
eddysilo Indonesien

radka on a chair good film, i like it, very i like it, thanks very much

SCW Vereinigte Staaten

exceptional This film is tremendous. The cut scenes of Radka, empty chair, Radka, empty chair, these are fascinating. This is an excellent film. Kudos Petter, Im a fan forevermore. SCW

alex Vereinigtes Königreich

radka magic