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Photo de Suzie


Photo de Suzie
Nom: Suzie
Pays: Hongrie
Poids: 56kg
Taille: 176cm
Age: 28
Profession: Étudiante en musique

Belle ouverture

Les photographes peuvent jouer des tours avec la perspective : on peut donner l’impression qu’une petite mannequin est grande et vice-versa.

L’IMPACT ÉMOTIONNEL, cependant, vient de la présence et avec Suzie on sait de façon intuitive qu’on ne sera jamais déçu et que sa grande personnalité fera toujours mouche à chaque nouveau cliché : c’est son expression de visage et son langage corporel davantage que sa nudité qui nous font voyager.

Sa première séance avec l’appareil a eu lieu dans un petit hôtel parisien d’époque, une brise s’immisçant par la fenêtre et faisant de la peau douce et pure de Suzie un océan de chair de poule. Suzie est une étudiante en musique originaire de Budapest en Hongrie et elle travaille dans un café au coeur du quartier des artistes où elle joue du piano.

Elle est le genre de fille qui jouira des bons côtés de la vie ; elle a un grand futur devant elle ainsi qu’un délicieux derrière bel et bien présent.


Muriel et Suzie baignoire en bois Partie 2 | December 26th, 2010
Muriel et Suzie baignoire en bois Partie 2
wheeler Etats Uni

In true Hegre fashion, you leave us hanging on the brink of insanity waiting for part 2!!! HOT STUFF!!! Here's hoping for a video!!!

Mark Etats Uni

Muriel and Suzie Outstanding! Muriel and Suzie are perfect together! Two of my favorites!

daniel Etats Uni


happier Etats Uni

Wow! Great set! As a kindness to your members please continue with the penis free sets and minimize the bush as well please. Thanks!

Dan Etats Uni

Outstanding Peter! The materials, lighting, color tones and contrasts are some of the best I've seen on your site. This set is highly erotic and masterfully done. Bravo!

Roger Etats Uni

Any day I get to see Muriel nude and her big tits is a good day! What tits this girl has! And such beauty! Thank you!

Chinaski Etats Uni

Muriel & Suzi log tub Not too bad! But there needed to be tongue!

Muriel et Suzie eau et sexe | November 7th, 2010
Muriel et Suzie eau et sexe
JP Etats Uni

Room for a third? I'd really love to share that little poor with Suzie and Muriel. Muriel should go all that way and place the tip of Suzie's nipple between her teeth.

wheeler Etats Uni

RE: Room for a third? Get in line, JP! (here's hoping for a part two!!!)

KOMET Etats Uni

MURIEL y SUZIE: To Trib or not to Trib? While Muriel & Suzie make for a blazing combo, I'd luv very much to see MURIEL and AMA (both very sexy Argentines) paired together in an especially hot photo/video series. (Catch my drift, Hegre?)

Muriel et Suzie baignoire en bois partie 1 | September 17th, 2010
Muriel et Suzie baignoire en bois partie 1
wheeler Etats Uni

INCREDIBLE!!! can't wait to see part two!!!

KOMET Etats Uni


Stoyan Bulgarie

That is coooool Yeah! Thats what I'm talking about! This is awesome gallery! Great work!

Nav Etats Uni

RE: Photo number 42 Expression is too contrived.

Voyeur Etats Uni

Girls having fun - Muriel obviously enjoyed herself (I like her without the land strip better).

Mark Etats Uni

Muriel and Suzie What a wonderful pairing of these two lovely ladies! They look so amazing together with their sleek, smoth, sexy, tan and curvy bodies. The pictures are beautiful with their wet, glistening bodies intermingled in the tub. Great shots! Please have these terrific ladies pose together again with them both totally nude each wearing only a sexy pair of killer high heel pumps.

TanNaked Etats Uni

I'm always so happy to see Muriel. She has the most amazing body, and her pussy is so gorgeous! She should really show it more instread of covering it all the time.

Anna S Brigi Melissa Muriel Suzie Hotel Basico | September 11th, 2010
Anna S Brigi Melissa Muriel Suzie Hotel Basico
Tuco Royame Uni

Wonderful! What a bevy of beauties! My eyes are overloaded! I wish I could have been watching from the street that day! Or even better, watching from inside the room! ;)

KOMET Etats Uni

LAS SIRENAS VUELVEN What an especial delight it is to see "las 5 sirenas" again!

wheeler Etats Uni

all I can say is WOW!!!so nice to see five of the worlds most beautiful creations just lounging around and showing off their beauty as nature intended!BRAVISIMO!!!

Paradygma Espagne

What a twister! Another great creation, and seems like some guys passing by had the time of their lifes too. Suzie is incredible in each and every pic I really like this girl.

Manahung Mexique

Looking at you Fantastic set. This shot makes you feel like they just saw you come into the room.

Eddie Etats Uni

Another Fantastic Set Always love these. Great stuff. I hope many more are in the plan. You do multi-girl shoots better than anyone else. Really, much better.

daniel eaves Etats Uni


Roger Etats Uni

Wow! Being a totally nude purist, it was delightful from shot 62 on to see all the girls slip off their panties! As a devoted Muriel fan, my favorite shots are, of course, 113-115! Can't imagine why! Always good to see the girls nude! Love these series Petter! Video?

Roger Etats Uni

Where's Muriel? To all interested Hegre-Art affiniados and conisseurs of nude beauty: there is a game you may be interested in playing in these group nude series called "Where's Muriel?" To find Muriel, simply 1) Scan the five (or six) nude beauties in front of you; 2) Look for the biggest tits; 3) You have found Muriel! It is easy and fun to play, and getting there is half the fun!

don Etats Uni

god camera work all from the same angle?????

Muriel et Suzie duo | September 7th, 2010
Muriel et Suzie duo
wheeler Etats Uni

SUUUPER SEXY!!! My only gripe about this one is (can ya guess?) it was WWWAAAYYY too short!!!!

Guy Etats Uni

Small series of basically the same pose. And not a very erotic pose at that. Worst series ever.

paul Etats Uni

Suzie-Muriel duo Toally agree with wheeler on this one. Please tell me there`s a part 2. p.s. I love Suzie`s left hand love grip she has on Muriel. Sweeet!

Tuco Royame Uni

Beautiful Duo Is always wonderful to see two beautiful young ladies enjoying each other. I like the sets with similar shots. It is a great chance to study the many subtle differences, especially when they are shots of a beautiful bottom! :)

Bojo Etats Uni

Head ,hand,torso positions; this is a masterful shoot.I give the credit split to the photographer and models ..they were apparently willing to be guided.the photographer knew or recognized what he wanted,carefully manipulated the elements, which were all present from first shot to last.the lighting is balnced too.Maybe the background a bit cluttered. Really it is human sculpture on a it.

heywood Etats Uni

Muriel and Suzie Please, let nature take its course! The next time you do a shoot like this, allow Suzie to wrap her lips all the way around Muriel's nipple in an obvious sucking action. Any man or woman with their mouth that close to Muriel's gorgeous tits would be overtaken with passion! I want to see the pleasure of such a moment on both of their faces!

Suzie cabane chaude | August 25th, 2010
Suzie cabane chaude
wheeler Etats Uni

hot cabana... yes, well, it's ALWAYS hot where Suzie is!!!

xkalybur Canada

Hot, hot, hot ... She makes it hot in my own cabana too !

Muriel et Suzie blanc | August 22nd, 2010
Muriel et Suzie blanc
wheeler Etats Uni

O...M...G!!! VIDEO PLEASE!!! what a place to stop!!! I hope there's a part 2!!!

albertino Italie

69 Ready for a nice 69!!!!!!!!

Jeppe Norvège

RE: Photo number 85 gimme img 86 87 88 --->>> :)

KOMET Etats Uni

MURIEL y SUZIE - LAS SIRENAS QUE FORMIDABLE! Dos mujeres deliciosas con figuras divinas.

alterwolf Allemagne

muriel and suzie well,quite nice, but we have seen that much more exciting before. Sorry, Petter and team.

DAVID Espagne

GREETINGS Very nice! Where are that angels currently? Regards

Anna S Brigi Melissa Muriel Suzie regroupement | August 13th, 2010
Anna S Brigi Melissa Muriel Suzie regroupement
KOMET Etats Uni

LAS BELLAS SIRENAS "Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive!"

Ortis Royame Uni

Totally AWESOME!!!

dave, switzerland Suisse

This fotographs are the proof that god exists! Such a beauty could not be possible without a good god! This pics are more potent than any viagra ! Compliments Peter ! But tell me, honestly, how can a man fotograph so many godnesses without getting many orgasms immediately?! Thanks for this fantastic pics ! Besides: What I personally prefer is not only total nudity (of course I like to see every detail from the bodies from such beauties!!) but also pics with clothes, even privat pics totally nonude. Maybe that could be a new theme: I really would be interested how Anna S looks privat/in clothes. Thanks again and congratulations from Switzerland/Europe David

wheeler Etats Uni

so much beauty!!! I don't know where to look first!!!

Johnny Etats Uni

These types of shoots are always a favorite. Five beauties, head to toe. Wow. You are the best at these!!

daniel eaves Etats Uni


Roger Etats Uni

Been away along time...what joy it is to get back to Hegre-Art and see five naked beautiful girls with five cunts all in a row! Thought it couldn't get any better but then the girls turned over! I'm crazy about Muriel, especially her ass, so naturally I'm blown away by four full views of her ass and asshole! I needed that! Petter you have come through again! Many thanks! Excellent work!

ailefroide Belgique

five beauties too much ...

Melissa Suzie et Suzie Carina triplette | July 22nd, 2010
Melissa Suzie et Suzie Carina triplette
wheeler Etats Uni

once again... video please!!!

ED BYRNE Royame Uni

Summer is here! The girls of summer are back! & in full nude delight.

Melissa Suzie et Suzie Carina kodak gold | May 9th, 2010
Melissa Suzie et Suzie Carina kodak gold
ED BYRNE Royame Uni

As good as gold! I really like the fun & playfulness that this set of photographs generates the expressions on the girls face's are really angelic. Buy more than that it is a good advert for kodak gold as there are still people out there who still use film rather in my mind the better digital format. This photo set really is as good as gold!

ED BYRNE Royame Uni

Kodak moment! Fun in the sun!

wheeler Etats Uni

why do I suddenly wanna be a beach ball???!!!

Carne Asana Etats Uni

Now this is summer! A rainbow of color and fun frolicking. The girls look so sporty. What a terrific shoot.

Zeppelin Allemagne

Close to perfection BTW: Why don't you create a pictorial of the process of removing the patches of pelt that are between this pictorial and perfection?

Kevin Royame Uni

Oh My God Petter. What a good job you have. Look at your job simply. You and georgeous girls fly away to somewhere exotic. They take their clothes off and you photgraph them. They know what is expected. You know what you expect them to do. You take the phographs and we pay to see them. It really is a win win win situation. The girls win as they get to go to great locations. Petter, you win as you get loads of money off of us blokes (let alone see great nude ladies in great locations). We win as you really are the best of these type of 'pay for' sites. It really does look as though we all win. Petter, keep up the good work.

Anna S Brigi Melissa Suzie Suzie Carina Formation | April 28th, 2010
Anna S Brigi Melissa Suzie Suzie Carina Formation
KOMET Etats Uni

LAS 5 MUSAS EN LA PLAYA Hegre, this is one of the best photo series you've done yet. Anna S, BRIGI AUS UNGARN, Melissa, Suzie, and Suzie Carina = las 5 Musas. MORE! MORE! MORE!

ED BYRNE Royame Uni

The famous five! The famous five are back on the beach welcome back lady's. I want it all & I want it now! This is 100% sex on the beach!

paradygma Espagne

More! Beach pics are definitely my favourite ones. Tanned bodies, lots of light, sand, water... it's just perfect. Nice group shots, Brigi's pics at the end are superb.

Paul Mcg Etats Uni

Girls will be girls. Nice to see all of them again. Very nice thanks so much. Paul Mcg

Carne Asana Etats Uni

Photos 11 to 20 look like Frederick Hart sculptures come to oiled and suntanned life. Absolutely beautiful, each girl marvelously contributes to the whole.

JP Etats Uni

Sea of Sex Wow, I'd love to drown in those hot women. How about a hot tub gallery?

faucondargen Espagne

These shots. Very good work and so interesting at the art level. You have really a fantastic creativity. I will congratulate yourself. This site is the best.

Anna S Brigi Melissa Muriel Suzie Suzie Carina blanches tropiques | April 8th, 2010
Anna S Brigi Melissa Muriel Suzie Suzie Carina blanches tropiques
ED BYRNE Royame Uni

Wet dream! This is my kind of holiday on the beach with lovely young women like these but as it is not going to happen anytime soon I will have to make do with these sexy young things. It's just a shame that these girls are so unattractive te he NOT!

wheeler Etats Uni

hot concept... but, once again, until about pic #56 it was too far away to see anything!

Carne Asana Etats Uni

Six in the sea works for me. There was was a time when my eye couldn't immediately distinguish Suzie from Suzie Carina but now, so intimately familiar, I can tell them apart just by their calves. The group shots are terrific, especially the soft white Edwardian clothes. This gallery is a perfect prequel to the Oct 24 "Baby Seals." Individually I'd like to point out Photo 86, Anna S. It's absolutely perfect.

Paul Mcg Etats Uni

Just another day at the beach. What a beach. Beautiful as ever. Thanks to you all. Paul Mcg

Anna S Brigi Muriel Melissa Suzie et Suzie Carina aurore | March 27th, 2010
Anna S Brigi Muriel Melissa Suzie et Suzie Carina aurore
Dante-Hicks Australie

God help me.

wheeler Etats Uni

they were a bit too far away to see anything. but, it was interesting, to say the least.

KOMET Etats Uni

ANNA S - BRIGI - MURIEL - MELISSA - SUZIE et SUZIE CARINA: SIRENAS DE LA TIERRA y DEL MAR Taken together, these sexy women are a treat for the eyes. Now, if only Hegre would include all of them in a hot, erotically-charged video!

paradygma Espagne

Great group shots I love group pictures. It must be hard to set up the composition. This time, Anna S. in front and Muriel at the top is a sure winner. Even though in some shots some girls cover each other faces with their hands, in the end it's an amazing gallery. I've rediscovered the modeling quality of Brigi, the wonderful body of Suzie (this girl really know how to smile to the camera), and I keep celebrating Muriel's conchita remains hairless. Good job!

Voyeur Etats Uni

Would you call this a plethora of pussy?

Paul Royame Uni

Anna S + girls - sunrise Yep, sure, a lovely collection of ladies indeed, but Anna just stands out a mile.....what a shape! And Petter, maybe a little deeper depth of focus please.....;-)

Laurie Royame Uni

Images 29-32 Anna needs to seriously consider quitting the habit because it obviously shames her to smile. Five gorgeous smiles and one set of pursed lips says it all! Sorry Anna but a beautiful smile is the sunshine of your soul.

ED BYRNE Royame Uni

I have died & gone to heaven! All together now yahoo! Come on girls this looks like my kind of party!

DANIEL Etats Uni


CGC Royame Uni

So many women, so little time...

Paul Mcg Etats Uni

Nice to see the gang back together again. Very nice. Paul Mcg

Carne Asana Etats Uni

Everyone looks great!

HEH313 Allemagne

Display of beauty What a display of female beauty, Petter! Each woman has her strengths and her (minute) weaknesses, but Ms. S. outshines any reasonable measure or grade!

Roger Etats Uni

Newton's Laws of Naked Girls It was Isaac Newton who first postulated that the visual pleasure of watching six beautiful naked girls is greater than the sum of watching each girl singly. By formula: VP(visual pleasure)=kn squared where k=coefficient of naked girl pleasure and n=number of naked girls Newton also said (or was it me?) that similar formulas can be used when seeing their butts, tits and cunts, except that for tits n is preceded by a "2"

Moose Etats Uni

Muriel I think it would be better for everyone if Muriel retired from modeling and began having my babies.... Kidding (sort of), the set of these women playing at the beach was also very nice.

Dremar Etats Uni

Melissa again and again please?! In this group three stand out to me. Anna, Muriel and Meilssa! There are all beautiful! There is something about these that really do it for me! Yummy!

Suzie plage de tulum | February 19th, 2010
Suzie plage de tulum
ED BYRNE Royame Uni

Fabulous!! On the beach in the sun near the sea with a beautiful lady like Suzie or even Suzie herself now that is one dream I would love to wake up to. But as for the set of photographs they are fabulous!! Looking forward to the sensational Luba tomorrow that should be good as she is really the top model here & not just because she is married to Petter!

JP Etats Uni

Sand Not really a big fan of covering the models with sand. But if I happened to see a woman like Suzie on the beach, I'd probably get very aroused.

Carne Asana Etats Uni

Suzie Sandy Sounds like a delicious type of cookie or perhaps a buxom journalist in a comic book but here it can only mean a gorgeous woman frolicking on the beach. This shoot is super hot and super active. Suzie injects her photographs with loads of life. Great Friday!

wheeler Etats Uni

smokin hot! always loved that wet and messy stuff!

Paul Mcg Etats Uni

Would love to run on that beach with Suzie. She looks so hot. Hope to see more, thanks. Paul Mcg

halopalm Taïwan, Province de Chine

Undeniable Beauty Best set of February 2010.

Melissa Suzie et Suzie Carina performance sur une jetée | January 23rd, 2010
Melissa Suzie et Suzie Carina performance  sur une jetée
Bruno Etats Uni

Melissa Sandwich Petter has the best job on the planet....

Bruno Etats Uni

Melissa, Suzie and Suzie Carina Animal Kingdom! Be careful my dear ladies….for while you play, the terrible, mean and nasty BRUNO-SHARK swims in nearby waters: waiting, watching, and wanting to catch his prey. The pier looks old and flimsy…. Might these hotties, unaware of the toll their play is having on the old wooden structure, fall into the water? The BRUNO-SHARK waits patiently, for his chance.

Paul Royame Uni

M, S & S-C - on a pier Holy Moses!! Wow. But, hey Petter, a bit of camera shake in a couple.......don't blame you(!)

Gus Brésil

This is the best lesbian shooting from this site. Contrary to the others, this one doesn't look fake. Congrats to the girls for the courage.

Laurie Royame Uni

Pier Group Pleasure What could be more entertaining than girls with voluptuous bums fannying around. Deliciously arousing ~ grabs you by the balls!

wheeler Etats Uni

O...M...G!!! 'nuff sed!! (I would LOVE to see a video of this!!!)

Carne Asana Etats Uni

Pier Pressure This trio is on fire. Beautifully orchestrated movements striking a wonderful balance of doing and showing. I know I'm getting nothing short of amazing every time with Suzie Carina and Suzie. But I'd like to point out Melissa's photos are particularly flattering in this set. Her voluptuous hips can be too front and center sometimes, especially in multi-girl sets. But here she uses her gorgeous body to perfection!

Paul Mcg Etats Uni

I think this could be your best. I love it when the girls get so naughty like that. Keep up the good work for us. Thanks to you all. Paul Mcg

Longtime Fan Etats Uni

One of the sexiest shoots....ever 1. I KNOW it was a performance. 2. The amazing talent really took us somewhere else, and we were "allowed" to view them, and we're thankful! 3. Really a step above, in regards to the common fantasy of women together. These talented and stunning women raised the bar, and once again, our orchestrator Petter was there, set it up, the right environment, the light, the talent, the moment and then recorded it for the rest of us, so we could wish and dream we could have been there. Bravo Team Hegre

Another fan Nouvelle Zélande

This is great and can only wish there is more!

ED BYRNE Royame Uni

COOL! This gallery is really quite erotic excellent stuff!!

gareth Etats Uni

surreal i can't imagine what it would have been like to be shooting this. more to be in the middle of this menage! HELLA super sizzling HOT! Daaaaammmnn!

nat_pavitt Etats Uni

Just amazing, simply amazing Just amazing, simply amazing. I'd love to see more of these three!!!!

Macha Belgique


Anna S Brigi Melissa Muriel Suzie Suzie Carina pique nique au Mexique partie 2 | December 31st, 2009
Anna S Brigi Melissa Muriel Suzie Suzie Carina pique nique au Mexique partie 2
KOMET (aus der U.S.A.) Etats Uni

SIX SEXY MUSES - A LA PLAGE I love this series. BUT... MURIEL, WHY DID YOU SHAVE???! You had such a lush and lovely bush. Hegre, you should showcase more models who prefer to remain NATURAL. NATURAL WOMEN ARE SEXY.

Rob Royame Uni

Bravo, Petter! This set is absolutely marvellous! I fantasize that I am roaming amongst these lovely ladies who all pretend to be sleeping as I examine the minutest detail of their warm, moist female flesh. They enjoy my scrutiny as the sun heats up their firm young bodies. Breathtaking...

Roger Etats Uni

Bravo Petter and Girls! Imagine my delight...there I am half awake with coffee mug in hand and turn on Hegre and there are four lovely cunts staring at me! (Including a favorite, Muriel's!) What Joy! There will be delightful work to be done after I return from work tonight to sort out in each photo which cunt belongs to which girl!! Well done Petter thank you girls for showing all! P.S. I second the comments of Rob and Komet.

Mark Etats Uni

Picnic in Mexico Love seeing the ladies sunbathing nude. Absolutely beautiful! My favorite sight of course is seeing lovely Muriel bronzing that wonderful curvy body. Each of the ladies is beautiful in their own way and it is great to see them together nude.

Paul Mcg Etats Uni

Always nice to see the gang again looking so beautiful as ever. Happy New Year to you Petter and thanks for all you do for us. See ya. Paul Mcg

DANIEL Etats Uni


DANIEL Etats Uni


DANIEL Etats Uni


DANIEL Etats Uni


HEH313 Allemagne

Happy New Year Hello Petter, hello team, hello ladies and models! All the best to you ín 2010, health, luck and happiness and the fulfillment of your dreams!

Roger Etats Uni

Glorious Nudes! There is, as Mark says, a wondrous additive effect of beholding so many nudes together. Any thoughts about a second series with the girls turned over showing their butts? As a butt affionado, it would be fantastic to see these six beautiful girls' naked butts together!

wheeler Etats Uni

what Roger said!lol

Roger Etats Uni

Thanks Wheeler! Wouldn't you know, this morning here I am, back again, with coffee in hand to wake up with the girls. Such is the mastery of Petter of bringing forth their nude beauty. I like the naturalness in Hegre's photography: pure simple full nudity fully exposed in nature's light achieves an absolute of eros. Hegre, may I say, lovingly photographs each cunt allowing each cunt to express the personality of each girl. Anna S: the hot "naughty" girl, with the second photo Daniel spoke of, spreading her legs, asking to be fucked by many men. Big-titted big-butted Muriel, the more proper girl, keeping her pussy lips closed. However, the fullness of Muriel's labia reveal she is, underneath her "proper" facade actually smoldering, and just as eager as Anna, if not more so, loving turning men on with the gifts nature gave her. And so on and so forth with each girl.

Mark Etats Uni

Glorious Nudes I would second the thought by Roger and would enjoy seeing the ladies' beautiful butts. I also enjoy lovely round shaped butts. It would make a great photo shoot.

Carne Asana Etats Uni

Permanent Vacation A feeling of serenity totally comes through here. Especially in the close-ups of the girls with their eyes closed. Lovely, sun-kissed and glowing. Oh to be sipping a Corona alongside.

Roger Etats Uni

Dialogue on Favorite Girls Gee, seeing as we have many Hegre members commenting on this series, may I suggest that we start thoughtful intelligent dialogues or back and forth discussions on our favorite girl(s). My favorite is Mona, and I would welcome running commentary on her from fellow admirers of the exquisite beauty of the female nude. I would in return comment on some of other members' favorites. In particular, I would appreciate thoughts on the "Mona in Bed" series as well as the other series of hers.

Joe Etats Uni

I spy series You actually feel like you are on the beach taking these photos on the sly. Love this aspect of Peter work

Suzie cabanon blanc | December 19th, 2009
Suzie cabanon blanc
Robt Etats Uni

very nice, most enjoyable...

Will Etats Uni

wow! What a pleasing view of this model's great body with her legs opened up and full womanhood well displayed - thanks!

Carne Asana Etats Uni

Sublime The coziness and warmth jump out at me. The way each pillow gives to the weight of Suzie's leg, hip, elbow... Absolutely lovely.

lightingnerd Etats Uni

Photographic Art This is one of the first sets I've viewed. Not only is this model a beautiful woman in wonderfully erotic poses, but the skill of the photographer in capturing the beauty and sex appeal of the human body is wonderful. In particular, I love nudes for the amazing curves and shape of the human body, and they have been captured wonderfully in this set. Bravo!

Voyeur Etats Uni

My tongue aches to probe the wonders of Suzie's exposed self and taste her nectar.

Paul Mcg Etats Uni

She looks so peaceful and lovely as ever. Thanks. Paul Mcg

Anna S Brigi Melissa Suzie Suzie Carina mouillées et couvertes de sable | December 13th, 2009
Anna S Brigi Melissa Suzie Suzie Carina mouillées et couvertes de sable
KOMET (aus der U.S.A.) Etats Uni

FIVE FEMMES Five (5) sexy, sensual and unabashedly NUDE women disporting themselves on the beach. Mmmmmm. Delicious.

Larry Royame Uni

So cute!

Paul Royame Uni

Sun, sea, sand and ...... Superlative.....the stuff dreams are made of. Flat tummies, proud hip bones and a proud pubic bone.....sun-kissed and the sound of the sea. This set has made my day - thank you, Petter.

DANIEL Etats Uni


DANIEL Etats Uni


Carne Asana Etats Uni

The Tide Is High They're gonna be my number one.

Paul Mcg Etats Uni

Beautiful angels all of them. Very nice indeed, thanks to you all. Paul Mcg

Joe Etats Uni

Voyueristic My favorite pastime. Beach Voyeuring

Suzie feuillage | November 25th, 2009
Suzie feuillage
ax1 Royame Uni

suzie delicious

Paul Mcg Etats Uni

You have to have all of your greens. Wonderful just wonderful. Thanks. Paul Mcg

Carne Asana Etats Uni

Lips Like Sugar "Sugar kisses." Well the sand is fine like that. Thumbs up for Suzie!

KJS Etats Uni

happy girl... Love the few candids with her beautiful smile.

Harry Etats Uni

Suzie If Hegre had only Suzie, Orsi, Dominika C, Dasha, Melisa, Sveba, and Muriel, that would be quite a lot. Suzie has a wonderful presence -- a great, dirty smile, a look of relaxed intelligence, and the sense that she leads an interesting life. You feel that if you spent time with her, she'd have a lot more to talk about than being a model. Always good to see her.

ArtiZen Etats Uni

OMG...Encore! Perhaps I'm a bit 'OLD-FASHIONED'...but haven't I seen this 'garden' before? However, in this scenario I'm delighted that PETTER plays the part of a benevolent CREATOR to Suzie's (multi-orgasmic)'EVE'! The white sands suggests that this Garden of Eden is somewhere in the CARRIBEAN ISLANDS? I'd have gladly donated half a 'rib' to have been there for this delicious RE-CREATION!

JP Etats Uni

Playing with herself Suzie looks like a mature woman pleasuring herself in this shoot. Would love to see a film of this shoot, hearing her moan in ecstasy.

Anna S Brigi Melissa Suzie Suzie Carina Mer caribéenne | November 7th, 2009
Anna S Brigi Melissa Suzie Suzie Carina Mer caribéenne
Bruno Etats Uni

Dominika C Yes, lovely frolic, but where's Dominika C?

Mike Canada

Pacific Ocean It's nice to see the girls with a smile for a change. Most sessions are without expression and would be so much more interesting if the girls would smile. It's not just about their body.

paul Etats Uni

Anna, Brigi,Melissa,Suzie,Suzie C Good lord I didn`t want this set to end. What a celebration of the beauty of the female form. Ladies you are the best. Thanks

cssearl Etats Uni

Women are sexy even with a Smile! Hegre dude, It is nice to see these girls smiling. More of this. I was a member a few years back, I recently rejoined. The girls are having fun and they seem to be enjoying themselves even in this economic downturn... Let the girls Smile!...

Laurie Royame Uni

Image 18 What is it about Suzie that Melissa and Suzie Carina are showing such interest? The expression on Suzie Carina's face suggests something rather unpleasant, Melissa is bending down to have a closer look whilst Anna is amused and Brigi is hysterical. Meanwhile Suzie has just spotted her Grandpa on the beach.

Paul Mcg Etats Uni

They all look so happy. Very lovely, very nice. Thanks.Paul Mcg

Carne Asana Etats Uni

The Guy In The Speedo... HE ROCKS! What a gem of a shot, that smile says it all. By the way, I totally had to put on my sunglasses to view this set. I feel I'm there! What frolicking fun. All the girls look great, don't have to get into specifics but Brigi looks especially scrumptious here.

Suzie studio au Mexique | October 27th, 2009
Suzie studio au Mexique
Paul Mcg Etats Uni

Suzie looking real good in this gallerey. Who's the lucky guy in the pics? She looks so stunning and hot. Thanks to you all. Paul Mcg

Kevin Royame Uni

OMG when I first saw this yesterday I really thought that some outrageous faced man might be in this gallery with Suzie. OMG he is. Petter, come on, explain this one away. Yes, I've read the other replies by you Petter and I've mostly had to admit 'Yes, Petter, you are probably right' (the latest being the comments about the latest Luba gallery). Petter, how on earth will you explain this one away. Yes I know it's only a few photos but Petter please please don't do it again.

Carne Asana Etats Uni

Cheeky Fun Thanks for injecting a little humor into the mix!

Dremar Etats Uni

Wow, sexy! Damn sexy!

Anna S Brigi Melissa Muriel Suzie Suzie Carina bébés phoques | October 24th, 2009
Anna S Brigi Melissa Muriel Suzie Suzie Carina bébés phoques
ax1 Royame Uni

goddesses magic

Jeff Etats Uni

One Missing This is a conceptual master piece, with 7 awesome beauties. It would have been fun to also throw Naomi in the mix!

ardunbye Royame Uni

Anna S etc. baby seals These seals need rescuing and I will be there with the van just as soon as I find where the wife has hidden the keys.(Alas, I fear the 'fur' has already gone).

Carne Asana Etats Uni

Overwhelmed I don't even know where to look first. Juggernaut shoot!

Paul Mcg Etats Uni

They all look so relaxed and so happy. Very nicely done. All the best. Paul Mcg

svasta Allemagne

This must be heaven!

Suzie bikini noir | October 21st, 2009
Suzie bikini noir
Paul Mcg Etats Uni

Would love to be on that beach with Suzie. I have just enough sun screen for the two of us. Very nice as always. Thanks to you all. Paul Mcg

ardunbye Royame Uni

Suzie black bikini A superbly sexy and erotic set.

Carne Asana Etats Uni

It's impossible for me to spot a box of Domino Superfine Sugar at the grocery store and not think of Suzie rolling around in these pristine sand shoots.

Anna S Brigi Melissa Muriel Suzie Suzie Carina piquenique au Mexique partie 1 | October 9th, 2009
Anna S Brigi Melissa Muriel Suzie Suzie Carina piquenique au Mexique partie 1
Laurie Royame Uni

A Glimpse of Brigi I miss her beautiful smile and her exquisite quim ~ when can we expect to see this deliciously sensuous girl again?

ExtraB Pays Bas

piknik Missed change, missed the inbetween dressed - nude shots, now there's some tension missing. still cant wait for part 2, and everything will be ok i guess. still the best site around

DANIEL Etats Uni


DANIEL Etats Uni


ardunbye Royame Uni

Anna S etc. picnic in Mexico How on earth does one decide which of these 'goodies' to eat first?

Paul Mcg Etats Uni

Looks like everyone had a nice time. Such beauty for all of us to behold. Thanks to you all.Paul Mcg

Deg Nouvelle Zélande

Nice. Looking forward to part 2.

Carne Asana Etats Uni

Smack My Beach Up Forget Shagaluf, my next hols is here with them.

Roger Etats Uni

Oh the joy of seeing 6 beautiful naked girls showing their all! 57 & 58 probably the best with big-titted Muriel and Anna S spreading to show their cunt lips fully! Anna S DOES like to show her cunt, doesn't she!

Joe Etats Uni

Beach Voyeurism At it's best

nat_pavitt Etats Uni

Thank you Peter for another great set of Photos.

Suzie sablonneuse | September 22nd, 2009
Suzie sablonneuse
HEH313 Allemagne

Gorgeous Yes, you are, but you are no Anna S.!

will Etats Uni

Fabulous Great view of a perfect body against the sand in the sun, but the spread pussylips make this one rock! Encore!

ardunbye Royame Uni

Suzie sandy Petter, do you sometimes look at previous work for inspiration? This set brings to mind Anna S stranded and 'though beautiful in her own right, this comes nowhere near it. Come to think of it, nothing of Anna since does either.

Bruno Etats Uni

Suzie - Sandy Eye Candy for the soul... Suzie!

Paul Mcg Etats Uni

Suzie looks like she is having fun. Would have loved to have put some suntan lotion on her back. She looks mighty fine, thanks. Paul Mcg

wheeler Etats Uni

anna is anna...suzie is suzie.both are gorgeous

Suzie bikini rouge | September 12th, 2009
Suzie bikini rouge
gareth Etats Uni

i *heart* sandy bodies! especially Suzie's sandy body!

Pete Royame Uni

Standard stuff Run of the mill set from a model who always looks bored, Thea, Caro(remember her )or Marlene could have made it a lot more interesting

wheeler Etats Uni

bored? looked like ecstasy to me!I echo gareth's thoughts

Paul Mcg Etats Uni

Looking good to me gang. Thanks. Paul Mcg

Carne Asana Etats Uni

Dexter Anyone watch "Dexter?" Suzie's red bikini against the white sand is totally reminding me of the clever and oh so raw blood splatter used on the cable show. It's very much alive. Complexities aside, it's a gorgeous shoot!

Anna S Melissa Suzie nymphes | September 6th, 2009
Anna S Melissa Suzie nymphes
wheeler Etats Uni

my only gripe about this one is that it goes FAR TOO QUICKLY!!!LOL

longtimefan Etats Uni

I want to go to there! Borrowing a line from the show "30 Rock". " I want to go to there! " wow. I know its all a wonderful illusion gifted to us by Anna S and Melissa, and Suzie, but I love it. Best to you all.

Jeff Etats Uni

What's with the hands? Great set. Friendly and inviting. But damn those hands! I can't help but feel we missed out on some fantastic pussy shots because of those hands.

Paul Mcg Etats Uni

They all are so lovely and so happy who they are. This was very nice, thanks. Paul Mcg

JP Etats Uni

Last image looks like it is from a different gallery. Maybe a preview of the next gallery in this theme.

Carne Asana Etats Uni

Intensity Anna's eye contact with the lens rivals anyone for raw directness. And that's not even the highlight here, instead it's the full-on intimacy.

HEH313 Allemagne

Melissa. Lovely. Anybody would love to love her. Suzie. Gorgeous. Any normal male ought to be happy if she loved him. Anna? An apparition! Not from this world, yet the incarnation of beauty in flesh and blood. Anna, who do you love?

Suzie table de spectacle | August 18th, 2009
Suzie table de spectacle
Paul Mcg Etats Uni

Suzie is quite a head turner. I have to agree with Wheeler, like the dark shots. This is good stuff. Thanks. Paul Mcg

francesco Italie

wow! Wow! I loooove how Suzie shows her bud pulling up the clitoral hood. I would like to see the clit of all the girls. I suggest to Petter to tell them to do so.

Adam Royame Uni

Suzie I am so pleased that Suzie has come back to Hegre-Art she really is a very beautiful model.

wheeler Etats Uni

LOVELY!!! beautiful girl! and I LOVE when your sets are just a bit dark!not sure why

tdonna3 Etats Uni

For the Record -- I am just the opposite. The more light the better with which to SEE!!!

JP Etats Uni

Nice pussy She really seems to enjoy playing with her pussy. Is there a film version?

Anna S Brigi Melissa Muriel Suzie Suzie Carina 6 nanas sur une jetée | August 15th, 2009
Anna S Brigi Melissa Muriel Suzie Suzie Carina 6 nanas sur une jetée
Zeppelin Allemagne

I think I have just seen heaven Petter, you are lucky. And gifted.

wheeler Etats Uni

very nice! I wondered how you would be able to give us a variety of pics in such a small space!but, you did it!Can't help but wonder if you stepped on anybody, though!LOL

w m Nouvelle Zélande

Anna of the 6, I only like Anna, and I prefer she as a blonde.

Stuart Royame Uni

interesting idea, but doesn't really work erotically for me.

LostSqueak Japon

Wow! Great, and I’m such a fan of Muriel and Anna S.!

Jeff Etats Uni

Brilliant Add Gabriella to this series and I'd have a heart attack! This is brilliant!

geRRy Royame Uni

A nice group series but why do they all look so miserable?

Paul Mcg Etats Uni

Very nice gallery of all of these beautiful women. Like it alot, all the best. Paul Mcg

JP Etats Uni

SI Issue gone R-rated These beautiful models are hotter than any of those boring swimsuit models!

DANIEL Etats Uni


Pete Royame Uni

Comparisons I like the idea of seeing various models together but clearly this leads to cmparison and Anna S is clearly the star here and I think you know that due to the prominence she is given. Brigi is a close second but seems to be largely a background view. Muriel and Suzie are not my type and Suzie Carina does not look as stunnig as she does in solo sets. Melissa become background images. Nice idea, ultimately limited by the sapce availale and I think choice of models is important. Why not repeat with Thea, Yanna, Marlene, Olga D, Olena and bring back Antonina for good measure??

DANIEL Etats Uni


gareth Brésil

dreamy team um WOWWW!

Ted Etats Uni

Never liked wharves before. Right up there with your most arresting and impressive work.

ardunbye Royame Uni

6 girls on a pier Petter, you have seen deep into the heart and soul of every red blooded male(and some females,no doubt)with this fantasy come true. A superb set with 6 fabulous girls. No distinction, every one a GEM.

HEH313 Allemagne

Trouble? Outstanding! But nowhere in the Mexico travel reports there is a word whether these six gorgeous girls got along with each other. No trouble at all when six beautiful women gathered for the photo shoots? I can hardly believe it.

Muriel et Suzie la fièvre de la jungle | August 11th, 2009
Muriel et Suzie la fièvre de la jungle
wheeler Etats Uni

oh yes!!! these ladies appear to be in love! (until that cute little blooper at the end!lol

longtime fan Etats Uni

Thank you Muriel and Suzie Thank you both for the beauty and seduction that can come between two beautiful woman such as yourselves (even if it was an illusion!). Lots of fun, and you both are stunning.

ssalbo Etats Uni

Muriel and Suzie jungle fever I really enjoy this new direction in your photo shoots.

Dan Etats Uni

Muriel and Suzie Outstanding! Sexiest set I've seen so far. More please.

Paul Mcg Etats Uni

i like these two very much. Very nice pics, they seem so happy with themselves. Thanks. Paul Mcg

JP Etats Uni

Suzie is great... a partner to other models such as Anna S and Muriel. Love see two sweaty bodies rubbing against each other. Very steamy!! Would love to see this on film.

Jpeels Etats Uni

Part 2 PLEASE tell there is a part 2!!!!

Pete Royame Uni

Kissing pussy Nice kissing pussy images, 75 onwards

rikk Etats Uni

more These girls are beautiful , i would like to see more in this set such as them in a 69 position. Please give us more like this and a film as well

gareth Grandt Brésil

how do I rate an 11??? this is HOOOOTTTT!

bert Royame Uni

Simply outstanding, very very sexy! I do hope there's a video to come? :)

Bear Australie

Movie please!

Jeff Allemagne

Are we going to see a male/female couple?

Jeff Allemagne

P.S. : I adore Suzie's a little bit chubby belly.

heywood Etats Uni

Dasha This is gorgeous, but you should let the girls get a little more explicit in their lovemaking. It's obvious that Suzie would love to suck Muriel's nipples and lick her clitoris, and we fans all want to see it. So let them do it!

Suzie jetée ensoleillée | July 10th, 2009
Suzie jetée ensoleillée
alex Royame Uni

suzie very very hot

Laurie Royame Uni

I am losing patience Petter You know as well as I, that Suzie has the most ravishingly voluptuous bum. This delightful gallery comes close but only hints and teases at her truly gorgeous asset. Please put me out of my misery and reveal this delicious creature's alluring derriere.

JP Etats Uni

Beautiful Tits Suzie has luschious breasts that I could suck on all day.

Pete Royame Uni

Hot but not sticky Hot set Petter but could have been sticky as well if she had played a bit more with herself. Suzie certainly gives it her all and is very comfortable in front of camera

wheeler Etats Uni

must agree with Laurie... lovely lady.but, no rear shot is just torture!!

TasteTester Etats Uni

Tip-of-the-Hat... To the TASTEFUL VOYEUR in you Petter (and in us all)! The aerial shots make all the difference in conveying the idea of an INVITATION to 'peek in' on Suzie's daydreams...which the latter sequence of shots reveal to be very erotic!

Laurie Royame Uni

Suzie loves to Fuck Dirty I think Suzie is a very erotic and uninhibited girl and we should be treated to her delicious decadence in intimate detail.

Sam C Etats Uni

Favorite Poses Suzie, after becoming nude, has given us some of my favorite poses. I would like to see comparable poses more frequently and from all or at least most of the Hegre-Art models. Thanks to Suzie and Hegre-Art for these delicious pictures.

Cours de yoga nu | June 12th, 2009
Cours de yoga nu
Yohn Etats Uni

Dumbest set so far this year.

Bob Espagne

yoga good series, I am in to yoga myself, did they sing ommmmmm?

Laurie Royame Uni

Art or Erotica Neither ~ and rather aimless.

john Portugal

good update , it´s nice to see 6 curvy girls all together ... like this i would do yoga myself .

Nate Etats Uni

yoga Very pretty! A nice change of pace!

howard Etats Uni

nude yoga class who is the blue eyed girl?

Paul Mcg Etats Uni

Where do i sign up for this class. I like this. Thanks to all. Paul Mcg

Pete Royame Uni

Saved by Anna S Strange set and really only saved by the gorgeous Anna S. You could play spot the arse with pictures 35-42, one of the models is making an unexpected return last seen in 2004! Petter nothing wrong with the concept but could I suggest following instead. Marlene, Caro, Thea, Ira and making a welcome return from the past Antonina

wheeler Etats Uni

girls being girls! nothing wrong with that!

KOMET Etats Uni

NUDE YOGA PHOTO SERIES MURIEL, the Argentine, is absolutely stunning here. In each photo series she has been in, she has been absolutely AMAZING! VIVA MURIEL!!! (By the way, she appears in the first photo of this series.) I hope Hegre will make a video series out of this.

HEH313 Allemagne

Saved by Anna, yes!

ardunbye Royame Uni

Nude yoga class Sorry, I can't resist it:- I'd love to be Booboo to any of these 'Yoga Bares'

Suzie dans une chambre d’hôtel | December 16th, 2004
Suzie dans une chambre d’hôtel
Bleucat Etats Uni

Virgin Seldom...does one have the chance to glimpse the first moments of the birth of a 'butterfly'! ThankYou...Petter, and Suzie.

Suzie étudiante | November 21st, 2004
Suzie étudiante
Dave Grenade

Suzie Wow - please let us see more of her!!

Tony Etats Uni

A little late look at the date dave. She hasn't modeled in years.

Yseult Etats Uni

Suzie I am so in love with this perfect babe. She and Kendall Jenner look so much alike.


Suzie : Hôtel des Mémoires | December 29th, 2004
Suzie : Hôtel des Mémoires
James Îles Mariannes du Nord

Lovely Lady! From her Dec. 16th Update, "Suzie in hotel room", we all know that Suzie is a beautiful young woman. The video, "Suzie: Hotel Memories" presents her as a real live person who is also simply a lovely young lady. Thank you for that, Petter! And thank you, Suzie!! Now, Petter, please do us the favor of a second video of Suzie, this time having her take all of the poses she took for her first still pictures shown in December -- with one exception. Those of her hanging from the window railing looked, to me at least, strained and unnatural. Other than that, she projects a serene, classic beauty that is breathtaking. It would be wonderful to see her actually touching, caressing and even squeezing parts of her beautiful body -- with her eyes closed or half open. Wow! A final thought, Petter. Since Suzie is a talented musician, how about taping her playing the kind of music she would like to have accompanying such a second video? Congratulations, Suzie, and thank you for sharing your beautiful self with us.

Seanz Etats Uni

Great pick of the music! Seductive downtempo with beautiful French lyrics.

Jay Portugal

Super Sexy Suzie!!! EXCELLENT, great movie again! The ambiance of this movie works hypnotizing.. Definitely worth seeing and definitely worth 5 stars. Suzie's bum to me is one block of hormone, a massive magnet! Great work guys and thanx Suzie, hopefully we get loads to see from you at Hegre!!!

Khemanand Etats Uni

captivating eroticism at its finest Hotel memories? I wish I had many more memories like this. Its just seeing her makes me forget about everything I have seen before.

Juergen Brater Allemagne

movie 94 Model and poses top, but quality unfortunately very bad!