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Mirta Profile

Name: Mirta
Country: Czech Republic
Weight: 52kg
Height: 170cm
Age: 21
Occupation: Bartender

Adventurous Beauty

Mirta is one of those girls who feeds off attention.

GOOD THING for her because she also knows how and when to get it. Born from an Italian father and a Czech mother, Mirta is an exotic 21 year old who is unafraid of the camera and has the kind of body that turns heads wherever she goes. She is well traveled for a girl of such a young age and works at night in a bar owned by her family.

It is very rare for any photographer to find a more photogenic model who takes as much pleasure being in front of the camera as Mirta does. After a while of shooting Petter had to give up telling her to keep her legs together and ended up doing things her way. The results of course are stunning. Mirta is a woman whose veins are full of passion, energy, and beauty.

Luckily Petter was there to document these qualities to their fullest.

Mirta Moments January 26th, 2010
Mirta's penetration scene
Mirta's penetration scene is really sweet.
Mirta is tops
I love Kiki. I love Flora, but Mirta makes me truly regret canceling. This girl makes every girl on this website look like an amatuer. Mirta could turn me on in a burka. There is no hiding how incredibly talented she is.
Absolutely superb the best nude around and that ending out of this world. When will we see more of her? Nigehug.
Hegre First
Bravo Hegre and Mirta! I heartily applaud this tasteful and erotic first and can only hope there will be more!
Sensuous Mirta
Mirta always gets my undivided attention. Her facial expressions and physical actions are the most sensuous I have seen. Petter brings this out more. Nothing Mechanical, all smooth right to the end. I enjoyed the ending.
Little Miss Fist
Changing places for 24 hours is a fantasy that haunts me. I would love to experience the heights of feminine erotic pleasures Mirta's tongue and finger would induce. To be fist fucked by this sensuous creature is a fantasy beyond imagination.
Mirta fascinates me and I'll tell you why. I've yet to meet a woman who isn't drawn to her somehow. From lesbian to admittedly "just curious," there's something about this woman that gets a reaction. Personally I don't think that much of her yet I can't ignore her aura and acknowledge she is hotter than the sun. I also smile every time I think of the creative person that came up with changing the lyrics to Rihanna's "Umbrella" as a tribute to Mirta's alias.
Mirta, Mirta, Mirta
It just had to happen and like Alex W I hope we see a lot more of it - the exquisite Hegré takes it to another level and who better to lead from the front but the divine Mirta. Fabulously done...
The scene with the cucumber is nice idea. Hope there is coming more!
All I can say is wonderful just wonderful. I would very much like to see Mirta come back to us. Very nice indeed, thanks. Paul Mcg
Sexy Minx
The real surprise was the object of desire, I was so sure most of her fingers, in fact most of her hand was going to slide into her moist pink cunt. Mirta has a very wicked reputation for fist fucking other girls. Her silky sensuous skills are eagerly sought by girls who seek the ultimate sexual thrill. This girl has an insatiable appetite for sex and has expanded her repertoire beyond the confines of this site. Explicite eroticism perfectly, but oh so briefly, performed by this gorgeous little Minx. Bravo!
It is a Hegre first, and I for one hope it won't be a Hegre last. I loved Calippo, and now I can love Cucombrro (or whatever).
never wanted to be a zuchini so bad in my life!!!
Mirta's Magic
She is really one of the best. She has that come on touch me body. When can we see more of her by Hegre - it's been a long time.
Outstanding compilation of one of my favorite Hegre girls! Loved the ending - I knew she had it in her! =)
Mirta Red Velvet September 2nd, 2008
Delightful Veiwing
Mirta is a very sexy girl. Cute face and wonderfully hot body. I like the way she moves in this film. I like how she reveals her lovely cunt and asshole for the vewer's pleasure. The way she touches her body and especially her cunt are very erotic. I watched in the nude while enjoying my own self pleasure. The sensations were delightful.
I Mitra love Mirta
So good to see Mirta back she is so very sexy
Mirta Orange Grove January 1st, 2008
she is one good looking chic and i would love to be in the trees when mirta is on the grounds. just to watch as she walks around the place
YO! Stephan!
Thats because shes stretched out!She looks as wonderful as ever!And the word you're looking for is "ribcage"!
great to see mirta again,sensational as ever.
Mirta Orange Groove
The Ribcache is far too visible!! Almost anorexic! The rest of her is very nice!
Mirta Whip Cream September 11th, 2007
I saw this and thought it was so wonderful. Then I stumbled across the Snapshot photos and saw the behind the scenes stuff and now I love it even more! Please keep doing the 'behind the scenes' stuff - it's brilliant! And - more Mirta!
So… so… perfect !
Oh gosh, just so deeply hypnotizing… Mirta, it isn't the fact that you're naked, you could mesmerize people only with your beautiful eyes & expression you have… if mermaids did exist, we have a direct descendant here ;)
...her performance is amazing as allways! and i would do definitely a lot to meet her personaly(!!!) but if she considers "gilette" shaving foam as whipped cream what would be on top of her cappuchino?!:-) kindest&with love, Florian
sexy,erotic,magnificent,mirta ia a true beauty.
Mirta Portuguese ruin June 26th, 2007
Mirta portugese ruin
Why the 'travelogue'?
Beautiful ruin!
Too much ruin
Too much ruin in the photos and not enough Mirta. She deserves better.
Mirta is gorgeous as always. Too bad this set is so small. Too few pictures. Sad, sad.
I am convinced that Mirta becomes more beautiful with each passing day. Beautiful photos; beautiful woman.
Mirta AT the Portugues ruin. Maybe Mirta is the "portugues wonder" - She is such a timeless beauty!