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Katka Profile

Name: Katka
Country: Czech Republic
Age: 20
Occupation: Student

Lovely student model

Katka has the blondest curls in the entire city of Prague with an exquisite figure to match.

A FULL time university student, Katka has a lot of experience posing for photographers and the attention she receives is well deserved. Modeling is the perfect career right now for Katka, at least until she graduates from university and moves on the world as a business woman to be feared.

Katka showed up at Petter’s apartment on his last day in the Czech Republic. She provided the perfect ending to a trip that was filled with beautiful girls and successful shoots. Everything from a sexy tease to a more thoughtful look was documented and captured for us all to enjoy. Katka looks particularly amazing when photographed next to the natural light of an open window.

Her blonde curls glow in the sunlight and her skin radiates an angelic beauty that is almost dangerous to touch.

Katka denim skirt July 21st, 2007
face,skirt,skin and pussy; exceptionally lovely
nice contribution
pretty face, but needs more smiles. excellent tits and body, superb cunt. spread those legs.
The wording says "Denim Shirt" - obviously it is a SKIRT ;-)
Nice to see Katka sharing the slendid vision of her glorius shaven pussy with us all... very nice!
Katka red ring May 31st, 2007
Katka red ring
Very, very beautiful. Pure Hegre magic.
Katka Cat Woman July 25th, 2006
i will never forget what joy katka gives me thankyoy
I don't know how this isn't top 20; completely perfect woman combined with a nice dance tracks and flawless camera/effects work. At least now I can die satisfied.
lovely Katka
Katerina is always an adorable woman and even her claws can leave nothing but happiness scars
Katka blond ambition April 8th, 2006
Katka Blond ambition
HOt, HOT, HOT!!! I can't breathe! Thanks.
Katka blond ambition
one of the best photo shoots thus far.... excellent
Katka lollipop March 22nd, 2006
I agree with Philip,your a gorgouse lady Katka please do not bleach there all you wonderfull.
Katka seems to make it fun, love the freckles. Some women from here will bleach them, what a shame.