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Photo of Gislane


Photo of Gislane
Name: Gislane
Country: Brazil
Weight: 51kg
Height: 168cm
Age: 18

Dancing Dreamer

Petter met Gislane by complete chance while strolling around the mall in downtown Florianopolis late one evening.

IT’S LUCKY for us that fate brought the two together. Her long thick curly hair is the perfect complement to her incredible body and lively attitude. In her downtime she enjoys dancing and hopes to one day find herself on the shores of Miami Beach soaking in the sun.

Working with Petter was the first time Gislane had ever posed nude but she took to the task like a pro, readily enduring over sixteen hours of shooting; and that was just the first day! It is often said that Brazil is a land of diversity and Gislane certainly proves this to be true given the wide range of looks she was able to pull off despite her inexperience.

Brazil is a long way from home for Petter, but the trip was instantly worth it when he crossed paths with Gislane.

Gislane Galleries

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Gislane Galleries COMMENTS

Gislane gracious | July 8th, 2007
Gislane gracious
lamoid United States

Gislane gracious Excellent photos of a very lovely girl.

Pet Austria

Perfect pictures of a very perfect lady. And once more i want to beg for more photo series of her...

Allen United States

Gislane Gislane is a very beautiful woman from head to toe. It would be nice, however, if her expression in most of her photos didn't look like she is thinking of ways to kill the photographer - or whoever.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Gislane gracious Another outstanding set of an outstanding beauty

Gislane on a box | September 1st, 2007
Gislane on a box
Rob United Kingdom

I adore Gislane. She is my favourite model. She has that vulnerable, intensity about her. Incredibly erotic. Plus, she always looks excited.

alex United Kingdom

gislane goddess!!

Geo United States

I can never get enough of her... so very sexy!!!

Dan from Texas United States

Gislane on a box Gislane is so hot .... and when she smiles I just love it! I so want to be Petter!

sirstefanofb Australia

Just love the way Gislane comes striaght in with her legs wide open... showing her assetts to the entire world....what a girl

Colin United Kingdom

Gislane What can you say about Gislane ? She is simply the best !

Jeff Tannin United States

Gislane You can build the entire site with Gislane & Naomi. Period. Enough said!

ardunbye United Kingdom

Gislane on a box I've run out of superlatives for Gislane. Cover up that glorious pussy and everything else is perfection. Her face, hair, delicious curves are all magnificent. WOW!

Gislane girlie | June 24th, 2007
Gislane girlie
alex United Kingdom

gislane very sexy,erotic pictures,gislane is just delicious.

Geo United States

Too Long You made us wait too long getting Gislane back. Please don't do that... She is wonderful!

coolbrz240 United States

Incredible! This is the overall best shoot I've sseen!

sirstefanofb Australia

Nice girl, nice camera shots... well done

FastEddie United States

really liked the cover alot and oh GislaneGirlie_061307_013.jpg was my 10 interesting model wanna get a bag of pennies and say ahhh you know what penny for your thoughts

Goober United States

Gislane The goddess Gislane returns and none too soon. She is extraordinary in every aspect. Just incredible.

Chief Thunder Germany

Gislane She has two of the most beautiful boobs, I have ever seen on the internet, but why does she never smile??? She always looks so bored and angry!!!

Jozua Hattingh Canada

Another set of extremely wonderful capturing off a woman, and Gislane is just that.

Pet Austria

Perfect,Gislane is one of the best models this wonderful site. And i want to say 'Please', Please give the fans of your art something like a 'Gislane-Week'...would be wonderful.

Justin Observer United States

WONDERFUL Gislane is wonderful as always! Perfect porportions, looks beautiful even when partially undressed. Hot. I see that moodiness (not the best word to use) that Thunder noted. But she does have a wonderful smile. C.T. just needs to download more Gis files!

Justin Observer United States

Now that is perfection Page 4 is the ultimate. She is so flexible and inviting! such grace and sweetness. She shows all here beautiness. Such perfection. No doubt that she is acrobatically endowed also (as we have seen her before both in Gallery and Film). She is the Best,

Justin Observer United States

More More More she never ceases to amaze. Each set gets better. She is so dexterious and so perfectly shaped. I suppose that I shouldnt list my favorite shapes....

Justin Observer United States

85 End of this album. Bummer. Alsways wish there was more of here. 85 is not enough. Hope we see more of her soon! and See More. her more. more of hers.

Olivier France

Very sensual ! Gislane a real beauty !

Ken Simpson Australia

gislane_girlie_ Gislane has no hesitation in proudly revealing that naughty, lipped thing used sometimes for pissing but also for excitation and procreation. A wonderful piece of divine engineering.

Jeff Daniels United States

The best of the Best! Simply incredible! Of all the things that cross my mind when viewing your website, Gislane always make me think of having fun, in every sense of the word, (and from every angle)!

ardunbye United Kingdom

Gislane girlie Panties on or off, back or front, Gislane is STUNNING and I love her.

Gislane white chair | May 6th, 2007
Gislane white chair
koelner2309 Canada

Gislane white chair ooooooohhhhhhhhhh I wish I would be the chair. Gislane is a beautiful looking Girl. Gratulation Petter Hegre for this Model.

db73 Germany

Gislane, hothothot She drives me crazy...

Jeff Tannin United States

Love it This girl really seems to enjoy what she's doing. And I'm glad she feels that way!

Jeff Daniels United States

The best of the best Gislane tops every category for me. I just love those lips!

ardunbye United Kingdom

Gislane white chair As I'm totally besotted with her (with great justification), my views are probably predictable. So see for yourself. All but the blind and the dead will agree with me that she is SENSATIONAL.

Gislane pink skirt | November 25th, 2006
Gislane pink skirt
Chillaxenator India

Gislane is The Best!!~~ Awesome gallery~!~ she looks best with/without a skirt...I can compare Giz to Adriana Lima...and even better than her. Peter thanks for finding Giz :) and also really awesome of you not to start with a top on the first place....We need a Gisalane

ben United States

cute gallery

Dave France

A very nice gallery. I like the movement. Gislane is beautiful as always.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Gislane pink skirt I'm ever so glad she eventually allowed her pet kitten to breathe. I was very worried that I might have to resuscitate it with the 'Kiss of Life'.

Gislane galore | January 16th, 2007
Gislane galore
Michael United States

Mmmmm! Let's see more of this gorgeous uninhibited wild spirit.

Randy United States

Gislane She's still the best of all... No question!! This just proves that there IS a God!!

John United States

PERFECT Wow, what can one say about Gislane. Besides WILL U MARRY ME!


Wonderful Gislane! She always offers all intimate part of her body in very erotic and exciting wiews.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Gislane galore The title wouldn't be a reference to 'Pussy Galore' would it? Well it ought to be. I'M SOOOOOOOOO IN LOVE WITH HER.

Gislane white mini-skirt | June 20th, 2006
Gislane white mini-skirt
ben United States

whit eskirt white skirt? white skirt? what skirt? Oh yeah almost didnt notice it... was looking at the butterfly and the things around it.. page 1 row 2 picture 2 my 20 rating i am very impressed with "the photographer" , captures broad spectrum of moods very nice as in this case I could not do this i'd be outta breath and sech ciao !

ben United States

white skirt can i rate the butterfly? Its a ten it had help though perched pn Gislane's foot and all.. and i know you like it too i studied the the picture under a magnifying glass any way nice You have the 3 greatest things a work environment should have. 1. Deop dead LUBA.. 2. Gislane and 3. Taking pictures of butterflys

David United States

Naughty Angel Gislane, você é demasiado adorable ser deste mundo, tal angel!


Gislane ass, wonderful! Tell that wonderful young chick to do some more intimate!


No need for long comments: Nice chick and close up. All what we want to see. Next time instead of 20 pics, give us 100 of these type of pics!

ardunbye United Kingdom

Gislane white mini-skirt Is it because she always looks so happy that she always makes me feel so happy? *A new dictionary definition:- HAPPY: To have set eyes on GISLANE.

Gislane white hammock | October 21st, 2006
Gislane white hammock
adiamchi United States

top 20 poll If you look at the poll of top 20 models you will note that Gislane does not appear there. THIS IS WRONG!! If you like Gislane make your voice heard!

Randy United States

Gislane This is without a doubt the most perfect woman I have seen in years. She, to me, is a goddess! Please keep the photos coming. Thanks!

Philippe Belgium

Excellent set of one of my favourite models on this site. Keep her coming back !

ardunbye United Kingdom

Gislane white hammock Is this 'Tammock' on your Xmas wish list? "Yes" Why Tammock? "Yes please, with Gislane in it" Dream on.

Gislane on a barber chair | December 15th, 2006
Gislane on a barber chair
Raymond United Kingdom

Any series with this girl is just awesome. She is simply gorgeous, love the ones of her laughing and so obviously enjoying the shoot on page 4.

Lars United Kingdom

Gislane is Beautiful Beautiful girl. These are very sexy photographs.

Alan United States

Those breasts are incredible!

bryan United States

Goddess Gislane is a goddess! She can't take a bad picture! How do you pronounce that name?!

Jeff Daniels United States

Gislane was created do do just what she is doing. She is goregeous and fun loving. I love every pose.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Gislane on a barber chair Next time I'm in a barber's chair and he asks "Anything for the week-end, sir?". Guess what I'll say.

Gislane ocean view | September 4th, 2006
Gislane ocean view
AJ United Kingdom

cant get enough of this girl. should have a gislane week. shes absolutely lovely.

Robert United Kingdom

Gislane A beautiful smile. The high-res pics make you think you are there next to her!

ben United States

nice interesting mood swings captured

Ralph United States

Smile more Gislane is a pretty girl with a phenomenal figure and when she smiles Gislane is quite stunning, but she appears angry or bored in most of the photos. She will be a great model when she learns to smile more frequently.

MrQuick France

apologizzze I love so much u're lips. Hope you can be so hyper realistic next to me. Y're tiny lovely, juvenil burst and the thinfullness of u'hanks makes me light and lightening hopefully. So mmm…angeline lane

David United States

Such a sweetie Darling Gislane, thank you again for such an amazing shoot. You've been blessed with incredible beauty. Your candor and confidence are even more impressive. I don't care if you ever smile for the camera again, because the smiles you've brought me are priceless.

69Camaro307 United States

Sweet Lips What a sweet pair of lips this babe has!!

Jeff Daniels United States

Perfection Every detail of this girl is magnificent. Mouthwatering, and delicious!

ardunbye United Kingdom

Gislane ocean view Who cares about the ocean? The salty taste I crave, has nothing to do with the sea. She really does make my heart ache.

Gislane nudist | January 1st, 2007
Gislane nudist
Randy United States

Gislane As I said before, Gislane is the hottest girl on the Web. Not a flaw, she is perfect....

Chillaxenator India

WOW!~ Shes is so beautiful... and the pictues are so great...i have to watch them over n over.. keep it up peter.

Dan Broughton United States

Gislane Such a beautiful girl! Is there any chance that she can get some coaching on facial expressions?....Maybe excitement, smiles, curiosity, awe, enjoyment, or anything but the blank stare.

jimmy United States

What a lucky guy to hold the beautiful nude Gislane in his arms.

joe Ireland

The shadow and the clit; how moving!

ardunbye United Kingdom

Gislane nudist This set probably includes a picture of the most envied man in the whole of the 'Glamour' industry and I hate him as much as I love her.

Gislane lotion | November 9th, 2006
Gislane lotion
Joe Spalone United States

Gislane Lotion One can sense the erotic intensity between the model and photographer. Well done!

Colin B United Kingdom

Gislane Good job these are in 4000..... Gislane in 6000 might be more than a man can take !

wakeboarder Germany

cute gislane she is my most favorite. her smiling is extremely fresh and cheeky. i love her hair and beautiful face. she is one of these models who have fun during shootings and nothing on her seems to be artificial. compliments!!!

Randy United States

Gislane Gislane is the most perfect woman I've seen in years in my opinion. She makes me want to move to Brazil. I can't wait to see more pics of her, she's the reason I became a member.

Heinrick Ireland

Gislane can smile and show it all between her beautiful legs; a treat


Her boobs are very attractive. Her other assets, seen between the legs are also very interesting. Wonderful spread Gislane: All what we like to see. 10 +++++

heinrich Ireland

Gislane, your hair is marvellous; your hand between your lovely legs on your just outstanding pussy ; I feel there too

ardunbye United Kingdom

Gislane lotion Yes, I agree with all those below BUT don't lose sight of the fact that she has a beautiful EVERYTHING.

Jeff D United States

B.P.O.E. Best Pussy On Earth!

Gislane hot hot hot | July 21st, 2006
Gislane hot hot hot
fingers United States

Gorgeous Gislane Thank you so much for bringing her back. I can't get enough of this beautiful, sexy girl. Please keep bringing her back.

Gerrick United States

Gislane This is the first entry in which she actually smiles! She is a great model, just wish she would smile more often. Thanks

barry United States

Hot Gislane She's hot, Petter. Makes me wanna get a bean bag.

btrhea United States

SMILE! This girl is beautiful, but does she ever smile?? She looks downright angry in a few of these shots. It's like, 'cheer up Gislane, you're smokin' hot!'

roddydol Norway

Gislane Back at last! The worst thing when Gislane appears is that it is probably some time until she appears again!Her toes and feet in general are absolutely stunning!And the daring poses, my heart jumps! She is number one! MORE, MORE MORE!

wayne Australia

gislane when ever i see gislane do a photo shot, she get better all the time. i hope she does a photo shot playing the guitar!

adiamchi United States

oh . . My . . GOD !! Ungodly Hot! Gislane has long been one of my favorites, but this gallery just unbelievable.

Walter United States

will you marry me!!!! You got it all!!! What beauty and amazing eyes.

69Camaro307 United States

Refreshing It's nice to see someone so hot willing to show it all!!


Nice hotty showing us all. Give us more of these pics.

heinrich Ireland

gislane, lovely hair arched shoulder, just wonderful ass, and what a place behind between the legs. You are to be seen again

heinrich Ireland

What you show is so hot and moves the body

Jeff United States

Gislane I love that Gislane is so comfortable with her body / beautiful. She has such a playful attitude. Simply awesome.

russ United States

Freaking hot hot hot

tontonyvan France

Gislane ass she has a terrific ass! love it; I'd like to be in..

Jeff United States

More Please Where is Gislane these days? I can never get enough of this super hottie. A beautiful girl in every sense, and she has the most fascinating pussy I've ever seen!

ardunbye United Kingdom

Gislane (all) I wrote about 5 years ago, that I thought she was the MOST EXQUISITE girl on earth. That's not changed and my regard for her grows with time. However, Gislane you now have a serious rival in Evi. You still lead because you are unique and Very Lovely, so come back to us PLEASE.

Muff Merkin United Kingdom

Come back Gislane To echo other's thoughts, I would like to see Gislane back, if only to see how she has developed. And in 6000px, wow! I shall wait in hope...

Moose United States

Gislane All these years; I went back and relooked at your set. My favorite model by a ways. Whatever triggers an individual's erotic and amorous tastes is complicated. I hope you are happy, maybe married and having babies or whatever. I appreciate you sharing yourself with us. Thanks Peter for finding her and having the eye to appreciate.

Gislane happy beach girl | August 10th, 2006
Gislane happy beach girl
AJ United Kingdom

she is lovely i have to say that gislane seems so lovely. her attitude is ace. shes always smiling and seems alot of fun. and very uninhibited it seems. i get a really nice feeling about her. is she as lovely personality-wise as she seems? keep more pics of her coming. i cant get tired of her.

Dan United States

Gislane Happy I've been waiting for a while for photos showing enjoying herself! She is so beautiful and when she smiles it makes me glad I'm alive! Thanks Petter & thank you, Gislane!

ben United States

beach girl This is a happy diversion from the norm and cute lil white skirt very very nice...A perfect girl to accompany to the beach

Geoff United States

This photo shoot Thank you for the smile, Gislane is very endearing with a smile. Many of her photoshoots are almost sad, when she has such a great smile. Too redundant? Thanks

Mark United Kingdom

Smiling and laughing It is lovely to see a beautiful Girl smiling and laughing.

Harry United States

Gorgeous Gislane Gislane is the best. I can't get enough of her. Please keep bringing her back.

Philip, Colorado, USA United States

Gislane Perfect!

Paul United States

Smiling Gislane It was so nice to see a Gislane set were she is smiling that beautiful smile of hers in almost every shot. Wish this incredible godess would do that more often. Her face in the last shot is the best.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Gislane happy beach girl As one of my Italian friends might comment \"Life is a beach\" Never mind life, I\'d die to be on that BEACH with Gislane.

Gislane brazilian bamboo | February 16th, 2007
Gislane brazilian bamboo
ben United States

wow never saw bamboo that big

Chillaxenator India

Peter+Gislane/Luba = Magic Thanks angain to Gislane and Peter for creating magic again...

Randy United States

Gislane This woman gets better by the day. More beautiful than I would have dreamed. She is proof that Brazilian women are the finest on the planet in my opinion...

gareth United States

always a pleasure... to see Gislane! Lovely physique, wonderful ass, and I really like the tanlines :) Keep on smiling, G!

ardunbye United Kingdom

Gislane Brazilian bamboo Even if I were a starving panda, it would not be the bamboo I would want to eat.

Gislane bed scenes | May 26th, 2006
Gislane bed scenes
alex United Kingdom

gislane these shots of gislane are fantastic.

Frankly United States

So, so sweet Darling Gislane, thank you so much again! You are a rare vision to behold. You are so beautiful, so natural, so honest, and so intimate!, you are truely breathtaking. All of your shoots have mesmerized me, and this one even more so. I hope to see more more picts of you, your blossom is just intoxicating!

projo1 United States

Gislane bed scenes Gislane, I adore you! These photos are terrific!

hotphotoz United States

Just when you think she's can't possibly get any hotter... Most of Petter's models are ones that I see as works of art, to be cherished and admired. Gislane, on the other hand, adds desire to my list. Pure, raw sexuality and beauty...nice package.

Chris United States

She just looks like so much fun and seems so open and honest. That more then anything is attractive.

Virginia Alzina

Gislane It's so difficult to say perfection in your work, becaue most of your girls are simply perferct! But Gislane and Oliona are over it..

Philip, Colorado, USA United States

Gislane I know with other shoots of Gislane that I've said they are the best, but I think this one just takes the prize. She is Venus there on the bed.

Wayne-USA United States

GislaneBedScenes Another increible set of Gislane Petter! I never tire seeing this beauty totally nude. She has one of the hottest bodies on the site. Amazing full breasts, an alluring pubic region and in my opinion she possesses the most beautiful bare feet of any of your models. Thank you for this fine set!! Keep up the great work and i'll remain a loyal member!

will94485 United States

Best set on your website, thanks for the full, explicit views of a beautiful woman.

tom Ireland

Gislane's golden gauzed pubis is so sexy. Beautiful photos and such a wonderful woman.

khaled Australia

model This is the girl of my dreams. Unbelievable body and wild beauty. I can not have enough of her. Thanks for bringing her and allowing me to satisfy the hunger in my eyes.

Pap India

Her cherry is too good. thanks for the bringing her

Jim United States

Animal eroticism! This girl is smoldering. My God, I don't think I could even stand in the same room as her without getting weak in the knees.

Jeff Daniels United States

Gislane Stunning! More please!

ardunbye United Kingdom

Gislane bed scenes My doctor warned me 'anything too exciting could be dangerous to my health' and I thought I've already been to heaven via other Gislane sets, one more can't hurt. THIS MESSAGE IS SENT FROM 'THE OTHER SIDE'.

Gislane explicit naturist | May 5th, 2006
Gislane explicit naturist
pete United Kingdom

Cheer Up Great location, so why does she look so sad?

Jimmy United States

Love the outdoor photo shoots, and Gislane has such an awesome body. Thanks for the treat.

Jeff Daniels United States

Greatest show on earth Hands down, number one most beatiful face, body, tits, ass, and ooohh my what a pussy!

ardunbye United Kingdom

Gislane explicit naturist I always thought a naturist like Darwin, Muir & Attenborough studied plants and animals. Just a pun, I know they are/were naturALists but wouldn't it be fun to go on expedition and 'DISCOVER' Gislane.

Sam C United States

I DETEST TATTOOS Gislane would have been a beautiful model if she didn't have those horrible tattoos. I DETEST tattoos. Still this set has a few very explicit pictures in which the tattoo part of her body is out of sight, or barely shown and removable with digital image processing. So I will download this gallery for my private off line collection, delete most of the images, remove the tattoos from a few images.

Gislane Brazilian blue | March 21st, 2006
Gislane Brazilian blue
Shane United States

All I can say is wow The hair, the body, the poses, the range of personality, the 4000px....other than having her right her in the room, how does it get any better than this?

wayne Australia

gislane i hope there are more new photo's coming away of gislane, because she dam hot babe!

Virginia Alzina

Juliana Gislanne: You're the definition of sensuality

ardunbye United Kingdom

Gislane Brazilian blue Petter, you have hit upon a cure for anybody's 'blues'. Show them this DIVINE GIRL and if that doesn't work, then let them stay miserable.

Gislane yellow hammock | February 12th, 2006
Gislane yellow hammock
Jay United States

incredible This set is just amazing!

Sean W United States

Gislane Simply another in a breathtaking line of shoots with Gislane. Thank you to both Gislane and Petter for working together to bring her images to us out here. I look forward to every set with Gislane, she is a beautiful, sensual and sexual creature, and thrills me totally. Bravo!

stev kanor United States


Gareth United States

perfect This series speaks for itself! Beauty, physique, simplicity, model positioning.... maybe we can revisit this outdoors?!.... Thank you for a great layout!

Dan G United States

Gislane I enjoy looking at Gislane but her vacant stare worries me. I enjoy her smiling, laughing, or doing anything except that vacant stare.

Steve United States

By far, the best gallery that I have seen !!!

george Germany

allways such nice close up sets like this.......and your site would be worth joining lifetime

Shane United States

Great posing Fabulous shots...this girl is definitely the benchmark that all others should be measured by.

Philip, Colorado, USA United States

Gislane! That does it! Gislane is my favorite model (with several close seconds), great work Petter. Gislane is so sharing, vulnable, and strong at the same time. She is what Botticelli had in mind for Venus. This, to me is the best set yet. I don't really agree with Dan on the vacant stare; Gislane portrays to me the idea of observing, watching, maybe I'm reading that into it, but that is what it looks like to me. Thank you both.

Sean United States

Great rear-end shots of this lovely lady.

roddydol Norway

Gislane Amazing!Simply the best!I hope EVERY day to see more of this unbelivable beauty!The Yellow hammock is absolutely the best I have ever seen. More rear-shots and her lovely feet and toes!MMMM! Thank u both of u!

Doug United States

Gislane Each of us are different but maybe only once or twice in a life time does someone as perfect as Gislane comes along. Her beauty in all areas just makes one wonder. She's one that you could look at for ten life times and never turn away. Just hope within she has that same beautiful peaceful, distant, spirit she shows in her pictures. Doug

Jeff Daniels United States

Mesmerizing! What an incredible natural beauty. Great poses, great setting, incredible tits & ass. And hands down the most fascinating pubes ever!

aawat Germany

Gislane Terrific shots of a great natural beauty from Argentinia. Best gallery seen so far!

ardunbye United Kingdom

Gislane yellow hammock There cannot be a finer example of pure unadulterated loveliness on the entire planet or any other planet for that matter.

Jeff D United States

Most Lickable! Gislane, you get my vote for the Hegre's Most Lickable award! The competition is pretty tight, but you are the winner. Now if I could only find a way to deliver your prize!

ned United States

Fabulous Pussy Wow. That's astonishingly mouthwatering.

Gislane sunset | January 28th, 2006
Gislane sunset
Jeff Daniels United States

Perfection! Those last 3 pics have me spellbound. Perfect model, perfect shot, and perfect pose. I'm into lips (if you know what I mean), and Gislane has it going on in that department, big time!

ardunbye United Kingdom

Gislane sunset The title is impossible as Gislane generates her own sunshine.

Gislane balance | January 14th, 2006
Gislane balance
Mario United States

You have to admire a beautiful, model quality girl that is not afraid to show her entire body. Bravo Gislane!

Jeff-USA United States

Gislane-balance Another great set Petter. Gislane is a pretty girl with a super body. Love Photos 46 and 68 which show off the bottoms of her very pretty bare feet quite nicely. She has very sexy bare feet. Excellent work once again and much appreciated!

Shane United States

Gislane Very Very Sexy. A+++

Philip, Colorado, USA United States

WOW! If I had to be reincarnated as an inanament oject, Gislane's balance bar would be it...

Adam United Kingdom

Very Clever Shoot Amazing lady for sure, but the really clever part of this shoot is that it naturally creates tension (when viewed as a set). Initially, you see her pulling some daring poses but you wish that she wasn't wearing any pants. Then she slips them off and gets right back on with the posing ! Absolute 100% sex !

Sean United States

Gislane is an ass-lovers dream come true. Unbelievably beautiful.

heinrich Ireland

the bar and the meaty mountain must raise the ante; again that's why I am here

Jim United States

Gislane Amazing anus.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Gislane balance I'm so glad SHE can keep her balance. I go dizzy looking at her. By the way Philip, the word is INANIMATE and I agree whole-heartedly with your sentiment.

Gislane sea side | December 30th, 2005
Gislane sea side
shane United States

nice the sweetest derrière...and you just gotta love that scowl. lol

Philip, Colorado, USA United States

Gislane! She owes me some money, this set forced me to break my computer mouse! Just kidding, each set of Gislane is better than before.


Wonderful Gislane. She offers us always all what e like and want to see. Her spreads legs wide open are always breathtaking. Give us more of this.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Gislane sea side Every side of Gislane is a 'Must See Side'.I wish she were a DODECAHEDRON (12 sides).

Gislane forest nymph | December 13th, 2005
Gislane forest nymph
Claude Switzerland

Gislane Another great gallery – as usual with Gislane! Thank you also, that you often leave her in natural souroundings or just present her naturally nude (without stockings, panties etc.). I think that suits her best. I especially love her standing nudes. She' s got such nice pussy lips...

dan United States

Gislane Your best model by far. Could you do a spread with her wearing a life guard suit at a beach? Then, of course, removing it? thanks

Philip, Colorado, USA United States

Forest I have spent much time in the forest and never have come across anything like Gislane, if I did I still be there....

ardunbye United Kingdom

Gislane forest nymph PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE tell me where that forest is. I want to live there.

Gislane on a bench in a park | November 26th, 2005
Gislane on a bench in a park
LuckyTruckee United States

large labia Your photos of models with large labias are the hottest...can we get more?

Philip United States

Gislane! I can't even think straight now. Thanks Gislane. She makes herself so vulnerable or something, great shots of capturing that essense.

Jim United States

Gislane Some women's pussies are, y'know, shy and reserved, just a little slit. Gislane's screams out, "look at me"! Fabulous labia lips.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Gislane on a bench in a park I AM going to make my home on that bench, I suspect that's 'HER' forest (see Forest Nymph). All I have to do is locate it.

Gislane waves | October 20th, 2005
Gislane waves
ardunbye United Kingdom

Gislane waves CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL ME WHAT GISLANE LOOKS LIKE? Every time I start on a set of hers (and that's a lot of times), my glasses steam up.

Gislane blue | October 1st, 2005
Gislane blue
Jim United States

Stunning An incredibly erotic pictorial. Flawless body.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Gislane blue As ever with Gislane:- SIMPLY SUPERB.

Gislane pink bikini | September 4th, 2005
Gislane pink bikini
ardunbye United Kingdom

Gislane pink bikini A very, very beautiful girl with a superb body.

Gislane wooden gate | August 21st, 2005
Gislane wooden gate
Jeff United States

Missing the money shot I've always loved Gislane's sets because she never fails to deliver the "money shot". Gislane has the most inviting pussy I've ever seen. Not enough poon in this set for me.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Gislane wooden gate For those of you that have not yet died, Gislane is demonstrating what awaits you on the other side of the Pearly Gates. 'ANGELS' of course.

Gislane in studio | August 10th, 2005
Gislane in studio
ardunbye United Kingdom

Gislane in studio Those track suit trousers accentuate the lovely shape of Gislane's lower body and although I was delighted to see them 'come off' the difference between the first & second half of the set in attractiveness is minimal.

Gislane pink and blue | July 28th, 2005
Gislane pink and blue
Elio Italy

gislane fantastic picture ....bravo.....bravo

Philip United States

Gislane I LOVE Gislane... just kidding of course, but the way she comes across on film is breathtaking; her expression and body launguage makes one feel as though one knows her, is intimate somehow whith her. Great job.

Jeff Daniels United States

Gislane The best, in every way. Great tits, great ass, great smile, great poses, incredible pussy! Knows just how to pose to make the most of every shot.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Gislane pink and blue Gislane, please DO NOT be offended by my 'sense of humour' but I refer to page 2 picture 6 (1st of many) When you stood up, did the 'suction' take the stool with you?

Jeff D United States

Gislane Greatest Pussy on earth!

Gislane nude in nature | July 10th, 2005
Gislane nude in nature
Jeff United States

Photo genic Gislane has the worlds most photogenic pussy!

ardunbye United Kingdom

Gislane nude in nature Jeff, Gislane IS the worlds most photogenic pussy, it's just that she's taken the fur coat off.

Gislane greenery | June 5th, 2005
Gislane greenery
ardunbye United Kingdom

Gislane greenery WELL, it is GISLANE. No more needs to be said.

Gislane on the beach | June 3rd, 2005
Gislane on the beach
Jim United States

Oh God Her vagina lips are phenominal.

Jim United States

Gislane Soooo sexy. Sooooo natural. Incredible pussy.

Ramon United States

What ever happened to her? How come we don't see anything new from her anymore??

ardunbye United Kingdom

Gislane on the beach Sorry, I can't spell phenomenal, so I'll settle for it's very nice indeed.

Jeff D United States

Worlds Greatest Pussy That's not the only reason I love Gislane. We need to see more of her. How about a Gislane "Close Up"!

Gislane sun rays | June 2nd, 2005
Gislane sun rays
ardunbye United Kingdom

Gislane sun rays Sorry Petter, you've called it wrong on this one.Take away her lustrous hair, her beautiful face, her superb boobs, her delicious bum,shapely legs and lovely pussy that doesn't fit in it's allotted space and what have you got? MISERY, THAT'S WHAT.

Gislane orange tights | June 1st, 2005
Gislane orange tights
Antonio Portugal

Gislane Simply a delight for man, wow what a gorgeous girl.

heinrich Ireland

tights hide delightful pussy; a pleasure

ardunbye United Kingdom

Gislane orange tights If Gislane were my daughter or even granddaughter (I'm old enough) she'd be 'spoilt' rotten and deservedly so for the immense pleasure she gives just for being her.

Gislane office desk | May 31st, 2005
Gislane office desk
Philip United States

Had to vote 10 because the scale does not go any higher....

alex United Kingdom

gislane elegant,professional,beautiful

sirstefanofb Australia

A GODESS... I wanted so badly to award Gislane with a TEN, but had to drop back to a 9, due to that little tuft of pubic hair slightly spoiling what, to me, would have been PERFECTION.... Sir Stefan (breathless)

ardunbye United Kingdom

Gislane office desk Oh! Sir Stefan, you silly man. Why do you think girls are referred to as 'A bit of fluff' and how come you even noticed it with so much else to enjoy. I'd definitely stay late at my desk if this was the work-load.

Gislane brazilian beauty | May 30th, 2005
Gislane brazilian beauty
ardunbye United Kingdom

Gislane Brazilian beuty What an unimaginative title. Beauty doesn't begin to describe her loveliness.

Gislane Films COMMENTS

Gislane Barber Chair | November 28th, 2006
Gislane Barber Chair
alex United Kingdom

gislane beautiful girl,beautiful smile,great movie.

Randy United States

Gislane Barber Chair Once again...Gislane is just too hot for words. I think she's the most beautiful woman on this site. I can just imagine her giving me a haircut! OMG!!

Blake Krosse United Kingdom

can she fly Timid sprite or siren Gislane has got an radiant body can she play tennis wimbledon needs some sun.

ezrulez Brazil

Hot hot only the most beautiful girl on this site.

wheeler United States

SILLY GOOSE!!! Nice catch with the panties!!!lol!!!It's SO nice to see a gorgeous girl just smiling naturally, and, having fun!!!

craig hepburn New Zealand

I would love to go to her barber shop and get my hair cut if my barber looked like that i'd go every week.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Barber shop babe Gislane wins the day. The film itself? UNINSPIRING.

Gislane Lotion | May 16th, 2006
Gislane Lotion
Bob Russian Federation

Super Gisy! Going on and shoot her more :)

schilton United States

I love Gislane's ease within her own skin and the brief flashes of humor she shows. Also riviting is the immediate *physicalness* of her hands passing over her body, something that still photographs can't capture very well.

David E. lambert Australia

Gislane Lotion Superb Model - terrific camera work - loved every frame.

Bren Spain

gislane Surely one of the most beautiful ladies to have ever graced the face of this planet, and beautifully photographed by Petter !! Thanks, Bren

ardunbye United Kingdom

Gislane lotion Simply GORGEOUS and very, very high among her assets is her fabulous personality. A pure joy to watch this magnificent girl.

Gislane in studio | August 16th, 2005
Gislane in studio
gerry United States

gislane when you shoot a video, it should be the video viewer who comes first not the photographer. Pretty women... what you could see of her from the side! this video looked it was shot by a by stander with a video camera standing off to the side somewhere. Remember Fabulous Fabi----that is how you should shoot a video...the video camera comes first, shoot your photographs later if you must!

davo United States

wow email me back your alsomly the bomb

Leonard United States

Naked Olympics Watched it twice just to see Gislane move in those orange tights. Nice

Brent Kingston Australia

Gislane in the Studio With a smile like that, you would forget that she is naked and gorgeous!

CaptainKidd United States

Gislane gets my nuts off!!! Wow!

Gislane Seaside | June 21st, 2005
Gislane Seaside
mat United Kingdom

Mumma smurf If Gisane were a sweet I would buy the shop. Petter tasteful as always. I think if you painted her blue and gave her a white hat, she would be mui fantastico chica smurf, Apologies I am not sure about Portruguese!

Thomas United States

Incredibly Sexy! It's nice to know that there are girls like this out there in the world. Even better knowing there are sites like this where I can go and get a glimpse of them. Bravo!!

MariaElena Sandia

Gislane This is the sole reason of your success Peter: I'm not a lesbo but this girl may well make me change my preferences!

Edward United States

Gislane A perfect girl. The look in her eyes is incredibly sweet and kind.

Chris Canada

Gislane She is a beautiful woman! Everything about her is sensual and sexy! This is a great video! Thank you Petter!

ardunbye United Kingdom

Gislane seaside Gislane is as gorgeous as ever and I don't know whether it's because I'm in such thrall of her or my expectation far exceeded the reality but the time on this video seemed all too brief. I am a total glutton for her (with very good reason, I'd say), Total BLISS.