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Forget black magic, this is green magic

by Bara March 23 | 2015

Forget black magic, this is green magic

I have great information for you if you don’t already know it. There’s no doubt that green smoothies and juices have an amazing effect on our health. What’s more, drinking fresh green juices has been shown to decrease the chances of developing cancer. And many believe diet plays a larger role in actually curing cancer than we currently understand.

Other positive effects include helping you to reduce weight, and acting as a powerful detoxifier to improve the condition of your skin. And the list goes on and on.

Maybe you don’t believe that such miracles can arise from such a simple thing like drinking fresh juices. The secret is in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is liquefied sunshine that everything and everyone living on the earth needs. The chlorophyll molecule is the basis for every form of carbohydrate on our planet.

That means there is no sugar, honey, potato, spaghetti, rice or bread that did not originate from the molecules of chlorophyll. All the energy in food comes from our sun.

That’s why we don’t need so much food in the summer and in winter we crave more sweets. That’s something that everyone can feel. The sun is essential for our happiness and wellbeing.

And juicing is the way to stabilise the portions of sunshine we consume and therefore the level of our health.

Here is a green juice recipe for those who want to experiment and feel great:


½ cucumber
¼ leek
½ cup radish sprouts
1 clove garlic
4 tablespoons lemon juice
1 cup water
1 avocado

Sending much love and hope you enjoy the real effect of greens ☺


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Hi Bara: While I agree with the basic idea that fresh juices are very healthy and should be a part of any well-balanced diet/eating, I must disagree on the importance of chlorophyll in that health. The chlorophyll molecule is merely a receptor for light energy from the sun, which it immediately converts into another energy form and passes on to other molecules in the plant cell. Ultimately, this energy is saved by the cell in the form of a different energy carrier (called ATP) and used to fix carbon dioxide out of the air to build sugars. Everything else in living plant cells then get built from the sugars either directly, or by breaking down the sugars and using them in other ways. There is nothing intrinsically healthy about eating (or drinking) chlorophyll. Indeed, I suspect given the nature of the molecule, that it adds a bit of "fat" to the diet. There ARE a lot of other things in juices, especially fresh juices,such as vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, etc. that are very beneficial. So by all means, drink plenty of fresh juices. And drink green juices if you like them (no harm done!!). But the "green" is not the miracle in the juice, other things are!! Drink up in good health!! Michael

Discover the power of a chest massage

by Bara March 15 | 2015

Discover the power of a chest massage

Did you know that a chest massage is a super easy way to create lots of energy and at the same time find deep relaxation?

And it’s not only women that love a chest massage. This technique is perfect (and effective) for men, too.

The reason why is because the chest area and solar plexus are the places where many emotions are connected. Unpleasant emotions, such as fear and anxiety, are especially present in the solar plexus, just under the rib cage. By massaging the chest and breasts we can let go of that feeling. And by focusing on the area surrounding the heart, we stimulate the force of chakra and bring feelings of peace and love.

This is a super easy thing to practice with friends and partners. So what do you need?

Firstly, get some good quality oil. My favorite is coconut oil because it has hundreds of other uses. Plus you can also use on your more intimate parts at another time.

Find a nice silent room, prepared according to your preferences. Maybe light candles, maybe some essential oil for refreshing the air. And you definitely need some relaxing chill out music.

One more thing is to connect with your intuition before starting to massage. This is easier to do when the receiver of the massage is ready and lying on the bed. Before you start touching, sit comfortably and close your eyes. Place your middle finger on your third eye (the point between your eyebrows). Your other palm should be placed over your heart. You breathe through your nose and pay attention to your heart and your third eye. And breathe for minute or two.

Then you’re ready to give the best massage to your receiver. I recommend slowing down any movement and simply listening to what the body of your receiver asks for.

Wishing you a pleasant experience and don’t forget to change over the roles.

Much love,

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Chest Massage
I agree that chest/breast massage - whether manual, oral or both - can be enjoyably stimulating but, in my experience, it usually needs to be combined with massage of other erogenous zones to achieve maximum effect. Ideally, therefore, it should be included in a full body massage.
Do you feel abundance or is your money running away from you?

Abundance is closely connected to the act of giving. You can imagine money as a stream, like a river that flows. In fact, we need to understand money as an entity if we want to be good friends with money, if we want to be in the stream of abundance.

What about you, do you feel rich and abundant? Or do you feel that something stops you swimming in the stream of abundance?

Yes it is about our mindset, we need to learn how to think in terms of money. We need to take care of money as if we’re taking care of our beloved. If you are not caring, loving and generous enough with your partner, he or she will run away. It’s the same with money. How we talk about money, how we think about money, how we behave towards money all influence our relationship with money.

Do you LOVE money? What does your partner do if you do love, do care and do give them attention? Probably s/he will come back to you. Money does the same thing.

So one of the aspects of the relationship with money is the act of giving. Are you happy to give? I mean to give without expectation of getting anything back. Simply do you know how to keep the stream flowing? Can you feel generous or give gifts with an open heart?

Some people try to stop the stream with the intention of having financial stability and keep money with them. Because they lose the trust that money will come back again. It takes courage to be able to invest part of your money in your future. For example, giving money to your relationship, to your company, to a project, to your children or simply to yourself.

And this way we let money grow, we don’t want to spend money, we want to invest money to let it grow and develop itself.

You can test yourself; you can test what kind of relationship with the energy of money you have. How easy or difficult is it to give a present to someone gratis, with no side agenda, just for your happiness and to keep the stream flowing.

If you’re interested to explore this I can give you a tool:

1.Give one thing to someone you really like. Look at your feelings while you’re buying or choosing the gift. Are you careful how much you invest in this person? Or do you feel generous and happy to invest energy into them?

2.Then give something to yourself, something that has value to you, something you’ve been thinking about, something that’s accessible for you and makes you feel nice. Is it easier to give to yourself or the other person?

3.And give one thing to a stranger, perhaps some of your belongings you may not need anymore but you think that person will find useful.

Throughout this exercise carefully observe if it’s easy for you to be generous and if it makes you happy or what kind of other thoughts are popping up. It will signify what kind of relationship you have with money.

Please leave your comments below. If you have some discovery I will be happy to read it.


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To be frank I find it easy to give something to someone money or an item. A gift is a sign of appreciation to that person. At the very moment though I have no income no job just my education and it is worse. So to think about handing out money is very hard. Although handing out or giving a book from the shelf is a simple thing for me and did the other day. I like to think I give a little love and energy to people every day, just sometimes though does not work well. The stress of having no income and losing what I have is a heavy weight as is. It is one reason I visit here to read what wisdom is shared here. Thanks for reading, No Name
Dear Bara, I really do love money but - although my income is not large - I am happiest when I am giving cash or presents to family and close friends. The result is that I often don't have enough money left to do everything that I want for myself. This might seem like a foolish or self-defeating policy on my part, but the pleasure I get from giving - and the obvious gratitude of those who receive - is no less than the satisfaction of having lots of money in my bank account and wallet. If I could draw an analogy with Tantric Massage, it is that the pleasure of bringing a partner to a state of bliss though sensual touch is no less than if I were receiving the same myself.

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Forget black magic, this is green magic

Forget black magic, this is green magic

Posted by Bara March 23 | 2015

Discover the power of a chest massage

Discover the power of a chest massage

Posted by Bara March 15 | 2015

Do you feel abundance or is your money running away from you?
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No penetrative sex can feel like your cells making love

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