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Tantric Massage

Tantric Rituals


Eye gazing, making a third eye connection, welcoming Shiva and Shakti in you and in your partner.


A deep connection in a laid down position, when you can disappear into oneness. Powerful technique also to release repressed emotions. Combined with intense Tantric Breathing.

Tantric Hug:

An intimate, soft hug, combined with Tantric Breathing. Simultaneous and alternating breathing.

Tantric Play:

It is fun; it is about experiencing stages of becoming aggressive, sensual, and erotic.


A beautiful ritual, honoring the divine in you and in your partner. You can express love, intimacy, sensuality with the warmth of your hand, without having to touch the other one.

Self Love Ritual:

Self pleasuring, discovering your beautiful body. A big stepping-stone towards a healthy self-esteem and learn to truly love yourself while sharing the experience. Combined with specific Breathing Techniques and Affirmations.

Tantric Sit:

After having reached a state of higher energy level, the female (Shakti) sits on her male partner’s (Shiva) lap. They breathe and vibrate together in this ecstatic flow.

Yoni/Lingam gazing:

A Tantric Meditation with Breathing Techniques. You can get lost and experience endless peace while gazing at the genital area of your partner.
Tantra-subtititle-symbol ELEMENTS OF TANTRIC RITUALS: Tantra-subtititle-symbol
Awakening the senses:
Stroking the entire body with silky scarves and feathers.

Withdraw of the sarong:
a slow ritual, when you lose sense of the motion of your sarong.

Shakti is honoring Shiva, using light touch, and making magic circles around the body.

Chakra Work:

Laid down postures: the partners make a connection through the root chakra.

Shakti lays on top of Shiva, both face down, breathing together in harmony.

Alignment of the chakras: Activate each energy center of the body, starting from the base chakra and making a connection between the partners. Also called Tantric Love making. Using energy flow, sound, breath, touch.

Chakra Breathing: Activate each energy center of the body starting from the base chakra. Meditative guided Breathing Technique using specific sounds to leave an endless harmony in the body and mind