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Winter Workshops


Who are the Workshops for?

They are for everyone interested in how Tantra can enhance life. Come alone or with your partner – all are welcome!

Are you someone who:

  • Wants to learn how to connect with others from the heart?
  • Wants to expand your sensuality and your sexuality?
  • Wants to transform your relationships into a temple of love and pleasure?
  • Wants to transcend your own ego and create a closer partnership with others?

If your answer is “Yes!” to one or more of these questions, this is the Workshop for you.

Between us we create a relaxed place to be ourselves. This Workshop is designed to ensure that every participant is comfortable and relaxed in every activity which takes place.

What happens in the Workshop?

Program topics:

  • Awakening your senses
  • Body responsiveness
  • Conscious touch
  • Making spiritual connection
  • Active meditation
  • Playing with new ideas and visualization
  • Extending your sexuality
  • Finding the door to ecstasy through sexuality
  • Caring through sensuality
  • Breathing as the way to amplify pleasure
  • Massage to raise your energy level
  • Harmonizing your energy with your partner’s

What will the Workshop achieve?

By awakening our senses we become aware of the present moment. This awareness deepens our sensual response. A sensual body is one that gives out life to the world.

In this Workshop we learn to be conscious of our actions. We discover all our inner potential. When we live in the present moment our senses become refined. We can connect with the world of sensations that is waiting.

The senses are our channels to life in all its beauty. When we are able to open up our senses, we become happy and renewed human beings. Give your body permission to connect with the senses!

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Tantra-subtititle-symbol ARE YOU INTERESTED? Tantra-subtititle-symbol

If so, please contact us with any further questions. It would be most helpful if you include a few words about yourself and what you hope to gain from the Workshop.

Payment and conditions:
Workshop fee: €300 per person.
Assistant partner for Tantra practice: €150.
Fees include tax.

To assure your booking, a deposit payment (50% of the total fee) must be made.

Please note: Travel and accommodation are not included in the fee. We can help with suggestions and information about local travel and accommodation.

Places are strictly limited so we recommend early booking.