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Journey To Wonderful Warsaw — A Day of Searching

A Day of Searching

Olga and I spent this morning in the beautiful woods around Warsaw; upsetting campers, bicyclists and picnickers with our public nudity photos.

On our way back to the hotel to prepare for the casting call, a helpful taxi driver took us around town and showed us all the old and abandoned factories and apartment complexes - all fantastic locations!!

Arranging a casting is always filled with fear and joy for what you have to face, and this casting had everything: Girls sent by their agents saying it is for a bathing suit session and I trying to say it must have been a misunderstanding and that it is a full nude session.

There were lots of young girls trying to act old and showing their fake IDs, which I turned away immediately. There were also mothers with children still hoping to make it in the model industry. There were also porn models thinking sucking on a finger will help on their application. But luckily some of the true beauties of Poland also stepped forward to surrender to my lens. Without revealing too much I have attached some samples to the right.

Now it is just after midnight and I am back after a great evening out in the Old Town with my new acquaintance Marek from Poland. We feasted on delicious Polish food in one of the classic restaurants facing one of the grand old squares in the old town. Afterward we went bar hopping and I was treated to probably the best beer I have ever tasted. Thanks for a great night out, Marek! And I welcome you to be my official model scout in Poland and we will meet again in the spring.


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NB! Please note that images and films presented here are not representative of the technical quality
of Travel photos and film clips are made with a "point and shoot" compact camera only.
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Visitors' Comments

Olga,so beautiful
Olga is the most beautiful girl with a perfect fit body! Petter please continue with her!
Olga day 1
Yes indeed, Olga is most amazing. And i dont worry about her health, she just looks fantastic. thanks!
Olga, the goddess of beauty.
Dear Peter, when I saw Olga on the web for the first time, I decided to join your site. I just saw a few photos of archieve “Olga in the woods”. I had never seen as beautiful and thrilling photos as those ones before. I felt Olga was the sexiest, prettiest and skillest model so I wasn’t be able to avoid joining your site. Your journey to Warsaw was very precious for me. Many thanks form Northern Italy.
DAY4-about Dagmara
Hello, I am from Poland and I am so glad to see person I know on yr web side. I am fro Krakow, and I know Dagmara personality. She spends time at the same GYM/Fitness than me. I found her naked fotos on polsih server and I am looking for more since one year. I am proud than I know Erotic star. I think Se is Bomb Shell ans she MUSt play in movies I think. She will be better than Briana Banks and Jenna Jameson... Best regards, Marlon
Monica the Day 7 Girl!
Monica is so lovely to see. She really is a rare bounteous babe. I like her shy smile and her lovely eyes. And I like her hair too. Her body is so full of grace and I would like very much to run my fingers over her curves. She is gorgeous and I would like to see many more photos of her.
Get yourselves down to Poland and you'll see that they are all fit and beautiful. They also make for good women in general, not like the dogs that grace England.
piękne dziewczyny
nie ma co.. świetne te fotki, i mean... those pics are so beautiful!! polish girls are simply the most amazing and wonderful gilrs on the globe.. no doubt about it!
I will going to Poland for my first shooting abroad. I have sent a number of emails to a lot of models with websites. But, none of them will say what there price is. How much did you pay for a days worth of shots?
beatifull for dream..!!!
Lucky you
Hello Petter: I am new to your site and enjoyed all the letters written about you. You must have a very exciting life. I've been to Poland before and agree with the guys stating that Polish women are beautiful. I hope to travel to Poland soon. If you have any tips about where to go, please let me know: Also, try Croatia sometime. Thanks, James
You shoud check out Ukraine if you think Polish women are good. Ukraine and Belarus are mucvh better as is Estonia
from Poland with love
your' photos are great, very sensual and erotic, congratulations! ;) come back to Poland! & take more fantastic photos.
Long live Krakow girls!
i agree Peter
About comment
verypretty girl that's i ever seen
Day 7
Peter dont u have more pictures from the girl in day 7?? She is perfect..would like to see more of her...
Olga...simply breath taking...
Petter, count your blessings my man. Olga is a prize and should be treated like one (which I am hopefull you realize). Lucky for me, my wife shares almost unbelievably the same physical features in every aspect, otherwise I would go stir crazy thinking about how absolutely gorgeous Olga simply is. Olga...Achieve great things and enjoy the attention that you receive. You have mine.
Thou art a blessed man Petter! And may God bless me too!
uke girls
Young Ukrainian women are without a doubt the most attractive in the world. Long , lean , tight bodies for the world to appreciate and long for...Thanks for the photos and keep them coming!
Olga please . . . Eat ! ! !
I'm really worried about Olga's health. This is not good. Olga, please eat ! Don't worry, every calory, will make you feel happier.
Can I pay in cash by postal mail?
want 2 see tha gals free all i can say, is damn beutiful and nice photo but why dont you make it free(nonmember) oke hegre Ade Wirawan - 2003-8-18-00-15 I fully agree with Mr Ade Wiranwan particularly because there is no way of paying membership from my country(bangladesh) by Credit card. Sincerely, S shaban
These pics and then some
WOW! I've surfed for years and never seen as good! Way to go Petter!
so fantastic
At last Polish girls!
Polish girls are the most beautiful girls in the world I should know I’m Polish. Next time you come to Poland go to Wroclaw the girls are even better there.
To Dracula's land
Yep, nice, but you haven't seen anything until you come to Transylvania, Romania. Or try more to the South: Bucharest with its dark skinned brown haired and smart looking girls. Great mixture of the Latino type and the Slavic one. They'll suck the energy of you and the pixels of your camera. Come to my land, Darcula Domesticated
so nice...!
nice pictures..! what else to say..!
polish girls
these are astounding pictures of yours that evoke sensousness
day 7: the most beatiful ever
That girl of the 7th day is the most beatiful girl i've seen in this site and the prettiest ever. Her body, face breasts are amazing and it is the minimum word I can say with my limited vocabulary. And in despite of some another opinios here, it's not fake it's just like Hegree said voluptous, and for me better. congratulatios dude, your site don't just has only the most beatiful girls but has style.
Day 7!!!!!!
Petter, your subject is a photographers dream: spectacular, naturally beautiful and poised. That is the most exaggerated UNDERstatement I have ever made! You must shoot more. BRAVO and all that!!!!!
hey guys, I travel the world to deliver the best girls on this planet. I present you images only hours after they have been exposed. Job well done Petter, but much more can be done with imagery... you are entertaining but you could also educate. I have a proposal I would like to present to you but only if you are agreeable. E-Mail me..... if interested.........andre
How About Asia?
After trying so many other sites with pretty girls, I've finally found what I was looking for -- and even bought the 6 month membership (it's DEFINITELY worth it!) But how about another trip to Asia? How about Japan or Korea or Hong Kong? How about Shanghai? (the girls are exceptionally tall and friendly.) Keep up the great, hard work, Petter. I wish I had YOUR job!!!
Hi petter. your tour pics are great. make a trip to india . you will find some of the most beautiful girls of the world here,
Dear Sir, I'd like your pics, they are good pics. I know that you are difficult to take them. So I hope that to recieve more and more your pics, beautiful pics. Thanks a lot and have a good success! Paul Tran
polish girls
It is amazing beautiful girls beutiful photography. I think my next holiday is in Poland. Thanks once again Petter. Australia
Polish Women
My first ex-wife was a blonde girl from Pennsylvania with one of those great Polish racehorse heinies. COWABUNGA! You usually don't see asses that good on White women. On the other hand, she could get very nasty and once she cold-cocked me with a frying pan.
Am I the only one who thinks Petter has been becoming a better and better photographer? These photos from the Poland trip are absolutely stunning from just a photography standpoint (not even including the amazing girls!)
wonderful nudes
Polish Women
Petter you have continually amazed and astounded me with your work. The visual portraits you create are not only part of the erotic imagination, but also partakes of the qualities and nature of the purest art. Something which makes you think, question your same old ideas, and finally, evolve! Thanks for provoking your audience in more ways than one!! -Stanley Gemmell
see the heaven
hi peter, your travel pics are really excellent. but if you want to to enjoy heaven and heavenly beauties, come to INDIA.
very nice
congratulations Petter, this is the best of the world. Hey, come to Chile is beautiful. Thanks for all.
free photos
hey guys, I travel the world to deliver the best girls on this planet. I present you images only hours after they have been exposed. My staff is counting 7!!!! I'm only asking $24.95 for a month's membership. For this you get over 27.000 images, daily updates, over 50 films + all my travel reports... that's a lot of passion and pleasure for a few bucks! petter
#1 models
i love your site. i think it is the BEST.
very good pics
HI thx a lot for this super nude pictures ! they are really super , but I want to ask if we can have some movies ( free short one's) Luba is the best
Dear Firend: Congratulation , very good job.- fredo , Argentina
All U have right. Our Girls are pretty and elegant. Love them all. But remember, Poland is not only Warsaw!!! It is much bigger Country. See You next time in Katowice, hm?
want 2 see tha gals free
all i can say, is damn beutiful and nice photo but why dont you make it free(nonmember) oke hegre
Polskie dziewczyny
Polskie dziewczyny są jak maliny :)
You Have a good Job, Congratulaions for you and team
This is full of beauties but eyes are waiting to behold. Thanks for the great presentation.
Warsaw trip
Happy, that you found some time to visit us Peter. I live in Warsaw since i was born, and i can say one thing - you can easly find what you're looking for (babes) if you know where to look - Warsaw (and generally Polish) girls do really have a lot worth seeing (and even better - they can do even more things worth doing). I hope you'll have a good time here, and again - thanks for the visit.
nice work as usual. whenever you wanna come to portugal, there's also some nice work to be done. just write me an email.
Polish Girl
The Polish girls are very beautiful the photos of them help accentuate there beauty.
day 2
i can't wait that the week is over! great girls! friendly yours from brussels.
wao..Petter I ever wonder the way you explore beauty. Marsaw's beauty is one of the selected pictures I have. Why dont you come to Asia for some chocolate girls? Think about it Petter.
I agreewith John Hall. Smaller is better!
Great photo's, as usual!!
Petter the Pole
Enjoy Your stay Peter! Emil the Pole
Hi, Petter, what about visiting Slovakia? Polish girls are really beautiful, but you could check ours too... ;-) It's really close from Poland, as you probably know. Would like to see some real quality photos. BTW: Your work is great, i think.
Pole about Poles
Hi I live in Gdansk (PL) and am a Polish man. I have travelled aroud Europe and I have to say Polish women are the most beautifull, some are very proud and even if they look like cheap girls it is only fashion. Althougt I' ve noticed that they become more similiar to Jennifer L. style: bigger butts ( it is a sign of wellfare I think) and it wories me as I always liked skinny chicks. I also liked Ducht girls: nice, blond, looking innocent.
Polish Women
The Wonderful Warsaw only.
--PLEASE Focus on the NATURAL, tall, long-legged, blue eyed beauties that propigate that wonderful country--!!--Do It Justice Petter..!!--
girlzzzzzz...from the deep east
I like the way you shoot girl.These girl most be avalaible for a special tour in Canada to promote your site more efficiently.THANX
polish girls
I was disappointed by my trip to Poland. I am very curious to see what Peter can dig up there. I spent a lot of time and energy looking and only found a few decent looking Russian babes. I&#39;m sure there are some beautiful girls there but correct me if I&#39;m wrong but the normal look of the young girls in poland is not that impressive?
Polish Girls
I am of Polish blood lines from Krakow. These are exceptionally beautiful women.
Nice girl. My own personal tast leads to females who are small busted and do nmot like these fake models. Prefer the natural look like you seem to shoot.
Great polish girl
COOL !!!!!!!!!!!!! No more comments
Brunett is outstanding Thanks Petter
polish girls
yay! polish girls are really beautiful, almost as pretty as the dutch
Warsaw beauty...
I have worked in Warsaw and found the girls not only beautiful as found in the new and trendy underground lounge bars - but friendly , fashionable, zainy, stylish, energetic and wow in the horizontal position... ;)
Your Pics
I&#39;d just like to say how great your pics are.The fact that they are so simple but so erotic without stooping to porn as so many others do is great. Say Hello to Luba for me.She is a great model. Phill
Polish kobieta
I&#39;ve been there several times and Polen maybe poor but it&#39;s rich what about pretty women. From Stetzin till Kudowa you&#39;ll meet them all. Dowiezena , Bert Verbruggen
In Poland all girls are beautiful. I know what i talking about im from Poland :)
Polish Girls
Happy for you to find such beauty in Poland ."STOLAT"
About Poland
Facts about Journey To Wonderful Warsaw

By 1980 the workers in Poland had just had enough. They wanted to be free and when an entire nation wants freedom, nothing finally is going to stop them. Through their independent trade union Solidarity the workers became politicians and after ten years of struggle, Solidarity swept to power in dramatic parliamentary elections.

Shock therapy economics during the 1990s enabled the country to transform its way of working and if you visit Poland today what you find is a vibrant young nation that has shrugged off the past and joined the world. Polish food is rich, strong, classy and exciting. The same can be said about its women.

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