Mission to Moscow — New Land of Opportunity

New Land of Opportunity

Moscow is HUGE! Here you will find over 10 million hardcore Russians still in the throes of an aftershock from the fall of Communism and the move toward the rule of the market economy (and not the rule of the mafia).

Moscow has in just a few years become the city of big opportunities and I have never seen so many BMW 750's, top of the line Mercedes, and Bentleys in one city before...CRAZY!!!!! And what about the girls? Oh yes, indeed, they are here in full force!

And they are all rushing to this metropolis of good fortune from every little corner of the Mother Land, most of them holding a paper saying they are the winner of the local beauty contest in their region. Never before have I cast so many girls in one day on any of my crusades and never before have I spent so much time preparing a trip! Take a glimpse of today's work! The girls are amazing!

We have been running from agency to agency, and last night we ended up in the hottest strip club in town - Spermint Rhino - getting a deal with the girlfriend of the super boss of the whole club. This is the raisin in the sausage, as we say!

More is coming, my dear members as this is just the beginning, I promise you!


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NB! Please note that images and films presented here are not representative of the technical quality
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Photo 1 of Mission to Moscow, New Land of Opportunity Photo 2 of Mission to Moscow, New Land of Opportunity Photo 3 of Mission to Moscow, New Land of Opportunity Photo 4 of Mission to Moscow, New Land of Opportunity Photo 5 of Mission to Moscow, New Land of Opportunity Photo 6 of Mission to Moscow, New Land of Opportunity Photo 7 of Mission to Moscow, New Land of Opportunity Photo 8 of Mission to Moscow, New Land of Opportunity Photo 9 of Mission to Moscow, New Land of Opportunity Photo 10 of Mission to Moscow, New Land of Opportunity Photo 11 of Mission to Moscow, New Land of Opportunity Photo 12 of Mission to Moscow, New Land of Opportunity
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Visitors' Comments

good picture
Very good moment and nice lady.
pretty girl
i think that i become one of luba'funs she is so cute. she looks like a girl who is my my most lovely girl that i ever loved.
I'm 23 from Nj male, i use to have a pornographic website. I came across yours and i have to admit, you have the most incredible, amazing, sexy, sensual, great graphic... in order words I just completely love your work. You truly give quality to the viewers and bring the beauty out from each girl. Oh another question, tell me where do you find these girls, i'm packing :)
so good I like your web.
Girl in top right Day 1
Petter, Who is the dark-haired girl in the top right picture of Day 1, where does she appear in the archives?
One man show...
Dear Simunsez, I am not quite sure what you are indicating. I have never said this is a one man show. I have a great team around me. I have a textwriter in NY helping me with texts. I have a designer working for me. I have 2 webmasters and I have a photo content manager. But all photos on this site is taken by me or my wife and that is the truth. I hope this is good enough explination for you. Thanks Petter
Please, don't even try and tell me that this site is the product of one "wow, man" Norwegian with perfect English, photography and webmaster skills.
victoria tsarkova
Petter, You have an eye for beauty and the integrity with which you shoot is a credit to all photographers everywhere! I am amazed and will continue to be a member for a long, long time. Your trip to Russia is so inspiring, my wife is from Russia (Kazan) and we both admire your work. She has even agreed to let me send you some of her shots!! Thanks again Petter!
True Art
Anyone can snap a picture of a young beautifull woman, especially in this day and age, but your work truly transends the craft into an art form. You capture the essence of the woman within through your tastefull posing, delicate use of light and shadow and especially form. I sat transfixed by the total impact of each shot. Your work is what true eroticism and art is all about!
why was that beautiful girl rejected??
Erotic and yet so pure are the images of your travels. Absolute brilliance is the hand that can capture this while never contraining the images of these flowing beauties. WORK WELL DONE MY FRIEND. From the City of Angels, CA. Thank YOu.
so pure....
like your stil, and how you present tha woman, love it. So pure and real. keep on the nice work.
I really like Peter's travels! Meeting new, apparently shy girls and convincing them to bare all for the sake of erotic photography. Very exciting indeed!
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Very nice site!
pretty girls
hello peter, these r the girls with beautiful n nice sweet boobs
sending files
hi peter iwant very sexy & artistic sex photo. i am a photographer.i like uur art.
Russia 2006?
Next time you go to Russia you should try the Golden Ring cities: Suzdal, Vladimir, Novgorod, etc. I went there "studying" last spring/summer 2005 through my university in Michigan, USA, and was so captivated by the women around me that when I went home and compiled the trip video for the group I found it impossible to edit out all of the wonderful girls which I had "accidentally " (but somewhat unconsciously)captured with my camcorder.
Well, I guess it wouldn't matter where you went in Russia.
Any chance, also, that you would travel to Indonesia? I would love to go with...to Ukraine and back to Russia as well...
Good luck! Spasiba!
Za zhenshchini! Yuvidimsya!

About Russia
Facts about Mission to Moscow

When you think of the women of Russia we imagine bent old babushkas lining up for bread in ration queues or stiff lady judges at the Olympics with faint moustaches and stern expressions as they mark their own competitors with top marks and everyone else with lowly ones. How wrong we have been, as Petter Hegre discovered on his first journey to Moscow with Luba.

Russian women are open, friendly, ultra-modern, the absolute essence of the new nude and, when they weren't lining up to attend castings, they were eager to take the Hegres out to visit the town's fantastic night life, the great restaurants and the most daring night clubs on the planet.

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