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Bali Paradise — Day Three

Day Three

I immediately understood why Putu was the hottest model on Bali and was on billboards across the island promoting numerous products. Tall, slim and graceful, she slipped out of her clothes and started modelling naked like she had never done anything else in her life. With the sound track of the jungle and the little rivers flowing around our villa, this nude beauty stretched out in front of me with offerings of flower decorations to nature and I had the feeling that in my photography I was doing exactly the same thing, that my shots of Putu were a celebration of nature.

That's how I see my work. And Putu as well. Modelling is condemned these days in Bali as the work of prostitutes, the oldest profession, and Putu had a genuine desire to change that perception. It all backfired for both of us and, if I'd had any idea what the after effects of my trip were going to be, we probably would not have made the trip in the first place.

Shortly after we started publishing the photos in November, Putu, Diah and my scouts were rounded up by the police and taken in for interrogation. At hegre-art our servers experienced such extreme traffic we had to block all ips from the region. I had dozens of journalists contacting me from the local news media and my images were downloaded and published on Indonesian sites. Now, almost one year later, the situation has calmed down, but I was informed that Luba and I are now "red flagged" by immigration and that we could never return to the island again...

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Visitors' Comments

Really excellent high-end photos of Bali villa and beautiful models. Great choice of location. I once saw Bin Laden tee shirts for sale in the outdoor markets, though. Thanks for such an exotic effort, you are really the best photographer of the genre out there today.
I just LOOOOOVE and ADOOOORE Diah! She is a GODDESS!!!

I would like to fall on my knees before her and worship her!!!

She is so sweet and innocent, I would do anything for this girl!
More of this sexy girl!
Bali may be the one paradise in the world, because Gods must be very good
more Indonesian cuties' close-ups
Amazing pics..!!
Please shoot more close-ups of Indonesian cuties..!!
there are amny more exotic islands & beaches in Indonesia, not only Bali.
Please dont just cover thebeaches & scenery of Bali Island. In Indonesia, there are many many more beautiful & exotic islands with amazing panoramas like Toba Lake in North Sumatra, Bunaken Beach in Manado, Ennu Beach in Palu, Togian Beach in Sulawesi Tengah, and many more around Indonesia.
Great to see & watch Indonesian models in your photos-art.
Adrie Teteregoh, Palu
To william,
How do you know if they are Hindu? Everybody can use Putu as name. They are fake balinese, immoral girls. I am dissapointed with your corection. Diah is Moslem, she is from Banyuwangi also the girl known as Putu on the photo exactly nit a balinese girl. She is Javanese. They are all muslem. Everybody know that in Bali.
just wanna told you that bali is not a country but its part of Indonesia,if you guys have visited bali next time,let me know so ican give you free travel to excellent place for background image.
Send my regards to PUTU and DIAH,

your sincerely
Capt.Dalian Nasution,SE
very goooooooooood
just wanna told u peter, that Bali isn't a country, it's an island, part of Indonesia, Most of balinese are Hindu not Muslim. The hat that Diah wearing is Hindu's, it is wear by balinese girls to ceremonies, dancing. It's not a muslim hat at all>Diah's dancing is also bali dancing,not else, please don't write things that u don't know exactly as this can cause misperception.thank you
All the beauty of the world
I was in Bali in summer of 2005. These wonderful pictures with this trpical garden remember me a lot of souvenirs from this delicious country. And Luba est tellement jolie que sa silhouette épouse ce paysage de rêve et se fond en lui, comme Eve au premier temps de l'Eden...Bali, spirit of Eden (it's also a great LP of Talk Talk, écoutez le) Thanks. Fred
James - screen problem
Try pressing F11 key!
When are you going to have more sets with Putu?
Luba in Bali
wow, amazing fotos. luba looks amazing again and again. looking forward to some beach fotos too please or under some nature waterfalls in the ubud area. Tony
man..u should shoot a lot more upskirt and "fly on the wall" type images like the last image in day two :)
Day One - Bali
The pictures are beautiful; however, when I enlarge, I cannot see the full picture because they are bigger than my screen.
wow! a month in that villa would be niiiiiiice!!!! love the statue!!!
About Bali
Facts about Bali Paradise

If there is anywhere in the world that has a multitude of nicknames it is certainly Bali. Morning of the World, Island of the Gods and the Last Paradise on Earth are just a few that spring to mind.

Although it has undergone a great deal of modernization over the past decade, most of the island still deserves those appellations. Its natural beauty, the colorful Balinese Hindu festivals and the friendliness of the people lure vacationers to its tropical wonders year after year.

Most tourists know Bali for its splendid beaches and lush green landscape. Its cities however are also cultural centers filled with five star hotels, elegant dining, and of course plenty of shopping.

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