Return to Tuscany — Stuck in the Mud

Stuck in the Mud

After a long night of heavy rains and more than a few glasses of Chianti, the sun came out and put a gloss on the Tuscan countryside. My little frencheuse chocolate model was on her way back to Paris and, when Hana arrived from Prague, I had a feeling that on this, my last day at the Villa Mangiacane for this session, I was going to get some classic shots in the camera.

We spent half the day in the Turkish bath with its sauna and long narrow dip pool. The conditions are hard on the equipment, but I knew from working with Hana before it would be lots of fun. She got thoroughly greased up on extra virgin olive oil, and once she was coated in sweat from the sauna you get that shiny, freshly-polished look that makes bare flesh look like diamonds.

Hana works in cabaret. She has the long slender body of a dancer. Slipping naked around the villa's Nadushska Spa she provided the rest of the guests with the best floor show they'd ever seen. We continued the performance out at the pool with three laughing Buddhas for company (see today's photos). At Mangiacane there are three pools, two outside and one indoor, and during the course of the day we tried them all. Being high season, the estate was full of people and everyone seemed to appreciate our creative efforts.

Following the water theme, we ended up beside a lake and, what with all the rain the last few days, the whole area was inundated. Wearing nothing but rubber boots, Hanna got stuck in the mud and her efforts to try and get out provided a visual feast. All captured on camera, of course.

The 3 day session is over. It was a memorable journey with lots of visuals to prove it. Time now to return to the editing desk...and see if we have enough material to match the calendar we did last year.


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Visitors' Comments

I live here: Chianti Countryside
Dear Petter, you make me really happy when I discover your italian photos and overall this location just behind my home! Next time you'll be here could you send me an email to offer me the honour to meet you?
I'm a tuscanian photographer inspired from your perfect way to perceive nude photography. I hope to see you soon in Tuscany.
I idmire how you make me feel that I'm in the same place you are
awesome sets and sceneries!
awesome sets and sceneries.
cant wait to see these galleries online!
great job petter and thanks for sharing it with us again..

Jason - Holland
What a place!
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Italy is timeless and sensual, its landscape, its colours, its flavours and its food; in Italian opera they sing eulogies to the wine. Italy is a treasure trove with Tuscany the jewel in the crown, a place so alluring you will be in danger of believing you are already in paradise.

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