HEGRE Travels Ukraine 2007

Ukraine — Day Four

Day Four

Like I said, endless castings pay off. Today's model is a true find from a small town south of Kiev.

You will soon be very familiar with Nika when she starts appearing in our gallery section. With a perky and petite body, a naughty firecracker attitude and not being afraid to show off her attributes, this university student will not let you down. She calls herself a late bloomer, as her figure just exploded at age 18, and says that she enjoys the attention she has been getting since. Check out her voice in one of the video clips below. Any LA producers here that want to sign her up? And don’t forget to come back tomorrow to see one of the most beautiful girls I have ever photographed…


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NB! Please note that images and films presented here are not representative of the technical quality
of Hegre-Art.com. Travel photos and film clips are made with a "point and shoot" compact camera only.
Photo 1 of Ukraine, Day Four Photo 2 of Ukraine, Day Four Photo 3 of Ukraine, Day Four Photo 4 of Ukraine, Day Four Photo 5 of Ukraine, Day Four Photo 6 of Ukraine, Day Four Photo 7 of Ukraine, Day Four Photo 8 of Ukraine, Day Four Photo 9 of Ukraine, Day Four Photo 10 of Ukraine, Day Four Photo 11 of Ukraine, Day Four Photo 12 of Ukraine, Day Four Photo 13 of Ukraine, Day Four Photo 14 of Ukraine, Day Four Photo 15 of Ukraine, Day Four Photo 16 of Ukraine, Day Four


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Visitors' Comments

Nika the Fabulous
I joined because of Nika and Anna S. Of course, I have found many other super ladies on your site. But Nika has to be one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, clothed or unclothed.
Yes, guys, you are so right!

Mere words are not enough....
No comment - just beauty
Anna S is so beautiful! Thanks you Peter changing our dreams into real!!
she is beautiful oh my she is beautiful
day 5 Ukraine
Very classy; she know she does not have to be too revealing to be erotic. Love these semi-candid films, especially of this lady.
very nice
the most beautiful pictures I ve ever seen!!!
vids day one
great vid on set 2 the model has a great body
Outstanding bod!
love the two woman together looked very sexy
no one is more bueatiful than you!
Jula - Her beauty shines through her eyes and her smile. Spell binding.
Anna s
I do yoga and meditate every day.
I'm old enough to be your dad, but that's ok.
Roses are red, so is the wine.
You're so beautiful Anna S - like to know you.
Love, Robert
Little Hottie! Bring her on!
When are galleries of Nika going to appear .... and I hope vids, would be soo nice? Little hottie!
day one great and day two wow shes hot
Nika looks nICe
How soon is Nika coming on stream, there is something about this chick? .... nice, nice, and nicer! Hope you shot some vids Petter too?
I guess Jula clearly shows what the difference makes between those many beautiful models and the -not so many- breathtaking ones... and Julia definitely is breathtaking
Jula ....
Yes, Jula is a true youthful beauty.
Those piercing eyes and perfect body are a lethal combination. I can hardly wait for the 6000px shots! Rarely have I seen such beauty, such poise, and a such charisma transferred by mere photos. Please hurry Petter!
Wow! What a stunning woman she is!! I hope to see a short video summary of this session in the near future here at hegre-art.
Godess....she looks as a Greek Godess. I am in shock. What a beauty!
Anna S
Even more beautiful as a brunett., Natural brunette and natural skin is lovely. (oil on skin is nice too). I wish more models would stay brunette.
Could be a ringer for Luba's little sister.
Wow thos window shots of Nika especially Day 4, 13. Breathtaking!
Sofie looks great in these photos can't wait to see more.
Ekaterina ?
Any chance to have Ekaterina coming back during this session ?
Yeah Au Natural
Gald to see Anna with her natural hair color. Honestly, she looks better as a brunette than a blonde, both girls do. I have been wating for a long time to see this travel log, I know you won't disappoint.
Please Petter, how about feeding both of these lovely ladies some food? Viewing hip and rib bones are not sexy (1-8, 1-19). Anna S as a brunette is very hot!!
The worship of Anna S by mere mortals
My God Petter!!!!

Anna S is without a doubt (with the exception of your wife of course:) the most beautiful model on your site!!! And now she's a brunette!
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I want more of Anna S!!!!
Your Loyal Fan.
Olena is Hot.
Anna S not blonde?
Anna S not blonde? Wow!
Now she is 10 times hotter and oh so simmering sexy!
love the tonal variation on 2_8
wowww!! is that the olga we know from before? she looks way better with the brown hair!!! ...and so does Anna to :)
Amazing first day shots. Can't wait till you post their series.
About Ukraine
Facts about Ukraine

For a thousand years the Ukraine has been dominated by Mongols, Russians, the Polish, even the Cossacks and the Lithuanians. The invaders have come and gone but the people have remained grittily determined to be free.

Independence finally came in 1991, but it wasn't until the closing months of 2004 when the peaceful mass protest called the Orange Revolution forced the authorities to overturn the rigged presidential election to allow a monitored vote that swept reformist Viktor Yushchenko to power.

Ukraine is the bread basket of the old Soviet Union with the potential of becoming one of the most prosperous and powerful nations in the new Europe. According to Petter Hegre, it also has, the most beautiful women in the world.

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