Kinky Paris — Day Four

Day Four

Even taking photos of great looking girls takes it toll. We've been working 4 days practically around the clock and my mind is trying to escape "me" by choosing easy and convenient solutions, which doesn't always give the best results.

Luckily, today's model Amandine was a sweetheart who re-fuelled me as we worked. A mediocre model by the end of a production is a nightmare – nothing comes for free, but this petite French brunette with the soft gentle eyes brought a fresh breeze with her and my inspiration came back. She has just begun a career as a show dancer and I literally had a couple of "private-dances" during the first 30 minutes, all caught on film of course. From there we just kept up the same pace and 800 images later we were both dead meat. Another great day.

Tomorrow Darine should be touching down in Paris straight from her assignment in Hawaii, although I have my doubts. There has been earth quakes in that region recently and that always interrupts the flow of air traffic. I haven't heard from Darine in a week and, you know what they say, a week's a long time in the model business. Stay tuned. We shall see.

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Visitors' Comments

Music Sync on your films
Hello Mr.Hegre, I was just thinking (after I downloaded one of your clips in the travelreports section) why don't you edit your movies with the original lives-sounds, i mean
they are much more erotic and alive without the lousy newage music or whatever...
You know, although they may appear less 'commercial' for your average audience...
I'm sure they can be much more interesting
(with your & the model voices, etc...)
Think about it...
my best regards x your art
Wow, this model is very very erotic. reminds me about my girlfriend....
Want to see more of this beautiful dame...
Probably the most beatifyl girl on th internet
Yikes.. she's cute as hell.. I cant wait to see more pics
Alya is classy and wonderfully beautiful. Thankfully your a trust worthy shooter who talent like this can know your going to make them look good and not objects.
Evi is a MUST!!
i found her and here she is!!
what a beauty:-)
Evi reminds me of Scarlett Johansson's tom-boy little sister. What a cutie ! !
Little Evi-Topmodel
Wow, this is a really lovely and very erotic model. Evi is one of your topmodels. Hope to see more of this gorgeous lady!
About Paris
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Long considered the very definition of style, Paris is the most glamorous city in all of Europe. Magnificent is too small a word to describe its many monuments, art galleries, and alluring night life. For hundreds of years, the whole of Europe has looked to Paris as the leader just about every trend from fashion, to journalism, to architectural design. If you are looking for the epitome of class then this is it.

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