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Tuscany for the photographer is the ultimate location. Even though it was five hundred years ago when the great masters created their masterpieces, I can still feel their presence.

Both Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci had Florentine teachers and crossed these roads and hills many times, their work creating an influence on western art that survives to this very day. Michelangelo, one of the founders of the high renaissance, was a sculptor, painter, architect, and poet. If cameras had been around in his day he would have shot film. His frescos are on the wall at the villa and to use them as a background for my own images is not just a great privilege but an inspiration.

Though the great masters painted in rich pigments, in brilliant colour that remains fresh and vibrant, for some reason I decided to work in black and white. It's like going back to your roots. Black and white is classical, timeless, and with the mediaeval mood that has come over me since I arrived at the villa, I feel inspired to stretch myself and create something on the very edge of my own imagination. Please feel free to comment on the word reproduced in these pages.

Tomorrow my second model is arriving and I will try to take the opportunity to have them pose together.

I should also, of course, mention the culinary delights of Tuscany. What can I say that Michelangelo hasn't said? When you've been working all day you are literally starving when you come to eat at night. I could eat anything and the food of Tuscany is so good, so excellent, you want to try everything. And the chefs will bring out tiny portions so you can do just that.

But now here is a very strange thing: with Italian food you enjoy the taste so much you don't stuff yourself. Picking each plate is like choosing a diamond: it's quality not quantity that matters. You drove through Tuscany and in the cities you don't see a lot of fat people.



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NB! Please note that images and films presented here are not representative of the technical quality
of Travel photos and film clips are made with a "point and shoot" compact camera only.
Photo 1 of MODERN RENAISSANCE, Feeling Inspired Photo 2 of MODERN RENAISSANCE, Feeling Inspired Photo 3 of MODERN RENAISSANCE, Feeling Inspired Photo 4 of MODERN RENAISSANCE, Feeling Inspired Photo 5 of MODERN RENAISSANCE, Feeling Inspired Photo 6 of MODERN RENAISSANCE, Feeling Inspired Photo 7 of MODERN RENAISSANCE, Feeling Inspired Photo 8 of MODERN RENAISSANCE, Feeling Inspired Photo 9 of MODERN RENAISSANCE, Feeling Inspired Photo 10 of MODERN RENAISSANCE, Feeling Inspired
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Visitors' Comments

Luba and her girls
Peter and Luba, we both love your adventures and love the way that you capture the beauty of your Eastern European women, but of the countries that you vistit. We wish that we could join you since you look like you are having so much fun. Tell Luba that we love her and love her with the girls along your travel. Steph especially loves her.
LUBA: Arts' Goddess
The uniquness of Luba's body and her fine posing by Petter, are the most breathtaking and artful. I just love it! I wish I was not a starving artist or I would buy some of the photos of her's. Ken
My God, Luba gets hotter and hotter every day. Thanks Petter, for capturing her beauty so well.
Tuscany photos/model
Long time since I've seen such exquisite b & w photos set against such lovely backgrounds and with such a professionally-posed model. GREAT!
Reply to "The Villa"
Hi Mike, this is both a private villa and a luxury "boutique" hotel owned by a Zimbabwe friend of mine. Due to privacy reasons I unfortunately can not provide you with a link to the place in this forum, but if you contact me directly I might give you some directions.
The Villa
Petter is that a private villa or public like a hotel?
I wish I could remember the name of the restaurant where my wife and ate dinner twice while we were in Florence last fall. The food was excellent, the prices were reasonable, and the location was very convenient to our hotel. But the real reason we went back a second time (and my wife does not know this)was to once again gaze at our most gorgeous waitress and to listen to her musical voice. At the time, I actually said to myself: "This is a woman that Petter should photograph." Enjoy Italy.
Reply to "casting sessions"
a casting is a very unpredictable and time consuming operation, and one never knows for sure what you are going to get. from experience I know that what looks like is going to be an incredible casting with agencies promising angels on a string can end up with nothing... and for this project I could not afford to gamble since my model requirements were very specific... therefore no casting session this time, but be sure I will dig deeper into this on a later occasion.
Hi Petter, damn if I knew u where coming to Touscany I would have welcomed u! I live in Prato, just 15 mins away from Florence. I'm a proud member of your site for some months now and I also promote it on my TGPs. BTW I could have a good set for one of your shootings, what do u think of an indoor swimming poll? let me know if interested I can send u a preview pic ;) Keep up the great work and enjoy a beautiful stay!
casting sessions
no casting session in italy!!! WHY?
3 comments. 1. You should not take Luba out in public she will cause an accident. 2. could you please give me permission to post the picture of the girl in oil, "godcries" As this is the best photograph I have even seen? except for the brazilian female football team but I think that was a hoax. Thirdly Miss Venezuala must be pure evil if there is any karma. Meaning she is so hot, what is wrong with her.
Warm Tuscan Nights
Have toured the Tuscan region extensively, but have never seen the villa in which you are currently staying. Looks like you scored! Can't wait to see what beauty you unfold. Ciao!
Italian Art
Now Petter...The girl in the Tuscany photo...THAT'S a work of art! Caio!
italy job
Dear petter and luba, you pickt the right time to be in italy. the wetter is great, hot and sunny. So i hope we get a lot outdoor pics insteat studio pics. I like the outdoor pics more t5han the studiopics. the models are on there best when they are outside. And the countryside of the tuscany has many beuteful spots to make great and nice pics. i wisch you both a good plesant and joyfull stay in italy. Ronald
Miss Venezuela
The model in the heading photo is a former Miss Venezuela. She is one of the two models for my Tuscany project. She will be introduced more properly tomorrow.
Looks great - who's the gorgeous model (with the fruit) in the pic on the Italy page on teh website?
Bravo, Petter!
What a great response! I am an Eastern European girl and I love looking at your website and admiring my Slavic sisters. Those girls have so much character in their faces, they don't need much of a background. I don't think there's anything wrong with shooting models in their "natural habitat", so to speak. Your Tuscany shoot looks amazing, and I'll enjoy it as much as your other work. And thanks for those flattering comments!
petter the great
Why do we love ya Petter and Luba?...cause you are the best of the best. You don't just give us great works of art, you give us your mind too. All I can say is Thanks my friends. Love ya lots forever and always. Of course you and Luba are the best of the best...KNOW IT! Of all the great artists in the world in history you are making your mark. These are my words for now...but will be a part of history in the future....Petter the great...and his wife Luba the ultimate. Sound good?
It is nice to see some very nice art and a change from the norm. Peter is a true talent and the model in these sets is a natural beauty. Great Job..
hello, those preview pictures looks fabulous. I must admit being an "ex" member who did not renew due to the site content which became more and more for me a beuty catalogue but with always the same pics:( "this girl on sofa" "this girl in shower" "this girl in the pool" "this girl on bed"...well:( I imagine that your project in tuscan is more time and money consuming than to shoot 10 cheap eastern girls in a day in the samme room with 2 flash up to light everything, but it sounds it worth the effort, I feel the renewing for very soon:)
Reply to "great:)"
hi eric, no need for the sarcasm. it only shows your naive, ignorant and prejudice view on eastern european girls and the way I work. together with brazil, eastern european models are currently ruling the model world and to call them "cheap" just reflects back to yourself. for the last 7-8 years I have been travelling almost every corner of eastern europe, and nowhere else have I met such educated elegant girls with integrity and self consciousness. But I admit it is not convenient to produce brilliant and varied nude series in small apts in cities like kiev and moscow on a cold winter day with temperatures outside way below freezing... it is not really fair to compare this to shooting in the tuscan wine yards on a hot summer day with a michelangelo villa as a backdrop...
Beauties in Peru
Peter, You have to travel to Peru, and take sexy shots of Peruvian Beauties (Current Miss World is Peruvian, so you have an idea). As locations the ancient Macchu Picchu Ruins, The Amazon Forest or the paradisiac beaches in the north side of Peru. In the sky above the Nazca lines, etc.. Good Luck !
Photo and model
The photos are excellent and the model you picked is amazing!
Amazing is the word
My GOd Petter! These photos are amazing! I can't wait to see them in the full!
Black n White
Wow, the day three images are simply stunning and mesmerizing. I think, the focus on art wouldn’t be achieved with color pictures here; the black & white makes it so powerful and artistic. Awesome model too and combo of two will be really hot, can’t wait to see it! Will you shoot that in black and white as well? Look, I'm curious :D
Oh my god, I have to second the guy recommending not 'exposing' Luba to the public: she is so not, even or especially when not being naked!! These dresses she wears ... ---- ok, I am just starting to breath again ... the cleavage of Luba is one of a kind; somehow her breasts are all to perfect a fit for these dresses, ... her curves ... oh my god. I think I would like to ask you for more non-naked pictures Luba (for instance the series in the club, dancing, was _so_ hot), better even a film too. Luba is so georgeous to look at, especially since she has this certain, but only very special certain innocence, or rather: désinvolture to it. Did I mention that you are a lucky guy?
Vino & Vespas?
Fantastic photos! How about working in some Vintage Vespas and/or a picnic? Just a suggestion to fuel the Italian fantasy. Thank you again for shareing your art with us.
Timeless art in progress!
This series is some of the best nude work I've seen anywhere. The models, the setting, the composition... WOW! I am considering getting a print of one of the B&Ws, i just need to decide which one when i see the full series. Bravo Petter!!!
Majestic Jennipher
Jennipher is also in my top three for your model list Petter,she has a stunning body and a face i could look at all day, another woman on your books that stirs my blood. Where do you find them Petter? Badga
Kathryn The Great
For me Kathryn must be in the top three of your list of models Petter. She has an awesome figure and a face so beautiful. She is a an absolute joy to look at. When are we going to have more photo sessions of her. The black & whites are superb Petter. Badga
magnific photo in black and white, and your eye to capture the right moment.
This Girl Is A GoddEss
I'm in Love*.....shes makes my kitty tingle..
your work
I really loved to see the models on your sites
interested in your site
hi im man from algier's interested to this site beautyfull with art of woman's write me please bye
love Italy
Dear Petter,

I hope you did enjoy your tirp to Italy. The photos shown here obviuosly seem to be as it was a nice and experiencing trip for you.

I would have been joining you while shooting.

Regards ("Auguri" as the italian says),

P.S. A section for photographer with information of sets, lightning etc. would be great!!!
casting sessions
My God, Luba gets hotter and hotter every day. Thanks Petter, for capturing her beauty so well
About Italy

Italy has it all - and it knows it. The cradle of Western civilization, its monuments are incomparable; its language gave us great masterpieces of theatre and laid the foundations for modern thought and philosophy. The Renaissance began in Italy and its great artists are legendary; Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Canaletto.

Italy is timeless and sensual, its landscape, its colours, its flavours and its food; in Italian opera they sing eulogies to the wine. Italy is a treasure trove with Tuscany the jewel in the crown, a place so alluring you will be in danger of believing you are already in paradise.

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