A PIECE OF HISTORY — Minor Setback

Minor Setback

My first week in Prague has gone so smoothly today’s little setback was bound to happen. I had been feeling confident and made a direct booking with a model I'd seen on one of the countless new internet sites.

Veronika (not the same one shown last week) was, according to the online shots, a slim and fragile beauty with gamine features and a faraway look in her eyes. The model who arrived for the shoot looked completely different, lackluster, tired and bored. She had a big band aid on her shoulder and was in a PMS mood.

I discretely ended the shoot after a few exposures and sent her home with some pocket money. I really can't blame her, everyone is out that struggling to make a go of their lives, but it was another lesson for me. I suppose I’ll let you all judge for yourself. Check out the photos in the right column.

Instead Luba and I went out shopping and we found some cool Calvin Klein stilettos in one of the exclusive shops on Parizka Street. See the photos attached.

After a long stroll around Prague, with a champagne lunch at the Grand Café, we climbed up on to the castle ramparts to see the city with a bird's eye view and I can without hesitation say it is the most beautiful, well conserved, and clean city I have ever been to. With these qualities you are banging into countless tourist groups, primarily from Italy and Germany, the Japanese like new born chickens following a guide with a red flag stuck on a stick. But still, it is worth it and one can still find peaceful moments immersing oneself in the beauty of the architecture. If you close your eyes and think hard enough you may find yourself back in the 1600’s.

Till Tomorrow


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Photo 1 of A PIECE OF HISTORY, Minor Setback Photo 2 of A PIECE OF HISTORY, Minor Setback Photo 3 of A PIECE OF HISTORY, Minor Setback Photo 4 of A PIECE OF HISTORY, Minor Setback Photo 5 of A PIECE OF HISTORY, Minor Setback Photo 6 of A PIECE OF HISTORY, Minor Setback Photo 7 of A PIECE OF HISTORY, Minor Setback Photo 8 of A PIECE OF HISTORY, Minor Setback
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Visitors' Comments

Dear Petter,
As stated before, I am a great fan of Mona's. If there are any archival photos or videos of her, could they be posted? Thank you and keep up the fantastic work.

"Not Innocent"
Looks like Prague was a smashing success. Too bad you dismissed the April 27th eager blonde with the "not so innocent" smile. Nancy Murrian recently shot her, producing some seriously sexy work. I was hoping to see your interpretation of this girl, but I guess not. Nevertheless, love your work. Keep it up
The best model
The most beautiful model from Czech republic is Marketa.
More Marketa please..She is magnificent..
Petter...hope all is well...just back from Brazil and am finally catching up with all you've been up to...your Ivette (from April 22nd) is a major diamond-in-the-rough...lyrically beautiful...another great Hegre find! I hope all is well...love to you and Luba
The best girls in Prague!
Prague was very good choice to go there and to shoot there. I am so happy that you shot again Marketa. I like the most her and I like the girl from April 22 too. They are so beautiful! I look forward to see more of them!!!! PRAGUE BEAUTY...
prague the place to be
Hi friends of the most beautiful girls...when I look on the pictures I just remember why I live in prague since 3 years. Believe it or not, but what you see here on the website is only a drop in the ocean. Here are thousands of this beauties. Regards from Prague Fuxe
Praque, nice location.
Judging by the previews, the trip to Praque produced some wonderful sets and videos of some very beautiful women. I must say I am especially excited about seeing some more of Marketa and Veronika, they both have the most angelic faces. If I pursue my aspiration of becoming a photographer, I hope that I do work this fine and with women this beautiful.
OMG you are so right. So much furniture but I bet in the end it makes it all worth while to place everything just right. Wanna be like you petter! Rj Gerhardt
Marketa is my fantasy..
The day 8 it the best day for me! Marketa is an angel..100% attitude, awesome body, absolute perfection! She radiates innocence and sensuality all at the same time!!! I'm waiting to see more...... Best looking girl ever!
Hi Petter, compliments for your great job...i'm envying you because you're restless! (i'm lazier than you for sure!) I'm an Italian Beauty and Fashion Photographer, based both in Monaco-Cote d'Azur and Milano...Planning a trip to Prague for my first time i'm thanking you so far for Restaurant's addresses, but, talking about Photography i wish to be in touch with some modelling Agencies supplying your Models...i'll be grateful if you could send me some of that addresses..I thank you in advance and i'm inviting you and your beautiful wife Luba from now to a Great Dinner in a Special Restaurant i know at the Seaside in Cote d'Azur..best regards Prisco
Great travel !
Maybe one of your best if not the best (together with Poland I think) so far. A lot of nice girls (even if I miss some from day one and am puzzled by the shape of some breasts... which look almost too perfect to be natural). The ballerina from day 25th is great, Ivette has a lot a presence and a very nice body, but your last day steal the show I think and Katka is simply awesome ! Almost perfect body, face and innocence of an angel. This is a girl you will have to shoot again ! By the way, I hope you won't scrap pictures from this morning girl (even if she lacks the innocent look). Last, I hope you won't let us wait till this summer to display us pictures of the travel... that would be to torture us ! I read you were going back to Brazil... any chance to be able to shoot again Gisela or Kelli ? Keep on the good work !
Re: Re: Models 24th, 25th
Hello Petter! No offence taken and none meant (and really the last thing I had in mind was to call for political correctness, which I find is of no value in itself). I just wanted to share my observations from the other side of the web server and inspire some reevaluation of said things. I much appreciate that the comment have been well received. Keep up the good work! Markus
Girl from day 7
She's gorgeous, in no way anorexic, wow, I live in Letná, so this girls performs 600m from here, maybe should go watch the show. Petter you're one lucky guy, travelling in world, Luba as your wife. Would love to have seen you guys at AOE. Hi hardworking Øyvind btw.
first time
Read carefully It is the first time I feel like downloading head shots from an erotic place, please Petter, give Marketa my regards saludos Marketa estas preciosa!
Models 24th, 25th - Reply
Hi Markus, you are of course right in your observations. My diaries are often marked by the heat of the moment, but please do not take it all too literally. After now 8 days of continuos shooting around the clock here in Prague, it is hard to stay 100% political correct and what is funny one day might not be so funny the day after. Sorry if I offended anyone, it was not my intentions. If any of you unhealthy web voyeurs want to comment on this be my guest ;-)
dance in Prague
Hey Petter, I think the dancer is delightful. Love the shot from under the tutu. The mattress makes a great instant backdrop. Best wishes
Prague models
I compliment you with finding the ballerina (25 April).A perfect and gracefull body. Furthermore the model of April 22 is a jewel. I have been in Prague several times and always impressed. Thanks for the restaurant tips.
Sure enough wonderful Luba has saved the day again. And I bet though you have had many fine lunches with her there is always the first time every time with such a wonderful lady as Luba. You see petter...you have found perpetual youth...Your happy life with your sweet wife is bound to give you many many more 'first moments forever'...even if you do it again it will always remain the first. Enjoy your stay in Prague Petter the great and Luba the sweet.
Ballerina from April 25
Anorexia? She is one of the most beautiful and felxible girls I have ever seen!
Models 24th, 25th
Hi Petter! Interesting combination of comments, askig for respect about the given body types after having said what has been said about the girl the day before. The ballerina is a beautiful girl, and listless mood is written all over yesterday's model, but the comments and the million dolar bet (and it's implicit conclusions about us folks out here) sill leaves me somewhat bewildered. (Just sharing my 2 pennies worth of opinion here, of course.) Have a great stay there and looking forward to more series with dramatic lighting like the girl on the stool (20th) and the ballerina in front of the mattress. Regards, Markus
Beautiful Mona
You absolutely must ensure the continued presence of Mona on your site - she is quite simply stunning. Kepp up the brilliant work!
Better with age
Is it possible that Luba gets better looking with each year? You picked a GENUINE lasting beauty, Peter.
20th April
A marvellous shot of the girl stretched on the sofa. Lovely face, amazing body and pose, and a great setting. Hope to see lots of her.
day 6
i don't say anything about the "hippo"girl. But I do have a question. Lubba has new shoes. When do we get them to see? All we can see is that the are black, and have a strap around her ankle
Day 5, 23April
OH-MY-GOD! That girl is amazing!!! Her olive skin, dark hair and Mediterranean eyes have me bewildered! Her video is awesome, too -- she knows how to move to the rhythm and stop the Gods in their tracks! I can't wait to see her dance more!
more vids of free time
love watching the models in vids please do more informal vids during photoshoots thanks
Peter Style Changing
Hi Peter,I've been your photography addict for last two straight years.Now I'm observing your photography style is changing towards fashion style modeling. It's cool! I admire your photography and your selection. You never let your members and fans down! I would love to see your work in real sometime if its possible! Many Thanks!
Yes Marketa!
Hi, for sure we are ready to see more picture of this stunning beaty.. Marketa is great model!
Innocence and sexiness
April 19 #12 & 13 - That girl has an innocent girl next door quality. April 19 the final pic has an amazing sexy quality that really shows in her eyes.
Ivette is perfect! I'm so glad you chose to d oa whole day with her, can't wait to see her full sets! She has the most amazing face!
Hi Petter, pretty hardcore equipment You got there. As I am a photographer by my own I know the stuff You are talking about. I am shooting with Jana and Monika next month too (at least that is the planning). Nice to see them phtographed so well in advance. You are a great inspirer for my own work. Thanks for that and all the beautiful pix You did so far.
informal nudity vids
i love watching girls walk around nude please show more of the photoshoots where girls are just hanging around nude; its not boring; its uninhibited and nice to see fully nude girls walking around nude thanks!
Day 3 ... 12
Day 3, 12 -- never mind anything else that you find or photograph ... save this lady for me ... indeed, there may be such a thing as the perfect woman ??
amazing photes
Petter you find the most beautiful girls and photogragh them in such artistic manner it just increadable work. O yea I love your beautiful wife Luba she is them most beautiful lady i have ever layed eyes on you better hang on to her
Excellent work Petter!
Petter, I just want to say that, everyday, you really surprise me... Ahh! by the way, I like redhead girls... Today's model is amazing (Petra)... I hope to see more of her very, very soon. Sincerely, Frank (from Mexico City)
great stuff
please show more videos of your photo sessions; higher quality why cant you show more videos???? this would be great to watch, nice informal setting with a nude girl lounging about how wonderful
day 3
Petter, it couldn't be better. Every day shuts good pics. Your spoiling us each time with these pics.
Mona is a very beautiful girl and I hope that her pictures comes as soon as possible to your site. I want meet her...;-)
Happy belated birthday to Luba and Nadya!
I want Marketa! :-)
Hi Petter, if you are in Czech Republic I would be very happy if you could shoot Marketa! She is from Czech, isn't it? She is my the most favourite model!
#5 and #6
#5 and #6... incredibly Beautiful.....you need to get her to do more photos. She is so hot!!!!!
my favorite models
Hello petter, this are all beautiful women but I have a couple of favorites. Firtst the girl in the green top is really hot and also the one that's completely naked with the necklace that has three little circles. I would appreciate if you could post more pictures of this models. Thank you, and have a good time in Prague. Oh, and say high to Luba the greatest of them all.
to days photo's
Petter, thanks for the todays pics. We all hope that we can see them on the site soon. There are shuts beuatiful girls, and I think I will spend this year summer in Prague
The girl in picture 17
Who is the girl in picture #17...WoW! I hope you use her for more pictures :)
Those who smile
I'd like to see pics of models who smile or at least smirk. Like 09 or 19. Sometimes those girls just look so unhappy that I don't care if they're nude or not.
favorite girl
Dear Petter, I have lookt the pictures, and I must say, the girl in pic 12 is my favorite. She is the best looking girl of the first day. I hope her name is just as nice as the girl is.
Great models !
My favorites would be models from pictures 14-15 and 19-18. The girl on picture 8 is also very interesting, with a strong presence. But overall, if you shoot all of them, that's great also !!!
Petter, I have had the opportunity to travel much of W.Europe, and the women are absolutely stunning; much more naturally beautiful than American girls! I have heard much of the women of Prague and surrounding areas, and your pictures prove all to be true! The two from image 12 and 19 are incredible -- alluring eyes and stunning physique! Yes, more of these two would be just fine! Thank you! g
Hi Petter, my favorites are on picture 11 and 05, but the most beautiful woman is on picture 02 ;-)) Have a good time !!! Th.
Hi Petter, hi Luba I totally agree - Prague is the city to be, maybe right after Kiew..... however, my favourite girl is the one of day 1 shown right under the shot of the two of you in front of Carl's bridge. Make sure we will see the unnamed beauty soon in your updates. have fun there... bfn Elie
she's got the look
The girl in pics 8 and 14... wow. She's got that certain worldly individualism so powerfully displayed in all of your best models. I hope to see much more of her in the future. Thanks, and have a great time there. Oh, and happy 4/20 Petter and Luba!
day 1 pic #17
love the girl in pic # 17. I sure hope you can do a full set of her. And have a good time in Prague....you lucky people you!!! wish I was there to assist with the photoshoots. Richard Gerhardt
Models Day One
Hi Petter and Luba We hope you have a very productive stay in Prague. For me the girl on the pics 05/06 is my favorite, and also 09/10 is very sensuous. Please give us their names, its much nicer to "rank" them if we have their names. We are looking forward to your next days reports. Kind regards Eddie
Fantastic selection
Petter - the girl on pictures # 11 & 12 is truely stunning. Overall, a great selection of girls. Looking forward to seeing more of those Czech flowers..
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Dear Mr Hegre,

From a devoted Mona fan (she IS extraordinary): Would it not be possible to compile an additional series or film from various outtakes from the Czech travel sessions? It would be lovely to see more shots of this girl! Please feel free to respond and keep up the great work! Thanks.
your girls are excelent every where
nice girls!!!
love those two girls together!!!
Monika the most beautifull girl I saw.
Plese don t leave to take nuked photograph.
God protect you for ever, and I hope know you someday, here or at heaven.
hello i realy enjoing to see this site it provides large number of pictures of fine art but please send me the procedures of making of fine art of nude or what i do for this please send me
Beautiful, smart & a great model.
About Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a new country with a new name, a new flag, a new constitution and a history as old as Europe. After the break of the old Soviet bloc, the Czechs and the Slovaks decided amicably to divide Czechoslovakia and find their own destinies under the umbrella of the European Union.

The result in the Czech Republic is a vibrant, dynamic little tiger with a growing economy, outgoing people, genuinely gorgeous women of all ages and the capital, Prague, a mini-Paris that really rocks! Cheap flights have made Prague accessible to mass tourism, but even when the streets are packed, it is still one of the most enchanting cities in the world.

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