The Algarve Collection — Back to the Elements

Back to the Elements

Oil, sand and water are the key words on the last day of work on the Marketa Collection from the Algarve.

With the sun beating down at 40 degrees in the Celsius – that's like about 100F, the day turned out to be a hot, sticky and sweaty, perfect for exploring the many incredible caves and white beaches on the south coast ... and ideal to explore Marketa, who performed beautifully as always, even though I made her roll in the baking sand after she had rubbed tons of greasy oil all over herself.

I am sure she will find sand in the caves and crevices of her body openings for weeks to come...;-) This short but intense series with Marketa has come to a successful end. Marketa, thank you for working with me and good luck on future projects!

For surfers out there following the diary, I hope you enjoyed it and, to remind you once again, the Algarve in the south of Portugal has some of the best beaches in the world, and definitely the best climate in Europe.



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NB! Please note that images and films presented here are not representative of the technical quality
of Travel photos and film clips are made with a "point and shoot" compact camera only.
Photo 1 of The Algarve Collection, Back to the Elements Photo 2 of The Algarve Collection, Back to the Elements Photo 3 of The Algarve Collection, Back to the Elements Photo 4 of The Algarve Collection, Back to the Elements Photo 5 of The Algarve Collection, Back to the Elements Photo 6 of The Algarve Collection, Back to the Elements Photo 7 of The Algarve Collection, Back to the Elements Photo 8 of The Algarve Collection, Back to the Elements Photo 9 of The Algarve Collection, Back to the Elements Photo 10 of The Algarve Collection, Back to the Elements Photo 11 of The Algarve Collection, Back to the Elements Photo 12 of The Algarve Collection, Back to the Elements
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Visitors' Comments

Marketa's exquisite beauty
My husband and I are mesmerized by Marketa! She truly is one of the most beautiful women in the world. She certainly has us coming back for more. Keep up the great work! Kisses, Aimeelynn
its amasing and wonderfull pictures ..the firs time ı have seen
Travel serie
I found your travel serie much more interresting that the usual one : all picture are diffetent, they are also of very high quality both esthetically et technically.
Marketa equals feminine perfection
Together with Luba, Marketa represents ultimate feminine perfection. These two girls and the beautiful high resolution pictures will make me want to come back in the future! Keep up the good work...
peter, eres el mejor fotografo! felices fiestas!
Eres la mejor de todas las modelos! y te deseo una muy buena navidad y un excelente año nuevo!
nice work
Nice work Petter, Justin and last but not least the gorgeous Marketa ! And now we can see her in Marketa week !!! Tahnk you !
Peter, you lucky %&$#!!! You must have one, if not the best, job I can think about! OK, I can't take a decent shot with my fully-auto digital camera =(
Hi, Marketa is incredible wonderful girl!! Thanks.. Stephan
Your skillful photographic eye captures the natural beauty of the young woman. LOVELY!
MARKETA dream model
What I can tell to this pictures? :-) They are absolutely incredible without one mistake!Marketa is dream of every man on the world. I am dreaming about her. Great work Peter!! Thanks for it It would be super to shoot Marketa every month...
HOT Marketa
Marketa Marketa Marketa you are so sexy,I so begrudge to you Petter, oh my god!!You must be very lucky man!!
Congratulations for the amazing pictures of this goddess.
Ufff Marketa is Hot !
Peter I must admit your choice pal! What a girl you selected.We want these pics very soon. Great work peter, I wish i could work as ur student or assistant :P
SWEET Marketa
Marketa is excellent model!!! Thank you for her pictures Petter!!!
Peter your choice is the best
Marketa is the best model I have ever seen in my life§ Really. I want more of her pictures!!!
all models
Absolute beautiful,Petter
free samples
Don't you have some free samples of this new set of Marketa? Please.
Very nice pics
Excellent location, and marketa is a very beautiful woman. But she looks better when smiling to the camera.
Looks promissing
I hope you've got some with a firely red sunset as well...
Hi Petter, Great shots of Marketa ... wish I'd been there! Best wishes, Geoff
Portugal pictures
Petter, If shooting these pictures is work, what is then the defenition of pleasure ;-) Outstanding, especialy the pictures with the red rose and 'diving' into the pool.
Great Marketa
Welcome to Portugal, Peter is ready to spread the magic here too :P
i did like the gull!she is extravagant
Wonderful pictures, wonderful country and wonderful model.

Que bueno es estar vivo !!!
Es belleza conjugada,que existe y esta ahi... solo hay que disfrutar y admirar ,lo hermoso de la vida bella...
marriage proposal
Marketa, will you marry me?
your foto is very good, and make me horney
About Portugal
Facts about The Algarve Collection

Portugal is the land that time forgot. Once a great naval power competing with the Spanish and the English exploring the new world, after discovering the delights of Brazil its energy seemed to have been transferred to South America and Portugal began a long siesta.

Today with 200 million Portuguese speakers in Brazil and only 10 million in Portugal itself, the country is in the unique position of being colonised by its own colony. Turn on the TV in Portugal and 90% of the programming comes from Brazil. It's the same with writers, filmmakers, fashion designers and, of course, samba composers.

What does that all mean in the end? Portugal is an undiscovered little hideaway with lost ancient cities, hills embroidered with orange groves and perhaps the best climate in Europe.

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