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Journey To Wonderful Warsaw

Breaking from Tradition

To many in the west, Poland is a place of cold and harsh Communist rule. An ugly city, a gloomy city, a depressed city. When one nearly mentions the name, horrible thoughts of WWII and the dark years that followed often spring to mind.

Our Destination
Map of Journey To Wonderful Warsaw

Located in central Europe just east of Germany, Poland has a steadily growing population of around 36 million and climbing.

Polish people love their food, and their women.

Warsaw is not the cold and dead city it used to be under communism. In fact, as freedom takes grip here, the city is swirling and bubbling with activity and prosperity. Many old communist buildings have given way to modern sky scrapers, the old dilapidated central city has been remodeled, entertainment and service industries are moving in, and the Polish people are out in the streets, living and prospering!

And if there's one thing that's appearing more and more now that freedom is ringing in this ancient capital it's the girls. Polish girls are incredible. Elegant, sophisticated, playful, effervescent, and full of joy, they relish life and love in a way that makes your spirit soar. This is truly a great city, and it is full of great girls!

So here I am, full of great expectations for this journey to wonderful Warsaw.

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