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After 15 years away and numerous requests from hegre-art members, Petter Hegre has at last returned to New York City. Last time he was in Manhattan he was assisting at the studio of acclaimed photographer Richard Avedon. This time he returns to the Big Apple a photographic master in his own right.

Our Destination
Map of Manhattan Madness

Fashionable, fast-paced and fun, thats New York City. Everythings larger than life, the statues, the buildings its a city of excesses. Densely populated, more and more people are drawn to living in NYC, lured in by the citys hyperactive buzz. Theres so much to see and do and something for everyone, but never enough time to do it all in the city that never sleeps.

NYC is one of the leading photography metropolitans in the world, always at the cutting edge. However with a conservative and condemning legislator like Mr Bush in power things have not been easy in recent years for photographers of the human form. Step in Petter, bringing his unique and inimitable brand of nude art with him.

With winter creeping in on the east coast the goose bump factor was high as the models posed on the roof top terraces. Dozens of office workers from surrounding buildings were treated to the sight of the model climbing the ladders of the water towers. Her ascent was met with much appreciative cheering!

Around The World
Around The World

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