The Exotic Exposed

There are parts of Brazil where Europeans have yet to explore, hidden places where tribes live in primitive ignorance, hunting with bows and arrows and fleeing deeper each decade into the last remaining refuges of the rain forest.

Our Destination

Brazil borders the Atlantic Ocean in the eastern regions of South America. It is home to the worlds largest rainforest and contains over 186 million people

There is nothing Brazil does small!

There are also places like Florianopolis on Santa Catarina Island just south of Sao Paulo where the ivory skinned blonde girls sunning themselves on the silver beaches wouldn't look in place walking through the streets of Stockholm and Oslo. There's no mystery in this. It was their ancestors who set sail from Scandinavia generations back and this blend of the cold European with a touch of hot tropical blood has created a breed of beauties like no place on earth.

Petter Hegre has made two photo safaris to Brazil and though it wasn't in his plans to go again, Florianopolis had a certain ring that called to his middle ear and he set off to bring back the news from Santa Catarina. Lets face it, Petter Hegre has Viking blood in his veins and it is in his nature to explore and never accept defeat.

Prepare for a trip of exotic proportions!

Around The World
Around The World

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