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Viva Mexico

Viva Mexico

Doing a major shoot in Mexico has always been high on Petter's wish list. With its rich photographic history, colorful culture and probably some of the best locations in the world it isn't difficult to work out why Mexico would always be a dream destination for a shoot.

Our Destination
Map of Viva Mexico

With its entirely unique cultural blend, Mexico is high on the list of destinations for the avid traveler. Sprawling modern cities, lush beaches, a wealth of history and culture – Mexico has something for everyone.

So on April the 16th Petter set off to Mexico for one of the biggest productions he has ever undertaken. Co-producing with Extremo Magazine, Mexico, they set out for a 10 day frenzy with 8 models and numerous locations planned in the south of Mexico, ending up in Mexico City. Little did Petter and his team know about the emerging swine-flu epidemic...

What was proving to be the greatest challenge beforehand was finding and casting local models. After several rounds of agencies, scouts, browsing online model communities and talking to local photographers etc, this seemed to be proving an almost hopeless search.

Due to strong religious reasons posing naked was simply a no-no for many models - sure there was some response, but the models did not meet our criteria. Finally we discovered two willing models based in Mexico City, who ironically enough both came from Argentina. The other models were flown in from the Ukraine, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Argentina. Those of you familiar with Hegre-Art will already recognize our dear models Anna S and Muriel.

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Around The World

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