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Mauritius - Sugar & Spice

When Petter travels the world he's usually the one to choose the destination. But sometimes the place chooses him. That's how it was with Mauritius.

Our Destination
Map of Sugar and Spice

It's a small island, but this Indian Ocean outpost of paradise off Madagascar has a rich history and culture.

There is a unique blend of peoples, scenery and varied cuisine.

It all happened through Valerie. Since she joined us in Barcelona at the start of this year her gazelle-like body has made her a big hit with everyone. When she had to go back home for a while, Petter knew he just had to follow her.

What kind of a place does it take to produce such a beauty? The answer is the exotic blend of peoples and cultures that make up this small yet complex island. In the past it has been a battleground of rivalries for many different nations, European and Eastern. Today the excitement is of a different kind and draws tourists from all over the world.

And we can't forget the people. Valerie has introduced us to her homeland. Some – the more conservative ones – had their misgivings. But Valerie chooses to continue working with us because she is as proud of her new role as she is of her heritage.

Around The World
Around The World

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