Yalta - Living History

Cream of the Crop

The Crimea. Just the name conjures up romantic images, ancient battles, of history being made. The ancient Greeks called it the Golden Horde name it proudly wears even today.

Our Destination
Map of Yalta - Living History

An autonomous republic of the Ukraine, Crimea rests on the northern coast of the Black Sea with a population of only 1 million people.

Beauty and grace abound in this small country.

The beach town of Yalta in the south of Ukraine clings to a spur of land jutting into the Black Sea on the southern tip of Crimea. It is most famous for the conference at the Livadia Palace in 1945 when President Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and General Stalin met to decide the fate of Europe after a war that rocked the whole of Europe to its very core. Today a thriving tourist industry grows by leaps and bounds every year.

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