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Photo of Paulina


Photo of Paulina
Name: Paulina
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 53kg
Height: 170cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Model

Wild at Heart

In a group of girls there's usually one wild one and on Petter's recent shoot in Thailand Paulina was that very girl!

Feline in so many ways, with cat-like eyes and sex-kitten looks, Paulina also has a cat's selective hearing and only does what she wants to do! She enjoys life's little pleasures and is a "cocktail and croissant" kind of girl who also has an addiction to chocolate!

Bold and self-assured Paulina admires everything women like Madonna stand for but she always expects her men to pay the bills! She professed a love for Antonio Banderas types so if you're dark, handsome and successful you may have a chance!

During the shoot Paulina told Petter that men can't help themselves from falling for her. Will you be able to resist?

Paulina Galleries

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Paulina Galleries COMMENTS

Angelica, Anna S, Paulina serenity | June 9th, 2008
Angelica, Anna S, Paulina serenity
Jim United States

Angelica, etc...... Gorgeous study of the female form. Yum.

JP United States

Sexy Pretzel We need more shots of hot women tangled up together. Simply brilliant!

alex United Kingdom

trio three incredibly beautiful women.

daniel eaves United States


terminus_h Slovenia

another outstanding set, and tough call: if we judge the legs, then the list is obvious: Angelica the first, then Anna S, and Paulina quite a bit behind. If we judge sensuality then in this particular series, Paulina comes on top, with Anna S close second; combined score yet again puts Anna S on top and Paulina second.

HEH313 Germany

terminus_h Please stop judging. Nobody is like Anna.

MR. S Mexico


ardunbye United Kingdom

Angelica etc. serenity This really must be what it's like on the other side of the 'Pearly Gates' But two of many enigmas spring to mind. 1) Where to settle one's eyes & 2) Should I sneak up on them when they are prone face down or face up or march right up and claim to be the medical officer and it's time for their examinations?

hole in one Singapore

erica, anna to see three beautiful assess is too head is going up in smoke.

Angelica, Anna S, Paulina Summer day | May 20th, 2008
Angelica, Anna S, Paulina Summer day
JP United States

Breasts Although Anna S. is smaller in stature than the other two girls, her breasts are just as big. Hot!

Luclaf Canada

Summer day trio Well... nice set, but I must confess that I prefer closer views.

sirstefanofb Australia

Sensational value... Better than the Supermarket at closing time on the friday night before a long-weekend... '3 for the price of 1'... and all Gorgeous, shaven and loveable... Petter you are spoiling me!

Skadoo United States

Awesome... Another set of the girls in Thailand. Very good job!! But how come Linda is only in a couple these sets? I hope you have more with all four girls in them.

terminus_h Slovenia

beautiful as always: Anna S clearly the first, Angelica the second, and Paulina this time around appears uninspired. Amazing, how girls' sensuality can vary from set to set...

HEH313 Germany

This was the first picture set that made me think of Anna S. as the the "new", "modern", "recent" Mona Lisa. And: Anna, do not let this get to your head!

HEH313 Germany

One month later And looking at these pictures again. And again I cannot comprehend how a human being can be so breathtakingly gorgeous!

ardunbye United Kingdom

Angelica etc. summer day They say 'Good things come in threes' can you think of a nicer three to 'come in'?

Angelica, Anna S., and Paulina cool shade | April 2nd, 2008
Angelica, Anna S., and Paulina cool shade
Dan from Texas United States

Dear Petter .... Is this Paradise? Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

Blake United Kingdom

gold star These girls are custard and cream.

sirstefanofb Australia

Three young 'Pussies' as smooth as they can be... Three wise 'pussies' shaven for all to see.

sirstefanofb Australia

Six sweet young nipples worshiping the Sun... Cover them in Honey and let us all have fun!

terminus_h Slovenia

great set, and this time Paulina is far the most sensual and is dominating virtually every scene; she even cleverly hides her leg "deficiencies"; Anna S and Angelica are tied at the third rather than the second place.

HEH313 Germany

ANNA who else Everyone to their own liking. ANNA RULES!


RE: Photo number 31_Asslicious perfect assess captured in a perfect shot. more of these shots please.

Angelica Anna S Paulina straw mat | February 9th, 2008
Angelica Anna S Paulina straw mat
JP United States

Anna S. Anna S. is the hottest of the bunch. The best breasts and overall body.

Se United States

I's great seeing Anna S again...she has the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen.

Gérard Francillon France

Anna (Amazon) Your splendid Anna Amazon, the one with a tatoo on her left shouder, is still missing badly ! None of those girls, just nude girls, will ever come to the "late" Anna Amazon ! Great pity... gF

Jim United States

Angelica My, they're a great team. I do think Angelica may be the most beautiful girl of all the Hegre girls. What a face! And they all have amazing physiques.

David United States

Angelica Anna S Paulina straw mat Se made an excellent point about Anna's pussy. It's one in a billion. Go back and look at "Anna S. yellow." A nice set that captures her face is "Anna S. black strings." Anna S. is a superb woman.

tobra United States

paulina has a tremendous, rambunctious wild animal ass. these trio sets distract me from her. more paulina solos and videos. please include some buttock jiggling in any paulina solo vids. the other two here don't do much for disrespect to the other lads here....

sirstefanofb Australia

Lovely, Wonderful, Sensational, Desirable, Delectible and Edible.... Puuuuurrrrrrrfection...all three!

terminus_h Slovenia

the series starts as the tribute to the gorgeous physique of Angelica, but then halfway through the sensuality of Anna S and Paulina is clearly surfacing, so the set ends with a tie. Angelica has a great body, the longest legs of the three, yet she rarely comes as the winner.

HEH313 Germany

ANNA who else Angelica surely has a beautiful, well-formed body, but in comparison to Anna she looks plump. Sorry for that!

Paulina karma | December 23rd, 2007
Paulina karma
Jim United States

Yessir wow. She's a real stunner. I must confess.... I'd love to see her spread her legs a bit. Still, it is a beautiful series. She's awesome.

Gregg United States

Paulina karma Pauline Goddess! Now that's holiday CHEER!

alex United Kingdom

paulina just stunning,paulina is incredible.

KJS United States

One of Paulina's best sets ... This is definitely one of her best sets. Very natural, shows her true beauty.

sirstefanofb Australia

I'm with Jim there Petter... maybe you could give us a 'spreadeagled' series with Paulina for a new Years surprise?

paul United States

Paulina Just love the sets by Paulina, she is to me an example of probably the perfect woman. I just wish this beauty would do more sets.

terminus_h Slovenia

superb series; an obvious proof why Paulina can outperform any model of the site (even Angelica and Anna S - for comparison, check their outstanding threesome sets)

ardunbye United Kingdom

Paulina Karma If I ever meet my 'Karma', I hope it's Paulina. She is DIVINE.

Paulina sunset | September 16th, 2007
Paulina sunset
alex United Kingdom

paulina sunset,more like heaven sent,paulina is fantastic.

Rey United States

Wow! Just... wow!

Murph United Kingdom

Rey - yeah, wow. Paulina's bum is, God, it's , er, it's ...

Ken Simpson Australia

Paulina sunset If only I could see a poem lovelier than a tree - it would be Paulina and ecstacy.

terminus_h Slovenia

one of the top models of the site, if not the top. she is just radiating sensuality all over.

hp Taiwan, Province of China

Wild Cat Best set of September 2007. Paulina has amazingly sexy body. Besides, she is good at posing and driving you wild!

ardunbye United Kingdom

Paulina sunset Mr Hegre, Petter, Sir, would you please stop testing my utter devotion to Gislane. Although it is a test I bear with fortitude and not a little gratitude But this utterly GORGEOUS girl is a test of anybody's resolve.

Paulina harmony | October 23rd, 2007
Paulina harmony
Dave United States

Paulina Paulina is awesome. She has a truly amazing body and beautiful face. I'd love to see her photographed in a bedroom setting.

Will United Kingdom

Paulina I wish she had turned around she has the most gloriously curvaceous behind.

Ethan United Kingdom

Page 2 Photo 6 - beautiful.

Jackson United Kingdom

Nipples I vote that Paulina has THE best nipples on this entire website!!!!!!

k dawg United Kingdom

mystery white thing in photo no. 4 on high resolution..

terminus_h Slovenia

yeah, she is amazing

tontonyvan France

Paulina Perfect breasts!

ardunbye United Kingdom

Paulina harmony. THe next time you take her to Fantasy Island, can I come too please. She is lovely.

Angelica, Anna S. and Paulina wet trio | October 24th, 2007
Angelica, Anna S. and Paulina wet trio
sirstefanofb Australia

Well that 'trio' can cum, play in my pool anyday (or nite)

Spike Canada

Nice set of photos. Petter you are a brave man for taking your camera into what looks like pretty good waves. I'd love to see a reverse angle shot of how you managed to do this set up.

Murph United Kingdom

Anna S and Angelica are nice, but Paulina is something else altogether. Beautiful, superb body, and she sure knows where the camera is. We need more of this woman, she is fabulous. Possibly the best woman on the whole site.

Ortis United Kingdom

I want to be there, right in the middle of them!

don Canada

these girls are wonderful, what a tribute to the razor!

Andrew Cayman Islands

This is my happy place.

terminus_h Slovenia

great set of probably the top models of the site, so the call is not easy: still, Paulina comes as the strong winner, it is great to see Angelica so relaxed. Anna S is way too skinny in this one to make an impact, and besides: is she sunburned?

HEH313 Germany

The second set of pictures I had the pleasure to watch. Anna, Anna, and Anna again! There cannot be any other vote than a "10"!

HEH313 Germany

ANNA who else! But Petter, where is the travel report on this outstanding photo session?

Paulina Gucci girl | July 2nd, 2007
Paulina Gucci girl
Dave United States

Perfect... If Paulina is not a supermodel, she should be. She has the face, the body, but perhaps more importantly, the moves. She's a natural. Just perfect...

alex United Kingdom

paulina she is just so beautiful,more galleries of paulina please.


PAULINA GUCCI she is nice girl..wonderful

Julian United States

Paulina has a beautiful face with a flawless body. Loved the poses and the attitude she displayed in this gallery. Very sexy.

Igor United Kingdom

Wow lovely start to July! Paulina stunning on these shots.

emacs United States

wow The more I see women like Paulina, the more I greatly appreciate all the work at Petter Hegre and company put into this site. Thanks! :)

Erwin Netherlands

Paulina knows how to undress. She's amazingly beautiful and the pictures are superb!

terminus_h Slovenia

gucci girl or not, she is, without a doubt, the most beatiful woman of the site. As I have said earlier elsewhere, she may well get fat by the age of 30, but right now, she is irresistible.

tontonyvan France

Paulina Gucci love her breasts! and she wears so well those jeans! I'd love to take them off myself! very exciting pics and girl

ardunbye United Kingdom

Paulina Gucci girl Paulina has come up with the most wonderful surprise between her legs and you can certainly tell that the jeans were too tight.

Anna S., Angelica, Paulina tropical | July 14th, 2007
Anna S., Angelica, Paulina tropical
Jairo Brazil

YES! The Super Panthers Sexies Girls.

alex United Kingdom

three three fantastic,beautiful women.

Dan from Texas United States

The 3 .....Anna Angelica Paulina I do not think there are three more beautiful women in the world. I would re-name this series the Three Graces.

sirstefanofb Australia

Petter with this collation of three of the most perfect bodies on planet Earth you have created UTOPIA... yet at the same time you have shown us three quiet distinctly differnet aspects of yhe female foem: Differences in hair, Eyes, breasts , nipples, and labia... afetr closely studying these bodily aspects the astute viewer could identify each girl by one of those bodily aspects alone... God they are all so beautiful, yet so different... Thank You.

joe Ireland

faces bottoms pussies just so lovely and watchable

Pierre Boulanger United Kingdom

Paulina's derriere could rule the world it's so amazing!

terminus_h Slovenia

wow, Paulina is really hot in this one; the other two are way behind her in "sensuality department" and yet again tied at the third place.

HEH313 Germany

Nobody can beat Anna!

steve Korea, Republic of

Paulina is just amazing. she got the best body curve.

Anna S., Angelica, Paulina in paradise | June 7th, 2007
Anna S., Angelica, Paulina in paradise
Dave_1 France

Petter I hate you ... ;-): Gazing on such beauty as this is your daily job. Others can only dream...

Walt United States

Group Nudes Your Group nudes are the best,could you please include Group nudes Of Joyce and Naomie,etc...

Dave Grenada

Angelica Please - more pics of just Angelica!!! She is number 1!!!

sirstefanofb Australia

Thats not HATE Dave_1 that is pure JEALOUSEY!!!

terminus_h Slovenia

wonderful set, all girls in top form, tie

HEH313 Germany

ANNA S. This is simply too much to bear! How can any human being be so beautiful? Sorry, terminus_h, for me there are no ties when Anna is around!

Angelica, Anna S., Paulina beach nymphs | August 25th, 2007
Angelica, Anna S., Paulina beach nymphs
Blake Krosse United Kingdom

scorching These birds would sink a lot of ships.

Chris B United Kingdom

Best ever? I honestly think that this is possibly the best, certainly one of the best, of all Hegre photosets. I particularly like multi-girl sets, and these three extremely beautiful girls complement each other so well.

terminus_h Slovenia

great series and I am glad Angelica - finally -comes as the clear winner: a magnificent nymph.

HEH313 Germany

Perhaps "scorching" reads this: These three young women are no "birds"! You should consider yourself lucky that any of these three gorgeous women let you participate in their beauty!

ardunbye United Kingdom

Angelica etc. beach nymphs YOU know how sand gets into those awkward to clean places? Well, let me offer,(to all 3) completely free of charge, my personal VALETING SERVICE,

Paulina wet show | May 13th, 2007
Paulina wet show
alex United Kingdom

paulina terrific pictures,of an exceptional woman.

gozo United States

cute hips and waistline

Misty United States

Paulina Solo Finally another solo gallery with Paulina. She needs more solos, she should not always have to share the spotlight with other girls. Why? Well, the answer is in these pictures.

sirstefanofb Australia

PLEASE Petter, with such large inner labia, we just HAVE to see Paulina in a full frontal squat, with knees parted... so the entire world can become captivated with her womanly features.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Paulina wet show Ducking, yes ducking with a 'D', the issue, I wholly agree with Misty about more solo sets and partly agree with sirstef....,I too favour the 'squat' but from front or back with the right angle 'though not to the exclusion of all else.

Paulina stripper | August 5th, 2007
Paulina stripper
Artur Brazil

Paulina Another golden girl!

FastEddie United States

?? not one of my favorite shoots

way United States

Oh my What a saucy little minx! Molten hot.

pop Spain

uuu what a nice pudding this girl, beautiful rabbit teeth, strong ostrich legs, gorgeous apricot tits, this girl is my dream!

esteban Mexico

Paulina say what? Paulina a body perfection.. outrageous. wurst

terminus_h Slovenia

she is irresistible

ardunbye United Kingdom

Paulina stripper She is lovely but would need to do more to 'paulina' crowd.

carmark Germany

Paulina Why isn't there new postings of this luscious beauty? She is one hell of a bombshell to go out of circulation.

Paulina party girl | October 3rd, 2007
Paulina party girl
sirstefanofb Australia

need more, more MORE.... of Paulina

superwurst Mexico

need more of pau!! ooughh!!! so few picturesss!!! I need more of paulina!! geez!!! still, it is a wonderful set! cheers

Ortis United Kingdom

Paulina Beautiful face and lovely, curvy body. Love the way she intereacts with the camera, very sexy.

Murph United Kingdom

C'mon Hegre - 23 pictures is a poor show. This girl is a cracker. You should guarantee at least 36 pictures with every post of Paulina

lupus Belgium

gorgeous acts from Pauline. Eye contact with the camera strengthens this even more

terminus_h Slovenia

the most beatiful woman of the site, no doubt about that. She may well get fat by the age of 30, but right now, she is irresistible.

Jeff Daniels United States

Beautiful lady, perfect tits & ass. But too few pics, and I always look for the spread shot.

russ United States

Nice undies Paulina Nice panties that you really want to get into. Top Work Paulina..

Paulina black hood | June 20th, 2007
Paulina black hood
Blake Krosse United Kingdom

loreal like the hair

Julian United States

Paulina is very hot, her figure is perfect. I look forward to seeing more of her in the future.

jairo Brazil

she is 10+

fasteddie United States

rich brown eyes

alex United Kingdom

paulina sexy,very sexy

Jim United States

Paulina One of the best asses of them all.

roger United States

like too see more like too see more stand face the front spread legs wider and wider go down slow too squat end up squatting on all fours hot

ardunbye United Kingdom

Paulina black hood It is because Petter is a master at emphasizing a girls finer points(of which Paulina has many) that we the punters, get such tremendous pleasure from his work. Oh! and the girls help, of course.

Anna S., Angelica, Paulina beach trio | April 28th, 2007
Anna S., Angelica, Paulina beach trio
gozo United States

beach trio one word ANNA S !!!!! Yeahhh

Heinrick Ireland

adorable bottoms and such inviting splits; just lovely female forms

Blake Krosse United Kingdom

peter's Angels a like the different flavors, it is like neopolitan icecream.

Dave United States

Nice timing With the warm weather on its way here in the States, this was a welcome addition--thanks.

Jerry United States

group sets to me take away the individuality of the models. It's just meh to me

arni Germany

like to see less crossed legs

terminus_h Slovenia

all girls are in top form in this series, so really a tie

HEH313 Germany

There are no "ties" when Anna S. is around!

Anna S., Angelica, Paulina, life is a beach | September 10th, 2007
Anna S., Angelica, Paulina, life is a beach
Blake Krosse United Kingdom

outrageous I hope these girls are looking after their skin in the sun. They may look awesome now, but in a hundred years they will be raisins.

fasteddie United States

hey i know where that beach is... heaven sure looks fun

sirstefanofb Australia

Oh to be shipwrecked on THAT Island with just the sun, the sea and those three shaven beauties... dream-on!

Pierre Boulanger United Kingdom

Paulina's derriere is magical

terminus_h Slovenia

gorgeous Angelica wins this series and I am happy about it. I do not understand why she relatively rarely musters the motivation to radiate her sensuality.

HEH313 Germany

These were the first pictures that made me aware of a young woman called "Anna S.". Since then I have been enraptured. If anyone has ever looked for a "modern" Mona Lisa, there she is, awe-inspiring in her youthful beauty, and far beyond the original.

Anna S. Angelica Paulina aqua | May 18th, 2007
Anna S. Angelica Paulina aqua
Igor United Kingdom

Anna's lovely - so sad she's hidden under the water for most of these shots

Ralph United States

Anna Wouldn't mind a complete gallery of Anna sunbathing. Very sexy photos. Nice gallery overall.

gareth United States

10! right in line, with the other pool layouts from this tit-ilizing trio!

john United States

pool shots especially like the candid shots at the beginning of the spread.

terminus_h Slovenia

in this wonderful series, Anna S is way above the other two. Paulina manages - yet again - to come second even with the weaker body than Angelica.

HEH313 Germany

ANNA who else Anna you are incomparable! And: Stay on the carpet; keep your cool.

Anna S. Angelica Paulina Threesome | April 19th, 2007
Anna S. Angelica Paulina Threesome
matthew United States

please god let there be a video too!

Dan from Texas United States

Threesome Hot, hot, HOT! I want to look at these over and over again!

alex United Kingdom

trio 3 sensational women,an overload of sensory pleasure.

Blake Krosse United Kingdom

awesome twister These are the hottest ever, I want to be the referee. Anna and Angelica look like they have caught the sun? I like the innocent nature of these pics, more erotic(suggestive) than pornographic. Outrageous.

gozo United States

good grief charlie brown

cookin United States

3some Ditto on the video. Kudos on the erotic quality.

richard Crichton United States

3some lay with me, play with me, stay with me. whew!

Jake Canada

Threesome Hmm... WAY too much going on there. Beautiful girls but.. well it's every mans dream to be part of a threesome like that it's just painful to sit back and watch.

Karl Ireland

gorgeous girls Girls, such wonderful skin you have; the body entaltlement is so arousing. The site tingles and arouses.Wonderful photography and gorgeous girls. Girls, did you enjoy the skin touching? Thanks

gareth United States

hot DAMN! What I would give to be a fly on the wall to get a closer look at this twisted tangle of flesh!!!

Heinrick Ireland

threesome The spark off the skin, the tingle of the touch, the lovely buns and the arousing mound; it is just marvellously arousing and erotic. A new level

Andrew Cayman Islands

There are no bad shots in this series - some of the most important work of our time.

Jerry United States

What's up with all the group photos? Do these models refuse to do one on one?


Wonderful threesome set! What do you think about when you see all the flesh of these three wonderful girls: To be in between and to participate to their game, or at least to sit there and simply watch. Genrally speaking, I do not like tto much duos o threesome, but this one is really fantastic: 10 +++++

Mel Australia

This is magic, but would be heaps better on video! We need more video!!!

btrhea_PPxrn United States

Anna S shines! The other two girls are great, but Anna S truly shines in this series. Just stunning! Pic 8 on Page 7...WOW!

terminus_h Slovenia

great set, with all the girls giving their best. Still, Anna S is clearly the most sensual one, with Paulina not too far behind her - Angelica sometimes appears somewhat uncomfortable.

atreyu86 Germany

very sensual set, but a foursome set of theese beautiful girls with linda l. as like this set would be perfect.

max Mexico

Amazing This is the most erotic set ! Where is the video?

HEH313 Germany

ANNA who else Anna shines in all her glory!

Anna S. Angelica Paulina cabana | April 9th, 2007
Anna S. Angelica Paulina cabana
Blake Krosse United Kingdom

amazing These girls are on fire.

Dan from Texas United States

Anna S, Angelica, & Paulina Beauty times 3. So that's what angels look like when they come to earth!

alex United Kingdom

trio 3 sensational women.

ben United States

three isnt a crowd but it must be fun !

Igor United Kingdom

Anna is superb. If you know anyone in Hollywood then recommend her to them - BUT only after another 20 shoots please :)

Pete United Kingdom

Class above the rest Anna is superb and definatly a class above the rest. Petter can you fix a joint set with Anna and Yanna, it would be mind blowing!

adrian United Kingdom

Three beautiful shaven girls...heaven!

gareth United States

Tantilizing Trio! These 3 are perfection, in any layout! Amazingly beautiful models, physique of only a goddess, and the most beautiful 'south seas!' Thank you, Petter! Thank you-

terminus_h Slovenia

awesome series: Angelica is far the most sensual, Paulina comes strong second, and Anna S just appears a tad too skinny on this one.

HEH313 Germany

Anna who else Anna too skinny? With all of those curves on her? Hah! Have a look at Thea then!

Anna S., Angelica and Paulina poolside | March 21st, 2007
Anna S., Angelica and Paulina poolside
Rolf-Dieter Lettenmayer Germany

Anna_S, Angelica and Paulina All the galleries with this models are something special, very beautiful and excellent photographed. It's a joy to view at

jairo Brazil

Once more Angelica! Twice! Three times more!

Dragon India

Anna S., Angelica Paulina ( and Linda L) Poolside Three beautiful angels (actually four ; Linda L is present in some images )playing in outdoor pool and the action being captured by master photographer Petter Hegre and then the gallery 87 images at 6000 pixels being published at Hegre Art by the wonderful Hegre Team. WOW I will remember these images of this gallery and the images of these gals in other galleries for the rest of my life. I thank Ukraine and Hungary for giving us beautiful gals, the gals for posing at Hegre Art and of course Petter and his team for presenting these galleries. I thank each and everyone a million times. Just one tiny winy desire : Would we be fortunate enough to see a travel report and snapshot gallery of these gals? Regards Dragon

Ralph United States

Great One of your best galleries. Keep the outdoor shoots coming.

merryt United Kingdom

Recent shift back to outdoor location shooting is a welcome change to studio shoots. Natural outdoor images seem to have more context. These and the tennis shots are great.

bruno63 Spain

very beautiful series. amazing girls and water colour.

ron Netherlands

anna s so perfect her body... especially the lines of her body with sunken stomach lying down I believe that's what you like too Petter, isnt'it ?

Andrew Cayman Islands

Petter, I don't know which I admire more, the action of contributing this excellence in photography to humanity; or your ability to numb yourself to this visual Smörgåsbord in order to deftly apply your craft. My brain would probably explode.

gareth United States

WWWWOWWWWW This is one of the BEST layouts, ever! The girls are absolutely beautiful, as is the location (whoever's estate this is, the pool's colors are a perfect compliment to the lush vegetation). The shots of the girls playing are fun and candid. Anna's eyes (at the end) are breathtaking! Well done, Petter! Well done! PLEASE do more shoots with this trio - amazing!

Badga United Kingdom

Naturally Stunning A wonderful set of images, with four gorgeous girls who offer wonderful things to come. More of the same please.

Scott United States

appears static models dont seem to show a flow of energy which would make it more dramatic


Funny, amazing refreshing pics. I wish I could have these three girls alone with me in my pool!

mike Ireland

so playful, such ample pussy, just lovely

terminus_h Slovenia

this one is really about Anna S and Angelica, both equally stunning and ever so playful

Anna S., Angelica, Paulina and Linda L. nude Wimbledon | February 21st, 2007
Anna S., Angelica, Paulina and Linda L. nude Wimbledon
Mr Snob United Kingdom

The best ever!!!

Norman Hull United States

Nude Wimbledon Excellent series. Would like to see more of each especially the young lady in the black cap with the very long hair. Thanks for sharing

Rod Laver United States

I'm not sure who the one in the white hat is, but you need to shoot a lot more of her.

thomas Hutereau Belgium


Davek United States

Gret concept! How about a golf course next? Very well done...

Adam United States

Beautiful Angel This series is beautiful! The slim girl on the far left with blond hair is EXTREMElY beautiful!! They are all beautiful, but she is a 15 out of 10 in my book! I hope you do a series with her in it :-) :-) She is an Angel!

Andrew Cayman Islands

These are pictures of my happy place.

Jorge Murguia Mexico

wimbledon Excellent a different type of photos, congratulations the inivation is the blood of a businnes

Julian United States

The photos in this shoot are as good as it gets. The women are beautiful, the scenery and lighting were perfect. Can't wait to see more photos from this shoot. Excellent choice in titles as well. Please let there be a video for this one.

g man United States

All the women are beautiful in this series, the gal in the white cap is outrageously hot!

Jay MMW Portugal

4 gorgeous girls.. aiaiaiai, would do anything to spend some time with these gorgeous girls on a exotic island. As i am a big fan of sport and adore the female, i love this set. Great shots, beautiful colors and nice and bright! Way to go, thanks again.. Forca Hegre-team!

Pete United Kingdom

Red Shoes As everybody is picking out their favourite. mines the one in the red shoes. Great body and very pretty

martina United Kingdom

they were never this hot in my day...

Peter Byrne Australia

Nude Wimbledon I Have these lovely ladies adorning my desktop & screensaver already they are all stunnners. I look forward to seeing more of these ladies in solo & together shoots because they are all new to your site.

nje2000 Germany

More of Anna S.! Please give us much more fotos from Anna S. (the red sneaker girl). She seems to be one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen!! Please more!

Dan Israel

Superb gallery This gallery is extraordinary. I wish it was longer. My only other wish is that the girls were barefooted.

MrMan United States

Barefoot This is a wonderful series of photos,however,it would have been nice to see them barefoot.All of your models should go barefoot.I would like to also see more women of colour in your photo shoots...

sirstefanofb Australia

WOW... REAL HOT CHICKS.......I've just signed up for Tenns lessons and with a bit of luck I might make it ti Wimbledon, before these girls are grannies!!!!

terminus_h Slovenia

another hot series: in this one, the legs are clearly determining the winner - Angelica and her runner up - Anna S; Paulina is yet again not far behind. Gorgeous Linda L seems uninspired in this one, so the fourth place is reserved for her.

DANIEL United States


HEH313 Germany

ANNA who else From forum to forum all spectators say, "Oh, wow, how beautiful these girls are, but who is the blonde with the red shoes? Anna stands out between a score of beauty queens; and that makes her unique.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Anna S etc. nude Wimbledon. Wimbledon has changed unarguably for the better with the 'Wombles' ousted as No1 residents.

durai India

anna complete anna the great beauty queen

Paulina table top | March 7th, 2007
Paulina table top
Scott Salbo United States

Paulina table top She joins the ranks of your models too beautiful to be believed.

jake Canada

Paulina Paulina is lovely. These photos of her convey a softness and sensuality. Very nice poses.

salvador rios Mexico

I´m agree with scott salbo, and thank you peter.

SeptemberBug Norway

Twelve points! Paulina is amazingly sexy! I hope to se (a lot) more of her!

gareth United States

fanastic physique! just waiting for a simple smile :)

micheal Canada

nice,...but can we see all of her?!

alex United Kingdom

paulina fantastic body,beautiful woman.

Lou United States

Nice Body She has a very nice body, not too skinny with curves in all the rights places. I would love to see another solo series of Paulina.

terminus_h Slovenia

great woman, one of the top models of this site, yet it is a mystery to me why it is so: she isn't very tall, she doesn't have great legs, but she has this sensuality, which draws you to her.

siavash Australia

best she is the only person in this website whom I like to see all her photos in xxxlarge , she is fantastic, fresh and young face with incredible body and woderful pink color at the bottom of her feet

rowdy United States

i want to table top some of that WOW .... Paulina..... i so want to be on that tabletop with U.... awesome Pictorial !! :)

Anna S., Angelica, Linda L. and Paulina lined up | March 9th, 2007
Anna S., Angelica, Linda L. and Paulina lined up
baudolino73 Germany

Wow! 4 beautiful shaven mermaids! Very simple idea, but very effective! I love this set!!!

Jake Canada

Four lovely young ladies This is part of the never ending work of art that is nude photography of the female form. Each lady is uniquely beautiful.

randy United States

What an incredible tribute to the female form in all its glory! Thank you for the beauty of the full figure!

gareth United States

WOW STUNNING SIRENS! splish splash in the water... gosh, i wanna play! :)

Dave France

This type of gallery where several models pose together invites comparison but in the best possible sense of the word. Each is beautiful in her own right but the beauty of each is heightened by the difference with those that stand beside her. All are perfect but all are different. Perfection has many forms!

Charlie Colombia

This has got to be empirical proof of God's work, doesn't get any more perfect than this

terminus_h Slovenia

Beuatiful women, indeed. My personal favorite is Linda L, with Anna S coming close second, but neither Angelica nor Paulina are far behind.

terminus_h Slovenia

somewhat more analytical approach with different outcome: this is an incredible set of gorgeous girls and it is tough to decide who is "the fairest of them all." Judging the legs, Angelica is a clear winner, with Anna S, Linda L and Paulina following. The part above legs, however is a different matter: Linda L is quite the strongest, with Paulina right behind her, Anna S and Angelica are third and fourth. Overall: Linda L the first, Paulina the second, Anna S the third and Angelica the fourth. Paulina truly radiates some exquisite sensuality.

prospero United Kingdom

Great collection for butt-men. Paulina bum comes first then Linda, Angelica and Anna S.

DANIEL United States


HEH313 Germany

Anna who else Everyone has their own preferences. To me even among these four beauties Anna stands out.

JMHthe3rd United States

I'd sure love to be in a fivesome with them. God they're beautiful. I can't really say which one is my favorite, though Anna S stands out, and Linda L has the best breasts. It's a pity Angelica, Linda, and Pauline haven't had a new set in several months. Any chance of them returning?

Paulina Films COMMENTS

Midnight Pool Party | April 15th, 2008
Midnight Pool Party
Mauro Italy

Extremely hot clip! Still dreaming to dance in the middle of their cicle... More, please!

JP United States

Anna S. and Linda L. I nearly lost it when Anna S. and Linda L. began fondling each others' breasts.

MAGOO4 United States

POOL PARTY Now that's my kind of party. Thanks Petter. Magoo4

terminus_h Slovenia

Paulina again steals the show and outshines them all. How does she do it?

HEH313 Germany

Pool Party What comes to my mind on this one? Three angels and one goddess. Does anyone guess who I mean?

SR. S Mexico


Petrus Poland

Beautifull film Very good. Nude girls in motion is always great pleasure to see.

cyberspace United States

Multiple nude girls dancing in the water to Euro disco music. Simple but excellent.

nat_pavitt United States

Just breath taking... I just wish the "film" was longer

Hinvictus Peru

¿Cuál es mejor? Primer puesto empate Anna y Paulina, diosas, buena Hegre!!!

Jorgen Denmark

Midnight Pool Party Wish I could be there

Angelica Anna S Paulina Shower Trio | January 22nd, 2008
Angelica Anna S Paulina Shower Trio
alex United Kingdom

divine trio simply fantastic,loved every minute of this film.

Tre United Kingdom

This is heaven.

Dan from Texas United States

Warming up a winter's day Petter, I really like your films. But this film I love! Anna S is a dream come true in every sense of the word. Add in the other two spectacular beauties, also my favorites, and this film depicts a heaven that I would like to visit and inhabit forever.

Jay Australia

Three times the fun There is only one thing I love more than seeing a gorgeous naked woman soaping up in the shower, and that is three gorgeous naked women in the shower. It was certainly enough to get the blood racing.

Paul United States

A feast for the eyes complete with appetizer, main course, and finally dessert! ;)

terminus_h Slovenia

this is the film that is featuring likely the three most gorgeous girls of this site. They appear together in grand total of 16 photo sets (in two with another stunning model Linda L), where you can nicely explore their differences and strengths/weaknesses. Overall, Paulina comes on top, with Anna S the second, and Angelica the third, but the differences are really miniscule. This is somewhat surprising as initially, at first glance, Angelica and Anna S appear much stronger, but Paulina does slowly and steadily gets under your skin; she is truly irresistible.

MR. S Mexico


Jonnie United States

Good!! Love these three ladies lathering up and showering so much my emotions were overwhelmed! It really got a rise out of me!

Zachary Birch United States

Top notch video!!! Perfect!!!

Paulina Sensual Massage | December 11th, 2007
Paulina Sensual Massage
alex United Kingdom

paulina such a beautiful woman.paulina is fantastic.

Daniel United States

You know, this video would be far more appealing if some dude or younger girl was doing the massaging... As it stands, the older woman in the video that obviously has no sexual interest in her customer totally cancels out Paulina's hotness. I know you're wondering how this could be possible, but I am telling you that it is. It's like watching some child do the massage... you know there's no sexual interest there, and that's a turn-off. This is a substantial comment, and I know that you will not post it. Next time I'll stick to the brainless 'paulina is fantastic' comments. Oh yea, and I wanna recommend a book for you: read 1984 by Orwell. You'll understand...

Paul United States

There was something about this that was really a turn on to me. Maybe the cutting in of how she was feeling like dancing and being so much in pleasure. If you've ever had a massage like this, it must be an excellent experience. She's so passive and the hands are trustworthy... I don't know -- something about it.

ray Australia

paulina Yes i agree with previous post about this. the fact the overlay of paulina dancing was annoying, a male doing the massage would have been far more erotic and special. I really don't think either party was turned on by it and neither was i. Try having males do the massage. or vica versa but an old lady just doesn't cut it.

Leon999 United Kingdom

Paulina Agreed with other comments - get an attractive young native girl to so this, and let their be a hint of sexual attraction and interest. You don't have to go overboard and make this an outright lesbian porn flick - just enough to make it erotic and sensual !!

terminus_h Slovenia

a close look, nay, a study of the goddess of the site. Paulina is amazing; she doesn't have greatest legs (like e.g. Ruslana), greatest breasts (like e.g. Linda L) nor the most beautiful face (like e.g. Kathryn), yet she is likely the most attractive, sensual girl here. We don't really understand why, but we are falling for her - just as she predicted. Some comments regarding this film: thanks god old lady is massaging her, and dancing inserts are nice as Paulina really shines when she moves.

pierangelo Italy

Intimate caress magistral this tape for the intense share and emotional expression of the fotomodella, for the slowness and the delicacy with which the massage is performed both on the breasts that on the pube. But the same slowness, the same depth of the shots, especially those on the breasts and then, but some less, in the contours of the pussy, the same emotional share of the model you would have had to also conduct and above all,, in the same way, to the massage of the pussy, up to a delicate and intense masturbation, taken back by the operator equally with which the whole massage has been taken back.You are not considered how much I have written, an aberration, but this film-massage had to end with a masturbation of the fotomodella. he would have been the most intimate and intense of the caresses. I wait. if possible, a answer to my this considerations.

Nude Wimbledon | June 12th, 2007
Nude Wimbledon
calgree United States

A Grand Slam! Tennis is my new favourite sport...

Andrew Cayman Islands

Thank God you got this on film!

Giuseppe Italy

I love tennis!!! Can I teach how to play tennis to these nymphs?

Andy United Kingdom

Sporty models Sexy, but clumbsy I feel... I think what would make this film ultimately sexy, is, watching one of these (or any other) girls play a sport they can actually play well.. An idea possibly?

Joakim Sweden

Good but not great There is nothing like watching beautiful girls just playing around totally nude. But the movie was to short. And some close-ups and slow motion would have been nice.

Dragon India

Hot n Funny A HDV video of four seriously hot and sexy girls playing lawn tennis totally nude ; this oficially the best video I ever downloaded of the net. No doubt I had expected that my jaw will hit the floor, but Team Hegre went further , as usual :). The girls are not only incredibly hot , sexy and stunningly beautiful , they are also very very funny. I like girls who smile , laugh and make others laugh rather than have a cold stone face , like one girl over here . On a scale of 1 to 10, I will rate the video a 20 and the girls definitely a 100. Thanks to the four girls, Petter and his team a million times. By the way Petter , the two girls who lost most certainly deserve a rematch. So please give them a rematch and don't forget your HD cam.

Mark United States

I didn't whether to laugh or get turned on.

terminus_h Slovenia

there is a new sport in town: chick-tennis, with probably a lot of giggling on top. And who is the hotest? Anna S, then Angelica and Paulina. Linda L is just like in a still series unmotivated to do anything extra.

prospero United Kingdom

Fabulous! Best bum : Paulina. Best tits : Linda Best face : Angelica . Slimmest :Anna S.

Petrus Poland

Great. What could be better the four young, beautifull, happy , sporty girls having great time naked. Please more and more movies like this one.

aao25490 Japan

Wonderful but,too short I want see more. Please make Part 2.

smuuthie United States

Let's play Ball! Enough of the pouting, and posturing, we want to see them moving and bouncing!

Elephant United Kingdom

Please longer vids like this I know this is quite a old movie now and they tend to be longer these days thankfully but would love to see a video like this done with 4 or 5 models done with having a fun day playing sport, you could have them do, swimming, ballet then they strip off, nude bareback horse riding, tennis, then finish off with a nude yoga or workout lesson on the lawn. Love to see something like that and make it either a series or large long 40mins-1 hour movie.

Nude Night Disco | April 24th, 2007
Nude Night Disco
Lou United States

The other girls were okay, but Linda and Paulina were the best. The very last couple of minutes at the end was hot. Lets just have more films of Linda jumping and boucing around, Thanks.

gozo United States

looked like fun

Bob United Kingdom

Nude Night Disco Hot hot hot !

eric United States

Very erotic without becoming cheap pornography. It gets me excited every time I watch. Excellent.

Hap United States

Nude Disco Brought reminder of the parties in Pt.Richmond, CA in the 70's. 35 to 40 people of all ages naked and dancing. Not much sex;people having too much fun.

Dragon India

Nude Night Disco Four extremely hot girls dancing naked and it is presented in HDV format. Things can't get any better. When I saw the cover of this film in the "Coming Attractions " , I was pretty sure Petter and his team will make my jaw drop to my keyboard. Well , after watching the film , my jaw did not drop on my keyboard. It dropped all the way down to the floor, and it dropped with a THUD. So thanks a million for the beautiful film and dropping my jaw to floor and please continue to do so . :) Dragon PS : Seriously looking forward to the Nude Lawn Tennis Match

Pedro Italy

Fantastic words to describe their beauty !

terminus_h Slovenia

great film - Paulina and Linda L shine the brightest...

MAGOO4 United States

DISCO Now that is my kind of Disco party. Good job to you Petter. Thanks. Magoo4

carlos saldaña Mexico

yo las quisiera para disco en mi casa y exactamente asi desnudas se ven sabrosisimas

Paulina Massage COMMENTS

Thai Oil Massage | January 1st, 2010
Thai Oil Massage
Karl Germany

Can I join In? Thailand? Four hot models? Naked massage session. It’s a no brainer, how do I join in?

Andy United Kingdom

Great film Good stuff. Can almost feel the sun on my skin and smell the jasmine flowers. Can’t beat an outdoors massage in exotic surroundings, it’s the ultimate in relaxation.

John F Norway

Cool Film Hot Models Awesome stuff these girls are so sexy!

Jame United Kingdom

RE: Can I join In? four stunning models. <= Who are they ? :)

The girls are : Canada

RE: RE: Can I join In? Angelica Anna S Linda L Paulina

addict Canada

The girls are : 1st : Angelica 2nd : Paulina 3rd : Anna S 4th : Linda L

cg United States

Thai Oil I love that the models are all natural women. No fake anything. Just beauty of all kinds for all people.

Secrets ZeeD Thailand

Hi there are a beautiful place in thailand !! Hi I live in thailand and need to show you that there more than a beautiful place to combine your shoot and the model !!!

rohan India

RE: Hi there are a beautiful place in thailand !! hi, i would love to visit those nice exotic places in thailand which are better than the normal places avail,endure, mutually offer & enjoy similar massages.please guide me . i strongly believe that the purpose of attaining adulthood is to be sensualized by opposite sex leading towards tantra,bliss,enlightenment.