Tantric Massage

New: Experience Genuine Tantric Massage in Spain!

From being a virtual entertainment phenomenon, we here at Hegre-Art.com are excited to introduce a truly realistic hands-on experience... in flesh and blood.

In collaboration with Tantric therapist Bara we are offering a life enhancing experience built on ancient practices and philosophy. Through Tantra you connect with your true self. After letting go of thoughts and allowing energy to flow freely in the body you can achieve a higher state of consciousness.
During our sessions your body is seen and treated as a whole, as the temple of your pure divine being.

This is a service open for men, women and couples of all ages and sexual preferences. All inquiries will be handled with the utmost discretion and your privacy will be protected at all times.

Our Tantric Goddess Temple is located near Barcelona, Spain. It is a unique and spiritual setting optimized for massage and sensual ceremonies.

As ambassadors of personal, high quality erotica, Hegre-Art.com has been stimulating viewers via the web for over 8 years. By introducing this new service we hope to add a new dimension to our concept.

For any inquiries or bookings, please go to our contact form.

Tantra-subtititle-symbol ABOUT  BARA Tantra-subtititle-symbol

Bara is a young woman from Prague, the heart of Europe. A naturally sociable person, this busy city allowed her to meet many people and be a part of events. This shaped her into a strong, independent woman, not afraid to be the centre of attention. Read more...