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Photo of Engelie


Photo of Engelie
Name: Engelie
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 47kg
Height: 168cm
Age: 20
Occupation: Masseuse

Getting physical

Engelie just loves the human body. She takes pleasure in her own and other people’s. It shows in everything she does.

In her home country Ukraine she was on course to be a top tennis player. “I could have done it too” she laughs “But my breasts kept getting in the way”. She has no complaints though. Those full, voluptuous breasts have given her lots of pleasure. She is not the only one who thinks they are magnificent.

With being such a sporty girl, she received plenty of massages. That got her to thinking about what it would be like to massage other girls. Naturally that included her close friend Kiki. Now she can indulge herself in all the fantasies that she was secretly thinking.

“Enjoy yourself” is the motto of this party girl. “Enjoy her” is what we say.

Click here to meet her in person!

Engelie Galleries

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Engelie Galleries COMMENTS

Engelie what a tease | December 26th, 2012
Engelie what a tease
herveda France

Engelie is my favorite, so much personality and beauty. The pictures show her personality so well. Beauty added to personality is Nirvana

Roger United States

Engelie From the first, Engelie, all Nude...what tits! So plump and full...tits that any girl would be proud of. Love photo 9...yeah...turn around that butt! And what a Butt our Engelie has..those perfectly round bare buns! Ecstasy! And what's that? A hint of butthole? Oh yes...Good Girl for showing your butthole! 17...wide open cunt lips! And what a smile! Oh Engelie! Thank you dear!

ailefroide Belgium

Engelle what a tease Very beautifull

Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie pool party | December 19th, 2012
Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie pool party
KOMET United States


Zeppelin Germany

Boredom? Loathing even? Candice's face is a turn-off in most of the pictures. As soon as she smiles things are completely different. Does she really hate what she's doing most of the time? And while we're at it: her tiny patch of pubes doesn't fit the scenery. If you need a helping hand to get rid of it - I'll be available. Anytime.

Roger United States

The Multiple Cunt Effect There is something about seeing four cunts open up, as in photos 24 and 25, that is greater than four times the pleasure of seeing one. Call it a mystery. Call it the Multiple Cunt Effect.

ailefroide Belgium

pool party hot temperature in the pool

Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie dream team | November 23rd, 2012
Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie dream team
KOMET United States

KIKI, VALERIE, CANDICE & ENGELIE = DREAM TEAM Lovely photo set, though far too few photos.

kasey22 United Kingdom

I can't get enough of Kiki and her delicious sixpack. Please make another video of her soon. I'd love to see the sweat run off her, straining and racked with desperate pleasure as orgasm after orgasm are ripped from her wet little body.

wheeler United States


Engelie extreme perspective | November 18th, 2012
Engelie extreme perspective
wheeler United States

lovely from any perspective!gotta love the ant's eye view!

KOMET United States

ENGELIE DA SILVAGEM What a lovely woman to behold thus on my birthday, FULLY NUDE & FREE! Now, to have ENGELIE, YANKA, COXY, KIKI, FABI, VALERIE, MURIEL & FLORA in a photo shoot/video together (all fully nude and oiled-down - smiles) would truly be the icing on my cake! Yummy!!!

Zeppelin Germany

Any perspective is a nice perspective. As long as Engelie is in sight.

Roger United States

Engelie a Year Later Sex Goddess Engelie deserves recognition a year later. Oh what a beauty! Not only does she have a gorgeous face, full tits, and super sexy round buns, Engelie brought such spirit and joy to posing nude! We all miss you Engelie!

Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie sleeping beauty | October 27th, 2012
Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie sleeping beauty
KOMET United States

RETURN OF THE FAB 4 How sweet they are!

abby United States

four beauties They're all gorgeous. I especially like the last two shots, they look like they're having fun together!

Laurie United Kingdom

Unexceptional This egocentric photographer consistently shows little imagination...

The Chef Sweden

Boiling pool Ahh! The girls are so hot that they almost makes the pool boiling! They looks so sweet and relaxed. Feels warm to look at, here in Sweden the winter has arrived. This site will make me survive the winter, looking at all the exotic places with sweet girls laying basking in the sun.

gator United States

4some Some of the most imaginative photos I have ever seen of four naked women in a swimming pool. Well done !

jamu Singapore

RE: Photo number 26 what beautiful feasting...

delavignette Belgium

Valerie, Kiki, Engelie and Candice I'll never forget ...

Engelie tropical tease | September 19th, 2012
Engelie tropical tease
Roger United States

Engelie This girl just Knows how to pose!

Engelie monroe | September 6th, 2012
Engelie monroe
Martin Italy

Never imagine more sexy/bad/beautifoul girl!! More Engelie!

Dante_Hicks Australia

Engelie Beautiful woman.

Roger United States

Ah Engelie! Ah Engelie! Such a super sexy girl! Love her smile, her face, her full tits, her so sexy round ass, and the joy she shares when she shows us all! Thank you Engelie!

TC United States

Workin it ! Engelie knows how to work the camera better than any of the other girls ! She's a pro !

GnuSqueak Germany

Her breasts are the best thing I’ve seen all year!

Tom Germany

Engelie vs. M.Monroe Engelie is much more beautiful then M.Monroe!

Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie 4 fab females | August 29th, 2012
Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie 4 fab females

four statuesque beauties in all their glory! what could be better? well, maybe a bit more variety in poses. but, it's worth the wait! I can make due, for now, with skimming over past sets.

KOMET United States

VALERIE-KIKI-ENGELIE-& CANDICE: THE FIERY 4 In a word, together these 4 fully nude women are SMOLDERING!

Egrise United States

Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie 4 fab females Don't just STAND there. DO something!

Roger United States

Isaac Newton's Law of Naked Girls It was Isaac Newton who first postulated that the visual pleasure of watching four beautiful naked girls is greater than the sum of watching each girl singly. By formula: VP(visual pleasure)=kn squared where k=coefficient of naked girl pleasure and n=number of naked girls. Newton also said (or was it me?) that similar formulas can be used when seeing their butts, tits and cunts, except that for tits n is preceded by a "2"

Roger United States

4 Beautiful Nudes Hegre you hit the jackpot is this series! There is something curiously additive in the erotic pleasure with multiple models. Excellently choreographed with the changing poses of the girls complementing each other. (Sort of reminds me of synchronized swimming!) Having all four girls totally nude throughout is most appropriate, and we lack for nothing in the posing: all four girls' tits butts and cunts are well displayed. The models are all lovely but my favorite, of course, is Engelie. Thank you girls and Hegre!

HJ United Kingdom

FOUR It's seems to me one of these girls is being a bit naughty

Laurie United Kingdom

Underwhelmed I am hard pressed to stifle a yawn...

Roger United States

The Butt Crack Dance Great to see the girls' four butt cracks move side to side in photos 22-26! Very erotic! Of course bit naughty Engelie does us the favor of opening up and pushing her butt out a little further than the other girls! Thank you Engelie!

Engelie erotic massage | August 21st, 2012
Engelie erotic massage
Voyeur United States

Not to take anything way from your beautiful modl and her great bod, but I'm intrigued by the masseuse

Indiana United Kingdom

She needs to eat

Engelie guess panties | July 30th, 2012
Engelie guess panties
smarty United States

amazing smile photo# 25...your smile brings sunshine...

peterpan Germany

some of these pcs are really a challenge.. where to look first..face titts pussy lips or feet??

paul United States

Engelie I would have loved a longer set, but that was still red hot. So seductive.

Fishman United States

Just love her tits, the stubble pussy is a miss.

rowdy United States

Yummy Engelie wow GIRL....... sexy bigtime.. mail me them panties....LOL

Engelie tropical garden | July 9th, 2012
Engelie tropical garden
smarty United States

extremely beautiful Engelie...truly one and only!

simon Switzerland

Nice one

purplescarf Canada

quality The girl isin't THAT amazing, not to say dissapointing. However quality (pic size) is really neat. It's only personal, but on my side, i'm more into the top stuff like ''A DOCTOR'S DREAM''. Keep it up!

Fishman United States

This babe is smoking hot!!

Engelie Kiki Valerie teasing trio | June 28th, 2012
Engelie Kiki Valerie teasing trio
wheeler Afghanistan

looks like valerie's having fun!

Marcus United States

Heaven Highest quality photos + Engelie & Kiki biting Valerie's radiant butt = heaven.

A United States

Petter are you in the pool with them?

KOMET United States

MUSAS EN CELO I'm especially partial to the photos in which KIKI & ENGELIE avidly suckle at VALERIE'S breasts.

Lion01 Netherlands

Funny and naughty! Mmm mmm mmmmm!!! The 3 hottest girls currently on Hegre-Art put together in a funny and naughty series. It's more than I hoped for, but still, not enough... not nearly enough... ;-)

Engelie and Kiki 69 | June 26th, 2012
Engelie and Kiki 69
gooz United States

Bravo ! This is what we want. Let's turn things over to Kiki and Engelie for a week and see where they can take us !!!

Voyeur United States

well done

Rick United States

I hope this was video recorded for our future viewing. This was sooooooooofucking hottttt.

jagau France

69 Wonderful

pdrabbit United States

Such loveliness... Torture...beautiful, exquisite torture.

Yes Switzerland

so exciting!

erro08 United States

Perfect Pair Who says the colors pink and brown do not look good together? These photos show both colors are exquisite together.

kimkimgo Taiwan, Province of China

the best ever!

wheeler United States

oh pleeeeease tell me there's a video coming of this!!!

Majormarvel Cambodia

Engelie & Kiki 69 Yes, this shoot definitely blows the mind as well as other things, but could I (ahem), possibly request a little bit of clit as well? I don't want to sound greedy, because this spread is already awesome, but some clit (accidentally revealed, perhaps?) would be a generous gesture, gratefully received.


RE: Photo number 32 beautiful shot of asshole

Ajetpilot United States

Favorite Two years later, and still one of my favorite galleries.

Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie bikini babes | June 16th, 2012
Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie bikini babes
wheeler United States

diggin kiki's leopard print! that's a lovely menagerie you have there!

Ben Brazil

Featured models Caprice ? Sheila wasn't there.....

jap582 United Kingdom

The end of the series is the perfect illustration of why bikinis should be prohibited

Zeppelin Germany

A Quantum Solace I usually complain about every picture set not featuring Anna S. I have to admit, though, that Valerie, Engelie and especially Kiki are soothing my pain over the obvious loss of Anna S.

Nav United States

Kiki may be petite, but she was hurting me with her poses in the background.

jamu Singapore

RE: Photo number 23 would have been more tantalizing if valerie just pulls her panties slightly to her side to expose her asshole to all her admirers.

Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie Postures | May 21st, 2012
Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie Postures
KOMET United States

A FIERY 4SOME (Sapphic Bliss) Among the 4 (VALERIE, KIKI, CANDICE & ENGELIE), there was much joy in their reunion. Passion sparks anew. Free from the chains imposed by clothes, they rejoice together in being free and fully nude.

Racek49 Switzerland

Candice, Engelie, Kiki and Valerie This gallery is really one of the best of your galleries. But I hope that there will be also a film about it !!

Laurie United Kingdom

Uninspiring Lacks tension and cutting edge. I should be hypnotised, and I'm not. They should shimmer sensuously and they don't. They may as well be forming a queue!

Roger United States

Hegre-Art Panty Pull-Down Contest And the winners are...Kiki and Valerie in a tie! Followed by Engelie who won the bronze and Candice fourth! A Thank you to all the girls who competed, and remember girls, even if you didn't win, you are still a Winner!

Flesharrower Australia

Those legs! Damn, Valerie's legs are soooo long! And Kiki has been doing a tonne of crunches by the look of those abs these days...

Guest United States

Valerie's legs admire her legs more among the four pretty pairs :)

Egrise United States

Museum piece I find myself viewing marble statues in a museum. Beautiful but quite unexciting. I prefer the models in pairs, touching and stimulating that inner fire.

Nakolo United States

Awesome Awesome pictorial. I love it when the subject is presented clothed at first, then strips. It makes seeing her naked way sexier. And I love that all the girls were completely shaved. Anytime I don't like a feature, I blame bush.

simon Switzerland

A very nice surprise. I like the setup. When are part 2,3 & 4 coming?

wheeler United States

definately some lovely specimens.

Damine United States

I love the way their various personalities are revealed this way, side-by-side, watching how they do it. I stew here, watching what they do to me. Four flavors of desire and sexuality. One knows she's got me, confident and powerful. The others spice it up like chills on the rampage.

johnbeck7 United States

Thank God... ...for making woman.

Rainer Germany

Herrlicher Moment, wenn alle vier sich ganz nackig ausgezogen haben, mein Spatz wird ganz steif...

Engelie bad girl | May 15th, 2012
Engelie bad girl
Roger United States

Bad Girl Good Girl Duality This Bad Girl isnt wearing her panties! Good Girl! This Bad Girl spreads her legs wide and shows her cunt! Good Girl! Bad Girl turns over and shows her bare butt and butthole! Good Girl! Bad Girl puts her finger in her cunt! Good Girl!

Roger United States

Engelie So much to love about Engelie. Every series she delivers! A most appropriately totally nude set in which we get to enjoy all of Engelie's bounteous gifts, unencumbered by clothing. Her full nudity is right and proper, as is the free and easy manner in which she spreads and shows all. All the photos are exquisite, yet let us admire photo 16 in detail. Here, after many sumptuous cunt shots, our wonderfully good Bad Girl, turns over and shows her irresistible super sexy round buns. Note how she arches her back to better elevate her buns and note how even in the first butt photo she has spread enough to reassuringly show us her lovely little asshole, and, of course, her full cunt lips below. A "butt and cunt shot!" favorite type of nude photo. Allow your gaze also to go north and admire her big tit hanging down open and free, the nipple peeking out, the tit seeming to say "Don't forget me! I need to be squeezed too!" Indeed tits like Engelie's, such wondrously full big tits, should be shown and enjoyed as much as possible. Then look further north we see her her beautiful face with that killer "Well...are you going to?" over the shoulder look! My goodness! Thank you Engelie!

Thytte Denmark

As alway a pleasure to wath Engelie.. The most smiling of the Hegre girls. Sincerely hope those tattoos are non permanent ???

smarty United States

Engelie One and only...

Rick Australia

Love it The longer hair and pulled back - looks great! Can we get some more massage videos with this pretty young thing?

Ebenezer United Kingdom

Pussy You have a gorgeous pussy, Engelie. I just love it when the inner and outer lips are as pale as the rest of the skin, likes yours.

Zeppelin Germany

I love the sunburn It makes her look real. She's fabulous. Even more so when she walks, talks. While we're at it: how about a video?

Fishman United States

Engelie, my cock salutes you.

Larry France

She got sunburnt before the shooting... that's a pity ! Great set otherwise.

Jeff Bell United States

true beauty Still waiting for the perfect moment on this complete beauty!

WilliamJ Canada

Wonderful Girl I can't get enough of Engelie. Everywhere she appears, I am close by. She is loveable, exciting and stimulating. Her aura surrounds all that she is. I am in love with this wonderful girl.

Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie Thailand | May 9th, 2012
Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie Thailand
KOMET United States

Where There's Smoke, there's VALERIE, KIKI, ENGELIE & CANDICE TOGETHER 4 EROTIC, SENSUAL FULLY NUDE WOMEN AMID A THAI TABLEAU. GRROWL!!! How soon will the video version be available?

wheeler United States

ok...pretty hot...but, why did candice leave in the middle???:(

michelpascot France

Valerie Hi, thanks you Valerie for your beauty. Your body's beauty but also the beauty of your face, your smile and your eyes, so the beauty of your soul. You enjoy me ! Be happy and take care of you !

Jeff Germany

I adore Kiki but am I wrong or did she loose weight recently? She seems to be so thin and bony.

simon Switzerland

Picture #26 background Candice had enough :-)

AM United States

What an introduction Oh man, I want to go to heaven right now with these women. This is a man's dream coming true. They are both stunning to watch, and they know how to strut their stuff.

Guest United States

RE: wheeler could be...bathroom break, boyfriend calling, to be continued...

Uncledad United Kingdom

Candice Why did Candice disappear after the first few photographs, she can be seen in some shots walking away would liked her to have been more involved.

UNCLEDAD United Kingdom

Candice & Engelie In images 21 and 22 there is a distance between these girls and they are not smiling, only when Candice is out of the picture does Engelie crack a wry smile picture 23.

abby United States

Kiki I agree that she looks too thin. I'm not trying to be snarky, but it doesn't look so healthy. Interesting how dynamics shift when so many lovely women are together in one shoot. Overall good stuff even if some unanswered questions!

Jeffrey United States

That foot tattoo on Engelie left foot is unfortunate, I hope she doesn't add any more.Also no oil again.

Engelie Kiki sexual attraction | May 8th, 2012
Engelie Kiki sexual attraction
KOMET United States

KIKI & ENGELIE: HOT 2SOME Much as I love this photo series, what mars it somewhat is when KIKI & ENGELIE look up at the camera's eye from time to time as if to say: "Is this how you want it shown?" Hegre, give the women the freedom to be wholly natural and lose themselves in the moment. Whatever advice you may have had to give both women would have been better done BEFORE staging the final shoot. I hope you will keep that in mind for future photo series (and videos).

Brent United States

Fantastic These 2 compliment each other so well, both with different, but perfect bodies. It is a shame about Engelies new body art. It is like painting a mustache on the Mona Lisa. Her body is perfection and the ink does not make it better.

wheeler United States

RE: KIKI & ENGELIE: HOT 2SOME I think what they were doing was looking at US! kinda like "you want a piece of this???!!!". looks awesome!!! and yet another set that BEGS for a video!

EGON-1 Mexico

i want this on video!!!!! the sexiest gallerie ever

Jeff Germany

Kiki Very sexy gallery but did Kiki recently loose weight? She is so thin

kidstone Canada

RE: KIKI & ENGELIE: HOT 2SOME To each his own, but I'm incredibly turned on when Kiki & Engelie look out--at me--with their gaze, with their knowing looks. As if they're daring me to look at them and take part in their carnal ecstasy. Intensely orgasmic.

Nakolo United States

More Intimacy This is what I'm looking for ... more intimacy between the girl models. I hate those pictorials where they "hover" ... zzzzz!!!! This is awesome ... you could go a tick farther, if you ask me.

wheeler United States

RE: Kiki she hasn't lost weight.she's just stretched out.

Variable-43 United States

Oh my. If only Engelie could slip that tongue a little lower and taste that sweet bottom hole! Bliss.

Pete United Kingdom

All praise to 85 what a wicked shot 85 is, great view of Kiki's amazing behind, and I would lover to lick that pussy. Too thin, she;s looking stunning. Never been a gig fan of Engeline but her she looks pretty hot too!

Zeppelin Germany

Purrfect! I love their smooth new looks. Kiki is perfection in these pictures and i just love Engelie. There is a three second snippet of them in the webcam collage video where Engelie actually eats Kiki. Are we going to see that in full lenght and glory?

Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie thai garden | May 2nd, 2012
Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie thai garden
KOMET United States

A DELICIOUS MELANGE On the whole, a delightful photo series. BUT... two (2) elements are lacking. (1) Where are MURIEL and BRIGI???! They would be absolutely perfect here. (2) Where is the show of passion? It would have been nice to have the women embracing each other, rubbing their bodies together, and hotly sharing a kiss or two. (Hegre, do you have a video version of this particular 4some?)

wheeler United States

simple and sweet!

Laurie United Kingdom

Creative Amnesia The composition of these images is too structured and lack a physical vocabulary. Where's the drama, the interaction and the intimacy. This gallery fails to engage the imagination or touch any emotion on any level...

coreysurfer United States

How Long..... such a wonderful view...I wonder how long I could last if I just walked up on them laying in a field like that... If i got lucky enough to be with each one..I don't think I would make it past 2 and it wouldn't matter which two as they are all beautiful and sexy!

Jeffrey United States

Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie thai garden It would have been nice if they were cover in oil,exspecially lying out in the sun.

Engelie exhibitionist | April 17th, 2012
Engelie exhibitionist
Sledge Germany

the only missing here (to reach perfection for the shot) would be a nice cream fillinig for Engelie.

Laurie United Kingdom

A real Treat Over a week since Candice's explicite gallery. This site really tests one's patience but Engelie is simply exquisite, her ravishing anus and pudendum are temptingly delicious. Love her to bits!

Starguy United States

Engelie's Captivating Eyes Erotic Engelie's eyes send an invitation to join her in this very inviting yet simple setting. Once you accept, be prepared to get lost in her seductive and intimate ways...

Roger United States

Thank you Engelie Show it Girl! You've got it all: great face, big plump tits and, oh my, those buns! From photo #2 on we know we are in for a treat! Love your facial expressions in #41 and 45# and all the photos! Thank you Engelie for showing all!

wheeler United States

Engelie exhibitionist good thing for us voyeurs! :P

1dalphamand United States

OOH SOO Delightfull! This is an Excellent example of 'HOW TO EXHIBIT'! I'm in straight out all balls lust with this woman! She should give lessons to Iron Legs Ryonen and all her like, who while beautiful in all her symmetry, lacks the will & boldness to 'OPEN UP' full frontal and rear.

Simon Switzerland

The hegre membership comes with free delivery, right?

Laurie United Kingdom

A Work of Arse From any perspective Engelie is utterly irresistible, the intimacy breathtaking. Anilingus with this delicious creature would be a rainbow of achingly erotic sensations...

Roger United States

RE: OOH SOO Delightfull! I agree 1dalph! Well said. Engelie is not only gorgeous, her attitude and the way she freely and joyfully opens front and rear in turn brings joy to all of us. Thank you Engelie!

Roger United States

RE: OOH SOO Delightfull! Let me add to my earlier comment: although I hope some of the girls would open up more (Tereza was the girl I really wanted to see more of, especially a raised and spread straight on butt shot) it is their right, of course, to pose as they wish. Most of all we owe Ryonen and all the girls great thanks for taking off all their clothes and showing their nude beauty however they choose to pose.

Voyeur United States

I think I'm in love

Mark United States

Engelie Excellent set of beautiful Engelie. Love the series of opening shots showing off her amazing ass and beautiful soles. She has a wonderful, natural body.

herveda France

She is the very best. Killing me... She is the very best. Killing me...

Engelie showergasm | March 27th, 2012
Engelie showergasm
stever United Kingdom

What is that white colour? Just love the way she is clearly 'salivating' at the thought of exposing herself and in anticipation of a 'showergasm'. Now Ryonen, where are you? your turn next..

smarty United States

speechless... i chat with her for hundreds of i don't know what to say...simply amazing!

Geehrt/germeny Germany

Engelie showergasm Herrlich -wie die Brünnlein mit weissen Saft fliesen.

Guildenstern United States

marvelous Not only is Engelie beautiful, and delightfully aroused in this set, but her ability to interact with the camera is exceptional. Thank you, Petter and Engelie, for a marvelous set.

1dalphamand United States

Shower Shot! Cum on ~ MO-VIE, MO-VIE, MO-VIE!

Engelie seducer | March 16th, 2012
Engelie seducer
wheeler United States

perfection personified!!!

sevillano United Kingdom

By God this woman has the most beautiful eyes.

Smarty United States

Simply the best! I must sleep with all these photos on the new iPad3 tonight :)

Laurie United Kingdom

Fragrant Pinkrose Tantalizing, utterly ravishing ~ I would love to savour her sticky quim, relish her sweet essence, a sensuous delight...

blackflash63 Australia

Engelie the last 10 shoots are stunning

Voyeur United States

Nicely done. She seduced me.

Laurie United Kingdom

Girl Girl Massage I was seduced by this stunning raven haired beauty from the moment I saw her in "Girl Girl". Engelie is utterly irresistible, easy on the eye and along with Mercedes one of the most sensuous girls to grace this site. Astonishingly sexy...

Saldo-1 United States

Just an amazing beauty with no issues showing us the goods!

D3s1r3u2 United States

Amazing Woman I spent an afternoon with Engelie through Hegre's webcam. Talk about a woman who is totally in tune with a body that could be sculpted by Michaelangelo. She's more than happy to be chatty with you, but what she really likes is to pleasure herself knowing that you are there. It was an extraordinary and naturally, beautiful, experience watching a woman be multi-orgasmic with herself. She's completely unhibited. The delicious part is that she enjoys knowing that you are there. I found it gutsy and sensuous.

Engelie dark temptress | February 28th, 2012
Engelie dark temptress
Fract Netherlands

Heaps of fun! I like this girl a lot. She seems so aloof in this set. Laughter on the set is a wonderful thing, and it shows!

KOMET United States

ENGELIE - A SEXY BEAST ENGELIE: Fun-loving, seductive, primal and erotic Woman. I'd luv to see her paired with MURIEL (both fully nude).

A poor student United States

Will you marry me? photo#1...where is my ring? :)

wheeler United States

RE: Heaps of fun! indeed!lovely smile (among other things)!

Roger United States

This Girl's Got it All! From her dark eyes to her pretty face, from her full tits to her soft round buns, from her irresistible cunt lips that she spreads her legs to show so well to her tight little asshole, Engelie has got it All! And she shows it with that joyful twinkle in her eye! What a turn-on! Good Girl Engelie for sharing your Nude Beauty! And Thank You!!

Roger United States

Photo 7 Photo 7 is hard to top. Just look at how that butt sticks out..."out there"...those soft white buns, so round...look at the lovely curve of her asscrack...look at her wonderfully full big tit hanging free...and all the while fully nude and showing it, she gives us that killer over the shoulder smile! Love it! Love you Engelie! What a Girl!

Tigris75 France

Engelie is beautiful, Engelie is crazy, Engelie is Hot Really nice Set, Engelie is beautiful, sensual, hot, and may be a little crazy.. Please Petter, more Set of Engelie. Gy

Fishman United States

Wow, what an awesome babe Engelie is.

paradygma Spain

She's a great model, with a lovely smile and an impressive body but I prefer the haircut in the girlgirl massage video, looks more informal.


Ukranian temptation! Realy beautiful and very suggestive, as ever. You make us enjoy!!

yuliko Chile

LOVE THIS PHOTO i think that this photo says everything, it represents engelie in full i really like it

KOMET United States

SEXY ENGELIE Fun-loving, seductive, erotic, Primal Woman = ENGELIE

Roger United States

RE: ENGELIE - A SEXY BEAST Indeed Komet! Muriel and Engelie: what a stunner that would be! Hope Muriel comes back for more shoots...any news Petter?

Laurie United Kingdom

Leap Year Engelie, its the 29th today, don't be shy. I can't wait to agree to your proposal!

Engelie pink panties | February 23rd, 2012
Engelie pink panties
Akerfeldt Mexico

THE BEST! This is definitely the best model since Anna S and Muriel and truly one of the greatest sets I've seen in this or any other site. Auction those pink panties! =) ohhh myyyyyyyy... !!

Laurie United Kingdom

Tickled Pink A stunning gallery, a stunningly beautiful girl and an achingly sexy fingering of the pink. Absolutely fucking wicked...

wheeler United States

RE: THE BEST! I'd buy em!(preferably unwashed!lol)

Smarty United States

My heart stopped... at photo#47...the girl of my dream all my life...

Roger United States

Agree The Best and also Tickled Pink Opening photos are so important. Already in photo 1 we have that Engelie look: coy, inviting, as if to say: "You like my tits?" and "Want to see my panties off?" And what full glorious tits they are! Right you are Akerfeldt: the best tits since Muriel. Photo 10 is outstanding with that delightful hint of butt-crack neath those shear pink panties. Series of photos 43-55 is arguably the best butt sequence ever shown on Hegre. (Do you agree Hegre members?) The penetration shots 60 and 61 are a fitting climax to another top-line gallery from Engelie! Thank you dear!

Roger United States

RE: Tickled Pink Laurie, I have most high regard for your appraisals of such wonders as Engelie and Nikola. I wonder if you could indulge me with your comments on my favorite model Mona, from Czech Republic, specifically the "Mona in Bed" series. I have left several thoughtful comments to which I would be honored if you would respond. Thank you in advance.

Jeffrey United States

Pretty Some pretty feet there.In fact I have yet to see an ugly pair of feet on any of Peter's models.

VTB United States

A Stunningly Wicked Smile It's clear she's enjoying the shoot and having fun. It doesn't hurt that the body is gorgeous and worth smiling about.

Laurie United Kingdom

Savour the Delicacy I beg you Engelie, allow me to stretch your pink panties over the searing intensity of my tumesence. To feel your sweet lips whispering through the silky softness, and thrill as you tenderly tease my glans with the lightness of your tongue. In a state of complete ecstasy, I savoured the wickedly decadent look in your eyes as the lustrous droplet that had formed on the cusp of my erection slowly dissolved on the tip of your tongue...

Fract Netherlands

Goodness! To be honest, I never took much notice of Engelie... until now! This is one hot shoot! You go girl!

Laurie United Kingdom

Pink Panties Engelie's panties should be auctioned off and the proceeds donated to a Childrens Orphanage in Odessa. I'll open with £200!

female sensuality Canada

Very sexy photo shoot. Gorgeous body.....lovely pussy lips. Her sensuality, playfulness, and erotic energy are a powerful combination. Looking forward to seeing more. I've chatted with Engelie in VIP chat is her sexuality is mesmerizing. Her voice and personality are incredibly sexy.

Laurie United Kingdom

Dancing in the Rain Bewitched by dark pools of light / Eclipsed by the shadow of her smile / Sweet fragrant clouds obsess my mind / So irresistible, oh so complete / Perfect girl of my dreams / To embrace in ecstasy / And dance, dance in the rain...Laurie

Voyeur United States

Very very sexy, from the women that is fast becoming among my favorite.

mrhung1961 United States

Oh my my, now thats HOT. why did you wait so long to put Engelie on Wow more please. PLEASE!

SageArcher United States

Photo #57 IMHO, Engelie's 10,000px, poster-size, signed (if possible, with a translation of her tattoo) should hang over the bunks of every GI engaged in armed struggle ANYWHERE in the world! ENGELIE...and PETTER share my 'nomination' for the Nobel PEACE Prize 2012!

Laurie United Kingdom

RE: RE: Tickled Pink Hi Roger, I owe you the courtesy of a reply which I have so far neglected to do. I had a look at Mona and the gallery in question and skimmed the comments as I was time constrained. I will return but in the meantime let me explain my raison d'etre. I'm an aesthete and a creative soul, I need to be touched, to be inspired or sensually aroused. I am quite unable to explain my emotions, lets say its purely instinctive and subjective, an example is my poem "Dancing in the Rain". Inspired by Engelie and from the heart, not the head. It is impossible to find inspiration unless my emotions are touched. So Roger, I am unable to articulate reason where none exists. Best described as existentialism...

Roger United States

RE: RE: RE: Tickled Pink But of course thine own self be true!

Fishman United States

Fucking awesome!!

james r Australia

angelic I'm just guessing the name engelie is derived from angel? she is the most delicious little woman I have ever seen. Engelie is so extraordinarily attractive I just don't want to take my eyes off her... her skin is perfect her eyes are gorgeous... her body is superb!

Engelie and Tigra bed buddies | February 8th, 2012
Engelie and Tigra bed buddies
KOMET United States

ENGELIE & TIGRA = SAPPHIC BLISS ENGELIE has an unerring knack for exciting the passions of woman (and man). As a 2some, ENGELIE and TIGRA blaze forth like a fireball birthed from a volcano.

wheeler United States

Tigra???is she gonna get a bio page?

JB United States

Engelie Engelie is an exciting new addition to the list of beautiful models you feature. I anxiously await more of her and or more of her with other women. Her massage with Kiki was super hot. Hopefully, we will see a lot more of her in the near future.

Ian UK United Kingdom

Another gorgeous set Thanks Petter...another gorgeous set of two super sexy ladies. I love that the girls are completely naked in a vast majority of the set which shows off their assets. As I love bums, legs and feet I always adore your work. Many thanks!

Smarty United States

My Bed Buddy... I plan to post photo# 7 in my, Engelie sees Central Park everyday :) Life is great!

d1alphaman United States

DYNOMITE!!!! Again, a photo set that is worthy of epic notation! Engelie, YOU are so Beautiful- from that awesome hair on your head to the very tipsy-toe's of your feet! Tigra, you a beau also and I just LOVE your Audacious ASS!

BN_ United Kingdom

Wow! To very hot, very happy looking ladies. Excellent work. Is there a video? Please? :-)

Jewel United Kingdom

Phew! What did they get up to when the cameras were turned off?

Roger United States

Paired Naked Buns of Photo 31 Oh what exctasy to see two pairs of naked buns in photo 31!

Roger United States

Further Comments on Photo 31 As a long time afficionado of the female nude, I confess it would be hard to top this shot. Review what we have: not one but Two gorgeous girls, fully nude, both in that most erotic of poses: kneeling down, butts in the air and looking over their shoulders back at us. This is indeed the most erotic of poses! Look closer at the details: such pretty faces, two (can you believe it...Two!) beautiful round bare-naked butts, each with delightfully round apple buns, two wonderful butt cracks shown straight-on, two full soft pairs of cunt lips on full display, and, as the cherry on the cake, Engelie's tight little asshole! As a bonus, each girl has a tit peeking out, including Engelie's big full one hanging down! What a shot! Thank you Engelie and Tigra!

Engelie naked chef | January 28th, 2012
Engelie naked chef
finderweb Italy

Nice Engelie Beautiful shooting. She have a very nice body, exciting her pose. Lovely teen

wheeler United States

Jamie Oliver has nothing on lovely Engelie!!!(do we get to see her cook too?lol)

MyLove United States

WOW... Am i dreaming? WOW...

Laurie United Kingdom

Cuntelicious Fingers Hot sticky finger buffet. Fucking delicious...

krechboere Belgium

She is the most beautiful model on the site! Truely stunning!

jimmyjamslam Thailand

nice chef she is ate up with sexy.... ans she was definitely cooking SOMETHING up !!

KOMET United States

ENGELIE LA COCINERA With ENGELIE au naturel, the heat is on! No need to check the pilot light. ENGELIE brings more warmth to a room than a ton of fresh anthracite.

HumblePatient United States

Enjoying Engelie Wow! The perfect model and the perfect shoot. I love Engelie, she is cute all over from her eyes all of the way down to her anus. Great pictures of her in all the poses I wanted to see. She is definitely one of my favorite Hegre models.

Heywood United States

Edible Engelie Engelie, you don't have to cook anything, because I just want to eat you!

Laurie United Kingdom

The Perfect Supper Rare, richly piquant, with a delicious velvety finish on the tongue. Seriously, these stunning images of a very beautiful girl are so breathtakingly luscious. Utterly brilliant...

d1alphaman United States

naked chef AWESOME! She is the Best! MORE PLEASE~!!!!!

Joe P United States

Engelie is the sexiest girl on the whole website!!!

Tom United States

Engelie Engelie is the sexiest girl in all of Hegre-land!

Fishman United States

Great body and not afraid to show it, 100% fucking awesome

Roger United States

Simply stated one of the most erotic series I have ever seen on Hegre. Wonderful Engelie wonderful poses.

Engelie first session | January 20th, 2012
Engelie first session
Thytte Denmark

Been waiting for this since the massage video. She is very pretty - ans she SMILES on most shots!!! Bravo.

GT Switzerland

WOW! Engelie, you're one of the most sensual models with a beautiful face and a perfect body! Like to see more of you!

LUV69 United States

I want to marry you ...and your smile :)

Laurie United Kingdom

A Unique Beauty I am soaring over the moon with a light heart in the presence of this delicious creature. Seeing Engelie in her role as masseuse has haunted the corners of my mind since. I was utterly bewitched by her slender beauty, her shock of dark hair falling about her visage and the way she moved. I am truly smitten...

KOMET United States

WELCOME ENGELIE!!! ENGELIE. ENGELIE. ENGELIE. I eagerly look forward to seeing more of you in future photo series and videos. Fully nude.

Laurie United Kingdom

Mounting Pleasure 79 & 80 I have been seized in a delicious surge of arousal by the decadent eroticism of these wicked images. Her musky fragrance would craze me with insatiable desire. Utterly fucking gorgeous......

finderweb Italy

Welcome! Very nice model. Beautiful body, nice and exciting pose. I hope to see other set!

Roger United States

Our Long Night is Over! Dear Engelie, If you are out there are read these things, please know: On behalf of All Hegre-Art members, we are thrilled you are posing, and posing fully nude!! I well recall seeing you in the massage, how beautiful you were, how sexy your bottom looked in those white tights, and how much I wanted you to take them off! Now you have! Thank you! Thank you! Welcome to Hegre-art! May this be the first of many galleries and videos!

Roger United States

Photo 19 I just love this shot! What a pose! What a smile! Love it when a naked girl shows all And smiles! Makes me feel that looking at and enjoying porn is all OK. Thank you for posing and thank you for your smile Engelie!

colpatt United Kingdom

What a nice fanny (that's pussy for ignorant americans)!

Guildenstern United States

Engelie! Beautiful, provocative, expressive.

wheeler United States

so nice to finally see this beauty's stills debut!many more of BOTH to come, I hope!

Laurie United Kingdom

Courtesy of Pablo Neruda Oh flesh, my own flesh, woman whom I loved and lost, / I summon you in the moist hour, I raise my song to you. / Ah woman, I do not know how you hold me in the earth of your soul, in the embrace of your arms! / Oh the bitten mouth, oh the kissed limbs, the mad coupling of hope and effort in which we merged and despaired. / And the tenderness, gossamer light. And the word scarcely begun on the lips. / It is the hour of departure, the hard cold hour which the night fastens to all timetables. / The hour of departure. Oh abandoned one!

LoveYou United States

Waiting for me? photo#57...your wait is over...I'm bringing you to my dream tonight...

horizonhunter United States

OK this young woman needs a massage.....PLEASE

Thirsty United States

I like this shoot. There's something about Engelie's movement that says "I'm doing these poses on my own". Also her sexuality is fully developed, which is what I prefer.

sugar1 United States

Engelie Engelie is hot !! Can't wait for her videos

VTB United States

Beautiful Smile Above Beauty Wow. She smiles and flirts with us, even as she poses. She could give Caprice competition for the golden apple.

Bossman United States

Incredibly sexy Engelie, I have been a subscriber for years and never posted. You are incredibly hot. Keep up the awesome work.

theatreguy United States

Excellent! What a nice addition to your stable.

Variable-43 United States

Engelie is a dream, an knocks it stiff in her first set. Let this be a lesson to other models who have endless sets of the same, tired poses -- who, after hundreds of photos, have yet to give us a glimpse of her ass....

russ Thailand

indeed, Miss Engelie can bring it.. a natural.. her sexiness jumps out of the pics

Fishman United States

100% totally awesome!!!

Voyeur United States

What q perfect first shoot, I'm in love.

MyLove United States

Live chat with Engelie Her photos become live with all the chat and actions in her room. To me, it's the 9th wonder of the fantasy world. You only live once...

SageArcher United States

Engelie Hmmmm...what does her tattoo say? Engelie's exquisite poses say "LOVE ME!"

Engelie massaging Kiki part2 | November 28th, 2011
Engelie massaging Kiki part2
Rick Australia

Wow Please tell me part II will also show up on video. And please bring back Engelie with some other partners! Mayuko? Caprice!

Roger United States

What luscious beauties!

Roger United States

Kiki and Engelie are such beauties! And what asses! So perfectly sculpted and round! Kiki's totally nude with her most lovely tight lined asshole shown fully! Engelie's butt shown but not shown! Oh to pull down her tights! What tits Engelie has and what a face! Get this girl nude...please!

duff United States

engelie massages kiki part 2 very sexy...i love engelie's breasts...would love to snuggle with those girlies...

kidstone Canada

Awesome! What a complete turn-on it is to see these two lovelies enjoying their session together. The galleries and the video are driving me wild with desire. Thank you so much, ladies. Keep 'em coming and I'll keep coming for more.

panzer969 United States

Part 3 forthcoming? After Part 1 and then the Massage video I'm hoping there is a Part 3 to this oh so sensual and delightful series. Seeing Kiki in chat and being introduced to Engelie has left me wanting for more and more from this pair. Additional galleries and movies would be most welcome from both of these lovelies, together and individually. Thanks to all involved!

d1dalphamand United States

Engelie massaging Kiki This was an AWESOME gallery! Kiki is a beautiful star, but Engelie - OH OH OH - She is (in my humble opinion) a freakin' SUPER-NOVA! Please - let us see HER naked and explicit! I want her YESTERDAY!

paul United States

Kiki As much as I love Kiki`s face and body, the lovely Engelie is driving me freeking crazy. Sure wish she would loose those tighty whities.

Chikko Chile

Would pay double for more of you beautiful !

United States

These two work well together.

Roger United States

RE: Engelie massaging Kiki You may already know this but Engelie is naked in the shower at the end of the message video with some great cunt lip views. Hope this helps! (Same message to Paul)

Dave United States

Kiki and Engelie Simply fantastic. Two wonderfully beautiful women in a great series of shoots and the video. Hope to see more of Engelie and more of these in general, well done!

Laurent France

Engelie solo shots Please Peter, bring solos shots of Engelie, quick !

Engelie massaging Kiki part1 | October 11th, 2011
Engelie massaging Kiki part1
wheeler United States

yet another set that MUST be made into a video! cant wait for part two!

Englishman United Kingdom

A professional masseur Well done everybody. It was great to see a new model, a topless masseur and a professional one too. I am looking forward to part 2 and to the film. Kiki -you are a lucky girl

Thytte Denmark

Geeeee God was in a good mood the day he created Engelie. Please let us se much more of here, and pretty Kiki as well.

B United States

That was so sexy.... Englie has great tits, thanks girls

coreysurfer United States

Kiki very beautiful Kiki and she so nice personally too, plesent and pretty in one person, thank you for nice shoot Kiki and Peter and massuse pretty as well..i agree nice video would be pleasurable to see as well if they should do it.

Robert Lee United States

bulb lights up Somebody has finally got the message. Give us a lot more of this and I will be a member the rest of my life.

Jeff Germany

Engelie is so beautiful and has the sweetest bellybutton on the site!!!

Alex Wilhelm United States

Massage? Not that I'm going to complain about this at all, quite the contrary; but this is less a massage session and more of a lez-love fest on a massage table. But let me be clear, get Caprice and Valerie and Dominika C playing this game and I am all for it.

KOMET United States

Enter KIKI & ENGELIE Looking forward to seeing Part 2, in which (I trust) both KIKI and ENGELIE appear fully nude.

Crozzers United Kingdom

Engelie massaging Kiki Back after a while away. Kiki is fabulous, I hope we're going to see lots more of her, but Engelie too!!!

Roger United States

Great pair of tits Engelie has! Welcome!

Jewel United Kingdom


Groblet Australia

Engelie and Kiki The perfect set of shots to compliment the recent Valerie and Lyne sets from Mauritius. Beautiful photography Petter and such sensuous models. I spoke to Kiki recently about a massage shoot and she said she was very excited about it. It shows!!

Groblet Australia

Engelie and Kiki The perfect set of shots to compliment the recent Valerie and Lyne sets from Mauritius. Beautiful photography Petter and such sensuous models. I spoke to Kiki recently about a massage shoot and she said she was very excited about it. It shows!!



Pete United Kingdom

Cutest Kiki is quite simply the cutest model currently on the site nd definately int he Yanna/Thea league. I would love to see a joint set with Tasha or Valerie. Fantastic introduction to Engelie too.

Fischerin Germany

A shot from Engelies back would have been nice - may be we could have seen her pairs of lips

Wally United States

Engelie Engelie is beautiful! We certainly need her in a part two video of this either helping poor Kiki or just taking care of herself.

Manneke Jizz Belgium

a movie please !!

kidstone Canada

Wow! Oh my god, these two are so fucking hot together! Please, please tell me there's video of this. My cock can't stand it!

Sandy United Kingdom

wow wow wow Part 2 please and a movie, what an erotic sight of Kiki's exposed clitoris. Keep it coming and a naked spread of Engelie please. (Engelie must mean angel in English!!!!) Breathless stuff!!

mobetaman United States

Engelie massaging Kiki part1 When do we get to see ENGELIE on the table!!!!!!! PLEEEEEZZZE! I just can't wait to see what under HER HIPS!!!!!!!!!

d1dalphamand United States

Engelie massaging Kiki part1 What would it take to see Engelie's AWESOME BODY!!!! Especially her BIG BANGING BOOTY!! PLEASE - What ever it takes, PLEASE!

lovenuru Australia

mindblowingly hot two stunningly beautiful women ... what a session ... can't wait to see more of Engelie too

Sam C United States

This is a good gallery, and I like seeing Kiki having her legs wide apart throughout the massage. But there is no good reason why Engelie could not also have been nude. There have been many comments for many massage galleries which requested that the masseuse also should be nude. Petter, when are you going to listen? After all, the customer is always right!

herveda France

so hot my glasses are all fogged

Mike Switzerland

Massage Es ist wunderschön anzusehen, wie Kiki nackt, mit gespreizten Beinen auf der Massageliege verwöhnt wird.

Engelie Films COMMENTS

Engelie Sensual Cleansing | October 21st, 2014
Engelie Sensual Cleansing
Canchahel France

Welcome back, Dark Temptress! I don’t know if “Engelie sensual cleansing” was originally the prelude or the continuation to the unforgettable, unparalleled and mesmerizing “Body body girl girl massage” (put on line more than two and a half years ago), the best film of this type in Hegre-Art (for the moment), but they are bound: same bathroom (at Koh Samui?), same kind of music (bathroom scene in BBGGM)… and Engelie, of course. Like Coxy (see “Coxy Mermaid”), Engelie is one of the three or four most beautiful “venusian” women we have ever seen here. This Ukrainian brunette (Mediterranean type, almost a Romanian or a Greek woman, with a “Gipsy Girl” flame in the face, especially in the eyes) has sculptural curves in every part of her body and is really very hot: maybe sweet Tigra, in BBGGM, at times just touched her lightly or even flied over her skin because she didn’t want to be burnt. Anyway, I appreciate that, in both of these films, Engelie’s left foot is free of any tattoo: she is a “dark temptress”, that’s for sure, but certainly not a “bad girl”.

wheeler United States

well, that was definitely one of the nicer motion pictures I've seen on here of late! lovely!

Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie 4 Mermaids | July 10th, 2012
Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie 4 Mermaids
Wynand South Africa

Best view Great idea to shoot from underneath. That’s the view I like the best.

Charles United Kingdom

Too short This movie is way too short. Since they can get into pretty much any position you can think of when they are in water why not take more advantage of that? They could do a lot more. Sequel please.

Akiyo Japan

So much I like the shots when they turn around and swim away again. They show so much.

Tyler United States

Do not know What I want to see is a lot more of these movies which are like the models do not know they are being filmed.

Robert United States

Re: Do not know I agree with Tyler. For me there is nothing more exciting than being a voyeur. How about more movies showing the models doing all kinds of everyday things? Nude of course. And they could genuinely not know they are on camera.

smarty United States

very nice film to find out who is who without seeing these girls' faces i need to know all body features of them...very interesting film and nicely done!

Lion01 Netherlands

Underwater Voyeurism This is a truly fresh approach you've taken here Petter, well done! I would say this is only the beginning! Of course I'm only speaking for myself, but I think it's pure sex to see the girls move under water. The bubbling of their butts, the shaking of their thighs, the weightlessness of their breasts... This underwater voyeurism turns me on unspeakably, much to my own surprise I must say. I can only express my hope for more videos like this, many many more!


well, it would be hard to make it so they really dont know they are being watched! but, I agree... videos/pics of the girls doing everyday stuff (as I've said before: "just hanging out") are awesome!

Mon Australia

good good film, like to watch girls naturally naked, especially when they ack like no one filming them.

Engelie And Kiki Sharing Orgasms | June 12th, 2012
Engelie And Kiki Sharing Orgasms
wheeler United States

well, that was just lovely! more like that, please!

smarty United States

Kiki&Engelie Perfect couple forever...

Cosworth Germany

A really great film. I love it. Please more.

Apropos United States

Simply excellent

Vinny United Kingdom

Lost for words I’m lost for words. Kiki and Engelie – you are fantastic. You’ll never know how much you do for me with a film like this one.

Jenny United States

Not just for men I just love this. So often girl-girl movies look as though they are made with just men in mind. But this one me and my GF can identify with all the way through.

Piet South Africa

Sniles What a beautiful ending. You both have such lovely smiles. They say it all.

Willem Netherlands

More build-up needed This is a great movie but I did think that it could have done with a bit more of a build-up. For me part of the excitement is seeing the girls becoming gradually aroused. Here they are straight at it. Am I the only one who likes to take it slow?

Robby Canada

RE: More build-up needed I see your point but I think that the idea here was to show that Engelie and Kiki are so into each other that they could not wait a moment longer. I’ve got no issues with that.

stever United Kingdom

Fair bit of fumbling Nice film, I liked it, but there was a fair bit of fumbling going on, they didn't seem to be very tuned in to each other. Perhaps that was the fun?! More please! and with blokes doing it to the gals too...

Guildenstern United States

Beautiful Set A truly beautiful set. The obvious affection of Kiki and Engelie for one another shines through and makes this film absolutely superb. There is passion combined with delicacy, and one can see the little touches that take place during the love-making, such as Engelie fondling Kiki's hair, that give a ring of authenticity to this splendid film.

Jeff Germany

wow Very cute and hot but way to short!

Timo United States

Toys! A very stimulating film. And it seems like the girls genuinely had fun, too. I've noticed that Kiki has an affinity for sex toys. I'd very much like to see more of that action!

Zeppelin Germany

Three words Oh my god! If there's one thing missing for complete and utter perfection, then it is the tongue that fits their lovely anuses which seem to be completely unattended in this video. But, dear Petter, do not despair. I know a tongue that perfectly matches both rear ends. Gimme a call or email me and it will be in the next video of Kiki and Engelie. No, it will be in both of them.

abby United States

terrific together! Kiki and Engelie are absolutely fabulous together like this. Very hot!

blackflash Australia

Engelie and Kiki truely amazing. these two lovely ladies enjoy each others company very much. and i feel honored to have been able to watch their friendship grow, long and loud.

finderweb Italy

wow Very exciting ... wonderful video, my compliments.

Cronoxs Puerto Rico

Amazing I love this video. Definitely one of the best.

osmosis Canada

I am a newbie to this site. I am in love with these girls. Wish I were a woman.

DocRod United States

Engelie & Kiki Twelve minutes in heaven. I even love the pimples on their buns, how genuine, natural and spontaneous!!! Happy ending for everyone!

Softcleft Isle of Man

Wow! Beautiful and natural moments of intimacy. It seemed so un-staged I felt like an intruder at the end.

big pony Singapore

best film ever. thanks for showing us what intense orgasm these 2 angels have.

Lion01 Netherlands

These girls are at their peak of their lives, both phisycally and sexually. I'm so happy they don't mind to share this with us. And i'm so happy about the all-natural setting of this video. Two young natural goddesses, giving real pleasure to each other. I specially love the kissing (around 7:40) as it shows so much tenderness and affection. It doesn't get any better than this! The only wish i have left, is to have much much more like this!

Guest United States

Enjoy while you can often things in real life are not as rosy as they appear...enjoy while you can and move on to the next big dream without regret...lovely couple!

Vashti Australia

RE: Fair bit of fumbling If that's fumbling, I want to see more of it - they seem to me to know precisely what pleases each other!

Vashti Australia

Lovely film - I must say I would like to see some more close-up oral sex, if the girls wouldn't mind it being shown; it really is after all the most intimate act, and the most beautiful?

Topper United States

Orgasms Thanks so much for this video. I enjoyed it.

herveda France

This movie is a collector's item. I can't tell you how much I learn about women here. So incredibly hot! Kiki is pure dynamite and Engelie is simply an amazing women. There is so much about her that shows through the movie.

byron1820 Australia

As above Absolutely delightful film. I suppose the truith is what one would really like to see is a girl as beautiful as either of these and a really handsome guy sharing an orgasm . . . hey, it may come, in time!

Mike S. United States

Genuine Tenderness I find myself watching this beautiful film over and over again. I just love the genuine tenderness between Engelie and Kiki. These two incomparably beautiful ladies adore each other and their love is evident throughout the film. The camera angles are perfect and do not intrude into their lovemaking or force them to assume unnatural positions for the sake of the filmographer. The opening scene is nothing short of breathtaking with Engelie gently oiling Kiki's body and Kiki becoming immediately aroused and ever so appreciative. From there is gets better and better. Thank you Petter for providing us with such a genuine and totally natural exploration of the love between two young women. Kiki's orgasms are without equal and Engelie's are not far behind. This is eroticisms of the highest order.

KM4Wolf Canada

Orgasm Delight I am very bi curious!! I would love to have this kind of experience with a woman!! Absolutely outstanding the quality of orgasms with both women are out of this world looks like they have had a lot of loving intimate fun!! Very well done!!

schmidtum Germany

More of Engelie Please, more Videos with Engelie

Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie Naked Billiards | May 29th, 2012
Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie Naked Billiards
Marky United States

Best game This has got to be the best game ever. If only it was like this down my local bar.

Sharon Canada

Guys as well How about another movie with some guys playing as well? That would be good news for us girls.

Seb United Kingdom

Just a pool game I was hoping that all this would lead on to some more sexy action between them all and not just be a game of pool.

Linton United States

Doing their thing Relax Seb and let the girls do their thing. In my book they are so great to watch I could hang out with them all day

Malcolm Australia

Re: Just a pool game. This game is the perfect way to show off their breasts when they lean over the table. That’s enough justification for me.

Roger United States

Bouncing Tits What a joy to watch four naked beautiful girls relax and enjoy themselves without the strain of having to please the viewer. To watch girls nude as they do something else is so voyeuristically erotic. The nudity is simply there, free and natural for us to enjoy. Same quality in the Muriel Elliptical Cross Trainer video where a beautiful naked girl is doing something else. Oh yes...I love how the girls' tits bounce every time they hit the ball!

wheeler United States

nice to see the girls just hangin out and goofin off!cool video!

anonymous United States

With four women in this video, couldn't one have pubic hair? This was an opportunity to accommodate the preferences of many subscribers.

mon Australia

cool please make more of this kind of film, love it so much!!

Hedonist United States

this film poorly edited the women are all gorgeous and a delight to see -- if we could only get 5 seconds of lingering on a girl to give you time to take her all in. this film cuts and jumps so quickly between the women it is annoying as hell. It's the worst kind of tease - it never gives you a chance to appreciate any of the varied body shapes and curves before it jumps perspectives again. I hate this style of film edit. Come on, Petter - you can do wayyyyy better than this.

Roger United States

RE: this film poorly edited It Is a great film, I love watching four beautiful naked girls, and the rapid editing gives a certain tantalizing "Porn-Lite" quality, but Hedonist has a point. How about a "Part Two" with slower pacing and longer shots? What would be great would be a lot of slow up-from-slightly-below straight-on buttcrack shots that show the cunt lips peeking out from below. The extraordinary, but all too brief shot at 2:11 is a perfect example. Just do a lot more of that and make them longer pans. (Especially of Engelie!) After all, the girls Do have to bend over to hit a pool ball! We might as well enjoy it! Again thanks to Petter and all the girls for a great film.

Philip United Kingdom

Hey, Anonymous! They probably didn´t have time to grow it.

Master Penetrator Germany

RE: RE: this film poorly edited I fully agree with Roger.

Max Thailand

Snookered I agree with Roger, a Pt.2 would be great if only better edited and less hurried. There was ample opportunity to get some better close ups. Good to see the girls having a lot of fun without too much posing.They all looked great.

libertat69 French Polynesia

like J'apprécie ce thème, particulièrement ce voyeurisme ou des filles s'occupe à leur tâche ou loisir, nues ou vêtues d'un soutien gorge quand je peux admirer leur intimité, avec pourquoi pas, des boules de geisha, spéculum, gode ou tampon.

manny United States

no one really cares about the pool game anyway see above

schmidtum Germany

Ssecond Part? I want to see what the Girls do after naked billiards!!!!!! But not only 3 minutes of action

Justplaying United States

It was short and hurried, but as always, the lady's were fantastic. Thanks Lady's

Hegre Art Wild Web Cam Compilation | February 7th, 2012
Hegre Art Wild Web Cam Compilation
Ben South Africa

How to Thanks for this. It is a sort of “how to do web chat”. It has given me a better idea of how the whole thing is to take part in. Now I will definitely be going online this weekend to join in.

Arnie United States

Confusing I thought it was a bit too “busy”. I mean that there were too many screens and it was confusing. About half as many would have been good.

Ciaron Ireland

Re: Confusing Arnie, would you complain that an orgy was “confusing”? The more the merrier I say.

Mary United States

Girls talk I’m loving the ways these girls talk. They are so sexy with their accents. I’m halfway there just with listening to them.

Janie United Kingdom

I want This is what I want to do. My guy was online the other night when I walked in on him. I think he was a bit confused when he saw I was getting turned on but now he is all for it. I keep thinking about it. How do I start?

wheeler United States

well, I must say, that was interesting!loved that we got to hear voices (though, I wish I knew which was which!), and glad I wasn't staring at schlong through the whole thing!

Rick Australia

Wow! 13:30 was the best thing I have seen on this site! Let's devote a whole video to it.

Flesharrower Australia

I'm about 100% certain I was jerking off online with Valerie there and probably twice with Stretch! Another time with Agnes...haven't managed to catch the Dominika C/Agnes combo or the Kiki/Engelie combo yet either...

lovenuru Australia

awesome awesome video ... love the webcams ... watching this compilation gets me as hard as when I cam live ... fantastic!

Engelie Massage COMMENTS

TripleTropical Orgasm Massage | July 31st, 2012
TripleTropical Orgasm Massage
smarty United States

Engelie... my dream girl...

alf-1 United States


Frederick. France

Best bits Those are superb shots of her close up at 23 minutes plus. They are the best bits of all.

Dux United States

Nice tattoo That’s a nice tattoo you have there Engelie. It makes you even more sexy.

Hao Taiwan, Province of China

Cry out Engelie I think it so good the way you cry out when you are cumming. I can imagine you do that just for me. I like to listen to you.

Eddy United Kingdom

Re: Cry out I like to listen to Engelie as well but if she is so excited would she not be making a lot more noise than she does? I think there should be less background music and more of what the girls sound like.

Van United States

Re: Re: cry out I think Eddy is right. I would go further. Let’s have all the noises that go with this and get a microphone real close up.

Guildenstern United States

RE: Re: Cry out Every woman has an orgasm in her own way, and sometimes it is the expectation of some men that an orgasm must be accompanied by loud screaming can lead to faked orgasms. What Engelie experienced was very, very real. In particular, it takes a great deal of self image for a woman to permit others to witness her orgasm.

Guest United States

RE: Re: Re: cry out if you are a fan of Kiki, you know what to expect when she gets need earplugs :) seriously, Kiki and Engelie are the best couple of this site so far!

Haxzen United States

burstgasm Both KiKi and Engelie seem to do the quiet built, and let it all out at once. Part of the reason they are two of my fav's here. It's a nice change from the constent moaning and hyperventilating in some of the others, they tend to sound fake or dubbed. FYI, her tattoo is a cover up of "SAINT"....

Basia Poland

RE: RE: Re: Cry out So true! If you expect that at every orgasm a woman cries loud, then you are on the best path to get mostly fake orgasms! Every time it is different and to expect the moaning or cry everytime is like expecting a copy every time. What Angelie did was not fake. Crying all the time and louder would mean either pain or fake. :o)

Buster United States

3 great orgasms. I love the way her hips buck as she experiences the contractions rippling through her vagina

niceguyp7 New Zealand

So sensual This massuese has such sensual hands + fingers ... I'd so love her to take my ultra-hard penis in her hands and to place the tip into the girl's lovely vagina and push my bottom till the whole of it [my cock] is all the way in ... Then I'd love her [the masseuse] to massage my bottom + prostate sensually whilst I'm thrusting slowly but firmly inside the girl ... I am quite sure I'd have the most sensational ejaculation ever!

b100dr00t United States

Brava! I know the star of this video is the young woman being massaged, but I am just as enamored of the masseuse! Her technique and enormous skill are a treat to watch. I greatly admire how she knows just what to do and when to do it.

B Taurus United States

Once again beautiful massage & O! I Luv this girl! Engelie is truly a pleasure to watch. Amazing video!! Great job!! Just a side note. The pop up watermarks are a bit distracting.

Tony07011967 United States

Engelie is so beautiful. She was the reason I joined this site. Her face and body are a perfect 10. I want to see more of her really soon. It has been to long since she has had a massage. Next time both Engelie and the masseuse can be naked because she looks like she has a wonderful figure too!

Hegre Art Viewer United States

Missing Engelie very much! Does she still work with this Hegre Art because she has not put out a video in almost a year. Somebody please tell me something!

toga United States

Great Orgasm I loved her orgasm. I loved how she moaned. She needs a male partner.

Sunset Climax Massage | June 19th, 2012
Sunset Climax Massage
Kevin United Kingdom

Where? Where is this place? I want to go there right now.

Theo United States

Many orgasms Loved the way she got into it twice over. I envy the way women can have so many orgasms.

Hendrik South Africa

Skilled What a great mix of professional massage and foreplay. This masseur is so skilled at blending these two things.

Pauli United States

Travel movie When I watch a massage movie it is the massage I want to see with lots of close up action. I don’t want a travel movie.

Carmen Canada

Re: Travel movie You are missing a lot with that attitude Pauli. The mood and the setting are very important whether it’s a movie or real life.

smarty United States

Beautiful Sooooooo beautiful! Will do this for you) promise!

KOMET United States

ENGELIE EN CELO The interplay of lights of a setting sun across the breadth of ENGELIE's sexy, oiled-down body, matched with her orgasmic cries as the masseuse, with deft hand, teases and waters the garden betwixt the thighs --- THRILLING & BREATHTAKING.

jpljpl France

Engelie Superbe femme, sensuelle, érotique, pas de cinéma, elle se donne. Dieu qu'elle est belle !!!

Thytte Denmark

Nice to see Zana is still around Hegre Art. She us so skilled. And she has got sexy feet to. :)

clqrvy United States

Darkness I love the sunset concept, but I wish there was a bit more visibility towards the end. Perhaps some candles would have been nice.

clqrvy United States

4-hand massage Also, will we ever get a 4-hand massage?

laolong Germany

RE: Re: Travel movie Hi, you're so right. Nomen est omen: hegre-Art. I'm so happy, that there is no porno or these popular way of stimulations you can find everywhere webwide. I rather prefer this atmosphere and ambiente even in real life.

MojoMa_cs7b Switzerland

Sunset Climax Light levels during the massage were too low. Should have been as bright as when she was walking on the beach towards the sea. Camera angles were also rather unimaginative. Still the girl seemed to enjoy it, which is important.

Moondream Egypt

Enjelie my dream Enjelie's orgasm is fantastic... I'm dreaming to meet one day with Enjelie... just to talk .. .also the tropical sunset time was perfect with the nice touching massage ... well done Hegre...

darth neo Korea, Republic of

RE: 4-hand massage Yes I want to see 4 hand massage, I used to get this type of massage in Germany. It was a Thai 4 hand massage, it is so incredible when there are hands all over ur body when you climax!

Edouard 1964 France

Shadows Great great great video ! the shadows, the way things are half-hidden, it makes for a very erotic sensation!

rigober Canada

SUNSET CLIMAX Splendid model and most erotic massage

bobbob United States

way to go girl I must say to Engelie, bravOOOO, your O's are super. Stay with the finger action for ten seconds more during your scream, and the whole internet will crash because of too many replays. Way to go girl!

Sandy United Kingdom

left me in the dark!! Love your site, best in the world. Breathtaking cutting edge themes usually with the correct amount of detail. The orgasms were superb but I like to see what's going on as my imagination obviously doesn't match the result. Please can we see the same massage with the usual attention to detail as this one left me in the dark!! Super erotic stuff, beautiful model with orgasm inducing masseuse but please let me see it.

roger1940 Israel

very hot I like the why she comes

Likegirls Germany

Noseflare I love her fierce noseflare she does with her nose wings. Just observe it. That turns me on, as it seems to be synchron with her orgasmic impulses. Please more girls with noseflare.

Justplaying United States

Excellent job lady's. Thank You

Body Body Girl Girl Massage | February 28th, 2012
Body Body Girl Girl Massage
Jed United States

Foot and toe Great foot and toe action from time to time, like @25:40. How about much much more of that, like a whole movie concentrating on feet?

Glenn United States

Fetish I agree with you Jed even though feet are not my thing particularly. There are a huge number of fetish and speciality tastes just waiting to be catered for in these movies.

Tim United States

Just massage If you guys have your own specialities that is fine with me. I am sure that there are plenty of websites out there that will satisfy your every whim. But when I log on for a massage movie that and only that is what I am expecting to see. IMHO there’s nothing better than a well-oiled babe.

Tadahiro Japan

Sexy smile I love the way you look straight at me with such a sexy sort of smile.

Francine United Kingdom

What are they saying? The ending is a bonus with them showering and washing each other. I wish we could hear what they are saying to each other.

Yum Yum Australia

Love the massage! Who are the models? I think I recognise the faces but cant put names to them.

Tigris75 France

Engelie and Tigra are sensual and hot This is one of my favorite massage, Engelie and Tigra are wonderful, it's sensual, erotic, i like Engelie, i like the way Tigra caress Engelie, they are different but both sensual. And the sower after massage. Please Petter, more set of Englie, more set of Engelie with Tigra. Because Engelie is just too hot. Gy

Canchahel France

Best of all massages The range and the quality of the shots, the beauty of the girls and the scenery (specially the shower room) make this massage the best of all. One big and excellent work ; a delight. Bravo, Petter. Two remarks, by the way: Even if she is not (yet) a professional, sweet Tigra seems to have a gift not only for actual massages but for mesmeric passes. Is she healer, fairy, witch/wiccian or something like that? Corollary: would she be interesting for/interested by Tantra? I didn’t see any fetishism in this movie since every part of both bodies is very well filmed. But inserting feet shots and close-ups adds a touch of unusual sensuality because women’s feet are not only often nice and sweet (like hands) but very sensitive, hidden and full of curves parts of the body.

Eric S United States

Massage I was pleasantly surprised to see that this was a real thorough massage and every part was done with care and concentration. I have enjoyed the other massage films, but this one just went to number 1. Great work!

intoit United States

Beautiful film Marvelously intimate film of two beautiful women. Would loved to have seen some penetration or at least an orgasm at the end - after all isn't that the goal of all of this wonderful foreplay. Loved the shower scene. A film of two women in sexual play in the shower would be fun.

Girl Girl Massage | November 22nd, 2011
Girl Girl Massage
HenryJames United Kingdom

Poetry KIKI lies there naked, but you can't take your eyes off those white pants. A perfect video; fun, sexy thanks.

jpl59610 France

superbe de sensualité, de beauté et de chaleur.... les 2 modèles sont magnifiques, la masseuse à elle seule est le summum de l'érotisme

eluiscabrera Spain

Kiki seems so shy....

Rusty_hp United States

RE: Two friends having fun. This is one of the most sensual Videos you have made to date. Without inserting fingers, They got somewhat turned on. I partictularly like the mutual touching. It's something I do with my bride when she is doing me and like wise when I am going her. So it seemed vary natural and a very nice turn on for us all. I love the film and the ladies. Please send our love to them both. I would love a Tantra Massage with either or both these women. Mum mun good. Love Rusty_hp

coreysurfer United States

Wonderful Lovely to see Kiki again, so nice a set, nice massage and wonderful massuse, watching her masage Kikis body and nice buns was a treat there is erotic and there is sensual and this was a little of both, the massage of Kikis body was a treat thank you to Peter and the models for giving it to us on this wonderful site!

Nans France

BRAVO !!!! Une vidéo de toute beauté ! Sensualité, érotisme sont au rendez-vous. L'une des meilleures vidéos du site. Que du bonheur !

Dynamo02 United States

That masseuse was beautiful! I enjoyed her the most.

kidstone Canada

oh my god! Just oh my god! The chemistry between these two is so intense. It's a beautiful thing. Seeing these two in their photo set last month gave me a jones to see the video and now that I've seen the video--I'm still not satisfied. These two need to get together for a full on make out session--that would make them and me both happy. But thanks for this. It was a real treat.

Hellno United States

Who is the masseuse?! What is her name?

DocDave Switzerland Switzerland

Wonderful My favorit massage film you've ever done Peter ! Kiki's wonderful body and her 'intelligent erotic'. I chatted with her once here. She's a a wonderful mind ! Not only a perfect body, but also a really nice young girl ! She seems to be a little shy in this movie, I agree with the comment from spain ! But in my opinion that's what makes it even ore erotic. It's real live, not played ! Please show us also more from this wonderful masseuse ! Her breasts are just perfect ! And her ass - especially in this fantastic white leggins - fantastic ! Even Kiki wanted to touch this ass !

Raul United States

Sencillamente! Sencillamente perfecto! Simply perfect!

Jules United Kingdom

So passive! This is another classic - two exquisitely beautiful girls, one giving pleasure, the other receiving. Bit as with nearly all of them, the girl being massaged is so quiet, so passive, so undemonstrative. She must be really turned on but you would almost not know it she is so still most of the time. In other massage videos you can sometimes just about tell when a girl is coming, sometimes you can't. Let's have a bit more mutual lovemaking, with passion, not so cool!

Igacat Belgium

Engelie the Pick up artist Man, I like the way Engelie flirts with Kiki at the shower scene. She doesn't worry too much if Kiki prefers boys rather than her. At first, Kiki showed some sign of rejection, but Engelie just did "her thing". She can lead a girl like a guy. Maybe better than we guys actually do ??

ThatGuy United States

Massage Videos I must admit that these massage videos are superb. Every time I think they can't get better, you guys prove me wrong. Keep up the good work.

bobbob United States

This very good video with great MoDELS would be even better with great mOdels; somehow the big Os don't matter and that's to bad.

rb United States

The masseuse is Engelie. I think she is amazing and hop to see a lot more of her, too.

Macy United States

Been waiting This is what I have been waiting for. A masseuse who gets into it herself. I couldn’t take my eyes off her tits when she leaned over.

Chester United States

Behind the scenes First time round watching this I was not sure if it worked at the end because it looked like it had been tagged on at the finish and was so different from the rest of the movie. But now I have seen it again I have changed my mind. It’s a sort of behind the scenes look when the models relax and can be themselves. That’s a sort of sneak peek.

Aretha United States

Great Me and my partner are into this movie in a big way. We thought that it would be great to enact it ourselves in our own private version. So we followed it move by move. The first time was great and I’m tellin ya the second time was even better.

Vernon Panama

Sexy I’m loving the way the girl getting massaged touches the masseuse. It’s such a light touch but incredibly sexy the way she runs her hands over her ass like that.

Rick United Kingdom

Close up views Superb close up views of a well oiled pussy. What more could any man want? Or I suppose any girl either judging by this film.

Sue United States

The missed Boat! I am a woman, with a woman's prospectice and a feminine outlook. I love a good thorough massage. I fully understand what this anal fuss is about. If (to coin a phrase) you want , or want to give her an orgasm that will "rock her world", penetrate the subject anally as she nears the hight of her first orgasm. then slowly withdraw the digit as she comes down off her final one. The finger should be well lubricated and inserted all of the way to the hilt. The longer the better as it will achieve a more lengthy removal as she comes down from the sensation. This maneuver will escalate the orgasmic sensation and if it is coupled with two vaginally juicy fingers in her mouth, she will never forget the positive rush and she will think she has died and gone to heaven. Both the butt and the mouth moves should be administered with out pre-knowledge as it tends to add humility to the one who receives it rendering them totally helpless to the waves of pleasure.

Robert United States

Beauty This film was poetry in motion, but I feel compelled to add that I would enjoy seeing our model penitrated anally and I would like to taste he juices my damn self but to see the Masseuse's fingers placed in the subjects mouth would drive ME wild.

shekin Hong Kong

Engelie Engelie more of her

69expert United States

Breathless WOW ! SO SENSUAL AND ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL !!! I am still catching my breath. I LOVE both of these ladies. You really hit the mark with this topless, loving masseuse....just right. Amazing.

D.L. United States

Quite literally the best video that I have ever seen. So I think I've been looking at pictures and videos of nude women in erotic situations for about 16 years... I have seen a lot: met, play boy, those hustlers, pent house along with countless smaller, independent soft and hardcore content producers and sites. And while I have seen awesome stuff, this is by far the most pleasurable video I have ever watched in my life. It gave me everything I love: ass, feet, spandex... That girl's tits were about the best I'd ever seen in my life. After the half hour of teasing, I was already on the edge but then you caught them in the shower and they were both naked. The girl in the white leggings also turns out to have had a spectacular ass, and a juicy pussy. Then, right after they showed off their sexy feet, they shared a kiss. And not just on the lips. A moist one. That really pushed me over the edge. There's almost nowhere to go from here. This is truly the greatest and every time I ask myself why I don't cancel my subscription, videos like this are EXACTLY why. In a phrase: Oh My God. Thank you, Hegre Art.

wheeler United States

to rim or not to rim? that is the question!did y'all stop to think that maybe the girls THEMSELVES dont wanna go there just now???

chrysomallos Switzerland

RE: DARK SECRETS Thanks for having spoken this out so clearly. We have arrived in 21st century and should not continue to be plagued by unreasonable inhibitions, either side of the camera.

Mikey United States

juices Yes, Wonda...I agree totally. There is absolutely nothing sexier than licking those sweet juices from fingers...great idea!

Roger United States

Yes! Love this massage video! Love everything in it! Kiki and Engelie are such beauties. Such a joy to see Kiki show her naked beauty so well. Love her raising her butt. Love Engelie's tits: best on the site since Muriel. I too most strongly endorse anal penetration, this video simply calls out for it. Anal penetration is so erotic and long overdue on wonderful Hegre-art.

Rex United States

YES! Roger, thank you. You hit the nail on the head.

Sunny Island Japan

It would be nice if you could release a new video featuring the anal massage, massage both on the surface and inside, that would lead to the oagasm. Young lady's pretty anus for that inclination will be appreciated.

Anthony Canada

In my opinion, one of the best parts of this video was the last couple minutes at the end when Kiki and Engelie were naked in the tub together. I would definitely like to see the two of them naked together in a hot make-out session. What I wouldn't give to see these girls in a 69. That would be hot!

colpatt United Kingdom

Engelie Fab, but... we must see Engelie bottomless, this is Hegre art, we expect to see her fully nude and enjoying herself; what's the delay?

Peet777 Netherlands

[peet777] I agree: The last part where Engelie was flirting with Kiki and that Kiss! Awesome!

sugar1 United States

Engelie I hear that Engelie (the masseuse) is going to have a new massage video coming out. Does anyone know when this will be? I think Engelie is hot !!!

michaelp1992 Ireland

girl girl massage Very sexy! Could we have one of Anna S and Kiki together, please? Or even Anna S getting an erotic massage by this masseuse would be fine too!

Daniel1 United States

Yoga Pants Wow, those white Yoga pants are AMAZINGLY hot!

female sensuality Canada

Engelie is incredibly sexy and sensual. Her face and body are gorgeous. I'd love to receive a massage like this from her : ) I recently chatted with her in VIP chat and she did not disappoint. An intriguing, intelligent, and extremely sexy woman......

Greg United States

ATF These two girls are my all time favorite massages girls to watch. I like the sensuality and sexuality of the energy they produce. I would love to join in.

Francisco. Mexico

Suggestion. It would be nice to see some oral action here, nevertheless, very good video!

Lion01 Netherlands

Wow, wow wow. I can only confirm what has been said already in every single comment that has gone before. I have only this to ask: Petter, when will go live ? Where we can have daily updates of these two, just these two, only these two, forever!

Frank United States

A voyeur's dream; great closeups of two beautiful women, expecially of special areas of interest (breast, nipples, pussy and anus). Hard to make it through the entire video without spurting

Harmony United States

oral sex As a woman, I love to see two women together.The women in your videos are stunning to look at. In several videos you elude to the fact that they are having oral sex but never do you see the a tongue actually licking the beautiful pussy she is presented with. There is always a shadow, pubic hair (ick) or something else blocking the view. Such a shame. All you other videos have the most amazing view of the full engorged lips just begging to be licked or sucked on. This particular video is so erotic with the nipple play. I love it when the model reaches over and starts playing with the masseuses breast. I wish the masseuse would have brought her to orgasm and performed some oral sex on her. Sucking her nipples would have been wonderful too. I love it when they focus on her very aroused pussy and would love to dive in. Please, you show the women performing up close and personal oral sex on the men and even ejaculating. Please show some beautiful up close shots of the beautiful and erotic oral sex between two enticing women.

parknike Switzerland

Engelie gorgeous video. and I would so love to see it, Engelie getting massaged by another women. that would make my month.

cunnilingusjones United Kingdom

RE: oral sex yes I agree with ever word you say.i am a bloke and would love to get my tongue between those engorged pussy lips it is beautifull

Starscout United States

Bloke member Well sign me up for Bloke Membership! I kept thinking that if I were Kiki, I would have kept massaging Engelie's breasts and slowly removing her bottom garment (Bloke doesn't know what it's called). Through unspoken words, Engelie would have got in a 69 position on me and... ...and Harmony is very right no...this great video deserved a more climatic oral ending... ...I obviously liked the video but feel a little bit "taken" with the unsatisfactory "nonfinish".

walpar Belgium

sensual massage 29.45 is a superb moment.

dugly Canada

massuse love the massuse too

Mike Costa Rica

Mouth-watering Those nipples , that pussy, love it!