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Foto de Carina


Foto de Carina
Nombre: Carina
País: Brasil
Peso: 44kg
Altura: 161cm
Edad: 24
Ocupación: Naturista

Fresca y Vital

Deléitate con la galería de Carina, donde la podrás ver majestuosamente desnuda a pesar de que no es, ni mucho menos, una nudista.

CARINA ES una naturista. No se ha desnudado para mostrar sus deliciosas curvas al mirón de turno. Carina se quita la ropa para manifestarse contra la destrucción de la selva tropical y el medio ambiente, y para apoyar la paz mundial.

Carina se desembarazó de sus ropas de urbanita a los 16 años cuando se fue a vivir permanentemente a una comuna naturista al sur del Brasil. Está estudiando ciencias ambientales, y está tan profundamente implicada con la naturaleza que sólo se siente a gusto cuando se encuentra en estado natural, es decir desnuda. Para ella la desnudez es la liberación absoluta. No hizo falta convencer a Carina de que posara desnuda por primera vez para una sesión fotográfica.

De hecho en aquella ocasión no llevaba ropa, y este sentimiento auténtico de libertad se trasluce en la frescura y la vitalidad que supo contagiar a esta serie fotográfica sin igual.

Carina Películas COMENTARIOS

Carina - 3a Parte | January 17th, 2006
Carina - 3a Parte
Robert Reino Unido

Carina Carina has one of the most sexual, sensual bottoms I've ever seen! A lovely Brazilian girl who seems to take life in her stride!

art Estados Unidos de América

Beautiful and educational. The whole series is worth viewing. Great job.

Haroun Sudáfrica

Carina Hi there. this is a complete model in all facets, sensuos body , all very natural , would like to se more films on this individual, her body is carved to perfection. is there an email I could write to her?..

David Estados Unidos de América

Carina I loved this whole series about Carina and the way of life in Colina do Sol. The community looks very inviting and peaceful. Although I've never been to a nudist colony, let alone a naturist village, I could easily see myself in a place like this. And Carina makes the place that much more inviting. She's a very beautiful woman with a beautiful philosophy.

Carina - 2a Parte | November 15th, 2005
Carina - 2a Parte
Joacim Estados Unidos de América

beautiful This is the most beautiful film i have seen in a long time! i wish i was brave enought to be a naturist :)

Jack Estados Unidos de América

Interesting Nice to see a website that does more then show pretty faces all the time. Not that Carina isn't pretty, but you know what I mean :-)

Johnny Estados Unidos de América

Can I move there? This is the kind of place I wouldn't mind moving to, or at least a little vacation ;-)

Joe, Brasil

Who is the girl with the headphone

michael Estados Unidos de América

Very Nice! Petter, This is great you get the feeling when hearing her talk that this is the way life is meant to be! I know I can't see everything from just this film....but the great energy and the true freedom is intoxicating....seeing the direction our world is headed these days...well in America at least. Its good to see this it makes you feel good to be a HUMANBEING again!

art Estados Unidos de América

Beautiful job.

micbrutusw Bahamas

where is the film

Un Día en la Vida de una Naturista - 1a Parte | October 11th, 2005
Un Día en la Vida de una Naturista - 1a Parte
Joshua Venezuela

Cool!!!! Thank you Hegre for using H264!!!!! Excelent quality!!!!

JP Canada

Great Carina documentry I think the interview was great. What she is saying is even greater! Why wear clothes? I believe that we humans should not be clothed too. Also that it is "the clothing that makes us sexy" that I cannot agree more with. I personally am a naturist and wish I did not have to cover up at all, but we must. I think it is great that she found a place to walk around nude all the time including in her home. Best of them all!

Mr. Elliott Estados Unidos de América

Very nicely done Mr. Hegre! People often have the misconception that nudity is always erotic and sexual in nature. This film is informative and very tastefully done.

art Estados Unidos de América

Wonderful job

Carina | May 22nd, 2003
Leif André Noruega

Brazilian Beauty I would just love to see this film, i think it shows naturism in a beautiful way

lee Estados Unidos de América

my god shes beautiful

Eric Estados Unidos de América

Heaven After viewing the Carina Series and "meeting" these beautiful people I thought I died and gone to heaven. Carina and company are truly peronification of Love and Freedom.

Las caricias de Carina | August 26th, 2002
Las caricias de Carina
ur India

Sexually superb The girl and her actions are super

Jorge Vicente Portugal

Fantastic of the main reasons I subscribed to this site was carina. i saw a sample of the video and I was marvelled by her beauty, by the beauty of colina do sol and, of course, by the other models too LOL a very special hug to all of you