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Elisabeth Profile

Name: Elisabeth
Country: Poland
Weight: 46kg
Height: 168cm
Age: 18
Occupation: Student/Dancer

Girl in Kneesocks

When Elisabeth arrived in Paris she was willing to comply with all the demands for the photo-shoot, but only after she had seen the Eiffel Tower.

HEGRE-ART had paid for her trip. Top level photography needs time and time is money. Elisabeth's bottom lip dropped when she learned that sightseeing wasn't on the agenda - or in the contract. This momentary pout was a picture in itself and Monsieur Hegre submitted to the pressure.

It was the 18 year olds first foreign journey from Poland and with his stylists in tow, Petter took her on a guided tour through the City of Light. It was a wise decision. Elisabeth smiled all day and that smile is infectious. Throughout the shoot her youthful passion beams out bright and clear in every shot.

She doesn't work out or play sports, but dances, and her series in a Paris dance studio at the bar naked but for her knee socks is a joy to behold.

Elisabeth - Paris Hotel November 29th, 2005
A long time ago, I have discovered Poland. Through nice Elisabeth I am discovering at last a nice dark bush, a natural Wonder......
Elisabeth-Paris Hotel
Pubic hair, wonderful! Cigarettes, dreadful!!
RE: Smooooth
Good girl~
I'm in Love
If I wasn't a million miles from Paris I'd be in love with Elisabeth. What a beauty!
This girl is smooth as silk and twice as sexy. Fun to watch as always.
Gotta get to Paris
This film makes me miss Paris. Then again, I never spent time with a girl like Elisabeth when I was there!
Elisabeth Forest Nymph February 22nd, 2005
Elisabeth forest nymph
Please more galleries staring Elisabeth! She's so innocent girl and so natural!
Elisabeth window ballet November 6th, 2004
A queen, master of a ballet. So nice bush hidding the purity of her twat!
Her willow, lissom, jet-like form, would dance like a living dream in a ballet composed in paradise.
Why are these pics so dark? The scene is interesting, Elizabeth is a nice looking girl, the end result is poor!
Elisabeth in blue bathroom October 18th, 2004
את מקסימה
את מדהימה
I wish I were under there to contemplate and stroke the beauty of her lovely pubic bush, matching the richness of her hair on top.
Petter, can we get more galleries of this beautiful woman?
Elisabeth in hotel bed September 9th, 2004
Your are very pretty and your hairy pussy is marvelous
ultimate erotica