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Zoya Profile

Name: Zoya
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 43kg
Height: 167cm
Age: 18
Occupation: Model

Innocent Temptress

Her eyes have a green tint and are filled secrets we are forced to ask: what is it that young girls dream of; what are their secrets?

Zoya arrived from the east of Ukraine and took the train to be photographed by Luba. In her small town where she grew up, she works as a model and, at the tender age of 18, and after five years experience, she teaches other hopeful girls how to tread the catwalk and how to pose like supermodels.

Zoya is playful and on top of it all, she's smart: she's studying economics at university. When she gets her degree, she wants to move to Paris.

Zoya posing June 26th, 2005
show ur futz
This is an amazing young lady. Any chance you have more of her? How about some of the more revealing shots never published...
Delicious and Dangerous
Four years on and she never returned, a great loss to this site. Here she looks suitably delicious but extremely dangerous, reckon I would be prepared to take the risk! Fantastic figure, where are you now Zoya?
Zoya posing
'Class will out' and I would love to go to the bottom of her class.
Please can we see more of this beautiful Seraphim.
Skin and Bones
Sorry. Too waifish and skinny. No features.
No Zoya since June 2005 and Im definately getting withdrawal symptoms. Come on Petter get this delicate angel infront of the camera again!
Zoya angel March 30th, 2005
Zoya looks so young, would love to see her shaved, to better suit her youthful image.
It's not her perfect young body, but her seductive smile and her open laughing that makes that ultimate attraction of this cuty. She's rather a fallen angel such as Lilith...She's in the absolute top of my appreciation.
It's not really her perfect young body that counts, it's rather her seductive smile and her open laughing that makes this girl an angel, perhaps a fallen one... She knows very well about her effect. I find her really exceptionnel!
Zoya angel
Zoya angel? Sounds like a question. Yes, I Zoya(n)Angel when I gazed upon this heavenly creature.
who is this beautiful girl named zoya where is she does anyone know
She's such a perfect little angel! Why, oh why can't we see more of her??
What an absolutely captivating young woman. It is rare that I regret my age, but looking at this angel, I find myself wishing that I was a man of her age. If so, I would bend heavan and earth to meet her.
Zoya on a piano February 14th, 2005
Zoya on a piano
Can't get enough of her, 'though there's not an awful lot of her to be got. What there is, is PERFECT.
what i wonderful Angel on this Earth
Zoya red hot February 3rd, 2005
Zoya red hot
While undoubtedly beautiful, exotic and alluring, this set singularly fails to live up to it's title.
beautiful eyes
white hot
image 025
the erotic kontrast between innocent and vamp is fantastic. tingling.
Have just rediscovered Zoya, sexy and cute with a great slender body. Where are the recent pics Petter of yet another stunning model. If you like Zoya also check out Caro
Luba Shooting Zoya January 28th, 2005
I've greatly enjoyed the still shots of Zoya in the gallery pictures. To see her move, pose and smile in this film is a delight. I've fallen hopelessly in lust with this girl. She is the epitome of young, slender beauty in my eyes. Zoya is absolutely perfect from head to toe. Something that I notice in the film is that Zoya seems quite at home without her clothes on. As a nudist (and somewhat exhibitionistic) man I find that to be greatly appealing. I declare myself to be a fan and admirer.
I'm in love with Zoya. I think she's the most beautiful creature God has yet mede. I especially love her long brown straight hair. My dream would be to fondle my fingers in it and kiss it.
A Zoya for me
Perhaps the best combination of features I've seen in one woman on Peter's site. She is the picture of youthful glamour. Every feature on her face works. Her nose is perfect, her eyes are large and beautiful. Her beestung lips are extraordinary. While Peter usually doesn't subscribe to the California ideal for beauty, she is L.A. thin, but minus the cartoony implants, which she does not need. Her smile is disarming and warm, and her beautiful olive toned skin is awe inspiring. The hair is exactly as would befit a fashion model or hair model. Thick, healthy and voluminous. This is one perfect girl, Peter. I only wish you or Luba had closed in for more tight shots on her facial expressions.
Zoya's unbelievable
I love the new video "Luba Shooting Zoya"!  From the music to the camerawork, it seems like the Hegre-Archives video style is maturing from a moving documentation of a photo-shoot to a work of art in its own right.  I don't know exactly how long I've been a subscriber (a while) but I can say without a doubt that I've never watched one of your videos so many times.  Zoya's unbelievable, of course.  (But you obviously know that already.)  To be honest, her body type has never been my ideal, but she's winning me over.  She arches her back like she's drawing a bow, and it seems so natural, like she doesn't even have to think about it.  Just apply a little tension, and kapow!  Sculpture of the Gods.  Anyway, just wanted to let you know.
Luba shooting Zoya
Luba! Please don't shoot her, I'll give her a home. Poor joke but I wish I were there to have enjoyed the fun that was very evidently had. A fabulous girl.
zoya leaves me breathless,she is a timeless beauty
zoya is so cute/sexy
Horrible soundtrack
like what jackson say camerawork is excellent but i really HATE the soundtrack its too jaring to the ears doesn't fit the mood of the video