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Foto de Amandine


Foto de Amandine
Nombre: Amandine
País: Francia
Peso: 45kg
Altura: 160cm
Edad: 23
Ocupación: Bailarina

Alegre y Vivaz

Amandine es una actriz y bailarina nacida en París que da clases de baile hip-hop para adolescentes en uno de los muchos institutos de danza de su ciudad natal. Hace poco también se estrenó como bailarina de espectáculo. A esta chica tierna y protectora además le gustan mucho los animales.

Amandine confiesa sin rubor que es una exhibicionista a la que le encanta llevar ropa muy corta que deje ver su cuerpo bien formado de bailarina, ya sea durante las clases de baile o cuando sale a las discotecas de París. Se siente a gusto con su cuerpo, pero a esta morenita le gustaría ser más alta. Su entrenamiento de bailarina se manifiesta de forma patente cuando la fotografían o la filman. Literalmene hablando, realiza un baile privado para la cámara en el cual la lente queda cautivada por sus movimientos sensuales y sus ojos sugerentes.

Con su energía inagotable, su actitud optimista y una encantadora sonrisa, nunca te aburrirás en compañía de Amandine.

Amandine Galerías COMENTARIOS

Amandine masaje erótico | March 15th, 2010
Amandine masaje erótico
campbell Reino Unido

Looks like Amandine was busy last night!

Sandy Reino Unido

Wow Where's the video and part 2?? This set was highly erotic and love the intimate massage series you have done. Love your work but would love to see some of your less uninhibited models getting this treatment, like Thea or Erica Keep up the good work and don't let some of the old moaning critics stop your variety of work. They should suscribe to other more boring sites

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

cool to see some of the masseuse too...video please!

Laurie Reino Unido

Isabella Close-ups 3 Nov 2007 Is a beautiful example of the direction this gallery should have taken from the last 6 images. Amandine in control ~ gorgeously sticky and finger-fucking herself.

egrise Estados Unidos de América

Amandine What delicious almonds! Very nicely done....erotic and beautiful...would be nice to see more of the masseuse....looks as though she was enjoying herself as well.

Robt Estados Unidos de América

Amadine Damn, one of the most erotic massage sets, yet. Lovely breasts on the masseuse. Second the motion for a video.

GT Alemania

Delicious ! most delicious and erotic work ! Like to see the girls getting very wet and busy. It would be interresting if Muriel, Marlene oder Gabriella were in also and get those images and videos :)

Alex Wilhelm Estados Unidos de América

Oh Why! Oh why is my tongue twitching? Oh why this uncontrolled and inelastic embarrassment in my nether regions? Oh transudation for the nation! Oh how I long to taste you! Oh why this rising ache in me? Well done all round, and thank you!

Carne Asana Estados Unidos de América

What a body on this woman. It's gorgeous and lean but solid and mean as well, I'm sure I'd get the short end of the stick in a head on collision. Dancers' bodies are the best. Amandine is an absolute pleasure to see letting go like this.

Paul Mcg Estados Unidos de América

So nice to see Amandine again. Still has the look to die for. A little wet does a body good. Thanks, see ya. Paul Mcg

Voyeur Estados Unidos de América

Ah, the lovely Amandine returns with a vengence. Her beauty and eroticsm is 2nd to none. I missed her while she was gone and am truly happy she has returned and with the willingness to share her wet erotic self.

Akira Japón

Yeah Peter great work, love her white creamy juice, did you shoot the video on this? Love to see it.

CGC Reino Unido

Close to perfection Exquisite, the best set for ages! If only those fingers had strayed a fraction deeper! The video must be red hot...

Laurie Reino Unido

50 images were Abstract in the Extreme Amandine goes solo and fingers an inspirational touch of eroticism at the conclusion.

Laurie Reino Unido

Sweetly Nectariferous ~ Soulfood Powdered wing flutters as butterfly sips ~ Filmy flight thrum brings bumblebee trips ~ And I, perchance, to fantasy dream the food of gods.

Alexandre AUXENTIDES Francia

Amandine! Amandine! Amandine! Y'a t-il une suite de cette série de photos avec Amandine? Sur les six dernières, on peut voir qu'elle a beaucoup adoré ce massage. J'ai VRAIMENT envie de boire toute la cyprine qui sort de son vagin, ce serait idiot d'en perdre une goutte!

Laurie Reino Unido

D'ambroisie Boire une goutte. Tres belle!

Scott Estados Unidos de América

Her "Cylinder" shoot back in '07 was probably one of the hottest sets ever done on this site. It's really too bad we don't see sets like those anymore on here.

nigel Reino Unido

where's the video ?

samurai Japón

Fantastic !! I missed this image year ago from today, but happy to find it after 365 days later. Just FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!!

Amandine de vuelta | January 31st, 2010
Amandine de vuelta
Laurie Reino Unido

Fresh as Cotton Smelling of the Sun Snowflakes dance on butterfly wing / Frogs straddle rainbows and tunefully sing / Albatross soar around the moon / As honeybees hum "Embrasse Moi" in tune. Laurie

JS Estados Unidos de América

One of the most beautiful models to grace the Hegre pages is back! Amandine is stunning. Classy and sensual.

ale Reino Unido

amandine even more beautiful than she was before,a french goddess.

Alex Wilhelm Estados Unidos de América

Amandine She has improved with time, as have you, sir.

Voyeur Estados Unidos de América

Welcome back Amandine, I missed your elegant beauty, lovely face, wonderful eyes and delightful pussy. And what a comeback you've made - - thanks.

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Amandine What beautiful nudes of Amandine! Love the shots of that great ass and wonderful soles of her bare feet! A lovely intimate look wih each photo at every aspect of Amandine's terrific body!

Carne Asana Estados Unidos de América

Whoa! Now THIS is an expected treat! The film Amandine did with Tiziana is one my all-time favorites so I was delighted to see her in the preview pane. Amandine is a beautiful woman. What I love about her is that she can look like two different people. From the side, gorgeous and girly but when she looks at you dead-on straight, it's just another level of wow.

Paul Mcg Estados Unidos de América

Amandine still looks as beautiful as ever. Very nice gallery. Hope to see more of her, thanks. Paul Mcg

HEH313 Alemania

Pretty but no way near Anna!

Laurie Reino Unido

Classy and so Sassy Along with Kira, Amandine has poshed up the site with her chic style. An excellent presentation of delightful images to and including No.52 after which the gallery lost its way with some rather inelegant offerings. I can imagine Amandine, like many French women, still looking very attractive and desirable well into her fifties.

Alexandre AUXENTIDES Francia

Amandine Je suis très heureux qu'Amandine revienne à nouveau. Elle est toujours aussi belle. J'espère qu'elle fera autant de photos, surtout des films (à la mer ou dans un bain) avec vous, que ce soit en solo ou plus que des duos (J'aimerais beaucoup qu'elle fasse quelque chose avec Olena O). J'adore voir son intimité en très gros plan. Mille merci.

ED BYRNE Reino Unido

OOOOH LA LA! Amandine you are really sexy & you are welcome to try and teach me to dance anytime!

Laurie Reino Unido

Image 48 Par excellence!

intoit Estados Unidos de América

WOW! It doesn't get better than this. Amandine is just a stunning and incredibly classy woman.

roberto México

I want to marry Amandine Is she single? She is amaizing

Tappilee Alemania

eine super scharfe Frau. Ihre Muschi ist aber leider nicht gründlich genug rasiert.

Thomas Alemania

still the most beautyful girl here on hegre ! i love her brown big eyes.mmmh. wanna marry her.i love you.1000 kisses

Bradley Estados Unidos de América

Mon dieu, this girl is intoxicatingly beautiful. That olive skin, her face, and that perfect ass. She's so damn hot!

Amandine y Tiziana dueñas del bar | November 20th, 2007
Amandine y Tiziana dueñas del bar
Cams Reino Unido

First to post! I'd be happy to pop my swizzle stick in Amandine's cocktail!

sirstefanofb Australia

Didn't see much of Tiziana.... but loved what I saw of Amandine... who again was ever so willing to show us her most 'intimate' smooth shaven parts.... just a peep of her 'love cream' as a 'bonus'

alex Reino Unido

duo great shots of the incredible amandine,not enough of the equally incredible tiziana.

IR Estados Unidos de América

Tiziana's stares added a great aspect to the set. Very sexy!

Voyeur Estados Unidos de América

Amandine, you, are to me, the most beautiful of many beautiful Hegre models. Your erotic nature adds to your charm. Nice to see that Tiziana is getting more comfortable in front of the camera - or is it her pleasure at watching her friend naked?

KJS Estados Unidos de América

what is this shoot supposed to be about ??? So, Amandine looks at the camera, the viewer, throughout this shoot and Tizian is doing what exactly ? No offense to the lovely Tiziana. Her stand alone shoots are wonderful on their own. Not sure what my favorite photographer was trying to do with this set. I guess one less than perfect photo shoot out of the thousands that I get to see ain't so bad ;)

simast Australia

Great set of photos and Amandine is at her best as usual; she is comfortable enough with her sexuality to give the audience a glimpse of her love juice. Amandine would do a great set of photos in the costume of an old fashioned court jester, she could show her qualities of humor, sense of fun, energetic personality and sheer sexiness all at the same time.

Iain Reino Unido

Great photoset, like the way Tiziana is nude whilst Amandine slowly peels off her clothes.. More of this theme please!

Sokrates Alemania

I hope this wasn't the last set of her to hit Hegre-Art - Amandine is one of those girls who give this site a reason! The amazing quality of your photos is the only way to do her stunning beauty justice. Please give us more of her, Petter!

melim Estados Unidos de América

She is obviously aroused in photo 30 (last one on page 5.) Nice to see that she loves her work as much as I do. I think she is the most expressive girl on here.

Laurie Reino Unido

Naughty Amandine Amandine inspires the most outrageously decadent desires in my soul.

tontonyvan Francia

Amandine A 10 for Amandine. I'd love to keep the bar with you Amandine! And I sure would spend a lot a time eating your nice pussy. I do not know where you stay now, maybe near me here in Paris, but I could not forgot you and your sexual body. Peut-être un jour....

Amandine sin inhibiciones | September 5th, 2007
Amandine sin inhibiciones
roberto Estados Unidos de América

Amandine gallery Full body shots. Great

Dan from Texas Estados Unidos de América

Amandine no inhibitions There is a saying that a real beautiful woman is beautiful from head to toe. Amandine is proof that the saying is true. She is beautiful from head to tow and everywhere inbetween. Thanks for the images.

Geo Estados Unidos de América

Awesome Set! Further proves my wife's accusations that I like brunette models best! Amandine is so powerfully sexy!

Blake Krosse Reino Unido

dark hair Amandine has an awesome body and seems very natural.

Julian Estados Unidos de América

Flawless This set like Amandine I rate a perfect 10. I would love to see her do an outdoor photo shoot in the near future.

Epicurus Alemania

Sweet Jesus, now one more set with full closeups like 'Yanna revelation' and I depart this world. After all, to me Amandine is the best model ever sighted on Hegre-Art and she alone gives membership a reason.

steven kanor Estados Unidos de América

she is one of your best....wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

alex Reino Unido

amandine Amandine is a woman of incredible natural beauty,perfection from head to toe.

Auriele India

So natural... Shes so perfect, surely a big star to add on to the list of the likes of Gislane, Luba, Yanna, Linda L...and many other best of hegre. And a very well shot and sexilicious set by peter.. Thanks

gareth Estados Unidos de América

no better word than PERFECT

Lenny Estados Unidos de América

Flawless Finally a breathe of fresh air. With what I've seen of your models,they are nothing less than stunning and naturally expressive. Your selective keen eye for your models, and techniques, flawless. Your interpretations unsurpassed.

Simast Australia

Amandine - Poetry in Feminine Form Poetry is the creation of images in the mind of an audience that has resonance and Amandine does resonate in the mind in every image in this series; yes Amandine is a poet as well as poetry personfied.

Laurie Reino Unido

Hmmmm Amandine I have had some camembert and fresh figs for desert. And of course easing open a fig with your thumbs and plunging in your tongue is quite a sensuous experience. Bon appetit.

tontonyvan Francia

Great Amandine a perfect body, she is so sensual, so sexual, she knows how to get you excited!

Amandine cilindro | October 11th, 2007
Amandine cilindro
Dan from Texas Estados Unidos de América

Amandine is perfect Amandine is absolutely beautiful and she seems to have the most perfectly proportioned body of all your beautiful models. She also seems to be having fun and I like that.

Julian Estados Unidos de América

I would rate this gallery higher than a 10 if I could. I agree with Dan, Amandine is perfect.

salvador rios bucio México

wow, the most sexiest woman in world; please send me an authograph of her. I love how she smiles, her eyes are wonderfull and she is really espectacular. thanks p.d. i rate her gallery 1000.

Ortis Reino Unido

!!! What a lovely surprise at then end - Two for one!

alex Reino Unido

amandine amandine is so incredibly beautiful.

mike Austria

this is a goodness! das ist eine göttin!

goober Estados Unidos de América

Amandine is one of your top models, if not the best of all. Her uninhibited style of posing is very much appreciated. Please bring her back as often as possible.

Cooper from Canada Canada

Amandine Her long black silky hair...Her firm but ripe breasts...Her smooth and curvaceous ass... Simply stunning.

Voyeur Estados Unidos de América

Perfection - once again Sexy, sensual, sexual, superb. Amandine is the most beautiful of your many beautiful models. Her natural beauty combined with her comfortable, uninhibited poses and mischieveous smile add to her perfection. And to close with your other uninhibited model - can life get better than this!!

sirstefanofb Australia

Fantastic.... could never get too much of Amandine's full frontal naked boldness and her 'made-in-heaven' shaven pussy.

Mark Reino Unido

Great rear view. Great front view. I'm particularly pleased with her butt shots as they are usually not shown as often. Fantastic resolution and technical excellence as usual.

simast Australia

Beautiful Amandine I liked the way the shapely legs of the perfectly proportioned Amandine are highlighted in this series. She is the most beautiful of women. It would be interesting to chat to her on your site and get to see what she thinks about herself and her great country of France. Who knows maybe I will get the chance at some future time.

Laurie Reino Unido

Sultry Amandine I have just discovered this sensational girl. Endowed with smouldering dark eyes,divine cheek bones and crown of lustrous black hair she is a really very beautiful girl. And with a ravishingly sensuous body she is faultless.

henirich Irlanda

amandine hair,breasts,legs, pussy and butt; just beautiful and exciting

merja Suecia

amandine absolut the best!!

tontonyvan Francia

Amandine Amandine, you have a body made for love, all your body is so exciting. You made my cylinder so hard! Must be like heaven making love with you!

ardunbye Reino Unido

Amandine cylinder WOW, not an ounce of waste. 100% Edible.

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Amandine Amandine is perfect butt naked in open-toed pumps! Love the shot of her bending over showing that fabulous butt and the way her legs look in those pumps. Gorgeous nudes!

Amandine ambiente años 70 | July 25th, 2007
Amandine ambiente años 70
sirstefanofb Australia

Cest Magnifique Petter... You have excelled and brought us the most beautiful full frontal dispaly of one of the Worlds most perfect shaven pussys and added a stunning girl as a bonus... well done Petter and Amadine... SirStefan

alex Reino Unido

amandine amandine is sexy/sultry/sensational.

Its Me Estados Unidos de América

Wow Wow, she is amazing. The pictures are very nice.

Gujo Bélgica

Just beautiful ! She's French, isn't she ?

Epikur Alemania

This is simply the best this site has seen to date, the embodiment of erotic photography! Not necessary to mention Amandine is one of the most beautiful models around. Thanks Petter, more like that and please give us more of Amandine.

salvador rios México

mmmmmmmmmmm....... simply delicius girl every way I see her, thanks peter for show me angels

BB Estados Unidos de América

What a sweet flirtatious doll Excellence in the cute, adorable, sexy erotic sessions and models. She delivers all that we come here to find.

gman Estados Unidos de América

Amandine WOW! She know how to play to the camera, and how to get a man's blood flowing to all the right places!

goober Estados Unidos de América

Amandine 70s Simply the best pictorial you have ever featured on your site. Amandine's spreading, fully explicit posing is the best ever. Just wish all your models would pose this way. Thank you very much and please feature more of this type posings in the future. I guarantee this is what your members want.

Emrys42 Estados Unidos de América

Amandine The English language now has another word for perfection - it is Amandine.

m.d. Estados Unidos de América

amandine 70 s fully explicit posing is wanted now that queen victoria is dead and buried .exposure of the female genitalia lessons the shame that many women feel about their body i agree with goober's comments and request.

Andrew Islas Caimán

Amandine seems very relaxed and comfortable in front of a camera

Dave Estados Unidos de América

Amandine is a "10". I hope to see more of her in the future. This is one of the best pictorials I have seen on your site.

simast Australia

Amandine 70s Setting What a stunner, she is beautiful and so very comfortable with her feminity. Amandine is absolute perfection of the female form. Please bring more of Amandine soon to your site.

RUMPEL_STILTZKIN Estados Unidos de América

There is one beautiful FEMALE . . . As I reviewed this set of wonderful pictures . . . There is one beautiful FEMALE hiding behind that beautifully exposed pussy. Enjoy . . .

Laurie Reino Unido

You little Frenchypoo Amandine certainingly get the juices flowing.

luv_yanna Estados Unidos de América

Exquisite! Model = 10; Set = 10. Another masterpiece collaboration from Petter and Amandine.

ardunbye Reino Unido

Amandine 70's setting As I sat looking at this superb display, saliva drooling from my lips, I determined to turn cannibal so all you lot can do is sit and watch 'A Man Dine'. Sorry, but she's driving me potty.

Amandine y Tiziana mimándose | August 4th, 2007
Amandine y Tiziana mimándose
alex Reino Unido

dynamic duo this gallery is fantastic,amandine and tiziana are two incredibly sexy women,and the contrast of their skin tones works so beautifully.

baudolino73 Alemania

more of this Sensational! Please more of these dreamgirls!

sirstefanofb Australia

Wow-eee Monsiuer, eet is cest magnificque... 2 shaven girls for the price of one... I'll take both please!

salvador rios bucio México

amandine is the most sexy girl that I ever seen and i wold like to see her more, there´s no doubt god is a man.

Julian Estados Unidos de América

Impressive I am very impressed by these two sexy ladies. Even though sexy is not a strong enough word to describe this one.

BB Estados Unidos de América

AWESOME Girls at play Such free flirtatious sensual goddesses revealing all their gorgeous attributes for our pleasure. That's what we come here for!!

J dub Estados Unidos de América

This one This is what this place needs more of. Perfect!

Sadie Reino Unido

Very hot! Hegre knows how to show just how beautiful women are ;-)

Conrad Reino Unido

Sorry , I don't like this gallery. Too overtly sexual I prefer more subtle erotica.

Samuel Reino Unido

Amandine Amandine is glorious, you just know she's a bit naughty. More Amandine please. The other model doesn't look like she's really into it.

Pete Estados Unidos de América

Amandine and Tiziana If these are outakes from a movie Please post the movie. If not Please make a movie of these beautiful ladies.

joe Irlanda

the contrasting clits are just so arousing front and back .This is great

Voyeur Estados Unidos de América

How did I miss this Over 2 months have passed since this gallery was posted. How, oh how, did I miss it. The perfect Amandine and very sexual Tiziana together. Great shoot.

Travis Estados Unidos de América

Amandine and Triziana I liked this one, but it could have been a little more explicit! I do agree that Triziana was not into it. Match Amandine with Anna or Sophia or some blonde who can heat it up!

lekbeu Estados Unidos de América

Thanks for all the shots of the girls' pussies and anuses. Very erotic.

Amandine encantos | January 20th, 2007
Amandine encantos
Philippe Carly Bélgica

One of the best sets on the site with photo 25 being my absolute favourite.

Dan from Texas Estados Unidos de América

Amandine Allure One of the most beautiful women to ever grace your site! Beautiful photos, minimalist set, great light! I'm hooked!

alex Reino Unido

multi dimensional beauty from every angle amandine is an incredibly beautiful woman.

Juan Estados Unidos de América

she's beautyful

Juan Estados Unidos de América

very good pictures

Xian01 Alemania

Amandine ALlure She is just U N B E L I V E B L E.... Oh my god...

Nicko Estados Unidos de América

Amanda is one sexy gal. Very nice shoot, I love her facial expressions, she looks like a fun girl to be around.

Michael Estados Unidos de América

Oh yes. That worked perfectly!

Simast Australia

Amandine Allure Yes, I am allured. Amandine looks like she is a good fun girl to pass the time of day; full of good humour and allure.

Laurie Reino Unido

Enchante Amandine I am deeply touched by her delicious sensuality.

Amandine privada | December 3rd, 2006
Amandine privada
zeno Italia

no words the beautiness in his universal meaning....

bruno España

amazing series. she looks like she needed some help shaving. i bet thousands of Hegre's subscribers would have volounteered to help her...

alex República Checa

Just magic Magic, tempting, art, personality, freedom, beauty of life...and many more

Pete Estados Unidos de América

The Answer If ever you wanted the chance to admire the full beauty of a waman's body, as well as having being able to see a beautiful waman, you have accomplished the goal. Amandine is out of this world.

al Reino Unido

amandine fantastic set of pictures,amandine is an incredibly photogenic/beautiful,sexy woman.

Todd Estados Unidos de América

One of the best This set of Amandine is one of the best in the archive. She has such a beautiful smile and a perfectly shaped butt. And she so daringly exposes herself. I could almost reach out and smack that ass. Very nice. Thanks for the many pics.

Mountain Man Estados Unidos de América

A very hot series from Amandine and Petter!

Bud Turner Estados Unidos de América

Amandine Private Great Work! Amandine is gorgeous, and her willingness to open her most vulnerable sexuality for the camera, without being vulgar and "showing pink," as they say on porn flicks makes her that much more alluring and erotic. This is my favorite kind of nude shot, well composed, gorgeous model and showing what men want to see most. Now, if she only had not shaved her pubic mound, she would be in the same class as Kyla Cole in her prime. Gorgeous, sexy, and a little bit naughty...

Gareth Estados Unidos de América

WOW I can't say that enough...! Amandine is gorgeous!! Lovely olive skin, alluring eyes and long cascading hair. Of course, don't forget about her SLAMMIN' physique - incredible round ass, awesome tummy and beautiful breasts. This is one of the best layouts I've seen :) (awesome pink & button shots, too!!)

Joe Spalone Estados Unidos de América

One of your best Peter!. Amandine definately was in the mood. While in session you had to know this was a winner. She had complete control of the camera and you had control of her. What an Expression of sensuality.

Julian Parsons Islas Caimán

Amandine Gogeous. Simply Gorgeous.

btrhea Estados Unidos de América

AMANDINE This is great stuff, Petter! Amandine in gorgeous! And these are the kinds of poses I wish you could coax Caro and Alya into doing.

mjollnir Estados Unidos de América

the best What a beatuful woman. The most sensuous, erotic set I've seen so far. Hope to see more.

Julian Parsons Islas Caimán

Amadine A beautiful seductress who has complete control of the camera...

Eric Estados Unidos de América

Amandine is the sexiest model at Hegre art and this one is a great session.

Michael Estados Unidos de América

Incredible! Wonderful face, wonderfully uninhibited. More please.

Simast Australia

Amandine Private - Pure Poetry Amandine is beautiful, sexy and erotic in modern lingerie as she would be as a "Belle Epoque" Can Can Danser, or a Lois fourteenth setting, or cast as a mythological goddess. Please show some more of this gorgeous woman in many and varied settings so that she can show and emphasise different aspects of herself. Allowing a beautiful woman like Amandine to achieve this is art and eroticism and Amandine can achieve this like no other.

htm Egipto

kissess wish i m with you on that bed. i would kiss every cm of your body. starting from your toes up to your hair. wouldn't leave an inch without having my lips on.

melim Estados Unidos de América

Another aroused Amadine shot on 112 (second one on page 8)! It is really nice to see that she is getting pleasure from her work - makes me admire her even more...

heinrich Irlanda

How she purses a pressing pussy. One can feel the pleasure

Laurie Reino Unido

Belle Amandine Irresistible

KJ Estados Unidos de América

Incredible photos on page 8. Wish we could get some hands involved.....

luv_yanna Estados Unidos de América

Simply one of the best sets Mr. Hegre has produced, kudos Sir. I also thank Amandine for being so confident, bold and sexy.

tontonyvan Francia

Amandine great set! love her pussy! especially when her lips are a little apart and we can see her little pink hole! terribly exciting!

Amandine regalo navideño | December 25th, 2006
Amandine regalo navideño
alex Reino Unido

amandine just perfect

Dave Estados Unidos de América

Merry Christmas indeed! Just beautiful.

ben Estados Unidos de América

a christmas gift ... one should be so lucky !!

Jim Suiza

Elle est pas belle, la France ?

paranomasian Estados Unidos de América

amandine Absolutely among the best ever. Beautiful, mature, perfect body, exotic french looks.

Eric Estados Unidos de América

I wish I ever got a christmas gift like that! She is perfect.

Nigel Reino Unido

Amandine The MOST beautiful girl,the most teasing girl you have ever photographed! I'm in love. And that smile! You've made my day today, thanks a million.

GERBOU Francia

Never seen Santa Claus with a so wonderful ass! Could not imagine that Santa Claus was so breathtaking and has a so wonderful pussy. Knew that he was agile enough to pass through chimneys but not agile enough to spread so widely. A wonderful erotic and sexy gallery.

Simast Australia

Amandine Christmas Gift Amandine is a magnificently beautiful woman. It is the self assured confidence shown through her easy smile, engaging smile and eyes that communicate fun loving good humour that give Amandine her unique irresistible allure.

russ Estados Unidos de América

Merry Christmas to Me!

Ray Nueva Zelanda

Oh man! Amandine is marriage material! Wish I could marry her.

Amandine hechicera | October 31st, 2006
Amandine hechicera
Dan from Texas Estados Unidos de América

Amandine Witch WOW. Cast a spell on me!

alex Reino Unido

amandine great seasonal set of pictures,amandine is a very sexy/erotic woman.

Jorge Murguia México

Amandine Witch Craft Amazing set, I am in shock what a great model and the theme are great.

Joshua Estados Unidos de América

Wow, very hot model, and very well captured. Thank you. Makes me see Halloween in a whole new light. ;-) Love to see much more of her.

Walter Estados Unidos de América

WWWOOOWWW!!! Amandine is far the most beautiful woman on the planet!!!! What a beautiful smile from head to toe pure beauty.

btrhea Estados Unidos de América

AMANDINE Very nice new model! Great muscle tone, and a beautiful smile - when she's smiling, that is.

ronniec Estados Unidos de América

Amandine My eyes are not worthy, but please don't take Amandine away. I can't believe that I walk on the same earth as this beautiful young woman. Thank tou for sharing with us.

GERBOU Francia

The front and back assets of this witch are incredible. Her anatomy, that she dares to reveal in a very intimate spread is gorgeous. Thanks Amandine and give us more.

catbarf Estados Unidos de América

I am spellbound.

sirstefanofb Australia

Oh yes, Cest magnifique... the last image on page 6 is definately a 10, in my book... well done petter and Amadine... Nice pussy too!

Simast Australia

Amandine Witch Craft Great creativity in this set, take traditional madeling garments and add a witches hat and you have a great mood, scenario and atomsphere. This is just one of many examples of why this is such a great site. Amandine's beauty just finishes off the whole thing magnificently. Amandine you are a magnificently beautiful women.

Arablover Holanda

paler skin I like her especially her eyes shadowed and the shaved pussy offering position I only preferred a more paler skin and maybe more curly hair because because pale (arabic) skin fits perfect on dark hair (and I personally am a oiled body lover) ;)

Amandine Películas COMENTARIOS

Amandine y Tiziana Afectuosas | October 23rd, 2007
Amandine y Tiziana Afectuosas
Toronto Joe Canada

Great Film Two beautiful women pleasuring each other. Great lighting, I almost felt like I was there. It would be nice if they could be just a bit more interactive with each other.

Will Reino Unido

Amandine and Tiziana Hot stuff. More like this please!

alex Reino Unido

amandine/tiziana very very hot.

Arthur_C Finlandia

Mmm. I don't know about Amandine there, but Tiziana clearly wanted more. You can clearly see it in her eyes and the way she looks at Amandine. She was holding herself back from wanting to do much more. Yum.

Voyeur Estados Unidos de América

My Favorite Models Together I don't know, seems like Tiziana was not comfortable - maybe still not up to action in the front of a camera. Beautiful models, glorious women - but the chemistry didn't seem to be there.

Nick-z Grecia

Amandine is a goddess, and she deserves much more than just three videos in her profile. Her co-star was nice, just not at her (Amandine's)level.

eng Qatar

nice nice asses

christopher.g Estados Unidos de América

Sweet hearts pair. Thank you for such a sweet pair of girls ,one light, one dark, perfect contrast of two different kinds of beauty . The nipples on Tiziana make my hunger for watching the video insatiable.

pierangelo Italia

A lovinng friendship It misses in the film the scene that I hold the strongest and the most important: pube against pube, pussy against pussy, clitoris against clitoris, that they rub between them, one against the other up to come to a mutual masturbation

Laurie Reino Unido

Amandine & Tiziana A very erotic little film. But how about a film featuring Amandine and Mirta. These two very naughty girls would be sensational. Please.

MAGOO4 Estados Unidos de América

Petter, Wonderful just wonderful. Thank you Magoo4

lekbeu Estados Unidos de América

A beautifully done film. I wish there were more shots of their pussies. I really enjoyed the brief shots of both of their asses.

max México

sexy this is the best video, there is nothing more sensual than two girls kissing using their tongues

RoundEye Estados Unidos de América

Looks too staged and acted As sexy as the girls are, their actions seem a bit to posed and coreographed.

doc Estados Unidos de América

great beginning, but where's the rest...surely you didn't stop at that point

Amandine - Sin envoltorio | December 26th, 2006
Amandine - Sin envoltorio
alex Reino Unido

amandine amandine is a very erotic/sexy woman,delicious.

Ian Reino Unido

Amandine Unwrapped Beautiful woman and very, very sexy.

Eric Estados Unidos de América

Amandine Amandine might be the sexiest woman among the Hegre models. Please more videos or pictures Hegre!

Blake Krosse Reino Unido

i wish santa looked like that Amandine is exotic with a awesome figure and enticingly warm smile keep dancing it is obviously does amazing things

Joseph Estados Unidos de América

I agree with the subtitle. "All I want for Christmas."

Nick Estados Unidos de América

WOW WOW holy wow this girl is sooooooo hot its amazing.

Wally Canada

Big Fun !!!

JP Estados Unidos de América

Loved the opening Petter, the first few minutes are amazing during the title sequence. You have a great cinematic eye. Ever think about making feature films?

Laurie Reino Unido

Sex Goddess Many beautiful girls exhibit on this site, including Amandine, but surely she is the most naturally sensuous. She is unbelievable but of course she is French!

Michael Fink Alemania

Amadine Film 190 This is really a beautiful striptease! This is uncommon for hegre-art, because you have many beautiful girls, but only few can dance such a sweet striptease!

Amandine Magia | October 31st, 2006
Amandine Magia
geroki Alemania

That's HOT. More of this girl, PLEASE!

Mac Alemania

Definitly a treat! That's a very nice (and hot) surprise for halleween, thanks Petter & crew! P.S.: I hope we'll see more of Amandine soon.

alex Reino Unido

amandine this is one hot lady,more of her please.

Nate Estados Unidos de América

WoW that was HOT! First Film I viewed on site.....Very Nice! Was happily Surprised with the length and Quality of the Film...And She can Dance.

Allen Dobrynin Estados Unidos de América

Excellent! One of the very best of all the films.

Sven Estados Unidos de América


Oliver Alemania

Some quality issue This movie's background and those of the pics are block artifact mania. Worth a download though. Might be considered excellent. ;)

Julio Guatemala

More More !!! Would you please post more Amandine videos and pictures? this girl is amazing, beautiful, perfect.

TIMOTHY DARULA Estados Unidos de América

TRICK OR TREAT Amandine Is a treat, she has a very beautiful butt. Her breasts can be a bit larger, but I'm not complaining. She has a certain kind of energy to her, In the way that she moves her trim fit body. I would love to watch her every move. She looked sexy In her witches hat & those long spike heeled boots.

Seymour Reino Unido

PAN OUT. Do not zoom in. Pan out. Always show the whole body. Please

sunbook Francia

Pan out for me too Amandine is a good dancer, so it' more interessing to see her whole body moving. Nice video anyway.

Lmbjless33 Estados Unidos de América

RE: I love this Amandine is the best her movies are real exciting just love. Lmbjless

Amandine Masaje COMENTARIOS

Masaje Orgásmico | July 1st, 2010
Masaje Orgásmico
Ali Kenya

Orgasmic Massage Well what a treat that was? Amandine is really cute when she speaks at the end and so completely sexy. She really enjoyed the experience didn’t she? This is a really great film not something you get to see often, really cool that you have this footage and so good to see a ‘real’ orgasm not something ‘faked.’

Frank D Francia

Woaaaahhh! That was quite literally unbelievable. Hot hot hot!!!

TJM Francia

Unexpected Climax I just had an unexpected climax watching this film ;-)

Karl Noruega

So Hot What a great film, gorgeous Amandine an her hot body, the topless masseuse, the orgasm, the pussy close ups. Can we get more films like this please?!

Raymond Reino Unido

OH MY!!! OMG!!! How hot was that? First when Amandine receives that thorough pussy massage and then when she starts talking about sex and her favorite position at the end. OMG!!! OMG!!! That was almost TOO hot!

waitrose Reino Unido

amandine really beautiful

a most for every man Suiza

must This film is just a must for every man ! This is the miracle of the 'touch only a woman knows how and where'. It's a question of time and of knowing the womans body and you can bring every woman to an orgasm with such an massage ! Perhaps the most erotic scene I've ever seen ! Believe me men: Every woman loves massage.. and when you get them to this point.. they will be yours... it's just my strategy ! wonderful film and just an wonderful actress! I love her perfect body ! And the orgasm (men typically mostly not realise). Be careful touching theirs clit ! Congratulation David

Peel Estados Unidos de América

Video Amandine is Beautiful! No other way to describe her!

Voyeur Estados Unidos de América

Amadine Amadine has long been my favorite. I miss that she is not a regular anymore, but this film is fantastic.

CGC Reino Unido

Amazing... Just when I was giving up on Hegré - along comes the massage part of the site. If the videos are all as good as this my subscription's guaranteed for a little while longer. Amadine is stunning!

Geoffrey Estados Unidos de América

Can't wait... Like CGC, I had basically given up on Hegre - sure the site is full of beautiful girls, but the photosets (and films) were starting to all look the same. Then I discovered this new section devoted to erotic massage. Now I am addicted again! I am downloading this film now, and I can hardly wait as I've no doubt it will blow my mind...

Fischerin Alemania

Could you please persuade Amandine to massage one of the other women just the way she was treated and have her interviewed afterwards about touching an other women?

mcm Estados Unidos de América

Gorgeous and Sensual Very erotic and sensual, but those are the quietest and gentlest female orgasms I've ever seen. I didn't realize she had an orgasm until she said she did. -- In my sexual experiences, females slowly rise to a crescendo, her body tighens, especially her abdominal muscles, then she goes into a second of frozen silence before she explodes into a writhing moaning screaming orgasm. But, each to their own pleasure. She is so gorgeous, I could look at her naked body forever, regardless of anything else.

K Japón

I loved the way the masseuse rubbed Amandine's anus. I hope there will be more films focusing on that part even it is not aimed to be erotic. It would have been so nice if the massages filmed in Asia had contained more casual touches to those very secret areas. Anyway this film was one of the greatest.

paul g Estados Unidos de América

RE: i also think you should show more anal massaging

daniel Estados Unidos de América

Add a little variety I really enjoy your massage section.However, could you please find a black model to give a pussy massage to.Thanks. Dan U.S.A

jordhulen Dinamarca

Very genuine I think. You can tell the masseuse is doing a good "job". Amandine telling secrets at the end just made the atmosphere so intense and intimate. Showing us how to quickly orgasm - what a bonus.

Jose Proxy Anónimo

Absolutely beautiful model. She seemed to really be enjoying the massage. It was evident from her natural lubrication (I don't think it was a lubricant cream).

trevor_733 Estados Unidos de América

RE: Squirter Would love to see a model on here that can have the really intense orgasms, to the point of squirting. I love watching a woman have the big "O", and squirt everwhere!

trevor_733 Estados Unidos de América

Squirter Love looking at her milky liquid after Orgasm #1. Wish we could see a model on here squirt. Those are very intense orgasms when squirting. Love to see women squirt! Surely, one of them can?

super8 Estados Unidos de América

Amandine is perfect...body, face, personality and french accent top it off! I would love to give her the doggy style she loves!!

Doc Reino Unido

Amandine This is a wonderfully erotic film, with a very beautiful woman, so relaxed in her nudity and sexual enjoyment, it is one of the best things on the whole website, by far. Her self-debriefing afterwards, followed by her own masturbation and climax, is something special, so stop reading this and watch it!! Again....