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Ruslana Profile

Name: Ruslana
Country: Russia
Weight: 54kg
Height: 181cm
Age: 19
Occupation: Model

Rare Jewel

With her striking good looks, Ruslana is well known in her native Russia as a star of the catwalk.

A professional model, Ruslana is what you would call world class catwalk queen! And it is easy to see why she is so successful with her long legs, perfect figure and photogenic features.

A sophisticated kind of girl with a quiet personality, Ruslana’s photo session with Petter Hegre in Thailand was her first time ever posing nude. A successful model posing naked is a rare find for any nude website, so remember you saw her at Hegre-Art first!

Elegant, classy and with never-ending legs Ruslana’s good looks will take her far in life!

Double Thai Oil Massage June 11th, 2013
Very nice and non-sexual.
RE: Working together
A slow dance at sunset giving us great images of moving shadows over so beautiful round curves and soft skin to the touch. Wet skin glistening in dimming light is adding such a wonderful melody to this slow dance. Surely lots more to dance to see.
Wow! The "striking" Russians from 2008 in Thailand.
Couldn't we have one girl unshaven to appeal to both preferences?
RE: Want more
You must have heard the phrase about variety being the spice of life. There is no shortage of pussy everywhere else. This movie is here to take a different angle and just gaze at the female form.
Want more
It is a pretty setting sure enough but where are the pussy shots? There are one or two but I want more than that.
This is a very relaxed and relaxing movie. I got all floaty watching it and wishing it was me.
Working together
This all reminded me of a piece of choreography. It is like they are all working together in something like a kind of dance if you know what I mean.
Lysa Krista and Ruslana between palms February 3rd, 2009
3 girls lokk beautiful holding hands
3 girls look beautiful and sexy holding hands i gave a perfect 10
All good things do come in threes. Thanks. magoo4
pretty, but...
pretty Ladies, pretty ambiance, but noticable that there was not the best mood on the set
Lysa Krista and Ruslana 3 nymphs after sunset January 20th, 2009
Spice of life
These girls are an interesting variety.
Nice!!! I wanna be in that pool too!!!!
but,too short!!!lol oh well...better a few GREAT pics than ALOT of so-so pics!
Krista Lysa Ruslana oiling up December 21st, 2008
Art is right...this set ends just when it's starting to get really interesting! :)
Love, love loved it, until the end. It ended to soon, but there's probably more where that come from, if I know you.
One of your best. Nicely done, thanks. magoo4
Those poor dears shouldn't have to oil themselves up, therefore I volunteer my services. I'll be the new Hegre-Art Oil Boy.
Gotta love oil!!!...again!!!
Would've liked to see a bit more with all three of them...but,hot anyway!another one I'd love to see a video counterpart too!!!
Ruslana on the beach November 24th, 2008
Ruslana on the beach
ELEGANT BEAUTY (Damsel in distress):- I was walking along 'that' beach and came across Ruslana buried up to her chin. "Please sir, can you dig me out?" She pleaded. "Maybe" I said "What's in it for me?" "A little sand, I'm afraid". I would dig her out for free and take her home, without hesitation.
Stunning Figure
Kcasey is entitled to his opinion but I have to disgree. This is Ruslana's best set to date, she has a great body, terrific arse and those excellent long legs. Plus she is really pretty. For me definately top 5 model on the site. Ruslana, I love you!
I would love to play in the sand with Ruslana any time anywhere. Thanks guys. magoo4
I love this girls tall slender, athletic but very womanly figure. I love those shots of her from behind of those long pretty legs leading to that sweet little ass of hers. Lovely girl.
how about a Rusiana week
Pretty girl. No figure. Looks abbout 13.
Lovely Ruslana!
LOVE the sand all over her gorgeous rear end!she is SO HOT!!!